August 30th, 2010

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How do you celebrate Labor Day?

I usually go to the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn. They have this parade in Miami and Boston, too, I think.
I watch it from the fire escape of my Aunt's apartment or I join in. But not without friends or my bf to Booty-Guard me. You can't stand still without some drunken guy taking the opportunity to grind on your ass. I felt my first erection at the Carnival years ago. Yeah...

Or I go to a barbecue.

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I just bought greyhound tickets online for my boyfriend to come see me on Tuesday. In the passenger name part, I put my own instead of his without even thinking because it's 1:30am and I'm an idiot. What are the chances of them helping me out tomorrow to fix it when I call and not just screwing me out of $150?

Has anyone else made this stupid of a mistake before? I'm freaking out right now. Ugggggh.
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 Why are you pissed off?

I'm the only one in the house with a job (standing on my feet no less) and I'm the one made to do chores around the house. I realise I pay no rent and still live with my parents, but jeeze. 

How do you deal with terrible knee, hip, back, and feet pain? I've tried heating pads and slews of over the counter pain meds, but standing on my feet all day just makes me hurt for two or three days. I can't even sleep in my bed; I have to sleep in a recliner on days that I work.
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online classes

have you taken online classes?
are you taking online classes now?
how are they set up? discussions? all tests/papers?
how do you feel about schools like university of phoenix, strayer, etc?
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What's the last stupid, brainless mistake you made?

I woke up early and got all my stuff ready for the first day of classes, then made the hour drive...only to find out that classes start at 5 pm tonight. Oops.

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TQC, do you loathe the harem pants fad as much as I do? If not, what do you think of them?

Have you seen anyone wearing them IRL? Did they look ridiculous?

I saw two people in my town wearing them this weekend. My disappointment in humanity grows day by day. :(

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Next weekend a coworker/friend is throwing a party, 30-40 people are expected to be there.

What dishes should I bring?

I'm already planning to do a variation of this baked brie, but I want to do something else, too.

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Inspired by the Halloween costume question below.

I want my twin boy and girl to be something that goes together (like batman and robin, or raggedy ann and andy, etc).

What is a cute coinciding costume that you can think of?

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Can you think of any place that would have plus size swimsuits in stock right now?
I just called Target and Torrid and both are a no-go.

What does your favorite bathing suit look like?


Cat Sitter

What is a reasonable amount to pay someone per day to take care of my cats?

I'm going to put an ad up in my building for a stranger to come feed, water, and play with my cats. Also clean the litter box. I'll be away 7-10 days.
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So I'm a fucking asshole

Tuesday I bought tickets for me a 3 friends to see a baseball game (Mustache Mayhem night at Keyspan park!) I put everything on my card... like the total is $72. Game is at 7 pm.

But then, HOLY SHIT, I forgot that Wednesday morning my little sister goes to Madrid for a year so naturally my family wants to have dinner together. No where near the ballpark

Guys what do I do?

Can I cancel the tickets?!

Is there any way of weasling out of seeing my sister?
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For those of you who had a wedding reception type event:

How many people did you invite and how many actually showed?
Who do you regret inviting?
Who do you regret not inviting?

Why's that tune sound so loony?

1. How does Wile E. Coyote, a desert predator, get a line of credit with a high enough limit to afford those wild, high-concept gadgets and gear through a mail-order service with such regularity like he does? The size of those crates...the shipping alone must be astronomical

2. If you were a hungry yet patient desert predator with seemingly unlimited credit and with a stubborn grudge against a certain elusive ground-based avian, what would you do to get revenge and get your eating on?

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Anyone from the UK know a good contract for the iPhone? I wanna get one so I've been looking into it online, but I'm bad at that sort of stuff, so any advice and that would be welcome.

dk/dc- what was the last book you read? I've just finished 'A Study in Scarlet'. Loving me some Sherlock Holmes action right now.

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I haven't been to the gym in a long time and I'm planning on going tomorrow. What should I be doing? For how long?

What exercise routine do you follow? How do you motivate yourself to go to the gym regularly?
Blank Stare.
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Art connoisseurs, help!

In the movie What Dreams May Come, there was a single color used for the main character Christy that stood out the most to me. He wore the color in his tie the day of his death (in the office/car/post hospital), Annie wore a scarf to his grave with it, the Jacaranda trees had a lighter shade of it (the tree she paints and destroys has a dead-on hue of it) and it was heavily used in his Heaven. and give some examples.

The color is also a main component in center of an (Indian Peafowl) peacock plume and some Irises, Wisteria, Hydrangeas and Orchids carry the shade.

I'm not an art major so I know very little about color, hue or pigment; I've been trying for years to place the exact color name but it's always fallen into a "know it when I see it" space. I know it's not Indigo, Azurite, Egyptian blue or Prussian blue because it has more of a purple base. Does anyone know the technical name for the color/pigment I'm speaking of?

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Will you comment with your favorite icon that you made yourself?
If that's not applicable, will you comment with your newest icon?

With that, will you also post pictures of your house or rooms in your house?
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Poll #1612820 Hypothetical

Let's suppose that in the 2012 Presidental Election that the GOP selected Romney to represent the Republican party, thus marginalizing Sarah Palin and her legion of Teabaggers. Sarah then decides to run as a third party: the Tea Party, and picks Larry the Cable Guy, er, I mean Joe the Plumber as her running mate. The nation scoffs, but due to national apathy, neither primary party generates a great deal of votes from their base, as the economy and Afghanistan have rendered the nation depressed about the future. Palin's supporters, fanatical and unyielding as a pitbull, vote en masse and every last person who doesn't understand how taxes work votes for Palin and she beats out the Obama and Romney and becomes President. You imagining that? Ok. The question here is: which country would you move to?

France or one of the other romantic language countries
Something in Scandanavia
Pacific Islands
I'm sort of feeling Eastern Europe
Africa. Just cause
America. Now that they finally got a good old folksy president I'll take them more seriously
Staying in the US but moving to another state
Staying in the US and staying where I am now.

Palin's first act as president is to stop all gay marriage, gays in the military, and gays on Project Runway (only judges who support bonnets and full length skirts). The GOP-majority Congress (major turnover of seats in 2010) back her up all the way and the Democrat senators are too disorganized to know what to be angry at first and fail to stop Sarah's anti-gay ambitions. Next, in order to stop the 'homosexual agenda' from converting our kids to sin, she makes it illegal for gays to teach, hold public office or purchase property. Since she can't tell who's gay, the only acid test out there is marriage. Only married people are fer sure straight and only they can teach, hold office or purchase property. All unmarried people lose their rights. What do you do?

Quickly get married. I'll check Craig's List if I have to
Refuse to follow along with this insane logic and hold onto my singlehood
Doesn't affect me. Already hitched

Next on the chopping block are welfare, unemployment and any other 'handout program'. All benefits are cut so the illegals can't make any money off Uncle Sam. If you need money, the only outlet is: JOIN THE ARMY. All benefits are not only reinstated, but you get subsidized housing, courtesy of the U.S. Military. All those who can't pay go to Debtor's prison and now that the army has more bodies than ever, the U.S. is going to war against Iran. How does this affect you?

*gulp*. Going to war, I guess
I have a job and don't require government aid. Nothing changes for me
Going to debtor's prison. Hope there's no 'drop the soap' repercussions in there

In order to fund these wars, Palin, demands drilling in every national park and wetland out there. Nothing is protected or off-limits. This drilling gambit pays off and dozens of key oil sites are discovered and America is rolling in black gold. Palin leans on our allies heavily and makes them buy their oil from us. To celebrate this abundance of oil, Ford and the other American auto makers discontinue all their lines except SUVs, which are suddenly in high demand. SUVs are now everywhere and given Palin's recent repeal of all environmental laws, the skies grow dark with smog. What color will your SUV be?

Blue (they don't come in any other color but these 3)

Music Vijeos!!

For one of my (high school) photography classes, I'm giving an assignment where they have take inspiration from a song/music video. I'm assigning specific music videos, but I'm about three short.

What's your favorite visually striking music video? It can be any genre. We've got things from Britney Spears to Tom, really. Any genre.

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when is the last time you had fun? tell me about it.
when is the last time you had really lame sex? tell me about it please?
what are you wearing right now? are you comfortable in it?

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TQC, my dad wants me to get a credit card. I would like a reward program with points, maybe SkyMiles but I haven't decided yet. My dad would also like me to get a joint account with him, but I don't want to, mostly because sometimes I buy questionable (read: sex-related) things and am bashful about him reading my statements and knowing what I buy. What rewards-program credit card do you use (or just regular credit card)? Should I suck it up an go with the joint account anyway?
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So I just picked up this dog to foster. We think he is young, under one year. He was picked up by a woman on a busy road Saturday running free. He is extremely thin and was full of mats when she got him. She brought him to the vet and checked for a chip, called the city pound, looked for "lost dog ads" on kijiji and a number of other things. No owner has turned up, but he was found with a nice new collar (no tag) and a flea collar (ick) on him. Anyway, we don't have a name for him!

TLDR: What should I name my new foster dog?

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So, I'm all out of ideas for new recipes to try.I like stuff that doesn't take more than 45 minutes to cook, is very healthy, and tasty.
Would you please post your tasty recipes here?
Bonus if it has shrimp and rice in it. :)
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I'm considering getting a Netflix account, but I'm freaked out by the free trial. For those of you that have done it, they don't charge anything at all until 30 days are up, right? I'm so freaked out that they're going to charge me something and I'll end up overdrawing, blah blah blah.

dk/dc/you're a paranoid freak: What movies should I put on my queue when I get one?
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a few days ago (or maybe longer?) there was a post about web sites with recipes for 1-2 people, and some of the sites had vegetarian recipes.

does anyone have a link to that? or links to similar web sites?

dc/dk: binders or notebooks?

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A friend of mine is going to New York on a group trip, there will be around 30 people on it.

She is asking me for good restaurants to eat in a group, so, do you have any suggestions?

Also, there was this BBQ restaurant a couple of blocks from Times Square, anyone knows the name of that one?

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I have had my iPhone 3G for about a month now. It works great except for the part where a few days ago it lost its sound. Whenever someone calls me or I call them, I don't hear it ringing nor do I hear them talking. They can hear me just fine, though. I've tried the headphone trick and plugged/unplugged it multiple times. I've blown in the headphone jack and I made sure nothing was on mute.

What do I do?
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When someone writes you a check, how long do you generally take to cash it?

Is it bad form to ask someone when the f they're going to get around to cashing a check? How about if it's been over a month since you wrote it?

If you wrote a friend a check and they lost it, would you write them another one?

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what is your favorite food?

i like burritos, do you like burritos?
what do you put on your burrito?

my fav is when some places have thai burritos and u can put peanut sauce with chicken, cheese, beans and rice! yummmyyyyy.

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I'm not sure if homework questions are allowed on here (and please disregard me if they aren't, I'm having a freak attack... internet berations won't make me any better a mathematician).

So... why is

sin((pi/2)+x) = cosx?

EDIT: Nevermind, found answer. Calculator was on wrong setting. Forgive me!

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I've lost my phone and I don't think I can claim on insurance or anything.

Can I go to the phone shop and just buy a phone outright? Like no plan, no direct debit no nothing?
Ten Inch Hero: Priestly phone
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Dear TQC,

What is wrong with this formula/why won't it work?


Do you use songs for ring/text tones on your cellphone? Why or why not?

Who would win in a fight between Voldemort and Darth Vader?

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When you watch a tv show, does the set/interior matter to you?

I feel like I can't get into How I Met Your Mother mostly because I don't like the look of any of the places they frequent. On the other hand, I really like the look of The Big Bang Theory.


I'm working on a series of stories about two characters (had 51 at last count), taking them from their sophomore year of high school until...well, I'm not done with them. Within their history, there are several running jokes: one being that, despite one partner being female, they both constantly refer to each other as "dude," and another, that their children have a habit of coming into the world at fairly awkward times and places. At this point in the storyline, they have three children: two of which were born in the middle of the parents' high school reunion (twins) and one who just kind of slipped out in the jacuzzi (the mother goes to fix a bathing suit wedgie and discovers the kid's crowning). They're working on their fourth and are heading towards a likely future as the nerdy agnostic-Jewish version of the Duggars...and I'm out of ideas.


Where, in your opinion, is the most awkward/unfortunate place one could go into labor and/or drop spawn? I need ideas. You will be credited.

No prom (they're 28 and it's August)
Not in a car (neither of the parents drive, long story)
Not on the subway (they live in a small town)

The only idea I have so far is "date night."

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How can I convince my brother to stop playing Kelly Clarkson songs on the ukulele?
It's okay, you guys, he finally stopped and is now playing Sheryl Crow songs on the guitar. So. Marginally better.

What's the last song you listened to?

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what are some music dvds you'd recommend?

i have alice in chains' unplugged (amazing), and an old coachella-- i'm not sure what else to get, but i have some money to burn and really want a new one!
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I've had a bad head cold since I woke up this morning. Normally I find colds more annoying than anything but this one is giving me a major headache and sore throat. I've decided to take NyQuil because it'll probably help me sleep since last time I took it several years ago I ended up falling asleep within 10 minutes, when I wasn't even tired prior to taking it.

So, TQC, will you take bets to see how long it will be until I fall asleep this time?


About an hour ago a friend from Jr. High called me (we haven't spoken in about 7 months as we're both busy with babies) and asked if I wanted to hang out. I said 'Sure, I have no plans and can pick you up'. She then told me that we were going to be extras in a TV show and started explaining it and what I should wear and things like that. I agreed to it as she bombarded me with information. 

Now that we're not talking and I've thought it over I really don't want to do it. It's 12 hours in a soggy field in a dress with bugs. She's under the impression that I'll go but I'm pretty sure she only wanted to "hang out" because she needs a ride there/back. We are friends and we do hang out on occasion when we're able to but she is clearly using me in this situation.

What should I do?! I wouldn't mind seeing her and chatting for a while and I like driving so I'd be okay with dropping her off and even picking her up. Is this acceptable? Even though I'm being used I didn't say 'no' so I kind of feel bad about not wanting to be an extra. 

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TQC members who are veg*n:

What advice could you give for someone who is interested in trying out a sort of "X Weeks Veg*n Challenge" thing, to see if they can save money on groceries/eat healthier? Especially if said person adores eating meat.

I'm interested in doing this mainly just to see how long I can go for without eating meat/some meat by product; I will most likely continue to drink milk (because soy/rice/etc. milk makes me vom), eggs (my mom hooks me up with organic eggs, ch'yeaaaah!) and the occasional seafood product. And if it can save me some $$ or make me less of a fatass, all the more better.

What are your favourite veg*n or meatless recipes?

How awesome are crock pots, srsly?
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 What shows are you excited about this fall?
I am super stoked that BBC's Merlin, Supernatural, the Venture Brothers, and the Big Bang Theory are premiering in September. I'm also looking forward to Shit My Dad Says and CSI. 

I need a new hobby that doesn't cost anything (ETA) that will get me out of the house. What do you do?
I &lt;3 TLV

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TQCers in college, how much is your most expensive textbook this semester? Mine was $216 o_o (Anatomy and physiology)

I found a bag of dried fruit that I think I bought last year. Is it safe to eat? I hope so because I ate it.
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Can a non-Catholic marry a Catholic in a Catholic church?

Anyone, for some reason, know if whatever the answer is is universal (meaning, does it hold up for Catholic churches in, say, El Salvador)?

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Do the cases on CSI: Las Vegas become progressively more strange as the seasons go on? I started at the beginning and am at the end of season 5 now and it seems every episode in this season has been incredibly weird.