August 29th, 2010

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 Am I the only person who hates bananas? What food do you dislike that has everyone shocked you don't like them? Why do a lot of my guys friends dislike chocolate? Is this a guy thing or just my friends? Do you dislike chocolate?
Muh Life.
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Students: I was informed that one is cut a check for all unusued aid at the end of the year (if you meet 75% of your grade point?). I'm assuming "end of the year" means Spring of the following. If you've ever gotten back FAFSA money, what time/month did you get it?

Non-Students: Do you ever wish you'd gone to college (or for something else)??
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so i was trying to lock my fucking apartment tonight and the fucking key broke off in the lock.

i called my landlord a ton and so did my roommate. he finally texted us back that it's "our cost" to get it taken care of.

i'm gonna to research the fuck outta tenant resources tonight to make sure it's not ours. but in your experience:

if your key, that your landlord gave you, breaks off in the lock, whose responsibility is it to get it fixed?


Where is a gun, i need to collapse my face in

What would you think you saw this as a status of one of yout FB friends?

What if they had a history of clinical despression and they were having relaspe?

What if they were not having a relapse?



I am in your crazy country, and I am confused with the tipping!

Who do I have to tip? Who do I not? How much?

Also what should I go do in San Fransisco when I get there?


Movie Theme Nights!

Friday night is movie night in our house. This has become a recent occurrence and we're running out of ideas. We're planning Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino nights in the near future.

Does TQC have any recommendations? I will watch pretty much anything except most romantic comedies (see below). The boyfriend isn't very keen on horror but will watch psychological horror rather than 'gore' horror.

To give you an idea our past movie night choices have included:

Shutter Island (which was amazing and we're still talking about it!)
The Hangover
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
500 Days of Summer

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Hey hey TQC. So I was having an In Depth discussion last night with my boyfriend, who has depression and is just coming down from heavy methadone use (for chronic pain). This week will be his first week completely free of any painkiller use for the first time in, well, years. It's also his first week of school, since he goes to our local community college. The discussion centered around his depression and what's an excuse and what's legitimately illness. Lots of times he'll say, "Oh, I'm feeling too ill to do homework" so he'll dick around for hours on the Internet and video games, not do homework, and then do badly in his classes. My stance is "If you're feeling well enough to shoot people, you're feeling well enough to do at least a bit of work." What's your stance on this, TQC? How do you deal with people in your life who struggle with depression? How much slack do you give them?

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hello! my girlfriend and i are from the toledo, ohio area and we'd like to take a long weekend vacation sometime in november. we are on quite a budget and haven't traveled much outside of trips with our families, so we're not sure where to start. some of our interests include: reading, museums, african american culture, locally brewed beer, biking, nightlife, "really gay stuff" (that's a quote from her), music.

we're also total foodies and would take a hole-in-the-wall local restaurant over a chain restaurant any day. so, food culture is a must.

other important factors: we're planning on driving ourselves, we would like to "pass good shit on the way there" (her again), we're not picky when it comes to lodging and really just want to have a good time with each other getting out of our town for a few days.

we're thinking that nashville would be really fun, but we don't know much about it other than it is rich in country music history and graceland is relatively close. we strongly despise chicago.

TQC, do you have any ideas for us?

dkdc, what should we have for breakfast?

movie musicals

1. What the hell is ending of Hedwig all about? I rewatched it recently and still can't follow it.

2. What about the boy? What about the boy? What about the boy he saw it all?

3. You can't get a man with a gun. What do you use instead?

Big Bang Theory: Rub Me Down
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When two people start dating, what is a reasonable length of time to go through that gross can't stop touching each other in public stage of the relationship? If your friend(s) were going through that, how long would you tolerate it before telling them they're gross?

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On my way to my girlfriends house this morning, I listened to Jailhouse Rock on full blast cruising down the highway with windows wide open.
It. Rocked.

What was the last song you jammed out to?

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oops i just posted this to tqc_updates instead my b

I got a note from my elderly neighbor today! It says "Dear neighbor, Largely, I'm a self-educated fellow but I've had schooling from other perimeters. perhaps we could cook up a few steaks on my barbeque monday or tuesday night and talk about it."


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Have you ever eaten a PB&J(or Nutella, or whatever other sweet spreads there are out there) sandwich with any kind of bread besides basic sandwich bread? Examples: Tortillas, Naan, French Baguettes, Rye, etc....
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 So this morning I woke up and wanted to get something to eat so I looked for my wallet and never found it. The wallet is always in my purse and my purse was missing too. I gave up looking and just got some cash and took off. When I returned my neighbor comes knocking at my door with my purse in her hand! She told me she found it and everything inside, thrown across her backyard. She lives across the street, about 4 houses down!!
How the HELL did this happen?? Last time I remember holding my purse was on Friday when I was getting ready for a party.. I left the purse in my bathroom. And i have not used it since then. I came home from the party Saturday morning and have been home ever since.
How the hell did my purse make it out of my bathroom, out of my house, across the street, into my neighbors yard??
FYI I live alone with a newborn and a two year old. Husband is currently deployed
I always lock my doors but I did notice today I had left my backdoor open.. This is seriously freaking me out right now!

Oh yeah and nothing was missing except for a little envelope I had filled with very valuable coupons.. like 8.00 off Similac formula, free formula, diaper coupons.. I really needed those =(
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What was the last thing that made you feel good about your appearance? A compliment, buying something flattering, what?

I bought an eyebrow pencil and had to try it out as soon as I got home. Then I felt inspired to put on the rest of my makeup and now I'm looking and feeling damn good.
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TQC, will you take me through the beginning of your typical day? Like, from smacking your alarm clock, to walking out the door...What do you do? In explicit detail, please.

How about the ~reverse~ situation? What sort of routine do you go through when getting ready to turn in for the night?
I <3 TLV

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How much per hour is a reasonable price to be paid for babysitting a 9-year-old and a 6-year-old? I've never babysat before but I'm being asked to and they want to know how much I would charge and I have no idea.

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I was talking with a close friend about how I would like to cut my hair super short someday, because I'm tired of dealing with how my hair is now. She responded with telling me how people with round faces (such as myself) can't pull off any short style because their faces are too round.

So TQC, can you please post some pictures to prove my friend wrong and give me some good ideas for new hairstyles in the future?

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If i only have a microwave and a toaster, what are so meals i can make for myself? I'm really sick of sandwiches and fast food lol

EDIT- i actually have a toaster oven too..just haven't took it out of the box since i bought it last year lol

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Do you have a GPS? Do you have a name for your GPS?

What kind is it?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate public speaking?

If you were a government intern and your boss (president, congressmen, etc) asked you to have sex with them, would you do it? (inspired by Monica Lewinsky, of course)

*Edit* They may not necessarily be hot, but they do have lots of power and money.


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Should I spend $48 on going to see Coheed & Cambria / Weezer in Burlington, VT this Thursday? I've seen Coheed many times, but never Weezer... but I haven't actually liked anything they've released since the mid-'90s.

I've never paid that much for tickets to a show and I'm extraordinarily cheap.

ALTERNATIVE: What's the most you ever paid for concert tickets?
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Who else is procrastinating? What task are you avoiding? What're you doing (besides TQC, obz)?

I don't wanna read the 200+ pages I have to for my seminar course so instead... I'm trying to plan out a fun day/gift for my 3rd anniversary.

My boyfriend and I live in NYC but have cars to get around the tri-state area. What's something fun you can recommend to do within NJ/PA/NY area that isn't more than 3 hour drive from NYC?

What would you give a boy who <3s technology and working on his car?

What did you do with your SO for your last momentous occasion?

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Way too many people on my friend list are doing this boring meme that has you write about a different topic every day for 30 days:

Collapse )

I think all those topics WAY too wholesome to be interesting. I mean c'mon, "Describe your dreams, in great detail"? It'd be better to describe your favorite hooker, or the weirdest thing you've ever vomited, or the biggest animal you've been attacked by. Which leads to my question...

Will you help me come up with topics that adequately cover the obscene, criminal, or outright disgusting life everyone should be living?

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what are some sites that you can play real chinese mahjong on?
i dont want some crappy "match the tiles" bs

plus: i'm almost done recording all of the requested pieces.
give me till tomorrow, and i'll be done.

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Does anyone know what Collapse ) cut is called?   (the top part of the dress). I love this cut, its one of the only cuts that really looks good on me, and I want to start making my own clothes in that cut but I dont know what to look up for patterns :/

edit: Thanks guys! new question: are any of you watching the emmys? did you know John Hamm (don draper of mad men) could sing?

traveling with kitty

My great-grandmother passed away on Friday and my husband and I are going to be staying with my parents for 2 days for the funeral and calling hours. Since we're going to be gone for more than a day, we're going to take our kitty with us since his sister won't be around this week to stop by and feed her. I can't leave out 2 days worth of food because she'll eat it all in an hour. I'm not really looking forward to the drive because she hates the car. She does best sitting on my lap with her leash and harness on, but she gets all worked up and starts panting like a dog. She wants to sit on my husband's lap most of the time, but he's driving and eventually she tries to sit on the dashboard directly in front of him or under his feet.

What are some good tips for keeping her calm? It's only an hour and a half, but her longest drive has been MAYBE a half hour. We take her on a lot of short trips to get her used to the car since my mom is likely going to be where she'll stay when we go on vacation so she's eventually going to have to make the drive sometime. She's still pretty young, only about 6 months and the lady that we got her from got her used to being held in the car rather than being in a carrier and she can get out of the carrier anyways and that just makes her more upset to be closed in.

What should I do?

dk/dc: Show me pics of your kitty!
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Post- It notes


I'm at boyfriend's place to do my laundry and decided to do some of his laundry out of love for him. My boyfriend is out of town for other week and half. Anyway, I had an idea to write him a couple notes on post its to show him how much I love him and all that.

I want to know from you guys's POV- What would you like to see on these notes that your girlfriend wrote you when you come back from your business trip? I want something cute and nice.. Maybe little sexier but for some reason I'm at a loss to how to say it on notes haha!

Where should I put these post-its?

Thanks! :-)
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A very stupid question for those of you with vaginas: how the fuck do I keep it nice and trim down there? I just tried to wax that shit and it hurt like a little bitch and now I've got a red and irritated vag. Fuck, maybe I'm not even waxing the right part. Idk shit about this stuff.

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A girl drops her cake in the lunch line. How should she be punished?

Break her wrist
Call her "nappy head"
Charge her with battery and littering
Arrest the kid who filmed the incident, along with his sister, who didn't do anything, but was present

Will you tell us about a time where your punishment was severely more than your crime deserved?
Ellis mount!

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I have been thinking of starting a blog about geek culture with a vaugly feminist bent. I'm pretty sure only a few of my friends would ever read it, but I still want it to have a catchy name. What should I call it?

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All right peoples, I'm working at a haunted house in September and October. The only things I'm required to supply are black shoes, shirt, and pants, but I don't have black shoes. What would you recommend for comfortable shoes (that I can get in all black) that will stay comfortable even after four hours skulking around?

Also, are there any former/current Cedar Point Screamsters around? I got hired last month and they told me I'm going to be in Happy Jack's.
LB - Ugh.
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How horrible would your financial situation have to be to consider selling/pawning your wedding/engagement ring/some piece of jewelry given to you by a beloved family member?

Only tangentially related to IRL because I spend a good portion of my day talking to people who are having financial problems.

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Recently I've been considering becoming a vegetarian. I could never go the full vegan route (I love dairy way too much), but I definitely think I could do without the red meats/poultry.

Could I still eat seafood, though? Or is that just cheating? I still love seafood.

I wouldn't be doing it for ideological reasons. Well, not really. I just feel healthier and more focused when I go for awhile without eating meat. That would be why.

Are you a vegetarian? What kind? 

Do you have any food allergies or other dietary qualms?
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A friend has just asked me to move in with them. I've never lived away from home before. What do I need to consider in making my decision? I mean obviously, cost of living, but are there things that I haven't thought of that I should consider? How was your first living out of home experience?

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Anyone watching the Steelers/Broncos game? My mom and I can't figure out what's up with the back of Tomlin's shirt. We see that the Broncos coach has a similar design on his shirt. Is this some new NFL rule or something?

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TQC, my cat hasn't been eating the wet food we've been giving him, and he was fine with it just a few months ago. Can cats' palates change? Is he just being bratty? He's eating in the mornings, from the same can of food, and apparently is fine with that. Have you ever had a cat do this? What's it mean?

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My mom is watching the Emmys (omg so boring I'm dying) but Jimmy Fallon did a musical number where he imitated Elton John and then imitated..... somebody? He had a bowtie, a cardigan and dumped beer on the stage. Anyone know who that was supposed to be?

And... can we just discuss how lame the Emmys are? So so lame.

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Do you let it mellow if it is yellow and if it's brown, do you flush it down?

In your own household of course. It's weird in public if you don't flush. In my opinion anyway. I've heard different. 

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Will you tell us the story behind your default icon, or the icon you use most frequently here? What is it from? How long have you had it? What do you like about it? 

How often do you change default icons? I change mine every month or so; just changed today. 

Noise Complaint

What would you do (or have you done) if your neighbors were blasting music and having a loud party on a Sunday night?

Every night in the summer my neighbors blast their music. It's usually during the day, so it's not so annoying. And they have a pretty eclectic taste, so it's always a good mix haha. But now it's getting to be 10:30 pm on a Sunday night and I'm thinking they need to lower that shit soon.

Additional headaches: b/c there's no A.C. here my windows are open for the breeze, so the noise is louder AND they live behind us, so I'd have to walk around the corner to say something (but I'm already tired and in bed)

Ideas? What would you do, TQC?

ETA: Time is now 10:40 and the music has been turned off. I was going to wait a little longer, then walk to the fence and say something. But now I can be lazy like I wanted to and go to sleep :)
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I looked around but was unable to find anything. Does anybody here know how to prevent my comments on other people's pictures and statuses from showing up on my wall/news feed but I don't want to hide what other people write and tag.


Does anyone know of a website for the Northern Virginia/DC area that features information for open castings for acting jobs?


Why are you in your current profession? Was it a passion - a calling - or did you simply fall into it?


Those of you who have acted professionally - how did you start?


What movies, if any, do you still have on VHS?

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
An Officer and A Gentleman
Coyote Ugly
Remember the Titans

Do you think they adequately represent your current preference in style of movies?

Yes, R+J is still my favorite movie of all time. I still love a good chick flick. I still love sports movies (espcially football movies). And I'm pretty sure I'm still in love with Richard Gere.

Do you even still have a VHS player?


Would you sell your old VHS videos in a yard sale or similar?

Only if I didn't have them on DVD as well.