August 28th, 2010

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Long story short - after learning that I've been sick for the past year, and that my husband is working insane amounts of overtime to pay for my medical treatments, the President of my HOA came by and cut my grass today.

I've never even met him before. I looked outside and he was out there, cutting my large, very, very steep yard. I went outside to make sure he wasn't at the wrong house, and he told me who he was and why he was there. We chatted for a bit, and I tanked him profusely, but I want to send him and his family a thank you gift.

As I said, I've never met and I know thing about him, but today I learned a few things:
1)He's an ER nurse
2) He has a 9 year old and 2 year old child
3) He runs and is in great shape.

Normally, if one of my neighbors I know helped me out, I'd whip up some of my White Chicken and Spinach Lasagna, but it would be my luck they're vegan or vegetarian.

In this circumstance, what would you do for a thank you? I was thinking about finding a vegan zuchinni loaf bread recipe, or maybe buying his children some books but those seem lame and I'm seeking fresh ideas.

Any suggestions?

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I have the house entirely to myself this coming week, which has never happened before. If my mom has the time/energy before she leaves me here alone, she might go food shopping for me. What should I plan for dinner for Sunday through Thursday/Friday?
Can you suggest some simple recipes for me that I might be able to put together? I've never cooked anything more complicated than a portabello burger or some chicken/pasta stir-fry thing I made once.

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I just finished my first week of my junior year of college. (Woo!) The down side is, I commute 40~45 minutes back and forth to classes 5 days a week. Do you darlings have any tips for me to save gas? I drive an '08 Saturn Aura.

If you don't,
will you leave me cute/funny/etc messages to read in the morning? I'm going to bed because I work 11 to 8 tomorrow after I post this and I'd like something to start off my morning well with before work.
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i know this is asked to death, but i don't care.

are you a member of the same political party as your parents? if so, why are you still a part of it? if not, what made you change your mind?

do you follow the same religion (or lack thereof) of your parents? if so, why? if not, why not?

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My roommate and I were walking to a party. Long story short, we found a lost cat and it is now residing in my bathroom/bedroom. We're making fliers/doing the Craigstlist thing in the AM. We are temporarily calling her Roxie, seeing as she has no tag/collar. We assume she was an indoor cat because she looks very healthy and well cared for and is super friendly and seemed very lost. :( If no one claims her we're going to take her to the no-kill SPCA shelter in a few days.

/cool story bro

What unexpected thing happened to you today/recently?

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What are some things people have said to you recently that just made you go "...why did you think it was okay to say that?"

The other day I had my best friend and her friend/my casual if friendly acquaintance over for some school work. Well, they come into my apartment and my kitty gets all excited and comes over to investigate. I asked the friendly acquaintance if he like cats- I'm not really sure why- and he goes, in almost complete seriousness, "No. You're lucky I didn't kick it." I was seething a bit inside.


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Let's say you're 22 and your college professor is 35. You start dating while still in the class, and obviously you keep it under wraps. Then the semester is over and you graduate. Do you still keep it a secret?

eta: for how long?
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How would you go about dealing with a friend who has irrational hate towards one of your other close friends/partner?

Have you ever been to a convention?
What was it for?
Was it fun?
What convention would you really like to go to?
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Where can I go to get clutter-free furniture for my studio apt

How about storaage furniture

I found a bed that had 4 drawers and 2 caninets under it but it woud cost me 1k.

And how about a good futon mattress

(sorry if my phone ate my question marks)
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I got an interview for a job I realllllly want! The only thing is, it's at 5:30PM. This is really late! Do you think the time indicates that they're kind of blowing me off? :/

DK/DC: Do you ever make wishes on 11:11?

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I'm filling out a scholarship application which asks to submit an essay of 250 words or less.

Should my essay be the max 250 words? Or will my short 97 word essay work?

I know it says "or less," but idk which is best.
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TQC, I'm full of google-fu fail today. I'm trying to research groups providing aid to the Pakistani Flood Relief. I unfortunately know most of the money probably won't get there. I've found a list here of charities, but I'm wondering does anyone know where I can find a break down of how much of this money is actually going to the people? I'm trying to decide between Doctors without Borders (independent, does not accept gov't assistance) & UNICEF (getting gov't matches), but other suggestions would be awesome...

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TQC, I really love fish and I'd love to own a fish tank eventually, but the problem is that the idea of dirty fishwater really grosses me out. I'm really hard to gross out, too!

Is there any way I'll ever be able to have a fish tank?

A super awesome water filter?
Very low mess fish?
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Over in the bad service community, they are talking about UPS/Fed Ex not bringing packages to their door (when living in apartment buildings).

I commented that they never do that for me, and neither do food delivery people.

What about the rest of you who live in apartments or other multi-unit dwellings?

For the record: I buzz the guy in, and meet him downstairs at the front door of our building.
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I am getting a Toyota Corolla. Should I get it in black, silver, or gray (it's a very dark gray?)

UPDATE- Black is officially out.

dk/dc- Do you play fantasy football?


Who is your current celeb crush?
What are they from?

Mine is Nathan Fillion
(Firefly, Serenty, Buffy, And right now Castle is playing)
pics are a must
(my pic is in the comments)
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Once my fridge works again, I want to make iced tea. What kind of iced tea should I make?
I have: blueberry (can't decide if that would be good), pomegranate pizazz, lemon lift, peach, and wild berry. I might buy some raspberry tea next time I go to the store. Should I mix two flavors together?

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Why is my hair falling out??? A few months ago, my mom mentioned that it looked a bit thin at my part. I started parting it differently and thought it was ok. Now I've noticed that I'm actually losing a lot at different parts of my hairline. My left side is missing a big section and I have a widow's peak where I never had one before.

I'm not on new medication, not using any new hair care stuff and I take a multivitamin daily. I am under a lot of stress but that's kinda normal for me.

I have a dr's appointment on Tuesday. I predict that they will do some blood work, everything will be negative and they'll say "Oh, it must be stress. Try to relax."

On a related note, how do I ask for some anti-anxiety meds without sounding like I'm drug-seeking? I'm on Zoloft and I think a small dose of Klonopin might be helpful but I'm afraid to ask.

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What was the last thing to be stuck in your head?

Thanks to the one fucking time I watch Glee because nothing else is on, I've had "Gives You Hell" stuck in my head for like 3 days lol

Need To Be Healthy?

I've finally become committed to losing weight for health reasons. Most of the weight is around my stomach so that will be my primary focus right now.

So for those who exercise on a regular basis, what are the best exercises for my stomach area?
What are your workout schedules like?

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1. I'm packing today to move into my dorm. What's the one thing I should make sure NOT to forget? I always feel like I'm missing something.

2. What's the best way to cool off and relax when you are ridiculously angry (other than screaming at the person who's pissing you off)? srs and non-srs answers welcome
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What was the last thing to make you angry enough to cry? Do you usually/ever cry when you're pissed off (as opposed to when you're sad)?

My sister's moving into her first dorm room tomorrow. We have to leave at 7:30 a.m. Her wardrobe's pretty thin after 13 years of school uniforms, so my mom promised to take her shopping, but right now my mother is at the beach. She has no intention of coming home anytime soon, because hey, the stores are open 'til 10. Never mind that the poor kid would still have to come home and pack everything. Never mind that maybe she would have enjoyed one more shopping trip with her mom before she goes off to school. The beach is just not going to be there next week, don'tcha know. I am positively raging on my sister's behalf. Of course I'm going to take her shopping myself (which means putting off my own move-in preparations) because I'm not a total dick, but TQC, how do I keep myself from going off on my mom when she finally decides to grace us with her presence?
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What do you guys think of pairing a grey dress with gold flats and silver watch&earrings and silver wristlet?

And... if you don't care, what're you doing tonight?
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I am a college freshman, I just moved into my dorm 2 days ago. I made friends with my roommate, but she's visiting home this weekend. I'm feeling pretty down because I haven't made friends yet and I feel like I can't go eat at the dining hall or anything by myself.

How long did it take you to make friends in your dorms/at college? Is this going to get easier or will I have to do what my mom suggested and go knock on random people's doors to meet them?

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TQC, I have a birthday coming up. My dad and I are going to Key West for a week (not officially for my birthday, but it does happen to coincide so he's taking me out for dinner and drinks and such on the day, and I'm sure he's going to give me spending money during the trip). There's nothing that I *really* want for my birthday apart from gift certificates to a couple of places, but I feel greedy making a wish list for my two other relatives I'd ask for gifts from. Should I still ask for little gift certificates and such from them? What would you do?

DK/DC: What's your favorite place to eat in KW, if you've been?

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Are you happy with where you're living currently TQC? 'Cuz I am not :(

My roommate's been bitchy and unbearable all week, and basically said this morning that he hates having a roommate and wishes he lived by himself again even though it's more expensive. Also that I have to give him $50 extra a month for rent starting in October because "winter's coming" (it's a basement apartment. That bitch retains heat like nobody's business). He likes to conveniently forget that I live there too, and invite his buddies over at 3am to drink/smoke pot/yell at the TV. I'm looking on Kijiji right now for Roommate Wanted/Apartments For Rent ads, but there aren't a lot of affordable options in my area right now.

Use post to bitch about housemates/roommates/parents/landlords/rent hikes/etc. plz.

DK/DC: what are you drinking, and why?


Once you were engaged what did you call you partner?

Did you still call them bf gf, or did you always call them "your fiance" or, "your partner"?

What would happen if your fiance started calling you "their g/bf" again?

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So, I recently got a check for $2700. It's a loan reimbursement by the state due to a school I was going to going out of business without warning anyone in advance. (Don't ask, long story.) The state also brought a lawsuit against the school, so I get to hold on to that $2700 until the lawsuit finishes. This could take a month or it could take 3 years or anything in between. Anyway, the _sensible_ thing to do is invest it because I can keep any interest it accrues.

But that's boring. TQC, what do you think is a better thing to do with my money? (Asking me to give it to you isn't better.)

Obviously, this isn't a serious question. But, really, what should I do with it?
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Why do people who don't live or work in lower Manhattan have a problem with certain building proposals? Why are some people so against something that they will never walk by in their life/has nothing to do with them? I'm just curious on the reasoning for this.

Does America scare the shit out of you sometimes?

Do you hold any typically "conservative" beliefs?

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Should I make dinner here (ham or stuffed clams) or whine until my SO orders in dinner?

One one hand I am exhausted and still getting over a cold so I really don't feel like cooking, on the other hand we're not exactly swimming in money right now.

SO can't cook.

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are any of you familiar with charles olson, specifically the maximus poems? we have to analyze them for a poetry seminar i'm taking this semester and i honestly have no idea what i'm reading

if not, do you have a favorite poet? i like gwendolyn brooks and langston hughes

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1) If you live with someone and you noticed that the jelly they bought was growing mold, would you put it back and tell them about it later or would you just throw it out?

2) What are some of your favorite jokes? I'm trying to keep my close friend in the Army who's in Afghanistan entertained, but Google isn't giving me anything good enough.

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I go back to school in 3 days. This will be my sophomore year of college. This specific college is a community college. After failing at trying to make my Freshman year there as close to a university experience as possible, what can I do to make this year more interesting/fun?

roommate drama

my roommate of 9 months and I are fwb. We have an unwritten rule that we will not bring anyone home without talking to the other roommate.

my roommate today brought home a butterface and he says shes planning on spending the night...

should I go to a hotel? I know i'll feel very uncomfortable with them screwing in the next room

or should I just deal with it?

what would you do ?
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I had a sex dream and told my boyfriend about it to which he asks; "but was it a real sex dream?" Being confused I ask him what he means by that and he explains that apparently to have a real sex dream you need to wake up having an orgasm.

This has never happened to me.

Has this happened to you?
Are sex dreams less of a sex dream if you don't wake up mid-orgasm?
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Do any of you own Ecco shoes? How long are they supposed to last?
I've had a pair of mary janes from them for a couple of years now and they are pretty beat. Am I just abnormally rough on my shoes, or is this normal?

Would you ever own "jeggings"?
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I'm leaving for San Antonio tomorrow. What little thought-of but desperately needed items am I likely to forget?

Where was the last place you flew to?

Do all your exes live in Texas?
I <3 TLV

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I just discovered that my husband emptied his pockets out on the table (wallet, keys, phone, everything) and left our apartment with a couple of his friends. Since he left (around 30 min ago) another friend of his has called his phone 8 times.

TQC, what is going on? (The crazier the story the better)

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what songs have interesting/somewhat difficult basslines? i usually just play my own songs but they're boring now and i feel like learning some new ones. the only one i have thought of so far is exit music by radiohead.

if you don't care will you please share stories about the best/worst roommate(s) you've ever had? i'm moving in with mine next monday and i'm afraid i'm going to be the one everybody hates
if you're going to school soon for the first time like me, let's talk about how excited and nervous we are (and be best friends, too)