August 27th, 2010


Life altering

When was the last time you made altering decision?

Do you hate making life altering decisions?

EDIT: I am making one now and I just hate it. I just hate these decisions I really do.

Does it matter if your resume looks fancy?


if you are currently in or have completed grad school, why did you choose to go? was it to further your career options, avoid job hunting in this economy, study something you're genuinely interested in regardless of career opportunites, a combination, something else? how are you supporting yourself?

if you've completed grad school, do you think you accomplished your goals?

if you're currently in or graduated from a ph.d. program, why did you choose to do a ph.d. instead of stopping at your masters?
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So Many Name Questions..

Why were you given your first name?

What did it signify, if anything?

Does anyone here have purposely biblical names?

I was raised in a strongly catholic country, so I was given a patron saint, Martha.

I guess I was meant to look up to her or something. I vaguely remember priests making awkward jokes about how they hoped I learned from my namesake. And being told I was contrary as. Tough crowd.

(no subject)

Yet again i cannot sleep, even thinking about trying to go to sleep is making me anxious. What should i do?

I should mention that i am in bed and i really should not get out of bed...
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(no subject)

What's something new that you learned today?
That Narwhals aren't mythical creatures! :O I thought they were like jackalopes or something.

When you host overnight guests, what do you do to make them feel more at home?
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(no subject)

I found my great-grandfather's leather bound notepad that's at least sixty or seventy years old. Should I write in it?

I can't make sense of what he's written in it anyway--he had his own shorthand. Or regular shorthand. Idk. It's page after page of stuff like, "If p & s w m n p at mor g m c t t m o a w a M, a o m i." I think he might have been an alien. An engineer alien.
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(no subject)

Alright.  Here are the facts.  I live in an apartment/townhouse community.  My husband and I both live in a townhouse.  Our parking spots are right in front of our front door.

Scenario.  The community has a sprinkler system that they recently adjusted and now is causing the water to spray not only on the landscape area, but on my car.  This just started happening.  Guess what this leads to?  Hard white water stains on my car that can ONLY come off with polish and wax.  I also think the longer it stays on my car, the harder it is to get off.

Question.  Do you think it is the office's responsibility?  Not only to correct the sprinkler system, but also make sure the sprays do not spray on peoples' cars to avoid having this happen?
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(no subject)

Why do some many girls on Facebook and Myspace make that weird, scrunchy, awkward face in pictures?

How often do you get your haircut? Do you have a usual style? What is it?

What is the best way to pick up a new language?

(no subject)

the spa i work it is going to be solely under my control next week(muhahaha) aside from throwing keggers and doing coke off of hooker's asses i am most excited about being in control of the music. currently, sarah mclaucghlan is on heavy rotation and it's enough to make me want to grab the cuticule clippers and seriously harm someone. what can i play that will still be spa-appropriate but not make me want to zip into a violent rage?
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(no subject)

My dad doesn't have to go back to work until the beginning of October and he is driving me crazy. He has run out of things to do here. What are some tasks I can give him that aren't too physical?

What are some fun not-too-physical things we can do/places we can go to fill the time? We live in Central NJ.

We've been going shopping, going to the park, going to the movies, and going out to eat a lot. Today we are going to the city or to Ikea.

teal deer job angst, pt. IV

I had a second round interview for a job a week ago today. I probably didn't nail it, although I got along really well with at least one of the three people I interviewed with (the guy who would be my boss, which I hope counts for something), and I really am a good fit for the gig. The HR person said that they hoped to have the process wrapped up quickly, and that "they could decide as soon as next [that is, this] week."

My references haven't been contacted yet, and I obviously haven't heard anything. To my mind, this could just mean that they're moving slower than the HR person thought they might, which seems reasonable. More pessimistically, this could also mean that they've already selected one of the other two finalists for the position. But I'm just sitting in an agonizing limbo until I find out. So my questions are:

a) Can you think of any reasonable way for me to get more information out of these people?
b) How the hell can I calm down about it?
c) What else might be going on, other than the two options outlined above?
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(no subject)

 What's got you excited recently?

I just found out BBC's Merlin's third series premiers on the 11th.

What's annoyed you recently?

My friends didn't show up last night to watch the Last Exorcism with me, so I had to see the movie alone since I'd already bought my ticket. Also, that stupid Microsoft doesn't let the Home Editions of Windows remote desktop.
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(no subject)

I'm looking into building a very powerful gaming computer from scratch. This would be the first time I've ever built a computer, though I'm relatively familiar with what's on the inside. I've also been using a computer and maintaining them for nearly 14 years, so I'm familiar with the software side of things as well.

What would y'all recommend in terms of casing, CPU, GPU, power unit, etc that I purchase? Where should I purchase these things from? What are some tips you'd give a first time computer builder*?

I live very close to a Best Buy (ick, I know), the three Fry's in the area are all the same distance apart, and I think there's a CompUSA around here somewhere. I'd rather buy my parts in person, but if the prices are right I'll do online things such as Tiger Direct. I also want to use Windows 7 64 bit (sorry mac and linux lovers), if that means anything.

*I've already googled this one, but I figure I might as well ask.

All of this inspired by the fact that my current graphics card requires more wattage than my power unit can supply, my computer keeps randomly freezing up, and the Fry's ads I see at work make me want more.

(no subject)

So a day or two ago, I posted asking what my friend and I should eat during our 2 hour season finale of our summer miniseries. Well, he spent last week in Quebec City and is now on a huuuge poutine kick. I've never made it before, so what are some good tips or tricks for the perfect poutine? Have you made poutine before? Do you even like poutine?

Is it really just as simple as canned gravy, cheese curds and fries or is there something I can do to make it special?

(no subject)

Have you ever felt really bad for someone after they've committed a violent crime? If so, why?

What is the longest friendship you have in your life?

What is the longest friendship you had that ended?

(no subject)

I'm sure this has been posted before, but I haven't seen it recently, so here goes:

How do you guys stay motivated to eat right/be healthy?

Any healthy go-to snack tips? Especially for someone who is really busy with school/work?

What do you tell yourself in order to have a healthy balanced day and not stray from your original plans?

Anything special you do to get yourself up and to the gym on a regular basis?

I'm trying to live a more healthy, balanced life but I am finding that I am having a very difficult time with it.

(no subject)

I just skinned my toe a bit. There was a little blood, and it was gross, but I put a band-aid on it. Then I started to feel dizzy and nauseous. I thought I might faint or throw up and I had to lay down on the floor and wait for the world to stop spinning.

What was the cause of this, TQC? Was it the sight of blood that made me swoon? Do you have any tips on how to handle this so I am marginally less pathetic the next time I injure myself?

Flights and Food!

1. What are some fun things to do during a 7 hour layover?
Details: I'll be spending my time in the Virgin Atlantic terminal of JFK. I believe you have to pay for WiFi there. I've never been to JFK before so I don't know my way around that well. I'll be bringing some books, my travel journal, etc. and will obviously have money to buy food and stuff like that. Both serious and non-serious answers are welcome.

2. I'm going to this restaurant for dinner tonight:
What should I get to eat? Everything there is soooooooo good so I'm having trouble deciding, lol. I may or may not go with whatever most of you say.
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I am going to graduate school on Monday (on my own dime for you haters out there), and I literally only have one room to pack up (my bedroom) and I am still somehow totally overwhelmed, how did I accumulate all of this shit?

This is the first real life apartment (not on campus housing, etc) that I am moving into, and it is mostly furnished in terms of the big furniture things.

What am I forgetting to pack that I really need?
What am I packing that is actually just a waste of space?

Are you going to graduate school? For what degree? Do you like it? 

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(no subject)

Which is more annoying: A know-it-all or someone who makes a million excuses for why they believe they aren't a hypocrite (when to anyone with a functioning brain they are an extremely LOUD hypocrite)? How about a person who is both of these?

What is a personality type you really can not stand, if there is one?


(no subject)

This morning I drove 6 hours for my friend's wedding and one of my contact lenses ripped in half inside my eye. I didn't bring any extras. The bride doesn't want me to wear my glasses in the pictures (I'm a bridesmaid).

What should i do?

Wear one contact lens throughout the wedding and reception
Wear no contact lenses and be blind
Wear my glasses and put them in my pocket during photos
Other (see comments)
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In your view, does rape occur if permission is withdrawn and sexual intercourse continues?  Explain.

FYI - this was a question from a college textbook.  I was curious to see if anyone else saw something wrong with this question lol.
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(no subject)

Did you think you were going to be a virgin forever?
Alternatively; Are you going to be a virgin forever?

How do you feel about giving a partner permission to do sexually related things to you or have sex with you whilst you are asleep?

(no subject)

I'm really hungry right now, but I'm going out to dinner to my favorite restaurant in a few hours and I want to be able to cram as much Indian food into my stomach as I can. What should I do? Eat a small snack? Not eat anything? Drink water?
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(no subject)

Ugh, you guys I am craving Trix SO BAD right now for some reason. I haven't eaten them in years, but this entire week I have felt like I would kill for a bowl.

Why am I craving Trix of all things?
What's the weirdest thing you've ever craved? (foodwise, not pica related)

(no subject)

I want to start watching Dr. Who, but I don't know where to start. Some people have told me that I don't necessarily have to begin at the very first episode of the 60s show. Where is the best place for a newbie to start watching Dr. Who (original series or revival)? Any episodes I should definitely watch?
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(no subject)

I was about to put my dog in the pet carrier (the black ones with the mesh and the fur cushion on the bottom) to take her to the vet, only to realize there were 4 worm-like things crawling on the cushion.

They were like salmon color and ribbed...and the size of my pinky fingernail. I didn't want to look closer cause I am deathly afraid of anything that's wormlike.

They weren't there 2 days ago, since I checked if the carrier was still in good shape. How the hell did they get there and WTF are they?
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(no subject)

Do you come from a family that drinks? I don't necessarily mean a family of alcoholics, but social or otherwise casual drinkers?

Nobody in my immediate family drinks. Like, at all. There's rarely so much as a beer in the fridge. Compared to a lot of other families I know (mostly wine enthusiasts), this is strange.

Do you get exertion headaches?

Do you walk around your house/apartment/whatevs naked? Or not naked, but still disrobed?

(no subject)

Which of these movies do you think is the best breaking-the-ice movie?

Robin Hood Men In Tights
Road to El Dorado
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (aka Johnny Depp version)
A Very Potter Musical


What's the comfort object you always have to take with you when you move, no matter how silly?
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(no subject)

Question the First : Next Friday (9/3) through Monday(9/6), I will be attending a convention. I don't even know how the hell I'm going to pee, especially by myself, in the get up I will be wearing for most of this shindig. That said, I'd really, really not like to have to deal with the possibility of also having to throw my period into the mix.

I usually take my HBC Wednesdays through Tuesdays, and this line up usually results in my period starting on a Monday (this would be 8/30) and sometimes going all the way till Saturday or being really light but hanging on until Sunday. Should I start my first active pill on a different day like this Sunday (8/29) to try and cut it down? If I had thought of this sooner, I would have started my active pills and skipped my inactive ones so I wouldn't have this issue at all, but that opportunity has passed, clearly...

Question the Second : I have had ridiculous nausea and acid reflux all day, probably from stress. It's probably made worse by the fact that I was so stressed out yesterday that I only ate a Wendy's Jr Bacon Cheeseburger and small fries around 11:00pm. I've been working hard to lose weight and my first mini goal is the above mentioned convention, so it's down to the wire. I didn't work out yesterday or the day before - should I at least try to work out tonight and only stop if I feel death closing in? Or should I not chance it with the whole stomach issues not fixed by Pepto thing?
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(no subject)

What should I do tonight? I'm new here, but it's a big city (Houston) and there has to be something I'm missing.

Have any of you ever moved drastically far away from everything you know? How did you handle the loneliness?

What do you enjoy on a burger?
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(no subject)

It's dusk, you're looking at a meadow and a rabbit is feeding in the grass. You glance up to catch the sun's final few rays and you see a hawk fold its wings and begin a power dive.
As nature's drama begins to unfold you wonder....who do you root for? The rabbit to escape the claws of the hawk? Or the graceful bird of prey?

So what is it TQC? HAWK or RABBIT?

(no subject)

I'm making a hot dog. What needs to be put on it?

What city would you like to be named after?
What country would you like to be named after?

I'm going to visit my sister Sunday, hopefully. What should we do?

long car drip: alone or take boyfriend?

3 hour drive to the middle of nowhere (my uncles farm). Should I drive alone or take my boyfriend with me?

I've gone out there heaps of times but I've never driven alone before (I've only started driving alone recently). There is no phone signal out there. I mostly know the way but the last time I went out there with a friend we got lost and it was scary. The radio also doesnt work most of the way and I dont have any cd's or a music player (that works... stupid I know).

Or should I suck it up, be independent and just do it.... ? 
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(no subject)

So, I've had my laptop about 4 months (Alienware MX11) and the screen hinges are really loose, as well as a few cracks developing in the inner screen. I ordered it from the site.
Do I call the company or since it is a Dell product, can I take it in to a repair place/Geeksquad or something of the like? I do still have it under warranty.

DKDC: What's the best way to turn a shitty day into a good night?
Simpsons - Excellent!
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(no subject)

Assume you have an SO and you both work. How would you feel about your SO talking about mistakes you've made. Not relationship mistakes, but 'lol she did something really dumb. Let me tell you about it.' kind?

Does your opinion change if you worked with some of the same people before? Not good friends, but not enemies either. You now work for a different company.

(no subject)

Okay, if you were going to shoplift, how would you do it?

Dump into a hand-bag? The old buy the item, leave, come back, pick up same item from shelf and return with receipt? Brazenly putting the large item into your hands and walking out? Putting a t-shirt on under your clothes and leaving with it on?
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Camera Advice

Everyone gives amazing advice here when I need it, so I hope the question I'm about to ask is no different.

Lately I've been gazing longingly at gorgeous photography from my friends who have bought more higher-end cameras. I'm just transitioning from college and the digital camera (which is still practical) but I want to be able to take more beautiful, focused pictures.

Problem is I know absolutely nothing about cameras. I'm also on a very low budget. My friend just got a Canon Rebel T1i and I love the photos she's taking - sure enough on eBay it's going for upwards of $700. I know the cameras aren't going to be cheap, but I'm looking for something financially practical that still produces great photos.

So, with that said, any suggestions would be helpful - camera model suggestions, how you saved money for one, where I could find decently priced cameras?

Thanks a million. :)
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(no subject)

Do you have a bank account? Do you know many adults who don't?

I work in kind of a sketchy place (we do phone sales) and every Friday when we get paid a lot of people just go to this convenience store nearby and get their check cashed- I dont get it.
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(no subject)

will you please go to your favourite restaurants website and find your favourite meal there and post it on tqc?
(or, just pick your favourite thing that you get there and tell us about it!)

here's mine, from jack astor's!

Jalapeño Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeño bacon, jalapeño zucchini relish, tomato, lettuce and chili hot sauce.

(no subject)

TQC, The Soup just reminded me that a week ago I had a dream that Peggy Olson (one of the characters from Mad Men) hooked up and was "enjoying" some postsex cuddling with Ronnie from the Jersey Shore.

I've only seen the Jersey Shore for all of 5 minutes, how did I know who Ronnie even was?! It's not like he's even one of the famous ones like Snookie!

For those you that watch Mad Men, what does this mean about Peggy Olson?!

Why do I have such weird dreams, TQC?!?!

(no subject)

this is a pretty weird question, but how do you ask someone if it would be okay to raid their closet?

i've never asked before and i have this friend who seriously has the cutest shit and there's a party i have to go to soon and i really don't want to buy anything else. i know the obvious answer is "is it okay if i raid your closet?" but is there proper decorum here or what?
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(no subject)

I'm enjoying vanilla rum and Pepsi.

What was the last alcoholic beverage you had?

If you're of legal drinking age, did you drink before you were legal?

(no subject)

The apartment I've been living in has been at 65-85% humidity for about a month now and the management folks have been really frustrating and unable to fix it. We've been dealing with some serious mold on our ceilings/furniture as a result of this and are all at wits end. Today I found out my $120 sandals (among other smaller items) that have been in my room are covered in mold. What is the proper mode of retaliation to enact?

Relatedly, what is the best tried and true method for getting my building's maintenance crew to actually fix something? The current methods don't seem to be workin' so great.

(no subject)

I'm about to record a happy birthday piece on the violin for someone!
Would you like one?
What else would you want me to play for you?

i'll take 15 requests, but i wont post them all until 24 hours.


(no subject)

How many days would it take you to listen to all of the music files in your iTunes?

10.1 days. I think I should try to do this and listen to them continously and in odrer.

Do you think I should try to listen to them all in order for however long it takes me? (with breaks when I am not at my computer of course)