August 26th, 2010

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I'm getting the sniffles, and am sleepy but not tired just yet. I also really just wanna read a book. Should I take a bubble bath before bed, TQC?

When is the last time you took a bubble bath? Do you enjoy them?
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   Would it be interesting to see a Shemale Zombie character in a horror film? i made up the idea.
The name is Shemale Zombie Hynes. 6'4, slim, built lean muscle, six pack, medium perfect boobs, Marilyn Monroe style wig, and  zombie hynes wears a red dress.

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I moved in with my friend as a favor because her fiance left her and her lease was not up. Its all her furniture as well as a microwave and etc etc. She's started telling me that I need to buy a BLENDER so she can make smoothies. She feels like I don't contribute much...INCLUDING her always having to pay for stamps for our electricity bill. She ALWAYS seems to screw me over somehow for a couple of bucks. But I just CAN'T be bitchy like she is. I don't feel comfortable at all with my living situation.... Am I in the wrong here?

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I am trying to mail somebody a Wii Balance Board, but I can't find a box that fits it. The dimensions I need are 21x14x5.

Do you know of any boxes that might fit this? Do you think I could just heavy duty wrap it in bubble wrap and tape an address and put a shit load of stamps on it, and a Fragile sticker, and it would send okay?

I am going to the post office tomorrow, to see if they have a box or something, but I'm worried that will cost extra to shipping, and I can barely afford shipping as it is. So, my other question is:

If the post office has to supply you with a box, does that cost more?

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When's the last time you did something stupid around other people?

Mine was a few days ago. I said to a friend, "There's two movies I thought for sure were coming out this year but they haven't yet. Kinda pissed because I really want to see them." He asked which ones and I said, "Kick Ass and the A Team movies." He looked at me like o.O and said, "Kick Ass came out 5 months ago and A Team came out in June."

I had somehow managed to not hear about that, AT ALL.

As it turns out, A Team, based on the reviews I read, sounds like it sucked. So I don't think I missed much. Kick Ass sounded good enough that I just went out and bought the DVD earlier today. Probably gonna watch it tomorrow.

Anyway, embarrassing!
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Have you ever had to ask for an extension on an assignment? Why?

I never have because all of the professors I've had have only allowed extensions for emergencies and I've never been in a situation that warranted an extension. I have a professor now who will give extensions for non emergencies also but I still don't think I'd ever ask for one.
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 What was the last thing that made you or almost throw up?

I lifted up a dog blanket that is under my bed and omg it was the worst smell in the world D:. At least I know why my dogs have been smelling so badly even two days after a bath. 
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if an extraterrestrial society were to study humans on earth, how they interact with one another in relations as personal as the family and global as international relations, what would they say about us?
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I'm applying to an biologist position at an aquarium in England.

They said to send them your resume and cover letter, but be sure to include your salary expectations.

Where do I write that, in my cover letter or my resume? It seems like it would be awkward in my cover letter.
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I have to cancel a 911 call, do I call 911 back? D:

Edit: called the non emergency number and they cancelled it.

My dad's very depressed and has a history of suicide threats and attempts and he left in his car threatening so I called 911 out of fear for his safety and the safety of others.

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I'm tutoring today and would like to base the lesson on spelling out colors and numbers.
I can use a mask for the project or I can use a crown (for the girl to decorate)

Which should I use?!

What are you doing today?
Have you ever been anywhere where no cars are allowed? Where?

The island where I tutor the girl has no cars, just bicycles. :D
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So I took a lunchable with chicken and cheese to work and I just looked at the side and it says, "Sell by August 21 2010." Should I eat it? I'm really paranoid about meat and that seems a little too long ago for my liking.

ETA: Problem solved, I decided to eat just the cracker and cheese part and throw the meat out because it seemed a little off to me. That could just be paranoia speaking, though.

On an unrelated note, do you have rain boots? If so, where did you get them and what do they look like?
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Poll #1610974 Cameras

Should I get rid of my Canon EOS Rebel T1i to get the more compact "SLR" camera the Panasonic GF1?


If you answered no, should I get my macro lens for the T1i?

If you have no idea what I am talking about, tell me what your favorite electronic is.
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I'm planning to buy a new couch but the issue is that I have 3 somewhat destructive animals.

Fabric couches are hard to clean and start to stink after awhile, but a leather couch seems like it would easily be ripped and rendered useless. I've thought about getting a leather couch and getting a sofa cover, but are there any thick enough that they could withstand animal claws, but flexible enough I could throw them into a washing machine?

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In this post, write down the punchline for a joke (without the joke). The more baffling out of context the better

Here's my contribution

"Young man", said the doctor, "there's a big difference between gangrene and lipstick"

I need a question, don't I?

Ladies, if your last name was Wunn and you married a guy whose last name was Durlan, would you take the last name Wun-Durlan? If you gave birth to a daughter, would you name her Alison Wun-Durlan?
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holy crap college is expensive

For those of you who attended college in the past but no longer do (you finished, you quit, whatever), what was your average yearly total tuition bill? When did you last attend?

Do you know what that institution charges now?

Mine was around $5000-5500 per year for 14-16 hours per semester. I finished in 2005. Now it's $11-12k/yr.

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My buddy and I have been watching a summer miniseries together (Persons Unknown, and it's not so good) but this week is the 2 hour finale!!! I suggested we do something delicious for the finale, and he agreed. He then said to do something savory, not sweet, which sucks because I'm more a baker than a chef.

What should I make? We'll be eating while watching the show, so nothing formal or too loud/crunchy. I don't eat meat, but he does and I don't mind making something with it for him. Any ideas?!?!

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 Do you believe that teenagers do actually have their "whole lives ahead of  them", as the phrase goes?
[Edit: I did not mean this in the literal sense. I meant it as in do you believe teenagers have more opportunities to decide how they are going to live their life etc. :) Sorry!]

Can you name actors who began their careers after their teenage years and became successful?

i say, old bean

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college isn't for everyone: agree or disagree? feel free to ~elaborate

how did you get into your current field of work?

why won't my hiccups just go away? (it's been 10 minutes) they magically disappeared
so tqc, what as the last thing of yours that just magically disappeared?

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So I'm watching the Alaska Experiment. Would you ever want to be dropped somewhere in the wilderness and have to make a house and feed yourself and everything?

I think it might be fun but that's just me.

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My mother and I both work at the same university and also in two buildings that are close to each other.   She just came up to meet me for lunch but after we finished she kept bugging me about coming to see my office and meet my co-workers.   I am against this idea and said that I would rather not.   Of course she was trying to guilt trip me about not wanting to bring her to my office, but I just don't want to.  Period.  She is disappointed. 

So, TQC, am I wrong to not want to bring my mother to my office and then be forced to introduce her to all of my co-workers?   

A little awkward right?  Y / Y?

No it is not for networking purposes either.  

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Does anyone know if there's a screenshot floating around of Russell Edgington (from True Blood) in that one scene where he's got Collapse ) and he's having a big rant while clutching it?

That was the funniest fucking thing I've seen in a long time.
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When you hear the word 'mine' without any context, what definition do you first think of?

Ownership, belonging to the person using the word
To strip the value of something
A hole in the earth where miners work
An explosive device, often triggered by weight or proximity

When you hear the word 'bang' without any context, what definition do you first think of?

An explosion or loud noise
A feature on the front of a hairstyle
To have sexual intercourse with someone, usually in a highly physical/non-intimate way

When you hear the word 'seal' without any context, what definition do you first think of?

A cute animal that can balance a ball on its nose
To close something up, like an envelope or cave
Singer married to Heidi Klum
Ensignia embedded into wax, usually found on a document

When you hear the word 'bar' without any context, what definition do you first think of?

A place where drinks are sold
Something that impedes action or progress
A straight, usually oblong piece of material, like a candy bar
Chick who's dating Leonardo Dicaprio
The profession of law
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How excited were you when you found out you got the job you're currently at?
Did you just know you were going to get it?

If you're like me and job hunting, how long have you been at it? I'm going on one week today, and I've been to 3 interviews so far. Unemployment is boring.
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You pick up your SO's laptop to use with their permission and you see their Facebook chat open. They have written "Sup hottie" to a person of their preferred sex that you don't know. Are you angry, how angry?

FYI This question isn't about me, lol
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Can you write a story in ten words or less, and if so, will you post it in the comments?

I'm taking the GRE in a few days and don't feel particularly nervous about it. Have you ever taken it? Did you do well? Which was easier for you, the English or the math?


TQCers with IUDs... How long does it take to get one put in?

I'm trying to schedule some last minute appointments before I leave for school at the start of September. My dentist office had a cancellation for an appointment at 1:40pm on August 31st. On the same day I'm scheduled to get my IUD put in at 12:30 pm. The latest I can leave to get to the dentist is 1:15pm.

Is this a feasible time frame? Or is an IUD insertion a particularly lengthy process?


I switched my appointment to 9am that same day so hopefully that will make my life a little easier. Thanks for the help everyone!
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 There's this pregnant girl I'm friends with on Facebook that keeps referring to her unborn child as "critter".  I don't know why, but this weirds me out.  Are there any other terms of endearment that weird you out?
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TQC, this year at school, my rent will be much less than it was last year, so I won't have to work as many hours and will have more free time for fun things. I want to take up a sport (my university offers a wide variety). Any suggestions?

dk/dc: what are your favorite hobbies?
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Breaking up is hard to do

What would bother you more? After you break up, your ex...

Starts to date someone more attractive/hotter than you
Starts to date someone less attractive/less hot than you
It's about the same to me

What would bother you more? After you break up, your ex...

Starts to date someone a lot more successful or accomplished than you
Starts to date someone a lot less successful or accomplished than you
It's about the same to me

What would bother you more? After you break up, your ex...

Starts to date someone who's funnier and more amusing than you
Starts to date someone who's less funny and less amusing than you
It's about the same to me

What would bother you the most after a breakup? Your ex....

Swears off dating and relationships and prefers to remain celibate
Turns gay (or, if you're already gay, turns straight)
Shacks up with the first person who they hit it off with
Starts to date a famous movie star and ends up in the tabloids at least once per month
Starts to date someone from Jersey Shore and ends up in the tabloids at least once per month with their shennigans
Gets back together with the person they were dating before you, even though your ex swore that that person drove him/her up the wall
Gets in great shape, buys fashionable clothes, and just gets his/her act together. He/she just wouldn't do so while you were dating
Gains 50lbs and just wears sweats and t-shirts everywhere he/she goes. Clearly the breakup robbed him/her of all will to live
Gets out and sows his/her wild oats all the time now that he/she is single. Your ex is having the time of their life now that you're not in it
You bump into your ex at the store and he/she is with someone. When your ex introduces you two, he/she accidentally gets your name wrong, as well as how long ago you two dated


We just got a female English Mastiff puppy! What should we name her?

Serious and nonserious appreciated.

DK/DC: Do you have any pets? How did you name them?

EDIT: I'll have photos in the mornin'!
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Congratulations! You're back in high school. And your high school, assuming it wasn't already, is in the middle of a small, religious town.

Your best friend of the opposite sex tells you one day that he/she is gay. Rumors have been spreading about your friend's sexual orientation, and as a result, he/she is being bullied mercilessly. EDIT: This is not only including verbal abuse, but physical abuse as well.

Your friend asks you to pretend to be his/her boyfriend/girlfriend. Not for very long, maybe just a few months. Hold hands, eat lunch together, go on dates, make out a little bit, that's it.

Would you do it?

If yes, what if your friend wanted you to have very loud (and obviously, fake) sex with them at an upcoming house party most of the school was going to be attending?

Would you still do it?

And yes, this is inspired from the trailer for Easy A.
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My dryer is broken. I live near my college. My college has free laundry and they do not lock their laundry rooms during the summer. I'm not going to live on campus next year so I'm not paying room and board but I'm still paying tuition. Today I did my laundry there.

Is this wrong/stealing?
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Is anyone here familiar with how the NYS DMV works?

I have been on my parents insurance for the past two years and its time to renew my car's registration. I have my own insurance now. Do I need to surrender my plates, or can I keep my current ones? Will the new registration price be the same price as the renewal price? The DMV is closed and the website is useless.

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1)Do you have a separate account to save for big purchases?

2)Have you ever worked 3rd shift before? Any tips for the caffiene sensitive?

3)What overlords do you bow down to?

I bow down to our boomer overlords.
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So, I'm thinking of dying my hair, one side white, one side black, just for the fun of it. (The Cruella hair.) Good idea or bad idea?
What's the last crazy thing you've done to yourself visually or with your wardrobe?
Did it work out?

DK/DC: Who was the last person/creature (for those like me who talk to their pets or inanimate objects) you talked to?

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If you have a child or plan to have a child:

Are you going to/Did you find out the sex of the baby?
Are you going to/Did you share that news with your friends and family?

If you decide what to name the baby, are you going to share that news too?

I feel like I cannot share what I plan to name the baby because I will probably change my mind too much =/
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How often do you check your email? If you receive an email and a reply is requested, how long can you wait to reply to the email before it is considered rude?

What did you do today?

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If you dropped someone else's lipstick into the toilet, and you were pretty sure they wouldn't find out, would you just put it back and pretend it never happened?

What if there was pee in the toilet?

What if it was your lipstick?
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I know that Google will have the answer I'm looking for, but I don't know how to phrase the question.

I'm ordering shirts to sell to people at an event, without taking pre-orders. I know I should buy a few X-smalls and smalls, more mediums and larges, etc, but was looking for some sort of distribution chart that will give me suggestions - like 5% x-smalls, 10% smalls, 25% mediums.

Does this make sense? Is there a name for what I'm looking for?

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Have you ever been involved in a car accident? Whose fault was it? What happened?

I was just in my first tonight. It was super minor, we didn't exchange information. I was pulled out of a driveway too far trying to see around trees and get into traffic and my hood caught the side of this guy's minivan. If I hadn't heard it or seen the guy stopping after, I wouldn't have even known cars collided. No damage except some of my paint on his car, but he was really mad and I feel awful. :(
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I'm almost 100% Irish. That being said, I'm the lightest lightweight to ever lightweight when it comes to alcohol. I had like 2.5 shots of vodka tonight in some cocktails and I'm damn near drunk.

Do you clash with your ancestry at all? Or do you not fit with some of the thought-of norms of your demographic in some manner?
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question for crafty folks ....

Is it remotely possible to paint shoe buckles? (Without it peeling/rubbing off,etc) If so, is there a certain kind/brand? Would I need a sealer?

I ordered some boots online, I love them, except I thought the buckles and eyelets looked silvery on the website. But, they are super bright gold.

I still want to keep the boots, and was wondering if I could use a silver paint on them. Even if I could just tone-down the brightness of the gold, I'd be happy.

(They weren't terribly expensive, so if I ruin them, I wouldn't be out a ton of money.)

Thanks in advance!

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Have you used Accutane? Did it work for you? Do your children have deformities?!

I want to talk to my dermatologist about it, but I'm really freaked out by the possible side effects.

dk/dc: Have any fun weekend plans?

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Have you ever had sex on a hard floor? Was it any good?

When I read or view erotica, this seems to happen a lot, but I can't imagine it would be very comfortable. Regardless of which part of the body is touching the floor, if it's actually on the floor (as in, one or both partners is lying down on the floor, and not in a standing or sitting position), that would hurt, wouldn't it? Whether it's your head, or your knees, or your pelvis, or whatever.

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There's something on the left side of my desk making noise. It's a very cluttered desk, so the possibilities are endless. I thought it was something shifting very slowly, but I pushed things around and it still goes. It sort of sounds like the noise that records make when the needle is at the end and isn't the type to return.


Have you ever experienced a persistent, annoying noise? Did you ever discover what it was? I have a lot of stories like this.
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This is going to be a very specific question, but...

Does anyone know if there are any charity walks that benefit the environment that occur in or around San Francisco, CA?

The ones for AIDS and breast cancer are cool and everything, but I'm all about the ocean n' shizz, so I'd want to raise money and awareness for that.

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have you ever played judith? if you did, can you please tell me a summary of the story? i tried playing through it 2 times, but i keep feeling nauseated. i think it's to do with the colours and storyline itself. :( ugh, i feel like puking.

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A few weeks ago, lightning struck close to our house, and one of our TVs has been messing up ever since. It's a flat screen LCD TV, and when you turn it on, the picture will stay on for a few minutes. AFter that, the picture goes off, but the sound continues.

We're looking into getting this fixed, but does anybody know what this might be? Does a bulb need replacing, or is this more of a wiring problem?