August 25th, 2010

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My best friend is having a really hard time with being in school right now. She can't multi-task, so it takes her hours to read and do assignments. She's also really neurotic, and worries too much about everything. It's only the second day of school and she's already being annoyingly passive-aggressive.

What can I do, TQC? I've told her to relax and not think so much, but it's not working :(

ETA: She's calmed down now. Apparently she was just stressed from her babysitting job.

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a. Hi, I'm starting college soon and I move in this Sunday and I'm scared as hell. Will you give me any advice about dorming for the first time? And about adjusting to college life?
I'm fairly independent, personality-wise, but I've never been away from my family before for a long time and I'm still relying on them. I won't be far from home, but I will still be totally overtaken by school and lonely, and I don't have any close friends who will be there, so idk how to deal with being so removed from everything. Advice?

b. Let's say you are starting college and have just gotten into a relationship with someone who is going to be living an hour and a half away. Neither of you will have a car and neither of you are totally sure what you want out of this, particularly your partner who is rather inexperienced. What would you do? Would you stay in a relationship, have an open relationship, or decide to be just friends, or what?

c. dk/dc about these: what's something you're looking forward to in the next week?

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tqc, today is my birthday! I'm 23.
When's your birthday? how are you now?

& if you don't want to say, what's your big obsession right now?
I'm in love with the L4D games all of a sudden. Can't get enough of them.
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will you tell me one thing you are looking forward to tomorrow and one thing you are not looking forward to?

what book or books are you currently reading? do you like them and would you recommend them?
well, damn. instead: what color is your underwear?
zombie baby cede! :D

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Can anybody else control their blood pressure?
(I mean like, take it once at 119/77 and then in ten minutes bring it down to 98/58?)

Can you control anything 'odd' about your body?
Peggy Blink

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For someone who has had and enjoys sex and wants to have it often, but is not in a relationship, how long is too long to go without sex?
I know someone who's gone three years without actual sex, outside of a blowjob a year and a half ago.

Fucking tomorrow. YES.

If you had to plan a wedding, what would your theme be?
I'm watching this episode of My Fair Wedding with this woman who wants to have a SWAMP THEMED WEDDING and oh no girl.
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What kind of presents do your cats like to bring to you?

Just tonight, I've been "gifted" with a dead cricket, a nearly dead tree frog, a not-quite-dead giant grasshopper, a miniature Hello Kitty doll (I have no idea WHERE it came from), and a very dead lizard.
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What tv shows do 7 year old girls like these days? OR what shows would you recommend for a 7 year old girl? She does enjoy shows like Mr Bean and Blackadder, but we're looking at more usual program suggestions. Where/when it airs isn't an issue, I'm sure I can find it. I just don't know what's good and/or popular!
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 So, in doing some research, I've found that Japanese (and most Eastern Asian) people don't have middle names. I know a Vietnamese family, though, and they've given their children an English name and then put a traditional Vietnamese name as a middle name. Is this a common practice among Asian immigrants, specifically Japanese, in the US?

What are some endearments a Japanese mother might use when talking to her children?

DK/DC, what's your favourite video game? Anything Zelda or Mario.

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I leased my car, and I have to turn it in today.

I'm very sad, but I can't afford to buy it and I got a nice car to replace it, but I loved this car so much. =[

What should I do to ease my sadness? =[

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So, my twins' 2nd birthday is in october. Will you please help me decided which character/themes to put on each of their cakes? I'm bad at small choices.

My daughter likes: Books, kittens, and Elmo.

My son likes: Tigger, Cars, and Basket ball.

Should I have elmo reading a book with a kitty for my daughter and my son's with Tigger in a car shooting a basket ball, or stick to a one theme thing?

Collapse )

dk/dc- If you could paint any room of your house any color right now (permitting you had the money and the time), which room and what color?
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Agents are Go!

Lightning round!

1. What is your middle name? Do you love it? Why or why not?
Vincent. I think it's pretty badass, and others have told me so

2. It's raining buckets outside. Should I go out for lunch and brave the rain, and come back soaked? Or stay dry and go hungry?

3. Do you consider yourself nerdy? Why?
Yes. I love doing computery/gamey stuff. And I have forever, and it takes up a good chunk of my existence

4. Have you ever used Linux? Which distribution? Did you like it, or were you just confused?
Yes, Ubuntu and OpenSuUSE. I liked using them both generally, but I had to use OpenSUSE for a class where I had to make changes to the system then spend 30 minutes recompiling it all only to find that it didn't work. Lots of nights in the computer lab writing code in C until 5AM. Grr.

5. Will you post a picture of your favorite poster that's on your wall (or if you don't have posters, some other kind of wall-adornment)
I don't have any

6. Favorite word that starts with the letter....P! Will you tell me?

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Today is my orientation for my new job. I am supposed to bring my Driver's License, and SS card (which I don't have) or birth certificate (which I can't find). Now I'm even more stressed out, how horrible is this going to be/ how much of an irresponsible ass am I going to look like?
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Halp! I just accidentally took my multi-vitamin on an empty stomach. This is real bad because I can already feel the nausea coming on and I have to go to school. What can I do to stop or slow the nausea?

I already ate something as soon as I realized in the hopes that it'll help and I've got a water bottle. I'm just hoping the nausea doesn't start to really kick in on the train... :/

DK/DC: I'm on a diet but going to class means 120 degree heat, a train, and lots of walking. It's causing really bad cramps in my feet and legs. Is there a way I can give my legs more "fuel" without compromising my diet?

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If you could go on vacation anywhere right now (all expenses paid) where would you go? Why? What would you do there?
If you could move anywhere (money being no problem) where would you move? Why?

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TQC, help me figure out my dad?

I called him last night to let him know I was staying over a friend's house. He asked me, "You're on birth control, right? That stops you from getting pregnant?" "Yes, Dad. I'm on NuvaRing, and that's what it does." WTF? To his knowledge, I'm barely dating, let alone sleeping with anyone. Was he just being worried/father-like? Or does he actually think that I'm a slut? And should I bring it up today when I talk to him, like, "Hey, Dad, who exactly do you think I'm sleeping with when I've only had two guys over the house two times each and it's obvious I'm not really interested in either of them that way?"

DK/DC: What was the last piece of clothing you bought, and where did you buy it from?

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As a student, how far would you be willing to travel for a job?
Where I am at uni is a small town, so there are barely any jobs, but I don't want to be driving all the time/wasting money on petrol and not meeting people in my town.
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I got catcalled on my run this morning. Just some guy going "woo!" out his truck window.

Instead of being embarrassed or outraged, I was rather amused. And maybe just a wee bit flattered...

Does this make me abnormal? (PS: Chances are fair that I knew the guy.)

Dunno/Dun care/Nobody says Woo to me: what's you're favorite thing about autumn? And do you call it autumn or fall?

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I have about 3 grocery sacks full of clothes I don't want/have grown out of due to my love of candy. Should I offer these to friends first or just give them to charity? It's mostly printed tshirts (like one printed with cherries all over it, one with flying pigs etc) that I think I'm too old for, or cute skirts that are now too short/small for me (about 3 of those layered short ruffly flowery skirts that were so popular a year or two ago) or random shirts/dresses I have no use for.
Will charities even want these t-shirts and out-of-season skirts? The majority are in great condition and I'm going to go through again and throw out anything slightly shifty looking/torn.

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What are the standard ~rules for roommates & pets?

I have finally have a cat here at school, after a lot of issues with my roommate, who claims she is allergic but has her own cat at home. Now that we're down here she's all over my cat, even though she didn't help pay the pet deposit or buy litter boxes, toys, etc. Do I call her on her shit? Am I being too selfish?

oooookay nevermind.

dk/dc, my first class today is Rhetoric of Harry Potter, what's the coolest class you've ever taken?
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~woo purses~

TQC, let's talk about purses.

Do you prefer shoulder bags, or one that has shorter straps that fit in the crook of your elbow, or do you like tiny clutches that you carry in your hands, or...?

If you use a purse with shoulder straps, what shoulder do you usually carry it on? Are you purse-shoulder ambidextrous? Because I HAVE to carry my purse on my left shoulder. I HAVE TO. I feel SO out of sorts when I put a purse on my right shoulder. UGH! DNW!!! I was out with a friend the other day, and I noticed that she casually switched her purse to the other shoulder a few different times, and I remember thinking, "Omg that is SO WEIRD. HOW CAN SHE DO THAT?" And then I realized that maybe I was the weird one for being so single-shouldered. TQC, WHICH ARE YOU?

Will you show me a picture of your purse? Here's mine. What do you normally carry in it? I carry all this junk in mine.

EDIT: Or if you don't have a picture of your purse, will you show me a picture of a purse that you really want?

If you are like, "Oh blah purses, ugh. That's what pockets are for!" Then will you please tell me a tacky joke? Like a real groaner. I need some more lame jokes to add to my repertoire.

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What is the sexiest song to you?

Is the song content more important or the singing voice?

I just saw on a list of great sex songs that 'Closer' by Nine Inch Nails was number one or two. I understand why it's on there, but for me his voice isn't sexy enough to get me in the mood.

'Bad Things' by Jace Everett is such a sexy song to me, he has this awesomely sexy deep voice.

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On a scale from 1 - rage, how mad would you be if your roommates relative bought her a 6 week old puppy, knowing said roommate already has a dog and is about to return to full-time classes? The puppy's a handful but easily distracted and SO CUTE.

I honestly don't mind that much, but I know most people would find it unacceptable.

Is there such a thing as being too laid back?

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 What should I do in between my classes? I have one that goes from 9-10, 2-3, and 4-5:30. I have these long periods of time and nothing to do. I dislike the beginning of the semester.

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Why do women's jeans have those ridiculously tiny/shallow front pockets instead of REAL pockets like men get?

Ladies, wouldn't it be nice to be able to fit more than $3 change and half of your fingers in your pockets?

Why do fashion designers do this to us? Srs/non-srs (and don't say "Because bigger pockets will make our hips/asses look fat" because it's not true! They just need to lie flat and be designed right.)

How much change is in your wallet/pockets right now?

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My my, could someone please explain me why some people went to see "The Expendables" expecting something other that what we got?

I mean, it's a movie directed by Sly Stallone, wasn't that enough of a clue?

ETA: What I meant is that some people expected to see a good movie with believable characters and a well developed plot
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This may be a ridiculous question, but how did you know when it was time to move out of your parents home?
I'm starting to get the same antsy feeling i had when i was wanting my senior year of high school to be done with already. Only difference is, my parents are getting on my nerves more amongst other things.
Muh Life.
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Two things:

If someone else pays for your education (one in which you reap incredible rewards and meet the other criteria), can you later be considered the definition of a "self-made millionaire"?

For those who shop at/lust over, what other stores/sites do you frequent that are similar (EDIT:) for home items?
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My aunt is sending me and a friend on a week long, all expenses paid trip to wherever we want this winter. (I've had a shitty ass two years and she says she's seen some amazing growth in me the last lil while. This is her saying congratulations). My friend and I are thinking a week in England, but we aren't 100% sure. We aren't really the beach resort kind of girls and we would prefer being somewhere with a less brutal weather system than our Canadian winter. Where should we go? Where would you go????
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Has it ever occured to you that you might have already lived the happiest day of your life and it's pretty much all downhill from here?

How about the fact that the worst day of your life may still be yet to come?

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Today has not been one of my better days at work and I'm feeling a bit agitated right now.    Does anybody feel like telling me something funny or posting a cute animal picture for me  (maybe one of your pets)? 

  Please!!  Thank you!!


Thank you this is helping!! So much head might explode!!
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On my quest to adulthood, i'm studying to take the permit test for driving. After reading over the manual's advisory against dueling with aggressive drivers and driving with distracting teenage friends in the car, TQC, have you ever had any crazy/ridiculous/dangerous/scary driving experiences? With other people in your car, someone driving another car, god forbid a train, all of the above, and so on.
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Is it unreasonable/ridiculous for a 19/20 year old to despise working retail and insist on finding a front desk or administrative style job?

Do you feel wholly unmotivated? Days dragging along? Any reason?

How's the weather?

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 If an employer makes you pee in a cup and calls at least two of your references the same day that you get an interview, do you generally get the job?

Cuz that'd be sweet. 
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So, my wisdom tooth is kicking my ass pretty hardcore right now, and has for the last two days straight.

I've been taking some pain meds for it, but they all say things like "Don't take more than x ammount of pills in 24 hours" or "Don't take longer for ten days", because it could cause a whole slew of issues (damage to the liver, ulcers, etc etc).

I'm just wondering, since I have a couple more days til I could even begin to go get my tooth checked out (I have a feeling its just growing in and the pain will go away soon, as like with my other wisdom teeth) if I keep taking two pills every four hours (as directed) and it sometimes doesn't quite clear the '24 hour' mark, how possible is it that I'm going to suffer any/all of the warnings that are listed? Or are those warnings for more very long-term usage?

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What should I eat when I feel sick?

I am too nauseous and just about everything goes right through me, plus my gut feels like it is on fire so I am afraid to eat. Even the slightest amounts set me off sometimes.  I can eat maybe a couple slices of bread, 1/3-1/2 of a can of soup(nothing acidic), or a few mouthfuls of cereal, and I drink water, green tea(decaf), and blue or green Gatorade and I still end up getting sick. I've already lost at least 10-15 lbs in less than 2 weeks.

None of the medicines (Pepto, Prevacid, etc...) help me and I have no insurance so I can't go to a Doctor. 

Can you suggest some things that my gut might be able to handle? I am getting tired of the foods I listed above.

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this probably isn't the best place to ask this, but i can't think of anything else.

what did women generally wear during the winter back in the '50s? i can find a million pictures of women in cute sundresses and playsuits and whatnot, but very few of women during the winter.

eta: pictures would be awesome!

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Google-fu fails me. I can only remember two lines of a song and it's driving me crazy.

"I was born with my hands in a fist and my eyes closed tight.
Maybe that's why I always punch blindly in a fight."

What is it????
tralfamadore ampersand

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What do fifth grade students like to read these days? Specifically, is anyone knowledgeable about good books out there for struggling fifth-grade readers? These students may be reading up to two grade levels below where they "should" be.

The classroom teachers whose students I am assisting use the Lexile framework to evaluate students' achievement levels. Unfortunately, Lexile seems to do a word-for-word analysis of the text. Our school's library is leveled, but I'm running into a problem with content. The words might be on the right level, but all the content I've found seems wildly inappropriate.

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TQC, I've been going out and meeting people since my breakup, and I've so far come across two guys that seemed really nice when I met them but are subsequently becoming way too "HEY HEY LETS GO OUT. LETS GO OUT AND DO STUFF. DATE? DATEDATEDATE." and "I'M GONNA TEXT YOU LIKE FIFTY TIMES A DAY UNPROVOKED." And one of them, who I've met out and about with my friends once or twice because he seemed nice, is now like "HEY I GOT MY JEEP STUCK COME GIVE ME A RIDE HOME???" and I'm not into that. I hardly know the dude. He sends me picture texts of him and his dog.

TLDR: How do I tell men to back off probably permanently (like none of that, "I'll be ready to date in a month so wait around" shit) without coming off like a complete bitch?

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Does anyone else find the show Man Versus Food rather pointless? I mean, he just sits there and eats massive amounts of food. I don't get the appeal. Alernatively, what's your favorite Travel channel show? I'm a big fan of No Reservations myself.

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I want to do some baking this week. However the recent egg recall due to salmonella has me worrying about some things.

Should I avoid eggs altogether and buy egg replacer instead? Worried that if I don't cook something which may contain salmonella, that I could get people sick.

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ONE a: What cheese is used in cheese naan breads? As in ones from Indian restaurants?

I always assumed it was paneer because that's Indian, but I'm seeing recipes online with just "cheese", cheddar or Emmenthal so...any clues?

ONE b: Are Indian restaurants/curry houses not popular in the US? I haven't been since '08 when I wasn't so into spicy stuff but I rarely see questions on here from USers about curry...
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Do you have a friend that always over dresses?

I think I might be that friend. Is it a bad thing to dress up a little much for a casual event? It's OK to constantly look fabulous, amirite?

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This is totally hypothetical. (cough)

Let's say that your company is in the midst of Busy Season, you're a salaried employee and overtime at your company is compensated with days off in the future at the head of the company's discretion, not extra cash moneys. For several weeks at the start of Busy Season you didn't take any lunch breaks and you stayed on average between 1.5 - 2 hours past close-of-business just to get all your shit done. Now that things seem to be winding down a tiny bit, your two basic choices are to take a lunch break and leave an hour late, or not take a lunch break and leave "on time." Which do you do and why?

Alternatively, why did you cry the last time you cried?
mine :C

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You guys, I hate it when I let slip a little rant about someone in front of people who are aquainted with/friends with the person I take issue with.
You know what I mean?
It's like an "oops!" moment! 
How do you overcome an "oops" moment? Do you confront the friends, apologize, or pretend to not care?
tokio doki kitty =^_^=

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okay so...i'm not sure how to word this right.  friday i'll be having sex for the first time.  i've already done some stuff with this guy, and i'm already finding myself to be becoming attached.  it can't happen, it really can't.  i know it's only because he's the first guy i've allowed to touch me.  how do i stop this?  is it possible not to get attached to the person you lose your virginity to?  how?
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I read. A lot. I remember in a fantasy novel a legend of a man who asks for immortality and is granted it by the gods. He forgets to ask for eternal youth and so he eventually withers away to something like a bone. The gods take pity on him and turn him into a grasshopper.
The character never can hear the chirping without cringing.

My mind is totally drawing a blank.

DK/DC: When was the last time you worked a 12 hour day?
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I've decided I can't stand my job and am going to start looking for a new one. I've never actively looked for a new job while still employed. Should I tell my current boss I'm looking? It would be nice to use him as a reference.

Old Toy

 Does anyone remember a jewelery making toy from the 90s - it looked like an easy bake oven, but you used different plastic strips to molds then added pin backings to them...or hair clips.  I know its a long shot, but anyone? anyone? I just thought of this toy I used to have, and now its driving me crazy! haha

dk/dc - if you aren't going back to school this year, do you wish you were?
burning words

laptop screen brightness?

i just got my first laptop, an Acer Aspire 5741. i am certain i have done everything the computer is able to do in order to increase the brightness and it's still too dark. all power saving thingies are off. i do a lot of work editing photos and graphics and this won't do, especially since i get bad headaches.

do all laptops dull in screen brightness compared to a standard office computer? i assume the higher i pay for a laptop, the better quality i will get, and this was on the cheaper side. i am so new to having a laptop that i don't know what to expect with such things.


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how come when i woke up from my nap, my hallway was full of trash/boxes? did a rambunctious group of lads trash it? lazy parents? zombie invasion? non-srs plz.

The whole day was freshman move in and 0 trash in the hall... until 2 hours AFTER the move in. D: D:

dc/dk/dontbelieveinfreshmen: what is your favorite type of glue?

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If you're at a bar, what's a good way to strike up conversation with people near you if you're by yourself? I'm going to Key West in September and will be alone probably about 40% of the time, and will be hitting the bars by myself probably 75% of the time. I don't want to be the random girl in the corner! What are some good talking points if I hit "locals" spots?

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Are any of the jobs I applied for going to call me back or will I be an unemployed bum for the rest of this semester and have to eat ramen every day with tears streaming down my face?

I'm also going to be single forever too because I'm going to smell like soup, huh?

What kind of great things are happening in your life as of recent?

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I'm doing one of those referral sites where you refer people to host websites and they send you free stuff. I heard eBay was a good way to go to get quick referrals, but I dunno how to do that. How do I go about getting referrals via eBay?
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Pet owners - do you have insurance for your pet?  What insurance do you use?  What do you think of it?

Dog owners - my two dogs are coming home in two weeks.  They are adult beagles.  So far, we have collars and leashes, bowls, food, treats, toys, crates, and beds on our list for dog stuff.  We have a vet already and they are up to date on shots.  What are we forgetting to get for our dogs?
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I'm driving 5 hours on Friday to visit the lovely pelomalo!

Will you please tell me your favorite song or a song you're really digging at the moment so I can download it and put it on my mp3 player? I will call this TQC Mix! (and because I'm sure Noah doesn't want to spend 5 hours listening to my Sookie Stackhouse or Outlander novels)

I'll go first! I'm really digging The Constellations recently and I like their song called Felicia.

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What is something you love that you cant buy where you live?
for me, uno's chicago grill deep dish pizza :(  i fell in love with them in orlando, but now the closest one is an hour away
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 Do you pick scabs? Bad habit, but I do, especially the spots on my face, which just scars my face up more.

Have you seen the BBC's Sherlock? I love it. 

What was the last book you read? Did you like it and would you recommend it?

Mine was The Looking Glass Wars:  Seeing Redd. I loved it and can't wait to get a hold of the 3rd book and the two Hatter graphic novel tie-ins.

somebody call the wambulance!

1.if someone says to you, "i like you but can't date anyone right now because my life is really fucked up", and you knew their life was fucked up and it would in fact be hard for them to date, would you believe that they really like you and might date you when they get their shit together (getting a job and car, etc.), or would you move on?

2.what are some things you do to save money? i'm really stressed right now because my family is going on welfare and we have like no money at all. we can't even afford to buy coffee :(

Do you hate your co-workers?

I deal with nothing but asshole coworkers all day, and a fat whore that follows me around all day and tells me what to do and she is not even my boss!I work with all ghetto people who dont give a shit about anyone there but themseleves. They are so lazy they expect you do do things that you are not allowed to do! They talk about everyone and then smile when they walk by. Im so sick of holding mindless conversations with these asswipes!! I would fire them all immediately if given the authority.
Old Fashioned
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I am taking an overnight bus trip next week (from 10:45pm to 6:45am). I'm going to bring a pillow/blanket so I can doze, but I know from experience I won't be able to sleep the whole night. I need suggestions for movies to put on my ipod!

What other suggestions would you have for me to do?

If you're taking long bus trips, do you prefer daytime or overnight?
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What language would you most like to learn?

I wish I could learn me some French, but I can't do the accent to save my life.

What language are you currently studying?

the boys from queens

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Is restless leg syndrome real?
Do you have it?
Do you think it's really worse than the side effects of the drugs?
Are you SURE it's real?

OKAY, I believe it's real now.

New question:

What is one thing you could not live without in your house/apartment/dorm/whatever?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I am in WAY over my head. Right now I'm attempting to get my academic career back on track by attending a community college, but in the meantime I need to decide where I want to spend the following two-three (maybe longer) years of my life.
How did you go about picking a university or college? Did you ultimately end up out of state? How did residency impact your decision? Where did you turn for help?

What plans do you have for the weekend?

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Do parents ever annoy the shit out of you? I don't necessarily mean your own parents, but parents that think their children are the ~*~*~CUTEST/SMARTEST/MOSTTALENTED~*~*~? Does it bother you when parents think of parenting as the end all be all, as if their lives had no meaning prior to their children?

Will you share your stories of parents like this you've encountered like this?

Also, do you think it's tacky when parents give out gifts of just framed pictures of their children?
MK WHAT? - ana3cg

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3. Questions

1. A lady I work with has asked me if I will watch her kids for her after school. I want to do it. She said she'll pay me $30 a day, which seems like a bit much. I'm not sure? but I just pick them up at school at 245 and watch them until 6. I do live about 30 mins from her, but it just seems like she'll be paying me a lot. Should I tell her I don't need that much or just go with it?
She's a single mom, but her ex husband (who also happens to be my High School math teacher who got fired for having an affair with another teacher hence the divorce [Catholic highschool] haha, awkward) helps out, plus I think she gets help from the gov't but I'm not sure.
Does $30 a day seem reasonable?

2. Does the "I was drunk, you can't hold it againsed me" excuse work on you? A friend of mine recently REALLY offended me and now refuses to apologize because she was 'drunk and should not be held accountable.' It's a piss off to me that she's going on like nothing happened. Should I just let it go? She crossed some serious lines and knows it, so I'm having a hard time getting over it.

3. Do you like spicy cheetos? Canada does not have em =[, but when I go to the USA I stock up. bahaha.

validation post

I emailed my cousin who is a speech therapist asking a few questions about my nephew because I was starting to get concerned that he's not talking yet. I got a call from my aunt tonight (who is a pretty horrible/crazy person) that she was talking to my cousin about it and that she didn't know how to broach the subject of my nephew not talking yet.

I feel like a jackass.
Do you think it was right for my cousin to bring up my personal email?

I'm sick over this. :(