August 24th, 2010


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So TQC. Our power has been out for 7 hours, the router is off and no one in the neighborhood has power. YET I am connected to the internet wirelessly via my laptop. No little cell phone wired card or anything, it says I'm connected to our router that's off.

Is it magic?

Also, it's 85 degrees in our house and my 14 month old will not sleep because of it (and it's 1 am) do you have anything to cheer me up?
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 People of TQC that surf the internet while you ever get creeped out when you're looking at pictures? Like the person in the picture can see you being all naked? I pretty much had to adblock my mom's photo on Facebook because it was creeping me out.

Have you ever regretted showing something to your parents? I completely regret getting them on Facebook. Dad isn't so bad; he uses it to keep up with his family across the country, but mom is a Farmville junkie. She not only plays on her account and dad's, but she's made a fake FB profile to play on. And she's one of those status bombers. Always commenting on every little thing and sucking the funny out.

What's your favourite peanut butter sandwich combo (or other nut butter)? Are you a classicist with pb and jelly/jam? Or do you go for something a little more unusual?

Did you know that Oscar Meyer (I think it was) used to have a bacon/peanut butter spreadable log? PB and bacon used to be a big thing, apparently.

I go for either cashew or sunflower seed butter with blackberry jam or peanut butter and french onion dip.
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I know this is going to sound dumb but, hey, I am curious.

1. Non-American TQCers, does your country have urban legends?

I've been wondering about this lately. In the US, we have a metric ton of them. (Bloody Mary, The Phantom Hitchhiker, Alligators in the Sewers and the Poodle in the Microwave to name a few.)

If so, where are you from and what are some of your favorites? Can you describe them?

2. For everyone, does your town/city have a "lady in white" ghost story? (She's a ghost who is dressed head to toe in white. She is always standing on the side of the road looking for a ride.) What's her background story in your town?

EDIT: I don't mean legends and myths. Everyone has legends and myths. I mean, modern stories. Stories that were created within the last fifty or so years. Hence; the poodle in the microwave story and not the story of the Thunderbird.

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inspired by mlic, will you tell me about something creepy or paranormal that's happened to you?

this happened when i was around 8. my bed used to be positioned so i could look directly out into the hallway, and my parents' bedroom was directly across the hall from the bathroom. in the middle of the night once, i saw this stream of figures walking from my parent's room into the bathroom and back again, before my dad walked into the bathroom and out.

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How much money do you have in your savings account? What are you saving it for?

If you don't have a savings account, where do you keep all your money?

I figure I should answer my own question: I have about $12,000 that I'm saving to live off of until I get a real job or until next summer.

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TQC, how do you feel about hoodies?

I wear them around the house, but I feel a little bit sloppy wearing them out and about. I see other people wearing them all the time and think they look cute on them, but I feel hoodies make me look immature, like I should be wearing a real grown-up jacket or something instead. I am 25. AM I TOO OLD TO WEAR HOODIES IN PUBLIC?

What articles of clothing are you unsure of wearing?

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Will you use this post to ask a random question that doesn't really necessitate its own post and then people will answer it?

(I've been at work 19 minutes and am already bored...)
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For those of you that might know, are teal and orange "in" right now? A friend on facebooklol status'd "fucking teal and orange..." and someone replied, "everyyyywhere". And I was curious to ask about it, only, I have orange hair and my shirt in my profile picture is quite close to teal and its only TOOPERFECTANOPPORTUNITYTOGETPICKEDONCAPS.
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Do you have an organized way to store your nail polish?

I have a bunch of bottles now that I'm painting my nails on a regular basis, and just have them in an Ulta bag. I hate having to dump them all out to find the one I'm looking for.
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Ever know somebody who always gets what they want, even if they don't deserve it, meanwhile you feel like you can never win whatever you do?

Tell me about it.

Oh! Also, last night I had a dream that there was a mass TQC-meetup and it was awesome. Have you ever had TQC related dreams?

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I'm about to lose my health insurance. Apparently, I can add onto what I have now but it would be $500 for three months or $900 for six. The issue is that I can only use $183 worth of prescription medication in that time, which means I can't fill the one thing I have a script for.

Is it worth it to have the insurance in case I need to see a doctor or should I just wait to see if I get a job with coverage within the next few months?
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This is a mega lame question.

So, I'm 22 and I'm crashing at my parents' place to save some $$$. I don't pay rent because they don't care and the idea is actually to save $$, I just have to be a productive member of the household

The problem is that my bedroom (which is the room I slept in as a kid and was refurnished as en extra guest room the minute I left for college) is painted this awful old lady PINK. And is decorated with with a picture of Obama and this giant ornate floral thing. So I was like "mom can I paint my room" and she was like "NO"

I mean, I get the ~their house their rules~ but she's just being a bitch and worried that I'm going to fuck up the molding or something.

1. So, how to I convince my parents that I deserve to live in a room that isn't nasty pink? I need TIPS

2. Also will you tell me your experiences with AT@T?

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If you pay for your own housing and you live with someone (SO, roommate, spouse, etc.) how do you do the expenses? One person pays for some things and one person pays for others, split everything and both pay, one person pays and the other reimburses for their share, or what? And also, have you had any problems with that method of payment?

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I'm a little annoyed about starting school next week, so would all you kind people please tell me something good about school, or your school memories/experiences to get me excited about school?


Dear Techies of TQC

I'm considering on getting a laptop and I've never owned one before. The main purpose would be using the internet, itunes for my ipod and maybe putting pictures on it.

What kind of things should I look for in a laptop?
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 Yeah, I'm gonna be totally lame and ask this.

Do any of you play Pokemon on Nintendo DS? Do you wanna be my friend and trade Pokey-mans? My friend code is 3782 4083 6933.

DK/DC, What's your favourite flavour of poptart? Tie between S'mores and Cinnamon Brown Sugar. I'm eating a Frosted Strawberry right now.

How do you like them? Toasted, frozen, straight out of the package? I like mine toasty with OJ.

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 TQC how can I force my dryer to dry faster? I need clean clothes for work damnit! Non-srs answers, of course. Ughghdghghdjfskl. Wearing not-quite-dry clothes is the weirdest feeling in the world, is it not?

What are your plans for this weekend?

What did you have for breakfast?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

For 10k, would you...?

Poll #1610270 For $10,000, would you...

...attend your next high school reunion in a convincing fat suit and in a wheelchair? The suit will make you appear to be 500lbs and it'll seem like you're too enormous to walk around on your own two feet. You cannot tell people that none of this is real, so your old classmates leave thinking the worst about you


...shoot up heroin 3x a day for 3 days? That's only 9 syringes full of the drug. Maybe you'll want more. Maybe you won't. I sure don't know what would happen


...hunt down and kill a huntsman spider using only your fists as weapons? The spider is let loose somewhere in your bedroom and given an hour to hide. You just have to find it and pummel it back to Jesus


...brush your teeth with vanilla icing (for cake) instead of toothpaste for a full week? Whatever your teethbrushing routine is, be it once or twice per day, you'll do it exactly the same with the icing, for exactly the same length of time you would normally. For just one week, and you can't brush your teeth with toothpaste AT ALL these 7 days. Only the icing substitute


...sneak into a little girl's house in the middle of the night and steal her kitten and all the heads off her dolls. She'll wake up and find all her toys brutally sabotaged and her favorite pet missing and will probably be inconsolable but you won't have to be around to hear her. It's just the guilt. Also, you're dropped off and picked up in front of a strange random house and blindfolded the entire trip so you can't find your way back to this house to make amends

95(76.0%) willing to be locked in solitary confinement at a nearby prison for a week? No windows, no books, no nothing to pass the time. Even if books are normally allowed in normal solitary confinement it's not allowed in this poll

Sailormoon - flowers


If you're left-handed, do you use your computer that way (IE, using the mouse with your left hand)? If you don't, would you prefer to?

Righties, have you come across computers set up to be left-handed before? Were you rendered incapable of figuring it out, as my coworkers seem to be with the one I have that way at work?

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so after 2 changes of my major, i finally found what i want to do for the rest of my life. i am going into computer forensics, and classes start today. will you give me some words of encouragement? i am 24 and feel like i will be in school forever. :(

will you guys help me from freaking out? kthxpeace
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I'm A Grammar Dunce

What is an intransitive verb? What makes it different from a regular verb?

Dkdc, will you post a picture of what you think an intransitive verb would look like if it was a physical object?


Why are medium length hair cuts/styles the same?

Can you you find me some that are different?

EDIT: Ok yes...there are heaps of STYLES but it seems there are not many CUTS that are different. They all seem to have swept fringe and the same layers.
I am getting a haircut soon and I want something drasticially different but after a look they all seem to be same.
legs motherfucker
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i have a blackberry right now. i have unlimited internet and that stuff, and unlimited verizon-to-verizon texts and 250 non-verizon-texts. on my family plan right now i'm paying about $50/month.

now onto some questions:
1- what's your phone provider/carrier/whatever it's called?
2- do you have unlimited texts? how much does it cost each month? (for your entire bill)
3- any good non-smart phones for verizon lately?

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So I'm pretty sure I have some type of oral fixation and I always chew on my lips. Today my upper lip is pretty swollen and gross looking. How do I stop chewing? Should I look into getting a tongue piercing or something so I have some other outlet?

What bad habits do you have?
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My boyfriend and I have a package of chicken tenderloins, a fairly normal pantry (most spices and basics), and an oven. What should we make with the chicken? I'm getting sick of just marinating it in Italian dressing.
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Would you kinda be irritated at the fact that you invited someone very close to you on your birthday and they didn't even invite you to theirs?

DK/DC: Why does the full moon make people all crazy?

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I've lost my link to a video with Oprah reading an excerpt out of a romance novel on her show once upon a time. Google and YouTube searches aren't popping up with anything. Do any of you fine TQC'ers have this video linked somewhere? Please share because it is hilarious.

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i ate half a sandwich for (a very late) lunch but i'm still hungry. i'm also going to a barbecue party tonight. should i finish the sandwich or save my appetite?

how has the weather been where you live? it's been rainy and cold for like three days straight and i'm sick of it. i just want cold without rain plz ty
i like calzones

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Do you like seeing now-popular actors in old tv shows as like, extras or one off characters?
I do. I'm watching Buffy at the moment and Amy Adams just came on.
What is your favourite instance of this happening?
I like Luke Wilsons role in The X-Files.

If that was poorly worded or you don't watch tv, what were your career goals when you were a kid?
I wanted to be a paleontologist or a supermodel.
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Computer help, please?

Some time ago, I reloaded windows xp on my computer using a boot program built into the system. It created a recovery drive. Now I have a C drive and a D drive that never used to show up on the hard drive. My computer used to hold 100 GB, but now that I have a visible recovery drive, it says I only have 9% memory available. Sure, I've added some files, but that D drive is occupying a space on my hard drive and it never used to do that.
I know I'm not supposed to remove it, but is there some way to make it invisible like it was before I rebooted the system? It's not currently holding anything important. Can I at least deflate it or something?

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Why can't you eat solid foods after getting your teeth pulled? I got my top two wisdom teeth pulled and they are 'non functioning' teeth, I dont chew with them... so whats the big deal?

***Edit: I am allowed to eat "soft" foods... Couldnt these foods just as easily get stuck in the area where the tooth has been pulled?
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americans and other people with visa/mastercard debit cards:

when you lose your debit card, how do you get money to buy things until your new one comes? do you have another card for ATMs? is there an age restriction on debit cards?

also: for people who like the hunger games books, did you get mockingjay yet? :D

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I'm at home with what I think is a UTI. What should I have my boyfriend bring me for a "pick me up" dinner?

Chipotle Chicken and Steak Burrito Bowl
McDonalds Chicken Nugget Happy Meal
Jimmy Johns Turkey Sub

or other
Peggy Blink

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Imagine for a moment that you're hosting a housewarming/birthday party that is mostly for drinking, but you want to provide some snacks. Your oven doesn't work and you sure as hell don't want to cook too much that day, but wouldn't mind cooking the day before.
What would you serve to your guests?
we have chips and dips/salsa, veggies, cold cuts, and cheese right now. Otherwise, we're stuck.

What are some fun party/drinking games you like playing?

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how is your life going at the moment? rate it out of 5 plz.

i just had a very successful interview, most likely getting the job, and my first day of class (computer forensics) was great success.

atm, i give life 4.5/5 stars. :D

ETA: plz give a reasoning behind your rating. ty

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for those of you who have tattoos, do you want another one? what will it be?
for those of you who don't have one, do you want one? do you think you will get one? when?
i have 2 and i don't think i'll be able to go through the pain again :x either it hurt so much because both times were on my wrist or i'm a baby.


Dear TQC,

I fixed a bag of celery slices and put some of hummus in the storage container for tomorrow's lunch/snack. I can't afford ice pack- so I was wondering if it would be OK unrefrigerated for several hours?


Wipeout Drinking Game!

TQC, I have made up a drinking game to the show Wipeout. Can you think of any rules I should add?

Here is what I have so far.

Drink when:
-someone wipes out*
-the phrase "Big Balls" is said
-Jill freaks out
-someone gets beeped out for cussing
-the hosts mention the $50k prize

*montages don't count bc I don't want alcohol poisoning

Also if someone finishes an obstacle in the qualifier that is particularly challenging/rarely completed (for tonight, the "Beaten Path") you have to finish your drink.

If you dgaf about drinking games, will you post youtube videos of awesome wipeouts? They don't even have to be from Wipeout!

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North Americans: do you say "salad sandwiches" there? It occurred to me yesterday that I couldn't recall any Americans/Canadians using that term on LJ, it seems to be "veggie sandwiches" instead.

Australians: um, how do I go about lodging my 2008-09 tax return statement? I've lodged mine for this tax period, but didn't get around to it for the previous financial year, for no good reason :[ Yes, I know, silly. I couldn't find this information on the ATO website.

Anyone: are people going to assume I'm a man while using this icon?

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To those of you who usually get nauseous when you take multi-vitamins- have you figured out a good time to take them?

I just bought some but every kind I've tried have made me unbearably sick.


I tutor and have a paper mask that I would like to use in a lesson. How can I incorporate a mask into something spelling/reading/writing related? Or maybe you can help by suggesting words that "Mask" might go with?
hate pimentos

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Over the last 3 years, I have eaten nectarines throughout various stages of the year in: Western Pennsylvania, Southern Ontario, Northern California and Southern Arizona.  They have all sucked.  They go from hard to rotten in about 45 seconds and they're all sour.  I never had problems getting a good nectarine prior to this (mostly all in Western Pennsylvania).

What the fuck is wrong with all the nectarines?  Is anyone else having this problem?  Is there a certain thing I should be doing that I don't know about?  I LOVE NECTARINES AND I WANT TO HAVE ONE THAT DOESN'T SUCK.

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there is this song, I keep hearing it when i go clubbing. Its an old song. And, I cant remember the song except that its fast paced, a girl sings it, its a song about being a survivor and the chorus goes like "never ever ever" in a really fast pace.

Do you know the song?

EDIT: the chorus, goes like "never ever ever, thought it would get better"

or something like that...

FOUND IT!! its called Strong again
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What is your favorite area of ~*ethnic concentration*~ in your city/town or any city/town you've ever visited? Think Chinatown or anything called 'Little (city/country)'. Do you share ancestry with the people who live there or do you just like to eat their food?

If you live in a fairly homogeneous town, what is the ethnicity/ancestry claimed by the majority of people? You can make a snap judgment based on last names if you'd like, I won't judge.

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To those of you who have lost a significant amount of weight-
what worked better for you as a goal- a weight or a clothing size?

Is there anything ridiculous going on in your life right now? Wanna talk about it?