August 23rd, 2010

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I prematurely brushed my teeth/flouride rinsed an hour ago. I had a very small dinner 4 hours ago and I am hungry again. Should I go find something to snack on and then brush them again, or just suck it up and go to bed (in which case I'll eat, like, 9 hours from now)?

It's always time for toaster strudel, right?
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I'm going OFF THE PILL. yes. I've been on the pill (ortho tri cyclen -> yaz -> yazmin) since I was 14. I am 22. I've never taken a month off, ever

Has anyone ever gone off the pill after an extended amount of time? what the fuck should I expect?

Also, is this a bad idea? I was just curious what it would be like for a bit without them hormones.

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If you are married, how long were you engaged before you got married?

If you are engaged, how long is your engagement going to be?

If you are neither engaged nor married, how long do you think is "typical" for an engagement to last?

All nighters

I am pulling an all nighter, was not supposed to be but I had big fight with the boy and instead of sleeping next an angry douche I chose to stay up. Why? because I am stubborn person and I was not going to sleep on the couch, so instead I am gaming and on LJ.
The tiredness has just set in and I am thinking of going to bed.

Its 4.46am and I am wondering if I should either,

Give up on gaming(I jsut got ganked and so I am not in bad mood about it)?
Watch another movie (Just finished "Awakinings")
Go to bed?
Sleep on the couch?


When was the last time you pulled an all nighter that was not study, party or work related?

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Hello TQC.

So. (Background story, sorries) I am Very: introverted, shy, anti social and awkward. (Around everyone, even people I know, and especially gals.)

So my Husband and I frequently go to the river on our day off to swim, play, drink beer etc. So last week, two of the guys we work with said it sounded cool, and my Husband offered to have us all go up together in our car. i was a little nervous but no biggie.

But then one of the guys' gf invited herself along too. The thing is, she's an okay girl, and i like working with her. but she is pretty Dramatic, and she and her boyfriend fight ALL THE TIME. I just dont know them as well as my Husband does. He is much more social and friendlier than I. I have only worked with them.

My anxiety has been terrible lately as it is, and now i just see my Husband and I's one fun day off together as something I am scared to happen. Its an hour and a half drive with three people I dont even hang out with that much. Im scared of awkward silences, and drama, etc etc.

I considered faking sick :( I know a lot of you might be, hey get over it have fun. but i was hoping those of you who really struggle with anxiety/social stuff like me might have some stories or advice? Besides being tipsy all day :P

No gay marriage

What reasons are there for atheists to not be pro gay marriage? I ask because I was bitching about Julia Gillard being anti gay marriage (she's an atheist) to my atheist boyfriend and he said 'so am I' and I was like '... ooookay' and I haven't asked him about it since. So what are his reasons, since he's not homophobic or anti gay in general?
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this is a validation post, sry

I've been underweight my whole life. Recently, I was sick and became even more underweight, but within about six months, I've gained ten pounds and am a healthy, 'normal' weight for the first time in my life.

My mom asked me to weigh myself yesterday and expressed shock and surprise at my weight, generally acting like my weight gain was a bad thing and that for whatever reason, I should go back on the Pill because that would 'sort me out'.

Am I perfectly within my rights to be rather angry at her? Because I am.

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TQC! I'm the only one in my house not starting school this morning (I graduated with my BA in May). I moved up here to be closer to my now exboyfriend. Everybody's gonna be in class and I'm still job hunting, so I can't work all day.

What should I do with all of my free time?

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I'm hanging out with my friend A alone for the first time in at least a month. My friend B invited herself to hang out with us, even though last week I had plans with my friend A FIRST and she went out with him without asking me along.

(does that make sense?)

Would this bother you?
Do you have any friends who are like a package deal? When it comes to this one guy friend he always invites both of us and now I feel like I need to always make plans involving the three of us.

Are you really good at hiding your feelings? I always thought I was but I had a professor once start laughing and saying that I don't have a good poker face. :D

I'm afraid I won't be able to smile my way through being pissed off today
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My sister and I have booked a vacation on Crete. It is still a month away, but I am already bouncy and can't wait for it to come. Lousy weather outside doesn't help at all.

So to get myself calmed down a bit (and to make sure I won't miss something interesting) I want to make plans on what to see and where to go. I know that my sister wants to spend a lot of time relaxing on beach, but I will go stir-crazy after a couple of days. We are going to live near Heraklion, so if anyone have been around there, advice is really appreciated.

[ETA] The question is, do you know any interesting/pretty places around Heraklion that aren't popular tourist traps? Good for taking photos or general sight-seeing.

Actually, srs and nonsrs are both welcome. :D  I could use some distraction now.
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Congratulations, a distant relative has passed away and left $1000 or the equivalent in your local currency for you in their will.

There's a catch. The $1,000 can't be spent on paying bills or going to college, or anything responsible. You have to buy things with it. What would you buy?

Academic type question

Any transfer students from one four year university to another here? Did any of you petition/protest/seek to formally get out of taking classes at the new school based on your whole transcript? How did the process go for you, and how long did it take? Details please.

DK/DC If I want to start swimming again after a few years of not, how long and often should I start out with? Two days a week? Three?

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i'm asking this question for a friend who doesn't have an LJ account.

she's in charge of creating a life skills program at a homeless shelter and needs more ideas. she's creating the program from scratch and so far has thought about:

- a session from a financial aid counselor at the local community college about loans and grants that are possible to attain. also, information from an admissions counselor about degrees and admissions.
- a guide to health care for people who are uninsured
- a guide to banking and budgeting

after this, she's kind of stuck. can you think of any other ideas? she thought about doing a car care/maintenance session, but only one resident has a car and she thought that might be insulting.

dkdc: what're you eating for lunch?
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 My bff is unavailable at the moment so I need to call in the use of strangers to help me keep perspective, that means you!

My boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me about a month ago because he felt "we aren't meant to be". A couple weeks ago I broke down and sent him an e-mail just reminding him that I'm not a bridge burned, that if he changes his mind, he can and should contact me. Last night he e-mailed me back. All it said was stuff like "Sorry I took so long to reply. Is this even a good idea? Thanks for the reminder. I hope your life gets less stressful" (I moved and got a new job like, 3 days after we broke up).

My heart wants to reply, mostly to tell him to knock it off with the contacting me unless it's directly related to working things out because hearing from him is too hard. My head is telling me I should just ignore it and get on with myself.

Do I listen to my heart or my head, TQC?

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About a week and a half ago I got a call about a job interview, but I wasn't around my cell phone when I was called, and it took the phone 4 1/2 hours to show me I had a voicemail. It was 6pm by then. I called back anyway, figuring it was better for a message to be waiting for him when he came in on Monday as I got the call on a Friday. Anyway, I haven't heard anything from him since. I've called him every business day since then, always get his voicemail.

At what point should I just say "screw it, he's never calling me back" and give up? I'm thinking right about now is a good point in time to stop, but I thought I'd get a few other people's opinions first.

*Edit: He just called me back a minute ago. It was for a "preliminary phone interview" that lasted all of 5 minutes, then in 'another week or two' he'll call me if he wants me to come in for an actual interview. I'm strongly getting the feeling I'm never going in for a real interview.*
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if you were made supreme ruler of the whole world what would your first course of action be?

what injustices would you correct and how would you go about doing it?

what new laws and restrictions would you make?

would there be an official religion?

do you think you could handle taking care of 6 billion people?

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Ok, I know we've all got favorite member or two of TQC, so if one of your favorite people suddenly disappeared with no explanation, who would it be and would you miss them? 

Does anybody miss lava_sharks yet if at all? 

I kind of do because there is no drama anymore. 

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hey gang, where would you go for your birthday dinner? if you know what you'd order, will you please tell us?

(links to local yummy places are great too, so we can all food dream.)
I <3 TLV

New Yorkers!

I've visiting NYC! What should I doooo? I've been here several times before and I think I've done all of the traditional touristy stuff. I'm looking for stuff that's like, secret cool things. I like unique/fun/wacky stores, vintage stuff, Japanese stuff (been to Kinokuniya, going to Tokyo Rebel), and vegan stuff. And anything that is only here and I wouldn't be able to see/do/buy in Pittsburgh or DC. Any suggestions for something I'd like? Bonus points if it's in Queens, that's where I'm staying. Also extra bonus points if it's near The Body Shop (looks like there's 8 in Manhattan) because I need to stop there today.
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Today I bought a headlight and a flashing red light for my bicycle because I want to start riding in the dark. 10 minutes after arriving home with my new lights I saw a coyote wandering around in the field just past my backyard.

TQC, am I going to be eaten by a coyote if I ride my bike at night? My aunt says I will be but my dad thinks I'll be fine.

Do you ever ride your bike in the dark? Do you feel safe? What precautions do you take?
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So, there's this show I watch sometimes called I'm Pregnant And....  Like "I'm pregnant baby has dwarfism".

Well, they're doing a episode on a Mother-to-be who has HIV and people think the show crossed the line now.

But is it unethical to disclose a baby's health status to the world when the baby is unable to consent?

I've seen people get ragey over piercings or circumcision without waiting for the child to be old enough to consent, but yet those same people are quick to tell you what ailments, disabilities, etc their baby has.  Is there a difference?

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I have a sore throat that has just started coming on this afternoon, tea with lemon and honey is soothing but making me piss like crazy. Is there anything else I can use to fix my throat?

Also, should I call my doctor this early? I really don't want to get the baby sick, but I don't want to be looked at like a freak for calling the doc over a simple sore throat.

Odd things.

I am not a fan of crime shows.
I love Sci fi shows,

But I love the show "Castle".

I dont know why I like it but I do.
Could be something to do with Malcolm Reynolds, of course the writing and story.

What things do you like that break your normal pattern?
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If you had a couple of weeks to visit just one of the 47 (or 50 depending on your perspective) countries in Europe, which would you choose and why?
Would your answer change depending on whether it was summer or winter?
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Will you complain about something minor?

Every time you order a mini blizzard I die a little inside. (they're much harder to make because we use a paper neck to keep the ingredients in during mixing instead of a metal one which is less likely to bend and cover me with oreo pieces.)
If you have a Dairy Queen around you, what do you usually order?

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I need a job, TQC. Badly. I picked up a job application for a retail place and I'm about to fill it out. The thing is, I have never had a job before, and I only have one source of "employment" history, way back from 2005 when I was interning somewhere. How do I spruce my application up so I don't look like a bum? What is the best way to go about this so that they won't just throw my application out?

How did you get your first job? What was it?
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My mom just saw a story on the news (so no link) about how townships are using Google satellite to look into residents' backyards to see who has a pool and are fining the ones who do that didn't report it to the township. The residents are, naturally, complaining because they're being hit with fines, and they're saying it's an invasion of privacy. I think she said it wasn't deemed an invasion of privacy since there were satellite pictures involved (and, well, anyone can look at Google satellite). What do you think, TQC? Is it an invasion of privacy? Should the township have used satellite images to look into people's backyards and find those who didn't report their pools to the township, or did they overstep their boundaries? If you think the township shouldn't have used the images, should the fines be withdrawn?

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My boyfriend and I have been having a lot of troubles lately and it occured to me that it may be because we've both changed so much from the people we fell in love with (I've become a lot more assertive and he's become more reserved). I think our realtionship might still have a chance, but we need to get to know each other again. However, we live together and have busy work and school schedules so I am having trouble deciding on how I want to do this.

How would you go about doing something like this, if you would at all?


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I'm fresh out of soy sauce: what should I flavor my steak and veggie stir fry with?
I have basic spices and some rice seasoning that has seaweed, sesame seeds, salt, and other stuff in it that I just stuck in with my rice in the rice cooker.

What are you having for dinner?

What band did you used to like that changed and now you don't like?
Kings of Leon. And the White Stripes.

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do you think anyone ever puts in a reservation for 3 at a restaurant in Chicago under the name Abe Froman?

i'm going to Chicago a couple days before Thanksgiving to see Wolf Parade. my friend's boyfriend of 6 years lives in Champagne, so he's going to come up for the show, then we're gonna crash somewhere and spend the next day together until i gotta get the bus home. ~~bonding time. anyway, so we decided it'd be pretty lulzy to take the "Ferris Bueller Tour of Chicago"(my idea, naturally, lolol) and that's one of the things we want to do, ahahahaha.

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Do you think non-mammalian animals (snakes/frogs/lizards/crocodiles/sharks/etc) are capable of displaying affection?

Dk/dc: will you share a youtube video with us? It could be anything, a trailer, music video, or just something you found cute/funny.

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What's your preferred method of traveling?

Also, I just rode the Greyhound Bus for the first time 4 days ago. Yesterday, I rode it for the last time. It was a downright awful experience. Have you ever ridden the Greyhound Bus? If so, care to elaborate on your experience?

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So what's the big deal with being able to add notes on your LJ account? I see in so many communities it being used as a "threat" like, "Aw, I have my note making fingers all warmed up!" and "AND NOTE ADDED!" when controversial posts are made. Do you actually refer to these notes and use them against people? But why? Do you think people have made notes about you? Are people going to make notes about me?!

Will you share some notes you've made about people who frequent this community? Their identity can remain anonymous if you so choose.
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Staples has a fax service, right? Like I can just walk in there and be like "hay I need to fax this stuff" and they'll be like "oh no problem, that'll be $.50"? - Yes, they do! Awesome.

What are you nervous about right now?
None of my stuff for school is in order. I have to fax stuff to Fin Aid tomorrow because I was flagged for review and they didn't explain what specific tax documents I needed until after I made the hour drive today. I can't register for classes for another three days and school is starting in a week, oh god.
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you better work!

do you use linkedin?
or maybe someting similar?
if so, did you ever gotten a job through it?

how did you find/get your current/past job(s)?
are you a college graduate?

these questions are inspired by the lame ass networking class i had to attend earlier today

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i gotta leave in like 7 minutes to meet my friend to get the bus to go see an outside showing of Ferris Bueller's Day Off(YEAH).

should i eat the choco taco or save it for when i get home?

or should i grab it on the way out and enjoy it while waiting for the bus? won't take it to the movie, it'll be melty :\

Babymakin' Music

What would you consider to be babymakin' music? I'm writing a story and, well, thar be babymakin', and they need music. Having never babymade, I come to you for advice.

The dorkier the better. I need dorky babymakin' music.

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I'd like to take notes for school on my laptop.

I have a PC, Windows 7. What program would you recommend for taking notes that can help me keep them easily organized?

Obviously I can make files for Word, but I was wondering if there was anything designed for this.

dkdc - what are your favorite websites?
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Threesomes - Inspired by the Bad Advice Question

So, threesomes, some people are into that. Threesomes involving siblings, some people are into that too. It's kinda icky (IMO), but it's been known to happen with siblings of the same sex.

Question: on a scale from 1 to 10, how much more icky is a threesome involving siblings of the opposite sex?

ETA: looks like we are all on the same page - sibling threesomes are GROSS. But I'm surprised that no one though that opposite sex sibling threesome were grosser. I guess the whole two hot sisters having a threesome or two brothers banging a hot chick thing is just a myth....
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safety ink tag

hey guys!

i bought these boots from forever 21 a few hours ago, and i just realized when i got home that some tag is attached to the left boot. i'm not sure, but i think it's those stealing-prevention tags with the exploding ink? idk how the cashier forgot to not take it off, but now i'm stuck because i don't have time to trek all the way downtown to get it removed. does anyone know what i can do (take it off myself without ruining my shoes?)?

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TQC, there's a tarantula in my house. What is standard protocol for this situation (after freaking the fuck out)? Is RAID a good idea?

ETA: My mother and I trapped it and took it outside. Here are some pictures.
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so i've heard people say that the transition into adulthood often includes replacing posters with framed pictures/art. i'm moving into a new apartment this week and debating whether or not i want to keep my pictures the way they are or get all ~~grown up~~ and frame them. Should I go for frames? And if so, how can I do this cheaply?

and while we're at it, tqc, tell me about your wall decorations. Do you have original works of art, prints of things, pictures of friends and family, movie posters, tapestries, etc.? are they in frames? where did you get them?

eta: will you show me a picture of your walls?

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ONE: The only programmes I follow religiously are House, Nip/Tuck and Casualty, although I have a thing for South Park too. I can tolerate Grey's Anatomy just about, but I dislike HIMYM, Lost and Heroes (do they still exist??) and have no interest in True Blood. 
I need something new, what do you suggest?

Am I the only member of TQC who does nothing for colds? I see so many posts like; "I have a cold!! What should I doooo?!", but I was brought up with the theory that Hell it's just a cold, load up on Vit C and deal with it because it won't last long, it's JUST A COLD. Is that attitude not around these days?


Brought to you by OkCupid and my love life

 Why is it that whenever I ask people which Golden Girl they are most like, they always say Sophia, even though I have met exactly ONE person in my life that is anything like Sophia? 

I love Sophia, but I'll be honest, I'm like the lesbian version of Blanche. 

When should you mention that you would love to hang out with someone, but you aren't attracted to them at all? 

Should I buy a new dress specifically for first dates, or is this fiscally inadvisable? Is yes, do you have suggestions for me? I look like this: 
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why is it so hard to find someone to just pal around with?

i've thought long and hard about this and been with guys and that's all i want right now. but i can't even get guys to stick around that long. they all seem to think all girls want the same thing: relationship, marriage, kids, and i just don't. why is this?

i'm not looking for a commitment or love, and i know a lot of other girls who aren't, either. we're just looking for someone to enjoy who enjoys us. but everything i've had personally, the guy has either stopped calling after seeing each other off and on for 6 months(and not progressing any farther than just that) or told me he's "not looking for a relationship" a month into hanging out, then not hearing me when i say, "Yeah, me either. I'm cool with just hanging out."

why is this such a problem?
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Do you ever just not have anything to say? Like you can be on the phone with someone who you find interesting, and neither of you have anything to say?

What do you do about that? Besides hang up