August 22nd, 2010


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TQC, if something tragic happened while you were out having fun and your family declined to tell you until you got home, would you be angry or thankful? 

I spent all day today hanging out with my best friends, who I don't get to see often. My dad called me around eight to ask about my plans, and he seemed fine. When I got home around eleven tonight, though, I found out that my grandfather had passed away earlier in the afternoon and no one had told me because they didn't want to ruin my day. 

I understand their logic, that my free day shouldn't be ruined by bad news, but I don't know how I feel about it. How would you feel in this situation? If it makes a difference, my grandfather was bedridden and his death was not at all sudden. I'm not sad, I'm happy for him. 

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will you post some lyrics combined with a youtube video, please?

Look at these rappers, How I treat them
So why the fuck would I join them when I beat them
They call me a freak because
I like to spit on these pussies fore I eat them
Man get these whack cocksuckers off stage
Where the fuck is Kanye when you need him?

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Inspired by Cee Lo Green's soon to be hit single:

What are you most like?


XBOXs are fun for awhile, but then die of red ring. I can still enjoy the Atari 2600 from time to time. Had it since the days my first teeth were coming in. Atari for me. Far from flashy, but still fun.

I've been up for about 38 hours straight. My longest in awhile. What's your personal record?

Time to crash now. Maybe.
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Ok, so I know this has been asked multiple times already, but I never read the posts b/c they didn't apply to me at the time. :/
So, how does one get over a crush/unrequited love/like?
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tv party tonight!

What was the last show you gave up on?

Why did you give it up?

I stopped watching "Being Human". I gave it a season and a half hoping that the story would get interesting. It didn't. (Strange enough, a season and a half of the show was only 9 episodes.)

What new show are you looking forward to on the fall/winter/spring line-up?

I am actually looking forward to the US remake of "Being Human" ever since I heard that Jeremy Carver of "Supernatural" fame is going to be head writer. Here's to hoping the remake is closer to "Supernatural's" tone than to "Being Human".

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Yo, peoples. I run a Tumblr blog about a different experience everyday and it has struck me that trying candy from different places could provide some interesting posts. So, anyone in the US/Canada/Aus wanna be swap mail pals? I don't even know what to call it.. pen pals with packages? I know I've seem comms on LJ about this kinda stuff but, naturally, when I want them, they elude me. Anyone point me in any good directions? Otherwise I'll just think about ordering online and paying lotssssssss..

Anyone willing to see me some KoolAid satchets in exchange for something? The ones I bought in the US went outta date years ago and got thrown, so I've never had it *sob*

Ps: When'd you last post to the wrong comm? This just went to statements , oops.

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1. What is the single worst currently running T.V. show? You only get one choice people. None of this "anything by x" or "anything on channel y" business. One show.

2. Only for my own curiosity, I want to compile a list from this post of bad shows and whittle it down to see which one is the king/queen of bad TV. I would do so over a long enough period that people wouldn't get sick of picking their least favourite show in a poll. Does this idea sound really annoying to you?

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I see more and more people talk about how they don't really drink milk anymore / haven't ever because it's "unnatural" and such.

What other foods do you think this ~potential extinction could happen to?

Cheese? :(
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Do you like to play in the rain?

It rained hard several times today and I couldn't resist going outside and getting soaked to the skin in the rain and it felt soooooooooooo good!.
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Tomorrow I am telling my dad that my partner and I are engaged, my
Mum knows and so does his parents... Only thing is, I am really anxious.

I am so nervous and I don't know why

How did you tell you parents you were engaged?

What tips do you have?
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So have you seen The Swan Princess?

Watching it for the first time in def. over 10 years and it's blowing my mind. Totally forgot it was a musical.

What was your last blast from your past?

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So i should find out next week if i get the job i applied for, and if i do, hell i'm buying me a new purse, can you post a picture of a purse that you want/have/love ? I need some ideas!
I <3 TLV

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How many snacks should I bring on an 8 hour bus ride? I have two little bags of crackers, dried fruit, and Luna Bars. I feel like it's not enough. Should I make a 4:30am run to the 24/7 Ride Aid down the street for more? The bus leaves at 7am so I'd have to get them now.

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how do you guys prepare for the first day of class?
do you buy your textbooks before or after classes start?

omg this was the question i made the post for and i forgot it...
how should i spend my final day of summer?

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let's say you've been asked to play your instrument at a wedding proposal.

they invite you to dinner with the whole family.
do you ask for money or do you wait until he pays you?
i was told that i would be expecting a pay.

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If there's going to be bad weather (thunderstorms, heavy rain) and you were planning to go somewhere, do you stay at home or do you brave the weather and go?

Can we have a conversation in gifs?

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How often do you attend shows/concerts?

Who do you usually go with, if anyone?

I often have to go alone because my friends don't seem to like music that much. Where can I go to make friends who like music and want to see it performed? (Other than trying to make friends at shows.)

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So I have no cash, my debit card is on hold until tomorrow, the only ingredients I have are useless (like spices and sugar), our fridge is broken so everything in there is out, and all the food left is like... cans of beans.

How should I attain food today?
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Does your body do anything mega weird?

Ever since I had serious sinus surgery I've been able to make my EYE queef. Like I feel pressure and I push it and my eye audibly makes a little fart. I think I can become one of those people who squirt milk from their eye or whatever.

So, how would I go about passing liquid through my tear duct? If you know, obviously. And yes I tried google
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wardrobe revamp

Ladies (or anyone who cares about women's fashion):

I am attempting to revamp and downsize my wardrobe. So many of my clothes are just complete garbage. I haven't thrown away a lot of stuff because I figured, "oh, I'll just wear that to sleep and the gym". As a result, my wardrobe is huge but most of it is hideous and unwearable. This needs to be rectified.

I have a couple American Apparel dresses that I've worn into the ground. Is there any other place comparable to AA for basic and amazingly fitted stuff? I hear they're going bankrupt anyway.

Most importantly: What are your wardrobe staples that you can't live without?

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My friend is redoing an old vanity for a new bathroom (!) but she isn't sure what the top of the vanity is made of. It's smooth and shiny, not too heavy, and looks like fake marble. She needs to paint it but isn't sure how to paint it if she doesn't know what it is. What should she do?

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My friend asked me to join him on a trip to Samoi island. I have two problems. Its going to cost me $1000 which i dont have and i need to get my passport. the trip is on the 1st of october. Should I go? this is his last semester and we might not see each other again for a long time. What should I do? Should I go or not? hes begging me to go
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i met this guy at the bar near my apartment last night. we spent like two hours talking and drinking, had a lot in common, he's suuuuper cute, etc. then he walked me home(well, stumbled, haha). nothing happened but i did get his number.

what do i do next? do i text him? do i wait to run into him at the bar again(it's by me and my friends' houses and he said he goes there a lot)? will he even remember me? haha.

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TQC, I have a touchscreen laptop. I have owned it for about two years now, but feel that I have not been using it to its full potential. Any programs you can think of that would make use of my touchscreen?

And on a side note, what was the last thing you bought but didnt really use?

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Hi so me and my boyfriend are going to get married in las vegas in april and inviting a few close family memebers. The thing is we've never been there. Would you suggest things that we just have to do while we're there? We don't really like rides, but also don't have the money for a show, heard there were free shows. We're pretty open about what to do other then that. Perhaps a place for us to eat after the wedding? Mind you we'll all be dressed up, and I'll be in a long dress. Also Have you ever driven up to the gates at area 51?

DK/DC: What do you like to do when you're bored?
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Hey ladies on birth control, how long do your periods usually last?

I swapped to a new BC pill last month, and this month I got my period Friday and it appears to be done today. Is that shit normal? It was a longer period on my old, lower-dosage BC - can a higher dose BC give you a shorter period?

10 year olds online

A 10 year old joins a forum you're on. Do you still feel comfortable posting the stuff you usually do? Should he/she be banned since they had to click a 'i'm older than 13' thing to sign up? Do you not care if they're on it or not and think it's up to the parents to supervise if the child sees stuff he/she shouldn't? [edit: I just tried to register on my own forum and it doesn't have a 13 and over thing to click like I thought it did. :S So... she's not entirely at fault here but I still think she's too young for the forum. I'll have to try and get that changed)

What's the best Sherlock Holmes story?

What's your bedroom cleaning/tidying procedure?

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how happy are you right now? 1 being awful 10 being super duper happy. WHY?

Mean: 4.75 Median: 5 Std. Dev 2.38
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What should I do with my cousin tomorrow? It's my birthday, but we don't want to spend much more than $30 each. All I can think of is manicures, but mine would get ruined at work within an hour. 

Excluding dinner, because I'm going out with her and her mother and my dad that evening. 

Edit: Have you seen Get Rich or Die Tryin'?
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What's your favorite work of Shakespeare?

Inspired by looking over my syllabus for my Shakespeare class and seeing that we're reading most of my favorite works of his and NONE of the ones I hate! Color me excited.
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I bought a partially finished dollhouse on craigslist. I'm keeping the structure but taking off the 70's wallpaper and flooring. The downstairs has 2 rooms (kitchen and living room) Upstairs has two bedrooms and one small room. Previously it was decorated like a bathroom. As a kid I never had my dolls play in a bathroom. So....
Should the little room be a bathroom or.....?
I was thinking playroom or library. Any other ideas?

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My friend is moving into her first apartment.
She seems to have just about everything she needs so I was thinking of just giving her a Target gift card.
Is there something better to get her that I'm just not thinking of?

What's stressing everyone out? Can we talk about it?

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I am trying to connect the desktop in my room to the modem in my parent's room using an ethernet cable. But the desktop does not have a spot to put the ethernet cable. Is there an adapter I can get?
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I'm not sure how to ask this

 You know when your sinuses are full and they hurt if you put your head down? (like if you're standing and you bend over to pick something up) Well, I have that except the pain is in the back and top of my head, not where my sinuses are. So does anyone know what that could be? Or what words I could use to google this? 

How are you feeling right now?
i ain't into that!

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What are your thoughts on 'taking a break' in relationships?

Do you think it ever helps a relationship? 
Have you ever done it? What was the outcome? Did you date/fuck other people while on this 'break'? 

I just don't really understand the point. 

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If your child were coming out as transsexual to you through a letter what all would you want them to tell you?

I've decided it might be safe to tell my mom I am ftm based on this:

About a year or so ago I made some videos talking about my gender issues on my camera. Somehow I accidentally downloaded these to my mom's computer and today my sister told me that at the beginning of the summer my mom said something about it to her along the lines of "I saw a video bluehairedchild made about wanting to be a boy" My sister knows about me and asked her what she thought and my mom said that she would love me no matter what but she would still call me girlname.

I think this is a positive reaction and my sister thinks so too.

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Is your house haunted?

First of all, our TV on the third floor is notorious for turning on and off by itself. To the point where we have to unplug it. Ok, this could be some kind of electrical problem. Moving on, then the phone in my room started taking itself off the hook, which is interesting considering the phone rests parallel to the floor. When this has happened, no one's been in my room. Once I went into the shower and it was off the hook by the time I came out of the shower. My mom asked me who I was talking to which is funny because I never touched the phone. This happened enough times that I unplugged my phone because it's just too weird and I don't want to deal with it. Now, the TV in my room keeps putting itself on DVD mode when nothing is moving or touching the TV or the remote. As if that is not enough, then the DVD ejects.

Is my house haunted? I'm not into all of that ghost nonsense but this is a lot of electrical malfunction in one concentrated area. Should I go to church or should I just move out? I think B.
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For 8 years, I have been using to make most of my voting decisions. Even my Political Science professors in college insisted on using it for research on candidates. It was great. It showed all sorts of useful data on candidates, like:

*Interest group ratings from dozens of PAC's, showing how often the incumbent voted in a group's favor.

*Standardized questionnaires to tell a hundred political stances at a glance. It was called the Political Courage Test, or the National Political Awareness test.

*Campaign financing info brought over from I love being able to tell at a glance who is paying for the candidate.

*Voting records, endorsements from groups, and a bio that includes job history.

It was great, because all this was in one convenient place. But today, I was really let down. They don't have the Political Courage tests for any of my candidates in Massachusetts. They have zip on the gubernatorial candidate running on the Republican ticket. Even for the incumbent governor, they only 2 interest group ratings for governor D. Patrick when there used to be hundreds last election. The site is missing a lot of info now. My state congressional primaries are next month, and they don't have any hard data on any of the candidates.

I'm really feeling let down. Does anybody else use this website? If you do, is the site having trouble? Do any of you know of a good place to go for this kind of election data?

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Someone had stuff off an old VHS tape made into a DVD at a local photography store. They burned it to a DVD, but now I can't tell what type of a DVD file it was burned as. I keep trying to do all I can but can't figure out the format that they burned the DVD in (MPEG, AVI etc), nor can I find a program that will let me edit certain points out so it can be uploaded to You Tube.

How do I rip this file off the DVD so that it can be edited then uploaded to a site like You Tube? How do I tell what type of a file I am working with? I have no clue if this is an AVI, MOV, or MPEG, and fooling around wit the DVD I can't tell?

If I am going to be editing once I have it off the DVD, which is the best software to use?
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If you're attracted to someone, do you usually tell them right away? What usually gets you to tell them?

There's a good 6x6 foot space in the middle of my room, leaving it totally empty. What should I put there?

What do you do when you're bored on a Sunday night?
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Is there a subway/metro/mostly underground trainamajig thing where you live? Do you use it often? Do you touch the poles?

If there isn't, have you ever used one in another city?

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Knitters of TQC: What are your favorite learning-to-knit sites? A lot of the ones I'm finding are giving me conflicting information (use only one needle! use both! use your fingers, don't use your fingers, you get the idea) and poorly lit videos.

Do you have any tips or tricks for learning to cast on?

What are your favorite yarns to use for scarves?

DK/DC: what's on TV for you tonight?

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A few months ago, I found an old friend from high school on Facebook and sent them a friend request, but they never responded to it. Today, I get a notification saying that they accepted my friend request two hours ago, but when I click to view their profile, Facebook is telling me that the profile doesn't exist. Has that ever happened to anyone before?
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1. how do i get my friends page to show more than 10 entries per page? thanks :)

2. if you're watching TV, what are you watching?

3. if you watch True Blood, are you looking forward to tonights episode? what do you think is going to happen?

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I just posted a rough, very rough draft of the letter to my mom in my LJ. Would you mind reading it and commenting on what I could add/do to make it better? I want to invite her to discuss it with me but subtly say that she has to be calm. She's religious so I don't want her to be all "JAYSUS CAN CURE YORE SINSAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" on me but idk how to hint at that.

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How much pain is enough for you to go to the ER?

I think I ruptured my eardrum. I probably should have gone to the doctor a few days ago but I was out of state, and now it's almost unbearably painful. I'm trying to wait it out to go to the doctor tomorrow because I hate hospitals but holy shit D:
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1. Ever cry (or want to) for no real reason?

2. What's your favorite "So Bad It's Good" movie? (Inspired by the airing of Purple Rain earlier this evening.)

3. Will you use your newest icon in responding to this post? (A friend of mine presented this one to me today to make me feel better.)
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Dog crap

Ok, I live in an apartment/townhouse community.  Well, you just got to love it when one of your residents leaves a nice fresh turd from their dog in the front of your house nearly two feet away from your front door and window.  What should the penalty be?

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Trans stuff again guys sorry it's just weighing heavily on me lately. Should I just come out to everyone via facebook at the same time I come out to my mom? I really don't know what I'm going to do about pronouns or a name(i haven't chose one yet. Should I maybe ask my mom to help me?
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My room mate and I just bought a hairless rat, which we named Gonzo. He's AWESOME.
1) If you've ever cared for a rat, what supplies (outside of the basic food, cage, liner, bowl, water thing, and sticks for nomming upon that the guy at PetSmart told us to buy) do you think we should get to entertain him or train him?
2) What kinds of pets do you have, what are their names, how long have you had them, and what are they like? Will you share pictures?
I never thought I would own a rat, ever! I put a picture in the comments.

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Any TQC-ers from the Windsor/Detroit area?

I'm going to be in Windsor from the 1st of September to the 6th for my cousin's wedding, and I'm wondering if there are any shows I should check out at small-ish local venues (ex. The Phog Lounge). Reccommendations/links to Facebook events?

DK/DC: What do your hands smell like right now?

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Do you have your priorities straight?

If yes: How old are you? What is your top priority? Do you feel good about yourself?

If no: What is your top priority? What should be your top priority?

Do you think priorities change with time or do you think you're in control of changing them yourself?

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TQC, am i really worried this guy won't remember me after talking for two hours and walking me home because he was really drunk or am i just looking for a reason not to get in touch with him, despite that i liked him a lot and that we had a ton of stuff in common and were never pressed for things to say?

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How plausible is it that a therapist that is part of a baptist counseling program will help me get a prescription for testosterone? when I talked to him in the past (non gender related) he was very helpful and friendly and understood that I was an athiest.

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What's the grossest bathroom you've ever used?

Today, I used the bathroom in the San Bernadino Greyhound station. OH LAWD. Should have waited and took my chances with the bus toilet, it was just that awful.