August 21st, 2010


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As an elementary/middle/high school student, did you get a new backpack every school year?

I did, and it has recently come to my attention that among my group of friends this is REALLY SUPER WEIRD.
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my two little cousins are turning 2 and 3 next month. they are both girls. what should i get them for their birthdays? they like ni-hao kai-lan, yo gabba gabba, the backyardigans... idk what else.

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What's something you unconditionally love that you have to defend to your friends, because they don't understand your affection for the thing/person/place? For example, I love New Jersey, but cpl593h constantly teases me for it.

And what are your guilty pleasures? I'm gonna admit to loving Winger. Please don't tell anyone.

Do you have an electric or manual toothbrush?

Are you going to FanExpo next week?

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Hey tqc!

Let's say you want to adopt a child, would you adopt from within your country or would you adopt from a different country? If you said different country which would you choose and why?

DK/DC - Who's the last musician you heard live?
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When did you start building a makeup collection? And how did it start? What brands, etc?

If you do not have a makeup collection, answer the question but just apply it to a prostitute.

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1. Was Winter 2010 the Winter that passed or the Winter coming up?
I feel really stupid asking this, but I'm organizing multiple years of photos by season and I just don't know.

2. Do you prefer to use recipes from cookbooks or from the internet?
I prefer books. Its less fun than punching in all the stuff your looking for but I find the results are almost always better from a cookbook, especially when it comes to baking.
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Can you recommend a new shampoo/conditioner/product line to use?

I have naturally curly hair that I blow dry/flat iron most days. The issue is that usually the day after I style it straight, the top of my head is so oily and greasy looking :( I sometimes use a smoothing spray or anti-frizz spray, but I avoid gels and smoothing products that are creamy.

So, what are some products you use that don't leave your hair all heat destroyed and/or oily?
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TQC, I need more dresses in my life. I would wear them to museums and art galleries and gardens and the library and stuff like that. I am short/thin (but totally have T&A) and have blonde hair and gray eyes. Will you suggest some cute, not-super-fancy, but still nice-looking dresses that would work with all that?

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TQC! I've just watched Paranormal Activity and it's 2am here and I'm probably never going to sleep ever again. Will you please post something random or trivial to take my mind off the fact that there's probably a demon entity in my house?
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Because Selena is on TV right now, what movies make you cry no matter how many times you watch them?

What should I do as a cheap present/surprise for my SO for all his hard work to prepare for his huge exam next Monday (other than sexin', because that's covered)?

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can you tell me about something mundane you're afraid of?

i'm afraid of bunnies because my ex had a bunny and the first time i ever interacted with him, he freaking bit me. i'm also afraid of mirrors at night.

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have you ever heard of that thing where you're supposed to imagine a house, and then imagine what's outside the house, and all this stuff, and your answers are supposed to tell you a lot about yourself? wtf do i google to find stuff like that? or better yet, can you link me to the one i'm talking about? i know it involved a house and a forest and a body of water, and maybe a teacup.

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Lately since it's summer my laptop overheats frequently. Usually after an hour or two of being use so I put it next to the air conditioner for about two to five minutes and starts working again.

What do you do when your laptops stops working because of overheating?

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My ex and I have been broken up for almost 3 years. We are both completely over it and neither of us have any feelings anymore. We're really good friends and I'd even go so far to say he's my best friend. He has a girlfriend now who is kind of insecure and gets pissed off whenever he talks to or hangs out with me. It hasn't really affected our friendship at all and he tells me not to worry about it. I don't want to stop hanging out with him but I feel bad causing problems in their relationship.

wat do?
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i'm sure this gets asked all the time but i don't care.

what's the soonest you told someone you were in a romantic relationship with you loved them or were told they love you?

the latest?

has an SO ever reacted negatively when you told them you loved them?
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So, I just did my duty as an electorally enrolled citizen of Australia and I'm hoping to god we don't get stuck with Abbott.
Who did you vote for? Are you nervous about someone like Abbott getting into power? What do you think of our system that mandates that any Australian citizen over the age of 18 must vote (or be fined)?

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I got an email to set up a job interview. The woman said that the interviews were from 10am-3pm next week. She asked what time I would like and I would told her (immediately after receiving the email) that I really needed the earliest possible time.

She set me up for 12:30.

There's no way that I can email and say that 12:30 isn't early enough, right?

What's the last thing that annoyed you?
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I was accepted to volunteer in Kenya, Africa. I have to pay fees etc to International Volunteer HQ ( I am ecstatic and want to go but how can I verify that they're a genuine organization and not some kind of scam? Testimonials and certificates posted on their website aren't enough to convince me (it could all be fake!). I want certificates or something similar.

Thanks in advance!

Gift ideas?

My best (guy) friend just turned 26 and I am looking for some present ideas for him. He's trying to lose weight and eat healthily so I though about getting him a book with easy and healthy single-guy recipes, but I can't really find one - my googling has not found one at least. Do any of you know of a good cookbook of health and easy food geared towards single people? Any other present suggestions?

ETA: He really likes sandwiches.

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me and my sister are going to look for a bike for her in a little bit but i know she's going to be be super fucking picky about it, like "ohh no drop down handle bars" and wah wah wah. but we aren't going to have a lot of options since we're poor. she can't afford more than i paid for mine ($89).

how can i convince her not to be so picky?

also, how can i stop myself from buying another bike? i know i'm going to want to and i'm straight up po'.

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Poll #1608588 Inspired by the Australian Election question below...

If a person willingly chooses not to vote, do they waive their right to complain about the government?

Yes they do
No they don't
Yes they do, but...
No they don't, but...

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i mailordered something on monday-ish. it was sent on tuesday morning (pretty early actually, because of time zone differences) and it's supposedly coming in 5-7 days, aka sometime between today and monday. tqc, should i hang around today, waiting for ups? it's about 10:20 am, and the postman hasn't even arrived yet so god only knows when upfreakings is coming. i don't want to miss this getting delivered and have to go all the way down to the main warehouse :(

also, do you ever have problems with your various package delivery people not actually ringing your bell and just leaving a slip on your door? this is apparently really common! one time, i actually looked out my window and saw the guy walking back to his truck, but by the time i got downstairs, i was too late to catch him. if they pull this shit again, can i call ups and make them try to deliver it again instead of going down to the warehouse? or is it just my tough luck?

dk/dc: do you have any skills or talents that really impress you or make you go "wow, i'm really cool!"? for instance, i'm making these, and i'm really shocked that this is something i can do!


I may be buying a 1977 VW Rabbit this week. I'm having a mechanic check it out tomorrow and have gone over every question I can think of (registration costs, figured out insurance costs, maintenance costs, etc).

TQC - When buying a used car, what are some questions that you MUST ask the seller or mechanic? Have you had any experience with this model of car?
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Let's have a dance party! Will you post a video of a song that makes you want to shake what yo' momma gave ya? And how about any dancing gifs you have too, just for fun (also because i have none of my own). Bonus points if your gifs look like they are dancing to the music in your videos. :D

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Chrono - celebrate

I wonder if this is how Pandora solves it's problems.

Hi, TQC. I'm making a few CDs for a friend (she just got a beater with a disc-player) and could use some suggestions on what to throw on there. Will you list some bands/artists you think she'd like?
(Her most-preferred artists, in order, are Kid Cudi, Devil Wears Prada, Frank Sinatra, Smile Empty Soul and Alanis Morissette.)

When you need to use capitals while typing, do you hold your SHIFT, or do you tap Caps Lock?
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So, a genie comes up to you and offers you anything you want for one entire year. For a whole year, you get anything your heart desires, an amazing place to live, lots of money, the perfect SO, whatever. However, at the end of that year, everything goes away.

Do you accept?
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last july i quit smoking cigarettes, but recently i was really desperate to smoke something. tobacco was out of the question and i don't have a drug dealer to get pot so i went out and got herbal cigarettes, 100% tobacco and nicotine free. am i cheating? would this be considered a relapse?

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If scientists invented a way to "de-age" a person so that they would have the physical body of someone 1/3 their chronological age should people that have undergone de-aging have to wear a mark or something? Just so that you know that the nice 25 year old you meet at the bar isn't really a 75 year old grandparent or would you be ok with that?

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So I just saw eat, Pray, Love and was wondering:
Why is it that women always need to "find themselves"?
Or has Hollywood made a movie about a man going on some kind of [spiritual] journey that I don't know about?

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I dated a guy about a year ago for six months. I broke up with him and then got a letter in the actual mail a few days later from him breaking up with ME. I haven't heard from him since..

until today! I got a random "thinking about you, I know you're mad at me" email. I'm not mad at him but what the fuck am I supposed to do?

I feel like not responding would imply that I care enough to be mad, which I don't. I'm just so baffled.

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how do you know where you're from? I mean, when someone asks you where you're from, do you tell them the place you were born or the place you lived the longest? Or something else? Can you even give one place as an answer or do you have to dive into a story for people to know where you're from?

I will try to express this question in the form of a poll...

Where are you from?

The town I was born in
The town I lived the longest in
The town I graduated high school in
The town most of my family lives in
I have no answer for this question
im french

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I'm bored at work

I'm reading about cases of self-surgery. Do you have any other recommended reading/websites? I always love tqc recommendations

Basically can you just give me something interesting. I can't watch videos

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1. I'm going on vacation next week, so I'll be driving to Toronto. What kind of songs should I put on my mixtapes? Youtube embeds encouraged and appreciated.

2. Speaking of my vacation, I get to hang out with witchbabywigg, gardenofevils, chenry, imaria and the_mza. On a scale of 1 to a hundred zillion, how jealous are you?!

3. When was the last time you were so excited about something, you wanted to post your entire entry about it in obnoxious, blinky/flashy text? Because for me that moment is right now.

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Will you use this post to post pictures that you have taken?

Please include crazy amounts of detail including but not limited to the camera you used, who or what is the star of the shot, what you had for breakfast that day, whatever.

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I am in the market for a new dress, something different from the same old New Look stuff everyone wears. I have the following requirements:
- Must ship UK
- £45/$65 limit-ish
- No Maxi dresses

Anyone seen anything cute lately?

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have you ever had a panic attack or an anxiety attack? what was it like?
do you think there's a difference between the two? will you describe it to me?

i just had...some sort of attack and i'm trying to decide if it was a panic attack. it happened out of nowhere, and i got ridic dizzy and lightheaded and disoriented. i started shaking and pouring sweat and if i didn't sit down, i think i might have passed out. but..nothing happened to trigger this and i wasn't agitated in any way. it started and got worse very quickly. also i've had anxiety attacks before and it was nothing like this.

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Email from the ex got me thinking.

Do your exes try to contact you?
I have had three different guys, one relationship ended two years ago, one a year and a half and one a year ago contact me within the last two months...just to say hi.

What is the logic? Does this happen to you? How do you feel about it?
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So I'm moving this weekend. In the midst of it all, I had to use the bathroom. Now the toilet overflowed and the water level won't go down, after a half hour of plunging. What's up with my toilet? Why did it do that right as I'm moving out? :(

dk/dc: will you tell us cool stories about the last time you moved?

Post from mobile portal
sit baloo

help please :(

 Long story short - my grandfather died. I'm his only living relative.

I live 11.5 hours driving distance and can't go until Tuesday thanks to needing to go to Boston for the day on Monday for a job I just started.

I need his social security number to give the funeral home for death certificate stuff. I.. have no idea how to get that. I know every other piece of information about him but his death was discovered today and he hasn't even been reported to the Social Security Administration. (I know I can find my dad's online through SSA because it was yeras ago but I can't figure out how to find Grandpa's).

I'm glad it's not that easy to stalk someone, but does anyone have any clues how i can find this out in the next 24 hours? :\

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Anything you wanted to see followed up on in TQC or TQC_updates that you haven't seen yet?

Ask here and maybe someone will know something.

Or, has the fact that you can't comment anonymously in TQC ever prevented you from answering a question?
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What inferences/assumptions/judgements/ideas do you form about me after seeing my bedroom?
For anyone who knows me a little from around TQC, does my room fit what you think I'm like as a person?
Will you post a pic of your favourite room in your house/apartment/wherever?

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Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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How much do you love bacon?

0 - I don't eat it because I do not meat/animal products
1 - I don't, I hate it! I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole!
5 - It's yummy and I eat it sometimes
10 - It's my favorite food and I could eat it forever!

If you had to go one day with your hands reeking of either bacon or bleach, which would you rather it be? You can wash your hands all you'd like, but the smell isn't going away for 24 hours.


Err, I accidentally a word, guys. The first option should read:

0 - I don't eat it because I do not eat meat/animal products
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So for the first time ever, I'm trying out for my school's dance team. I got an email telling me the requirements for tryouts, but a part of this line baffles me:

'A short choreography by YOU to any song you like; 4 counts of 8 minimum.'

Any idea what the last part means? I suspect its something music related, but I'm not sure how it would affect my tryout...

EDIT: I have a good idea what the line means now, thanks! So as an alternate question, do you have any allergies? If so, what are they?

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You're out somewhere, grocery shopping, at a restaurant, the mall... and a song starts playing and you can't help but dance and sing along regardless of who's watching.

What song is playing?

Ear Infection Questin, sorry its kinda lengthy

My fiance has a severe cold/virus along with a really bad ear infection. We've been up all night for 2 nights because he's in so much pain in his ear. He can doze off for a little while if I massage his neck and play with his hair, but he'll only stay asleep for an hour max. and then he wakes up and immediately starts crying from the ear pain, and he never ever cries. He's on meds and ear drops from the doctor, but nothing is helping.

Does anyone know of anything I could do to help with the pain? Home remedies, websites with info, just any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Srs answers only please, unless you just can't help yourself.
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