August 20th, 2010

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Is there anything interesting worth stopping at between Pittsburgh and NYC? Define interesting however you like, I just need something to stop at besides a gas station to break up the drive.
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Awful suicides : all animal edition

Most terrible way to commit suicide?

Jumping up and down, barefoot, in a bouncy house filled with porcupines
Bobbing for pirranha
Getting acupuncture from a gorilla on steroids
Jumping into the hyena cage at the zoo at mealtime while wearing a suit made of meat
Being locked in an elevator with a thousand angry bees

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Does anyone remember an old McDonald's commerical with a father and his 7 year old son walking to McDonalds and the son turns to the father and asks "Dad, what is sex?" and then they show them discussing it over Burgers and Fries? It ended with the son showing the father his soccer registration card going, "So how am I suppose to fit all that in this check box?"
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for a while i didn't understand why furries got so much hate. i thought they just liked wearing animal costumes and going to furry conventions. little did i know they also enjoy fucking in their costumes and looking at furry porn. i can handle that but i was most disturbed by furries' proclivity for beastiality.

so how do you feel about furries?
is it wrong for a human to have sex with an animal?
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I work as a receptionist. I sit at a desk for about seven hours a day, but often only spend maybe about two hours actually doing anything useful. At first I was happy to land a job where I could sit down (those who have worked retail know how awesome this is) but now I'm understanding the mind-numbing boredom that goes with it. I can't leave my desk, have no access to the internet and can only play so much solitaire in one day. Besides reading, what other useful and exciting ways can I spend my time?

Will you tell me about your job? Is it boring?
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 I'm feeling rather out of the loop, I guess that's O Week's fault, but TQC, what's going on with this cursing people stuff?

Voodoo priestess? Is she like Dominga Salvador? Is she infused with the power of Greyskull?

Whaaat's happening? D:

DK/DC: What are your plans for the weekend?
I'm heading home for my sister's birthday and to vote on Saturday...

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Everyone is probably sick of laptop questions, but unfortunately, I need help! I thought I was moderately knowledgable about laptops, but my last purchase was an Acer that crapped out after a year and a half, so who knows. Basically, I need a laptop that:

1. Has a decent battery life (my Acer dies within 30 mins)
2. Is fast and has a decent amount of memory/harddrive space
3. Has a smallish screen (13-14"), NOT a netbook they're too small for my liking
4. Has a webcam that doesn't suck

That's all I need! I don't ~game~ so I don't care about how good it is for that, I don't use ridiculous amounts of media either. I just want to be able to write essays/use Microsoft Office/go online without a blank white screen appearing out of nowhere (thanks Acer). I don't have a TON of things to save either, and I do have access to an external harddrive so I can use that if necessary. I have a lot of music, but all my past computers have been able to hold them without any issues, so I'm not too worried about that.

I was looking into the Sony Vaio, but it has a 15.5" monitor, and that is just wayyy too big for me. Other than that it seems ideal, and it's $579 at Best Buy! I'm trying not to spend more than around $600-$650, so opting for the smaller Vaio (at $799) is not going to happen.

Toshibas are in that price range, but I've read horrible reviews on their speakers/webcam/battery life. Help? What do I buy?!

DK/DC: Have any roommate horror stories? I'm moving in with 3 softball players in 2 weeks, lol @ my life.
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1. Rejected by 5 girls over the course of 2 weeks (well, 2 rejections, 3 "friend-zonings"). Bad luck, or am I doing something wrong?

2. Anyone know how to encrypt a string using a MD5 Base64 algorithm?
OMG just figured it out this had been bothering me all week. Hooray for having a job :/

3. Did I just answer question 1 with question 2?

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I sold something on Ebay. The buyer sent me a message that they didn't get their stuff. I just looked on the postal service's website and they said that they made a delivery error.

Do you think ebay buyer is going to hold me accountable?!
Have any ebay/amazon horror stories?

(I once had someone put in an Amazon claim that they didn't get their textbook three days before they were even supposed to receive it. Amazon kept the money and apparently the person got my book, too. :( )
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Who is someone from history that you would consider to be a hero?

ground rules:1)can't be a fictional character from historical literature 2)can't be alive today 3)can't be someone you are/were related to

it would be nice if you could say someone who's not known by everyone everywhere too, but that's probably asking too much.

Edit: why do you admire them?
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How well do you handle getting a shot? When was the last time you got a shot, and what was it for?

I am absolutely terrified of needles and the very thought of maybe having to get a shot stresses me out pretty badly. I haven't gotten one since my hepatitis shots before going into high school. I've also never had my blood drawn, which is apparently really weird (I'm 25) and that thought terrifies me, too.

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It's my last day at work today, and my mom came in to bring lunch. Let's just say it was pretty awkward, her asking questions and trying to make conversation when she left.

Can you tell me about a time you and your parents had an awkward encounter at work/school/with friends/etc?
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Pets or People?

There was a question asked in my class textbook that I am curious to see what you guys think of it.

We may not take the best care of our disadvantaged fellow Americans, but we seem to be unstinting in generosity toward our pets.  Americans now spend about $41 billion per year on their pets; a sum that exceeds the gross domestic product of all but 64 nations.  Spending on pets has doubled in 10 years and is expected to reach $52 billion by 2009.  "A dog's life" isn't all that bad these days.  The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association reports that 42 percent of dogs now sleep in the same bed as their owners and almost a third receive gifts on their birthdays.

Would our money for pets be more wisely spent on impoverished children?  Explain.

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Which household chore to you enjoy the least? The most? 

I would gladly vacuum three times as much if it meant I'd never have to dust again. I hate dusting. The dust gets in my eyes and I never feel like I get anything entirely clean. 

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what is the most you will pay for a pair of shoes?what brand?

how much do you usually buy shoes for? what brand?

which store makes the best quality shoes ? (steve madden? nine west? aldo? or someone else?

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My mom's cousin has offered me an internship at his architecture firm. It would be for three months, during which I'd have to get to go live in the Netherlands.


And if so, when? It would have to be after my fall semester at community college. Should I go during the second semester, or should I take classes the second semester and then go next summer?

And is there anything you can tell me about living in the Netherlands?
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So I have this miso soup. It tastes like water with a bit of green stuff (seaweed, I think) and tofu. Tastes super bland. Is it supposed to be like that? Or should I add something to it. I pretty much only have soy sauce though (got it with sushi)

What was the last food that you got that you didn't know what to do with?
Apart from the miso, I had ramen (actual ramen not the instant stuff) recently and they gave me chopsticks, but it was very soupy except for a hunk of meat and an egg. Had no idea how to eat soup with chopsticks. So they gave me a spoon. I somehow figured it out with the chopsticks though, though I have no idea how...

What are your feelings on fish? As pets or food, whatever.

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I have owned a truck with a htich all my life so I have no idea of the answer to this.


Can I rent a car and get a hitch installed - tow something- and then remove the hitch- with no damage to the rental car?

It's going to be pricey as heck to buy that hitch and have them install it at Uhaul, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do and my truck is out of commision at the moment.

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What is a long-term goal of yours?
What is a short-term goal of yours?

What, if anything, are you doing to accomplish these things?

Do you know who Andrew W.K. is, and if so what do you think about him?

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How do I turn 'species' into an adjective without it being 'special'? And if there's no such word, then how would you do it?

As in, in a fantasy book, if you wanted to say something like 'racial stereotype' but for a different species instead.
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does anyone here love hyperbole and a half as much as i do? because i really do.
care to discuss it's greatness?

are there any other web comics out there with the same sort of humor?

or if you just don't care about that comic at all;... uh, i guess i can ask what your favorite web comic is? and if that's been asked recently, how about your favorite newspaper comic?

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Ok, I put in my 2 weeks at one of my jobs earlier this week. I'm scheduled today to work at 4 at the job that I resigned from. My car isn't starting and my cell isn't working at all. I messaged my coworker on facebook because I know she'll see it in the next hour to let someone know that I'm a bit stranded and may not make it in. Since I put in my 2 wks already, is it THAT big of a deal if I legitimately cannot show up to my shift? I can't really call since I don't have a phone and I let SOMEONE know, even if it was on facebook but it's my only means of communication right now. I'm not about to spend money on a cab and how the hell would I call them anyways? So since I put in my two weeks and I 'technically' am doing a no-call, no-show but for a legit reason can I get in any sort of trouble?
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I'm starting a new job next week. I need to take three days off at the end of October. I've gotten two conflicting opinions as to how to approach this. Should I be up-front about it and say on the first day, "I've got this commitment at the end of October, is that going to be an issue?" Or should I wait a while?
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how do you think tqc will remember you when you're gone?
what do you think they'll remember you for?

feel free to name other tqc members and answer these questions for 'em as well if you want.
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Because of the recent Chik-fil-a topic, tell me about the last time you found out something bad about a company you love/d? (ex. Nike lover finding out they use child labour) Do you still support them? Why or why not?


My dog sleeps on my bed when I'm gone and leaves hair and his smell all up on my pillow. He is smart and knows he can't do it, but does it when I'm not looking. I used to put an old broken curtain rod across my bed, but he stopped being scared of that. He is scared of large objects that move or things that make scary noises. What can I do to keep him off aside from staking him to the ground?

I am considering an electrocuted mat on my bed. Is that animal abuse?


First off...go to youtube and find a song you have not heard in a while. Sing it...

Do you still know the words to the song?
How well?
Will you post it here to show what song you love and never got out of your head?
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What do you think of people with online wishlists (for stuff)?
Does your opinion differ if it's for a special occasion?
Have you ever bought someone something off of their wishlist?
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so about half hour ago i was just chillin' in my front room watching tv after eating my tea (veal, yumyum) and my mum walks into the room and comes out with "have you lost your cherry yet?" lol wut?

tell me about awkward/weird conversations you've had with your parents please?
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How old were you when you first looked in the mirror and thought 'shit, I'm aging'?

If this hasn't happened to you yet, will you talk some shit about why men get more ~*distinguised looking*~ while women just get old?

..Not sure if I asked this yet

My goal is to get a job as a teacher in a middle school or high school. I have a feeling that it may not happen this school year, so I've been applying for jobs that have something to do with education. However, there is still a chance that I may be offered a teaching position during this school year.

For non-teaching interviews, what do I tell them? I would leave anything immediately if a classroom position came up, can I word this to potential employers (I feel like there's pretty much no way to)? Or the better question is: What do I say if they ask me about it?

Anyone else looking for a job? What are you looking for and are you having any luck?
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Why do deli people always put a ton of cream cheese on my bagel, even if i ask them to go light on it?

Why is it impossible to get a good bagel outside of NY and parts of NJ? This is a fact btw, so don't bother arguing.
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Where can I buy a decent backpack?

I'm in college and I've never needed to carry more than a notebook or two to class, but this semester I have to carry a few books every day (including the Norton Anthology of Shakespeare...that sucker is OVER 3,000 pages long!) so I need a backpack.

I don't need anything special but every single store I've been to only carries backpacks with cartoon characters on them or hot pink/bright blue ones...all meant for little kids. All I want is a neutral colored backpack with a few pockets.

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What's the BEST place to go back to school shopping? With cute stuff, not like, pre-teen jonas brothers cute, I'm talking decent nice designs on your back to school stuff. I'm looking for university wise, bare that in mind.

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you wake up one morning and get ready to go about your day like usual. but as soon as you walk out the door, you realize - oh shit! it's the zombie apocalypse! assuming you aren't in any immediate danger, what are the first five things you do?
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What are some good sex/relationship blogs or online columns you know of? I like Dear Wendy on but I think I've read most of it

On the other hand, are you having any love life dramas? Will you share?

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TQC-ers who are students: what classes are you taking this semester? What grade/year are you? 

Math Modeling; English 1102; Elementary Spanish; and US History. I'm a college freshman. 
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While reading the new Cooking Light magazine, someone wrote in to complain about a recipe from a previous month. It was a fruit salsa with a habenero in it. The person didn't know how OMG!HOT those peppers are. Even before I ever tried one, I knew they were freakin' hot.

1a. Did you know habenero peppers are really hot?
1b. Was it because you tried them, or before that?

It seems, stereotypically, that most high schools or colleges have awful food. I don't think mine were that bad, and I still think about my high school's pasta, and my college's country fried steak.

2. What were some dishes that your high school or college made that were actually GOOD?

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 Do you think there's any way to forget something so entirely that the mention of it will never ring a bell?

What do you think of meeting people on the internet and liking them?
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where do people get the attention span for things like Neopets and World of Warcraft?

is it that it takes those things or am i just too ADD(i only tried neopets years ago and i could never sit with it long enough to get anywhere, then officially gave up on computer games related anything except pinball and Mine Sweeper)?

why does WoW/RPGS/whatever they're called have the capability to destroy lives? seriously, how can people get so wrapped up in it? what's missing from their lives, what exactly in their brain isn't connecting properly? what does it bring them that the real world can't? I WANT TO UNDERSTAND THIS.

AND WHY IS MY LAPTOP SO GD QUIET? know any good, cheaper plug in speakers?


We are having an election tomorrow. Its going to be tough and I am SERIOUSLY worried about the outcome. We are also having friends over for dinner...they will be over when the results get handed out.

We will be turning off the phones, tv, radios, anything that could tell us before dinner. But in case the results are late...what sort of drinking games are there that we could play to make it all more fun?

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A guy at work claims to be interested in getting to know me. I think hes a flirt and told him so, but he says I have the wrong impression of him and that he only flirts a lot because he is single which i don't care about except for the fact that i've seen him flirt with our coworkers. For some reason I actually believe what he says, but should I even try the whole coworker thing? My job is also a HUGE gossip pit.

Do you often find yourself not responding to any text messages until hours after you read them? Do you forget or just not care?

Dating Advice!

So I am a lady, and I have kind of figured out over the last year or so that I like ladies a lot, and I really want to maybe possibly date a lady?

But I am completely clueless as to how to go about even meeting other non-straight women. I really don't want to start crushing on straight women and breaking my own heart like that.

Dear TQC, what should I do?

Serious and totally non-serious answers are welcome, as are illustrations and venn diagrams.

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What's the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?
What's the biggest favor you've done for someone/someone has done for you?
What's the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?

DK/DC: Favorite sushi roll?