August 19th, 2010


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Do you put on deodorant/anti-perspirant when you're just bumming around your house the whole day?

What do you think of this "30 day meme" about your life thingy? Are you doing it?
So many people on my F-list are doing it and although I like the "Introduce yourself" post because it clears up a few things, I find the whole idea really annoying because if you're writing an LJ, you shouldn't need prompting..and stuff. Idk, my brain just dislikes it. Meh.

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I am going camping next week with one of my sons.  We will be on an island with no electricity or running water.  This year, I will be renting a little motorboat -- so we have to pack very light.

To pass the time, I usually bring a book, the Sunday Times, a board game like Othello, and horseshoes.

Do you have any alternative suggestions for camping vacation entertainment?


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I have a set of Duracell rechargeable batteries. My roommate has a set of Energizer rechargeable batteries. One day, my charger magically disappeared from the outlet.

Can I charge my batteries on his charger?

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1)What do you think are the percentage of people employed in name only? [like part timers who get like 16 hours a week, interns, etc]

2)What will we all do when unemployment goes to 50%?

3)How do I disinfect my mouth guard thing? I've had a cold, so I don't want to reinfect myself. Bleach sounds dangerous.. Do you think listerine would work?
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What was the last thing to give you nostalgia?
I'm watching a documentary The White Stripes put out a couple years ago that I never watched and it reminds me of when I was obsessed with them in the 8th grade.

Will you post pictures of things that will make everyone remind them of days gone by?
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What exactly is one supposed to wear under one-shoulder tops? 

I made a pretty uncharacteristic purchase of one the other day (purple and black mostly) for the rare occasions when I actually go out.

Are bra straps always tacky? Even if they match the color perfectly? Or is it always just better to go with a strapless bra? 

*Edit* For reference, the shirt/dress in question is kinda like this:

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Clearly I am not a professional.

*Edit 2* My bra size is 36C. My boobies are too big for a strapless? :(

What current trends do you wear now (or just trends that are popular in general) do you think you'll laugh at most in 20 years?
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Another hypothetical question: If you gave birth, who would you want to be with you, and why?
The rules: It cannot be the baby's father. You can only chose one person.

Edit: The doctor is included as standard equipment :)

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I just got a bunch of Dreamwidth invite codes.
What should I do with them? Give them out to people on my fl? Give them out on 4chan? I have seven of the stupid things. I feel like I need to get rid of them soon.

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I'm going bowling this saturday night with my husband, two of his friends and their wives.

TQC, how do I avoid a panic attack in being in a social/public situation? I've become extremely socially stunted and rusty with lack of social interactions (literally, only people i have in-person contact with is my husband, sister, and sometimes other family members. I don't have friends in texas, they're all back home).

Its come to the point being in public (even just at grocery stores) makes me phsyically shake and want to throw up and I can't talk without stuttering.

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Sorry im needy today. But im in a  good mood so if you want to 'bash' me up please feel free to do so. :D

I found some cool ones, like the previous post someone told me to get something realistic.

Collapse ) ? or this ? :Plol sorry joke.

Collapse )

or should i just do a big on in the centre of my back? bleh..
EDIT: no centre. its going to be a pain when I wear saree blouses. My mum would freak out. i found the one i love :D

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TQC, what does it mean to you when someone says they've "paid in blood" for something, like getting work done on a house or getting official stuff straightened out?

This question brought to you by my SO's crazy mother, who uses the phrase constantly.
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How many days would you give a business to respond to a query? I have a volunteer position which requires me to gather information on a child for the court. I faxed the order from a judge on Tuesday afternoon to a pediatrician and a speech pathologist stating they could provide certain information to me. I called yesterday (Wednesday) to confirm they received it. They told me they did. Is three days pretty reasonable?

What word do you misspell most often?

What is your favorite type of exercise? Your least favorite?

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TQC Canadians, did you get your free Subway breakfast this morning?

(I did. The coffee sucked, but the sandwiches were ok. And it was free, which is a plus).

People who did not receive free breakfast from Subway, what is your favourite fast-food place to get breakfast from? What do you usually get there?

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My last day of work was yesterday (by choice)
I'm in my pajamas and already feel like a useless bum (I wasn't expecting this)

Is this normal?
What should I do with this new-found freedom?

I'm looking for a teaching job. Most districts go through a hiring website but I was thinking of driving from school to school to ask to fill out an application to be a sub. (I'd call first to see if it's an option)
Should I?!

or: what's up? talk to me!

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Will you post a picture of someone who is your 'type' and then post a picture of someone you're attracted to who isn't your usual type? I'm interested to see how they differ.

What dog breed has the cutest puppies?


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Has anyone here ever donated bone marrow and if so, wanna tell me about it? There is a new voice in my head telling me to sign up.

Any voices in your head today telling you to do things?
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I had some transportation issues yesterday and I ended up walking ~3 miles in shoes that didn't fit properly. So now I have enormous blisters on my feet. Any tips on getting them to hurt less? I have to walk a few more miles across campus tomorrow and would like my feet to be in the least amount of pain possible. :/

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the blisters are on the balls of my feet, on the bottom. The sole of the shit shoes I was wearing were way too thin and too skinny for my wide feet. There aren't any blisters on the back of my heels or anything.

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What activities and things comprised your most memorable anniversary celebration? Pictures, descriptions, etc. are welcomed!

What is the sweetest anniversary-type thing you have ever heard of?

What would your dream anniversary celebration consist of? It can be whatever anniversary you find to be important.

Are your allergies currently whacked out?

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What do you find annoying about portrayals of gays in fiction?

As in, not that they exist, but how would you do it better? What would you like to see more of, or less of, or what do you think Hollywood keeps getting wrong?

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TQC, when was the last time you were annoyed by state offices? This question brought to you by the fact that the office of vital statistics in my birth-town is closed on Thursdays. WTF?

Does anyone know about how long it takes, on average, to get a duplicate copy of your birth certificate? I need one in time for September 9th.

DK/DC: Favorite tea brand?

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will you tell me about a time you told a white lie in order to get something you wanted and then were found out?
i lied to a professor that i was a senior once to get into a graduate level class, because my official records listed me as one (i came in with a year's worth of credits at sophomore standing). the next year she realized i was still in school but didn't give a shit about it because i ~proved myself~ in her class.
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"Can I throw you at that boss monster? Cause you da bomb, girl!"

Do you have any awesome nerdy pickup lines? Will you share them?

If not, what cute animal should I draw tomorrow? I've already drawn a bear, a dinosaur, a dinocorn, and a penguin.

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This morning during my Brazilian my waxer went on and on about what an awesome show Mad Men is.
Now I'm a little but curious about it.
Should I take the plunge and watch it? If yes, please give me a reason why.
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About how long does it take you to get through a 12oz can of soda, on average?

I've got this can of Vanilla Coke that I've had open for at least a couple hours now that I just sip on. I've realized this is pretty normal for me. I like it, but I'm not a big soda drinker so I don't like drinking a lot at once.

Do you have to have your soda cold, or is room temperature fine? 
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When putting money in a vending machine, did you ever press the button repeatedly to see if you would get more than one item?

Yes, but only because we had a soda machine when I was in high school that would do that sometimes.
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Do you do things in your sleep that correspond with what you're dreaming?
Like physical actions, but not necessarily sleep walking?

inspired by telling my bf I dreamed that my nipple oozed and my breast deflated and his reply: "oh that's why you were pinching your nipples!"

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Acceptable first dates?

Live comedy
Poetry slam
Country fair
Renaissance faire
Art museum
ICP concert
Wine tasting event
Moonshine tasting event
Movie triple feature of all three Lord of the Rings movies
Monster truck rally
An erotic convention
Day of mountain climbing
Picnic on the beach
Picnic on a topless beach
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Are there any songs that you've always only known as a remix or a cover, and then when you finally heard the original you didn't like it? I just discovered several songs I like are actually remixes and I think they're much better than the originals, but it could just be because I heard them first.

Does anyone actually prefer grapes with seeds?
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We argued about this in one of my classes today for 45 minutes, and still haven't come up with a mutual consensus. What do you think, TQC?

If you assign a word to an object, and a meaning to the word, are you inherently limiting the object's functionality? (eg: telling a child, "This is a chair, and we sit in a chair.")

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So I just propositioned my ex-boyfriend and got rejected and now I feel shit cos I'm an idiot. Can you please cheer me up? Anything will do, judging by today I appear not to have any standards whatsoever.

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I just got a call from a talent network telling me that they found my resume on HotJobs and would like to talk to me about a possible job. I'm already technically employed, but the job there doesn't start until next month, and the pay is pretty decent but nothing spectacular. On the other hand, the job I have waiting for me is a job in a chocolate shop as a sales associate. Should I call the talent network back and see what they have for me?
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when you're done talking to someone on the phone do you always say "bye"?

if you're the type of person who does, do you find it weird when people hang up without saying "bye"?
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I'm thinking about changing my last name. I don't really get on with my family from that side and it's an ugly/boring name. What do you think I should change it too?
My first name is Rose, if that matters.

Also, have you been watching the new Futurama? Do you like it?

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Will you use this post to brag about exciting things happening in your life right now?

I just convinced the Dean of my school to revoke my suspension, and I'm going on vacation this weekend haaay

Alternatively, will you use this post to bitch about the unexciting things happening in your life right now?

I downloaded a lot of music the other day and when I moved the files from my desktop to another folder, my itunes could no longer find them so I have to search for 1000+ songs to get them to play/upload on my ipod. COOL.
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The defense in the Phoebe Prince case want access to her medical records. She had a history of depression before being bullied/committing suicide. Clearly this affected her decision but the kids are being charged with assault and harrassment, not literally with "bullying to death."

How do you think this affects the case? What do you think about this case?
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The first thing Noah said when he got home from school was that he had a lot of opinions and he wanted to post a poll on TQC. So here is Noah's poll! Please keep your answers PG.

Do you usually play Halo 3?


Do you usually explode fusion coils in Halo 3?

I don't usually play Halo 3 and I don't explode fusion coils!

Do you like fruit or vegetables?

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Hair question:

If I straighten my hair it's totally flat. If I let it air dry it's like a fucking poodle.
What the hell can I put in it to make it ...nice?


Are your friends really indecisive? My friend asked me out to dinner and then we have to go back and forth between what time, who's driving and where we're going because she "doesn't care" about anything. Do you usually end up deciding everything or do you make them do it?
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When in a relationship, do you feel like you or your SO ends up compromising more? Does it depend on the "importance" of the issue?

Brought to you by the fact that my SO is set on having a border collie eventually, but I feel like the idea of a future with him has resulted in me ceding a lot of my future plans and I want my dog to be mostly my choice.

EDIT: Have you ever had Dippin' Dots?

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okay so i have this CREEPPY mofo who will not leave me alone. hes this 38 year old dude from Loíza, Puerto Rico. he was my bunk mate at rehab and at first i thought he was an okay dude. he made random sexual jokes to me and i just brushed them off. ANYWAYS, since i left rehab he found my address and calls me everyday and added me on facebook and he leaves all these creepy sexual comments. i think hes obsessed with the fact that im transgender he wont leave the subject alone, and ive been ignoring him for a month but he still calls me and im thinking of deleting him off facebook but i dont want him to get pissed and show up at my house.

heres some of the creepy shit hes left me.

"u remember the first time we met 4 some reason my shit was hard, 4 u! u might I song like a creep but is the honest true! "

"sup? with u now we cant talk let me find out u s***ing sumbody out c***? "

"but 4 real ur ass belong 2 me. so dont get no ideals of getting a boyfriend! "

ive never had this problem before so i dont really know what to do can you please help me ? im really concerned D:

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 Would you rather be morbidly obese or skeletally thin?

(Inspired by an episode of Wife Swap:) Would you rather help prepare dead bodies, or help to empty the sewage tank of a motor home?

Do you have a good "would you rather" question?

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When was the last time you wanted to do something that you could afford financially, but felt hesitant because you didn't want to part with the money?

I found out yesterday that my college (and maybe all colleges?) can increase PLUS loan amounts at the drop of a hat after you've already been approved for x amount, so I was able to raise my loan by 3K, and thus, only have to pay $187 out of pocket each semester. As a result, I'm getting a refund for the $500+ I've already paid, and have no major bills minus groceries, cell, and mastercard each month to worry about. I WANT to buy my SO and I tickets to two shows we're dying to go to, which would set me back around $100, but at the same time, I'm too scared to let that money go yanno just in case :X

Do I treat us to the shows? Do I only choose one? How do I choose?! :(

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Guys (and girls, too, why not) of TQC: how do you flirt/ask a girl out? How do you go from the "friend" zone to "hey, I want to be intimate with you" without seeming creepy? Inspired by a conversation with my slightly socially clueless SO.


I have a cell phone with AT&T, and upon moving into my house I realized that I have absolutely no service here. I have to walk outside, and even then I only get two bars. Maybe. This is problematic only due to the fact that my cell phone is my only phone, so it's my lifeline.

What can I do to fix this? I'm aware there's a $150 Microcell thing that they sell, but I don't have much money and having to walk down the street isn't the end of the world. The other option would be for me to switch carriers, but that would mean paying my own cell phone bill seeing as to how I'm currently on my parents' service still. And I don't even know that my new carrier's service would be any better.


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My new landlords are incredibly awesome, buying little presents for the baby and being friendly and super welcoming. I'd like to bake them something as a thank you.

I need it to be uncomplicated, quick and easy.

Will you send me your recipes?
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So, I run a daycare. We have a new family, just came here from Saudi Arabia. Very nice couple, adorable baby, some language problems, but we figured it out. As they were leaving they asked if, when we feed the baby, we could say "In the name of Allah or God". I have no problem with this at all... I'm an atheist and these words mean as much to me as singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I of course told them yes, and they left. The other staff was freaking out. Saying very racist things, and all that crap. I told them they don't have to actually say it if they feel that strongly about it, but if the parents ask, we did. I told them that I'd come say it when they fed the baby if they felt bad about lying.

What would you do in this situation? I've already had to explain that not all Muslims are terrorists, and that Saudi Arabia is our ally. I am flabbergasted at my staff's stupidity. :(
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I'm about to write down a list of food. It is a list of what I ate yesterday. I have these questions about the list: Do you think that it's a lot of food? Could you eat that much in one day? More? ETA: Does your answer to the first question change if the person eating it is at an office job 8 hours a day, then comes home and putters around the apartment at night doing more computer work?

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Will you list a day in the life of your stomach (a.k.a. list everything you ate yesterday)?
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Are you currently kicking yourself in the ass for something right now?
I could be seeing the B-52s FOR FREEEEEEE right now, but I forgot it was today. UGH. D:

What did you dream about last?
I had a dream last night that someone on the Internet told my friend all these things I had said about him and it was bad. omg.

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I need some hair help, tqc.

I'm about to go out for the night. It is raining on and off, 96F and 80% humidity. My hair is wet since I just got out of the shower.

What in the world do I do with it to keep it tamed? How should I wear it? 

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Yesterday my stepbrother said in passing that he 'doesnt like gays'.
Of course I challenged this, and he admitted he doesn't know any gay people, but how can I point out how wrong this opinion is?
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Are you offended by this? Or do you think people are slightly overreacting?

Odd how when we refer to a mentally challenged individual, we can't call them stupid, retarded, moron etc. Likewise, we can't use any of these terms on ourselves/others. But how can we describe a situation that really just is "stupid" without mentioning the word?
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I'm doing Couch to 5K. I was about to start week 5 when I got hurt and haven't been able to go to the gym. If I didn't exercise for a week, would I be able to start again at week 5 or would I need to go back to an earlier week?
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For those of you who booze:

Do you have a favorite frozen drink?  What is it?

For those of you who don't booze (or boozers who want to answer this, too)

Do you prefer slushies or milkshakes? What's your favorite flavor?
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My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer a week ago and nobody told me until tonight over a Facebook IM. I couldn't respond because I was so angry and upset and... aofjoAFSIJ. He's like my dad, and I knew to prepare myself for the news since he'd been having problems, but hearing that word just made me go in to hysterics. Nobody's home right now, but I managed to find some rum in the freezer. I talked to my SO over the phone and he was being obnoxiously doctor-like and telling me that I should look at statistics because they would make me feel better, but he's my Papa and I don't give a FUCK about statistics right now, there's a possibility I'm going to lose him soon and I can't deal with that.
Plus, my best friend/cousin's fiance changed his status on Facebook to "single" and I can't get in touch with her and she would usually CALL ME if something like this happened, so I was already upset about that before I found out about my grandfather because I like her fiance a lot, he's like a brother to me. In short, today's probably the shittiest day I've had in recent memory.

Will you please give me stuff to laugh at so I can stop crying? :(

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Today, I decided to be a little more adventurous than usual at a mexican restaurant and order a quesadilla with manchego and cotija cheeses(neither of which I have ever tasted before). It was seriously the best quesadilla I have ever had in my life. Why is this?

Also, what are some nice culinary finds you've stumbled upon just by choosing to be more adventurous about food?

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Do you feel invention and discovery is at a standstill or coming to one thanks to modern technology? in the past there was nothing more to do than invent and discover but now all people do is watch super bowl on the big screen.

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TQC men and ladies who dig ladies: if a girl (who you already kind of know via friends, Facebook and seeing at shows) randomly gave you a piece of paper with her cell # on it, after having a conversation having nothing to do with exchanging numbers, how weird would you think this is?

Using a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being STALKER, 10 being AWESOME.

Has anyone (male or female) ever actually done this to you? Have you ever done this to anyone? How'd that work out?

I did this to a mutual friend of mine, who I wouldn't mind hanging out with/boning/dating. I gave him my number before heading off for the night and told him "If you ever want to hang out and get a coffee or something, text me." I saw him put it in his pocket :0

How likely is he to text me? BE HONEST GAIZ.

DK/DC about this stupid shit: what did you do today? I saw an exhibit at the science centre similar to the Body World exhibit, it was so cooool.
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My wife has been jonesing for a new netbook and I want to get her one to surprise her. Her only requirements are that it is a PC (Windows 7 OS) and that it is pink.

TQC, can you suggest a good netbook to buy for her, please?