August 18th, 2010

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So TLC is crap channel and it has been for a while now. If you could have total control over the channel what type of shows would you pitch? An they can't involve, little people, cake, big family's, pregnancy, or any combination of the above.
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That girl on Teen Mom totally got scammed for that car, right?
Is anyone really that dumb that they get an $8k check in the mail to cash and then wire money back over to the same person for "shipping"?
Do you think the producers set that up, or she really fucked up?

What are you doing this weekend?

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On an a passenger jet, the pilot and co-pilot have been taken out (terrorists, they've eaten the fish). Someone has to land the plane and there are two people who could potentially do it. A 14 year old kid who has a passion for flight simulators, but has never actually flown a real airplane, and 90 year old retired air force pilot who still has all his faculties, but hasn't flown since World War II. Who do you chose?

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Tomorrow is the first day of classes at my community college. I went to give my schedule one final check and it didn't list anything so I went to financial aid status and it is showing me as not enrolled. Could this be because they have not received my grant yet or what? I'm freaking out.

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What music albums do you associate with a particular memory, event, feeling, etc?

For me, it's The Wall. I listened to it for the first time on a sleep deprived plane flight from Germany to the States. I was like fifteen, exhausted and sad to leave Germany.  Despite being miserable at being seated next to a big fat guy and the window, it was such a relief to start speaking English again.  Felt really good.
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Serious question time.  Pro-choice, pro-life, whatevs.

At Planned Parenthood, if you decide to go through with an abortion (either surgical or medicinal), you have to have a mini-counseling session, a blood test, and then a sonogram to see how far along you are.  Also there is a lot of paperwork.  On the paperwork that concerns the sonogram, there is a question that reads "If this sonogram shows that you are carrying multiples (twins, etc), do you want to be notified?" 

At this point you've already committed to the procedure (I mean, they're not going to hold you down and force you) but the only reason you're doing said sonogram and paperwork is because you're actually having the procedure. 

Would you want to know? 

Would it change your mind?  Why? 

Why would they ask that?  It just strikes me as weird...

Dear TQC

Following on from recent travel
posts, and someone mentioning Uzbekistan....

Have you ever been to Uzbekistan? Is it worth a trip?

And did the Uzbeks really invent Turkish coffee?
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Congrats, you and your SO/best friend won a two night stay in a cabin in the mountains!

Your bedroom has a hot tub in it. Not in the bathroom, feet away from the bed.

How likely are you to utilize said hot tub?
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I've finally filled up my 8gb iPod Nano and I want to replace it with the 16gb version. What should I do with my 8gb? Where would be the best place to sell it? Would I be able to get more money for it on eBay, craigslist, or somewhere else?
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There's a lot of Old (Doctor) Who, I couldn't possibly watch it all.

Which episodes should I make sure to watch because they're awesome?
And which episodes should I make sure to watch because they contain important backstory?


Has anyone ever made the move from the United States to Canada?

I am 99% sure I will be moving to Toronto come January. I am the type of person that needs to know what to expect. What's the move like? What are some quirky laws I should know of? What's the taxes like up there? etc... anything is helpful!
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How should I cut my hair? It's getting so long and annoying. My hair is super straight and will barely hold a curl. It's also thin but I have a lot of hair.

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I thought I wanted it to super long, to my butt kind of long but it's so annoying so I don't know.

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Rabbit, Golf, Civic, Jetta, or Outback....?

Or something a LOT like one of those....

Needs 4 doors, room for 2 car seats, and a double stroller in the trunk/hatch.

PS please dont say 4Runner, they are bad luck for me :\
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Long time, no question!

I let my little brother and his friends come over to my apartment last night and smoke hookah. They promised that they've done this before, so long as they put a fan by an open window my apartment wouldn't get very smelly.

He was wrong. My apartment smells so badly of hookah it's kind of nauseating. I've still got the fan by the window, but does anyone have any tips for how to get rid of the smell?

Also, I got my hair dyed red at a salon. Two washes later, there is still some red stuff coming out of my hair in the shower. Is this normal?

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Why do I always feel as though i've just done a workout when I wake up?

My leg muscles ache and my stomach feels as though i've been doing situps. People I have shared a bed with tell me I don't move.
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Have you ever mounted a TV yourself? Is it difficult? Any tips?

I have a 36" Sharp flatscreen that I want to mount in my living room and GeekSquad wants $250 to do it. HELLLLLLL NO

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Is there a place online, a message board or some such, where you can post math questions and get people who know what they're talking about to answer/explain stuff? Not just like a tutorial website, but something interactive?

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The Coke machine is out of order here at work and I've just been asked to convert a 6" x 3" ad into a 3" x 7" ad "WITHOUT MAKING IT LOOK SCRUNCHED OR SQUISHED!!!!!"

I'm suffering from a lack of caffeine and an urge to smack our sales rep over the head with a spatula.

What's pissing you off today, tqc?

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TQC, have you or a loved one ever had an "angiogram"? How was it?

My mom has to have one and she is really scared, as am I. She's all I have for family, I love her to death, and am so scared. If anything happened to her, I would be beyond devstated.
My mom is allergic to the dye, but they're giving her medication for that. I know the possible complications, and I'm terrified.
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It's my birthday today TQC! Is it yours? Or anyone you know?

If it was your birthday today what would you want as a present? how would you want to spend your day?

Have you ever met someone famous who you didn't like?

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Have you ever been to an Outback Steakhouse? Did you like it? What about it do you like/hate?

I went to lunch there, and for some reason the place is really popular but I really can't figure out why. My friends think I'm crazy, but I thought the seasonings were gross and the menu was cluttered and weird.

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Have you ever written or e-mailed your Senator or Congressman about a bill or issue? If so, what was your stance on that issue and what kind of response did you get?

Did you sign up to get e-mails from the White House on new announcements and issues that are being discussed?
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How early are you to most things? Let's assume you're within walking distance to these places, so parking and other factors that aren't completely decided by you aren't an issue.

You have an 11:00 class. What time do you get to the classroom?

I'm going to take the bus to my 3:30 class because it's too damn hot to walk uphill, and I can't decide if I should take the 2:42 or the 2:57 bus. It sits at the stop for about 10 minutes and then takes 5 to get to campus. It takes me 10 minutes to get to the classroom from the bus stop. How early is too early?
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1. What was the last thing you regretted? Paying an extra quarter for a "Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie" then finding out one of the chocolates is white chocolate. Yuck.

DK/DC: Have you ever been pulled over by a cop for something other than speeding? What? A while ago for going too slow in the left lane, and today for having a loud exhaust
SPN: Dean: Dear diary

Who knows how to fix Dad's computer?

My Dad accidentally deleted some programs off his computer. Among the things that won't work correctly anymore are iTunes and Windows media player. He keeps getting an error message that says something is wrong with the sound device or there isn't a sound device. Resetting the computer to default isn't an option because he bought the computer used from a guy who isn't in business anymore and it didn't come with a restore disk or the disks for any of the programs on it. So, TQC, how do I fix it and make my dad leave me alone about his computer for five minutes?
ETA: Fixed! Thanks TQC!
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Whenever I blow my nose, I sneeze non-stop...uncontrollably for like 3 minutes. Does this happen to anyone else? Why do you think this happens?

Where do you have to go today?

What can you smell right now?
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Are any of you familiar with the website Triond? My boyfriend is an aspiring author and I thought that Triond might be a good place for him to start publishing his writing, but we're worried about his work being stolen off there. Do any of you know if Triond protects their authors writing in any way? (My google-fu has failed me and the website faq isnt helping either..)

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 Where do you so badly NOT want to live that you would turn down an otherwise good job due purely to location?

Simpler version:
"I wouldn't take a job in ___________ regardless of what the job was."
Will you please fill in the blank, TQC?
World in my Hands


For my job uniform I'm allowed to wear jeans, black pants, tan pants, and blue pants.

Do you think dark turquoise is a little too blue?
Should I just wear a dirty pair of pants?

Do you have a uniform at your job? What is it?

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Hypothetical. Really.

If someone wanted to swap cars with you for a day (because theirs needs work on the engine and transmission) to take their S.O. 270 miles south to visit a city he's never been to, would you? 

Would you be a jerk for declining?

What if it just worried you, even though you know they're a good driver?

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I worked out with a 4 pound kettlebell for 10 minutes yesterday and I'm seriously sore today so I can't go to the gym like I wanted. Guess I should have stretched better first. :P

What's the last time you did something stupid that prevented you from doing something else you wanted to do?

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Would you consider this a good job?

Being hired as an assassin to kill a list of people that deserved it?

Or would you rather have a sit down job? ;D


K, nevermind. Sorry :] Will be leaving. I just think running around with spy gear on would be super cool. I guess I could go shoot some deer, or something :X
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Do you have any trouble seeing your parents as human (capable of error, deserving of forgiveness, full of weakness, more than just your caregiver, etc.)?

Does the thought that one day they will pass away feel real to you or does it seem almost ludicrous?
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My nephew has outgrown his baby swing. In the spot where it is I'd like to put a swinging bar- like a basic trapeze bar. They used to have metal ones on the playgrounds here but now they are "too dangerous" (even the chains on the swings have plastic so kids don't pinch their fingers!!)

I have chain but what should I use for the bar? Would thin PVC pipe be strong enough?

ETA: Nvm sells them . So instead:
What's the last local (to you) news story that made nat'l headlines?

- Craigslist killer killed himself.

Selling A House

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I volunteered today to help out my aunt with making the house look presentable.

Here're the questions:
Am I crazy?
How should I go about doing this?
Got any tips?
What are nice ways to be firm about certain things, or should I just let them do whatever they want?

I'm feeling sorry for my aunt who has no say in this it seems. :(

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I'm making chicken and rice a roni for dinner tonight. How should I prepare the chicken? (boneless breasts)

How do you normally style your hair? How long does that take?
bonus points for pictures

What is your opinion on the differences of freedom to vs freedom from?
the boys from queens


For the next ~24 hours, I will be in airports/flying and getting in at around 7:30PM on Thursday (which is 7 hours earlier than the timezone I'm leaving from). On Friday, I have two big girl job interviews (my first since I just graduated!). Is this a bad idea? :/

DK/DC: What has been your longest flight ever? Total time between point A and B, including stopovers and stuff. How was it?

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I recently found out that i have a gluten allergy (celiac disease), so now i cant eat any foods that contain gluten. Does anyone here have this too? If so can you recommend some good gluten free foods/recipes?
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I think I just bought mom jeans, what should I do?

I bought these jeans because they were black and they were $25 and I was in a hurry and I only looked at them for about 10 seconds in the dressing room. I have a really, really hard time buying jeans that fit because I have ultra short legs and a very small waist but my thighs and calves are big, so finding some that were the right length was enough to make me buy them.

They look pretty good in the mirror at home. They certainly don't look worse than my existing jeans and they are really dark black, which I wanted. However, the waist is higher than on any of my other jeans. It is almost up to my navel. Probably because they are supposed to be "tummy control." I don't notice anything tight in the tummy, and I don't need control there, but they do fit up against my waist in back (most jeans gap 3-4 inches there because my waist is tiny), so probably there is stretch somewhere. So what I'm trying to decide is:

a) take them back because they are mom jeans, keep looking for jeans
b) keep them because they fit, they are black, they were only $25 and I am 45 years old and who am I kidding
c) other.

If c) is the answer, what is Other?
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Say you want to dress up as a character with a very unnatural hair colour for halloween (and if it comes out nice, perhaps wear it to a few conventions). Would you cut and dye your hair, or buy a wig? 

If buying a wig, would you buy one online, or go shopping for one at a party store/wig seller/etc? 
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 What's the best comeback you or someone else ever said to someone? Bonus points for the whole conversation.

Your favorite commercial slogan, and why? Mind is Bulova's old slogan: "Time flies, Bulova soars" because I'd listen to the Braves on WSB in Atlanta and they would always play that one, brings back good memories.
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What are your favorite crock pot recipes that are relatively inexpensive and will feed me for a couple days that aren't anything of a chili/soup type?

Alternatively, since I have $40 and a grocery store by my house, what should I buy?
(I'm trying to eat as close to a low GI diet as possible to manage my weight and PCOS symptoms)
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What mod would you like to see removed from tqc if you had to pick one?
Who would you like to see replace them as a mod?

Tqc mods are shippo, imaria, silvermask, noodledays, and shadowmichi
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TQC, will you tell me your favourite/most memorable awkward engagement party or wedding story?

Inspired by the engagement party I have this weekend where the bride has only now asked everyone to wear black-tie; and the time my mother wore the same outfit to a wedding as the bride (to clarify - it was a chic, cream-coloured top worn with trousers and a jacket. She found it last-minute at a discount store near our house. Apparently so did the bride). Also the time that my mother's cousin was arrested for drug dealing at his own wedding reception. Held at his (tiny) flat. The police dragged him out of the cupboard, where he was hiding. I think he'd also had his top teeth knocked out the day before by his own brother. Aaaaaawkward.

(no subject)

Will you please describe some of the most outrageously ugly and embarrassing outfits your parents dressed you up in as a kid?

Photos are encouraged, but I understand if you've already burned the evidence.

(no subject)

Will I finally get rid of those stubborn stains disgracing my toilet by pouring boiling water and Mr. Clean into it?

I've already tried leaving product sit in it overnight, and scrubbing it until some of the water got on my arm ;_;

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So, my optician lover says that:

-tonight he has to file his taxes
-tomorrow night he has to vote in the Australian election
-Friday night he has to have an early night because he's working on Saturday at 6am
-Saturday night he's going to see 'Into The Woods' with Judy Dench
-Sunday night he has to go to fill in a friends passport
-Wednesday he's leaving for Madrid for 3 weeks

but he can see me Sunday day.

Does this sound like legitimate busy, or that he's making excuses not to see me?
Old school

Juggalove me all night long

1. Which of these fine human beings would you hook up with, if you had to?

2. If all these people attended your birthday party, what birthday gifts do you think you'd get?

3. Let's assume there's a couple thousand juggalos hanging out at a clown-themed campsite. How many sticks of deodorant do you think you'd be able to find in this campsite?

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much more entertaining is an event if it's populated by Tila Tequila and Ron Jeremy?

5. Is it more humiliating to be outed as a Juggalo or outed as a furry or is it too close to call?
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So, those people who make icons for a living on LJ? 

When they say something like "rules: it is mandatory to credit," what exactly do they plan to do if you don't give them their (not actually very) due credit in your icon note? Is there like an icon police? Do they just send angry PMs? Will they find where you live and shut you down (f'realz)?

Also, what's up with those ones who demand you put "© iconmaker'susername"? Do they actually think they can copyright someone else's copyrighted work? I think that one baffles me the most.

Why is icon making such srs bsns, guys? 
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 I almost never wear makeup. I wear mascara every now and then, but that's about it. I'm getting engagement pictures done with my fiance next weekend, and I want look natural in my pics, but still pretty and nice. I do have some powder foundation and some eye shadow (neutral/earthy colors). How do I do my make up for the pics?

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I'm going into my first semester of college. The work study job I want requires a resume. I just graduated last June, and the only job I've worked has been for the last two months. That leaves a pretty empty piece of paper.

Is it inappropriate to include high school accomplishments/activities on a resume, even if I just graduated this year?


Would former teachers and/or stage directors count as professional or personal references?

(no subject)

Do you have any sexual experiences that sound like a stereotypical porn plot? Like for example, have any of you TQC'ers ever fucked the pizza delivery guy/girl? Or any other similar thing?

Up in the air, I fly - zoom, zoom, azoom azoom zoom!

I am travelling overseas for the first time and I have a 20kg baggage allowance, but I have no idea what 20kg in luggage is like, practically? Can you give me any frame of reference?

What should I do to amuse myself on the 20+ hour flight. Srs and non srs.

What will I need in my in-flight luggage?

Will you tell me your flight horror stories to freak me the fuck out?

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TQC, I have to go do a number of related errands tomorrow that will probably take a really long time and be super annoying, but all of them have to be accomplished so that the end result (a duplicate birth certificate) can be acquired. What do you do to make your errands more fun/interesting?
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 Poll #xxxx

Which of these foods do you like?

Feta cheese
Creamy peanut butter
Crunchy peanut butter
Macaroni and cheese
Pico de Gallo
Sour cream


Thin-crust pizza
Catalina salad dressing
Caesar salad
Swiss cheese
Ground turkey
Ground beef
Spicy mustard


Bread & butter/sweet pickles
Lima beans
Baked fish

Fear The HypnoTube?

If you are in a room with a TV, do you feel the need to look at it every few minutes?

I watch very little TV, especially when it's not football season. I don't even have cable. Been like this for years. But I have found that for some reason if I am in a room with a TV that is on I feel the need to look at it every few minutes even if I know the show on right now is not at all interesting to me and even if I am doing something else unrelated to the TV (reading, having a conversation, playing a game). I find it really annoying but not sure how I can get myself to ignore the TV.
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my tummy hurts :(

TQC, why does my tummy hurt?

For the past four or five days my stomach has randomly started hurting after I eat. It's never an excruciating pain, it goes from not there at all to just random twinges that annoy me, and it's almost never in the same place. It really started after I drank some orange-pineapple juice, and after I drink some of that, the pain is usually worse, more like a stomach cramp. I stayed home sick from work on Saturday because I had what I thought was a stomach virus, and, well, my digestive system has just been kinda flaky lately. The outcome, ha ha ha, is normal, though. And whenever it hurts, no matter where the pain is, belching usually helps.

I'm going to keep track of what I eat for the next few days or so and see if anything lines up, but what do YOU think it is, tqc? Newly developed food allergy (as far as I know I don't have any)? Lactose? Is anyone here allergic to citrus? I think I remember reading that some of ya'll are.

(no subject)

Which laptop should I buy?

15" Sony Vaio EB Series
13" MacBook
15" MacBook Pro
15.5" Samsung R-580

dk/dc: What's a good estimate of the cost to spay a cat? I have a 5 month old Himalayan that I just got and she needs to get fixed asap but I would like to have an idea of what it'll cost before I go in.