August 17th, 2010

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Have you ever dated someone who's family's political views and religious views were completely different than yours and they hated you for it? What did you do in this situation?

Also: will you please post your favorite macros/internet memes, funny pictures?

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Oh no TQC, please validate this for me!!!!!!!

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Tl:dr I got randomly accused of being rude after my friends decided to cancel plans we'd made 3 months in advance, knowing I had already committed to spending money on tickets. Vindicate me?

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Are there any artists/celebrities that you don't like because of something they did in their social life? What about inside the confines of what they do for a living?

What about something that happened in an artists/celebrities life that makes you feel terrible for them? 

Morgan Freeman and his step-granddaughter still grosses me out. I'm still not over it and ick. Just ick. I will never feel the same about him. 

I love Eric Clapton, but as soon as I hear his music I think of his son falling out of a window and am horrified and disturbed all over again. 


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Let's assume we are/were (it's unclear) good (or not so good) friends.  I don't like your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee/husband/wife/partner and refuse to acknowledge his/her existence by ignoring him/her even when standing right next to him/her and have done so on numerous occasions, despite your asking me not to. My reasoning for not liking him/her is I think he/she is going to break up with you. You two have been together for almost 5 years.  Are you and I still friends? If you answered no, do you tell me so (bonus points for why) or just let the "friendsihp" fade out.

the uncomplicated version: i don't like the person you are with, are we still friends?

Pets, man.

So I just had a freak-the-hell-out moment. I came home from hanging out with friends a little while ago and couldn't find my kitten. No biggie, I bet she's chillin' up stairs somewhere. A half hour passes and I still haven't seen her. Fine, be that way. I'm going to lie on the couch and watch Jimmy Fallon before I go to sleep. I heard something squeak from what I thought was outside my sliding glass door. How did the cat get out?!... no, not out there. Under the couch? Nope. So I turn to look under the recliner and there she is! Relived, I went to scoop her up but then I noticed a small problem.Collapse )

Image and video hosting by TinyPic TL/DR: Has your pet ever gotten stuck somewhere or do you have a 'rescued an animal from certain doom' story?
I <3 TLV

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Any tips for finding hard to find mp3s? I want to replace stuff I downloaded ~10 years ago that seem to have disappeared from the internet. But the internet is pretty big, they've got to be here somewhere... right?

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I can't smile naturally in pictures. I always have this constipated, 'I have to fart but I'm holding it in' look on my face or I'm doing the Chandler. How do I smile for pictures without looking crazy or like I have to poop?

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Im thinking of getting a dragon tatoo on my back, left side. But im wondering, what does the dragon symbolise in christianity?


Im thinking of getting a tattoo on my back.*cough*
at the beginning i was thinking of getting a heart or a crown on my wrists but its not worth the cash im paying so i am thinking of getting something bigger.

any ideas? I can think of only two things, dragon or fairy. Something I wont regret 20 years from now

Dragon it is :D

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What do you do for stomach pain, TQC? I woke up at 3:30 am with stomach cramps and tried water, juice, a snack, and tums. Went back to bed at 4:30 feeling better but not great. Woke up again at 6:30 feeling even worse. Last time I had stomach cramps I had a sprite and everything was all better, but I have no sprite this time! I am trying Dr. Pepper instead. I keep burping but my stomach still hurts.

Save me, Dr. TQC! Srs/nonsrs both appreciated.

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TQC, I just recorded a song that is ~2 minutes long, and tonight I want to make a timelapse painting video to go along with it. I want to do a small painting that will only take me one evening. Will you suggest some good things for me to paint?

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Once someone has it out for you in AMA, it never goes away, right?

I didnt even get a chance to breathe there, I post a comment and it gets chomped by the same 2 people over and over again. They cant leave me alone.

So, Hi TQC, Im Cait.
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Imagine for a moment that you are the owner of a business (think something more traditional, like a law firm or doctor's office). You have two applicants for a position as an administrative assistant: both have the exact same credentials. Applicant A is very friendly and has a great telephone voice, but has a septum piercing and displays it during the interview, and you also notice a tattoo on their wrist. Applicant B is slightly less outgoing, but is very polite, and does not have any visible piercings or tattoos.
Who do you hire and why?
Would your answer change if Applicant A had multiple visible piercings and tattoos?

ETA: the position as an administrative assistant would mean that the person filling the position would be the first person your clients see when they walk in the door.

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Today, at 12:30, I will start my first day of school at my local VoTech. I will be learning how to be a Physical Therapist's Aide.

As I have been homeschooled my whole life, this will be the first kind of public schooling I will ever attend and I'm pretty damn nervous.

Any advice or stories about your days of school you'd like to share to make me feel better? Or just pictures of kittens? I'll take anything.

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tl;dr- Boyfriend tells girlfriend on almost everything she says, its stupid. Bad?

dk/dc/i'm an idiot for asking-
What was the first question you remember seeing/answering on tqc?
stoast asked "Why don't you like me". I believe in had something to do with a song.

What was the first question you asked?
I think i asked for music ideas because I needed new stuff.
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Something tells me I may regret asking this but.....

Can anyone recommend a method of downloading podcasts to be added to an iPod without using iTunes? The iTunes on my main computer is registered to my boyfriend's account ergo I need his password. I'd prefer having a way to download them to my iPod without accessing his iTunes account..
Had a *facepalm* moment when I was reminded it is possible to have more than one iTunes account on a computer.... However I did forget to mention that I hate using iTunes so an alternative suggestion would be appreciated.

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Have any of you ever tried or participated in Weight Watchers?

What was your experience like? Did you lose any weight? If so, how much?

Did you excercise as well? If so, how often/what kind of excercise?
jumping bear

Potential job help.

I applied for a job at a Hemp store a couple weeks back. The manager said he'd give me a call in about 3 weeks. I was planning on coming in today to chat up the manager and show interest. I also discovered that my phone isn't making/getting calls properly; I can only use text messaging. Should I stop in and say something like, "I just wanted to let you know, my phone isn't working, so the best way to reach me would be e-mail"? Maybe phrased a little different?

Also, I'm pretty sure the manager still has my resume, but should I write my e-mail address down again anyway? Lol at unintentional rhyme.

How are you today?
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My daughter's 8th birthday was on Sunday. To celebrate, we're pulling her and her friend out of school a little early and taking them to an amusement park. She has no idea it's coming, and has never been on any sort of fast ride. So TQC, first, do you think my daughter will puke while on the rides? And also, what was the best birthday surprise you've ever gotten?
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I've done some googling, but I'm really, really bad at understanding technology so I was hoping someone could simplify this question with a yes or no.

I have an AT&T contract. My current phone is basic. I am considering an iPhone. I checked online and it says that if I want to upgrade, the iPhone3GS 8GB is $300 and the iPhone4 16GB is $400.

Anyway my question is, if I buy an iPhone used online, can I take it to the AT&T store and they will set it up? Or if I get an iTouch, can it be made into an iPhone?


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So ive been talking to a guy since july 3, started dated a few weeks later and have spent everyday together since we met and went camping with him for a week(just trying to show the connection), and we are crazy for eachother, but things are going to change soon. he will be a senior in college 2 hrs away and ill be in college too but just community. Right there is going to be hard, but he also has a marines recuitor coming to his house on Thursday and is going to sign papers to leave next summer. How would you react to this? Do you think it would be worth it, considering I am only 20 and that's a lot of heartache for a college student. Plus I think I'm transferring next year to the same city he is in now(I had those plans before we met).

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I'll try to keep this scenario short.

I have an internship offer for a really fantastic position that will give me a lot of opportunities later on.  Problem: it's unpaid and I have no money.  I can probably swing it, but it will be really difficult and will probably end up with me in debt.

I'm also still in the process of interviewing for another internship that's even more fantastic, is paid, and is the exact position that I hope to work in permanently as a career.  The interviewer also sounded really excited about me, so that I feel like I have a really good shot at getting this position.  But I don't know when I'll hear from them.

I obviously want internship #2 more, but it's not a sure thing.  Is it unprofessional to contact the organization explaining my dilemma and hoping that will push their hand?  Or will that make me sound desperate?

What would you do?

Do you have any stories of similar dilemmas?

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1)I can a)see scott pilgrim tommorow b)eat hot udon soup for my cold today. Which should I do? Difficulty: I'm a fan of the GNs, and am very sick.

2)Are you going to work today? Why or why not?

No. I'm not scheduled. I'm also very ill.

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TQC, what is going on with my dog?

This morning, he came into my room, curled up in a ball on my bed and started shaking/shivering. Then he ran into the corner of my room, curled up in a ball again, and contineud to shake, then bolted out of my room and hid behind the couch in my living room. I put out his breakfast, he went up to it, then seemed to get scared and ran behind the couch again. It took forever to get him out, and when I did he ran onto my lap/into my arms and kept shaking. He never lets anyone even pet him for too long, let alone engulf his body like that, so it was very odd. Then he seemed to be normal, he ate his food, and walked around the apartment, but refused to go into my room. He would walk with me right upto the door frame, and when I went in, he would bolt away again.

Is he sick? Just scared? A combo of both? Are there ghosts in my room? Wtf? :(

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TQC, my nine year old son has a question for you:

So long as you do not go to deep underwater, can you swim with a watch that says it resists water?

He will be replying to comments if needed. :)

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has anyone in the TQC transferred schools (as in colleges)? How was the experience? Was it easy to meet people at the school you transferred to?

I just transferred from a school upstate to a school in the city and am second guessing my decision. I transferred for academic reasons, but left my whole social life :(


When was the last time you were angry...about nothing...

I have recently gone back into my depression and its getting pretty bad. I know the causes but recently my anger has been coming back. But aside from the reasons that my depression came back...I cannot figure out why all of a sudden my anger has come back. .

But I feel like its about nothing...I get small reasons...but they dont seem big enough to cause this sort of anger...

When was the last time you were angry about did you deal with it?

NB: My depression has been caused my business falling apart and the amount of debt I am in because of it. I should have never started my own business and realised it would have been better just to stay at my old job

The Typing Question

What did you learn to type on? If you used a computer, what computer did you use?

In my school, we had a bunch of old, outdated for the time, Apple computers, and a program called "Micro Type: The Wonderful World of Paws."
grrr, lichtenstein

German shoes


Recently I was in Bonn, Germany and found a pair of shoes I really wanted but they didn't have my size. Stupidly, I didn't write down the name, and now I can't find them anywhere online. Do you know of any communities on LJ that work kind of like whatwasthatone and the sort, where you can describe an item and use the hivemind to track it down, but for shoes? I've tried Zappos, and Endless, and even Also, if you know of any German shoe websites that might help, that'd be cool.

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I'm about to go on an overnight flight to Europe, and I already have trouble sleeping. Would it be stupid to take a t3 and a percocet when I board the plane? Could mixing the two make me sick? I don't have xanax or anything so I'm improvising.

DK/DC: Do you enjoy flying, or are you ~terrified~.

I like flying, I just find it impossible to relax.

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1. What kind of pet do you own?
2. What's its name?
3. How did you decide on the name?
4. How old is it?
5. Where did you get it? (A breeder, the animal shelter, from a friend or a relative...)

Bonus round:
6. Will you post a picture :D

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Have you ever told someone something about you, only for them (or whoever else is around) to instantly make offensive comments about it?
Example: I'm completely white with dark features so people generally think that I'm Mediterranean. I was asked by a co-worker what my background was and I told them that I'm completely Australian with my mother being Aboriginal. One of my supervisors overheard and instantly started to bag out Aboriginals.

What did you do about it?
confused, Huh?

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Anyone who remembers me asking about me medical drama, this picks up were it left off.

So I got my test results back for my thyroid. I'm normal...but barely. As in, a few points away from my levels being in the *hypo* category. On top of that, I have most of the symptoms, especially the bad fatigue. Thing is, this bloodtest was taken _right before_ my symptoms started.

My one doctor told me to talk about it with my family doctor, and here I'm stuck with what for me is a difficult choice. Do I accept I'm normal, go with my gut feeling that something is wrong here and try to convince my family doctor of that, or try to talk my family doctor in letting me have another blood test?
josh and leo/a helping hand

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inspired by the question below about terrifying movies -

1. what's a spectacularly creepy or suspenseful movie that's not necessarily a favorite but you still really like to recommend?

2. is there anything in particular about it, like a certain scene, the setting you first watched it in, or a memory that you've tied into it that you'd share with us?

3. if you don't care for the terrifying, what's your favorite kind of movie to recommend?

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Speaking of condoms, my roommate brought home a bag of like...50 (she used to be an RA and I think they were leftovers from a program she did). We don't use this kind, so what should we do with them?

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Sorry if this has already been brought up in the last week. Save me, TQC!

My feet hurt sooo bad from my shoes that now I can barely walk on them today. Today was the first day of teaching all my students on a normal schedule at my new school. I travel between four rooms and am on my feet for the whole day. I can't continue walking on these hard floors with the shoes I have.

I will pay for good shoes, but I don't know what to get! I'm 24, overweight, and wear lots of black skirts. I'd like a pair of shoes that do not have a tall heel, but would go with pants or skirts. Will you help me find comfortable shoes, pleeeeease?

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I am going on a sailing holiday in a week. The boat is equipped with an ipod dock and speakers and I would like to make a playlist of boat/sailing/sea related songs to play!

Will you give me some suggestions? I don't care about the genre, or how cheesy the songs are!
[[shalina nila]]

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i wanna buy a bike. what kind of bike should i get?

i live in san jose, ca & i have no car. so i decided i might as well get a bike.
Good Idea??

about myself, i walk to work everyday & im only about 5'1.
Some advice? questions? suggestions?

Money, money

Okay, so I can buy my books on Amazon for cheaper than the university bookstore...

If I have an assortment of new and used with Amazon's student/prime program it comes to $218. Some of my books may take 14 business days to get here, which means I won't have them when the semester starts. Knowing my luck, one of the books I don't have will be the one I need that first week.

OR, I can buy them all new from Amazon and get them in 2-3 days for around #244.

Should I pay the extra $26 to ensure that I have them on time, or should I be cheap and wait it out?

DC Foodie Question

We're heading up to DC for 3 days at the end of the month - one day is business, the rest are pleasure.
What's your favourite downtown DC restaurant? My husband's a massive foodie and but so busy with work I'm in charge of finding places for dinner each night (I'm a mac 'n cheese kinda person ha).
We're looking for something Thomas Keller/Heston blumenthal-ish to try. (It's also close enough to our anniversary so we don't mind paying a bit extra for an awesome meal to celebrate that).  We're staying at the Doubletree on16th/ Rhode Island Av so walking distance of that would be awesome.Seafood places are out (I'm allergic) and somewhere you don't have too be super dressy to fit in would also be a plus since we're travelling super light but that's not a deal breaker!
Rec's for other foodie haunts for breakfast/treats also appreciated.

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TQC, I just locked myself out of my apartment. Luckily my boyfriend has a key, but he's not home and for once isn't answering his phone. I'm never locking the door from the inside as I leave again.

What stupid thing have you done lately? What will you do in the future to make sure it doesn't happen again?
bowie - growing up

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What are some little sacrifices you make for your relationship?
I mean things that might seem a nuisance but are good to do anyway. Like saying "I love you" even when you're mad at your SO, or not cracking a joke about their thinning hair even though they aren't in the room and it WOULD get laughs.

Unrelated: If someone tells you a big secret, who do you want to tell first? In your mind, is it okay to tell ANYBODY? Like, your SO or your best friend (who is excellent at keeping secrets/doesn't know anybody connected to the secret/etc)? Or do you feel like this is a major violation of trust?

What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

Ever heard of TRG? Legit or fraud?

The last thing I googled was "TRG Field Solutions" because they called me out of the blue offering a commission-only door-to-door sales job. I got as far as "trg" and the autocomplete field said "trg field solutions scam". Ever heard of them? Ever worked for them? Are they a scam?

skin care

What's your skin care routine? Are you happy with it?

Do you use a toner? If so, do you rinse your face off after using it or just put it on with a cotton ball and let it dry? Does it matter?

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Hey TQC. I'm in a bit of a birth control bind at the moment and will have to use condoms for two months :/
What condoms are best (safest/best-feeling) in your opinion?

I've been on Ortho-Novum 7/7/7 for two years and it's been great, but my doctor's an ass and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the same thing again, so just in case: Ladies, what birth control pills have worked best for you?
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 My gf was recently given a laptop with Ubuntu and we're trying to install VLC on it and frankly, it's confusing the hell out of us. I've googled the hell out of it, but all the forum Q&As seem to be from about five years ago.

How do you easily install VLC on Ubuntu?


When you cook a tv dinner, do you microwave it or put it in the oven? I hate nuked tv dinners : /

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Have you ever played Planescape Torment? What did you think of it if you have?

I just downloaded it and I love it, although it's a bit challenging.

what was the last really great slushie/frozen drink you had?

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My brother-in-law invited me to go shopping on Friday with him and my nephew. My BIL rarely even talks to me and my nephew hasn't started talking yet.

What the hell are we going to talk about?
Do you think he's trying to reach out and be friends?

Are you close to your in-laws?

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anyone live in or around the Columbus, Ohio area? I'm thinking of going there for a bit of a vacation (I live about 2 hrs away and don't know any one there so it's a perfect place for everyone to leave me the hell alone :) ) Any suggestions on what to do or see?

One other big factor... are there cicadas out? Like crawling/flying around? or just in the trees? I can't Google it because if I see a picture of them, I will freak the fuck out. I am deathly afraid of them. I can handle hearing them in the trees, but if they are where I can see them, I will not be able to go.
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new laptop time

i have to get a laptop for school and i've only ever had a PC. i don't need it to do anything fancy for school; it's mainly to type on the go. that said, i do a lot of art and photo stuff in general.

what laptop should i go with? what do you have? likes, dislikes?
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Three of my friends and I are all 27. I recently decided to compile a list of the 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. My three friends are joining in on the fun with their own lists. I feel like all my stuff is fairly mild while they all immediately said (and individually, for that matter) "Skydiving!!".

Do you have a similar list? What's on it?
What would you put on your list if you don't currently have one?
Should I publicly journal my trek on achieving my 30 things?
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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Does anyone know where I can find scans of the Iron Man comic where the suit gets a mind of its own, gets jealous about Tony's girlfriend, kidnaps Tony and strands him on a desert island?

DK/DC: Batman or Iron Man?

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do you eat your emotions? i do.

if you do or used to, is there anything i can do to help myself stop it besides some sort or therapy or something like that? a lot of times i do it and dont even realize it.
fake smile

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will you name one, or several, of your pet peeves?

mine: people asking me to tell them about myself. or people constantly asking what do you wanna talk about? omg shut up and let's just talkkkk

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Maybe this is a stupid question, but I'm in a stupid situation.

I think I might actually "like-like" the guy I'm currently hooking up with, but don't know if I should say something to him about it. We've never been "romantic" or anything, we just hook up. I'm embarrassed to ask my friends about this so I'm coming to you guys. Do you think I should say something to him about how I'm feeling or just keep my mouth shut and hope the feelings go away? If I should say something, how should the conversation go?!

DK/DC: Have you ever been in a FWB situation in which one of you developed feelings for the other? Will you please tell me about it?

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What did you think of the end of Inception? I mean the very, very end. Three seconds, cut, roll credits.

If you haven't seen Inception... don't read the replies to this fuckin' post, unless you like spoilers.

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my birthday is in 9 days! yay me!

should i go to the bronx zoo or the coney island aquarium for my birthday? the zoo probably has more stuff, but costs more and is farther from home, so my roommate will probably drive and we will have to pay for parking.

when was the last time you visited a zoo or aquarium? did you go with children?

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I have a phone interview extremely nervous mostly because i really want this job so i can quit my other before i go absolutely insane..any words of advice? help me calm down?
SPN: Dean: Dear diary

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What could someone find out about a person from just a cell number and first name?  And how would a person go about finding that information?
dk/dc: What would you do during a "study break"?  My study group thinks switching subjects doesn't rest your brain enough.

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I was reading this "50 Universal Truths About Men," and came upon this:

I love it when you put your hair in a pony tail. Yes, it's a Freudian thing.

What does that mean? I can only come up with three explanations:

1. The ponytail itself is a phallic symbol.

2. The ponytail makes him think of a tail, which makes him think of her ass.

3. He enjoys comparing women to animals.

Did Freud say something about ponytails? What is so "Freudian" about this? Or is he just trying to justify his own ponytail fetish by claiming it's "universal"?

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what's your favorite thing to mix with vodka?

what's the dumbest thing you've done while drunk/drinking?

what's the best thing that's happened while you were drunk/drinking?

how often do you drink?

(sorry i've got alcohol on the brain tonight, and none in my glass >=[ )
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Today, i had a dream in which my french teacher flipped out on me because i wasn't going to take a statistics course in college. a lot of my friends looked down on me too, but when i woke up from the dream, i got my  schedule in the mail saying that the course is filled. 


should i take it?

when's the last time that you had a dream that was slightly relevant to reality. scenario?