August 16th, 2010


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Are you vegetarian or vegan?
If so, what made you decide to become one?
What is your favorite vegetarian snack?
Meateaters, have you ever thought about going vegetarian?  If so, what stopped you?
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Just wanted to post because I haven't been asking as many questions recently.

Have yall taken the poll of the day (It says have you ever grown your own vegetables?)?
I was surprised at the number of people who HAVE grown their own vegetables. Wow. (I haven't.)

Have you ever wanted to ask a question but were afraid of being judged or afriad of just the answers you would get in general? Did you ask it anyway? Was it worth it?

Anyway, I am logging off of livejournal I guess. Talk to yall later.

totally hypothetical, of course.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how utterly slutty is it to go on a first date when you still have a fading hickey from someone else?

The hickey would be concealed, obvs, otherwise it would just be terribly bad form.

Alternatively: What are some signals/hints that your male FWB wants to be something more than just FWB?
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So I am in a wedding on the 4th of September and my son has been invited to be the ring bearer. He's three and doesn't stand still. If he is at the wedding, there will be no attending the wedding. I will be chasing around my 3 year old. I am broke - so I can't hire a nanny. I'm probably missing some obvious solution but I can't seem to think of what I can do outside of having to leave the reception at the beginning to take him somewhere and finding someone to watch him during the ceremony. Just...the idea of having him with me at a wedding and reception is not my idea of ideal. While I would love to have him be the ring bearer, the more I think about it, it sounds like a lot of trouble.

Any ideas?


Okay so I'm like ready to buy my ticket for this but I want to be sure I get the best deal.
I want to wander Europe for a couple months before the end of this year. It seems to get cheaper and cheaper to fly the closer I get to the end of the year so I can cope with November and December.

Where can I get a really good search of the cheapest flight tickets I can get to somewhere in Central Europe sometime this year? Most sites seem to make me do a LOT of too specific searches over and over to figure this out.
What's snow and the weather in general like in Central Europe in November and December?
If I don't want to keep things very planned but I want to make my money go far, what's the cheapest way to find places to sleep throughout Europe?
Does anyone have any tips for wandering a foreign part of the world?
Are there any questions I'm forgetting?

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I heard that they are selling a book in Disneyworld that tells the story of Malificent from her point of view. Anyone know the name of this book? Please don't re-direct me to Whatwasthatbook, it takes too long to get an answer.

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Hello I'm back with my trainwreck of a love life. Sooo you guys remember the guy that dumped me out of the blue saying he lost interest? Well he was at a party with me last night and we screwed in the back of his car (never did it in a car before... I was quite fascinated when the windows actually fogged up like in titanic) and he said he changed his mind buuuuut we were drunk. So I asked him today if we could talk about it and he asked if it could wait until tomorrow. It's totally gonna be bad news y/y?
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Who is the last person you drunk texted? Drunk dialed? Drunk facebooked? Drunk anything else I can't think of?

What's the last alcoholic beverage you had?

What kind of car do you drive?

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I am fuming! FUMING!

Basically, I've got into an argument with a friend. I've also loaned him just £20 from a couple days ago. He has the money now. So whilst we were arguing, I also asked for the money back. It might have sounded petty but I'm not losing money over it (even if it isn't much)!

And now, the argument continues and he brings up me taking back the money. He says I shouldn't ask for the money back because I don't need it. I THOUGHT THIS PART WAS FUCKING RIDICULOUS! All in all, because I'm not broke right now, he has no reason to pay me back. It ended with him throwing the scrunched up note at me.

Would this piss you off too TQC?

DK/DC: What makes you smile?
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did you make the switch from pc to mac?

was the transition difficult?

as far as i know music purchased with itunes on a pc is incompatible with macs. is this correct? were you able to rescue your music if this was a problem?

was the transition worth it (primarily money wise)?

eta: i remember what i wanted to ask! ipods that are used with pcs are incompatible with macs. would it be possible to make a pc ipod mac-friendly without buying a new one?

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Hello again TQC! In honour of surrey_sucks, do you know what defenestrate means?

What are some fancy schmancy words that makes you feel more superior/special/fancy than others for knowing?

Or words that just make you smile?


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What kind of car do you drive?

What was the last new thing you ate? Why, and how did you like it?

93 Toyota Camry

Cookie Crisps. Because the store was out of Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs. It was alright.
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Does it annoy anyone else when people call their Mom "Mommy"? When they are 25? with their own children? Maybe it's just that I dislike the girl who does it.
I call my mom by her nickname, and have for years :) But, then again, I call my dad "Daddy", or "Farther" (I once wrote that on a card, cause I couldn't spell 'father')
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TQC, it's the first day of school and my stupid brain woke me up at 7:30. I don't have to leave for campus until 10:30, and it's 8. What the fuck do I do for two and a half hours?


Play Grand Theft Auto
Go back to sleep what the fuck
Read a book
Obsessively check your bag to make sure you have everything
Learn to play Borderlands
Watch Bones on Netflix
Eat something else, I don't care if you already had a bowl of oatmeal
Clean something
Something else
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Has anyone actually bought a Mac and got the free iPod touch as part of the "Back to school" deal? (

Did you have to prove you were in school? Or did they just take your word for it? (I'm trying to get this deal, which also gives me 50 bucks off the computer, but I just graduated in May, so if they ask for proof, I might be out of luck. But who knows, maybe my school hasn't updated my records yet? Maybe?)

If you have a Mac, do you have Windows on it? What do you use? (Boot Camp?) Does it work well?

When was the last time you tried to "game the system" to get a better deal/spend less money?
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Have you ever read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson Seen the movie Like it Hate it

It seems like everyone in NY is reading it. Or maybe just in every subway in NY.

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 When it comes to technology, I am, for the most part, lost.  Consumer electronics are foreign territory to me, since I've never been THAT into them.  So, this may be a dumb question, but you're all I've got, TQC.
I have an iPod Nano.  I know next-to-nothing about it, other than very simple, basic operation.  It was given to me as a gift, at a time when I didn't even want one, so I downloaded iTunes, put about 60 songs on the player, figured out how to play them, and called it a day.  At that time, I had a laptop, with my iTunes account synced to my iPod, and my wife had her computer with her stuff.

Then, both our computers died, and we replaced them with a single one.  She put her iTunes stuff on it...and now I can't figure out how to make mine work.  If I plug my player into the computer with her iTunes loaded, it shows up under Devices, but won't let me access it.  I created a second user account on the computer, reloaded iTunes (from scratch, without her info in it)...and the same thing.  When I plug it in, it shows up, but doesn't let me in.  When I go to the My Computer file manager deal (Windows 7), I can see it (E:)...but I can't open it.

So, questions:
1) Can I have two different iPods, using different music, controlled through the same iTunes account?
2) If no, can I, with two separate user accounts, have two iTunes accounts, with two different libraries, synced to two different iPods?
3) If yes, does my problem sound like an iPod problem, an iTunes problem, a Windows 7 problem, or a computer problem?
4) How do I fix the problem?

Bonus Question:
I can trade music back and forth from one iPod to another, right?  I have stuff that she wants, but I'm worried that if I try to sync them together somehow, that it'll just erase one of 'em and copy everything from the other.  I figure there's got to be something preventing sharing between players, otherwise that whole "file sharing" thing would be a moot point...wouldn't it?


Gee, I sure am glad The QUESTION Club is always so helpful with questions.  Guess I should just stick with simple, mind-numbing repeats like "What's for breakfast?" and shit like that.

TLDR: What's for breakfast?
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Did you hear that Philip Markoff (the accused Craigslist killer) committed suicide yesterday? any particular feelings or thoughts about that?

on an altogether different topic, if you haven't perused the community rules on tqc's info page recently, you may want to take a gander sometime soon.

who can spot the change in wording/clarification? (first person to respond with the info may or may not win a ~fabulous~ prize.) :)
Grammar love!

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Hi. I'm looking for an insulated container. Kinda like a travel coffee tumbler/thermos but for food.

So what's a good brand/type? Obviously needs to be leak-proof and keep food warm for a few hours. And I don't want anything too big. Or too expensive.

dk/dc what's your favorite stew or soup? Recipes encouraged. What do you like to eat with soups and stews (bread, crackers, something else)?

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How many things can make me continuously dizzy without any other symptoms (or with negligible other symptoms)?

My doctor said 'there's a million reasons that could be' and when I asked he could only come up with two. (For the record, I was really dehydrated.)

Alternately, how many people have called others out on their use of exaggerated numbers just because they like getting that 'ummm....' response?

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 I know I just posted, but things are pretty slow and I'm bored.

TQC, will you choose a new career for me?  If the Army doesn't work out, I'm going to need to find something else to escape accounting.  Srs and non-srs answers appreciated.

I hate accounting.  I'm tired of being in an office all day, and staring at a computer screen.  I want to actually DO something.  I want to be active, outside preferably, but not required.  Something that, at the end of the day, I can give a definite answer for what I did that day.

- Has to be employable/marketable (don't want to get training in something then find out that I can't find a job doing it)
- Has to be interesting (I'm tired of boring work)
- Training has to be minimal, or at least conducive to working at the same time (I can't afford to be a full-time student without income)
- Has be make at least a living wage...not rich, but not poverty either

So...any ideas?

(Again, srs AND non-srs.)

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i have an interview at 3. i have a nice top, nice pants but i just realized now that i have no nice dressy shoes to wear. I have all-black converse, ratty black moccasins and flip-flops. should i rush to the store asap and try to find some shoes to buy that i really cant afford or should i just wear the converse? if it changes your answer at all the job is for an overnight position at the front desk at the dorms at a local community college.
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How terrible?

How bad to these frames look on me? I haven't been able to decide but I'm pretty sure they look awful.

My mother thinks they look cute, but I could wear an outfit from a Lady Gaga video and she'd probably say the same, so I cannot trust her.

SO, mighty TQC, who does not care about my feelings, on a scale of 1 (they look awesome!) to 10 (omg pls take them off immediately), how bad do they look on me?

Collapse )

edit: Thanks all. They're off. Time to pony up some dough for different ones...
Also, awww how cute to those of you that apologized for saying they're awful. If I expected something other than brutal honesty I wouldn't have come here. No apology necessary. :)
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 What was the last thing that you got SO SUPER EXITED about?
I remembered my dad bought breakfast sausages yesterday. 

How often do you have breakfast for dinner? 

What's your perfect breakfast meal?

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How many shirts do you have?
What is a reasonable number to own?
I have somewhere around 500 shirts (I'm not exaggerating) and we are drowning in clothes. I'm having a garage sale pretty soon and trying to get down to a reasonable number, but I have no idea what is reasonable. I've gone through about a quarter of my clothes and have pulled out 25 that I want to keep so far, that worries me.


If you believe strongly in something, and feel really depressed and like something is the RIGHT THING for you and not doing it is completely wrong ...what are you supposed to do when everyone else is discouraging you from doing that thing?
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What's the first thing you learn about someone new?

Every time I meet a new potential friend or bf I'll eventually get excited and tell a current friend about it and then they ask me all these questions about them that I know I SHOULD HAVE asked but I just...didn't think about it.

Example: I'll meet someone on campus and see them as a cool person/potential friend. Then I walk away and I can tell you things like their favorite sonnet or how they take their coffee, but do I know how old they are? What they do for a living? Their last name? No.
Sometimes if it's just someone I run into a lot on campus (like someone in one of my classes) then I could tell you where they were born and how many years they've lived in this town, but do I even know their first name? Nope. I didn't even THINK to ask.

Does this happen to anyone else?
You live your life and then later something happens and you think "oh, right...that would have definitely been the more socially acceptable way to handle that..."
It makes me feel really dumb most of the time.

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TQC, for the last several months, my friend has been ignoring my calls, texts, facebook/LJ messages, etc. I know he's still alive and well because he's updating Facebook and LJ, and he's replying to other people's comments, but not to mine. :(

How long would you continue to try to contact your friend (within reason - I'm talking about a comment or two per week and not creepy stalkerish amount of times) before you gave up and waited for him to contact you?

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Does Mad About You still come on television? If so, what channel?

Would you be more upset/insulted[/not sure what word I'm looking for here] if your SO continually tried to see you naked, or stopped trying to see you naked at all?

What is something that your SO/best friend/relative does all the time that makes you climb the walls batty?

Do you ever walk around the house naked?

Have you ever been outside not wearing pants?
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Cell phones...

For those of you (like me) who are still in the dark ages and have cell phones without data plans and just enjoy being able to use your cell phones to call people and send the occasional text message, what cell phone do you use?

Bonus if it's an AT&T phone.

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Recently I bought a 4 pack of deodorant from Costco, and when I tried it today I didn't like the smell at all. Since I already destroyed the package and probably can't return them, what are some things I can do with 4 sticks of deodorant?

Be creative!
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I finally got some extra money and want to go clothes shopping. My wardrobe is currently pretty pathetic, and I'm looking to buy a few items that can be versatile, like plain tees and tanks with a ton of accessories, or something like that.

TQC, what do you suggest I buy? What do you use to dress up an outfit? What part of your wardrobe has gotten the most mileage?
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Hey TQC.

I'm in the market for a new laptop. So I ask you several questions, laptop users of TQC:

1. What laptop do you have?
2. Do you like it?
3. What do you use it for?
4. If you don't, what laptop would you want instead? If you know.

And for the desktop owners/DK/DC:

a. What's for lunch?
b. Wanna start a TQC book club?
c. Wanna start a TQC porno club?
d. If you said yes to both above, should the clubs be combined?

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What is your earliest memory and how old were you?

I remember watching Eureeka's Castle when I was a kid and my mom bringing me home one of the Batly finger puppets from Pizza Hut. I looked them up on ebay and saw they came out in 1990 which meant I would've been 2 years old!
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My next door neighbors - as in, their back porch is less than 10 feet from my bedroom window - have an organ on their back porch. And like to play it. After midnight.

Twice now, they've woken me up and I've leaned out the window and asked them to stop. But really? Playing an organ at/after midnight? Really?

I think I'd be within my rights to ring their doorbell and run away at 6:30am when I'm walking my dog, as payback.

I really won't, but I love to dream up situations where I'd get back at them.

Any other ideas of what I can do to show them my anger? Serious and non-serious ideas welcome.

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In the past week and a half or so, I've suddenly gotten a very dry/itchy/sore scalp, with patches of major dandruff. This is not normal for me, at all. I haven't recently changed my shampoo/conditioner, or anything. I've been using this organic brand for several months now with no ill effects; and I don't put other product in my hair or blow-dry/heat-style. Any ideas as to why this happened and how I can treat it? It came up so suddenly and I doubt I can attribute it to my shampoo, and the medicated T-Gel types of shampoos are expensive and I don't want to get into a dependancy on those if this isn't a long-term problem.

DK/DC - what's your natural hair colour?

Smoke in a house

We're moving into a small townhouse and while the townhouse is clean, the previous tenants obviously smoked.

The smell is lingering and it makes me gag. We're going to wash down EVERY FRICKIN' SURFACE with, like, industrial-strength cleaner and air the place out, but failing that... any suggestions? I'd like to avoid painting it, but I will if I have to.
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TQC, I went to Philadelphia yesterday, but it was raining so I didn't get to do everything I wanted to, so I want to go back another weekend. Also, I wasn't sure what exactly to do beyond the couple things I had planned. Anyone ever been? What are the best things to do there?
All we did was get cheese steaks from Pat's and Geno's (Pat's won, IMO, because Geno's was dry and tasted of racism), see the Liberty Bell, and go to the Mutter Museum.

DK/DC/Never Been: What's your favorite place to get food that your town/state/country is regionally known for?
I like DiFara for pizza. Omg best stuff ever, I swear to god.
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I'm in a class about British Comedy, and we have to analyze some aspect of British comedy and talk about why it's ... itself. Funny, whatever. Some kid in my class already called "The Office" and right now I am genuinely stumped as to what sort of British comedy I should look at. So, Internet, what's your favorite kind of British comedy? 

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Should I bake or boil my chicken?

How long do you sleep in?

Is it slobbish to drink soda straight from a two liter?
What things do you find really slobbish? (you know what the word "slobbish" means, right?)
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I found a Macy's giftcard three years ago, and was unable to return it to the owner. It still has $70.63 on it. Should I buy more cooking supplies for my kitchen or do something else with it?
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tqc, do you feel like you look your age?
are you often mistaken as older or younger than you are based on how you look?

EDIT: why do you think this is? is there any way to change how old you look?

despite having just turned twenty, i am still often mistaken for a middle schooler. ):
movie theaters sometimes ask me if i should be buying a children's ticket or proof of age to see a movie.
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do you tend to read about/discuss more subjects to which you can relate, or things in which you're interested but have no bearing on your life? or do you have a pretty good balance?

example: i read a lot of mommy blogs and infertility blogs, but i am nowhere near having children.

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Assume you are in a monogamous relationship and discover the following. While on vacation, your boy/girlfriend cuddled with and slept in the same bed as someone else. Apparently no intercourse or kissing occurred, though some "light" and "heavy" petting did.

How would you react?

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I am trying to collect money from my boyfriend's friends for his dad's funeral. He had no life insurance and they really can't afford the funeral costs.

What is the best way to go about this? Collect money from them and write one big check?

Also when would be an appropriate time to give them the money? before, after, during the funeral? They don't know we're doing this.
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TQC, you are good with giving advice about what to wear. What kind of veil would look good with this wedding dress?

Collapse )

I'm thinking about something with a blusher, but I'm unsure about length and I don't know what kind of edging to do, either. Tiny glass beads or a thin white ribbon? Or something else?

Here are some photos of me modeling a veil I made, so you can get an idea of how I'm planning on wearing my hair. (Simple updo, maybe not this exact one, because it's a bit too simple... suggestions?)

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DK/DC: Favorite comfort food? Guh casserole.
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What is your worst getting lost story?

Brought to you by my GPS only being able to tell me the country I'm in right now when I forgot which way I came from, thanks google maps.

wtf, guys, someone has to be as directionally challenged as i am...

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I need validation.

A guy I met in high school randomly got a hold of me one day after not seeing or hearing from him for 4 years. He invited me to his house to party the past 3 weekends. Other than at the parties, we haven't talked (and when we have it was nothing substantial.) I want to get to know him better, but the partying atmosphere isn't really allowing for it.

Should I ask him to hang out sometime, just the two of us?
Do you think the fact that he hasn't made any moves to get closer means that he doesn't want to?
Am I just an extra to make the party bigger?

I kind of have a crush going on here :/

its like it wasn't there at all

people fall in love and engage in the most intimate and exclusive kind of relationship. then they break up. and then they part take in a series of steps to ensure complete and utter erasure of said relationship.

it seems oxymoron-ic. i have never quite been able to wrap my head around other relationship seems to end on such estranged terms. parents fight with their children but it is not customary for either party to routinely erase and forget the existence of each other. friendships fade but neither side vows to never see the other person again.

so why is it that the most intimate and exclusive relationships, romantic ones, warrant such utter destruction of what was when they end?
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I got a bill from my oral surgeon and ripped the clear "window-plastic-ish" part in half because I'm a moron. I need to mail the sheet back. Can I stick it in a regular envelope? Does it matter?

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what are some things society does out of convenience? such as, getting fast food rather than cooking at home or throwing everything away rather than recycling?

what can i do to make this ring fit my finger? it's too big and keeps sliding off of my thumb, but i reeeeeally love it and want to wear it
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Has anyone ever heard of the band Bella's Curve? Is this even a real band? I found an email I sent to my uncle in 2000 asking if he had heard of them, but I can't remember them and google turned up nothing.

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If you walk into a classroom where you don't know anyone and there are plenty of empty seats left, how do you determine where to sit? 

I usually try to sit near the front, on the side closest to the door (in case I have to leave because of my nausea). Given a choice of people to sit by, I'll sit by the one who looks the most studious, who is least likely to distract me by texting or talking to someone else. 

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What rules did you have if you have lived in a shared house?

I'm moving into my new student house in September. I was planning to move in on the 11th, as that is when other people will also be moving in.
However, i'm bored of being at home and want to get into my house. Should I move in earlier?

Considerations: 1. I have no money. At all. 2. I would be in the house alone, and possibly newly single 3. There are other friends in the area 4. I have very little social contact at home.

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Why are "parking lights" in your car called such?

Imagine you've worked in a small office (less than 20 people) for only a few months and have a direct manager whom you report to. When your manager starts slacking off and pawning her duties off on you, or leaving early every Friday for reasons you have proof are fake, would you feel justified in speaking up to the business owner, whom you aren't even sure likes you (or anyone, for that matter), if and when he/she ever shows up at the office? Or would you just suck it up and deal?

You've got a total case of the Mondays. What do you reach for to take the stress of the day away?

coin counting

 I have a lot of coins which need to be counted. My bank is annoying and doesn't do it. 

Coinstar allows me to put all my change into either cash (with some percentage taken) or onto a gift card. 
Should I just let the machine take the percentage out or get a gift card*?

albertsons, amazon, borders, cabela's, cvs, itunes, jcpennys, lower's, old navy, regal, starbucks is for gift card options? i would probably do amazon since they sell everything on amazon

DK/DC: How was your Monday?

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I had an eye appointment a month ago. They somehow lost the frames I brought in to use, so they offered to give me a fairly expensive pair of frames and transition lenses for free. They came in today and they're not transition lenses. My boyfriend picked them up for me about 5 minutes before they closed and didn't realize it until he got home. What do you think will happen if I call and complain?
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how are you doing currently? and what time of day is it where you are?

I'm reposting this info for those of you who may not have seen it earlier: if you haven't perused tqc's rules on the community's userinfo page in a while, you may want to sometime soon. there has been a change/clarification in wording to one in particular.

if you went to look now, did you spot which one?
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Is it in anyway possible to be not drunk with a blood alcohol level of .16? Would "high tolerance" play a role?  A guy I know got a DWI and tested at that level and I hope he gets the worst penalty...he claims alcohol affects people differently and due to his high tolerance he wasn't drunk.

Do you think people should be given multiple chances for DWIs/DUIs? Or should they get the harshest penalty the first time around?
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There was a drive-by shooting less than a mile from my house this evening.

What the hell is going on in my part of town? Will I live long enough to get the hell out next spring when we buy a house?

DK/DC: Are you ready for some football?

to all the single ladies...

Do any of you feel that some of your female friends look down on you simply because your not ' in a relationship' on facebook?

that somehow you seeing someone or dating etc is in no way the same as them having a 'boyfriend' like it is less genuine, less sincere less important than their heart wrenching fights over a carton of bloody milk??
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Do you use a lot of quotes in your life?

What quotes do you use the most?
example: the last few months I use "Arms? Arms? I've got arms!" (abfab) and "that should be good" (something Nina Simone says at the end of a song) a lot.

Do you make a musical of your life? Like something happens and you adapt a song to your situation?
example: today I went to the bathroom, and I started singing "hello diarrhea my old friend, I've come to talk to you again" (like from the sound of silence)


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I have about $6 to my name right now, and won't get paid until the end of the month (if I still have a job; corporate changeover and weird shit going on today makes for a crazy-ass work day. Not that my paycheque will be very much anyway). Nobody wants to buy my shitty old stereo equipment/camera lenses/books. How does I make monies?

Tell me something awesome that happened to you today, so I can feel good about nice things happening to other people?

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Quick fellow TQC kinksters!

If I'm buying my first corset, and I'm between sizes usually, should I go up or down a size? There's no option to try one on!

I've always wanted a corset.

DK/DC: What's your favourite type of underwear?
vg - Always
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If someone on your flist deletes their journal, how concerned would you be?

Not very, because almost everyone I've ever seen do it undeletes. I would want to know what happened because I'm nosy.

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I've decided I need some hobbies and am considering volunteering, but I have no idea where to start. Those who volunteer, what do you do and how did you get started? Also, how often do you volunteer and what has been the best/worst experiences you have had? I'm open to anything you are willing to share!
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What do you do when you meet someone knew and can't find anything to talk to them about?

DK/DC: Which animal would you least like to owe money to? Assume that the animal has the brainpower of a crime lord and ability to speak

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My best friend is coming to stay!
I haven't seen him for 2 years, and when we have seen each other it's only been for a day at a time.
What can I do to make sure he has a great time? I have lots of plans already.
Do you think it'll be awkward suddenly being in each others physical presence?
Is your best friend of the opposite sex?

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 Do you know of any free software that can be used to burn *bootable* disks? 

How knowledgeable would you say you are about technological things?

Why did I open up my computer case to find a fork inside?

Every time my fiancé and I leave the house my dog goes and stands in her pool. Why does she do this?
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I don't have a DVR. What are some software options that alert me or keep a log of when new episodes of TV shows air so I don't miss them?

Have you ever peed on yourself? Were you drunk? Did you like it?
I <3 TLV

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Every time I fly I get VERY intense stabbing pains in my head and neck, centered around my jaw and in my ears and teeth. I told my husband and he said it's not normal for flying to be so painful.

Does anyone else experience these pains while flying? If it's not normal, what's going on?

[Edit: Apparently for teeth at least it has it's own name: Barodontalgia.]

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A girl's boyfriend promises he would call while he's out of town, but doesn't until he gets back a few days later.  She gets angry.

Do you think her anger is justified or is she being too controlling?

Because:  my boyfriend went out of town for the weekend, didn't call until he got back home, so I got angry.  He, in turn, got upset which got his mother upset.  She called me and told me I was being controlling and I should stop acting like his mother. 

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Inspired by the animal crackers question earlier...

If you could have any animal's shape added to the animal crackers, which animal would you choose?

I was going to pick sheep but apparently they are already featured, so I choose the scarab beetle.


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How long do you think someone should wait before going to the doctor for pain? The day it starts? A week?

I ask because I've been having crippling joint pain. It's so weird, I know nothing's sprained or twisted because I haven't done anything. It started in my shoulders, moved to my right ankle, then my left knee, then my left ankle. I didn't have pain for about a day but today my fingers were in a lot of pain and now both my ankles hurt. It's usually not gradual and gets way worse with pressure. I should go to the doctor, right? My mom keeps writing it off as growing pains or a "joint virus" or whatever.

I have notary public questions, but it involves legal matters too

I hope one of you is a notary for I have a question. I, too, am a notary, but I'm not a particularly skilled one, and I just use it primarily for business form bullshit with little risk.

Let's put it out there in the open. I'm not very knowledgable about this stuff and my there's many moments when I'm probably downright idiotic, so cut me some slack on this

This is where you teal deers can skip to the next post, for it gets unnecessarily complicated
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i've decided to give okcupid a try. i'm sick of moping about my ex or w/e he was, i have friends who met their boyfriends on there and my roommate has been into it lately. and i'm never going to get to marry Matthew Broderick and waiting around for someone to come along is boring and frustrating and i'm impatient. i'm also not looking for anything super serious and i'd like to just be out getting to know different guys and macking on the ones i really fancy.

but what the hell do you say to people you find that you'd like to talk to?

i have no idea how to start these things! i don't like trying to come up with some witty or cheeky question about something in their profile, it feels forced. but heyhow'sitgoin' seems too hollow and blah, but i don't wanna be like, HEY LET'S MEET UP! straight away.

what should i say??

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I've been on a few dates with this guy and do like him a bit more each time I see him, but the one thing that's putting me off is the fact that he kind of smells. It's like BO mixed with feet mixed with stale cigarettes and it's really obvious.

Any advice? I don't particularly want to kiss him or anything because the smell puts me off. Is there any way to tell someone they stink without being totally rude about it?

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Would you start to date someone who was only living part time in your country?

Like, say they were Australian and only had a year and a half on their visa. Would you be scared to get too close?