August 15th, 2010

About HJSplit

Hey guys..not sure if this is allowed butttt I need help

So I just downloaded HJSplit to join my files (movie)
The files successfully combined but it won't play on my ITunes library
how can I watch the movie on my ipod?


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i know i just posted but WHY can't i marry Matthew Broderick?

and why does no one understand my deep, burning love for this man? i was hanging with my new roomie and my BFF today watching a Matt B flick and they just DIDN'T GET IT. HE'S AMAZING AND ADORABLE and i want his babies. EVEN NOW. doesn't anyone else agree?!

BONUS QUESTION: it's moving weekend, who else has been drinking for hours? cuz moving makes me hate the world so i definitely have been.

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Tonight is a cool, unusually clear night. I live in outer ring suburbs and tonight, for the first time in years, I looked up and saw the dim glow of the milky way stretching through the sky. The last memory I have of being able to see it I was just a wee lad and gram's house.

Does seeing the Milky Way blow your mind like it does mine? If not, what does blow your mind, Question Club? What goes through your mind when you experience said mind-blowing?
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I know your mileage may vary and every couple is different and yadda yadda, but in your quiet, mental opinion, how quick is "too quick" to be getting engaged?

(Brought to you by the girl at a frat party by my apartment complex's pool who was loudly proclaiming to her friends about how she and her boyfriend had known each other and been dating for two months and just knew they were perfect and so he proposed last night omg!)

Also, for shits and giggles: you're getting married, or you are already married, whichever. Do you think your partner or potential fiance/did your fiance ask your parent(s) for your hand? Do you think that's necessary in this day and age?

ETA: Does it matter if circumstances/finances/life mean that it's best if they get engaged sooner rather than later? Like if one of them is moving, someone graduates before someone else and moves away to graduate school, blah de blah.

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Soo apparently I have one bitch of a virus on my computer. It's the Antimalware Doctor virus.

I have followed all these directions:

And after I restarted my computer, it came back. What am I supposed to do? I tried running and the other renamed files but now it tells me they're all infected and I can't run them. My computer won't give me the option to boot in safe mode.

Can someone help me, please?
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Tomorrow I'll be cleaning my appartement thoroughly, for the first time in almost 2 months.
It's going to be a lot of extremely annoying work.

What should I do to reward myself afterwards, something that will provide enough motivation throughout the day?

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so i just made a sandwich for dinner. it consists of: fresh baked 12-grain bread, with balsamic vingerette on on piece & miracle whip on the other. then slices of tomato sharp cheddar, and small pieces of onion. finished with a dash of pepper.

does this sound good to you?

what sounds yummy right now?

fyi. it tastes like heaven just came in my mouth.

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So, you get to a massive party really late, there's less than an hour to spare before everyone gets kicked out. It's in a huge mansion. On one end are hookers. On the other is blow.
Do you choose hookers or blow? Why? (You will end up socializing and you won't have time for both.)

(no subject)

What kind of condoms do you use, if any? Have you ever had a problem with them?

Do you think Will Ferrell is overrated?

Do you have an SO? How long have you been with them? If you don't have an SO, what're you wearing?
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It Stinks Out Loud!!

I live about 200 feet from a communal Dumpster that is provided by the property owners for the control of garbage in our homes. Not a problem, usually, even in the summertime.

And then, a Stench moved in.

OMG, this is a Stench to end all Stenches. It smells like literal days-old death and pestilence. It is more than a "rotten summertime garbage" smell.

What could it be, TQCers? Did somebody dump a body? Have the poachers been at it again with dumping deer offal in the dumpster at night when nobody's looking? Should I call the sherriff's office and have them check it out?
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What's the last thing to almost make you puke?

I just burped up this peanutbuttery-oniony foam in my mouth. The fact that it was foamy was what grossed me out.

I wonder how many "this post!" responses I'm going to get.

Serious type question now.

My mom wants me to start doing pot to help regulate my moods and help with chronic pain since it seems to do my dad some good, but it isn't legal here, medical or otherwise. I'm still on the hunt for a job, so I'm not going to until I find one I like, but would you smoke pot for mood swings/depression/chronic pain if it were readily (not necessarily legally) available to you?

ETA: Asthmatics, do/can you smoke pot? I have asthma and I don't know if I'd be able to anyway.
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So, losing your virginity! I've got questions!

1. How old were you/how long were you with your partner (if you were)?
2. For the girls, did it hurt?
3. Were you scared? Have any doubts?
4. What kind of birth control did you use, if any?
5. Was it a disappointment or pretty nice?
6. Do you regret it?

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Do you know of any good/realistic movies that take place in ancient Greece or ancient Egypt? I'm really interested in these time periods but I'm having problems thinking of good movies.

*edit*by realistic i meant good acting lol.

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 Do you crazy kids have any strange hobbies? Would you like to tell me about them? 

Have you been to the fair in your area? What's your favorite part of the fair?

Would you rather go to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, or Universal Studios in California?
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I just subscribed to a bunch of magazines I used to read (Elle, Nylon, W, etc) and I remember that back in the day it used to take like 2 months for them to actually start and for me to get them. Is that still the case?

How soon can I expect them to start coming in?


Whats the weather like where you live?

Its cold as fuck in San Francisco today and kind of windy...
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one of my suite mates hates me because she likes someone i went out with <i>freshman</i> year. that was two years ago. i'm best friends with my roomie and my other suite mate, who is also very close to the girl who <strike>wishes i was dead</strike> dislikes me. i don't want anything stupid and dramatic to happen, but she's prone to voicing her opinion of me. i don't want to make things awkward for everyone else, either. has anyone been through something similar? any tips for diffusing the situation? i tried to befriend her over the summer but nothing worked... and we move in tomorrow and i am so anti-drama ;_;


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i have white fingerless gloves and want to wear them in public. do they look as cool as i think they do?

do you own any articles of clothing that you like to wear at home/play dress-up with but hardly ever wear in public?
i have the bad habit of accumulating a GIANT wardrobe of costumey stuff that never leaves my house.

ETA: k, i'm wearing them! no turning back now!

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Last night, in tinychat, I was told to teach my dogs to use the sandbox, and then the cats should be taught to use the toilet. I felt that the humans should also evolve in our poop receptacle variety. What kind of pot should I use to piss in?

Catapult. Lob my leavings into the next zip code
Space. Do my bizniz in a bucket and tie helium balloons to it and let my waste be carried to the heavens
I simply devolve and I'll be the one pooping on the street and picking up after myself with bags
Relieve myself down the neighbor's chimney, aided by neighbor's ladder
Just share the toilet with your 4 legged buddies, you 2 legged weirdo

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Do you think the doctor will be right about what's wrong with me and the tests she asked for it will show something, and I'll finally have medication and feel better? Or is it just false hope, and am I doomed to feel tired and sick for the rest of my life?
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Purr your insistence, TQC, I have gone ahead and adopted a wee little kitty from that client at my work (see what I did there?).

Now the big question is...what should we name him?? We are very picky with names. We sort of wanted a classy old man name to go with our dog Elsie and had almost settled on Auggie before I felt weird announcing the arrival of August in the middle of August. BF just suggested Fischer, which I thought was really cute too. he an Auggie? A Fischer? Do you have better ideas?

Collapse )
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(no subject)

Where do you currently live?
If there was a TQC meet-up in your city, would you go?
How often do you feel lonely? What do you do to cope with that feeling?

1) I'm in Pittsburgh
2) Definitely :)
3) 2-3 times a week, usually the weekends are worse. Sometimes I try to make plans with people, but my friends are usually busy.
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Strictly hypothetical.

Would you tell your SO if you cheated on them? Would your answer change if you were planning on breaking up with them?

If you had two very close friends and one had cheated on the other, would you tell? What if they were having an ongoing affair? Would your answer change if you knew the person your friend was sleeping with had an STD?
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In your opinion, what are the prerequisites for someone getting a pet? In other words, what do you think he/she should have- like a certain amount of money, a certain living situation, a certain amount of time? I'm thinking about both cats and dogs.

(no subject)


!. What song, album, or artist has the ability to inspire hope deep in the pit of your soul?

@. What song, album, or artist tugs your heart strings and makes you yearn for a loved one?

#. What song, album, or artist do you turn to when you want to lash out at the world?

$. Blah blah blah, when you're feeling cold and alone?

I. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, also Tracy Chapman's self titled album.
S. If You Want Me by Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard from the Once soundtrack OR Secret Heart by Feist
E. Eminem's The Way I am
R. Eleanor Rigby by, well, everybody probably knows that one.
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(no subject)

Have you ever heard of the phrase "consent of the governed"?

Could you say you've ever truly given consent to your government to tell you what you can and cannot do and to punish you for not obeying them?
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Even though October is a month away; I need a pile of horror movies so that when it does roll around - I'll be prepared.

Will you recommend me some?
Could be really popular stuff I've already, too. Just not anything Eli Roth related or some Saw movie. Anything other than that is fine.

Don't know? What do you do right before Halloween?

Odd scenarios

Which is a worse situation to be in?

On a first date with somebody, you hit it off well but as you're saying goodbye, your date warns you that his/her ex is insane and violent and messes with all potential mates. On your way home, you notice you're being followed by a car
You've been dating this guy/girl for a month now and though you haven't slept together yet, you'd had some heavy makeout sessions. One day you're looking for a bandaid and open up their medicine cabinet and find herpes meds
You're driving to a bachelor/ette party in Vegas and you're driving through the Nevada desert in the wee hours of the morning alone when your battery dies. And you have no cell phone reception
You're camping out with friends and they all went hiking, while you decided to sleep in. You hear rustling around your camping area and when you peek outside you see a large bear sniffing around. It doesn't see you
After a night of drinking while at a bachelor/ette party in Vegas, you wake up in a strange hotel room next to a strange man/woman. Luckily it's the same hotel, but you know you had sex. A lot of sex. And your neck is covered in hickies
Your ex talks you into going to a baseball game (free tickets). While there, the jumbotron suddenly displays the sentence "(your name), will you marry me? with your ex's name at the bottom". The camera suddenly aims at your seats
On a boring lonely night, you end up masturbating to the internet. However, you didn't remember to turn off your videocam or log out of the full video chatroom you happen to be in
You take a dump and upon inspection, the toilet is full of blood. You had your period last week
You and a friend are drinking and decide to call a 1-900 number. You have a good hearty laugh and both end up passing out. In the morning you realize that you never hung up the phone and you've been acruing charges for the past 6 hours
While water skiing you happen to notice a shark fin in the water
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Are there any active dance communities on livejournal? Not specific to any genre, like communities focused on ballet or belly dance, but just dance in general? I can't seem to find any and it's kind of surprising.

(no subject)

Have you even been a victim of crime?


Are you more worried about:

Personal victimisation

Property victimisation


What Crimes do you think are most prevalent?

What Crimes do you most fear happening to you?

What Crimes do you most fear happening to your property?

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My senior year of college starts tomorrow. Am I justified in lying in bed all day today, watching Bones streaming on Netflix and occasionally getting up to pee? Anyone care to join me? We can change the current program.

You guys decide my life a lot.

I am in the market for a new water bottle as my Nalgene is about dead. I'm somewhat interested in Vapur bottles, but I'm not sure that I'd like the top of it. Any suggestions for good sturdy water bottles? It goes everywhere with me so I really want something that I like a lot (I love my Nalgene but want to branch out if there is something better).

(no subject)

A friend and I made tentative plans to go out to dinner on Tuesday.
I asked a mutual friend what she was doing on Tuesday (to invite her along with us) and she said that she was going out with the friend that I made plans with.

Would this piss you off?
Why do my friends constantly do this? Do yours do this?

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I'm interning at a wildlife rehabilitation center and all the interns are required to do a project that involves working with the public. Normally interns would fulfill this by taking in calls and working the front desk. The problem? I can't hear.

The coordinator is open to any ideas. I've thought about these ideas:
- Print out sign language cards, laminate them, and make a few packets to hang around the rehabiliation center. They'd be simple signs like bird, medicine, feed, clean, thank you, etc. I have a few interns who have learned/are learning basic signs, so this would be helpful.
- The coordinator also wants it known that it's a deaf-friendly place to come in and volunteer, but I'm not sure how to go about recruiting them without seeming so offensive. I don't want to single them out.

Any ideas?
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(no subject)

1) Have you seen Michael Jackson's This Is It? If so, how was it?

2) Do any parks in your area have special events?

3) Have you ever taken a class at a local museum, library, etc?

1) I'm going to see it tonight, at the park, for free. I'm not a big MJ fan but it's free and something to do, with other people.
2) One shows movies every week and another has yoga, cardio, and concerts on the weekends.
3) I'm taking ceramics at an art musuem and thinking about taking something at the local conservatory.
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(no subject)

i'm staying with my religious family and they want to play bible pictionary. they know i love pictionary but i don't want to play because i literally know jack shit about the bible and i don't want them to find out. what should i do???
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(no subject)

How do you like your steak?
On the rare side of medium rare

How do you butter your corn on the cob? Do you put butter on the corn, or put the corn on the butter?
Corn on butter
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What *does* a charred spot on a burn mean? It looks and feels like a scab but it's just burnt flesh.

Do you have a lot of bruises right now? How did you get them?
Will you tell a story about one of your scars?

(no subject)

I have an 8 hour basically do-nothing graveyard shift tonight. Which BBC mini-series should I watch?

Poll #1606130 Movies

Which one?

Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
North and South
Other- which one? If they have it on Netflix Instant Play, I'll watch it.
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(no subject)

Roomies are coming home from a week in France sometime today (and they got engaged during the trip!). It could be in five minutes, it could be in five hours, I have no clue. I want to do something special for them. Originally, I was gonna make them food, but I didn't want to make a bunch of food, then they get in late and it's all cold. :( So, TQC, what should I do for them as a quick "Welcome Back!" gesture?

Srs and nonsrs welcome :)

Question 2:
Dinner for me. Cold pizza or pasta with no sauce? Or a wheat bagel w/ cream cheese? Choose now!

Question 3:
Do you feel lame when you like a book/series only after seeing the movie?
Yes, this happened to me with Harry Potter (still haven't read the whole series yet though), Lord of the Rings, and Scott Pilgrim. I feel like a poser cause I didn't like it before it was cool. But perhaps I'm just being hipsterish about it all

(no subject)

For those of you who live in the desert states of America (NV, AZ...), does it get chilly at night?

I'll be traveling over there, and am not sure if I need to pack any cooler-weather clothing.
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iTunes Help!

Question(s) for those of you familiar with iTunes:

I bought 2 songs from an album, for $1.29 each. Now I want to "complete my album". The album normally sells for $7.99, but since I already bought 2 songs, it should be $5.41, right? The problem is, it's showing up as $6.70, and only one song is showing up as "purchased" (and no, I didn't buy the other song from the "single", I bought it from the album). So, how do I rectify this??? I don't want to pay an extra $1.29 if I don't have to! I already viewed my purchase history and clicked on "report a problem" but I'm not sure what that'll do.... Anyone ever have a similar problem? What did you do/did it get fixed?? And downloading it for free/illegally is not an option, thanks.

(no subject)

Is there something that just comes with the territory of living where you live? Ex: weather, certain types of people/animals

Where do you live?

Inspired by the fact that we have a poisonous snake on our back porch.
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(no subject)

What should I do while I wait for a torrent of tonight's True Blood to be posted?

Watch a cam version of Eclipse
Watch Project Runway
Play Slingo Quest and listen to my book
Play Sims 3 and listen to my book
Clean up my house some more
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(no subject)

Have you ever baked anything with Splenda?  How did it turn out?  Did it have the artificial sweetener aftertaste or could you tell a difference?  

I have never subbed Splenda for sugar before but I'm having my family over for dinner tomorrow.  I'm making pulled pork and a peach cobbler.  If I want to avoid the pity party my diabetic Grandmother will throw if she can't eat the cobbler, then I have to bake it with Splenda.  But I am wary of it because I don't want to make a huge, foul tasting desert if only one person will eat it.  I'd skip it and opt for something else in that case.  

DK/DC:  What the hell can I serve as a desert to someone with diabetes?  

(no subject)

Can you suggest any entertaining websites? (Don't really need porn...other stuff instead!)

Does anyone else hate Sunday nights? Have you always?
What's on the agenda for tomorrow?

*I'm getting a cavity filled at 7:30am and then work from 9-5 where I will be training the new bookkeeper who barely speaks English. SHOULD BE BITCHIN'.
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(no subject)

 I have 12.55 on a visa gift card. It is burning a hole in my pocket. I want to spend it online right now. Its not enough for Lush, Mac, Sephora, especially when you factor in shipping and I don't want to buy music. What should I get? What should I do with this money? Magazine subscription? Premium account on a site? Tell me what to do. 

For those of you who say books: recommend some please?
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(no subject)

1. Ever feel like you are growing up too fast? How did you fix it?

2. Do you ever get sad/angry when a question that was posted after yours has many more answers, when your questions seemed just as legit?

3. Have you ever had a washing machine that you just wanted to kill (like the one I have that always stops before the spin cycle and leaves your clothes soaked. I just had to separate my load and do separate spin cycles. Then again, I am washing a 4 foot long pillow.)

4. What is inspiring you right now? (Scott Pilgrim soundtrack)

5. Most pathetic thing you've done today? (Send a text to my bank which automatically sends me a text back with my balance, so I would have gotten a text today)
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(no subject)


I have grad school orientation on Tuesday. I was looking at the schedule and the lady who is in charge of determining residency status is going to be manning the info desk. I had a somewhat heated conversation w/ her last week because she refused to grant me in-state status- I did apologize via email and it wasn't like I cursed her out or anything but she was definitely annoyed (granted, she came off as a bitch from the start so I think that's kind of her default.)

ANYWAY if I have to talk to her should I acknowledge that we've spoken before?
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(no subject)

On a scale of 1-10 (1 - Oh/didn't even notice, 10-horrified/mortified/pissed), how upset would you be if you were having sex in a motel room and the maid didn't see/ignored the Do Not Disturb sign and walked in on you* ?

*inspired by old Law & Order
Flaming Sikozu

Essay conundrum

I have a 1,500 word essay due the day after tomorrow, I have to work tomorrow and won't be able to work on it the day it's due. I've barely started it, I know the subject ok but am not hugely confident in my writing skills. I can skip this essay if I really want, we only need to hand in 3 out of four and this will be the third I've handed in in I can get it done.
So far I've gotten a pass and a credit for my other essays and might be able to get a distinction for this one. This course is a university prep course, how well I do in it will decide whether I can get into uni next year.

Should I work my butt off tonight and tomorrow to get it done to the best of my ability?
Should I finish it without stressing too much and hand it in even though I won't get as good a mark as I could have?
Should I skip this essay?
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(no subject)

can you tell me all of the awesome things about denver and the rest of colorado?
and that not so awesome things?

what are the awesome things where you live?(tell me if its not in CO so i know what your talking about)

(no subject)

TQC, I just got back from the hospital -- it turns out I have a blood clot that was in my leg and that's what's causing me so much pain!

I'm kind of upset and feeling really weird about life right now, so can you use this post to tell me positive things about anything? (and also maybe say nice things to make me feel better about myself because right now I'm actually feeling really sad about BEING ME).

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(no subject)

tqc, what are your dorm/roommate horror stories?

i personally have had pretty good luck with roommates minus one ultra-religious, ultra-conservative one that didn't last more than a few months. even then, the worst she did was blast sermons in our room and try to point me to religion now and then whenever i came back late, but otherwise left me alone most of the time.
i've had worse luck with sharing spaces with dorm neighbours like finding used tampons in the shower and other random places, shaved pubes all over the toilet seat, or poop in the middle of the hallway.
i find it hard to believe that all college girls are this lacking in hygiene, so idk if i just happened to end up with a group of 20 particularly disgusting people or if perhaps i'm missing something here.
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Hello, troll alert!

Why do people bother responding to charmecia's posts when she's nothing but an attention-seeking troll?

EDIT: For all the whiners, the reason this has its own post is because it's pointless to go off-topic in someone else's thread. Thanks!

(no subject)

Do any of you really dislike your sibilings bf/gf? Why do you dislike them? Do other family members feel this way?? any of you find Charlie Pace attractive? I thought he was terrible, but the more I look at him..I'm starting to think he's kind of hot.


Did you wear JNCO Jeans?
I had one pair, but back then I HATED wearing jeans, so I went back to stretch pants and baggy plaid shirts.

Did you ever have a crushed velvet short-sleeved turtleneck? I had like 10, all in different colors. They were popular in my middle school.