August 14th, 2010

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We're gonna pretend here, for a moment, that you have a 15 year old daughter. Where is the line between being a helpful parent for your high school daughter and causing harm by doing too much for her? (Inspired by this clip from Wife Swap where the first family has a Christmas tree in their living room 24/7 for their daughter and they give her a gift each day, just because she "deserves it" - the mom also does all of her daughter's school projects for her). Does said Wife Swap clip make anyone else feel ill?
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Let's talk music

Do you have a definite favorite song, or are you the type who has a million and it changes on a daily basis? Who is your favorite band/artist? Do you have a favorite album? What about a music video?
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So the other day I got out a new roll of toilet paper from the cabinet under the bathroom sink, and noticed it kind of had a ragged piece attached to it. I thought nothing of it, took off the piece and added two more rolls under the sink from the package of toilet paper.

I finally ran out of that one just a few minutes ago, went to get a new roll and noticed little black pellets on top of it. Eww. And a few scattered around it. It was also torn up, all over one side. So I'm pretty sure there's a mouse in there or something...somewhere...I dunno, I didn't see anything but there's a bunch of plastic bags and crap and I'm not gonna start moving it around.

TQC, do I have a mouse in the bathroom cabinet? How did it get there? What should I do about it? ...And how gross is it that I used an entire roll of toilet paper that was probably gnawed on/pawed all over by some kind of rodent? D:

(Serious or non-serious.)
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if there was some weird freak thunderstorm, and you were struck by lightning and endowed with a special power based on your wishes and desires, what do you think it would be?

what actors/musicians/politicians/other-figures-in-the-public-eye do you think would be really good in bed?

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So I was seeing this guy for a while and things were going really good and then all of a sudden they... weren't. I'm super confused because I don't even understand what happened... It was literally an overnight thing. The only thing I can think of is he was seeing someone else but we have all the same friends and they don't know anything about another girl so if there is one she is very secret. Should I even bother to ask him what changed? It's buggin the shit outta me.
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I've woken up wayy early on my day off, how should I spend my day?
How did/are you spend/ing yours?

How long should you wait before you contact someone you've just dumped to give them back their crap?

Advice plz!

I have a work issue. I'll try to keep it short, but can you help me???

I was working with a co-worker when she was fired. She made a pretty clear mistake but there were other outside factors leading up to it. Anyway, she applied for unemployment and was denied. She's appealing and served me with a subpeona to appear as a witness on her behalf. She did ask if I would do that and I reluctantly agreed.

The hearing is on a day that I work and my boss agreed to find coverage for me and pay me for my time away since it was "work-related." Now she sends me an email that says she thought I was going to represent the company, not the fired employee and now I need to find my own coverage.

Can she do that? Can I ingore a subpeona because I'm not allowed to leave work? If I leave, I know that I'll be fired and I can't risk it. What do I do???

ETA: I emailed my boss and told her that I'm not attending because it's a conflict of interest.
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Do you have a boss or supervisor you just do not get along with? How do you deal with it? There's kind of a hate/hate situation with my supervisor and me, but I just found out she put in her 2 week notice. I'm so happy. :)
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Poll #1605699 Ready to go

Which of these fresh/new things do you really enjoy?

The feeling of getting all the bills paid
The first day of a new, fresh haircut
Having a full tank of gas in your automobile
The look of a lawn right after it's been mowed
Cleaning out your email and getting down to the proper number of unread mails
Getting your house/apartment/room clean
Getting all the dished cleaned and put away
Doing all the laundry that can be done

Which of those things is your favorite? Did I miss anything that has a similar "feel" to it?

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it's 10:05, why is the cat racing around the apartment? i thought they only did this at like 3 in the morning when it's the most inconvenient and annoying.

WHO'S EXCITED ABOUT THE START OF THE PREMIER LEAGUE? i would be even more excited if i had cable or could find some streams to watch the Fulham game.

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My mom is great with money. My dad keeps getting us into a lot of debt.
Mom was just given a significant amount of money as a gift. She hasn't told my dad and asked me not to tell him. She paid off two of his very low balance credit cards (like $100-$200). Dad asked me where she's getting the extra money. I said she has been saving.

Do I tell my mom that my dad was asking about it?
I feel totally in the middle of the whole thing.

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What's the fastest way to transfer an image printed out on standard printer paper onto a wood panel? And I mean just the ink, not just gluing the piece of paper to the wood. Is it possible? Do I need iron-on transfers or something?
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Really really really weird question but it's true. I do need your help

I have a friend who is in dire straits, financially. She may be without a home soon and doesn't earn enough for an apartment. Desperate times calls for desperate measures and she realized that she has one valuable thing to her name: her virginity. She's thinking that maybe she can auction/sell her cherry to any wealthy cherry-pickers who'll bail her out of this bad situation, but doesn't know where to begin negotiations. Ebay wouldn't accept such a transaction and her area isn't crawling with big fish so Craig's List might not be the way to go.

So, where can a girl sell her v-card to avoid being homeless?

I feel bad for her but I can't really do much to help her as she lives across the country from me, and while I don't approve of her game plan, I understand the lousy situation she's in
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Which would you rather eat right now?

Black eyed peas
M&Ms (Eminem)
Pumpkins, smashed
Corn (Korn)
Pearl Jam
Red Hot Chili Pepper
Ginger Spice
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whats the last thing to make you go D: IRL?
dc/dk whats the last food fail that you experienced?

i cut myself while shaving last night and i was just reexamining the wound... i basically have 5 razor marks on my leg and my band aid was hella super bloody...and there was also hardened shaving cream on my leg that i just pulled off D: D: D:

the microwave in my new dorm is broken so i have half-cooked chicken nuggets :( darn you, non rotating microwave plate!
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say cheese!

So regarding pictures, which of the following are you?

I look good both in person and pictures.
I look good in person but bad in pictures.
I look bad in person but good in pictures.
I look bad both in person and pictures.

Srs/Non-srs. Stories are welcome.
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co workers

I used to work with this girl...probably 6 or so years ago. I hated her. She is constantly trying to friend me on facebook, and when I see her in public, I usually ignore her, or at least say a polite hello. But she tries to talk to me. I've told her before that I do not like her and am not interested in having anything to do with her. How do you deal with people like this? My sister said I was rude to not talk to her... but I don't like her!
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online quiz/game

looking for the name of an online quiz/game:
-the pictures and the questions were drawn in flash animation
-it wasnt a (general) knowledge quiz, or any kind of personality/disorder/statistical quiz
-it was a funny quiz/game thing, sort of 'lateral thinking' in a way..
-eg, i think one of the questions was something about clicking on the smallest dot on the screen, and it was the dot on the 'i' in 'click'...
-i think you had 3 lives
-you have to start again if you get the answer wrong
-i think there was a question about some colours, i think one of the questions had a picture of a horse in it...

super long shot but anyone have any ideas....... ?


edit: answer is   .   thank you ! 

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I have an interview for an art instructor job at an educational center.
Should I put together some kind of portfolio? The woman didn't say to, but I'm thinking it might be expected.

The interview is at 1 and I need to catch a boat about 45 minutes away at 2:45. Should I cancel the boat ride (it's to a job) and move it to the next day?
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What are your favorite tools for staying organized and tidy? Tips and tricks are nice, too!
I'll be in an 11'x11' dorm room with 2 beds, 2 dressers, 2 small desks, 2 sets of wall shelves, and a closet, so space savers = <3
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Can you tell me about something (a band, a movie, a book, a hobby, etc) you liked when you were younger and still like today? Has your enjoyment or appreciation of it changed as you've gotten older?

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What do you think the benefits of learning Latin are? 

I've been considering it for a while, but don't know if I should just nix the idea and just go for a different- and a more widely used- language.

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I just signed the lease for a new apartment and will gradually begin moving stuff from my old place to my new place over the next two weeks. Right now I have a twin-sized bed, but I've been thinking that I would like a double. It isn't the ideal time, financially, to be buying a new mattress, frame, sheets and blankets, but I feel like if I'm ever going to switch beds, it makes sense to do it while I'm moving and rearranging everything else anyway.

People with full-sized beds, is having a big bed worth the money? Or do you think I should wait and then just deal with rearranging the room later when I have more disposable income?
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So I'm going to my friend's birthday party tonight, and I'm going to wear a strapless black dress. I think it would look cute if I put my hair up in a bun.

The thing is, I never put my hair up, because when I do, it looks like this:
Collapse )

I can eliminate all those ugly little fly away hairs if I slick my hair back using gel, but the gel I usually use gives my hair that hard shiny look that you get when you know, gel.

Is there any other way to smooth out my hair without using gel that makes it all crunchy? Maybe another kind of styling product, or a special kind of gel? I just want to make my hair look natural, I guess, when I pull it back.

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My boyfriend and I want to do a joint birthday party since we have a lot of mutual friends and our birthdays are a week apart. We want to have a BBQ at a nearby park. How should we plan this to make it fun? Food? Stuff to bring? All suggestions are welcomed.

(btw, we are turning 23 and 24)

eta: what kind of food and games? I need specifics, people!

One night getaway

The kid is going for a sleepover.

My husband works until 5.

We've been living at my grandparents' place for several weeks as we make the transition from our old home to our new home in a few weeks.

I spent our anniversary (Wednesday) working.

Should I spend $300 on a sexy hotel room for a night and surprise my husband?

Can we afford it? Sorta.
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Can you share some ridiculous party stories?
Last night my dress caught on fire while I was standing near some candles. No, not the bottom hem, not even the ties, just the part of my hip closest to the flame. I didn't notice until I smelt something funny because I was so extraordinarily drunk and now have a burn on my back that is charred skin, a blister, and inflamed redness. On the plus side, I found this a good reason to be naked for a while.

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i'm trying to apply for an internship with a local design firm and they sent me back an internship application form to fill in, together with a request for my recent best works.

in the form, they asked for things like my strength and weaknesses (design aspect) and also 3 words that best describe me/my work. in the "describe yourself in 3 words" part, do you think it'll be ok if i put down "introverted"?

i don't think it's a word that has a lot of negative connotations, and it's something that i'm really am. or would "shy" be a better word? or is this frowned upon? :O

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is it safe to use something like Fantastik to clean the cat box?

i want to do like a overhaul with the cat box, not just replace the litter and stuff but i'm worried it won't be good for her.

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Inspired by the search results question...

What do you find if you put If you don't wanna post a link giving away your real name then just describe what you found vaguely. If nothing comes up try your-fullname, or and things.

My real name (not Krystal Champagne) brought up a website selling handmade greeting cards by a lady with the same name :D

I used to do this with friends at school all the time when I was like 12. And then one girl found porn and was like D: and the game stopped.
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It's now 3PM. I have the house to myself (wife and kids are out of town) and I have no intention of going outside at all this afternoon. Should I bother showering and dressing? If so, when?

Dear TQC,

What kind of animal is a "bonham"?

"I watched men, children, dogs, pups, bonhams and a cat gather around a nearby bonfire"

-- _One foot in Laos_, by Dervla Murphy.

From context, they're not cats, dogs, or pigs. It's not clear whether it's an Irish name for an animal also found in Laos, or something unique to Laos that just isn't common anymore.

Bonus points for cute pictures of baby bonhams.

Question for the CPAs / soon-to-be CPAs

A couple years ago I invested in some CPA (certified public accountant) exam study materials which cost me over $300 (mainly Wiley books). Because of some family issues, I had to put the exam on the backburner.

I'm starting to study again but now there are some new items being tested in 2011 (operations management, IFRS) and I fear my study materials are out-of-date. I can't invest in a whole new set but wanted to supplement what I already have.

Any recommendations for online materials / web sites or affordable study guides that will teach me the key points of these areas or help me with the exam?

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TQC, I'm scheduled to have my first pole dancing class tonight, and I thought I was pretty excited but now that it's getting closer I'm getting more nervous. I'm worried that I won't be wearing the right clothes (there's no actual recommendation on clothing, just no jewelery, so I'm wearing an old t-shirt and gym shorts that are kind of fug, but they're my only gym shorts). I'm also a little freaked out that the hickey on my neck hasn't faded yet; it's mostly faded and kind of just looks like a dirty spot and of course I don't have any cover-up. I'm basically just freaked out that I'm going to be the gawky, not-cool-enough kid. Will you tell me how silly I'm being?
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Have you ever fainted? I'm pretty much a champion fainter, but I understand that many people have never had the experience.

If you say that you are generally “not feeling well” (as in you feel crappy but don’t have a cold or anything worth going to the doctor for), what’s usually your main symptom? Mine’s nausea. And feeling faint, obviously.

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What do your friends do that you think is disgusting?

One of my best friends thinks that eating big meals late at night is a bit minging, and usually I agree, but I ate a big Burger King meal at midnight last night and it felt GREAT!

backpacking Europe

I just started planning my trip to Europe. I want to visit some countries in eastern Europe, but I don't know any of the languages. I have a strong background in French and Spanish, and I know bits and pieces of other Western languages.

Any suggestions for traveling to a country where you don't speak the language?
Any suggestions for a forum for people who travel / backpack?
If you were in Europe, what is the one country you would have to visit?

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When you tell someone you're going to be somewhere at a certain time, do you usually show up late, on time or early?

If you're going to be late, do you just show up late or do you text/call the person and tell them how late you are?


i want to do something more with my post-grad life than sit in front of a computer screen. i have all these plans and ambitions but am severely lacking in the action department. i dont know why i am scared to take an action in any positive direction....any suggestions about in about how to actually take action?
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Where has all of my silverwear gone??

Honestly, I had place settings for 12, and now I'm doing good to scrounge place settings for three!

I have searched the house, and it's just GONE.

I had it all just a few days ago


(non-serious answers appreciated)
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 Do you live next to a store, park or some attraction? Generally some place that people love to go, but you never do? Why don't you go?

I live next to a cinema and I never go anymore. Be it prices or lack of good movies I just never go. 
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If you had an outdoor cat that you fed outdoors, and another cat was constantly eating it's food, and you were unsure whether that cat had an owner or not, what would you do?

Would you shoo it? Would you feed it? If you bought your cat "expensive" cat food, would you change to a less expensive/healthy brand? Would your answer change depending on how much it was running you ($30, $50, $70/mo)?

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Where can I find cute dresses that aren't too short and aren't super expensive?
I like dresses to hit at my knee, and I tried on this super cute dress at H&M but it was mid-thigh. Same with ones at the Gap and Old Navy.
Talbots I never really have a problem with, but they're way too expensive unless I go to the clearance store and that hasn't rotated it stock in forever.

I'm a size 16/L in most cases.

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If, one day, you find yourself stranded in a remote wilderness far from civilization with uncertain hope of being able to find your way back anytime soon, would you hunt? Or, would you try to survive off fruit, berries and other vegetation?

Did you find Lord of the Flies particularly disturbing? The book? The original movie?
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Odd jobs. Emphasis on odd

Let's say you're looking for a full-time job. There's not a lot out there, just these 14 jobs. Which do you pick? They all pay about the same

Nude model for local art college
Window cleaner/floor mopper at local peepshow
Dog catcher. You'll have to catch ferals, strays and rabid pooches, armed with only nets and small cages
Telemarketer for Fox News. You spend hours calling/emailing random people, trying to get donations
Mortuary ablutionist. Your job is to spongebathe all bodies before the makeup team takes a go at them
Waiter/waitress at a 50s diner, the kind where you dine in your car. You'll be carrying food on roller skates
Sandwich board ad wearer. You'd walk around the busiest, most happening areas in your city, wearing a sign that says "YES ON PROP 8"
Diaper changer at a posh daycare. Dozens of kids get dropped off there and your only duty is removing doodie from diapers
Waitress at a strip club. You'll have to wear mini skirts
Port-a-potty drainage technician. You're the person who drains out those portable bathrooms with a giant hose and a truck
Final caretaker at an animal shelter. It'd be your only job to put dogs, cats, kittens and puppies to sleep. No one currently employed by this place wanted to do it
Jack Links employee. You'll wear a Bigfoot costume at various events
High-rise window washer. You're one of them folks in those platforms outside skyscrapers 30 stories up
Door-to-door encyclopedia salesperson
I'd rather collect unemployment


I feel like looking at houses. Pretend you have a $1,000,000 to spend on a house. Will you find one you can afford and link to it/post a picture?

(Homes that are actually for sale, from a real estate site.)
*eta* pretend taxes and all that junk don't exist.

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I am moving from northwestern ontario to montreal in 6 days. I am absolutely terrified, mainly because I don't know anybody there/ my parents are moving overseas at the same time and my childhood home is disappearing. it's a big step! (I'm 18, btw)

will you give me reasons to be REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITED, as I should be?

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i've heard good things about covergirl's lashblast mascara. do any of you use it? if so, what kind (when i was at the drugstore there were like five different kinds - volume, length, something called "fushion," etc.)?

if not, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? mine was mint chip but i just recently discovered ben & jerry's boston cream pie and SHIT this is delicious

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If you had to choose between the two, would you rather have it a little warm or a little cold in the room you sleep in?

A little warm, because I feel like I'm being suffocated beneath comforters if I'm too cold.

What is your favorite genre of music?

Currently it seems like I've been listening to A LOT of progressive rock lately.
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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My friend is trying to get me to go to the liquor store and buy booze for her party tonight. She claims I will get reimbursed. I don't wanna. Should I go anyway and be a good bro? It closes in 25 minutes. I live maybe 5 minutes away. I am currently wearing spongebob boxers, no bra, a tshirt, and a towel on my head. Should I change first?
Jesus: ASL
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At my work, we each take turns being responsible for keeping the break room clean and fresh. Any tips on how to show everyone up? I signed up for 3 weeks in October and want to make sure I plenty of ideas on how to keep it looking awesome. Hilarious ideas are welcome, we all have a good sense of humor.
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 Where do you buy your books off of the internet? I know better than to buy from B&N and Borders websites because they are too expensive. I usually buy from Amazon, but are there cheaper websites that are legit?
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I want a body modification.

I'm thinking piercing. What should I get? I want something super cool and original and still kinda "work friendly"

**And I will not get my nipples pierced. NO.
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What's your favorite primary color?

Your favorite secondary color?

DK/DC: What's the last thing you bought from an infomercial? What's your FAVORITE thing you've bought from an infomercial?
**ETA: by "bought from an infomercial" I mean any As Seen On TV thing...even if you technically bought it from WalMart or Target or wherever...

help me make my grocery list

I'm going to the grocery store and I want to get something of the frozen variety to pop into the oven or microwave if I get hungry but don't have time to make a legit meal. Just for example, last week I bought taquitos, the week before that I bought frozen pizza.

If you had to pick ONE frozen meal/snack to buy, what would you get?

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what is the worst thing about katy perry?

idk but i can name like 10 things that have nothing to do with her music

if you don't care, what is the worst song on the radio right now?

probably something by katy perry. how hot is that nicki minaj jason derulo remix?

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For those of you in college, (eta: if you live/lived on campus) where did/do you buy your dorm room bedding? Can you provide me with some website links?

Also, I found a bedding set that I adore, but it only comes in twin, not extra long twin. Would it be too small?

dk/dc: what is/was your major in college?

it's a slow night ok

i go back to college tomorrow night. what did i forget to pack?

if you were in need of a rebound (or something with no strings attached, or whatever), would someone who repeatedly talks about how attracted they are to you but only does so when they're drunk be a good choice?

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my newly old roommate sent me a text today that said basically, "You owe me money for the dishes you threw out instead of washing and returning to me."

i didn't throw out her dishes. when i left yesterday after getting my things they were exactly where me and my sister left them, in the dining room. i didn't clean them like i had planned because when i came home Friday she had dumped my clothes all over the basement floor and put the basket they were in in my room. empty. what? and ate my ice cream and took my food. so i was pissed.

so i said, "Well, I didn't throw out any dishes. Any I had I put downstairs. Even so, your cat bled all over my new $75 sneakers, so let's call it a wash."

she hasn't responded.

should i not have said that? what should i have said? her cat did ruin my shoes, and she peed on my mattress when i moved in last year and i didn't make my roommate replace it since i was able to clean it and get the smell out.

was there a better way to handle this?