August 13th, 2010

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In my uni, there are two sorts of sterotypes, mainly. One is people who dress immaculately and are full of style and fashion sense but no hope in studies. Lecturers dislike them and they dont really help when these people fail or something. Another are geeks, whose main item of clothing is budget jeans and baggy shirts with school bags full of notes and such. These ones excel in uni, or are average students.

Is it possible to be both stylish and smart, and taken seriously?(I know the smart part comes from within)

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in the film "You've Got Mail" was Meg Ryan's character cheating on her bf?
if so at which point in the film does it count as cheating?

at the end when she says that she wanted it to be him, at what point has she 'fallen for him'?
Violet Turner

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 When was the last time something sucky happened to you, but it was justifiable? 
I came in to work at 8, and got sent home at almost 10 because it was so insanely dead, and they didn't need 9 people working on such a slow night

Should I paint my nails a dark plum or a vibrant light pink? 
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 Do you know what I mean when I say "I want to make love to that man's voice?"

Whose voice do you want to make sweet, sweet love to?
Mine are Pitbull and Jason Mraz for their musical voices, and Liam Neeson when he's just plain ol' talking. Unf.
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Happy Holidays!

Are you superstitious?
What was the worst thing to happen to you on Friday the 13th?
What was the best thing to happen to you on Friday the 13th?
Based on your past experiences, has it mainly been good luck or bad luck for you?
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Do you take the phone into the bathroom with you? Does it depend on who you're talking to? Does it depend on if it's #1 or #2?

I usually just say hold on but my family almost always brings the phone in. I'm self-conscious about the sounds or something, idk.
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We have a pillowtop mattress that is so, so comfortable. We've had it about two years now, but we're starting to create grooves in it where we sleep. We turn the mattress every few months, but then my husband and I just end up sleeping in each other's grooves. Is there anything I can do to even it back out, or am I permanently doomed to have a slotted bed for life?
Peggy Blink

Bedtime stories!

I have to kill the next hour quickly - Will you participate in one of those neverending story things where one person makes a sentence and the other makes a new comment with the next sentence and so on and so forth?

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a young girl.

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Oh god...
So i have some old serial number stickers on the back of my computer, and i peeled them off. When i did, it left this terrible sticky gunk that sticks and doesn't go away...
Does anyone have a solution for this?

ETA: Baking soda worked. thanks guys!
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Do you feel that illegal immigrants improve productivity and bolster the economy by taking low-skill/low-pay jobs, or do you feel they are a drain on public resources? Or both? Or neither?

When you are eating a delicious cinnamon roll, do you prefer it to unroll in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction?

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Do you ever tell someone that you won't be mad if they do or don't do something, and then end up getting upset that they didn't/did? How do you handle it?

I know this is worded in a weird way, so I'll explain. I sometimes tell people that I won't mind if they don't do something with me, mostly because I know that they don't really want to. In some of these instances, however, I find myself quite peeved that they don't. I know I don't really have a right to be mad, because I said I wouldn't be, but I can't seem to help but feel upset/hurt.
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1) I have never had yogurt before. I want to try some. However, when I went to the grocery store, there was TOO MUCH YOGURT. I was overwhelmed and couldn't decide. So, TQC, what's your favorite yogurt?

2) When I say "duck," you say ____?

3) So I'm gonna be alone with the dog tonight. What should I do after work to celebrate Friday the 13th (or whatever you want me to celebrate)? There will be updates/pictures, so give me good ideas!

4) Will you help me tweet my twourly twupdate?

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I really want to pursue some type of martial art. I'm leaning toward karate, but I know there are many others. I know there's more to it than being able to kick ass and take names, but I would love to have the confidence that comes along with being able to kick ass ;)

How do you go about choosing the best martial art for you?

Anyone here do martial arts? I'd love to hear about it.

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TQC, I am bored out of my mind at work. Should I leave at 1 (about 30 minutes from now) or suck it up and stay until 3? I don't have anything to do tonight, and I know as soon as I get home I'll just nap. I just can't decide what to do!

Also, what color are your eyes?


Me and my brother have always had a mutual understanding that we never tell on each other for anything. When I first started smoking weed my brother never told on me. When I found out he started smoking weed I never said anything to my parents, even though he is 3 years younger than me (he is 15) and I thought it was crazy he was smoking at a young age. Now though, he is starting to sell drugs, which is very sketchy and dangerous.

I think I should tell my parents... would this be wrong? I would be breaking the trust that we have, but there are a lot of sketchy people in my area and I have seen so many of my friends get sucked into selling drugs and getting arrested :/

EDIT: i have tried to talk to him about it already, and have even had my friends who have been in similar situations and been arrested try and talk to him. he just doesnt listen.

Violet Beauregarde

I was sitting here drinking some Mixed Berry V8, and reading the bottle, when I came across the phrase "V8 VFusion is made from vegetable and fruit juices which may cause color variation". I initially and briefly interpreted this as implying that *I* might change color.

I don't want to be purple. TQC, what was the last thing you misread/misinterpreted?

Email client

I am sick to death of Thunderbird. I use it for gmail because I have multiple gmail accounts - Personal, junk, sweepstakes, work. I wont use gmail itself because of the threads it makes, which means I miss mail especially when it comes to lj comments.

Aside from Thunderbird, what's your favorite email client?\

Things I prefer:

Smart folders so every account has its own mail, and not mixed together in a common spot
Pop-up notifications when I get new email.

I'm still lookin for suggestions, but in my own search found this with some options.
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So, I went to an amusement park Wednesday and went totally nuts on the bumper cars and now my neck is KILLING ME

Like I can't fucking move it. And I've got lower back pain

So I'm like, "hey lemme go to my chiropractor"

But my mom was like "NO they have been doing insurance fraud"

So now I need a new chiropractor? I've seen these folks since I was like NINE (9) so I don't even know where to look...

If you see a chiropractor, how did you find them? Did you shop around?

What should I look for in a chiropractor?
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Should I keep my old camera? It's a Canon EOS Rebel X from like 1995. I don't use it. I don't know what to do with it, otherwise. It's not worth much. Should I donate it to a high school photography program? Would they have any use for it? Who else might want it?

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I'm sending a birthday card to my friend who goes to college in a different city. I asked for her address, and she gave me a street address: #### Such-and-such street. No apt. number like last time I mailed something to a friend at college. 

I have never lived in a dorm or an apartment so I don't know how mail works there. Should just putting the address and her name on it get the card to her? Or do I need her apartment number? 
Asian Correspondent Tricia Takanawa
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Awhile ago, my husband said that I could have a pet bunny if he got the promotion he was in line for. He was promoted but for various reasons, I never got around to looking for a bunny.

Well, I found one! My husband is no longer keen on the idea, although he quiets down (but I can still hear him muttering complaints under his breath!) when I remind him that he promised.

Should I go and get the bunny now?

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 Are there any, for lack of a better term, conspiracy theories that you actually believe?  Things that you just don't buy the "official" story about?  If so, why?

Seen anything weird today?  A coworker just showed me a video of his kid driving the go-kart that he made out of a shopping cart, a lawn mower motor, and a Heinken mini-keg (gas tank).
Weekend plans, TQC?

G'day lovelies!

I'm poorly sick and just can't think at all.

I'm going grocery shopping later and failing miserably at writing my list.

What would you guys put on your shopping list if you were:

1) A little short of monies
2) Don't have an oven, but have a microwave and electric steamer

Bonus question!!!

How is your Friday the 13th going??



Poll #1605438 Hypothetical

Let's say there was a new voice for the Tea Party, and he/she was even more extreme and idiotic than Sarah Palin. This person's declared that Obama was keeping the borders open, so that liberal socialist countries could send over homosexual agenda-laden extremists to our country, recruiting our kids to homosexuality and making them want to get pregnant and have abortions, thus making simple conservative Americans combine their fears of gays, sexuality active women and illegals. He/she is the toast of the Fox News and an is rumoured to be Sarah Palin's running mate in 2012. The interesting thing is that this person looks JUST LIKE YOU. In every way. What now?

Dye my hair, get it cut, change myself in every physical way possible so that I no longer resemble this person
Make the most of it. Find out what restaurants/shops are run by Fox News-watching owners and try and get free meals/merchandise while pretending to be this person
This is obviously a sign from above. I immediately join the Tea Party
Try my best to sabotage this person's public image. I'll dress like this person and hang out in porn shops and gay nightclubs, and urinate in public as much as possible
Kill myself

Because of your uncanny similarity, a representative of this person approaches you and offers you a job...impersonating him/her. "____ is too busy to attend every rally and convention, so we'd appreciate it if you could read speeches in front of arenas he/she can't attend, thus passing on the good word. You'll read detailed speeches handwritten by your look-a-like and you'll be helping make America sever it's ties with illegal gay abortionist teen-sexing recruiters, and thus returning this country back to salt-of-the-earth straight God-fearing people. We will pay you $50,000 per appearance and there's about 10 appearances lined up. You'll be doing the Lord's work here. What do you say?"

Ok. That's a lot of money and I'd just be preaching to the choir, so what harm can I do
No way. I could never in good conscience endorse such bologna
I'd agree, but use the opportunity to sabotage my twin's ambitions in front of thousands of followers by 'outing' Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck and explaining how those 2 homosexuals are secrety trying to ban the bible and take away people's guns
I happily accept, It'd be my honor to support this person and spread their noble vision to the world.
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cooking help, TQC!

I'm making chicken apple salad for sandwiches. My mother's recipe is boiled shredded chicken breasts + chopped apples + chopped celery + 2 parts sour cream, 1 part cream cheese.

HOWEVER, it wasn't until she left for work that I realized we have hardly any sour cream, and I don't have any money to go buy some. And since she left her cell phone at home, I turn to you, TQC, for advice! Do you think plain yogurt will work instead? It's the same consistency... or should I wait until my fiance gets here at 5:30 and go buy a tub of sour cream? I was hoping to have dinner ready for him when he got here. :(

Also, tomorrow night I'm making hot wings for dinner. What would be good with hot wings besides corn on the cob and baked beans? Or is that plenty?

What's your favorite thing to cook or bake?

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I am planning for my second career after I retire or get tired of my current one. Which do you think would be a good source of income in my retirement years?

Baking/selling cupcakes
Making/selling preserves or other canned goods
Keeping bees and selling honey
Knife-throwing at the circus
Certified Public Accountant

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i swear to god i must be blind, but can someone help me figure this out? i used 818.85KB of data on my verizon smartphone (motorola droid) while in canada (specifically, southern ON) recently, and i'm trying to figure out how much this is going to cost me. halp?
Call Me Sir!
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Ladies: How long should an underwire bra last? Cost of said garment?

Gents: What are and how old are your most-worn shoes?
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I heard on the radio that grandma undies are coming back in style and that sales of full coverage, high-cut underpants have been unusually high in the past couple months. Is this true? What the hell is inspiring this rise in sales? Why would they even be the new underpants 'rage'?

What kind of undies do you prefer?

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Have you ever hated a song but somebody close to you or the radio played it so much that you started to like it?

What was the song?

Has this ever happened with a whole genre of music?

My brother won't stop playing that new song by Eminem feat. Rihanna. I usually dislike Eminem because of the misogyny but I'm wearing down and starting to enjoy the song now.

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Yesterday I went for a job interview. It was for a research/admin position in a university. At the end I was told candidates would be notified by the end of yesterday or the next day (i.e. today). It is now 15:00 and I have not heard back from them. Should I be optimistic and assume they're taking their time making up their mind? (Which happened at another job I went for). Or be negative and assume that I haven't got it?
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I recently acquired a new king size mattress. It didn't come with
a box spring so I just put my twin size mattress on the floor next to my twin size box
spring. The twin mattress is about 4 inches higher than the twin box spring is. Because the bed is so fluffy I can't feel a difference while laying on it. I figured it is fine but my mom is convinced the hight difference will fuck up the king size mattress.

What do you think?
My only other option is to put the king mattress right onto the floor.

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Some questions for you amateur chefs out there:

I made a delicious butternut squash and red pepper soup but I put too much chilli powder in it and now it's too spicy. :( I know putting yoghurt or sour cream will cool it down but all I have is brie. I think this will cool the soup down, but will it taste good? I don't want to ruin my soup any further!

Other question: I still have some butternut squash. I was thinking of making it into soup with parsnips, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Maybe throw in an apple. Does this sounds good? I want to make a slightly sweet soup this time. What other delicious combinations would you suggest?
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 Are you happy with your current living situation?

I'm fairly happy. I like my apartment and where its located. My roommate is ok but I feel like I would be happier living on my own I living with someone I actually hang out with. Instead I don't really enjoy talking to my roommate very much but she's a decent roommate in that she keeps her stuff clean for the most part. She's kind of bad about doing her dishes though.
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My neighbors rented a bouncy-castle and blew it up in their front yard. Then they seem to have invited 47.9 billion of the smallest and screechiest kids in the whole fucking world to come play, and they don't care how loud/much they scream. I can't shut my windows because it's August and we don't have A/C, and I can't go anywhere because I don't have a car in which to escape, so I've turned on the stereo in the living room and am blasting it with everything wide open. I understand that this is childish and no one probably even cares. Maybe I like blasting the music this loud, neighbors, so why don't you fuck off?

1. What would you do in this situation?
2. How long do rentals last on this bullshit?
3. Do you have even one good neighbor?

Edit: Seems like they've either lost interest or are eating dinner. SO. What's your favorite radio station?

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Inspired by watching this reality show about Southwest Airlines. A late evening flight was canceled and everyone is FREAKING OUT demanding hotels. I think it sucks, especially for those who were making a connection (so they are not in their vacation or home city).

Under what circumstances do you think an airline should/shouldn't be obligated to pay for a hotel stay and/or free tickets?

Do you have a story about an airline going above and beyond for you? A horror story?
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Does anybody here know anything about CSS?

I recently changed to a custom layout (from fruitstyle), but the fonts are all waaaaaayyyyyy small, and I'm waaaaaayyyyyy blind. I figured out how to change most of it, but the "(___) comments/Leave a comment" buttons and the actual comments themselves are still, like, 8 px. How do I change this? I've resorted to just randomly going in and changing numbers to make them bigger, but it's not working.

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Should I be concerned that my family of four can take down 18 muffins in a day?

For reference, this time they were these blueberry muffins from The Joy of Vegan Baking, standard sized simple muffins.

I live with two growing boys, ages 7 and 9, and a 40 year old athletic ex-cross country runner with a high metabolism. We had the muffins for breakfast, then snacked on them throughout the day. The boys ate most of them. I had two.

We don't eat tons and tons of baked goods, but we do something like this at least once a week, sometimes twice. 18 just seems like a lot of muffins to me.


How many muffins do you think you could eat in a day?
What kind of muffins should I bake for you?
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If you were in the market for a new laptop, what sort of things would be deal-breakers for you? I just found one that fits my budget and is basically everything I want, except the touchpad is awful. I can't decide whether or not to just start over and look for something else.

What do you prefer, a touchpad or a mouse? Do you find it easy to switch back and forth between the two?
Liz Lemon

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Lets say you are asleep in bed with your SO. Around 1 am you wake up to them cuddling with you. From the way they are touching you/moving you can tell that they want to have sex. How do you react?
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What does "MSM" mean? Like the phrase "MSM of color". I've seen it now in a couple of different places relating to HIV risk, but nobody's explaining what it stands for. Urban Dictionary gives me "mainstream media", while Google gives me "Methylsulfonylmethane", neither of which makes sense in the "of color" context. Help?

how much debt do you have?

Are you debt free? If not, how much debt do you have? Is it credit card, student loan, etc...

I was debt free until recently, but a job loss and some other reduction in income has forced me to live more and more off my credit cards. Plus, an unfortunate gambling loss.

My current number: $14,500 (but decreasing)

one more...

Do you believe in luck? Luckiest thing that ever happened to you?

My luck has been incredibly, absurdly bad since April... At times, I find this almost encouraging; maybe I'm overdue for a turn of luck in my favor. No one can be unlucky forever, I would assume.

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Will you please google your lj name, and link me the result on Page 20, result 1?


As you're scrolling through, do you find it scary that your lj link are posted elsewhere?
Sometimes, if you google hard enough, you might find shit about you!

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Do you like babies?

I'm not usually a huge fan of them but I was left with taking care of my cousin's 9 month old while she had minor surgery today. Somehow we ended up listening to Bad Romance over a half dozen times because shes likes to dance to it, and by the end of the day she had the GA GA OOH LA LA parts down solid and we had a nice little performance for everyone when they came back. She was belting it out and shaking her booty, it was honestly the funniest thing I have ever seen. So now I am more a fan of babies than I was at the beginning of the day.

Will you tell me a cute baby story if you have one?
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i looked up flint michigan and now i'm reading about urban decay and the history of urban planning in the US and white flight and civil rights and i'm bored.

anyway, how/why does a house become for-real abandoned? as in, it wasn't damaged by fire, it's not being rezoned, it's just abandoned.

are "blighted" (um is that word used IRL?) areas a problem where you live?


what's the last thing you ~researched~ on wikipedia? when i put research in tildes i mean you happened upon stuff at random

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I have an interview for a very part-time babysitting type of job tomorrow. It would be from 6am to 9am, Monday-Friday. I also just got an email about an interview for a potential job teaching some art classes that I would REALLY like, but I don't know the hours.

Is there a way to not lose the job tomorrow without accepting it right away? (does that make sense?)
I know it would be in bad taste to say that I'm waiting to hear back from a job that would be better for me, so do I do this?
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Do you believe hypnosis is a legitimate practice for healing/mental health? What about for shits and giggles at parties or college campuses? Have you ever been hypnotized? Would you ever want to be?