August 12th, 2010


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You have been hurled back into history. Where would you rather land: the Titanic as a third class passenger, London during the Plague (with no way out of the city), or Pompeii right before the eruption?
god bless the world

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Can someone who knows more about it please explain the internet neutrality thing to me? I've googled it and I'm so computer stoopid it still makes no sense. Just give me an example. As in "Right now, if you do _______ on the internet, this will happen, but if internet neutrality is eliminated and you do the same thing _________ will happen instead and that's why everyone is so pissed off."

And I don't understand why this wouldn't just generate competition from service providers who maintained internet neutrality? I don't know if that question makes sense. But hopefully someone will get what I mean. If you were a big service provider, why not just say, "Okay, for those of you who want 'internet neutrality' we'll provide a service that operates on that principal and steal the competition's customers who are not big on the anti-neutrality thing."

What about this am I not getting?

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So in addition to telling me I have to try sex with a man before I know if I like it or not a coworker did something that was so utterly embarrassing and she would not let it go that I physically ran across the store to hide behind my CSM. I was checking a guy, and I don't know what she was thinking but I was checking this guy, kind of muscular with tats, a nice looking man and I said something, I can't remember what and then my coworker was like "You should get with this man right here. Look, look, just imagine your legs in the crook of his arms" Implying he would be giving me oral. And I hurriedly finished the transaction then started backing away from her and she kept following and was dragging the guy with her and that's when I started running.

How should I handle this?

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What should I do this Friday?

1. Get drunk at home and read books.
2. Go out and get drunk by myself.
3. Go hang out with not particularly close friends and stay sober.

Keep in mind that I am likely to be very upset that day because the ex I keep trying to forget about is in town that day.

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would white linen SHORT shorts with a blank tank and black leather flats be appropriate for first time salsa lesson? the lesson is at a bar which follows a latino night. thanks all :)

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If you are/have been a college student:

Do/did you read your textbooks before classes actually start? My husband thinks I'm weird.

ETA: So far, the consensus seems to be "nerd". Won't someone validate me? :)

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What do you find weird or annoying about a lot of teenagers?

I find a lot of girls at my school go through boys like they do tissues. One second they use them and then the other they're thrown away. It's kind of funny that every week this one person's facebook status changes from 'single' to 'in a relationship' to 'single'. I wonder how they really ever felt about that person and why they dated them in the first place. It's like "Wow, you're 15 and you've already had 15 boyfriends. Huh..." 

Then maybe then again I just sound like a bitter teenager who has never had a boyfriend. But really it doesn't concern me m
uch that I don't.

(Yes I'm 14 and I'm poking fun at my age group)

Alternative Question: What is your favorite type of pie?

I love my dad's homemade apple pie. No doubt that it's the best.
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I work the night shift at a hotel. I just a really creepy phone call at work. This dude called 3 times in a row, very obviously drunk/on drugs/something. He was looking for someone whom he said was staying with us, but no one was here by that name. No matter how many times I told him that, he kept persisting.

Then he got all weird and pervy and started asking me lewd questions. At that point, I hung up on him, figuring it was just a freak prank calling, which happens from time-to-time.

But he called back.

In the background, I heard a woman screaming. I asked him if everything was ok, and at first he told me it was the TV, but then he kept telling the woman, who was supposedly the television, to "Shut the fuck up." I don't know about you, but I don't tell my TV to shut up.

I know the obvious thing to do here is report it to the police. But amazingly, we don't have any kind of caller-id type system and all I have is the gut feeling that this guy was not talking to the television, there was a woman in the room with him and she was obviously in distress.

Can the police do anything? Is there a way they can track the phone call even though we don't have any kind of call-logger?

ETA: OK! I reported it. They said there's nothing they can do, but they took the report anyway. Still, maybe someone will report a crime tomorrow and make this information useful in some way. I feel better, at least I did everything I could.
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Will you talk about a time when someone embarrassed you? Did anyone tell you that you smell terrible, your friends actually hate you, or to sit at a different lunch table?

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Do you know how to dance? If so, do you enjoy dancing?

Do you pre-party before you go out? What does your pre-party typically consist of?

Do you trim your nose hair?

Edit: I am planning on putting together a wine and cheese night for my SO, because I know they'd love it. I have never been to anything like this before, though, so I don't really know what things I should be sure to include besides the obvious. What not ungodly expensive cheese recommendations do you have for me? Any other suggestions?

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TQC, what would you do if you were woken in the middle of the night by a bat flying around your bedroom? If you turn on the lights, it hides somewhere. Do you go searching for it or say eff it and go back to bed and deal with it in the morning? Not care at all? Attempt to capture and release in the middle of the night?

* Asked because one of my best friends and his fiancée were woken up a few nights ago by a bat in their bedroom, he turned on the bedside lamp but it went hiding and he was scared to go searching in dark corners for it so they just went back to bed. Yesterday his fiancée found it again hidden behind their headboard - she called wildlife services and they're sending someone out today to capture and release. Most of our other friends were very "Oh hells no." to the thought of sleeping in the same room as a bat, heh.

How the Eff Do I Make My Phone Stop Being Dumb?

So apparently my phone's Calender function is going all sorts of batshit insane on me.  It keeps coming up with a "CALENDER EVENT" notice for my anniversary every 20 minutes.  That wouldn't be so bad, if my anniversary hadn't been 4 days ago.  But no, my dumbass phone still tells me every 20 minutes "Oh, hai.  In case you were wondering, your anniversary was on Sunday."  No shit, phone.
Even worse was last night when it popped up telling me about my dad's birthday...with "D-39" next to it.  Seriously?  You're going to notify me of a birthday 39 days in advance?  What the hell is wrong with you?

TQC, I've tried hitting "OK", I've tried hitting "DELETE"...hell, I've even tried hitting "DELETE ALL".  Nothing works.  What is it going to take to make my phone quit reminding me of past events, and ones that are over a month away?  How do I end the madness?


As always, non-srs much preferred, of course.

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Is there anything cool to do in Branson, MO? I like cheesy, but really not gospel Christian family time cheesy :(

On my 22nd birthday I'm probably going to be in Amarillo, TX with my dad (lol). What should I do?

ETA: We're just driving through, these are the places we're sleeping but it will be OUR BIRTHDAYS (his in MO, mine in TX).
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So a small fever is good for you, but I was wondering how high I should let it get before taking a fever reducer? Right now my fever has crept up to 38°C. It was 38.7°C yesterday night.
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I'm tired of being the boring one in the office! Can anyone give me suggestions for what I ought to bring in to decorate my office? I was thinking about a few work safe LOLcat print outs, and if I could ever find Minion toys from Despicable Me...

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I need two letters of recommendation for law school applications. I received one from a professor, and my second one will be from my current employer. Since he's a busy guy, he asked me to write HIM a letter exemplifying my good qualities/what law schools want to know/etc, and he will use that as a foundation for his letter. Basically, he'll just be signing his name to my letter after a few tweaks. How do I go about writing this? I feel kinda shallow writing my own letter of recommendation, and if my boss is reading it, I don't necessarily want him to think I'm full of myself. Have you ever had to do this? Help!

Is it grey and gloomy by you? Do you write "grey" or "gray?" Any particular reason? I think "gray" looks ugly with the "a" in it D:
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TQC, will you recommend a new game for me?

going to London on Friday (woooooooo!) & would like a new DS game. Preferably one that doesn't require interactivity with the mic (I'm looking at you, Bowser)

I'm a bit over Mario/platformers ATM and I'd like something with good playtime. Any ideas?

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why do prepackaged, sliced sandwich fillers never come in corresponding amounts? as in, you'll have like 7 slices of meat and 10 slices of cheese and 12 slices of bread. or 10 hot dogs and 8 buns. what's up with that?

in your opinion, what is the worst season for fashion? i firmly believe summer is the absolute worst because you can't wear anything.
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Our apartment has a pretty mild roach problem. We don't leave food lying around and there's no insanely messy areas - it's fairly clean - we just live in the South in the heat and that's enough to bring them inside.

The complex doesn't spray beyond coming in with a bottle of cheap Raid if we ask them to (which doesn't work after, say, a day), and we tried putting the pellets of roach killer that act as food around the baseboards/in corners, but that didn't work, either.

TQC, what do you do to keep bugs in line? We're looking for something we can spray or put out that will curb the problem - not completely fix it, just ... clip its wings a bit.

ETA: I am deathly afraid of the damn things, so a roach motel or something that involves me having to pick up its corpse and carry it elsewhere won't work for me. My roommates, maybe, but if there's some way I can con one into killing off itself and its entire hovel of roach breathren, that's awesome.


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So after going a week without bathroom flooring they finally put it in but left the toilet in the shower... rendering both UNUSABLE.

What should I use for a toilet now? What about a shower?

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My mom just put her cell phone through the wash, and then she used the hair dryer on it. I put it&the battery in a tupperware container with rice. What are the chances of her phone working?
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I just got cable (including HBO and Showtime)! I have the ability to record stuff! What should I watch?
I already watch Mad Men, Rescue Me, Weeds, 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, and The Colony online.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about your significant other (or the last one you had)?

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help me make semi-big life decisions!

job a: passenger assistant (i basically push people around in wheelchairs at the airport), $6/hr (bumped up to $7.25/hr if my tips don't cover it), physically demanding (i constantly come home sore and exhausted and just fall into bed), 45 minute drive, hate half the people I work with, ~35 hours a week

job b: front desk at dorms, not sure about the wage, 20 minute drive (probably less than this), hours are capped at 20 a week, 4-5 hour shifts, evening/overnight/weekends only, could be work study if i decide to take classes this fall (i can still apply even if i'm not a student)

i already have job a and i thought about just taking job b on top of it but job a wears me out way too much and i don't think i could handle that. job a is also my first job and i have no other experience besides TQC, job a or job b?
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My friend Daleen asks (and don’t pick on her English, you meanies - she’s learning): “What is up with girls posing with the “peace sign” (2 fingers up kinda pose) and place it on their cheeks while taking pics? very cute meh?? nv fail to make me laugh when i see pics like tat.....wahahahaha maybe they trying to tell everyone they are into world peace! (i can understand if u r below 12 yrs old n want to pose like tat, other than that...u reali crack me up and make me nearly pee my pants laughing)”

And now I’m curious too. So what’s it mean?

Help me plan my life?

My dad is going to Maine on the 21st for a week and he'll be with his wife and kid. He invited me and my sister to go for Saturday and Sunday, but I kind of dislike his wife and kid cuz she's an annoying spoiled brat. I really want to see my dad, but don't want to get into a fight with him because of the kid, so should I even bother taking the time off work, or should I just stay home?

"DK/DC" What's the most you've ever spent on a textbook? I just spent $189 and am pretty appalled =/

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I'm joking around and giving my friend a hard time because he thinks Taylor Swift is hot.
I'm trying to think of an animal she looks like, but can't figure it out.

So, TQC, what animal does Taylor Swift look like? Pics helpful :)

ETA: i'm not trying to be mean, but he gives me a hard time about people i find attractive all the time so i'm getting even :P

dk/dc: what's your dream pet?
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Does anyone have any tips on trying to keep cool in my apartment which lacks air conditioning? I have a fan and a ceiling fan going and apart from keeping the windows open I have no other ideas. But it's on the ground floor, so even keeping the windows open removes the option of keeping cool by being in my underwear. Also it means I can't keep the windows open at night.

In order to escape heat I may go see a movie later. Should I see Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, The Kids Are All Right, something else, or all of them?

How's the fucking weather where you are?

When's the last time you ate a banana?
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Why do people refer to their cars in a 'feminine' sense? i.e., "she's a sturdy little car" or "she's sick, i don't even know what's wrong with her"? Where are all the male cars?

Do you name your cars? What do you name them?
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Would you describe to me what's in your perfect salad?

(Mine would be mandarin orange pieces, chopped almond, avocado, grilled chicken, cucumber slices, and crunchy rice noodles on baby greens with ginger dressing.)

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Does the 404 Page Not Found drawing of Frank the Goat freak the fuck out of anybody else?

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Should I sell my bass guitar? I could probably get $100 for it still, and I haven't touched it since April. If I keep it I probably won't start practicing again, but if I sell it I for sure won't either. I still have a 6 string electric guitar a friend lent me to fool around with, though, and it looks like I might be keeping it indefinitely now. I really need that $100 D:

TQC Smokers: in your country, do cigarette packages have graphic photo warnings on them ("Cigarettes cause lung cancer DISEASED LUNG WOO"/"Cigarettes make your dick limp METAPHORICAL REPRESENTATION OF LOST ERECTION WITH A LIMP CIGARETTE") ?

Which ones gross you out? Which ones are your favourite? Do you tell the clerks who sell you cigarettes "Don't give me [gross photo pack], do you have the ones with the [less gross photo]?" too?

I hate the ones with the diseased teeth, and I hate the ones with babies and pregnant women on them. I think the diseased hearts and lungs and stroke-clotted brains look cool, the limp penis-cigarette is funny, and I ask specifically for the pack with the ~sad children~ just to feel spiteful.
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 For those of you who attend/attended college, which did you prefer to use over the other in regards to note-taking and such: binders or notebooks?

Do/did you prefer to type your notes or write them?
I know you may be inclined to say, "LAPTOP!" but I really don't get anything out of typing my notes -- too easily distracted by lj/facebook and I remember things better when I write them out.

Party Planning

The women at work are having a belated Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party and they are looking for ideas. They have already decided no stripper and it will be at a house instead of a club.

So do you have any ideas for Food, Activities, Decorations or anything else that may help make a Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party a success?
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Out of every 10 TQC questions you read, about how many do you reply to? Or do you reply to every one that you read? How dedicated to the cause that is TQC are you, anyway?

Are you a lurker? Make a comment, please, lurkers.

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Is it illegal to not be read your Miranda rights? As far as I'm concerned, cops do not have to read you these rights in order for you to arrested, they are only required to read you them before questioning, and thus the statements you make prior to the reading of these rights can be admissible by a court. Am I right? Are there exceptions to this rule? Yay I was right!

Does anyone have stretched lobes? Do they randomly itch for no reason? I clean them, and moisturize, but my left lobe keeps itching :(

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This chick who is hot but also kind of trashy is banging on the neighbor's door (they are all kind of nerdy/greasy guys from what I've seen of them so far) and shouting. At one point I heard her say, "COME OUT AND TALK TO ME LIKE AN ADULT."

TQC, why is she so angry?
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We have a bunch of these random plants growing around in our garden. I have no idea where they came from. They remind me of basil but they don't smell like anything. Does anyone know what they are?

I'm way too lazy to go through the canning process.. what can I do with a ton of roma/grape tomatoes?
Do you have a green thumb? Any luck growing anything this year? (or ever?)
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What do you want to learn within your lifetime?

(Massage Therapy, different religions, different languages, I don't know what else yet)

What material item do you want more than anything right now?

(For some reason I really want a Sprint Cell Phone, but their plans are high...I have a tracfone at the moment...)

Do you have any advice about cell phones, cell phone family plans or just cell phone plans in general?
(I have been researching them for days for my dad, because he wants to get us on a family plan...but I am mainly looking for alot of features and good coverage (and hopefully cheap)...I noticed that Boost Mobile had quite a few unlimited features and that it was pretty cheap (no contract either), but for some reason I think Sprint is better, even though it is more expensive.)

That is it for now. Thanks for your time.

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What would cause the icons on your favorites tab to be all fucked up? TQC is currently rocking the youtube logo among others.

Why are boys/men nicer to girls/women in skirts/dresses?

Not even dressy necessarily. It could be some knee length cotton thing paired with sneakers and yet twice as many doors get held open and everyone's all friendly. Is it some sort of social conditioning? Idgi

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I'm tutoring this little girl who just came here from Russia a few months ago. Today she called herself stupid and I feel so bad about it. I tried to cheer her up and tell her that I don't think she's stupid but I could tell it did nothing.

What are some things that I can do to really boost an eight year old's self confidence?
Are there any fun games that you can think of?
swimming in a pink dress

Georgia residents!

Have you ever won the Georgia Lottery?  Whether it was only $50 or if it was more.  Do you think it is a waste of money?  Do you think spending only $20 a month on getting random scratch off tickets through out the month is bad?
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Do you know if your parents ever let you win at games? You know, specifically made their own mistakes so you won, or ran slowly on purpose, etc.?

Should parents do this?
Should they not?

I was playing KerPlunk! today with my son and I played to win for some reason. Was I being an asshole? Or does the babe need to learn to lose because life fucking sucks and you might get trampled more often than not!??
School of hard knocks, yo?
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Is anyone here familiar with Las Vegas?

Husband and I are going Sat-Sun to see Rush.  We're planning on getting into town around 2 and leaving sometime in the early evening on Sunday.   Husband has heard that the Harrah's 24 hr buffet pass would be a good deal for us, but I am skeptical because the reviews I've read indicate some long lines.  Would it be a good thing for us to do, or would it be a massive waste of money?

Is there anything that you recommend we do or where we would eat?  We're not looking to spend giant dollars (I'd say no more than $100 a meal for the both of us), and also neither of us gamble much so the gaming isn't that big of a draw for us.

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It is estimated there are currently 50 serial killers living in the US.

Does this number seem high or low to you?

Very high
A little high
Sounds about right
A little low
Very low

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I'm just learning how to quilt and seem to be completely incapable of matching different fabrics. Will you please inspire me with your favorite color combinations?

And will you post pictures of awesome crafty stuff you've made so that everyone can be jealous of your talent?
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Has a movie ever pissed you off? What movie was it?

I just finished Bluebeard (2009) and that shit pissed me off with how bad it was. I kept thinking it would get better dice.
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What's a good shampoo for frequent hair cleanings? (Once a day, at least.)

Dunno/dun care: how many were/are in your high school graduating class? (I had 370, and that's considered small nowadays.)

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inspired by the question about naming your car:
will you, dearest TQC, help me name my bass?

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don't care: will you talk to us about your underwear? what is your favourite cut? do you have a specific place you have to buy your panties, or do you just waltz into walmart and buy a pack of fruit of the loom?
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I need to take one CTA bus ride and one CTA train ride (52 to the blue line, blue line to Forest Park, then a $1.85 Pace bus to Hines) to an appointment tomorrow. The CTA's fare list seems to imply that the price is a flat $2.25 for each bus and train leg and not different prices for the bus and train. Is this correct?
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I'll be getting my first of many interviews for BBBS soon and want some LJ-advice on top of all the Google results I'm looking through.

Have any of you ever participated in Big Brothers and Big Sisters before in any way?

For those of you who were Big Siblings, what sort of clothes are expected for the interviews?
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what's the tackiest old school font that will display in a web browser or microsoft word?

i'm thinking microsoft sans serif or courier, but idk there might be worse ones.

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what's some stuff i can do to help ease my roommate's cat allergies?

she let me bring my kitty with me and wants to give it a try with her here, 'cause she's my kitty and she likes her loads already. but she's already sneezed like 3 times. what can we do besides vacuuming, brushing and allergy pills?

DK/DC/BONUS QUESTION: what's your favorite Matthew Broderick movie? mine's WarGames.

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 Do you ever do things that you know will upset you? When was the last time you did this? 

How stupid is this, on a scale of one to ten? 

Why do you think you (Or I, if you never do) do this? 

Inspired by the fact that I am listening to a song on repeat that ALWAYS makes me cry, I don't know if I need the ~release~ or what, but I CANNOT STOP MYSELF
Minchin hmm?

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TQC, please help me make a judgment call here.

My favourite band is playing locally next Friday, on the 20th. Of course, I've had tickets since the day they went on sale and have been acting as their self-appointed street team pushing the show on Craigslist and other places.

They're doing a show the day before in Richmond, which Google Maps claims is about a 2 hour drive from where I live.

I have no problem driving 2 hours there and back again for anything -- I have to do it for school several times a week when school is in session. But this is a judgment call here... SHOULD I drive 4 hours to see them on a work day the day before I see them locally anyway? If it matters, price is not an option here -- it's just $13 to get in. WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOOO???

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earlier today i asked which job i should take. i called today and have an interview monday. if i do get this job I will need to quit my other job, i have no idea how to go about doing this. any tips? is it really just as simple as going to my supervisor and saying i can't afford to work that far away from home?

also, i found out that job b pays minimum wage ($7.25/hr) but i could possibly get another dollar added to my wage since i'm not a student. I can also get better shifts (for me, personally, at least).

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My boyfriend cheated on me. He was dating another girl throughout our relationship for the first 6 months, and had sex with another girl as well. About five months after I found out, we started dating again. He seems very different and committed to me. I know he's not cheating on me now, which was realized after being absolutely absurd and checking his phone etc. I mostly trust him, but I still can't help but hate him when I think of those things he did so long ago. He's proved himself now as a better boyfriend, and has been pretty much perfect. How do I get over the anger and hate of what he did so long ago?
is a beaut
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which films (or books i suppose) do you think have the best plot twists? most unexpected?

which twists in films or books did you completely see coming or guess? (i never see any coming even when they seem obvious after. some films i really don't believe people when they say they guessed it!)