August 11th, 2010


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what are some snacks/candies/etc. that are shaped like animals? (so far i thought of animal crackers, gummy bears, gummy worms, goldfish, swedish fish, teddy grahams)

what are some snacks/candies/etc. that are shaped like humans? (so far i thought of sour patch kids and keebler elf cookies)

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There is a word for the theory that organisms evolve from larger and simpler to smaller and more complex. But my google fu, it fails me. What is it?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hubby thanks the smarter and more awake people of the world.
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Okay, so. Little bit of backstory. I just moved to Florida and my nieces, age 5 and 3, live in Maryland. They are in Florida with their grandparents on the other side of the family and tomorrow me and my parents are meeting them for breakfast.

What should I get for breakfast and should I bring the girls each a present or a joint present or no present?


What makes a blog interesting enough for you to follow?

What would you write a blog about? (Hypothetically speaking?)

If you write a blog, how did you start it? How did you increase it's popularity?
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Do you have insomnia? Do you take medication for it, or use home remedies, or just suffer without sleep? If you're in EST or some other time zone where it's stupid o'clock, why are you still awake?

ETA: What's the last thing that annoyed you?
I looked at the clock, saw it said 3:00 AM, and got that freaking Matchbox 20 song stuck in my head.
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Have you ever gotten in to an argument on the Internet that left you legitimately ANGRY?
I'm currently debating with someone on a friend's facebook page in regards to the symbol behind women being forced to wear burkas and I'm about to GO BALLISTIC ON THIS WOMAN. I for real need a drink.

What was the last thing outside of the Internet that made you angry?

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So like a month ago, I had a Bartholin's gland cyst turn into an abscess and I had to go to the ER to get it cut & drained. It was the most excruciating pain of my life. Today I noticed a tiny bump in the same area; I think it's coming back.

Has anyone had to deal with these before? Will you please tell me there's a way  to get them to go away on their own when they're this early on? I am terrified of going through that again and I have a camping trip to look forward to this weekend. :( 

What's the last thing to make you upset?
don't let him leave the room

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Guys, I'm taking my driver's test on Saturday and I'm TERRIFIED! My parallel parking is still extremely hit or miss, and I'm counting on myself to do something ridiculously stupid like not notice a stop sign.

Will you tell me about your driving test to make me feel better?

Did you pass the first time? How old were you? How long had you been driving?

Any parallel parking advice?

DK/DC: Do you like pina coladas? What about getting caught in the rain? And while were on the subject, is that song incredibly sick and douchey or incredibly sweet? Or both?

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Could someone from America please enlighten me?

I've been told that you guys don't have kettles! Apparently it's more common to heat water in the microwave for hot drinks.

Are you American?
Do you have a kettle?

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kim possible


there is a stalker copying off of me by the name of charmecia6. that person is setting me up. why is that person copying me?

that person even stole my pics.
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Does a day end just because it hits midnight?

Like, let's say your grandmother died on a Tuesday at 3:15pm. Do you have the right to say on Wednesday at 10:56am, "My grandmother died today"? I mean, it's still within the 24 hour mark but does midnight automatically change the language?

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do you ever fall asleep when you're flying on an airplane? etaif no, why not?
Have you ever flown Continental? how was it? eta Do you have a favorite airline?
What are things I should do/bring to keep me entertained during my 2-3 hour lay over in texas? (srs/nonsrs)

-almost always. as soon as i get in the seat if my flight is early enough, I pass out.
-I've flown at least 20 times in the past 2 years and I've always flown Southwest but Continental was cheaper D: D: D: D: . I'm scared they'll make me check in my guitar! -Idk. Music - or just sleep.

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Will you show us a picture of your feet/shoes RIGHT NOW?

Does anyone else watch "Shaq Vs."?
(If not, you's really funny. In one of the upcoming episodes, he's challenging Justin Bieber to a sing-off.)

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What book are you reading right now?

I'm reading Eat Pray Love for our book club and Shit My Dad Says for fun.

What should I suggest for our next book club selection? Everyone wants to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I'm like "meh." (Something in paperback preferably)
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If you could ask a chef one thing to improve your cooking, what would it be?

(I'll answer if the questions appeal to me :P)

If you could punch one person - living or dead or fictional, whoever you like - in the face without fear or reprisal, who would it be and why?
the killers


I'm interested in learning new ways to do/experiment with my makeup so I've been watching some makeup tutorials on youtube. What are some of your favorites?

Also on the topic- where do you buy your makeup and what are your favorite brands?
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I posted about a stray kitten I found the other day and asked what I should do about it. I've called basically every shelter within a 3 hour drive and they are all full (thus she will be euthanized if I don't find anything). This kitten is super cute, affectionate, and playful, so I'm sure she would have no trouble getting adopted, but I'm moving in a few days. I've posted on Craigslist and in other communities, but have yet to find anything promising.

If you know anyone in Iowa (near Cedar Rapids, Iowa City or Waterloo), St. Louis, Nashville or anywhere along the way who may want a kitten, would you please let them know she needs a home? I can take her as far as Nashville, but I'm then heading back to Oregon and the trip is really too long/difficult to have this kitten with me. This is seriously one of the nicest kittens I've ever seen and I do not want her euthanized!

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I'm looking for some opinions on this.

To cut a long story short:
I am moving into a house with 5 others in September. We organised it in about February. One girl used to socialise with us all the time, but as soon as the contract was signed stopped coming out with us, and since uni finished for the summer has made no effort to contact anyone.

This comes across like she was just being friendly to get somewhere to live, y/n?
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1)Meteor Shower is coming up! But I live in Boston, where there's much light pollution. Anyone want to bring me out to rurality and watch it? I'll bring brooowwnieees.

2) Do you friend people at work on Facebook? Do you keep them on a separate list? What do you not let them see?

3) Everytime I listen to Bohemian Rhapsody, I always sing "Nothing Really Mattress". I think it's hilarious. What wrong song lyrics do you think are better than the real lyrics?

4) I have a 1st Gen iPod Touch (jailbroken). I recently synced my music, and all the album art is wrong (Like Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway has the album art for Outkast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, and Gnarl's Barkley's St. Elsewhere has the album art for Within Temptation's The Silent Force). What would be the most mismatched/hilarious Artist/Album art pairing form your music library? In my case, it's that Evanescence's Fallen has the album art for Tenacious D's The Pick of Destiny. Nothing like listening to goth emo rock while staring at a barely covered up Jack Black

5) Did that last question confuse you?
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For those of you who play the guitar and have small body frames or small hands, does a 3/4 guitar make a big difference in in your ease of playing as oppose to a standard size? What brand what you suggest for a beginner wanting to play an acoustic?
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What’s in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again, the tickets are now diamonds! But what would the tickets have been for had they not been turned to diamonds?

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How long would you guess it takes a card to get from Ohio to Texas?

How much sleep do you typically get a night?

How much sleep would you like to get a night?

Do you usually feel tired during the day?

What are you craving right now?

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Since most of us are female here at TQC:

Do you like your current gynecologist?
Are they male or female?
What do you like and/or dislike about them?
When was the last time you went?

*Inspired by me somehow getting lucky with a great one. She's off today but is coming in just to see me since I have something that needs to be taken care of asap.

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Do you believe that all cheaters are assholes, or do you think that some of them are good people who just made a mistake?

If an SO cheated on you, would you immediately dump them or give them a second chance?
I love you

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I have an indoor cat, and a dog. My husband thinks the cat is pregnant. This is not possible unless somehow my animals have broken the laws of nature.
Is it true?
Is Zombie pregnant?
Is there about to be an abomination in my house?

Will Photobucket + Photobucket = Photobucket ?

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I'm trying to look up textbooks so I can snag the ISBN's and order them off Chegg instead. For my Chem class, they list two books, but they both have the same name, author, and edition. There is a slight difference because one says loose-leaf text and the other just says text, but idk if I'll need both (loose leaf for notes or something) or if I just get to pick one.

This is probably a really simple/stupid question, but should I just pick one or get both? I'd rather not email my prof for it because he takes a million years to get back to anyone!

Alternatively, if you're in school, when do you go back? What year will you be in? If not, what are you looking forward to within the next month?

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Can anyone recommend DVD-playing software that allows easy back-and-forth along small segments of film? I've tried WinDVD and VLC Media Player but both of them only let me jump chapter to chapter or in big akward FFx100 chunks of video within a chapter.

It's a sign-language DVD so I have to rewind-replay bits of it over and over.
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 Can we have a demographics poll?

What gender are you?


How old are you?


Where are you from?

America - Northwest
America - South
America - Midwest
America - West Coast
America - South Central
America - Northeast

More where are you from

New Zealand
Canada - Western
Canada - Eastern
Canada - Northern
Another country your closed-minded ass did not name

What month were you born?


... the stragglers


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If we pretend that airplanes, in the night sky, are like shooting stars...
What would you wish for right now?

Okay okay cool it. We all know the song is shit. What do you wish for right now, other than that wretched song to stop being played?
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 Hey TQC,

I'm considering cooking up some pasta with a Napoletana sauce for lunch today. How long do you think cooked pasta would last in the fridge?

dk/dc: Should I walk up to uni and get my books for this semester, or stay inside, watch movies and get them tomorrow?
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I'm going to bake some cookies, but my grandmother (due to her diabetes) can only have splenda sugar cookies. I can't find a recipe for them on, but then I thought, isn't splenda supposed to work the same as sugar? Is there a difference that I have to be aware of? What do I do?

What's your favorite cookie recipe? Will you share?

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inspired by this post

in the rules of the best friend kingdom, can you have more than 1 best friend? why/why not?
would you categorize them? (like, all time best friend, best (opposite gender) friend, best friend at work) or would they all just be a best friend?

dk/dc is it totally unfair of my parents to throw a going away party for me on my last day in town that was reserved for "family time" BUT only invite their friends and really only cook Filipino food which I do not like? AND make me clean the house even though i need to pack? or am i being a brat?
dk/dc 2 because we like options what color shirt are you wearing?

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I know I'll probably get made fun of for this question, but here goes:

I need some LJ friends who actually update their journals. Right now, the only ones I have either A) never update or B) update multiple times per day to do nothing other than talk about how badly their lives suck. Everyone's either boring or depressing.

Is it okay to ask here for new friends?
If you ever actually use your journal to post interesting things/cool stories/whatever, can I be your friend to get some life in my Friends Page?

If you don't want to be friends, what do you want to be?
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So, let's be hypothetical, TQC.

Let's say an ex of yours really liked a particular band, and so did you. Would you continue to listen to that band after the breakup? Or would it remind you too much of the person? How long would it take you to resume listening to the music without thinking of that person?

Because for me, an ex of mine loved The Mars Volta and really got me into them. We broke up over a year ago and just NOW have I been able to listen to TMV's music without thinking of him and getting frustrated. Now one guy I'm with likes a particular band that I am IN LOVE WITH. If we split up or whatnot, I don't want to lose one of my favorite bands for a year!

Or am I just an outright emotional sap? lol

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TQC, should I have a guy friend (who has crush potential) over for dinner tonight? I feel fug, I have PMS from hell, but I don't want to be alone all day/night. If yes, what should I make with chicken breasts?


Do you guys remember those old HitClip things? I was looking through some old boxes of toys earlier and found like five of them that I had gotten years ago (all of them were NSYNC and Backstreet boys). I had forgotten those things had even existed until today.

When was the last time you felt nostalgic?
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Ok tqc, I need assistance.

I need to get a private student loan to suppliment the funding I get from the school. My problem is my credit. I have a cosigner with perfect credit but I've gotten denied twice already. I'm afraid that I won't have any luck anywhere and I'm going to struggle through paying for school and bills and everything. Is there anywhere else to look for student loans that won't be so credit-heavy? I have 2 jobs but I have a lot of debt and its killing my credit. Are there any other options for student loans that I haven't found? I thought having a cosigner would get me approved but it isn't and now I'm scrambling.
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Will you post your username so others can compliment you AND compliment others who post their names?

Idk many names so oops username.

ETA: I have to go back to work so I can't participate anymore, but keep it going. :D

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 Have you ever ditched something off on someone just to get rid of it? How'd that work out for you?

My wife had this cedar-scented Yankee Candle that gave her a headache.  So, since I'm the first one to the office in the morning, I just brought it in and left it on the new girl's desk.  She's been burning it every day since, so I guess I picked the right desk on which to ditch it.


My brethren, I need the help the those that are geeks here

When you get 5 beeps during start up and nothing is coming up on the...what does it normally mean. I have been told it's probably a hardware fault. But I was hoping for a more specific reason...


My sanity depends on it!! I feel like I have lost a family member!!!!!!!

Added info, Currently Vista is installed. Normal PC not a mac. with graphics card and 4 gb of RAM(DDR2)
It was bluescreening this morning and was crashing out during games but was fixable.

Dn/dc what alcohol should i start drinking to make myself feel
better about the death of my loved one
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Will you please tell me about a time when it seemed like the odds were stacked against you, but you came out a winner in the end? Ugh, that sounded super cheesy.

I just found out that one hundred and eighty other people have applied to my dream job as a biologist at the aquarium where I volunteer, and still more are applying each day. My optimism for getting this job is fading fast. I need uplifting stories to make me hopeful again.

acting agency: scam?

My friend applied to some agency to be an extra in commercials or small acting roles. She says they got back to her and they want to represent her or whatever. But, she said that they said they are gonna charge her $200 to get a portfolio together and then charge $10 a month to keep the portfolio going, and that they get 10% of her earnings.

She said 'well it seems a bit like a scam but I think I'll try anyway..'

Is this a scam?

I did modeling for a super short time (a long time ago) and I seem to recall something about if agencies want to charge you for the portfolio, dont do it...? But maybe I've got that wrong..

Any one have any experience with this...?  Should I talk my friend out of it.?
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I was at Target today and they were selling girls' t-shirts that said "Proud 2 Be Nerdy" with nerdy related things on it.

TQC, how long will this pseudo-nerdy thing be en vogue?

(I'm not bitter about being teased, no, not at all)
*betty draper reading

grab your stethoscope, dr. tqc

What medical conditions could make someone feel "drunk" when they're not? My husband has been complaining of feeling like this for the past couple days, and now he doesn't feel good to drive or go to work tonight. He doesn't have a fever and he's not taking any medications. Should I take him to the ER? We're gonna go to the ER after the baby wakes up.

srs/non-srs welcome, of course
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In public school we get graded a range (+ or -) of A, B, C, D, F.

Why just the beginning of the alphabet?

Why did they skip over E?
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 I have googled this to death, and there are so many conflicting stories so. . .

Have you ever successfully used a home remedy (banana, toothpaste, pledge, brasso) to remove scratches from a disc?

Have you ever flat out completely ruined a disc this way?
  • l3antha

guitar surgery?

TQC, my dad has an old guitar that his father bought a pawn shop or something way back in the day. We (me+dad) just noticed that it was broken this morning. Neither of us broke it, it's just a really old, cheap (Harmony brand) guitar, and it has been sort of sitting there, hanging out on its own for a while. I am guessing that the tension on the strings was too much for the old wood of the bridge and it eventually gave way?? IDK. My dad says that it is just a ~throwaway~, but it has sentimental value to me. My grandfather played it, my father played it, and I learned to play on it. I WANT TO REVIVE IT!!!!

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Is this fixable? How should I go about it? I am pretty fucking handy, but would it be best to take it in somewhere? If it isn't mendable, then that's ok--I mean, I have two other guitars that I can play--but I would really like this one to be somewhat playable for those moments when I am feeling nostalgic.


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what are your favourite food/meals?
do you cook for yourself? if not, who cooks for you? what do you like to cook if you do cook?
how would you describe your eating habits?
favourite snacks?

do you have any dietry requirements?

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When you finish a project/class/work/whatever, do you say "I'm done with ______" or "I'm done _______"? I've always thought it was gramatiicaly correct to say you are done WITH something, and it never struck me to say it any other way. Lately however, I have noticed that everyone I go to school with says they're "done something." Examples: "I just got done softball," I'm done work," etc.

Am I wrong or are they wrong? Have you heard people saying it this way before? Wtf is going on TQC? ;(
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For those who've spayed/neutered pets -
What sort of drowsiness should be expected right after bringing a cat home from being spayed?

We've had our kitten home for about an hour now and she's really wobbly when she walks, can't seem to get herself to drink/eat anything (she keeps going and sticking her head in the bowl and then just stares for awhile), and she's now just laying down and not exactly sleeping but just sort of staring at the carpet with her eyes half open. She's pretty out of it, but I didn't know if this was pretty normal or not.
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Does anyone here have a Samsung Impression? Do you sometimes have to restart your phone because texting stopped working?

What weird things does your phone do?

What is one thing that you can't do at the place you are in when you read this?
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The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people

If you had children, would you expect them to obey you when you tell them what to do?

If you owned a business, would you expect your employees to obey you when you tell them what to do?

Why is it any different when we talk about the law of the land?

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What's the most boring, mundane task you have to do as part of your job?
If you don't have a job, what's the most boring thing you have to do in your day to day life?

On the flip side, what's the most interesting thing you have to do?
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What body part would you like to try painting with (that you haven't painted with before)? You may choose whether or not you want to use a brush. I would go with my lips or my toes, both without a brush (though the lips one, I'd have to use non toxic paint)

Inspired by:


I will be buying a new camera here soon and am looking for suggestions. I want: something smaller (point and shoot) but as good of quality as I can get without getting a DSLR. My budget is about $300. I have previously had Kodak Easyshares and Sony Cybershots and hated both.

So TQC, what kind of camera do you have? Would you recommend it? If not, what would you recommend?

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Dumb question, but have any of you used a Mr. Induction Hot Plate?

My new landlords gave me a hot plate (as I have no stove), but I can't figure it out for the life of me. My landlords are on vacation and the instructions are in chinese.  How do I use this damn thing?

(no subject)

TQC, I'm hungry and I'm sort of in the mood for breakfast food but I don't know what I want precisely. Give me ideas? I've got cereal, eggs, bread, and maybe some pancake mix. Any fantastic French toast recipes?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 When reading or watching a piece of non-fantasy/sci-fi fiction, do you prefer the setting to be a real place? For example, John Hughes movies were typically set in the fictional Shermer, Il, instead of a real Chicago suburb.

If your hometown is represented in a piece of fiction, does it annoy you when a fact is wrong? Would you prefer the author had chosen a place that they knew better?
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Do you read for pleasure? Have you always? If not, how did you start? If so, have any advice for a person who wants to read more, but just finds it to be a total chore?

Woohoo! I'm a dumb American!
SN//Jo and Dean

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If you love someone enough, would you change for them?
Like, lets say [in this totally hypothetical situation] that this one boy is bad at being loyal. He has girl ADD. He can't stick to one girl at a time.
If he found the right one, do you think he would change for her, and be faithful to her?
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Cadbury Creme Egg
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If you were to sell all your posessions, apart from a select few things that were totally necessary or extremely dear to you, how much money do you think you'd get? I don't own a house, a car, or anything big and fancy (I live with my parents) but I have lots of clothes, and lots of books. I think I could get about ten thousand dollars.

What possessions would you keep? I'd keep a some clothes (a few t-shirts, a couple pairs of pants, some summer dresses, and some 'nice' clothes') a week's worth of underwear, necessary toiletries, a blank journal, a pen, a camera, my iPod, my mobile phone, and my passport.

And how far do you reckon you could get around the world before you ran out of money? Where would you go? Pretty far, if I lived on the cheap. I'd head up through South-East Asia to China, take a side-trip to Japan and South Korea, then make for Mongolia and eventually head to Kazakhstan. I'd head down through the Middle East to Iran, and by then I'd probably have run out of money. So I'd go home.
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 I have deli turkey and ham, and general sandwich fixin's

How should I put my sandwich together?

My boss called me today asking if I could come in and work in an hour and a half. I had an evaluation with a psychiatrist today and cried a lot and was drained and had just woken up from a much needed nap when I got the call. I turned down the shift, but now I feel like I should have gone. Should I have gone?
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why do cats sometimes scoop their food out of their bowl and onto the floor before eating it? or purposely spill their water and then meow because they are thirsty?

what can i do with a bunch of pennies?

(no subject)

What's the last awkward thing someone walked in on you doing?

My roomie just walked in on me standing on the couch so I can play with my cat&her kitty laser without the furniture getting in the way. WHAT IT'S MORE REALISTIC THAT WAY OK.

(no subject)

can i get a before (the first season) and after (meaning now) of amber from teen mom? how fo you think she lost the weight? did it surprise you that her daughter whines as much as she does?

if you were a beer, what kind would you be? (brand name and type)
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TQC, my friends keep linking me to a video of a lady apparently freaking out at McDonald's about McNuggets or something. Seeing as I HATE these kind of videos, I haven't watched it...I just don't like watching people being disgustingly rude to other people, especially those in the service industry. BUT everyone says this video is hilarious, and I guess I'm missing out on internet inside jokes. IDK.

Have you seen that video? If so, is it worth it, or should I just stay in my ignorant little bubble?
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how do cancellation fees work with your cellphone provider? if you have a phone, and you accidentally break it, do you have to pay the fee?

i'm staying with the service but i'll need to buy a new phone. i'm on verizon, if this matters.
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I'm going overseas on my honeymoon on Friday. For the second leg of our trip, we're staying with my aunt & uncle. What should we get them as a gift?

Rules are: it can't be food basket or wine or anything breakable unless it's easy to get in London (where should we go?)

My dad suggests something "American" (US related, I mean) but I can't think of anything!
Wonder Woman

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1.)  My upstairs air conditioning unit is out.  Despite the fact that we have a perfectly good couch, and that I offered to help him move a mattress downstairs, my husband is sleeping in our bedroom, which is currently 89 degrees (Fahrenheit).  Is he off his rocker: yes or no?

2.)  Could you sleep comfortably in a bedroom that is 89 degrees?

3.)  What temperature do you keep your bedroom at night?

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If you went to college - what was your major? and what are you doing for a job now?

If not applicable - what was your most recent trip/vacation (out of the city you live in) or trip coming up the soonest?

(no subject)

If you were hosting a friend from another country who had never travelled to a foreign place before, what would be the first thing you fed them?

favorite lazy snack?
peanut butter on a spoon.
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TQCers, please share your opinion with me!

During the last years I have done a lot of travelling, which means getting to know a lot of different people.
And especially with American people I have often come across the cliché that European people - especially women - are a lot more laid-back/open when it comes to sex, their sexuality or simple nudity.

Have you heard of this before?
Do you think it is true, generally speaking?
Have you ever had an experience proving it right or wrong to you?
Extra: Do you want to tell me your nationality?

(Yes of course I know, it's almost impossible to make a true statement over such a mass of people, but I'm interested in your personal opinion and experiences.)

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Inspired by what's on Anderson Cooper 360 right now:

How do you feel about the building of a mosque/Islamic community center near/on Ground Zero?

okay okay sorry i didn't realize this had been asked a zillion times.

uhhmm how was your day? :)

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My ferret has inverted my screen colours and I don't know how to undo this in ubuntu. I have googled, but to no avail. Can you help me? Super (windows button) + M fixed it :D I CAN SEE AGAIN

dk/dc: What is the last expired food you ate? How expired? Did it have any consequences?

I found a packet of vegan tim-tams in a bag in my room today. They expired in Nov 2008. No consequences yet... although I am of the belief the colours of my screen are inverted, so who knows?