August 10th, 2010


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You're going to buy an audiobook. There are two versions: unabridged by a narrator you don't particularly love (but you don't really dislike either), and abridged by a narrator you adore. Which would you choose? 

Do you like audiobooks in general? 

Have you ever bought an audiobook because you don't really feel like going out to buy the real thing?
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 I'm going to a party tomorrow with some friends and they are planning on getting drunk. I've never drunk alcohol before tonight. I had half a beer and a shot of cherry vodka. I don't want to end up horribly wasted tomorrow, so tonight I'm doing internet research. Any advice you want to give me?

ETA: Also, is it supposed to taste good or is it just supposed to get you drunk? That cherry vodka tasted like cough medicine.

ETA: Also, what would you recommend me try?

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My boyfriend said he heard a country song about beer, the guy sounded something like Johnny Cash (he thinks) but it's not a Johnny Cash song. Any ideas?
*eta* thelovewefound sent me a message with the answer! It's Pretty Good At Drinking Beer and it sounds nothing like JC.

This may or may not be it, but there's a new guy who sounds like the old country artists, with the super deep voice. Does anyone know who that is?
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I promised photos of the cutie who hopped into my livingroom tonight. I still don’t know what it is. I *think* it’s a pocket mouse. Could be a kangaroo rat. It has very soft fur, not at all coarse. Anyone know for sure now that I have a photo?

We bought it a house.

EDIT: I wish it was more apparent in the photo how long the back legs are and how short the front ones are. He hops around like a little kangaroo. Look at his snub nose... cuuuuute!

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If you were to have a baby right now, what would you name it? Girl? Boy? If you're expecting a baby, what do you plan on naming it? If you already have kids, what did you name them? Why?

What's a name you like but would never name your kid? 

So supposedly there's this epidemic of early puberty in girls. How old were you when you first started going through puberty?

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do you think the state of the US could be saved with enough law changes and reforms, or will things just continue to get worse until there is a revolution? i am talking on the scale of the french revolution, probably bigger than that with the technology we have.
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1. How do you keep yourself awake after an all nighter?
2. How do you keep yourself ablaze after using a lighter?
3. I made pasta (with alfredo sauce) about 8 hours ago, leftovers are still in a pot. Should I eat it? (it's 3:30 AM here if that matters)
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tl;dr: i have a $6500 merit scholarship for arts so i minor in art to keep it, but i hate art and want to change. i could join an art history club to stay involved in arts. if doing that wouldn't let me keep my scholarship, would it be wise to change to something more relevant to my major/something i do not abhor even though my family is footing the (huge) bill?

TQC, I seek your knowledge!

 Its about 05.30 right now, and I haven't been asleep yet. I need to be up at 09.00.
I'm not really tired.

Do I go to sleep now, and struggle to get up at 9,
Or stay up and face the consequences when mid afternoon comes?

What should I do?

Go To Sleep
Stay Up
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How do you stop regular food cravings (that have continued for months) when "increased appetite" is a side effect of prescription medication you are on? I mean, every hour or even half hour I want/need to eat, or I'm in physical pain.

I've tried eating celery sticks/carrots/onions/bell peppers, like my doctor suggested, but the cravings have not gone away. Only calories work, and I'm back to hating my body. :(

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If someone were to say, "You need to be fatter"...that would imply that you are already fat, yes?
*It was directed at me and I'm at least thirty pounds overweight-so this isn't a "you're too thin, get healthy" thing

Should I stop for coffee before work or go without?
Do you bring coffee to work? (do you stop somewhere or bring it from home?)

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is there a way to set it so that my status updates are hidden from my family by default without blocking them from seeing my wall entirely?

without changing it every time i post of course

Nanny Help, Parents not excluded

Sorry this is a bit long.

I'll be a part-time nanny come September, the kids I'll be looking after I already know as I already babysit them.I've usually have only babysat these kids in the evening and once during the day. My primary duties will to take the oldest to kindergarten in the morning and pick her up around lunch, so I'll have the youngest all day and the oldest only for the afternoon until their dad gets home.

I'm more used to planning things for kids 6-9 and when I babysit the two I'll be a nanny for they're usually getting ready for bed so I usually don't have to worry about entertaining them.

Ages Almost 2 and 5

What type of things can I do with these kids to keep them entertained?
Should I put together an arts and craft kit?
Any advise in general on how to deal and what may or may not work?
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1) If you were to meet the ruler of whatever country you are in today, why would he hate you within 5 minutes of meeting you? (stories encouraged)
My rancid garlic-bread-for-breakfast breath would assault his and his family's nostrils causing one of his daughters to run away clutching her stomach (I should go brush my teeth)

2) Who wants to go see Scott Pilgrim with me this Friday? None of my friends want to/can go with me :-(

3) What is the thing closest to you that you can fit totally in your hand (such that it can't be seen)?
A small wind-up flippy toy dog

4) What is your favorite Journey song besides "Don't Stop Believin'" if you know any other songs by them?

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Why is my dog chewing around his tail so much? What can I do to help him?

We have him on flea preventative so that's not the issue. I've been putting some olive oil on his food because that's helped with itching in the past but it isn't helping now. The poor guy has patches of fur missing. =(

He needs to go to the vet for his annual visit anyway, but I wanted to know what this may be and what I can do for him in the meantime.

ETA: I just called the vet and his appointment isn't until Aug 27th! =(
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Say you go to a Krispy Kreme and you order a dozen delicious donuts. You get home with your box of donuts and you open it and discover that there are no donuts, but a bank deposit bag filled with $5000 cash money. Clearly, this is the store's daily deposit. There is no way for them to trace who took the money.

What do you do?

Give the money back
Keep the money
Something else

From here.
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Are there particular types of movies that you like so much you will watch pretty much any film with that theme no matter how terrible it might be?

I'm a big fan of crime/mafia movies, as well as "teenagers find a body" and "outsiders get fucked up by inbred locals" films myself.

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What do you typically have for breakfast?
Peanut butter&banana slices on wheat toast with a couple cups of coffee

If you live with roommates, do you initiate sexy times in the living room (late at night) or just wait until you go to bed?
I often find my roommate&her SO's clothes all over the living room in the morning and it always kind of weirds me out because even though I went to bed I can still get up and go to the bathroom or let my cat out or something. Idk I don't get why you wouldn't just go to the bedroom to take your clothes off if you're gonna end up there anyway. (Or if they're actually having sex and not just getting it going in the shared living space regularly that is just weird&unnecessary y/y?)

Do celebrities get treated better than normal people?

If Lindsay Lohan, upon release from her sentencing/rehab/whatever, kills 3 paparazzi with her stiletto heel in a wild meltdown, how much jail time do you think she'd actually serve?

Life in prison without possibility of parole
Life in prison, parole an option
25 years
10 years
5 years
2 years
1 year
6 months
A couple weeks, then be bound under house arrest for a period of time, as well as ordered to go to Murderer's Anonymous

Say it was some celebrity who was far more likable and had no dalliances with authority while in the spotlight. Someone like Anne Hathaway. Let's say she has a meltdown and kills 3 paparazzi. How much time do you think she'd serve?

Life in prison without possibility of parole
Life in prison, parole an option
25 years
10 years
5 years
2 years
1 year
6 months
A couple weeks, then be bound under house arrest for a period of time
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Calling all Borders employees, former and current! Are they a company that is open to hiring people with body modifications? I read on a forum that they were, but I didn't know how much truth there was to it. I'm currently a SAHM, but I'm looking to get a part-time job, preferably one that does not discriminate against people with body mods. I have visible tattoos on my forearm, hand, and leg, as well as nostril and tongue piercings.

Don't know/don't care - what's the weather like where you are? Where are you? Do you like it or hate it?
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The apartment I just moved into uses heated tiles as its only source of heat in the winter. These tiles are white and always look dirty. If I were to get a rug for my room to make it look more clean, would it be a fire hazard?
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I just got woken up from a very disconcerting dream involving one of my bicuspid teeth falling out. What's the last dream you remember having? Don't you hate it when you get stirred out of REM sleep and you feel groggy and disoriented?
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What's something you do/think that's not a stereotype for someone of your gender to do/think?

eg: girls that play video games or are bad cooks, boys who hate cars and beer or sometimes cry

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How would you start a letter asking for your old job back?

I did not get fired, I left.
I had a good relationship with my boss.
I was worthwhile employee. I was promoted and I had more then proven myself while I was working for him. (I was one of the best sales people and was great with customers and was promoted because of this)

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Where is my kitten hiding?
Do you think her frequent sneezing is something serious or just an allergy? D:

What have you done today that made you feel accomplished and good about yourself?

If you have graduated college, how many years did it take?
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So there's an opening for a biologist position at the aquarium where I currently volunteer. I bust my fucking ass at my volunteer job because I love it so god damn much, so I want this job more than anything.

I submitted my application for the job about a week ago, and since then, about four biologists who I work with have popped their heads into the hiring manager's office to say, "Ms. Octopus Lady is awesome! You should hire her!" Possibly five, maybe even six. Not really sure. I also stopped by her office the day after sending in my application to let her know that I submitted it and I was very interested in the position, so she knows who I am.

Everyone keeps telling me I should stop by the hiring manager's office myself, I guess interest, but I don't know what to say, exactly. Should I say something like, "Hey, Ms. Hiring Manager! Just wondering how the process is going for the biologist position! I'm still really interested!" Or something like that?

If that sounds bad, what should I say instead?

Guuuhhhh...I'm so nervous about this job. I want it so bad! Help me, TQC!

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tonight is my going away party and you are invited! what are you bringing? hookers and blow are covered but srs and nonsrs are encouraged!

if i want to use whipped cream frosting (i have one of those canisters like the peeps at sbux use to top your frap frap frappuccinos, etc), what do i add to make it less mushy/watery? should i just whip by hand?

we're gonna watch some Harry Potter, are you cool with that? what else do you wanna watch?

-i'm bringing chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream topping and fresh sliced strawberries. i'm also bringing the blow in said hookers and blow combination.
-idk. thats why i'm asking you.

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okay, so i'm about to invest in a 15 grand violin...
there's also an 11 grand one, and that one accompanies with a 3 grand bow, and a nice case.

the bow i have right now is around 400 dollars, and my mom isn't going to buy me a new case or bow if i get the 15 grand one...
I'm going to be broke after this, since my parents forced me to pay 10% of the 15 grand....

The 15 grand one sounds much more sweeter than the 11 grand one does.

Which one should i get?
eta: i was screwed over in the middle of the cadenza.
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I'm currently a senior and Nursing major, and soon I'll be done with my first semester in upper division. For the last few months I've been seriously considering changing my major. I'm hesitant because it took so long to get into this program, but I've been incredibly depressed and stressed out. I enjoyed the pre-requisites, but upper division is an entirely different story and I'm realizing that a career as a nurse may not be a good fit for me. The worst part about leaving would probably be telling my friends and teachers.

I've been thinking about switching to Art Education or Elementary Education (I love kids-I was going to work in pediatrics). What I want the most is to enjoy going to work everyday, and I don't look forward to going to lab or clinicals at all. I have an appointment in a few hours with the Education College at my university; I'm really excited!

What do you think I should do??? If you have switched majors, why did you and to what? Are you happy that you switched or do you regret it?
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Tonight my roommate wants to have a movie night. I'm a bit bored with all the B horror movies she always wants to watch but I have no suggestions myself.

Will you recommend a good (not B horror) movie that's streaming on Netflix for us to watch tonight? Comedy, action, thriller, foreign, anything is good. We like most genres of film.
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My roommate found a cat, we absolutely cannot keep it here, it needs to be gone today. She wants to take it to a shelter, even though they will kill it. Is there anything else we can do? What would you do?

ETA: I contacted a no-kill shelter haven't heard back. I also asked our boss, who volunteers at no-kill shelters all the time, and she says it'll take a few days before she can find somewhere to take him. We are moving in a few days and REALLY can't keep him so idk :( If you know of anywhere in Cedar Rapids, IA or even Iowa City, let me know!

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I'm going to a funeral tomorrow. I've never been to one before. It's for my friend's father. Aside from a sympathy card, should I bring anything else? Like flowers or something? I don't know whether that would be something she'd appreciate or find a hassle.

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Poll #1604261 Dinnahhhhrr

What should I have for dinner tonight?

Whole wheat pasta with red sauce and a side salad
Veggie burger with dill havarti on top and a side salad
Black bean quesadilla (mexican cheese blend, black beans, salsa and sour cream on the side)
Something else entirely that I may suggest in comments

Additionally, do you like yogurt? If so, what type?
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Can waffle and pancake dry mix in a box go bad? It's probably been about 8 months since I opened them. They weren't in a ziploc, just the tops of the bags were rolled down. And I checked, they don't have any bugs or anything in them.

Any reason I shouldn't use them?

What are you eating/did you eat for dinner?
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I'm potentially joining a rugby team - tonight's their first fall practice. I haven't participated in a team sport since high school (15 years!).

What training advice do you have for hot weather?

Are you involved in any sports?

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I would like to drink a little this weekend with my friends, but I've had bad experiences with alcohol in the past. Even just one drink keeps me in the bathroom for hours the next day with stomach cramps. I have no idea why, but my boyfriend thinks I might be drinking drinks with too much sugar. Does that seem likely?

Anyway, if that is the case, will you recommend me some tasty drinks that aren't sugar based and have zero to little sugar in them? It can be a mixed one you have to make yourself, or bottled. Just no beer!
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 TQC, why does my kitten want to get onto the kitchen table so badly? And how can I prevent it? I've turned all the chairs around but he just sits on them and meows pathetically and then takes a flying leap... and makes it! He's probably just bored and wants to play, but I'm studying! What's a bad habit your pet had that you were able to shake, and how did you do it?


florida florida florida

Anyone ever live/visited or know anything about cocoa, florida? Not cocoa beach, florida but cocoa, florida.

I'm taking a train down there from nyc to visit my father for the first time and just in case things are awkward, i want to know if there's public transportation or beaches nearby-- any distraction, really. In case this is relevant, I am 23 year old but my ID is expired as I literally just lost my legit one. Any information anyone has would be a serious life saver. I keep googling but I feel like real experiences are always the best way to go.

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 Ok, I have an old copy of The Sims 2 for PC. I haven't been able to play it because the video card on my comp is shot. Last year, I installed it on my grandma's computer. I remember having trouble copying some files, but eventually I was able to install it. (Problem is I don't remember HOW.)
Well, right now I'm trying to install it on my fiance's PC and it's popping up and saying it's having trouble copying a file. It's stalling at 9%. It sits there for like 15 minutes and then tells me it's having troubles. The pop up window gives a choice of clicking retry to try and copy them again or to cancel the installation. 
I've already tried both.

I would give up, but I know I was able to do it last year . . .somehow.

Does anyone have any ideas that could get this installation process rolling???

Any help would be mucho appreciated.

p.s. buying a new game is just not an option right now. 
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Noah saw fourcorners's poll and wanted to do one of his own. I typed the questions and answers he dictated to me, lol.

What is your eye color?


How many cats do you have?

More than 10
I don't have any cats!

Do you fall in love with a man or a woman?

I don't love anybody
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Books from your childhood

What are some of your favourite/most memorable books from childhood? By that I mean, anything from birth- maybe age 18, if you're older than 18. :p Rather than 'childhood' as in picture books. What made them great?
How about books that are totally ridiculous now? (not the babysitter's club, we all know how ridiculous they are in retrospect!)

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I had a particularly obscure dream last night and after telling my mother about it she told me I should turn it into to a sci-fi novel. Now, I do not read sci-fi or fantasy (which is another genre it would fit), so I'm not even sure where to start. My dream was very detailed and made me go, "Seriously wtf...that's pretty cool", but it had no ending so I'd have to make that up.

Should I write it?
confused, Huh?

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So I recently told my boyfriend about the autoimmune disorder it seems I have (an underactive thyroid), which is something I'm pretty upset/anxious about right now, especially as I always wanted to have kids. We had a fight last night, as that was on my mind and he was upset over something else-my character getting too friendly will another character that wasn't rped by him, and I couldn't take him seriously.

Today, I said I was sorry about the fight, and tried to explain the situation, and all he had to say was, "That's good to know, and I accept your apology."

So Question Club, am I overreacting, or am I justified in wanting to smack him?

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it's time to make dinner. What should I make for dinner?

Should I grill? The heat index is 99F so I'm disinclined to do that
If so I can do sausages, hamburgers, chicken breast, or steak

Should I make something in the crock pot?
I could do a olives and chicken and tomato thing.

Should I make something in the oven never mind. The oven is a bad plan.

Or I could throw together a pasta salad. With, like whatever veggies I have in the fridge right now.

Or something else? Something that is filling and low effort that you suggest yourself?

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I'm taking a course in Spanish in college next semester. I haven't had a course in Spanish in 6 years, and am a little bit shaky on my vocabulary. Are there any websites that have articles in both English and Spanish, so I can read them side by side? Can you recommend any other ways to get myself back used to reading and writing in Spanish again?
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I recently started working as a receptionist at a salon where they wax parts of the body I didn't know were waxed. These people fuckin' wax it all. You could basically makes yourself as hairless as one of those hypoallergenic cats.

What do you get waxed (or wax yourself, if you're so inclined)?
If don't wax but came into my place of work and were so completely taken with me that you felt you had to get something waxed, what would it be?
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TQC! I am making a seven-hour drive by myself tomorrow. Can you recommend music for me to listen to on the way?
I'm really into folkish stuff right now like Langhorne Slime and Blitzen Trapper, and more electronic pop like Passion Pit and MGMT. Dislikes: pop country and most metal. Here's a link to my account for more artists.

The air conditioning in my car doesn't work, and the heat index has been around 105 F lately. Aside from driving naked with the windows down, is there anything I can do to keep from dying from heatstroke on the drive?

Do you have any roadtrip stories you'd like to share?
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If you're all by yourself, do you cook or do you rather end up with junk food instead of cooking for only yourself?

For the past 6 weeks I've been living on junk food alone, because I only cook if there will be at least 2 people eating.

Can you recommend an one-person-only-recipe?

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My friend and I are going to a concert tomorrow night and we're planning on bringing dinner to eat there.
What should we bring to eat/drink?

on an entirely different note (and tmi)

does anyone else get really exhausted before they get their period (and during?) What the hell do you do to function?

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Taliban flog 200 times then execute a pregnant widow (with AK-47s), accused of adultery.

Is there any reason we shouldn't hunt down these people to extinction?

I mean ANY reason?

I won't mention the two women they executed in Ghazni they accused of being prostitutes in 2008

OR the Western doctors they executed this week.....

"Weren't you a little hard on the Bieber last night?"

Someone threw a bottle at Justin Bieber's head. Why do you suppose it was thrown?

Some hater who hates everything he stands for
Some environmentalist who was hoping Bieber would recycle that bottle
Poorly planned Pepsi product placement (yay for alliteration)
Publicity stunt by Bieber's manager who wanted him to come across as more sympathetic
Because people couldn't smuggle in hand grenades and had to settle for bottles
His girlfriend was jealous that he was flirting with other girls
His boyfriend was jealous he was flirting with girls
It actually wasn't thrown. Justin's ego is so ginormous that it has its own gravity

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My friend got his GED recently (yay) and posted a pic of the certificate he got. He wrote a nickname in the spot where your name goes. Is that okay or does the piece of paper not actually = his diploma?

Do you think getting your GED is easier or harder than doing high school?

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I applied for a job that I know I would be perfect for about a week ago.
The person just posted the job again on Craig's list.

I shouldn't send another email, right?

Is it totally crazy for me to apply for a job that would be an hour and a half drive three days per week?
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How old were you when you first starting drinking coffee?
If you don't drink coffee, what age did you decide you didn't like it?
If you are loyal to a coffee stand, will you tell me about it? What's your barista like?
How much do you spend on your regular visit to a coffee stand?

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What's the last thing you cooked that you thought was super amazing?
I just followed this recipe and was left with delicious peanut curry.

dkdc - Where's your favorite place to go out and eat? What do you order?

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I have a window air conditioner of the 10200btu variety. I purchased it from a large retail chain. I picked this particular model because it came with a two year warranty. It's been almost but not quite two years, and the compressor appears to be on the fritz. Unfortunately, I can't find my reciept. However, I bought it on a store credit card. That credit card is now closed.

Do you think they will be able to pull up the warranty I bought in their records? How should I go about this?

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Good news: My roommate and I secured our own apartment!
Bad news: It's in a sketchy part of town. Most of the stuff that happens has been break ins.

So, besides the usual not walking around alone at night and paying attention to your surroundings, what else would you suggest a couple of innocent people to keep themselves from getting mugged? Buy a baseball bat? Knife? Any suggestions would be helpful. thanks

our hopes and expectations

1.what kind of boys are you attracted to?

i am incredibly attracted to preppy white boys. southern gentlemen with a classic sense of self assurance.

2.fav. song of the moment?

starlight - muse.

i just want to find someone i can sing ,"my life, you electrify my life" to.

his voice makes my knees weak.
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Do you think what psychics say is usually bullshit, or do you feel that there is sometimes some truth behind what they say?

Edit: I saw one today for fun, and she told me that the field I've been considering for the past 2 years doesn't look too promising and I might not enjoy it in the long run. She also said that she sees a PhD in my future, but I've NEVER considered getting a PhD.

Another Zombie Survival Post

Zombie invasion!! The cities are in chaos and everybody is running rampant. People are alarmed and gathering up anything that can be used as a weapon. There's only a scant amount of items left to defend yourself with and you can only pick one. What do you select to fight zombies?

Box of 3 hand grenades
Spear (replica from 300)
2 disposable lighters, 3 cans of hair spray
Shotgun with 6 shells
30 lb. sledgehammer
Bowie knife with serrated edge
Wooden lifesize cutout of Kevin James in Paul Blart. Whole thing weighs 20lbs.
Flare gun with 6 flares
Severed leg from a RealSex doll
Paintball gun with 100 pellets
Brass knuckles, 2 sets
Chainsaw, 5 minutes worth of gas
Strap-on dildo, 12", made from solid steel
300 pennies in a pillowcase

Protective gear is in short supply too. You can only take one 'package'. What'll you pick?

Shield (replica from Captain America), made of solid half-inch thick tin
Pedobear fursuit with easy access flaps for butt and crotch. It's all-over protection against bites
Full suit of jousting armor that weighs 200lbs. Offers full protection and very limited movement and flexibility
Stormtrooper costume/armor made of thick plastic
Chainmail bikini

You can take one means of transportation. What'll you move around in? In these dire times, the city's electricity has been turned off and no more gas can be pumped

Humvie. Military issue. Tank has only 1/8th of gas left
Pogo stick
Mountain bike with sidecar
Dogsled with 50 pomeranians
Hello Kitty hot air balloon (let's face it, you don't know the first thing about flying one)

You can select one package of food. What'll you take?

6 cans of soup. No can opener
3 boxes of Twinkies
Wal-Mart size package of beef jerky. 24 ounces
1 can of mixed nuts (24 ounces)
2 cocunuts
1 footlong Subway sandwich (turkey)
$100 gift card for Subway
10 Power Bars
Not actual food, but full bottles of catsup, mustard, mayonaise and relish
Whole loaf of bread
3 cans of tuna (no can opener needed)
Large block of government cheese
10lbs of steak. However, you have no means of refrigerating the meat)
2 lb. bag of raw carrots
Enormous bucket of gummy bears (10lbs)

You can select one personal item for amusement/distraction. What'll it be?

Playing cards
Journal, 4 pens
XBox, 30 video games
2 puppets of high craftmanship
Embroidery kit ample gear and material
Stack of porn mags (contains about 20 magazines of whatever you're into)
Backgammon board
Book on ventriliquism/throwing your voice
Coloring book, large (50 pages), box of 64 Crayola crayons
Ipod with extra batteries (contains only Celine Dion and the Wu Tang Clan for some reason)
Juggling kit (3 balls, book on 'how to')
RealSex doll (missing a leg for some reason)

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Will you tell me some phrases your parents like to use a lot? Or stories they like to tell a lot?

My mum likes to talk about how tortoises have to hibernate, and that she knows that from the tortoise they had on Blue Peter when she was little. I have no idea how it manages to be relevant so often. She also likes to say "Constant vigilance!"

What is the last restaurant you ate at?
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Do you live with someone else? Yup
What is the first thing you do when you have the place to yourself for any period of time? No pants. Then singing

You have a superpower! But you can only use it after you consume something. What is that thing you consume that gives you your power? What you consume may or may not have anything to do with the superpower, you choose! Sushi would give me the power of flight and super charisma and the ability to spontaneously start laser tag matches out of thin air.

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Have you ever posted a missed connections ad or had one written about you? What became of it?

Also, why do people reply to MC ads that are clearly not for them? This happened before with a friend of mine. He wasn't even on the bus at the time she mentioned but kept insisting that she send pics. lol
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A bunch of random questions:
Which of the 7 dwarfs is your favorite?
Which of the Sailor Soldier (Sailor Moon) is your favorite?
What is the largest body of water you have seen?
What is your favorite carnival ride?
Do you want some chocolate right now?

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Which is your favourite Pirates of the Caribbean movie?
Inspired by my wife yet again making fun of me for liking the 3rd one best... :P

If you don't like Pirates, which is your favourite in a movie series you DO like?

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OK I'M REALLY SORRY I CAN'T THINK OF ANYONE ELSE TO ASK THIS my boyfriend isn't helping at all

i made this video because i was going to put it on youtube or something and ask, i also didn't want to forget the song but can someone watch/listen to this piece of crap i made and tell me what song is in my head? i thought it was freya (on guitar hero 2) but it definitely isn't. IF IT'S NOT GUITAR HERO, IT'S A SONG SOMEWHERE BY SOMEONE and i must find it
i hope this video works

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don't care: what is your favourite kind of SAUCE? do you use it for/put it on anything some people consider strange? ie i love putting mayo on my french fries put apparently this isn't normal.