August 9th, 2010


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As I was driving home about half an hour ago in the dark, I suddenly saw a raccoon BOOKIN' IT towards my car. I was doing about 45 mph and it ran into the light of my headlights long enough for me to register what it was, and for my brain to go OH SHI-- before I was past it. I did feel kind of a bump but the streets around here are about as smooth as the "Before" closeup shots on Proactiv commercials and I would rate the bump at about what it feels like to drive over a manhole cover. So, not much.

Did I kill it? :(

(I've never run over any animals alive or dead before, so... no basis for comparison.)

EDIT: ALSO -- What the fuck is this new formatted bullshit Google Images is doing and is there a way for me to make it work the way it did before? THIS IS NOT EFFICIENT.
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Can a commercial be considered art? Or is something that is trying to sell you something automatically cheap and untrustworthy? Show your work.

EDIT: Make sure to post lots and lots of commericals you think are art ok guys

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I think I might eat some Ramen, but I don't want it plain. I have Oriental, chicken, and spicy chicken. I'd like to keep the broth in it.

What should I add to it?
What do you add to yours?
cubs hat

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I think I'm getting a sty. I also feel like this is the sort of thing that I have to let run it's course, that going to a doctor won't help.

Have you had a sty? What did you/your doctor do to make it go away faster?
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 A Pop-Tart store is opening near my office.  Other than various kinds of Pop Tarts, what do you think they must sell/have there?

They apparently have Pop Tart sushi.  Would you be interested in that?  What do you envision Pop Tart sushi being?

Would you check out the Pop Tart store?

lawlz facebook.

How do I explain to my 15 year old sister, who just set her facebook status to being in a relationship with a guy (her first 'boyfriend') that still has pics up of him kissing some other chick, that this is trashy (Maybe a more inappropriate, disrespectful deal) as hell? (and dammit i taught her better than that!!!)

dk-dc: Whats the best thing to do to hide a dead body?
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My First Day.

So after all the bitching and moaning and complaining about not having a job that I did, the day has finally come where I am to start my new one. Of course, I'm panicking and didn't sleep, go figure.

How was your first day on any job? Were you taught everything or just let loose to roam free? What was your first impression? If you're a supervisor (like I am to be), how is that working out for you? I'm most nervous about how I'll interact with the other employees.

Tell me anything about first days or your job in general so I can read them after I come home from mine and then contribute to my own post.

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For those living in hostels or dormatories(college or uni),

1. Do you share your bathroom? With other dorm mates or roomates?
2. How do you keep your stuff to yourself and not have it used by others without permission?
3. What do you do to get along with your mates?

Dear handypeople of TQC,

How do I hang curtains in a non-tacky way in my window that doesn't have anything to support them? It's just blinds right now, and that's really not enough at night.

eta: I'm allowed to hang pictures with picture hooks, but I don't know what else I'm allowed to do in my apartment as far as drilling holes. :(
Agents are Go!

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1) Don't you hate when your mouse is too sensitive? (interpret this as you will)

2) Which is better, rollercoasters during the day, or at night?

3) What is the longest you've ever waited for a coaster
2.5 hours

4) I've recently been charged with taking care of my roommates' dog for a week while they are in France. I know very little about taking care of dogs, but they outlines what I should do, and pills I have to give him. However, when I take him out in the morning for a walk, we refuses to poop for the longest time, but he has to so I can leave him inside while I'm at work. Are there making a dog poop? This sounds really weird wow. >.>

5) Do you have an iPod Touch/iPhone? Have you jailbroken it? What is your favorite "jailbreak" app?
Sega Genesis emulator, now I can play Sonic all the time! And not pay 10 bucks to do so!

6) What is the first song that pops in your head that has the word "turn" somewhere in it? (For fun, try not to repeat others answers!)
Total Eclipse of the Heart - "Turn around, bright eyes"

last unicorn


Does anyone have any good moving tips? Things to make the process as simple and painless as possible :)

How long does it take you to feel "at home" when you move to a new place? Any suggestions as to how to feel comfortable faster?

I feel kind of sad/nostalgic at the idea of leaving my current apartment, even though I know its not right for us anymore. Is it silly to feel this way over what I know logically is just a set of rooms? I definitely WANT to move, but all the same, I feel kind of down about it.

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Have you ever gotten a traffic ticket in the mail because you were caught on a traffic camera doing something wrong?

If so, what did you do wrong and how much was the fine?

DK/DC? Have you seen the movie Inception? What did you think?
Oh hay thar

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My family and my immediate family (10 people total) are throwing around the idea of moving across the country from Niagara Falls ON to Victoria BC. Nothing is set in stone yet as two of us have really cold feet and the rest can't go if they don't, lol. But we're wondering, is it easier to sell everything, fly over and re-purchase everything...OR keep most of the furniture and have it shipped by truck then fly...or sell everything and drive over?

What about jobs and a place to you start looking immediately from home or save up enough to last in a hotel for a month and hope you find a place and a job?

Has anyone done this?
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Is anyone here from the St. Louis area? Can you tell me what the nicest country clubs in the area are?

If this doesn't apply, what are you doing right now?

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First, yea, this is a controversial subject, however I'm not posting this to start drama or whatever. I just really want to know.

How do you feel about circumcising infants (boys)?

Are you male or female?

If you're a guy, and willing to discuss it, are you circumcised, or no? Are you ok with the state of your penis, or do you wish it was the other way? (LOL! I don't know how else to word that last bit)
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Is it still considered "good" or "proper" to write a thank you letter to the person who interviewed you for a potential job? They started interviews today and won't finish until next Friday, so I'd like to keep myself in the forefront of her mind, but I'm not sure if people still "do" notes any more. I'd have to email it, as that's been our primary means of communication and the place she works at doesn't have its own physical address.

Is this an okay note? She's very enthusiastic and a go-getter type of person.
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I have a 500GB external HD that I use to automatically back up my computer. I've just spent the morning cleaning up my C: drive deleting a bunch of files I don't need anymore, When my Computer backs itself up will those files be removed from the backup?

What on your computer would you least like to lose?

What program, excluding your browser, do you use most on your computer?

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Is there a nice way to tell someone that you hate them and never want to talk to them again?

Basically, I want to cut someone out of my life because I feel she stabbed me in the back. I have a valid reason to stop being friends with her, but I guess I have her the impression that I forgave her because she's acting like everything is fine. She already pisses me off for various reasons, but now I have an excuse, and I'm too chicken shit to do it. I've been being pretty passive aggressive about it so far.


Anyone wanna share their experience(s)?

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Have you ever done mission work? Where'd you go and what did you do? How much of your time was "I've got the real deal on God and you should worship my way too" and how much was "Would you like some help digging that well?"

Grumpy Angel

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Because I am currently eating them as my snack:

Have you heard of saskatoon berries?

Have you eaten them?

Where are you from?

I have heard of and have eaten saskatoon berries, and I'm from Alberta, Canada.

fixing an iPod

My iPod touch broke. All that's wrong is the main button won't work, but other than that it's fine (except that without the main button it's basically useless!). Apple can't repair it though because it's had water damage. So I'd like to get it fixed by a second party because I can't afford a brand new iPod right now. Have any of you ever tried this? Which company did you use and what did you think of the service - was it quality and not too expensive?

A quick google search led me to find
and others, and I have no idea how to choose!

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Do you know of any legit online jobs? Not like the survey thing, but a job where you get a real paycheck. I have a job but need some extra cash.

If you have a cat, what and how often do you feed it?

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What do you think of the mosque being built at ground zero?
Do you think it's insulting to the victims of 9/11? Why or why not?

inspired by someone talking about it on the radio, just curious what you guys think.

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I've got to put together a portfolio of 20 or so photographs of work I've done, and I wanted to invest in a kind of professional-looking album-y look-book kind of thing. Where do you think I could get this done for a not-outrageous price?

ETA: I'm trying to say I'd like it made for me, sized and printed professionally instead of putting it together by myself.

Online Dress Shopping

I really love shopping for dresses at ModCloth.  But my favorite styles are all kind of expensive, and I've already bought most everything I want/can afford from this site for now.  Does anyone know of similar websites where I can feed my online dress shopping addiction?

What do you like to buy online?

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Are frozen meals a good lunch choice? Which ones do you like? Bonus points for pics!
I hate most of them but I freaking looove Collapse )
It's nicely spicy and temporarily satisfies my Pad Thai craving which is constant and never-ending. I don't eat them more than twice a week due to the sodium content.

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I'm going into my senior year of undergraduate studies in New Jersey, and I am starting the process of determining which law schools to apply for. In the US, it is ridiculously expensive to go to law school (around $35,000) without including rent/food/other living costs. For fun, I looked into schools in Europe, and it seems a lot more economically feasible to me. Has anyone ever went overseas for graduate studies, preferably law school?

Also, I know quite a few people on here live in Europe, so any information would be nice! I'm particularly looking into environmental law, as that is my current concentration towards my political science degree. What are some good schools in preferably English speaking/predominantly English speaking countries? Can you finance an international education with a loan taken out in the US? Also, what is the cost of living? I know the universities I researched have on and off campus housing accomodations, but I will be traveling with my SO. I wasn't sure if he would be allowed to stay in whatever accomodation I could receive from the university, so how expensive would it be to rent a studio or a 1 bedroom?

I'm sorry for all the questions! I'm completely lost as to how to begin looking into this, and some personal experience would be really helpful!

ETA: I would stay in Europe, not come back to the states!

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so my sister and i accidentally discovered that my mom is having a secret love affair. i don't really give a fuck so i'm just trying to pretend i didn't see anything. my sister thinks she's going to leave us to run away with this guy and sent me a copy of the chat conversations that lead her to believe this but i haven't read them. my sister can be very melodramatic and likes to create drama out of nothing and i know my mom wouldn't do something like that but love makes people do crazy things.

should i read them?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I feel like a total heel. I was supposed to babysit my bff's kids today but my alarm didn't go off (because apparently I don't know the difference between 12am and 12pm). She doesn't have a phone so she couldn't call me, but she tried to IM me and said she took her girls to her sisters.

What have you done recently that made you feel like a jerk?

How would you apologize for this idiot mistake? I was thinking flowers or a movie or something.
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Oh man. This latest Mariah Carey single "Up Out My Face" is just more evidence she gotsta stick to what she was doin when she first hit the music scene. I mean look at these lyrics. A woman don't rack up the feminism points all cause she good at kickin her man to the curb. Thats not how a woman shows her power and her strength. Cause when she be complaining about it like this "You gon' get a lot of calls, cause I CCed all your friends", all she do is look like a bitch.

bowie - growing up

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Coffee drinkers of TQC, how often do you drink coffee? How do you take it? What does your ideal cup of coffee taste like? What kind of coffee do you order when you go to a coffee shop (and is there a particular coffee shop you frequent/refuse to frequent)? Do you keep a specific brand stocked at your place of residence?

I am not a regular coffee drinker (though when it's available I'll have one or two cups a day, but often I forget and don't have any for weeks). I like it with a shot of cream and a packet of Sweet & Low or Splenda. I like my coffee mildly sweet, mellow, and NOT bitter. If it's very strong, it gives me a stomach-ache. And when I go to Starbucks (my usual coffee place), I like to get a good cinnamon dolce latte. Mmm, so good. My mother used to have Folgers all the time but she switched to this brand called Master Chef they carry at Walmart, which is cheaper but tastes amazing. Much as I love Starbucks, their blends are often too strong and darkly roasted, so I only buy ~fancy drinks from them.

Inspired by this truly marvelous cup of coffee I'm drinking right now.
zombie baby cede! :D

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I have had the worst three days I've had in the longest time, can you tell me something AWESOME that has happened to you recently so I can feel better, even if for you?

How do I explain to my BF that I can't come see him for a few weeks b/c of car issues w/out making him feel horrid for not being able to come see me?

What is your opinion of the DMV?

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I have to be at work for another hour and forty minutes and literally have nothing to do.

What do you do at work when nothing is going on?

entertain me with a story about your day

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Inspired by the sunburn post.

I got a terrible sunburn about a month ago. To the point where my skin was bleeding. Now my skin looks really weird and there is a really, really pale space where the sunburn was worst. Is there anything I can do? It feels like how my tattoo did, like the skin is all weird. But I dunno what to do about that, or even what I had as a problem. Any ideas?
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What's a word you often hear used in a way that suggests the person using it doesn't actually know what it means?

I think "pretentious" and "ignorant" get thrown around way too often.
round things are tasty
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My bank is right by a Budweiser brewery. We've noticed that, for some time now, the area smells like eggs.

Why does it smell like that?

Non srs(but if you really know tell me!!)
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Do your friends know about your lj?
Do they know about TQC? How/what do you tell them about TQC? (I always have to tell them wtf lj is's so annoying.)

DGAF: What do you have to buy but can't cause of money issues?
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Fashion Question!

Do these boots work with this outfit?

What styles/outfits could I wear with these boots? I love them, but have never worn them.

EDIT: I really am wondering what the hell to wear with these boots, as I usually wear flats with everything.

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dk/dc/hate those boots: Do you know of any blogs or sites geared specifically towards styling outfits? I know what kind of clothes I like, but I generally just put them on and leave it at that. I'd like to play around with more styling/accessories.

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How much money did you spend on your last computer?

my Husband and I are considering getting rid of our cable and since I have a slight(ahem) television addiction I am worried. Since I want to (MUST) watch stuff, I was thinking that spending money once on a newer computer for me that's good enough to also watch t.v. shows on is worth it, since we wont have the cable bill. My Husband already has a good computer but he uses his for online gaming. I don't want a laptop thought, I don;t think, although I cant pinpoint why. They seem expensive and flimsy to klutzy me.

What do you think, TQC, is this a decent idea? :) Thanks.

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Hey TQC, sorry to be dumping my personal issues on you guys today x_x

How do you stay strong after a break up?

Can you ever be friends with an ex?

I just received an unexpected phone call from my ex (we broke up two months ago), and he wants to be friends. But it's not a good idea right now. I freakin' hate that his voice just brings me to tears. I thought I was doing so well. How do I resist the urge to be friends again when I KNOW it's not a good idea?

eta: did it take you a while to get over them? i'm worried it'll affect me forever :(
does being friends with them now interfere with other relationships?

dk/dc: yes i'm a dork, show me your favorite pokemon.
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Some friends and I are going to the Guadalupe River this weekend to float the river and camp. Aside from obvious things (tents, sunscreen, bug spray, etc), what should we bring?

When's the last time you went camping? Where did you go?
back corset

For the NW Indiana residents

Me and the boy are going to be in Michigan City, IN wednesday and thursday. Rain is called for one Wednesday so the beach is our first plan, but we need ideas if it rains.

What are some things to do besides the mall? Any good bars or anything as far as nightlife?

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Is Mad Men any good?

I have heard it's boring from one person I know, BUT I love vintage outfits. 

DK/DC: Would you suggest me some other shows? What show(s) do you absolutely love?

FYI:I already watch (or have finished): True Blood, Six Feet Under Bones, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, The Tudors, Dexter and most of Joss Whedon's shows. 
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Did you know that Miles Davis played the trumpet? Not the Saxophone, the trumpet.
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Are there any 'mature' students here? I'm going back to uni after 4 years out of study and I'm scared. How did you manage your finances etc, especially if you worked full time before you went back to school?

DK/DC: What was your major at college/uni?
Swimming in my pool
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Do you prefer TV shows that are chronological, and you need to watch them in order to understand them (i.e. Lost), or do you prefer shows where you can start watching anywhere in the series and you do not need much or any back story (i.e. Gilligan's Island)?
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I have a telephone interview to teach in Memphis (middle school social studies & science) in a few hours, what type of questions do you think they might ask me? What would you ask me?

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My friend is going to teach English in China for a year. What should I get her as a going away present?

I'd like to get her something that she can take with her, so obviously it can't be too big since she doesn't have that much room in her bags for extra stuff.

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How easily do you pick up other peoples words, expressions (facial and words), or 'quirks'?
I saw this lolcat thingy with a shark jumping out of the water with a dude reaching out to it, the caption said "LOVE MEEE- NO GTFO" and now I can't stop saying "NO GTFO" because in my head, it sounds funny like it was in the picture. Also, I'm extremely easily impressionable by people's traits..


Will you tell me your most vivid, favorite memory?


High fives or hugs?


What is behavior or clothes styles etc you could deam 'trashy'?

dk/dc- NO GTFO.
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I graduate in six months and everyone keeps asking me what college I want to go to! The problem is, I have no idea. I'm majoring in journalism, probably minoring in graphic design. I want to live in a city or very close. somewhere cool and eclectic.

TQC, where should I go to college?
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I *want* to upload a photo, but my camera battery is charging. I’m trying to identify a little baby rodent that came in my back door, and can’t find a website that has various photos of rodents to look at. The closest thing I can find in pics is an Australian hopping mouse, some of which are endangered or extinct, but that doesn’t work because I’m in southern California.

He’s grey on top, fading to lighter grey underneath, has very long, developed back legs, which he can walk and hop on, very short front legs, tiny round ears, a longer nose than a regular mouse, and he’s currently stuffing his cheeks with rolled oats... not eating... just stuffing. His head is almost the size of his body. He has a very long tail, longer than a mouse’s, and it’s a bit fuzzy on the end.

What the heck is he? Photos as soon as my battery charges.

EDIT: I think I've narrowed it down to either a Kangaroo Rat or a Pocket Mouse. I wish I could upload the pics now.

EDIT #2: It might be this...

EDIT #3: I think this is it... ... but he's rounder because he's a baby.

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 Why am I always late to the party? 

Is anyone watching Rizzoli and Isles? I mean as a show, not RIGHT THIS SECOND. I am in love with it, and the titular ambiguously gay duo.

Will you tell me about the last thing you redecorated? Pictures are awesome.
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What is your ethnicity and what is/are your favorite food in your culture(s)?

Does anyone owe you money? If so, who and how much?

DGAF: What can you smell right now?
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What was the last thing that offended you?

I told my roommate about my decision to start following a vegan diet and her first response was "now you'll lose the baby weight!". Woah, bitch, that's not even close to the point and I weigh less now than before I got pregnant, but thanks for the support. >:[

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Sorry for the extra post. 

So my fiance got in a huge with me and called his parents. His mom came inside and yelled at me and took him. 
He promised he'd come back tonight but I'm sitting here having a panic attack and I don't know what to do. He wont answer my call. 

Do you have any advise for me? I'm freaking out and lonely. 
frome Titanic

Cropped jeans, ladies?

SRY, TQC. Seeking fashion advice.

Ladies, have any of you ever worn/own a pair of "cropped jeans" like the ones worn here by Spencer in Pretty Little Liars?
If you have, where did you get them (and for how much -- that'd be awesome, too), and do you like them? Do you think they'd flatter a short/stocky body? Especially one with a very short torso? What do you usually wear them with?

DK/DC: What's your favorite brand of deodorant? 

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There is this young guy whose mom threw him out. He's living in a really shitty apartment where everyone takes his stuff and he has nowhere to go. My dad let him work for him for a few days.

My dad saw him on his way home today and now this guy is taking a shower in my house.
How far would you go to be nice to someone?
Is letting strange man in the house too nice?
hate pimentos

What would you do?

You have been with your SO for a year and a half, and you recently became engaged. You moved from San Diego to Tucson because your SO is a PhD candidate and is a teaching assistant at the university, earning 15,000 a year.  You adjunct at the local community college, making no more than 16,000 a year.  You rent a decent apartment for 600 a month.  You will only be living in Tucson for 4 more years, because that's how long your SO is funded for his PhD studies, so he has to be done in that amount of time.  You are considering buying a house because it's "the adult thing to do."  The real estate market in Tucson is in the toilet and home prices are still not increasing.  You have decent credit but huge student loan debt.   You have no money saved for a down payment but your parents have offered to help you out.  You are locked in your lease until next July.

Buying a house is...

A really dumb move
A very smart thing to do.
Moreover, how do you tell your idiot friends that you think that buying a house in their situation is a really fucking stupid idea and you don't want to discuss it with them anymore because you think that they're being stupid?
i ain't into that!

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 I'm a failure in the kitchen, but I want to get better. At the moment, I can barely scramble eggs.  I'm also a struggling student, so I can't make recipes with fancy ingredients/specialty cookware.

Do you have any cookbook/food blog recommendations to help me out?

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Finish this sentence for me TQC?

"I'm going to the 7/11, I'm gonna get a Diet Coke and [_______]."

(i.e. what do I want to eat from the sev tonight? Must be good movie munchie food)

ETA I bought Sun Chips (HOLY FUCK LOUD BAG IS LOUD) and Glossettes, just to be contrary

Pls continue posting things that you usually buy at your local convenience store

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Are there any posts that have been made recently (or awhile back) in which you never found out what went down and are still wondering about?

Have any burning questions for TQC members that you need answered?

Let's do thisssss.

Interviews and shit

I have an interview tomorrow with a college book store! FUCK YEAH!

I just took off my super sparkly blue nail polish to put on my shiny navy blue nail polish, should I not wear blue nail polish to an interview? Or do you think it doesn't matter?
If not, what color?

Also its about 100 million degrees around here, if I wore a knee length dress (not low cut) and a short sleeve cardigan, would peep toe flats be okay?Or should I go with closed toe flats?

I am so pumped for this interview, please tell me your interviewing tips!!

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Do you have any unusual interests/fascinations?

I've found myself morbidly fascinated with childbirth and pregnancy, though I am a long long way off that sort of thing. I know it's not hugely unusual but the depth and lack of desire to be in that state makes it more so.

While on the topic, is there anything you'd like to tell me about pregnancy/childbirth that I don't already know? (Given that i've just said i'm fascinated with it, I already know it hurts!)

(no subject)

What are some weird words and/or phrases you had for things when you were younger?

For me water was oyo.
For my brother he couldn't say me or my sister's names for a very long time and called us both Whaddie.

(no subject)

what's something weird/funny/etc YOU did as a child?

if someone doesn't respond to your text or call, do you forget about it, or not call back until they make the first move? what about if it happens often?


What do you know about Denmark?

I am considering doing a funny yet informative presentation about Denmark for some international students at my university (I'm part of the student board), and am trying to figure out what would catch their interest. My thought is around 30 minutes, but I don't know what international students would want to know about Denmark.

Say you've been in Denmark a week - what would you wish someone highlighted in a presentation? Traditions? Idiosyncrasies? A minor sketch? A clip from a movie (e.g. Flickering Lights)?

The only previous thing I've done is this video, which is two minutes long and shows pictures of lego, super models, football players and HC Andersen etc. Stretching that to 30 mins will bore everyone to tears.
Peggy Blink


I took a dose of NyQuil (pills if it makes a difference) about an hour ago, but it's not working. I have chronic sinus issues, and tonight's been a particularly bad flare-up, so I figured the antihistamine and pain reliever in it would make me feel better and knock me out so I can pick up some antibiotics and other meds tomorrow. But really, I don't feel a god damn thing from the NyQuil. Would it be safe to take another dose?

dk/dc: when was the last time you were ill, and what was wrong with you?