August 8th, 2010

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You've recently moved to a new city (Philadelphia), and you don't really have any money or know too many people. You're generally a pretty active person but are bored of watching movies and reading. What free/really cheap things do you do? It can pertain specifically to Philly or just be general things.
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Sims people.....I just installed Sims3 Ambitions and one of my mods is making it crash. Isn't there a program that will tell me which one it is? I think I remember using it before but I don't remember what it is.

DK/DC.... What type of phone do you have? What type do you want?

I have an LG VU right now but I really want a Samsung Galaxy S. It looks freaking awesome.But luckily, I'm broke, so I have to wait until I know how good a phone it is before I ge it.
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Does anyone here use Google Voice and have the client installed on a Blackberry?

And if so, do you ever have a problem with it sending text messages to the wrong people?

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What awesome thing have you recently experienced?

I just came back from a Rush concert. Me = Blown away
. It was everything I expected and more. This is my 2nd show but I didn't appreciate it enough 2 years ago. Now I'm a huge fan and I love them.


So netbooks.

Do you have one?
Do you like it?

I am shopping for one, and I really need it to be under 300, under 250 would be fabulous.
I have it totally in my head that I want one, but I already have a macbook (which has a broken screen and is getting fixed shortly)
My plan is to get a nice moniter for my macbook so I can do all my graphicy webby designy things on there at a "work station" and use my netbook as my laptop and my macbook as my desktop computer. Is this a stupid plan?

What netbook would be best for me?
I want to fast internet surfing, ability to type papers and do my school work/notes, and to upload pictures for transfering onto photobucket for selling online etc. A webcam would be nice. Also if it were to come in cute colors like purple I would be very pleased.
Mark., Come back to me

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What are some good ideas for a bachelorette party?

My sister is getting married in about two months and my other sister and I are trying to plan for it, but personally I am at a bit of a loss for ideas.

ETA: My sister is pretty mellow and rather innocent - strippers, hookers and blow, booze and dildos, etc. are out. Our mother and the new mother-in-law will both be attending, so it has to be something fairly tame and mother-friendly, as well as enjoyable for 20-somethings.

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What fashion trends are floating around your neck of the woods that you wish would die in a fire?


(*Bonus points for pix)

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Have you ever felt like you've been exclusively seeked out because of one attribute you have that you can not control? Do guys only talk to you because of your huge boobs or nice ass? Does your bf have yellow fever or 'jungle fever'? Does your gf only stay with you because of your sex skills/huge dick? Do you think your significant other would leave you or like you less if you didnt have that?
Whatever the attribute may be, do you feel cheap because of that?
Just curious.

if not, will you post one thing that made you super attracted to your partner or ex?
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kim possible

bon voyage?

im moving away and i'm changing my name now that ive been exposed by salamandertoast and noodledays and peacefrogs. do you know where? do you know what my new name is going to be?
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Crazy bitches

TQC, this has probably been done before but I need it today, and who doesn't love crazy person stories?

I have a coworker who is an absolutely awful cold hearted person and I need to feel better about this. Will you tell me your crazy coworkers stories?

The simplest example of my crazy coworker is that she yelled at me on my second day on the job because I asked if it was ok if I went to lunch. She said that she had worked there for 8 years and could do everything all by herself so I didn't need to bother her asking if I could go to lunch because she didn't need me and she didn't care at all what I did. This was also the day after my grandpa died, so, that didn't really help. (And I had taken the previous day off due to his death, so although she didn't know the specifics, it was obvious I hadn't been there the day before due to some sort of illness or emergency.)

She also moved all my stuff on my first day while I was on break because I was sitting in her seat, apparently. Which is something I haven't seen happen since I was like, 10? And she is 40.

So, she's obviously a sweetheart. Please show me that you've seen worse.

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What are some things you find fascinating in nature?

I think it's cool how geese fly in a V shape so it's easier for their flight as well as for visual contact and apparently if one bird goes down then another one slows down with it so they can catch up later together. I like how they seem to be more easily organized than humans.
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 If someone has my number blocked from their phone and I send them a text, do they still receive it or does it just not go through?

Have you ever been blocked from someone or blocked someone? What was the situation?
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So my jackass friends invited themselves over to use my pool this afternoon, which means I have to go swimming with them (can't get out of it/fake sick/whatever.  That option is dead).  The issue is that I usually get my lady business professionally waxed once a month, and I was due to have it done last week, but I was sick so I canceled my appointment and rescheduled it for this week. It's a forest down there, and my bikini line is out of control. 

Should I:

wear shorts to the pool, fielding annoying questions about why I'm doing that?
Shave my bikini line and put off getting my wax for a month, because that's how long it takes for the hair to grow in enough to be waxed?
do something else that you will mention in the comments?
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 I am looking into buying Photoshop CS5. 
*gasp why would you ever buy photoshop?*
Hear me out. 
I have a Mac. It is significantly harder to obtain a free copy of Photoshop for a Mac. Significantly harder than for a PC. And I am afraid of viruses and hacks and stuff like that. I just got this Mac. I had a PC for a while and I had Photoshop CS2 for that, but now that I have this computer, the registrations will not transfer over, sadly. And I just realized that I can get a education discount. I thought it only applied to college students but I looked over it yesterday and saw that it applies to every student in any grade who has proof of enrollment in a school. The commercial price of Photoshop CS5 is $999 USD while the Education discount makes it $199 USD. I can afford that and I think its reasonable. Should I do it? Or wait a bit? 

Trying to sell formal/wedding dress?

Do any of you have experience selling your old formal/wedding dress? I'm not sure what to sell it for? The original price was $500 I still have the tags (not attached though they could be since they were just safety pinned on). I was thinking of $250 and giving it a try on craigslist?

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My daughter's 8th birthday is next Sunday. What should we do to celebrate? We'll have around $100 but we won't be getting it until Saturday, so anything that requires reservations is out.

Edit: Was anyone else scarred by the movie IT when you were a kid?
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A little Bored

I apologize in advance if this has already been posted.

Are you into Harry Potter?
Which book is your favourite in the series?
Which movie thus far is your favourite in the series?

If your not into HP, are you into Twilight or any other book series?

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TQC I need to take next friday and saturday off of work so i can go and see my mom. my friend said he could cover my shift on saturday but he isn't able to now. the only other people i feel comfortable enough asking to cover my shift are already scheduled to work that day. should i just call my supervisor and leave it up to her to call in one of the other employees or is that a really shitty move?
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I'm moving out of state and don't have a car so everything that I can't take on the plane has to be shipped. Joy. Any tips on how to pack and what I should take or leave behind? I don't have many dishes but I do have a lot of standard items..maybe the day of my plane ride I'll pack one last box of essentials (shower curtain, etc) and ship it. Thoughts/advice?

On a scale from 1-10 how overwhelmed do you feel?

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i am leaving for school in 4 days. what am i forgetting to buy/pack/do?

if you went to/go to a university and lived in the dorms, what awful things happened to your RA or what awful things did your RA do?

how do i throw a fun shin dig when there will be a couple of people who are amazingly uncomfortable around booze/drugs/smoking of any kind? do i have to nix that part and just have a movie night?

dc/dk: what color underwear are you wearing, if any?
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carter arrested

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Makeup wearing people of TQC,

I need to wear makeup at work because I look like a skeleton with no eye sockets, but my face sweats profusely (I'm on my feet a lot) and every time I wear makeup my skin starts stinging and it seems like it doesn't hold. What products can I wear? Links or pics are appreciated.

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Anyone know how to watch TV in DScaler using an ATI Wonder tv tuner?
I scan for channels but nothing shows up - yet in the ATI program I got a few channels. I don't want to use the ATI program anymore because it always crashes.
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Jaw surgery

Sooooooo I might need class III malocclusion jaw surgery and I was wondering if any one here had it done and could tell me about it? Specifically how long you had braces on for after and how much your face changed! Pictures would be great too.

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I slept on my arm last night (like I do every night) and when I woke up, my right hand is all pins and needles. Except, today, it didn't go away after 10 minutes like it does every other day. It's been 6 hours and the feeling is still almost as intense as it was when I first woke up. I already tried shaking it and making a fist repeatedly to get it to stop. I can't do any work because I can't freaking type.

WTF TQC? Did I cause permanent damage? Is my hand gonna be like this forever? How can I make it go away, or at least make it better?

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have you ever quit a job and your manager(s) gave you a REALLY hard time?
i'm going to school so i quit my job. i have the option to commit to 2 weekends a month and holidays if i want to keep my place, and i can return after this school year. extra money would be nice, but i have no idea what college is going to be like, like if i am going to have time or want to work. i fucking hate my job anyways and when i come home, i don't want to have to work all hours of the day, i feel like i wouldn't ever have a break from anything. plus it's a pain in the ass to come all the way home 2 WEEKENDS/month.
my manager attacked me the day after i told them i was quitting and told me i was being stupid and had no reason to quit because ~everybody else~ is staying. i told her exactly why and she is still being a little bitch. i worked today and she treated me like shit. i only have 2 weeks left until i'm done, how do i make working with her more tolerable? am i actually being stupid for not wanting to work there anymore?

tl/dr my manager told me i'm stupid for quitting my job because i'm going to college, is she right?
don't care .. what's your favourite GAME soundtrack/music? i like LoZ twilight princess quite a bit.

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this bangin guy that i don't know just friended me on facebook. we have 5 mutual friends. he's really hot. should i send him a message or something? what should i say?

have you ever made friends with/dated someone who randomly friended you on facebook/myspace/twitter? how did you do it?

ETA: i hate posting pics here... but FINE!...

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tqc, i'm drunk and angry. my boyfriend and i got into an argument about eminem of all things. i was trying to tell him that eminem is a sexist/homophobic douchebag, and i don't care that he likes his music because i like eminem's music but can still realize he's a total douchebag. my boyfriend is trying to tell me that oh no, eminem's just kidding about every horrible thing he's ever said! i call bullshit. please validate me!

i am stupid and forgot a question. so what do you think of eminem? do you think it's possible to enjoy racist/sexist/homophobic/etc things but also realize they are not perfect? and examples, please!
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I think I want to be a pilot. like as a career, do some charter and stuff. Sorta obsessed with the idea. Preferably not commercial that would suck.

Should I do it?

Do you know anyone who flies?

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TQC, I'm living with my father after graduating from college and I'd like to be closer to him. He doesn't really have any interests (he works 65 hours a week, so having hobbies and such is hard) and isn't particularly Internet-savvy. Besides playing Scrabble with him a few nights a week, what can I do to get closer to him?

Related question: I've got a cat. What fun games/toys can I get for him so that we can play together and I can spend more time with him? He's an indoor/outdoor cat if that helps.

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Poll #1603205 Who are you?

What is your gender?

I don't suscribe to your narrow gender paradigm

What is your age range?

Age is an arbitrary number

Who do you love?

I miss hajiomatic
Who is this hajiomatic?
Hajiomatic...I'm a shaaark suck my diiiiick
Ellis mount!

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My mom's boyfriend boyfriend's mom got us a bamboo steamer! That's really awesome, but I have no idea how to use it. I keep walking into the kitchen and fiddling uselessly with it. I am MYSTIFIED by it.

The boyfriend, who I assumed would know how to use one, seeing as his mom has been using one his entire life, is apparently an idiot and never noticed how she caused it to produce delicious dumplings and other such things. His brilliant advice was "I think you put it in a wok." GREAT. THANKS.

I plan on asking his mom next time I see her, but in the meantime, I come to you, TQC.

How do I use a bamboo steamer?

Got any good recipes I could use it to make?

Edited because I am an idiot.
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Bereavement gifts

My best friend's dad passed away this weekend and I want to send her/the family something nice, but the only thingS that come to mind are Honey Baked Ham and flowers. I honestly dont know what else's appropriate to send.

What other bereavement gifts could I send her?

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Thanks to some awesome, crippling cramps, I'm pretty much going to spend my evening in bed, all cozy in pajamas and cuddling with my kitties.

I have my laptop right here and I have Netflix. I'm also not opposed to downloading things or watching stuff on websites.
What should I watch? My favorite tv shows are Dexter, House, Weeds, and Criminal Minds. I like horror movies, and stuff like Pineapple Express.

What are you doing tonight?
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Are you over 20 and buy toys for yourself?
What toys to do you buy?
Do you collect anything weird or funny?

I ask because I got my first toy for myself as an adult.
This is what I'm thinking of collecting
Tic Toc Apocalypse
They come in blind boxes so you don't know which one you'll get.
And I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to get the Poopicorn in my box but got a Bat (not shown in link).
Now how am I'm going to play Robot Unicorn Attack offline?

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How can I get better at video games? (like shooter games. I really enjoy playing, but it takes me sooooo looong to get decent at it since I have terrible cordination. and I hate being such a loser when I play with everyone making fun of how much I suck.)

If you tend to date much older or much younger (say by two-three years+) people, is there a specific reason(s)?

Does it bother when people prompt you to ask about details for whatever they're dealing with? (ie, my cousin said "AHH guys are so dumb!" and I of course figure its about a boyfriend or other, but only reply "yeah sometimes they can be hard to figure out" and then she continued to be like "Well i'm pretty sure he's being dumb"..."Like you wont BELIEVE what he did"..."You'll be amazed at how dumb he's being" until I say "What'd he do?" and then novel-rant about the whole situation).

dc/dk: watcha doooin'?

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Do you have any tips to introducing cats to each other?! 
At what point in time should I leave the door open and let the cats meet for real? (They've seen each other). 

We're taking it slow and set up the most recent cat in the spare bedroom but the cats are constantly hissing and growling at each other through the door and are all poofy. They've never been single cats and I don't want to make mistakes with the introductions. 

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How was your mood today? 
Mine sucked. It was too hot! 

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I was just talking to a guy I have a little thing for, and he invited me to his uni departments ball (architecture and design). But it turns out it's on the same night as I was going to catch a flight up to Auckland with my mum, to see a show the next day. I told my mum, and she knows I've been dying to go to a ball and she was sad for me and said if I could, I should go to the ball and catch a flight up the next day and meet her then.

I feel a bit bad about it though...I mean it cuts a whole day out of me and my mums mini-holiday. She did seem geniune about wanting me to go though. I just feel guilty!

So, TQC...should I go to the ball?!
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All of a sudden the search bar in my browser (Safari 4.0.4) is acting stupid. When I type something it doesn't automatically "suggest" something (like if I type "la" it should suggest "lady gaga"). How do I fix this!!??? The search bar is set to google, if that helps you. It's seriously annoying me, so your help is greatly appreciated.

DK/DC do you use one of those toilet pucks that turn your toilet water blue? How long does one puck usually last you?

EDIT - updated to a newer version of Safari, and it is fixed, thank goodness!!

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I just had a dream that we had a huge TQC meetup at my house. I actually recognized ppl from their picture posts and user names, I also saw pastor lenny. then I woke up and thought it actually happened for a secound lol.

Do you ever dream about TQC?

Can tell me about some of the dreams you have been having?

rec an audiobook for a road trip?

My husband, my 13-year-old and I are going on a road trip and we need an audiobook that all three of us can listen to. Some criteria:

Not Harry Potter--we have listened to all of them on previous trips.
Not Twilight. None of us are even marginally interested.
Not chick lit. Because two guys are not interested.
Not super dirty--no explicit sex (13-year-old will be mightily embarrassed with parents in the car).
I would rather it not be a mystery, if possible.

Can you recommend a book?
heartlocks @ lipshine

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I've had my current pajamas so long that they are starting to disintegrate. I'm thinking about buying a PJ set from Victoria's Secret, but I can't decide which color/pattern to get.

TQC, out of these below, which color/pattern combo do you like the most (or hate the least)?

DK/DC: Did you see Inception? Did you understand it?

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I'm in the mood to listen to something slow-burning, maybe with some low, growly vocals and a little bit sensual. Got anything like that?

dk/dc/that was super vague: will you post a picture of something with your favorite color in it?
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If you could pull a 'Freaky Friday' with someone else, who would it be?

Note: You can't do anything permanent while in the other person's body like transfer all their money to you for when you switch back. I know how you people think.
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My SO and I are planning a week-long road trip where we will be leaving from New York to visit his sister in Cleveland, then to visit some of my friends in Detroit, then go through Ontario via Windsor to go to Toronto, where some of my family lives, then drive back to New York.
Do you think this could all be done in a week?
What places should we see while we're there?

What's the longest road trip you've ever been on?
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1. What's the difference between a reward and a bribe?

2. How do you get yourself to do something you're not particularly looking forward to? (Exercise, in my case, but you can use any other chore...)

3. How long do you keep leftovers in your fridge before tossing them out?

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Can you reccomend me a good graphic novel series? I just recently read all the Fables graphic novels that are available to me and am very, very unhappy over having to wait till December for the next issue, I need something good to hold me over.
I'm considering the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. Any opinions on this?
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If you had to leave your dwelling IMMEDIATELY? How long would it take you to get to safety? Where would you go? Would you run or take a car?

I just realized that if I had to run from a killer in my house, I'd have to undo three doors, with a total of six locks. I would never make it.