August 7th, 2010

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Why does my skin smell different after I go tanning? It smells good just yanno different

Are there any benefits to having a savings account? As it stands, I have all my money deposited into my checking. so there's just $$$ sitting there. Last month I read my bank statement for the first time like, ever and I spent seriously $1,699 on shit. Do you think that opening a savings account would help me budget? HOW DO I STOP SPENDING ALL MY MONEY?!

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Girls, are you happy with the way your abs look? If so, do you do any particular exercises/workouts? I need tips here! I'm an otherwise slim girl (5'5'', 114 lbs), but all the weight I gain seems to go STRAIGHT to my stomach and nowhere else :(

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My friend lent me "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," saying that it was amazing. It's a struggle for me to get through the first chapter. Just not getting into it. Is it worth it to try to continue? Is it, indeed, amazing as my friend says?

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Here's a strange one:

I was talking to one of my friends tonight. He says, "Do you know what's really gross? When a girl's thighs tough. It's disgusting."

So I started thinking about this. Shouldn't their thighs touch, at least at the very top of their legs, assuming they're standing straight? (Legs not pressed together or way far apart) He says no, and it's "gross" if they do. I went looking for some pictures to confirm my own ideas. I think girls looked deformed if their thighs don't touch, at least near the top.

Assuming you actually understood WTF I'm talking about, what's your opinion on this? Which way do you think looks normal/better?

(In case I'm not clear, here's a picture of Megan Fox showing the thigh thing real well: I don't understand how someone can think that's attractive...)


I had the shittiest day of work today and all the high schoolers that I work with are snot-nosed brats. I can easily say the best part of the whole day was talking with my ex boyfriend, who dumped me a few weeks ago, who still works there too and what the fuck I hate everything right now because that was how bad my day was. I have two more weeks of this hell. I want to explode. aldjfa;kldjf;lsafkj

Will you rant to the class about something you are sick and tired of dealing with in your life?
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I dropped out of high school due to personal issues, but i later got my GED.
It's been nearly two years since then, and i feel like i've fallen back into letting my life pass me by.
I've started to worry about my lack of personal growth recently and decided to look into starting school.
I'm nearly 23 (sunday, in fact, is my bday), and the place i work is likely to close.
My question is, first, any advice on looking into schools (i'm in Indianapolis, IN)?
Second, what do you think of people who are high school dropouts? And what are your opinions on how society views them?
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1. I've been listening to The Supremes all day. Especially, "You keep me hangin' on."

So, what's your favorite classic rock/motown song?

2. Have you ever pulled a prank on someone? If so, what did you do and who was your victim?
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what's that website?

A few years ago there was a website advertised on I can has cheezburger that sold these cute, rotund stuffed animals. Big giant cuddly ones. They were something like $65 each, and now for the life of me I can't find the site! They made food plushies too if memory serves. All the animals had a body based on a circular shape. Do you have any idea at all what website I'm talking about?
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How do i deal with strict parents that insist i come home by 9:30 or 10 even on the weekends?(they tell me they can't sleep if i'm out, also i'm 23 if it matters)

I'm really wanting to go over to a friend's to watch movies later at night, but i feel like i'd have to sneak out in order to do so. Did you ever have strict parents?

make decisions for me

I have a really, really painful ingrown toenail - it's only gotten this bad over the course of today, really (I was working on my feet in tight shoes all day), and it's actually keeping me awake right now :(

I really want to see a doctor about it, but I work tomorrow (4 hours). Should I go to the walk-in and risk missing my shift, or suck it up and go to work first? I've never had one this bad (it's sending pain shooting through to my toe-knuckle, which is new for me) and don't think it's a good idea to make myself wear those shoes again without doing something about it first but something in my brain can't justify missing work over a toenail

what should I do?

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TQC, today we're visiting and/or dropping off get well soon things for my friend in the hospital. He is going through bone marrow treatments for lymphoma.

If you were in the hospital (and three hours away, no one can really drive to see you regularly), what would you want to have?
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Do you know anyone who actually believes Paranormal Activity REALLY happened? I just found out some of my friends do, and it kinda scares me. No matter what proof you show them, they say it's real.
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My ex called me yesterday, but I didn't answer and he didn't leave a message (which is typical of him -- he hates leaving messages). We haven't...really spoken since we broke up in April. He's sent me a few odd e-mails, but that's it. We were together for four and a half years.

I kind of miss him. Not romantically (I'm currently seeing a guy who is such a better romantic fit for me than my ex ever was), but I miss his friendship. Our break up was about as mutual as it gets, and we agreed to stay friends, but nothing ever really came of that.

Part of me doesn't want to call him back, but for very petty reasons. Like, I don't want to call him until I've moved out of my parents' house, get my own apartment, a car, a career, and a super hot boyfriend. It's that whole "I'm doing so much better without you" nonsense.

I also don't really know what I'd talk about. The most significant thing that's really happening in my life is I'm dating that new guy, but, you know, THAT'S not an awkward topic to bring up with your ex.

Should I call him?

Would you call if you were in this situation?
Comm - have you met me?
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What do you think about people who treat their pets as their children?

Not just really love their pets, but "My Child is a Monkey" level of devotion.

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So I just finished my first couch to 5k training.

I am wheezing like crazy. I used to have asthma, but haven't used my inhaler in like, at least 10 years if not more.
Is this normal? =\ It is hot, and I didn't wake up early like I wanted to and go out when it was not as hot and humid, so maybe that's why it seems like my asthma is flaring up?

anyone have any ideas?

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I just watched the Tom Cruise Scientology video for the first time. It was both incredibly creepy, and hilarious.

Can you recommend any good books about cults, or cult-like religious sects?

Will you tell me about your political views?
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My husband claims that in an episode of the GI Joe cartoon OR an issue of the comics, at one point Storm Shadow is flying a Rattler and bombs somebody. Can you verify this? Is he just playing the odds that at some point, every member of Cobra has flown a Rattler, and hoping I won't go look it up? This is VERY IMPORTANT.

Who is your favorite member of Cobra, or Cobra affiliate? Who is your favorite Joe?

Why don't I have a good GI Joe icon?

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Have you ever had sex in a rowboat? If so how did it work out? Got any tips? :D

ETA: It worked! We anchored the boat and made sure not to rock it too much so it wouldn't tip over. The trickiest part was finding a part of the lake that was secluded enough that you couldn't see us from the path around the lake.

Where have you had sex in public/out in the open?

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Have you ever seen someone looking at/watching porn in public?

Have you ever seen someone masturbating in public?

Have you ever seen people have sex in public?

How many times do you think I almost typed "pubic" in this post?

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What do you think are some must have clothing items, school supplies, etc. for a first year college student? I'm going to community college but am still excited because it's a really nice school!

If you don't know, post pictures of your favorite fall outfits?

Also, are there any medical communities I can ask questions about symptoms and such?

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What's most likely to happen in your lifetime?

Heidi Montag gets nominated to Supreme Court
Keanu Reeves wins an Oscar
Justin Bieber makes an album that tops Thriller in sales
Sarah Palin wins Nobel Peace Prize
Paris Hilton wins a Grammy for Best Female Artist
People names Kevin Federline sexiest man of the year
Jessica Simpson graduates medical school
George Lucas makes Episodes 7-9
Miley Cyrus' third sex tape is released and it becomes evident that she's now a porn star
Mel Gibson gets converted to Scientology, cleans up alcohol problem and replaces Tom Cruise as the celebrity spokesperson of the religion
Celine Dion records her first rap album
Vin Troyer narrowly beats out Martha Stewart in Dancing with the Stars
Flava Flav beats Dr. Drew in Celebrity Jeopardy
Criss Angel reveals that he's actually the second coming of Jesus
John Mayer converts Ellen Degeneres back to heterosexuality

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how much do braces drop someone's attractiveness?

i went out last night and turned heads. my friend turned into me and whispered, "just don't show your braces k?"

i'm self conscious of them anyway, i just am not sure if they matter when members of the opposite sex try to evaluate my attractiveness? do braces ruin someone;s "hotness"?

music taste

in my teens i was the kind of obnoxious kid who thought she was deep because she listened to some self righteous indie band who wore tight pants and whispered into the mic in a pathetic attempt to make "music". i attributed their relative obscurity to their genius, not lack of talent.

now however, i produly crank up hot 99.5 nod my head to the various "shitty" songs that are played. poker face and alejandro are my jam. party in the u.s.a and waka waka make my day. lol.

point being, my tastes in music have drastically changed. i can listen to "bad" music and thoroughly enjoy it for what it is without getting caught up in made up ideas about its superiority. people who leech onto indie obscure bands annoy me.

what do you think of the top 20 music these days?

what about the obscure bands that are so heralded?

what is truly "good" music ? what bands?
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Between my two jobs I worked 11AM-4AM and today I'm working 2PM-4AM. I feel like I'm going to fall over.

What is the best thing to eat and drink to keep my energy up til 4AM? Jerky and nuts/trail mix?
I'm stumped on beverages because I don't want to drink a bunch of caffeine and crash.

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I have someone coming to look at my spare room this afternoon. How can I entice them to take it?

Srs and non-srs. All I am doing so far is making the house smell like CLEAN and MOTHAFUCKING LAVENDER.
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UGH! My Wii isn’t working. I’ve cooled it down, cleaned the dust out, cleaned the discs, referred to the operations manual (which isn’t actually helpful), and I still keep getting the message “The Game Disc could not be read. Refer to the Wii Operations manual for details.” This happens with *every* game disc.

Halllllp meeeee! What’s wrong with my Wii?

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In New York, will I be able to change the picture on my driver's license? I just took the test and have the temporary license slip, and the license will come in the mail with my permit picture on it. I really wouldn't care, except the picture is from when I had obnoxiously long emo-style hair (eugh!). It really doesn't look like me, and in an isolated case about a month or so ago the clerk at a store asked me to show an additional form of ID to get my lottery ticket because I didn't look like the picture.

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I want to buy a used Wii from someone on craigslist. I could buy a new one from amazon for $199.99. What do you think is a reasonable price to pay for a used game system?

dkdc - What's your favorite video game?
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1. So like I woke up today and my neck was seriously like fucking broken. the whole back of my neck is stiff as shit. it hurts! I don't know why it's like this! What did I do and how can I fix it?! Will this hamper my intense fitness regime?!

2. Do you ever constantly hear that you look like someone? If so, who? (since I cut my bangs THREE different people have told me I look liked katy perry) Do you see it?

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What is my cat thinking when she sits on top of the kitchen cabinets and pounces on anyone walking past? Sometimes she can wait hours, and she always looks so satisfied whenever we shriek when she lands on us.
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Have you ever read a book where you liked the writing, you liked the story, but you hated all the characters? Like, seriously, you just wanted to reach in and punch everybody in the face?

This post brought to you by Brave New World and Gone With the Wind.
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Have you ever disliked someone because of their pets?

Friends of mine have 2 mini wiener dogs and they're really badly behaved. I hate going over to their house because they jump all over me and bite me for the first 20 minutes I'm there, and whenever husband and I invite them to do anything they never want to do anything for more than an hour or two because they don't like to leave the dogs alone. I know it's unfair of me but I fucking hate those animals.
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at the movies!

1. Who's your favorite director?

2. Who's your favorite actor / actress?

3. Do you ever actually rent movies from video stores anymore?

4. Do you ever buy movies?

4a) If so, how many movies do you own?

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what are the five songs everyone should have on their players?
the five movies everyone should own or at least have seen?
the five books everyone should own/have read?
the five places everyone should go to before they die?
the five foods everyone should try before they die?


the five songs no one should have on their players?
the five movies no one should watch?
five books no one should read?
the five places no one should go to?
the five foods no one should try?
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TQC, I recently acquired two kittens. I'm more of a dog person, so I'm not really sure wtf I'm doing. I've been following the directions on the can (one of the smaller cans, not the tuna fish sized) and it says approx. one can per day for cats 6-8lbs which is probably a little larger than these kittens. So I feed them like... a half a can twice a day sometimes two cans if they cry moar.

ARE THEY PLAYING ME OUT? Or are they really hungry? They cry every time I get up and sometimes they sit in front of me and just mew at me.

Do your cats do weird things/cry for no reason?

Collapse )
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 Is there a song that never gets old to you? I guess you could call it your favorite song, but I'm thinking along the lines of a song that you always have and will love. What song is it?

Mines Free to Be You and Me by The New Seekers.
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the blog for the rachel maddow show is hosting a watch party in tucson (about 1hr away from me) on tuesday night. i suggested a meeting place on twitter and they picked it! bad news? i have a management class that night.

how do i get out of this?

i would just call in sick, but to skip this class without anything short of a doctor's note would mean getting kicked out of the program (probably).

i've never wanted to play hooky more. help me be a bad employee!


Do you get into internet arguments easily? Is it hard for you to walk away once someone has confronted you/been offensive/whatever?

I never do, I'm too apathetic. If someone disagrees with me or I'm wrong I'll either not reply, or just reply and tell them it's not a big deal and is whatever. Been on the internet too long for that shit.

Alternate question: How sleepy are you right now?
I am awake since I just napped.


if you went to college, which did you /do you attend?

What was/is your major?

What is your current employment?

How much does it pay?

Are you considering going to grad school? Why?Why not?

For me:

The University of Virginia (wahoowa!)

English Language and Literature

Not currently employed.


Yes. I like learning and am already missing school actually. I want to get some work experience hoping that a stint in the real world will  help me decide what to study in grad school.

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have any of you had experience with rosetta stone?
does it actually work?
I'm looking forward to learning german, but idk if rs is effective or not...

Which one of these ingredients can you live without?


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IF I were to (theoretically) smoke weEd for the first time long would it be in my system for testing purposes??

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1. What was the stupidest shit you heard lately? (Some guy I work with said that he didn't think he ever met someone who was Jewish. He's spent his whole life in New York, and multiple people we work with are Jewish...)

2. Are you a closed off person or do you date one? If you are into blubbering about everything and being really verbal, how do you deal with people who say things like "no offense I just don't want to see or talk to anyone right now"? If you are like this how should I deal with you?!

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1)What are three albums are you obsessed with?

%^*^% Smilers Aimee Mann
The Suburbs Arcade Fire
Live at Bearstown Dar Williams

2)What are you obsessed with collecting?

Manga. I have a full set of Flowers and Bees now, and soon I'll have a full set of Welcome to the NHK.
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It seems that some teenager has given her family members my email address. Maybe her actual address is a letter off from mine or something. The fact remains that I've been receiving messages, forwards and whatever else for the past year.

Once I started getting personal information (family member's home addresses and phone numbers for parties and such), I emailed to say, hey, this isn't who you think it is.

On occasion, I still get a personal message intended for somebody else.

My question: Would it be super evil of me to start sending these family members pornographic e-cards from their "niece"?

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Are any of you the only single person in your group of friends? How the hell do you go out and meet people?

My friends spend their weekends with their SOs and I'm not really a bar person, and especially not a solo bar person.
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What was the last pet that you lost? Died, ran away, mysteriously vanished...doesn't matter.

We had to euthanize my cat Lucy today and I don't want to feel like the only lame fucker who's been devastated over the loss of a pet. :(


 What advice would you give to a rising senior?

Does anyone here go to the following schools:
University of Richmond
College of Charleston
University of North Carolina 
George Mason Uni.
James Madison Uni.

If so can you tell me 3 things you love, and 3 things that make the school difficult? (Or anything that you wish someone would have told you!)

Has anyone ever deferred entry to undergraduate? Is it easy to do?
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When it comes to dating, does financial/career/educational success matter to you?  
ETA: Say you're all done with school, and have a great career. Would you date someone who didn't have their shit together? Not a person who is jobless, and has no ambition. More like they haven't figured out what to do with their life.

single ladies

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A group of five 13 year-olds and a couple 11 (and a half!) year olds just started a babysitting service in your town! Do you trust them with your kids?

Which BSC member are you? I have curly hair and like to write, so I'm probably a Mallory.