August 6th, 2010

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TQC, I am looking for dresses. Just any old kind of dresses. I like simple, solid color stuff. Nothing crazy, though backless is nice. I can never find good dresses.
Do you know of any websites that have lots of dresses, lots of simple dresses, something?
What is something that you have to look all over the fucking place just to find one or two things after literally hours of searching?
Why do people wear ugly ass dresses?

DK/DC: do you have an average sleep pattern? What are the hours?
benson and stabler

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Have there been any major renovations to your house since you've been living in it? Will you tell me about what was changed and when?

Inspired by my dad showing me where he took down a wall to create a playroom for my sister and I when we were little. I remember he used to have his workbenches where the playroom/storage room is now, but I never realized that it used to be two separate rooms (a tiiiny front room and an open laundry/water heater/furnace area).

If this doesn't apply to you, then what changes would you make to your living space if you could?

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Do you know the feeling you get in your eyes when you wake up after a night of crying yourself to sleep, how they sort of sting and feel funny? Is there a name for that, like "_____ eyes" or something? I'm definitely going to wake up with that feeling tomorrow :(
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TQC, I have the biggest crush ever. what do i do in the meantime between now and telling him how i feel? i can't stop thinking about him blah

How many of these bands do you like?
My Bloody Valentine
The National
Brand New

(no, they're not my fave bands or anything)
Urahara - plotting is what I'm best at

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Any suggestions on reducing the itch of a mosquito bite?

It's so itchy and I know I'm not supposed to scratch it but I can't help it. :( It's already swelled twice its size from the scratching. Gaaaah.

Also, have you ever felt a mosquito bite you? As in, the actual poking into your skin? This one was weird because I felt the very sharp prick just like a tiny needle. Normally it's just a tickle and then it's too late...
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If you had the option to anonymously ruin the life of someone who had wronged you in the past, would you do it?

And if you're not feeling spiteful,

What's the grossest food that comes in a can?

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Let's say you and your SO have planned to travel for a few months when you save up enough money. Your SO makes a lot more money than you, and is contributing a lot more to the fund.

Do you feel a little like you're mooching? Or do you and your SO have more of a "What's mine is yours" philosophy?

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Help me plan my trip? I'm going to California, and I have noooo idea what must-sees I must see! I'll be there for about a week. Landing in LAX and i just want to explore around everywhere. Disneyland is already on the schedule!

What are some good places I should try to get to? Cheaper is better!

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These questions are for people who do not have cable TV but just get regular TV stations.

I have an old analog TV and am wanting to cancel my cable and just get internet service.

I know I need a converter box to get TV stations. What kind of antenna do I need? I live in an apartment, and from what I've been finding online, there are both indoor and outdoor antennas. Would an indoor antenna work just fine? I'm kind of overwhelmed by antenna choices. My TV is situated right next to sliding glass doors if that makes any difference.

Anyone here have an HDTV and not have cable? Can you tell me how that works (in other words, do you need a converter box or antenna)? Do you get more stations than you would with an analog TV? I'm contemplating investing in an HDTV eventually.

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TGIF TQC! Have any fun plans for the weekend?

What, if any, kind of extra things do you do to make people enjoy your presence more?
I like to bake random things to buy people's love with food products. I made rainbow mini-cupcakes for everyone last night!

What do you think of Kathy Lee Gifford?


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I have the worst cramps ever right now and I have 7 more hours of work left. I am sitting here trying not to cry and I can't concentrate on my work. I already took some painkillers; what else can I do to make it through the day?

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I really want to go to a concert out of town tonight, and I know that my boyfriend would love it if I surprised him with tickets. I am pretty poor right now, though, and the tickets are 30 bucks. I have enough money to cover them and have $40 for the next week, so should I do it?

What's your favorite way to cook and/or eat potatoes?

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I've still got a touch of the blues. What should I do today? Drink, Y/n? It's about 11:30 on a Friday if that makes any difference.

Dk/Dc, then idk...tell me anything you want then, okay?

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Has anyone here done Weight Watchers? Does it sometimes not work? I started last week and followed the program without cheating and I only lost half a pound. WTF? It seems like WW is for people with binge eating disorders. I'm so discouraged! =( I've even been walking and riding my bike more.

Also, do you know anyone who had weight loss surgery? How did it go? I'm totally not even considering it but a bunch of people I work with had it done and are losing weight like crazy. It makes me mad because most weren't morbidly obese - just lazy with bad eating habits. One girl is pulling a Star Jones and claiming that she lost through diet and going to the gym. I know this sounds snarky, but it makes me frustrated because I try hard and get nowhere.

Sorry to vent on here but I need to get it all out!!! Feel free to share your diet/fitness frustrations as well!

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If you were sitting around and talking about circle jerks and someone said, "I'll be the bread in the middle!" would you know what they were talking about?

What's the last circle jerk you witnessed/participated in?
Agents are Go!

Another lightning round!

Have you ever been confused for a gender you're not?
Online, everyone thinks I'm female unless I come out and say otherwise. In real life, not as much, though I think some people behind me were loudly confused and said "oh it's a guy" when I turned around and they saw my beard

Have you ever been at a theme park from open to close?
Yup, and I'm about to do that tomorrow! 12 hours of roller coaster-y goodness!

You're taking a 2 hour car ride with a person you're crushing on (just you two). You'll ask them what they like, but you want to make a playlist to play for them as well. What's on it?

What are some easy-to-make healthy meals that I can make at home and bring to work for lunch?

For those who work 9-5 (or similar hours) and don't go to a gym: When/where do you exercise? What do you do?
I've been wanting to go on bike rides, but I'm worried since I don't have a headlight or reflective clothes

Can someone explain the difference between a phaser and a flanger? (srs and non srs answers welcome)

A friend of yours makes fun of your eating habits while out with a group of friends (in that motherly, judging, "you don't eat your vegetables" way). What do you do?

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Can anyone tell me anything about Denver? If you've lived there/visited there/or vacationed there, is it fun, boring, is there good nightlife, shopping, etc. Would it be someplace you would consider living?

Dk/dc: What did you wear when you were younger that you thought was really awesome but now you would be embarrassed to wear?
I used to wear combat boots and a bright yellow "Reading is Sexy" t-shirt with an olive green corduroy skirt.

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TQC I need some pet advice.

My sister (age 20) was just told today by my mom that she has to put her cat down. He has peed on her couch one to many times. He gets urinary infections. He is on special food, but when he gets stressed (if the family goes away for more than a day, once because of one of those laser light toys, etc) he seems to get an infection or an ulcer. He is pretty high needs because of this. My mom had never wanted cats in the house, but after an accident with another small kitten my sister had rescued, my mom felt bad and got two cats - a brother and a sister. He doesn't pee anywhere else in the house just on that couch and only when he gets an infection. My sister called me bawling and is absolutely devastated. She lives with mom and cannot afford to move out. I can't take him because the place I live will absolutely not allow pets. I tried to look into humane societies but they are (of course) all overcrowded and would probably not keep him anyway with him getting the infections.

Does she have any options?? The cat is only 2-3 years old, so she feels as if she is just ending his life way to early - that she would be killing him. There is no one I know that can take him. ...not sure if anyone has any advice or not, I'm just feeling very upset over this.

ETA: The shelters I looked up online all specify that the cat must be from their area/county. The problem is that my county is very small/all the towns are small and the shelter we do have is not a no kill shelter.
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Any tips for trimming my bangs?

They're you're typical side-bang (I usually go for the Zooey Deschanel cut) but they're overgrown and I don't like how my hairdresser just trims them when she trims them only..

so yeah anything I should adhere to/avoid? What should I cut with? Or is this just an awful idea?

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 Ok so I want to get some type of iced coffee drink from Starbucks today but I never go and have no idea what to get. The challenge is that I can't have any dairy and would prefer it to be decaf. Can anyone recommend a drink for me?

What do you do on your days off? 

What was the last thing you ate?
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My room mate wants to get a teeny tiny minnow of a fish from an aquarium store and stick it in the tank with my betta fish and see what happens?
Is this NATURE! or CRUELTY! ?

DK/DC: What are songs that remind you of each of your exes?
1. "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl" by Broken Social Scene
2. "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds
3. "Baby I'm Amazed" as covered by The Faces
4. "Maybe" by N.E.R.D.

Poll involving food

Which of these restaurant gift certificates would you prefer to have? A meal would consist of main dish, a side and drink

10 free meals at McDonalds
8 free meals at Subway
6 free meals at Dennys
4 free meals at the Olive Garden
2 free meals at the most posh, expensive restaurant in your city

What type of breakfast cereal do you eat most of the time (when you have breakfast cereal)?

Kid's cereal, like Lucky Charms or Sugar Frosted Flakes
Something reasonally healthy, like Cheerios or Total
Something whose selling point is high fiber
Granola-based cereal
Something neutral like corn flakes,and I'll add slices of fruit
Hot cereal, like oatmeal

You have to eat one particular dish for a whole week, every single meal, as well as snacks. Whenever you're hungry, you're only allowed to eat one of the following for 7 days. What do you pick?

Rick crackers
Thick, extra cheesy, extra saucy, deep-dish pizza

You have a good friend over who happens to be a vegetarian. You're sharing this delicious vegetarian chili and totally pigging out. Afterwards, when you're all done, you're about to put the rest of the food away when you notice the label on the package. It wasn't vegetarian chili at all. You accidentally picked up 'extra meaty' chili. Your friend is content and none the wiser and full on animal byproducts. Do you tell her?

Yes. She should know what she ate
No. She can't do anything about her meal. No point in distressing her if nothing good can come of this information
Yes. I tell her because it'd be funny
Can't do much right now. Busy throwing up. I don't eat meat either
cow milkin'
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For those of you who have top loading washing machines that have no special spot to put the detergent:
Do you put your laundry soap over or under your clothes?

for all you others:
Is there something you do that someone INSISTS you do wrong

My MIL insists I wash my clothes wrong because I put my clothes in first and it's so irritating
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Macro Economics class

So I'm enrolled in a Macro Economics class for the fall semester and we seem to be required to purchase subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal and a magazine called The Economist.  I hate taking classes that require their students to spend their hard-earned, out of pocket money on silly shit extra stuff. 

Should I drop the class?  Would you drop it?
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Help on sound files

I have been having trouble posting sound files on the internet in a way where people can listen to them and identify what I've posted. Now that geocities is gone, I have no idea where I can post sound files. Most websites have errors and such when I try. What would you recommend?

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supposed to go out with guy i'm dating tonight and i texted him almost an hour ago asking if he still wanted to go. i still haven't heard back yet.

tqc crystal ball, am i going to get bailed on tonight?

eta: he just replied... we are good to go wooooooo
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1. What is this "MIL" "FIL" business. I feel like it's related to that SO business I keep hearing about, and I'm guessing that the 'M' and 'F' stand for Male and Female. But what is IL?

2. What is one thing that you love about your hair?
It's super short and super low maintenance

3. What was the last thing you did that you felt silly for doing afterward?
Rocking out in my car (to Bon Jovi or Journey or something), then looking over to see two gruff guys in a construction van (contractors, I guess) looking at me with weird looks. Then I felt silly and somehow un-manly.

i feel like all my posts are about kitties

have you ever had a cat go missing?

did you find it? was it dead or alive?

my cat didn't come home last night and i moved fairly recently so i'm thinking he is a pretty scared/dead baby right now. he was completely indoor until i moved 3 months ago and has never stayed out all night. it's been almost 24 hours!i called the microchip company to send an alert out and faxed out a lost pet report to the shelter here. i put posters in everyone on the block's mailboxes and posters up in the park next door.

where is my cat? serious or non :/
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Inspired by that question a few doors down...
I have to take a certain psychology class before I can move on the the clinical sequence of nursing school at my college. The only class available is at night from 6-8pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. That left a huge gap (like, from noon to six) without classes, so I filled it in with a Nazi Holocaust class, which I am interested in and would fulfill one of my humanities credits. Now I am thinking, though, that six classes in my first semester might be too much to handle. Not to mention that it takes two hours to get to school and another two to get back, so I would be coming home at 10pm after psychology.
Should I drop one of those classes?
If so, should I drop Nazi Holocaust and have a long break between classes where I can't go home but perhaps I could study, or drop psychology so I can go home early? Or both?

What's the fullest your schedule has ever been in college?

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A client at my work works for a rescue organization that recently had a lot of preggo cats dumped on them so now they have something like 14 kittens who need homes.

BF and I have been thinking of getting a playmate for my/our dog (who is very small and gets along better with cats than with other dogs). He is very into the idea of adopting one of these kittens, but I only have experience with my parents' cat, who is a total asshole, and I am afraid that a cat won't look at me the same way Elsiedog does and that it won't be a part of the family in the same way she is.

Will you tell me stories of your loving kittycats so I can rest assured that not all cats are dickheads like Dusty?


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At lunch today one of the managers at work said that he thinks one of the office girls is stealing credit card information and they've been "watching" her for two months. This is the first I've heard of it and the first that the bookkeeper has heard of it.

I don't know if I should get involved because I feel bad. I think he's making it up.
Do I tell the office manager what I heard? Do I mind my own business?

*If it makes any difference, I'm giving my notice on Monday
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What's your favorite word in your native language?
What's your favorite word in some other language?
What's your favorite curse word in your native language?
What's your favorite curse word in some other language?
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My 5 year old would like to ask you a few questions! Please keep your answers PG!


Q: what do you like best?

Q: what is your favorite color?
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I can't figure out what internet+TV package to get - Verizon or Comcast? My first choice was Verizon FiOS but it's not available here. I use the internet constantly, don't have an HD tv, and don't want to spend more than $100/month on it. Any suggestions?

[Edit: Would it be rude to ask to talk to someone who's native language is English? I can't understand what the service guy is telling me.]

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I work at Dunkin Donuts. All of our coffee pots say "Please discard coffee after 18 minutes to insure freshness". I just spent the last hour and a half of my shift this afternoon trying to figure out for sure in my head whether it's supposed to be insure or ensure. Help?

Also- how do you take your coffee/tea/caffeine source?
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I just found out that a family at my church are close friends with the Duggar family. They stay with them whenever they go to Arkansas on their music gigs. (They have a big family too -- six kids? Seven? In any case, they're a big homeschooled bluegrass band family and every one of the kids plays fiddle or mandolin or guitar or piano. They're all super smart and crazy talented, and some of the nicest folks you'd meet.)

What was the last thing that blew your mind?
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Okay so, there's this kid I haven't seen or spoken to since the 8th grade. (I'm 21 now.) Even back then, our contact was limited to orchestra rehearsals and a few words if we saw each other in the hallway. Recently, he friended my best friend and I on facebook. He IMs frequently, without much conversation but nearly immediately asks if my friend and I want to hang out. It's sometimes even been something like, "So I'm only in town for this weekend, want to do something?" as if he doesn't have closer friends he might want to spend that time with.

I think this is a little weird, my bff just thinks he's being friendly and feeding off a crush he might have had seven years ago. So, TQC, I'm just curious. Do you think I'm justified in finding this a little weird and creepy? Or am I just clueless about the ways of males and how these things work?

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I went to the doctor today and a nurse asked me what birth control pill I was taking. I've been on about four in the last year and couldn't remember the name, so I asked what the last thing they prescribed was.

Another nurse overheard and started yelling at me for not knowing what medication I was taking.

Should the doctor have a list of what was prescribed to me? (I had to call my pharmacy because I left the pills at home)
What would you have done in this situation?

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Are there any phrases/sayings you've grown to hate because your parents always said them?

I really hate the whole "This hurts me more than it hurts you," thing when it comes to spanking a child. My parents always would throw that out there, never mind they were just in fits of rage with no pain to be seen when they spanked us. Every time I here a parent say that I think to myself "Oh, well than you must be a masochist."

Hairstyle question!

I'm considering getting a bob/short haircut, but not sure if it would suit my face (so round!) or what kind of bob would work best. My hair is also really, really fine so a style that could give it a bit of life, but also isn't too high-maintenance, would be nice. Or I could try a slightly more complicated style if you have tips.

What do you think, TQC? Should I keep it longer, or would short work? Got any style suggestions for me? Photos would be wonderful. I am really open to anything!

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Why has YouTube been such a shit head for me lately?

All I've done today is eat and stare at the computer. What should I do? Should I take another walk?
What do you do when you're bored?
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Photobucket problems

Is Photobucket just doing some overhauls, or does a violation of TOS cause your uploads to show a red loading bar for half a minute, then say "file not uploaded"?
I tried other websites and I was able to upload just fine.
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I just bought a $13 stuffed crust supreme pizza to hoarde as a snack over the course of the next day or two. I will be offering slices to my boyfriend and roommate. They will probably decline, though. Should I feel guilty for making this purchase?

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Have any of you done a study abroad program after you've graduated college or a teaching abroad program? Are there any that you can recommend?


What are some random things that really piss you off? Vent!

I hate when I answer the phone at work and before the person says hello they say "WHO IS THIS?!"
GAH YOU CALLED ME! /end rant

Roommate dilema!

So Sept. 1 my new roommates are supposed to move in. It is a young couple, very similar to me and my SO, they go to our college, have similar interests, it all works out really well!
She emailed me a few days ago asking if a small/medium dog would be alright once they were moved in and settled. I said yes, that is fine this is a pet friendly apartment, my boyfriend and I like dogs, when they are moved in and settled if they wanted a dog and it was okay with the apartment complex, we wouldn't mind.
I got an email today, and they(they being the girlfriend, the boyfriend just kind of does what she says we think) got a dog. A lab/rottweiler mix.

TQC, what should I do?
Should she have asked or was what I said not clear?
Is this just a giant red flag and we should avoid them all together?
We liked them as roommates a lot but I cannot shake this terrible stressed feeling I have because a lab/rott is not a small/medium dog. Its a large dog!
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I'm expecting two very large and very heavy packages. Too heavy for me to lift and carry into my apartment by myself. If they arrive when I'm home alone, can I ask the FedEx guy to bring them in for me? If yes, how much would I tip for that, if tipping is appropriate? (My apartment is down one flight of stairs).


1. Females who sleep with males: Have you ever slept with someone penis was so small you couldn't really feel it inside you?

2. Would the above be an automatic deal breaker in a romantic/sexual relationship?

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Not counting your hair, which body part do you wash first in the shower/bath/quarry/watering hole?

left arm
right arm
left leg
right leg
a magical body part that is unlisted here
I am a dirty hippie and do not bathe ever
Shut up!

Drunk apartment party

Scenario: There is a group of people having a loud, drunk party at our apartment complex's pool, which is pretty much right outside our unit and down a few levels. I sleep easily through noise, but this is really getting out of hand. (I haven't gone to bed yet and usually listen to podcasts or music anyway.)

Bonus: One of these people IS THE APARTMENT MANAGER.

Should I try to contact the building's parent company? Would they listen if I told them I didn't want to give my name?

Should I just throw a water balloon and hope they don't realize where it came from?