August 5th, 2010

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For those of you in a relationship, what do you usually call your other half? My boyfriend and I call each other babe so much, our daughter thought that was our name when she was younger. :)
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Have you had kidney stones before? or any other stones?

I had to call my mom to take me to the ER yesterday because the pain was horrible. My whole left side was on fire. They did a cat scan and it appears I still have 2 stones in my kidney and 1 stone on the way to my bladder.

I've also had gallbladder stones (they were the biggest stones the doctor had seen before) and had to have my gallbladder removed. I would take gallstones over kidney stones.
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I got a kitchen fish! This is more exciting for me than it probably should be. He seems happy in his little tank.

1. Any ideas on what to do with the long ass cord that comes on the tank? (You can see it wrapped around/ behind the wine bottle on the left.)

2. Any suggestions on what little fishy friends Flambe might like?

3. Any random anecdote you'd like to share for the day?

4. If you watch The Real World, who is your favorite cast member?

5. If you watch the Bachlorette, do you think Ally and Roberto will last?
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Job vacation

So I just started working at this job I have in the beginning of July (well, I interned since May, then they offered me a full time position).

I currently have 3 weeks vacation as part of benefits, but I'm not sure if it's rude/uncool/whatever to start taking days off too early? When is the earliest acceptable time that i can start taking time off? I was thinking 6 months or so, but I'm not sure.
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A friend / work collegue is currently on his way back from London to Australia ... he's cutting his trip short by 5 months (wasn't supposed to be back until Jan next year and has been away since April this year) ....

He's only told myself and another workmate that he's coming as he wants to surprise his family (his brother also works with us) but not why...

TQC - why is he coming back so early??? 

serious and non serious answers :D 

TeenVogue is so stupid omg

Hello! So I entered a contest at TeenVogue but did NOT fill out a subscription or even allude to a desire of a subscription to their crap. So now they have sent me two issues of their magazine and are CHARGING me for it. Um, no, I did not pay for that. There is no telephone number on the Payment Notification so I do not know who to call.

What should I do? Has something similar happened to you? How do you think not paying will affect me (credit score)?    

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What's the bottom line on omitting a job from your resume if you hated it, it doesn't benefit your resume for the job you're applying for now at all, and it was a very short period of time?

Do potential employers look down on you for listing "no" under the "Can we call this employer?" column?


TQC, I'm being a big whiny baby but I can't seem to shake it.

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I know this is all really stupid and juvenile, and I'm excited for the wedding, but it's a dumpy situation for me to be in. I never ask my mom to do anything special for my birthday, and the one year I'd really like to do something, I can't. Waaah.

dk/dc: Have you ever played Peggle? Do you like it? I love this game, man.
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TQC, my dad is having a port put in next week, the medical kind, not the ship kind. Do you know anyone who has/had one? Did he/she have any complications? I'm really looking for stories about everything going perfectly.

My mother had one put in many years ago and they punctured her lung in the process so I'm extra nervous.

Would you be okay with having a minor surgical procedure on Friday the 13th? Would you prefer to have it on a different day?

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What are your favorite sexy songs, ones with great lyrics that just make you feel like a sultry minx?  Or just...I don't know, what are some sexy songs?

Also, have you been to  It's terribly addictive.

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dear tqc, i have a date tomorrow night. HALP! do i wear pants or a dress? wtmf do i even do with my damn hair? do i bring a u-haul or is this strictly second date territory? basically, how do i stop being neurotic about having a drink with my friend's friend which i know, rationally, is nbd?

relatedly, do you sort of study for dates? like if you occasionally lapse on keeping up with current events, do you make damn sure you know what's going on in the world so you don't seem like an idiot? or if there's something interesting you've been meaning to look up/learn about, do you decide now is a fantastic time to get around to it? plz tell me you do this too, because i'm starting to feel a little too much like david sedaris! but i think i'll be okay as long as i don't bring up plane crashes or natural disasters.

tl;dr, how do i make girls make out with me? srs/non srs, but don't say 'roofies' because i don't think that's funny :(

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 I need to get a gift for a guy I don't really know very well. He's involved in my naming ceremony tonight. 

What is a general gift that a guy would like or have use for? I hate buying presents! 

Also, how is your week going? 
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Inspired by the financially responsible post...

Do you have any money set aside in savings? How much?

Do you have any particular goals to achieve with this money, or is it an emergency fund?

Do anyone else invest and feel like sharing any tips?
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I have a job interview soon for my college's Phonathon - basically calling alumni and asking for monetary donations, blah blah blah everybody hates telemarketers.

I've never had a job interview related to this field, and was wondering if anyone here had any experience telemarketing, or tips on what kind of questions they might ask? I really need this job and it fits in perfectly with my schedule, so any advice would be awesome.

Getting dumped


I got a "We need to talk" e-mail from my bf this morning. I sensed that something was off. I've never been dumped before.
What I'm more upset about is that  I introduced my kids to this guy -- only after he *insisted* on it any dating him for several months.  My kids really liked him. I feel  like an ass for caving in to his insistence that he meet my kids. Any advice in general?   
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1. I made a post a while ago asking for you to help me come up with a creative name for a twitter/tumblr. You guys were sooooo helpful and now my friend wants me to do the name for her. She's looking for a creative way to integrate her name into her username. For example, my name is Alessia and someone suggested to me to use "dyslexssia" and that's what it is now :) Her name is Tiffany. Will you guys help?

2. What do you do when you are mentally/physically EXHAUSTED by you have so much to do?
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If you've ever slept in a shelter or outside and/ or had to beg for food/money, what was that like? 
How long were you in that position? How did you get out?

Have you ever helped out someone in a dire kind of predicament? How so?



"You should have to pass an IQ test before you breed. You have to take a
driving test to operate vehicles and an SAT test to get into college. So
why dont you have to take some sort of test before you give birth to
children? When I am President, thats the first rule I will institute.”

What are you opinions of this quote?

For the record I hate this quote and I do not agree with it but its was put up on friends FB status and even when I pointed out the massive flaws with it she still insisted on it.
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What did you cook last?
My mom used to make this casserole in the oven with rice, chicken, and cream of mushroom soup. I wanted to make something similar for my SO for dinner, but my oven doesn't work, so I just grilled the chicken and put the soup on top and let it simmer and I think it tastes BETTER that way. Very proud of myself lol.

What's your favorite thing to cook?
Turkey! I want to make a nice turkey dinner once my oven gets fixed.

I'm sick so I'm not thinking straight

I have particularly nasty sinus infection that is making me sick as dog- so I went to the doctor today and he prescribed me a nose spray and a round of antibiotics for next 10 days.

The instructions on the antibiotics says to take twice a day daily for next 10 days. I took one like maybe 20-30 minutes ago. I was wondering my next dosage should be tonight-if so, what time I should take? I am not sure how many hours need to be spaced between doses? I am planning to do morning/night doses next day (tomorrow). It's just today that I went to doctor this afternoon and started taking it right away when I got home.

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Is there anyone besides me who actually likes grocery shopping? I feel like I can't find anyone who doesn't see it as a chore.
Where do you shop for groceries?
Do you take a list or just wing it?
What are your food temptations?

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I just watched the documentary King Of Kong and it invoked me to be pissed off.

What are some of your favorite documentaries and what emotions do they bring up in you?

dkdc - What's something pissing you off?

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 So I have this cat, three of them actually. Two of them are sweet and lovely and love to be brushed. The other is. . .evil. She will not allow me to brush her. (I have 6 different brushes, none of them please her.) She bites--hard. Unfortunately, she is a very long haired kitty. So I end up having to cut the inevitable mats out of her fur. Usually this is fine, for whatever reason she'll let me cut her hair a little at a time. Well now she has a bad mat that she wont let me touch. In the past, I've taken her to the vet where they knock her out and shave her. The last time I had to do that was about 4 years ago. My concern now is that she's considerably older at this point and I'm worried about putting her under anesthesia.

What can I do to get this mat out of my poor (evil) kitty's fur?

What are your favorite dinner meals?

Have you ever successfully lowered your electric bill? What did you do? 
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So I moved in with a good friend of mine who used to date another good friend of mine. They had quite a nasty breakup, but they're on "whatever" terms now. My friend I live with told me that I should invite him to our housewarming if I wanted to, and while he's a good friend of mine, that would obviously be awkward.
I feel like if I don't extend an invitation, it'll be bitchy, but if I do, it'll be like I'm trying to instigate drama.
What should I do?

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I'm going to San Francisco in a few weeks.
I want to get a tattoo while there.
I should make an appointment right? ( i know what I want. It's just 3 words)

Any suggestions of where to get it done? What are some good tattoos shops there?

This will be my first tattoo =[
Any helpful pointers?
What should I bring iwth me?

I just want words, should I printit out myself and then bring it in or just tell them what it is when i get there? I'm not positive on placement. I want it on my foot but I don't know where looks best.. will they help me?
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Web hosting

Anyone have some recommendations for a good web host? Preferably one that will help me transfer our domain name? I work at a small bookstore and since I also work on the website, they've give me complete control over switching. I'm looking at but I'm not thrilled with it.

If you don't care about this, will you tell me a joke?
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Ice Cream Trucks

How does one go about buying an ice cream truck?

Where would you buy an ice cream truck FROM?

What were your favorite types of ice cream from your local ice cream man?

What would be the BEST song to have playing as a jingle for an ice cream truck?

EDIT: I checked CL and I can realize my dream for only $2,300. THANK YOU, TQC!


Will you please post about something like an experience or a something that has happened to you that you can reflect on and what feelings does the reflection give you?

I am reflecting over the last year with my business and my decision to close it up after year of struggling, how much I realise how much of a mistake it was to do and what I have learnt and how I have to grow from this experience and how my next decision to do further school(UNI)
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TQC, have you or has anyone you know tried wearing those Shape-Ups shoes? Do they work? I got a free pair yesterday and am curious if the benefits outweigh how totally stupid they look.
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alexander hamilton's redeeming merit in federalist 84

"Why, for instance, should it be said that the liberty of the press shall not be restrained, when no power is given by which restrictions may be imposed?"

He then said I will not contend that such a provision would confer a regulating power; but it is evident that it would furnish, to men disposed to usurp, a plausible pretense for claiming that power.

Why is it if Hamilton argued the constitution was not granting any power to regulate the freedom of the press that today we have such things as the FCC?

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If you tan, how do you do so? 
Do you use any products to help you tan? 

It is extremely hard for me to tan, but today I sat out with tanning oil on and actually got some color without burning. I wanted to get some oil and bring it when I go on my river trip next week, but I'm afraid I'll burn. Are there any tanning oils with a decent amount of sunscreen? What could I do?
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I was supposed to get a new pair of glasses last week, but they got lost on the way back to the eye doctor's. To make up for it, they're giving me a new pair of $200 frames and transitional lenses for free. TQC, when was the last time you experienced great customer service?
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Should I have toast or bread with my homemade strawberry jam?

ETA: This is worded a bit oddly, I realize. I am having the jam regardless, I need to know if I want it on toast or bread.

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So right now I have really sore feet, have done for nearly a week and the balls of my feet haven't recovered from a mass stomping around a showground.

I'm off out tomorrow night and will be doing quite a bit of walking, mostly to and from the destination.

The comfiest footwear I have are my flip flops so I shall be wearing them unless it rains. Is there anything I can do from now until tomorrow evening to make them feel a bit better? Or am I just going to have to bleed and hobble my way around town?

TIA! x

(What's the worst foot injury ie; blisters etc you've had?)

ETA: Thanks for the advice so far guys, you are fab, keep it coming! Definately time for me to loose weight, my little footsies cant take it anymore :(
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Do you shower in the morning or the evening most often?

Do you drink water straight from the tap, do you filter it first, or do you buy it bottled?

How many pillows is the optimum number to sleep with?

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I am in a desperate state.

Over five years ago I saw this movie. I think about a scene from this movie every single day. Aaand I don't even know what the movie was called or who was in it or what happened ASIDE from this particular scene. Help a girl out?

I'm pretty sure it was about a divorced/broken up family with at least one kid [a teenageish daughter]. At one point something bad happens, the dad goes back to the family house, and it's this series of shots of him doing sentimental things; looking at old photos, etc. Total tear-jerker. Then the daughter does a voice over that goes something like, "What? You think this is sad? That's because you're not seeing all the normal people stuff he does too. Look." And it cuts to shots of the dad paying bills and watching TV or whatever.

Yeah. You see my issue? That's about as specific as I can get. IT IS MAKING ME CRAZY PLZ HELP.

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To the ladies, or anyone else who for some reason needs a naked exam:

You go to the gyno/whichever doctor makes you get naked.
How long are you sitting in the exam room in the buff before the doctor comes in?

Are there any really fun things to do in Connecticut/New Jersey/Pennsylvania/New York (not city) that you can recommend? I need to get away this weekend
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I've been thinking of cutting my hair. It grows so fast I take off around 10 inches every couple of years. Usually I either keep it in a box or send it to Locks of Love or some similar organization. I thought I'd send it to help make Hair Booms to aid with the Gulf clean up, but, while doing research, I keep coming up with conflicting results. Some say the hair isn't being used at all, others say it is, others still say BP isn't using it, but local authorities are or that the hair is being stockpiled for future use, etc.

Does anyone have a better grasp of this than I'm getting?

If not, what are your opinions of the whole Hair Boom thing? Is it a waste? Is it a good idea? Would you donate? Have you already? Have you ever donated your hair elsewhere?

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Do you think this fishy is cute? I want one so baddddddd.

Dgaf: Did you know it's my birthday today? I have 1 1/2 hours left and it's been so-so so far. What should I do/got anything for me to laugh at?/
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 For those of you that have worked in food service, either as wait staff or in the kitchen, how long did it take before you were scheduled for a busy night? 

When was the last time someone boosted your confidence? What did they do?

Does your job have a probation period? How long is it?
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Should I go on a date where I'll get to smoke weed and potentially get some action or go to a concert?

The concert is Boris and Cave In. I'm not a super fan of either band but have been meaning to see both bands for a while. I doubt the date has ever heard of either band nor enjoy them. Which would degrees my getting action potential. On the flip side of I go on the date and don't get action I'll be pissed I missed the concert.

What does TQC think?

dk/dc: what's your opinion on poetry slams?

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So my Mom is allowing me to turn my sister's old room into a hangout room for me and my friends. I want to paint it a nice neutral color, yet bright because it's a small room that doesn't get a lot of sunlight. Right now the room is dark brown.

What color should I paint it?

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How do I stay on my healthy diet/fitness routine when college starts?

I need some creative ideas!

I'm on a 5 meal a week plan so not much greasy unhealthy cafeteria food, but what are some healthy foods/meals/snacks can I cook that won't take hours to make?  (i have a kitchen so anything is possible).

What nonperishable healthy foods can I stock up on? SO far i have things like: popcorn, granola bars, oatmeal, etc.

Do you work out? Whats your favorite workout dvd/routine?

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Does it annoy you when you make a post about something you really wanted to discuss to a moderated community and it ends up being rejected?

Also, what does "continental" mean to you, as in "continental breakfast"?

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Hopefully you scientific folks in TQC can help me. I tried looking this up, but I can't find anything.

I know that drinking and taking ecstasy is dangerous, but I've heard countering views on whether or not alcohol kills the high. Do you have some scientific answer for this, or even some experiences of your own?