August 4th, 2010

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If you have ever had a phobia of something, have you over come it? any tips you can give me?

I have a phobia of pretty much all bugs except ladybugs,and butterflies... and even sometimes I get creeped out by them. If I see multiple bugs or if one bug lands on me I get freaked out and picture a million crawling on me and start hyperventilating, crying, and usually need to shower...
I really would like to overcome this fear. Any suggestions?
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so i like to watch an episode of a show before i go to bed. sundays i watch mad men and thursdays i watch futurama. what should i watch the other days? preferably something with an easy to follow plot that i can easily watch off of the internet (and it's okay if it's a show that's already off the air).

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Anyone have a lj account they dont use with tqc membership they dont use..? I know someone who's trying to gain membership with a new account but never gets an answer from the mods..

Much thanks

Wisdom teeth.

My wisdom teeth are coming in and one in particular is extremely painful. It's been hurting on and off for three days.

It has hurt enough that I can't eat without pain, and it keeps me awake. At first I thought this was just a normal part of the teeth growing in, but my aunt thinks it's impacted and needs to be removed. My dentist (a year or so ago) that they were growing in straight and would not be a problem.

It hurts badly, my gums and cheek are swollen, as well as the glands in my neck.

Is this normal? D:
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It is a truth universally acknowledged...

Alright, anyone in here who knows their costume drama?
I caught fifteen minutes or so of what seemed to be a movie or mini series, but now I can't remember what it was called. It felt very BBC costume drama/mini series, you know? The main character seemed to be a young woman, who got a job in a... post office? Something like that. I think she moved away from home, into the village. (I guess she lived outside the village before?) Then there was something about measuring a road from A to B, just to see if the postman according to the law should deliver the post to the next village, I think? GAHH, I do hope anyone recognises this! I need to see this from the beginning, because I'm a total sucker for costume dramas.

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So it's Wednesday, the middle of the week, colloquially known as "hump day".

Based on how the first half of your week has been, how do you anticipate the second half of your week going?

I believe you have my stapler

Do you have any particularly-picky workplace pet peeves?

I absolutely HATE getting stacks of papers with multiple staples. Like when someone adds more pages to an existing stack and just shoots another staple into it; I just got a purchase order that had 8 in it! If you want to add more to a stack, spend the 5 seconds it takes to pull the old staple out first.
(I also hate staples anywhere other than the top-left corner of the page. It amazes me some of the ridiculous ways some people staple papers.)

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Lately, I have been feeling really Christmas-y at the most random times. I don't know why, but for hours, I'll desperately want it to be Christmas. I want to sit around, watch Christmas movies, wrap presents and listen to Christmas music and it's KILLING ME that's it's the beginning of August.

Why am I having these random Christmas feelings, TQC? Nothing special has happened lately to trigger it.

(Srs and non-srs answers welcome.)

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WTF is going on? Why so dead, TQC?

Do you have Redbox where you live?
Do you use it?
What's the last movie you got from it?
How did you like it?

- Yes
- All the time
- Book of Eli
- It was good...after about the halfway point. It started out really weird and slow, but picked up nicely and had a really good twist at the end. As always, Washington and Oldman really delivered. The sound editing kinda sucked (barely-audible voices suddenly giving way to ear-splitting music), but that's not too big of a deal when watching at home.
(To anyone who's seen it, did they ever explain what they kept checking people's hands for? Either I missed it, or it just wasn't important enough to explain.)

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Hello TQC.

1.) Is it "normal" or "common" for your weight to go up a bit when you first start exercising?

2.) I am 25 years and as of right now I don't think I ever want kids. I have felt this way my whole life. Certainly not anytime soon. The only reason I would even consider kids is because my Husband really wants them in a few years.
I am afraid that at that point I still wont want kids. Have any of you ever been through something similar? What did you do? how did the other person react?

**Edited to Add: We have been together since 19, married at 22. He had agreed with me about the "no kids" thing until recently... just this year, actually. :/

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How would you motivate your spouse if they lost their job (resulting in the two of you being unable to pay your most basic bills) and didn't seem too motivated to go find another one, even though they [say they] know how broke you are and how important it is for them to be working something...but gets mad and pissy when you bring it up?

LOL...I love how everyone assumes that the man is the one who's not working.
Good point; I just assumed everyone would recognize this as a thinly-veiled "How should I" question and answer accordingly.
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We're having a brunch pot luck on Sunday. There are going to be 7-8 adults, and I'm worried I'm missing something basic. How's the menu sound?

My husband and I are hosting and are providing an egg casserole thing, coffee, and OJ. Other people are bringing biscuits and gravy, champagne (for mimosas), and something sweet (according to one couple).

What are we missing from a good brunch?

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If there is some food in the office refrigerator that is starting to smell bad and it's not yours, is it your obligation to do something about it once you know about it?

Nothing in there belongs to me and I mentioned it to another co-worker who also has nothing in it either but she got irritated that I did nothing about it.   Well, it's not my shit stinking it up so why should I?  I'm not telling her to do anything about it either.  I was just saying something about it.  Period.   

~art advice~


my boyfriend's birthday is in a month and I'd like to paint him something to hang on his wall while he's away at school. the first thing I thought of was this awesome picture of a bear riding a surfing shark with a machine gun.

BUT, tqc, is there anything BETTER I could paint? remember, this has to be better than a bear riding a surfing shark. with a machine gun. the more ~manly the better!

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I'm waiting for the cable people to come give me cable (and internet that's actually mine). Should I spend my time waiting unpacking and moving the living room around so that you can actually see the TV from the sofa, or say fuck it and play with you guys?

Factor to consider: It is 81*F with "oppressive humidity" (70%) according to the news, and I am in the northeast so this is a big deal.

Should I make steamed or grilled burgers for dinner tonight?

What's wrong with you people? This is a steamed burger.

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Why is the sixth season of House $60 on itunes and $35 on Amazon Digital Downloads? I don't suppose there's any way I could (legally) get it off of Amazon and then convert it to itunes is there?

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't like bacon?
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Will you post three things you hate about yourself, and FIVE things that are awesome/you really like about yourself?

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dk/dc: what would you rather be doing and where would you rather be right now?
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Is it better to go to a chiropractor or a general M.D. to check out a pinched nerve? I've had one in my neck from sleeping wrong that's been bothering me for the last three weeks, and I want to see if it's going to resolve on its own or if intervention is needed.

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TQC, I am now in the "fuuuuuu" stage of this breakup. I know it's right and that is why I did it, but I'm depressed as hell and don't feel like eating.

Will you share your favorite cheer up youtube videos?

Difficulty: plz no babies. Freaking out because all of my friends are having them and I don't want them until later was one of the reasons I felt unhappy and pressured.
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ideas for a kid to earn some money.

My fourteen year old wants to earn some money for extras that we cant afford, i would hire him myself but, heh, defeats the purpose. How can a teen earn some money? He is big and strapping, pretty strong, and not afraid to work hard.

edited to add, No, we dont have a lawn mower, that would have been my first thought, and all the paperroutes in our small town are done by adults, paper wont even hire kids.
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What kind of flavored chips should I put in this recipe to replace the butterscotch chips? I hate butterscotch. But what else goes with chocolate and peanut butter?

What's your favorite easy recipe when you're craving something sweet?

edited for html fail.
eta 2 How much do you spend on weekly groceries? What does your average shopping list look like?
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When you type something in all caps, do you turn on caps lock or do you just hold down the shift key the entire time?

How did you learn how to type? In elementary school we would go to the computer lab and we did a unit with a typing program, but I didn't learn how to type in earnest until I was fourteen and discovered instant messaging.
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TQC - Do I have the tuna sandwich I brought with me to work for lunch or do I go to Fasta Pasta just down the street from me?? 

Update: I had the sandwich - cheaper and better for the figure :p :D
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How do you feel about jury duty?

Most of the people I know sigh heavily and hate the thought of it. I, on the other hand, don't mind at all. The only part I don't like is waking up early.

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do you have any recipes for me for desserts that don't require cooking things in an oven?

*EDIT: i have strawberries and coolwhip...OH AND OREOS.

If not, what about little appetizers/snacks that dont require cooking?
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I live in a condo, and to let people into the building, we have one phone that receives only those calls. On the regular phone, there's been an "unknown caller" that has called three times in the last 90 minutes, and the building phone rang once. I should get my hockey stick and put it in the den with me, right? 

Would it be worth it to paint my nails today, and take it off before I go to work on Friday at noon? Will I remember to take it off if I paint them? 

Do you feel bad about anything?
I've been watching the last two season of West Wing, and I feel like I'm belittling the other five seasons. :(
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So what's it like to stay in a hostel?

I'm getting my SCUBA license and I basically need to spend a whole weekend in a town very far away from my own. Getting my license is already costing me $500+, so I was thinking of saving some money by staying in a hostel instead of a hotel.

My main concern is I will need to be at the beach and ready to dive at 8AM, which means I will have to get up early. Is there, like, a lights out time for most hostels, or is there a possibility you'll have to deal with loud bunk mates?
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If you were a cartoon character and wore the same outfit all the time, like cartoon characters do, what would you wear?

I would wear a grey shirt, a black vest and a pair of dark jeans tucked into black boots, since that's pretty much my default outfit irl.
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Tomorrow I have to BE at work at 6:00 am. That means I have to wake up at 5:00 am LATEST. How do I make myself go to bed early? I usually go to bed at like 2-3 am.

This is only like a onetime thing, too

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My parents brought some leftovers home for me--fajita fillings, like chicken, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese. It was in the car for probably an hour in a Styrofoam container, and it's about 98F outside. Is it still okay to eat since it's been in the heat? 
{me} 8D

wut should i do

TQC, should I:

A) Continue reading Outlander
B) Level my DK on WoW
C) Watch Troll in Central Park
D) Watch bits of planet earth
E) Finish roller coaster tycoon scenario
F) Do some more watercolor
G) Finish my tie dye t-shirts

i ain't into that!

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 I'm in the market for a good strapless bra. My boobs are on the big side (34C) and I hate constantly having to yank my bra up when wearing strapless/halter dresses. 

I have a Victoria's Secret gift card. Any recommendations?
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I'm going to play trivia at a pizza place in an hour with a friend who is always trying to get me to go do this. Have you ever played trivia at a restaurant or bar before? Will you tell me a random fact I don't know in case it comes up as a question?

What's your favorite board game?
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Was anyone else hit by a massive virus last night? My boyfriend and I, his mom, and a couple of our friends were hit by a virus that totally wiped our system. Also, this virus is apparently one that can snag passwords and the like. I check my debit card balance online. Should I be worried about my debit card number being compromised? It happened last month so I'm a little ultra paranoid.

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Is there a common slang term that dentists use for the mumble-talk of patients with their mouths open?

Do you think they take classes to learn how to understand it?

Do you think anyone has written a thesis on or actual comparison of the phonological consistency one might expect in the mumble-talk?


How well can you cook?
How old are you?
Did your parents encourage you/allow you to cook/discourage you from cooking or from doing certain cooking activities? (my parents always took over anything that involved sharp stuff, or was 'too difficult'... lots of stuff other than that actually, and my Dad always hovered and still does and argh, trying to 'do things for me' or telling me I'm doing whatever it is, wrong)

What was your last cooking triumph? I just cooked a great lamb rogan josh for the first time.

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My boyfriend is going to Zambia for his masters thesis, for a little over a month. Seeing as communication methods will be scarce, I was planning to give him a little notebook with some cute/dirrrty/funny/...quotes/poems/yadayada. Running low on inspiration here, although the Internet-search continues. Do you have some lying around, TQC?

For example: Anyone can be passionate,but it takes true lovers to be silly (R. Franken)
(Forgive the wonky English, ESL-speaker here)

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More job questions:

You have the option to fax or email your resume- which is better? Should you do both?

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Do you like Ralph's Ices? What flavor? (I loooove key lime)

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So I've notice more than one person wearing their eyeliner in a variation of the winged design. I can't find a picture, but it sweeps up before the corner of the eye and into the eyelid. Oh if you watch Big Brother, Kristen wears it like that.

What's the reasoning for that? Or am I just imagining things again?

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Do you email/text/leave voicemails for yourself?

I think about work a lot when I get home and end up thinking of things that I want to address the next day, so I email my work address from my personal account. I also text myself bus schedules before I go out. I don't really leave voicemails for anyone.

Or...if you found yourself with 5 extra hours a week, with all of your current commitments met, what would you use that time for?


Quick! I need some music recommendations. What are your favorite summer 'jams'?

so far I've got a lot of Puffy, Biggy, Beastie Boys, Slick Rick......
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is it possible and practical to do an internship while working full time? i'd love to do just an internship but my financial situation is such a mess that i'm thinking about a part time internship while working to pay the bills.

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OH NOOOOOO, so I went on a date with my optician on Friday, and then I saw him on Sunday as well.

So on Monday I was texting him and then in the evening I sent him a text being all 'oh hey come round mine and I'll cook you dinner next weekend' and then he just DIDN'T reply to my text at all, and then I text him this morning being all 'oh hey what's up' and then he replied at lunch time but DIDN'T mention the fact I asked him round, so I replied at about mid-day again lightly hinting the dinner thing again and now he just HASN'T replied to my text again and it's now 9 o'clock! Last week we were texting 4 or 5 times a day.

Then I tried to call him just now and he DIDN'T ANSWER, what the HELL does this mean?!

I'm totally freaking out.


Oh guys it's fine! He called me just now and apologised and said he is going to come round on Sunday and we spoke for 20 minutes about our favourite cults!

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Is there a food you had at one time that was so amazingly delicious  that you crave that exact food from the place it came from? 

What was it and where did you have it?

What made it so wonderful?


Can you tell me about your worst vomit?

Can you tell me about a time when you hurt yourself badly?

Can you tell me about the most disturbing thing you've ever seen?

I want to live vicariously through you guys. I don't vomit, I've never hurt myself badly and I haven't seen anything horrible. *touch wood*. (Totally not complaining)

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it's totally sketch if a company asks you to pay $100 for training if you're hired, right?
it's even more sketch if they ask you to bring the money to the interview, right?

dk/dc do you get sentimental about family? my aunt and cousin are leaving tomorrow after visiting me for the day and i'm like super depressed about it.

edit: for the record, i'm not going. another (legit) place called and scheduled an interview at the exact same time.
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So I'm in southern Ohio, and planning on taking a road trip to see my cousin in Manhattan, NY. It was planned to be a road trip because it's not relatively -too- far, never done one on my own (good idea, y/n), and figured needed some kind of end-of-summer adventure. For those of you familiar with eastern Ohio/Pennsylvania (pretty much the main state you'd have to drive through), are there any awesome little spots you'd recommend stopping at along the way?

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So I've never been to a concert before and I think I've found a performance I'd like to try. The only problem is that none of my friends like this artist at all and I don't want my having to worry about them drag down my good time.

Should I risk going alone or just drag someone along?

I can't do those nifty poll things (I'm willing to learn though) so I'll list some locations. Which one of these, to the best of your knowledge, is the best location?
- Millvale, PA
- Somerville, MA
- Pontiac, MI
- Cleveland, OH
- Chicago, IL

If you have any concert tips for a newbie then please share. Thanks.