August 3rd, 2010


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I have to be out the door in five hours. Possibly I could push it to six hours. I have not slept yet. I could probably sleep if I were to lie down right now, but maybe not - and I'm all over dried sweat from my stupid hot day.

What should I do?

Take a bath, risk falling asleep and drowning, and get less sleep
Take a shower and risk waking up (and getting less sleep)
Go to bed filthy, shower in the morning, and risk being late
Don't wash at all, and wear the "I deliberately slicked my hair with gel" ponytail in the morning
Don't sleep at all, wash at my leisure, but potentially get in a car wreck and die in the morning

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TQC, have you ever litmus tested a relationship?

I put myself in a makeout position to see if it was right, and it was very right, and now I'm single.

by litmus test I mean: have you ever been physical with someone with the intent of deciding where a relationship would be going after the physical adventures?
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Have you ever seen a news segment that shouldn't be funny but really, really, is?

If not, you should watch this video. And then you should hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause they rapin' everybody out there.

Am I a terrible person for being amused by this?

Is a horn's function part of a car inspection? I am taking my car in to get inspected today and my horn doesn't work. I'm trying to estimate how much this inspection could wind up costing me...I have $200 right now for it, and I get paid Thursday evening and that should be another $400, but if it is more than that I'm pretty much screwed. I'm hoping there is nothing else wrong other than my horn; I just got the brakes replaced in June.
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Would you participate in a reality show with a large money prize if you had to put up some of your own money to participate? Assume that aside from putting up your money this is the kind of competition that would interest you.

Ex: Prize is 100K, 10 teams each put up 10K, winner gets it all.

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Do you look at If so, have you ever sent in a postcard? Which postcard has been the most moving to you?

Do you keep your fingernails long or short?

Is there anything that you're afraid of now that didn't use to phase you? Why do you think that is?
I never really had much of a problem with needles and shots, but after having a bad experience with anesthesia during my surgery, it completely freaks me out to get needles stuck in me.

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I have an interview at Black's Photography on Friday. I  love photography as a hobby, but I do not necessarily know a LOT about the technical side of photography, so this worries me a little.

Do any of you work for Black's or any other store like it? What sort of things would I need to have basic knowledge of?

Any tips you can give me for my interview?
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I had an appointment to get new glasses 2 weeks ago. At first they told me they would be in within 7 business days. I called last week to check and was told no, it'll be 10 business days. I just called again and they're still not in, 2 weeks later. I'm using a pair of glasses that are over 6 years old and give me headaches. TQC, how annoyed would you be in my place?
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I'm applying to The Hempest, a hemp clothing store/head shop kind of place. The manager told me to bring by a resume. What kind of format should it be? Will I need a cover letter? Any other resume advice? So far I just have name, contact info, past experience, education and interests. It's been a while since I wrote one...

If you're in a steady relationship, do people/friends often come to you for relationship advice?
Inspired by the friends who keep asking me despite my pleas to not get in the middle of their shit.
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An ex girlfriend of mine recently removed me from her Facebook friend list. We have not dated in several years I understand that she probably wants to keep certain things in her life private from exes. That said, I am still interested in keeping some form or contact, even if it is just a general connection trough a less personal social networking site. 

If you were her, how would you interpret receiving an additional request through a less personal site like Linkedin? Would you accept it?  

by andos

validating my friend.

I'm gonna try and word this question best I can without needing the whole story.

If someone stays at home (whether to be a spouse that stays home w/ the kids, or a room mate who is out of a job/not working for the summer/basically someone who doesn't pay rent or other stuff) and so they take over the 'chores' as their contribution for the house hold, is there a line between covering the chores (dishes, laundry, vaccuming, taking out the trash, etc) and picking up after people? Or since they're at home so they have the time, keeping the place clean regaurdless is their 'job'? Or shold other people living there pitch in on chores every so often?

in case that wasn't clear/you want the story for more insight:

My friend lives with her husband, and for the summer are letting both his brother and her best friend stay with them to save a little money for the summer (end of april-mid september, they pay $150 rent each a month, part of utilities, and their own food). She's not in school for the summer and is just hanging out at home- so she's taken over the chores (before hand it was split pretty evenly with her husband). BUT- while hanging out with her the other day while she was cleaning, she was picking up trash (soda cans/wrappers whatev) and having to go into the bedrooms to gather up dishes and pick up clothes off the bathroom floor. She was upset that dispite that its 'her deal' to do chores, she had to go this far to keep the house cleaned up. She said she talked to the rest of her housemates and they were just like "Leave it, I'll get to it" or "Well, you're home and you have the time and its your job".

Its not out of line to ask people to at least throw their trash away/put dishes in the sink/put their clothes in the laundry room, right? Or is she totally out of line to ask these people to pick up after themselves since its her responsiblity to keep the place clean?
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bored at work!

TQC! I'm at work and I'm BORED! What should I do to kill sometime (about an hour and half) and entertain myself?

I'm an intern and basically I sit on my butt all day and wait for people to come talk to me. My only other work related responsibility is to write notes up after I meet with people. I'm caught up on all my notes.

What should I do?
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Why does it cost so much money to even apply to some colleges/universities?

I understand they want to weed out people who are applying 'just to see if they can get in' but Jesus fucking Christ, anything over thirty bucks just seems ludicrous. Is there something I’m missing here?

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TQC have you ever been so drunk, shit you be sayin' just does not make sense?

I am newly single! I haven't been single with the intent to stay that way since I was still in high school. What adventures should I get into?
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damn how do I get rid of this hangover? it's not even funny and I gotta be on my game tonight. I got juice but I ain't eatin anything greasy

On the other hand, will you share your current favorite songs or songs with me?

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You are suddenly robbed of ALL OF THE FOOD in your kitchen. Everything. You go to the store to re buy everything. What are the most important things?

What is the last thing you baked?

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Which is more presumptuous to assume about someone from a different country: that they speak your language or that they don't?

I'm talking to my new roommate, who's from China, and I'm worried that I'm using too many words or phrases that she doesn't understand. But at the same time, I don't want to assume that she doesn't know anything. I feel like if I just talk to her like I'd normally talk to a native English speaking friend, she'll feel more welcome. Am I right about that? Or is that intimidating?

I'm horrible with these sorts of things.

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my period is supposed to start sometime in the next few days. my family is in town so i'm going to go swimming at the hotel pool today for a couple hours. it's totally going to start today while i'm there just because it will be inconvenient as fuck y/y?
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I am SO not ready to unpack. I've got to fit all my things from my last place in to a space that's 1/2 the size I'm used to. I just look in my room filled with boxes and crap and I don't feel inspired to unpack anything.
How do you motivate yourself to clean/organize/unpack?

What's your favorite air freshener?
Moroccan Bazaar by Febreze, although I can't find it in air freshener form anymore, just candles and plug-ins, neither of which really cut it for me. I did pick up a new Glade one called Relaxing Moments Island Escape and I LOVE it. I love air fresheners, I have a collection. It's sad.

When you walk in to a person's home, what is the first thing you notice?
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i'm all about validation today =/

So, apparently, my neighbors left their water on, and now almost half my bedroom's carpet is puddles (I live in an apartment). Collapse )

So, my neighbors are two guys both in wheelchairs. I've talked to them a few times, they're pretty nice older gentlemen. They're not mentally handicapped, they're in their early/late 30s so they're not way older men, they're nice guys- so I'm sure them leaving the water running was an obviously accident. I've done dumber shit on a good day.

The guy who came to fix my carpet said when he noticed I was still a little aggraveted, "Well y'know, they're in wheelchairs, we gotta keep an eye out to help them if they need it, sometimes they need help watching out for things."

SO, my QUESTION is, am I heartless dick for thinking thats the stupidest thing ever as far as this situation is concerned and it not making me feel any less annoyed? WTF is them being in wheelchairs have anything to do with leaving the damn water running? I find it a little offensive, but I'm wondering if I'm being offensive by not thinking thats any kind of excuse when he seemed guinuine about saying it.

Pretty sure I'm more aggravated with my maintence guy than my neighbors.
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If you're in college, what do you do when you have long breaks between classes?

This semester, I'm on campus Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:55 pm to 7:45 pm, but that's only for two classes. I have nothing to do between 1:45 pm and 6:30 pm. I'm going to be on a pretty strict diet and I'll be brown bagging my dinners, so going to a restaurant in town isn't an option.
Obviously I'll spend some time studying and will have my iDevice so I can fickle around online (I have a laptop but technically it's my mother's work computer so taking it isn't always an option) but I'm willing to bet both of those are gonna get boring real quick.
I also can't just drive somewhere because I wasn't able to get on-campus parking, so leaving would mean walking across campus, then taking the light rail across town in order to get to my car.
tl;dr - I've got 10 hours stuck on campus each week and I can't leave, can't go to a restaurant, won't always have a computer, and don't have any friends on campus. What can I do besides study?

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Does anyone have a kindle/sony reader or something similar? Any recommendations? I'm quite interested in buying one, as I always carry a book with me and I have some traveling coming up; the only thing putting me off (other than not knowing which brand to buy) is having to buy my books over again at prices more expensive than I paid for the real versions. Is there someplace to get digital books cheaper or even free?

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I'm going to Sweden for two weeks, and I'd let to get the family I'm staying with a couple of gifts.  They are a young couple (late 20s), and they have a 3-year-old son.  

What should I get them?

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When the answer to your question is NO, why do you think asking the question again is going to make the answer magically be YES?   

Being stubborn doesn't always pay people!!
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money matters

Should I take out a $5000 subsidized loan for this coming school year? My main concern is that I'm getting married in January and my future husband will be the primary provider at least until I'm out of school, and I don't want to saddle him/us with unnecessary debt.

I'm already $10,000 in debt for school (mostly subsidized loans)

It'll more than take care of the $1,500 I'm in the hole for right now
The extra will be enough to cover rent for the whole semester, in case the job I get isn't as lucrative as I hope
It'll probably be just for this semester (meaning we could choose not to use the other $2750 in the spring, once we're married)
It will provide me enormous peace of mind knowing that I'm not just living from paycheck to paycheck for the next four months

We ARE talking about it tonight and I think he'll be more than fine with it, but I just want to see what TQC would do. I'm so anxious about money stuff; I've never had to live on my own. I know some people would say that until we're actually married, it's my decision to make, but realistically speaking, this debt is as good as his debt. Our debt.

DK/DC: Do you think it's rude to talk about money stuff like this in public? I was raised to firmly believe that it's the height of rudeness to ask people what things cost or how much they paid for this or that (so long as they aren't super close friends), or to talk excessively about how much one makes, but is it the same if you're talking about logistics of debt and payment and whatnot?
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Inspired by the railroad apartment question

Have you ever shared Jack & Jill bathroom with a sibling/room mate?

(an en-suite bathroom with 2 doors, accessible by 2 bedrooms)

I always wondered how that would work as far as locking the other door while you were using the bathroom. Was it convenient or annoying? Did you often get walked in on while on the toilet etc?


I wanna ask all of you a few things about your personal experiences with yeast infections.

-What typically hurts/burns/itches when you get an infection? Like what area SPECIFICALLY?
-What sensation, itching or burning or pain, is most prominent for you?
-Is the sensation constant or does it tend to let up and then get worse or sort of switch on and off throughout the day?
-What gave you relief from all this? Because I used some of those vagisil wipes and all they did was make my friggin labias burn slightly. I read this is normal. What the hell.
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The paychecks from one of my jobs have consistently bounced since the last week of May. My coworkers all have problems, too. My question is -what legal action, if any, can I take? I get the money eventually but I am sick of worrying about damn rent checks while I'm waiting. Yes, I am quitting.

Would you like to complain about your job? Even if you love it there are still bitch-worthy elements I'm sure
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What do you do each day that is healthy or good for you? Do you go for nightly walks with the family pup? Do you love vegetables more than life itself? Do you drink three liters of water a day, like me?

DK/DC: Do you prefer pasta salad, potato salad, or macaroni salad?
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What do you do get get out of low self-esteem blues while at work?

What is your favorite sandwich wrap?

What is the biggest thing that annoys you about the opposite gender?

Do you like waffles? Do you like pancakes? Do you like French Toast? Can't wait to get a mouthful?

Will you make me waffles?

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1.When you get a new phone, do you charge it a certain amount of hours, or only until it says "battery charged"?
I have only had my new phone charging for two hours and it says "battery charged" but my dad is all "you have to charge it for 18 hours or it will break and not work!!!" -_- I read the manual and it says nothing about "18 hours" I think my dad is bullshitting me.

2.What is the worst way you have broken your phone?
I dropped mine in a soapy sink, did the rice thing and it worked, but then dropped it in coffee the next week...

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To those of you who apply for jobs online/through email: how long has it been taking for you to hear back from companies?

A lot of jobs that I apply for are about an hour away. Should I stop putting my address on my resume?
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For those of you that play RPG's, I'm interested in playing Shin Megami Tensei. From what I've heard, a lot of people seem to like Persona 3 and 4 the best out of the series. Reviews for Nocturne seem pretty good too. Which one should I buy?
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Regarding the 'freebie list' (of people you're allowed to sleep with while in a relationship and your partner can't get mad)):

Which celebrities are on your list?
Which fictional characters are you on your list?

Alive or dead, doesn't matter. Though I would prefer it if you'd want them to be alive at the time you sleep with them.

What do you prefer to eat when you've got a cold? I have a sudden craving for soup, but have none in the house, and I feel like shit.

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What is a "bar boot camp" as it pertains to a class in a dance gym? I'd like to think that it's a class that gets you ready to do an epic bar crawl. Wild speculation welcome, although serious answers are okay too.

ETA: Guys, I know it's probably a mis-spelling of "barre" and therefore has to do with ballet but I'm going for silly here. :D

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Ohai almost-double post.

What interesting/rare/weird food item should I get at the grocery store tonight? If you guys give me something that I should get, I'll cook with it and post it to tqc_updates. Anything is game!

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1)What are your most unusual job skills?

Me: This is what is wrong with you. *pulls out a nice colorful chart*

2)Employed,unemployed or underemployed? For how long?

The last one. I've only been underemployed this time for a month or two.
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And now for something lame...

Australians/Neighbours watchers, can someone help me catch up? I've missed months and this new Steph-Toadie-baby-Libby plot seems too classic Neighbours crazy to miss. Who's the dad?
Alternatively does anyone have a GOOD Neighbours recap site? The Channel Ten website is so vague.

DK/DC: What's an absolutely rubbish TV show you watch and have no idea why you like it?

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Whenever I wear heels I seem to get these awful sores on the tops of my feet, and on my toes if they're open toed, where the edge of the shoe rubs. Is this because I'm wearing cheap shoes, or does this happen with all heels? I'm fine wearing boots with heals, because there is no open seam over my foot.

Can you recommend a good spot concealer? I don't want to cover my entire face. I just have a few acne scars that are discolored and noticeable. I also don't want to look like I'm obviously wearing makeup. I have a sephora nearby.

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There is a new Goodwill store opening in my town shortly. They have several openings in several levels of management. I want to apply for the assistant management or supervisory positions.

Do I submit my resume for the positions separately or do I say in the cover letter that I am applying for either of the positions, as they need me?

Do you think I should say in my cover letter that I am particularly interested in work with them as a non-profit organization, or is that off-putting?

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What do you think about this article? 

The article is called "Seven Reasons Not to Send Your Kids to College" and is all about how families can save money by saying "no" to college for their children, and how the children will probably wind up with the same income if they start their own business or something. This man's ignorance really pisses me off, but then I'm only 19 and don't know that much about money. 

If you have graduated college, what degree(s) do you have? If you are in college, what are you working towards? 

If you have not gone to college, do you plan to at some point, or are you happy doing what you're doing now? 


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How long would you let a door handle advertisement (Chinese restaurant, if you're curious) stay on your neighbor's door before you pulled it off? Assume it's an apartment door that you walk right by and not a house. Does stuff like that annoy you?

ETA: C'mon, fellow OCD people. Represent.
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Need advice/shotguns/security/ninjas...

StoneFest is coming up on the calendar, it's a music festival/week of celebration that happens every year at my university. This is not a bad thing. The thing I'm worried about is what's going to happen at my Uni res. Apparently people go around kicking down doors and looting the rooms. There's going to be more security during the week and the key card access doors to each floor are going to be kept closed, but people always manage to get in via propping the doors open/using a mentor's keycard/following people etc. Apparently people go around off their heads on everything under the sun trashing crap as they go. Our room doors (also keycard access) look solid but some of the older residents say they come open if you kick them in the right place. 

So, TQC, what can I do to prevent my things being ransacked by pill poppers/ragers/nutters/college students? Strategies?

What're your favourite snacks for the movies?
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Hey runners: what time of day do you run when the weather is incredibly hot? (Morning or evening?)

Whoever has knowledge/opinions about this kind of thing: do I have time to train for a 5K by September 18? (I was running a bit this spring, but kind of came to a screeching halt when temperatures got up to 99 degrees by 8:30 AM.)

Everybody else: what's the weather like right now? (Give temperatures if you can.)

stuff and things

Are any of Fenella Woolgar's movies any good? Other than Bright Young Things and Scoop. I looove her in Bright Young Things, she's adorable, and I want to see more of her.

My mom bought me a Minolta at a garage sale and I got batteries and film today - one shot and it seems the shutter is stuck open. Any idea how to fix it?

Would You Play This Game?

You are offered a chance to play a game. To play the game, you must wager all the money you have (you can't chose to wager only some of it). If you win the game, you double your wager. If you lose the game, you lose your entire wager (i.e. all your money).

The game involves some kind of random chance that you have limited control over, such as rolling dice or spinning a wheel. You know the game is not rigged and before choosing to play or not play you know the real odds of winning. (There is no "trick" - the game is fair.)

Would you be willing to play this game? If so, what are the minimum odds you would require to play? (i.e. Would you only play if your chance of winning was 50% or 75% or ?)

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Today I was looking online at my checking account information and noticed two odd charges I definitely didn't make. One for $9 and change to a pet toy website and another one for $30 to one of those rebiller websites. (in other words, they used my checking info to subscribe to a porn site and/or buy actual porn.) I had my account info changed immediately, btw. I'm really perplexed how this happened because I know how to keep my info safe online.

This got me to thinking: Have you ever had this happen to you? How much did they charge before you found out? I suppose I'm pretty lucky that I only got hit with $39. They should be taking it all off my account, though, so I'm happy about that.

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i was listening to the radio the other day (96.1 in atl) and i heard an absolutely amazing rock cover of salt n pepper's "push it" but i have no idea who it was, and i cant find anything on google. any ideas?

dk/dc... scroll on.

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I texted the guy who I exchanged phone numbers with on Sat night. No reply after about four hours. Fail? Or give the guy some time?

Also, has anyone had Irn Bru?

eta: I am obsessed with answering texts straight away and it KILLS ME when people don't do the same. So that, added to all the other stress means I may be overreacting at the mo.
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Have you ever lived in a railroad style apartment? Would you?

I think it sounds like one of the worrrst living arrangements ever.

FYI: A railroad apartment is where the apartment is in a line, one room behind the other, so usually one person has to end up walking through the others' to get to their room/the bathroom/the entrance/ etc.

Railroad, shotgun, I mean the kind without the hallway where one person is all up in the other's room.


I need some help on an image in PSCS4.

The image is just a repetitive wallpaper design, and I want lots of repetitive text that curves along all the design. Like a big snake. Big snake text.

Is there any easy way to do this?

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Have any of you non-Canadians ever had a butter tart?

If you haven't, shame on you. They are delicious. They go really well with my bagged milk and Smarties-that-are-chocolate-and-not-candy.

What are some things you can find in other countries that you wish you had in your homeland?