August 2nd, 2010

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what bad habits/irritating quirks have you picked up from your exes?

for example, mine is inserting an unnecessary 'fuck' after every sentence: "shut the fucking window, fuck," courtesy of my ex-girlfriend.

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Does you country have opt-in or opt-out organ donation when you get a licence?

What do you think the method should be?

EDIT: What is involved in opting in or out where you are? Here in NSW Australia it is just ticking a box on your licence application form or not.

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if your parents are immigrants or heavily in touch with their heritage, what are some ~old-country~ beliefs they still hold that you think are lulzy?
my chinese mother once gave me something "cold" (yin) to drink after i'd eaten a "hot" (yang) meal.
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When you are staying at a hotel for multiple days, how do you feel about putting the Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob all day so no one comes in to clean the room and you can get out of leaving a tip for that day?

My sister does this and my dad got mad about it (my sister is the ultimate cheapskate though, so he could have been mad because that's just another thing to add to the list of things she does to be incredibly cheap).
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Do any of you participate in Postcrossing? Which countries have you sent postcards to/received them from? What do you usually write on your postcards? I just signed up and I'm not sure what to write on my first postcard.
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1. What's the best revenge you've ever got on someone?

2. What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?

3. Have you ever heard anyone say offline but they really mean online? WTF is that about?

(IE: "If I buy it offline from Amazon, I get a discount." or "I met him offline." as in off of the line?? WTF I HATE IT!)
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Joss Whedon is going to be giving a talk at the Sydney Opera House at the end of the month, I should fork over $60 for a ticket Y/N? I can afford it if I'm careful with my budget.
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These questions are related to yards.

1. I found a cell phone in my front yard. Someone appears to have thrown it at my house, possibly from a moving car. It has no battery and no back cover. What are the chances that this cell phone still works and that I could somehow make it mine? wtf should I do with it?

2. Say you have a backyard. And say there is something in this backyard (clothes on the line, a pet, a ten dollar bill stuck in a bush etc.) that you want to grab and bring inside. If you aren't wearing pants, do you put them on to go get it or just get out there and roll with it?

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You have to plan a party and it's going to be the best party ever. The thing is, you have an annoying roommate (read: me) who insists this party has to have some sort of a theme. It can be anything to dressing up as cats to awkward superheros.


Don't forget to bring some kind of food too, you moochers.


Ladies, do you like your nails long or short? Real or acrylic? How long are your nails now?

How about you guys? Do you like long or short nails on women? Real or fake?

I like my nails pretty long, and prefer natural. My guy likes my nails long and natural, but at the length they are now, which is about 1 cm beyond fingertip. I want them longer than that.

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The other day at work, a mother started bitching at me for looking through her 6/7 year old daughter's purse. It seemed to mean nothing to her that: A) The purse was on the floor, B) The purse was the exact purse as those we were selling on the fixture an inch or two away from where it sat on the floor, C) The daughter who owned said purse was looking at silly bandz some distance away when I picked up the purse, and had her back turned to it. It wasn't until she turned and walked over and looked at me funny that I realized she was even there and that it was hers.

Will you share an obnoxious customer story?

DK/DC/Don't work with customers: What are you listening to right now? I'm loving me some Hanson from their newest album.

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When applying for a student loan, should I declare the money that my brother has saved for me in a RESP?

If I do not declare the money, will the Government find out anyway since my Social Insurance Number is included in my application?

For information purposes: I live in Canada. The reason why I am applying for a student loan is to help with living expenses while I attend school full time (I live on my own). My fear is that if they see that I do have most of my school expenses covered, they're not going to accept my application.

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I think I am depressed. But I dont know what to do. Not depressed like omg ugly betty has been cancelled depressed. Depressed like I want to run away from this earth!! kind of depressed. The nearest psychiatrist is like 40miles away and I cant even find time for dinner. I just had dinner its 4am. more like breakfast. Im worried. I hate my uni(I used to love it , I was the only one i think)I hate my classes I dont wanna go to class anymore. I dont want to hang out with my friends. I havent cleaned my room in a week and its so filthy even a homeless guy wouldnt want to enter. What should I do in the meantime? Before I actually find time to go see someone and get help?

(sorry if i hit anyones nerve here, i seem to be always doing that)

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Today, I have to make a 2 hour car trip. The a/c in the car doesn't work, and it's supposed to be 103-105F today. How in the world do I stay cool? Besides water, what drinks are the best (like Gatorade, etc)?

What are you doing today?

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Do you listen to audio books? If so, can you recommend me some? I don't have any particular preferences, but the longer it is, the better. I am going to be driving on my own for 13 hours this weekend, plus 6 more the next day, and I want something other than music to distract me.

dk/dc/whatever:  Um...tell me about how you're feeling right now?

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Why do I always get stuff on this one particular pair of pants nearly every time I wear them?     Is this pair of pants cursed? 

Do you have a particular article of clothing that is a stain magnet too? 

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Do you ever add people from reality shows on Facebook or other social networking sites?

I do this a lot to look at pictures and see what's up with them since whenever the show happened, but I almost always end up removing them a couple days later because they are annoying as shit.

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TQC, why is it, when any guy I hang out with wants me to prove that I actually play video games on a regular basis (back up my girl gamer "claims"), they want me to play Halo? Is there some man rule somewhere that says in order to be a gamer you omg has to play the Halo?

I effing hate Halo. :/

What is your favorite type of video game? Me? I prefer RPGs. Final Fantasy 7, Earthbound, and Lunar Silver Star Story are my 3 favorites.
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If you watch anime online, where do you watch it?
What sites would you recommend?
What sites would you say to stay away from?

I ask because I'm pretty sure one of them, if not more, gave me quite a few viruses.

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what are some good ways to fix up and decorate an old apartment/house?

i'm moving into a basement apartment and we're painting the walls and getting the carpets cleaned, but besides that i'm not sure what to do about some stuff. for example, the kitchen cabinets are not straight on the bottom (don't know how to explain it.. basically the wood looks kind of warped) and the doors are all crooked... the walls have lots of cracks and lumps in them.... the medicine cabinets are old as fuck and everything kind of has a nasty old feel to it in this place. we can't really afford to replace everything.

the reason we are moving here (we got the keys last night) is because its about 10 times bigger than our place now and is cheap and owned by the people i work for and is next to my work but i just need some ideas of how to make the place feel more cute and less scaryyy


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An odd thing happened after I cleared my browser cache: YouTube still counted me as logged into my account. I refreshed the page, cleared the cache again, even went to the Macromedia Settings panel to see that supercookies were turned off, but the result was the same - nothing could erase the cookie that kept me signed into YouTube.

Yeah, I ended up just signing out, but there's still an apparently unkillable cookie on my hard drive. I tried to access the Cookies folder directly, but Vista (and, no, I can't change the OS on this machine; it's not mine) won't let me, even logged in as an Administrator. I've run CCleaner, but it gave no details as to what it erased, so I've no idea if it helped.

How is YouTube still identifying my account - IP? Cookie in a hidden folder?


We've all heard the latest fads, and how for some they work wonders and others...not so much.

For those of you who have ever lost weight, How did YOU do it? Why? How long did you do it for?

We need more real dieters with real opinions no?

TYFYT xxxx <3

ETA: Not sure of how much I weighed before, but after loosing 2 dress sizes I'm currently 192lbs. Recently came out of an abusive relationship so I'm trying to get myself back together again :)

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Does anyone know how to make a mosquito bite on your face go away faster? :\

The whole left side of my face is kind of swollen and it REALLY hurts.
I looked it up but my terrible googling skills and the wave of Yahoo! answer links leave me clueless.
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Have any of you ladies ever used Bump Its in your hair? How did you like them?
I bought a set for $1.50 from the discount store on my block, and while I think the finished product would look cute, I'm not sure how easy they are to put in.

What's your favorite As Seen on TV product?

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I have to put together 20 or so pieces (photographs, original paintings, examples of my work, etc etc) into a portfolio for college interviews, and since Emerson loooooves being vague on the parameters, I'm pretty much free to put it together however i want.
TQC, how the hell do I organize this thing?
Why is the future so scary?
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I'm sitting on my bed and there's something strange in my roof. Every once in a while I can hear a noise like 'Oof' which sounds like a mix of unhappy bird/puppy and faintly like the noise an emu makes.

What do you think it is?

Should I go and play the Wii? I'm thinking Zelda Twilight Princess...

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Hey TQC, I'm hoping someone can help!
I'm making a mashup trailer of Inception & Watchmen, and I'm using Windows Live Movie Maker. I added clips in from a HQ source, but when I keep adding in more clips to synch with the sound, some of the clips start skipping or slowing down at some point.
Does anyone know why this would happen or does it fix itself when you save it as a movie file?
Thanks :)
ETA: i tried opening it as an entirely new project but it's still doing it. uugghh ;-;

dk/dc: if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
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TQC, the Census still has not paid me for my last week of work which was the first week in June. I have contacted both the local office and the regional office with no luck. The first time I spoke with the local office they said they had found copies of my 3 time cards and as soon as they found the originals everything would get sorted out. A month has passed, I meant to call them earlier but I've had tons of shit going on. I called them today to see what was happening and they claim that no one there ever spoke to me and that they would never keep a copy of a time card.

I checked my phone records and they show that I called the regional office then the local office, and then the local office called me. I have the call dates, times, and lengths.

Will I ever get my money? Should I just give up? Who else could I contact about this?

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So, a friend of mine had a job interview earlier this afternoon. He said it went perfectly. He can't have imagined the interview going any better. So he thinks he got the job. However, he showed up to the interview half an hour late. His theory is if he was totally out of the running they would have told him to leave and not interviewed him, so he thinks he got the job. He told them there was tons of traffic, so much it couldn't be anticipated or accounted for in advance, and thinks that covers him completely.

I'm pretty sure I'm right when I tell him there's no way in hell he's getting that job no matter how well the interview went. I've always been told being late to an interview is something you can't recover from, and you mind as well not even bother showing up, because you aren't getting it.

What do you think? They said they were making a decision by the end of the week, do you think he'll get a call from them at the end of the week?
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Question 1: Someone at work calls me "young lady." They're older than me. I rank higher. I've been here considerably longer. It feels demeaning to me. This is probably a no-brainer, but...should I say something to him nicely and directly.....or am I over-reacting?

As you can tell....I'm not a rock-the-boat sort of person and I AM having a dreadful day, so I'm not sure if it's an overreaction or if I'm justified. I think I'm justified...


Question 2: do YOU want to sublease my apartment? (Yeah, still haven't rented that thing) I'm not providing a link here because I think that would count as showing off a cheese wheel, so you'll just have to assume how awesome it is. DO YOU WANT IT?! MAYBE IT COMES WITH A PONY. (maybe not)


I hate them but I accidently installed some. I have an AVG and Vuze toolbar on IE7. How does one get rid of them?

Normally I just go to add/remove programs but they are not coming up.

Fixed, Thank you.

Whats you fav stephen king movie?

Mine would have be "Misery" and "Delores Clareborne"

I am watching "Langoliers" right now...

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Have you ever thought that somebody was flirting with you and in reality they didn't really give a crap about you at all?

It sucks, especially when suddenly you see them with their SO and both are wearing wedding rings!

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My boss sent his wife to sit in my office today because the office manager is on vacation. His wife has no job responsibilities and read a book.

What did my boss think me and my 35+ year old coworker were going to do?

**Might I just add, that on a normal week, the office manager is only there 2-3/5 days

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TQC, tipping seems to be the in topic.

I get my eyebrows done once a month or so. It costs $3.36 and takes about er, 2 minutes. HOW MUCH DO I TIP?

Do you watch Real World?
How about the challenges?

What do you think of this seasons RW?
What about the last Fresh Meat?
Wes is a tool, y/y?
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I have all of August off, and since I have some free time, I figure that I might do some touristy things around Chicago.

What are things that you non-Chicagoians come into the city to do? What sounds like it would be fun?
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Collapse )

TL;DR: Found out too late a guy I like likes me, overanalysing everything that's happened, peer/sister pressure to 'snag him',drunken FB IM's, Regret, guilt.... considering explaining to him, but scared.
TQC, what should I do?

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 What is your favorite episode of Friends? 

mine is any that have to do with the chick and the duck. 

If you have never seen Friends, or really don't care, what is your favorite episode of your preferred tv show? 
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So my new room mates and I were talking about re-doing the entire apartment. Pain, decor, cleaning, organizing, the works. In one of the closets we want to organize was an old iMac, complete with keyboard and mouse. I'm thinking "SWEET! Free Mac!", they're thinking "Go for it, if you want it"
I've wanted a Mac for a while, so I'm thinking I can upgrade the OS and have a nice computer to use at home. I may have to either get a really long internet cable or a USB wireless card, but otherwise, it's in good shape.
Would you keep it?
Any words of wisdom on the matter?

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TQC Chefs, if a recipe says use ground fennel, but none of the supermarkets near me have it can I use ground fennel seeds? Is that what it means anyway?

If not do you have any good recipes for Sweet Potato fries like this?

(Or if you could point me to a good food recipe community that would be good too)
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What's the best way to explain to the college roommate that you're going to be living with for a year that your OCD/contamination issues, and while it won't affect their lifestyle, it's something to know? Person in question isn't booksmart. Is there such a website or such that simplifies OCD for people? Is it better they just don't know, and think you're a depressed weirdo?

Serious/non-serious answers welcome

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have you ever stayed in a hostel? what was it like? my cousin and i are planning on relying in hostels when going to europe, but everyone in our family is all skeptical about the condition of them.
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US/Americans: Do you have "state pride"? Do you conform to any stereotypes held about people from your state? EDIT: And what state are you from?

Inspired by me listening to 1776...

dk/dc/not from the USA: Do you have a favourite type of mineral/crystal/rock/synthetic jewelry material? Will you post a photo of it?

Blue goldstone is amazing...
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If you have a book/movie/game collection, how do you organize them?

Alphabetical by title/author? By type? By year? Jarbled mess?

Don't care/don't have a collection? Tell me about your favourite meal.
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When was the last time you felt resentment towards a friend when it was not rational or even deserved?

Inspired by the fact that I am curious to know why I am resentful toward one of my friends right now and its for a real douche baggy reason too.

(no subject)

Will you send me a letter, card, or postcard? It can say anything at all, tell me about yourself, ask me about myself, a poem, a song, whatever! I love getting and sending mail!

If you do, I promise to send one in return!

How do you feel about I love it!!

*if you comment yes, I'll msg you my mailing address
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If you were an envelope filled with $227 cash, where would you be hiding?

Why did I just put that *$%#@& envelope in my wallet instead of leaving it out "so I wouldn't spend it"?!! ARGHHHH SO STUPID

DK/DC: How the hell was your day, TQC?
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miley cyrus?

are you a fan of miley cyrus? or do you hate miley cyrus and think she's a tramp?

I love rehab. I think ill stay for another month. Its really working out for me.
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I need a purse/tote bag for my upcoming semester at college. It needs to be big enough for my laptop and a notebook, and not crazy expensive. I dont want a backpack.

Where can I find one? I've had no luck in any stores so far. Any website suggestions?


Should I spend less money on a trip to somewhere I'd like to visit or go somewhere I've wanted to go to for as long as I can remember but would mean I would be spending all my savings?
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when was the last time you were in a situation you felt unprepared for?

tomorrow i'm having my first management class at work. i still don't know how to do everything (i work at mcds and i don't know how to prepare a lot of breakfast items, not very fast on the assembly line during lunch, etc). but my store manager seems very confident in me.
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I got invited to a wedding but under the condition that I babysit all the kids there. The invitation actually says I'm there to babysit.

The girl is someone I share mutual friends with--we used to be closer but kind of drifted. Plus, she is can be very condesending and mean to me. The groom is a guy who this time last year wanted to date me, but I did not share the same feelings. (Plus he is 12 years older than me, which is a bit too much for me.)

Should I even bother going?

dk/dc: Who do you think wins the Bachelorette.

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 Have any of you tried Differin? It made your skin waaay worse before it was better, right? Right?!! How long before your skin got to looking awesome? Also, did you use the gel or the lotion?

My dermatologist just put me on it and it wasn't worse at first, but today it seems like I'm breaking out everywhere.

What's your skin care routine? Is it working for you?

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Have you ever had one of those days where every tiny little thing drives you up a wall and makes you feel slightly homicidal?

If no, please pat yourself on the back for being a better person and share your secrets of life with the rest of us.

If yes, how do you counteract it?
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Two of my friends INSIST that Tegan and Sara aren't twins and that IRL they look nothing alike. I staunchly think my friends are smoking something and are wrong. Who is right? (I tried to prove it by Wikipedia and Google Image alone and they were like NOPE IRL THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE, IT'S ALL A LIE, DON'T TRUST WIKIPEDIA. They have seen them in concert, I have not. Maybe there is some secret you have to promise to keep before entering the concert that says you promise not to tell that they're not real twins? They seem to regard them as some sort of Evelyn & Evelyn group. WTF?)

IS this some grand conspiracy (lol)?

(OK seriously I'm sure my friends are nuts with this argument that they cling to, I'm just lolling...but srsly wut? It just seems like the dumbest thing to even....argue about, jesus. But this was A SERIOUS ARGUMENT)

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you have three wishes, what are they?
(and you can't use the ol 'a wish to get more wishes' thing)

mine would be:
1) perfect body in terms of good health, it would heal quick, no need of exercise, i would just be naturally fit lol
2) sleep would be optional, without it i would be energetic without the health issues and under eye circles
3)ability to freeze and rewind time. in the case of frozen time and me dying during that time or something like that then it would unfreeze heh.
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i have a really bad back and the chiropractor isn't helping that much anymore. i'm thinking of trying physical therapy or acupuncture-- any other ideas? do you know anyone who has been able to overcome chronic back pain?

also when my back hurts i get big hard lumps/balls of tissue in the areas that hurts. wtf is up with that? i showed them to my chiropractor and he didn't seem concerned but they are really weird. should i see a regular doctor?

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 Guys I had the shittiest day lol lol lol 

And, at the end of the day, as a coup de grace on my dignity and happiness, I RAN OVER MY FUCKING BLACKBERRY WITH MY CAR. 

So, my question is, does anyone know if the stores have refurbished phones or discounted phones for stupid shits like me? I just need it to last until November when my contract is up. 

Failing that, do you know of any good places to get an unlocked phone for a semi-reasonable price? 

When was the last time you wanted to stab yourself in the eye with a broach because you clearly failed to notice that fate was against you?
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What's the last thing that made you cry?

for me, it's this:
this puppy lives in my area and just the way they state how "she's out of time" devastates me but my mom won't take another dog in. she's just so young :( am i pathetic for being upset over this and all the other dogs out there?

(yes, hidden in this question is me shamelessly trying to see if anyone out there wants to save her, so i hope i don't get in trouble :( pass along to animal lovers you know!)
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What do border patrol and police officers do with the massive amounts of drugs that they confiscate?
I know that they put the stuff in evidence lockers, but I'm watching Border Wars, and they collect massive amounts of the stuff - especially weed. I just have a hard time imagining that they store it all for an indefinite amount of time.

Edit: Tell me which shows are your favorite. I'm running out of shows to watch via the interweb, and I need suggestions.
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I was so fascinated by this question last time it was asked, so I am asking it again.

What do you run out of first, shampoo or conditioner? What hair type do you have?

Shampoo, I have oily hair
Shampoo, I have dry hair
Shampoo, I have in-between hair
Shampoo, I have another type of hair
Conditioner, I have oily hair
Conditioner, I have dry hair
Conditioner, I have in-between hair
Conditioner, I have another type of hair
I use a 2-in-1 or some other logic that makes all of these answers not apply to me
I don't use shampoo fuck you

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Do you lie a lot? If so, what about?

Someone just asked me if I was mad at them and I lied and said no. I feel like I'm always lying. Why can't I just tell them the truth?

ETA: Is gmail working for you? It isn't for me.
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Are your teeth straight?

If they are, did you have braces or did they come that way? If you had braces, how old were you when you got them, and did you have a choice in the matter?

If they aren't, did you have braces and not wear your retainer, or did you never get them straightened? Did you ever have the option to have them straightened? Do you want them straightened or are you fine with them as-is?
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3 randoms

 Do you ever watch a movie for the first time and then watch it again shortly after? Whether it be hours or a couple days. 
If you have, what movie?

Ok so you know how some people look in the mirror and see themselves as fat instead of how they really look? Can it go the other way? Where someone is either of average, healthy, or heavy size but see themselves really skinny? Does that make any sense? 

What was the last thing you sprayed?