August 1st, 2010


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So when I was dry heaving in my neighbor's backyard earlier, I made this really loud gagging/roaring noise that made the neighbors come down off their porch with flashlights. I heard the man go, "What was that? Did you hear that Debbie?" They probably thought I was a bear or something. 

What wildlife do you have around where you live? Any bears? Coyotes? Jersey Devils? Or just your common vomiting teenaged girl suffering from reflux? 

blackberry question!

Hey guys, I've just got a quick question about Verizon Blackberries and billing..
My bill comes on the 10th of every month, and I was wondering if I were to switch from an Env3 to a blackberry before the 10th, would they charge me the $30 because I switched before the 10th?
Would they charge me half or?
Any help or websites discussing this would be greatly appreciated, but if you know the answer then that's awesome!
thank you!


I'm getting my navel pierced next week. I'm super nervous because I got a second piercing in my ear around six years ago but the woman accidentally hit some nerve and it's constantly bleeding.
SO, Is there something I should do before I go/ensure that the person who's piercing me does? (hygiene and whatnot)
is it true that while you're pregnant, the pierced hole enlarges? if this is true, does it go back to it's original size after you've had the delivery?

alternatively, how many piercings do you have?

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What's the last unusual thing you partook in?

I'm writing a column for my school newspaper about Jessi Slaughter. I'm normally a photographer, lulz.

Would you ever use/have you ever used a Diva Cup?

It changed my life. Seriously.
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Why is it that people would never refer to a single woman as a "guy", but if there are two or more women, it's okay to collectively refer to them as "guys"?

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i was at work yesterday, and a guy that works there asked me if i had redyed my hair, and told me it looked nice. if it's relevant, i'm 22 and he's 34 i think. after he walked away, my coworker was like "you know he was just hitting on you, right?"

she's just crazy, right?
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I have every right to be annoyed my by roommates/tenants (I own the house) who came home last night at 4:30am, spoke in pretty loud voices, played music, and just generally disturbed my sleep, right?

The guy also left my front door WIDE FUCKING OPEN for god knows how long before I noticed, we have 5 pets, 1 of which is a foster dog who bolts and 2 are indoor only cats. I have a right to be pissed about that too, right?

Will you share your "shitty roommate stories"?

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Dammit tqc. I am bored. It's almost 9 AM here, but there is nothing to do and I want to go somewhere and get fast food badly.
What should I do??

I can't go get stuff now.. all the places are just serving breakfast! And I really just want a snack, but I can't think of what. Any ideas? (has to be in the severe junk food category)

I feel like I'm going to end up waiting until much later when I can actually go get something horrible. What should I do to kill the time? Non-serious answers welcome as I'm sure that in itself will help pass some time.

I, Zombie

For most of the month of July, I've been burned out and exhausted. Much of it is worked related as my job, which had been very slow for a couple months, suddenly got very very busy. I'm probably also stressed by one of my best friends suddenly moving away (job-related) and trying to decide about going back to university next year. I also had some brief, fluky 24 hour illness on June 30th. Sometimes my left eye gets twitchy, which I know from experience occurs when I'm severely exhausted (I don't know why it's always been my left and never my right).

But the problem is I haven't really missed much sleep - I don't think there's been a night when I've gotten less than 7.5 hours and some nights I've gotten more than 8 hours. And I can almost never manage to sleep in: my alarm for M-F work is 8AM and my body tries to beat that by 5-15 minutes, but then on the weekends it wants to get up at the same time as well. This morning I woke up after the sun had come up but rolled over and went back to sleep. I did this a half-dozen times and when I finally got up for good it was only 8:30!

Most of July was pretty much ruined by my exhaustion (especially since whenever I get exhausted I start feeled depressed). How do I break out of this?

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Has anyone had any experience with chinchillas? Are they hard to take care of? Do they make good cuddly-pets? If they do not make good cuddly-pets, what other semi-exotic animals (IE not cats or dogs) make good cuddly-pets? I'm talking something that will curl up and watch TV with me, or generally enjoy being around humans.

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lol Facebook dramaz.

So I commented on an acquaintance's post saying, "Hey, we should hang out, I will make you delicious food, I can do that now." She responded with, "Um, if you're going to comment on my status, at least stay on topic." WTF? I offered to make her food! Do you expect people to "stay on topic" if they comment on your status? Is this a new FB "thing"? Or was she just being a bitch?
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I have a question about eggs..

Okay so a couple days ago I bought a carton of a dozen eggs from the supermarket... I'm not sure how many days ago exactly but definiely no more than 7. Now I absent mindedly forgot to pack the eggs away, and the cartoon stayed on my couch arm rest until I started cleaning up today and found it. Are the eggs still good? If I put them in the fridge would they be okay to eat?

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How often do you visit someone's grave site (or wherever they are put)? Do you talk out loud to them? Does it drain you emotionally for the rest of the day?

Should I visit Sam Kinison's grave while I'm out there?
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I turned off the TV before leaving for the store, and when I got back, the TV was on again.
My roommate is out for the day, and left before I did.
What is going on here?

Srs, non srs answers welcome, but bonus points for plausible-sounding answers that don't involve my house being haunted.

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In one of the communities I'm in here on LJ, I do a semi-sort-of-regular foodie column.

Mostly this involves talking about how to do things like fillet a fish or joint a chicken, how to pick good quality produce, which cut of meat or variety of potato is best suited for a particular recipe and why, what to look for when you buy knives or assorted cookware, sometimes how to do things like make basic fresh questions that home cooks would want answers to, but might not know without having to ask.

What should I base my next few columns around? What would you want to know about, if you could ask a chef?
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For whatever reason, when I load an image in Photoshop, it's considerably darker than it is in ImageViewer/Photobucket. I'm trying to edit a ton of photos, but I can't seem to figure out what the freakin' problem is. Anybody know how I can fix this?

Dating question for the ladies and gay fellers

Which of these would be deal breakers in a potential boyfriend?

Doesn't drive and has no interest in getting a car. Relies on public transportation and the good nature of you and friends to get around
Really low sex drive. Likes to cuddle but you have to really seduce him every time if you want to score
Has a low threshold for scary things. Screams like a girl during scary movies and roller coasters, with his hands over his face
Kind of subpar intelligence. He works in construction, so it's not necessary he be smart, but carries himself like he's brilliant yet constantly reveals how uneducated he is
Really fat. You didn't know how bad it was until you first got him out of his clothes and saw he wears a girdle
Postive-thinking new-age believer, constantly spouting out how good thoughts heal the world and how wearing crystals 24/7 changes your optimistic vibration patterns
Is on a special diet that makes him really gassy, and his farts can drop a mule at 6 paces
Obsessed with all sports and watches ESPN a good deal. You almost can't call him before 10p most nights, when all games are done
High libido, but fucks just to get himself off. Doesn't believe foreplay is his job and falls asleep right after he gets off and rolls off you. Good likable guy in all other aspects
Intensely cheap. Tips $2 regardless of bill, buys everything wholesale or used and clips coupons. Doesn't spoil you at all. He actually has a good job so it's not like he's poor
Loves cuddling and holding hands. He wants to be in physical contact with you every second he's with you, whether it's grocery shopping, making dinner or sitting at the movie theater
Intense racist. He's non-violent, but bad mouths a particular race here and there, using derrogatory names
Intolerant of homosexuality. Like above, except with gay people
Avid reader. Hates the idea of how people watch tv and seldom read and has taken a stance where he will no longer watch tv or go to the movies again. Doesn't own a tv
Good looking guy, but spends a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready. More than most girls do.

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Most embarrassing way to die?

While giving a new kitten a bath (she was dirty when you found her), she lashes out with her claws and accidentally slashes your jugular, and you bleed to death over the bathtub
You really have to use the restroom at Starbucks and are running from your car. You think the door says PUSH when it's really PULL. You slam into the door HARD, suffer a severe, fatal concussion and are found dead in a puddle of your own piss
You have a heart attack while inflating a blow-up doll with your mouth. You're found days later, pants around your ankles with a half-inflated rubber doll next to you
You suffer a heart attack while taking a difficult poop in a port-a-potty. While straining, you push too hard and your heart gives out. They find you with the poop hanging out your butt
Trampled to death in a Miley Cyrus mosh pit. Don't ask why you're there. You got free tickets and thought it would be a laugh
You see someone pull out a gun and take aim on this fat guy. You yell DUCK in a rare heroic moment and the sniper shoots you instead. Turns out, you save Rush Limbaugh's life and you achieve posthumous fame as Limbaugh's biggest fan
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Dear TQC:

I have jewelry I don't wear and never will to get rid of. I have tried selling it on Craisglist locally, but no one other than a spammer was interested, and I desperately need the money I can get from some of the more expensive (ugly) pieces. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the most cash out of it (pawning it is my last option)?

DK/DC/Want to answer multiple questions: What was the last book you read? Was it at all interesting, why/why not?
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What was the last thing that made you laugh really hard?

The first time I saw my sister's friend play the Wii Fit I nearly died. The looks on her face she made when she was running on the spot and leaning out from the board to make her character jump were hysterical. Mind you it was Christmas, and we were pretty gone at that point :P

What's the weather like today?

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Do you tend to read the other comments before you answer a question?

If there are no comments on a question, do you ever wait for someone else to answer first before you add your comment?
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Aight, folks, I need your help with something.

What is the best hard alcohol you've ever had? No mixed drinks - just straight shots.

I'm looking to buy my friend something really great for her 21st bday, so it's fine if it's expensive, though preferably something under $100 a bottle. ETA: Names of your drinks are especially appreciated, rather than just saying "good vodka!" or whatevs.
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When was the last time someone you liked and thought of as cool and intelligent did something that really disappointed you?

My cousin is being a racist dickhead on facebook right now, and it's really pissing me off. She's so great usually too, this came out of left field. :(
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My husband and I have lived in our condo for a year now, and we still have some decorating to do.

We don't yet have a headboard - we splurged on a nice bed, saying that we'd figure out what to do about a headboard later. Later is now.

I have three options:

1. Some sort of vinyl art to be used as a headboard (there are a zillion on etsy and I can't decide yet).

2. A painted headboard - as in, painting right on the wall, where a traditional headboard would be.

3. Make my own headboard - something like a wood frame and fabric.

Have you done any of these, and how have they turned out?

I've been looking at websites at day and have found ones of each sort that I like. I am handy with a sewing machine, and have access to wood and tools, so none of these are too far-fetched to complete.

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what is the most bizarre insult someone has given you?
when i was in like middle school i wore sandals one day when it was getting hot and some guy who used to bully me for being gay was like, "oh, showing off your pedicure?"
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Who is the hardest person in your life to buy presents for? What do you usually end up getting them?

My dad's birthday is Wednesday, and I'm stumped (as usual). He's been super-awesome lately so I want to get him something he'll really like, but he's impossible to shop for. He just built a deck for the pool, so I'm thinking I'll go be one of those idiots looking for swimwear well after all the stores have been set for back-to-school.

Unrelated question: How can I impress upon my teenage neighbor that it's not okay for her to barge into my room while she's over hanging out with my little sister? She's only done it twice, but I'm kind of dumbfounded that she thinks it's acceptable behavior at all. Who just goes around opening closed doors in other people's houses?

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My lab is 10 years old and we still can't take her for walks. We didn't try hard enough to train her when she was a puppy, and now she just CAN NOT be walked. She is really strong and if I try to put her on a leash, she pulls really hard and ends up walking me.

Does anyone have any tips on how to walk a strong dog that hasn't been properly trained to walk on a leash? She's so old that I'm not sure the same rules that apply to training puppies would apply to her. I'd really like to walk her because I know it must be boring to be cooped up in the same yard every day ):
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What are your favourite, most effective, ways of studying? I have a lot of things to memorize for work :(

Tomorrow is my first day at the dessert place, do you think they'll let me make a crepe, so I can show them how good I am at making crepes, so I won't be stuck scooping ice cream for two months before they teach me how to make a crepe?
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Have you seen any stores (not online) that sell those strings of Christmas-type lights all year round? Don't have to specifically be Christmas colors, if that matters.

Also, know any creative things to do with an empty liquor bottle? Other than violently throw it at people/things

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Whats the best thing you've found (and kept) while out and about? Money is a given, so something other than that.

I found a Rapper's mix tape CD, and major lols are being had. It is comedy gold.

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I'm going to bite the bullet and try dying my hair at home with a box dye. What is the best/easiest/nicest looking box dye you've tried? Specifically for someone who's trying to go for red/auburn streaks?

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What do you guys wear when you go walking? I'm going in the morning, down a nature trail kind of thing, and I'm not sure what to wear. It'll be about 104F. Are denim shorts okay? To be honest, I have like, no clothing or equipment specifically for working out or anything.

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How are you today TQC?

Can you sew? How advanced are your skillz? Can you do minor repairs (missing buttons, hemming), or major projects?

On a scale of fuggo to fab, how rad is Collapse )

ETA Have added photos of myself in dress, for better judgement.

Emailing resume

I'm emailing my resume to a friend of my mom's who does hiring for a global company. How should I address her in the email? By first name or Ms. LastName?
My mom knows her through church but I have never met her.
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Have you ever gotten back together with an ex? Will you tell me if it worked out or was a train wreck?

How about being friends with benefits?

What is your favorite kind of beer?
i ain't into that!

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What song, regardless of how many times you hear it, will cause you to lose your shit and dance when you hear it at a party/club?

"Get Low" will cause my ass to drop no matter what, misogyny and crassness be damned. 

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What's your favorite movie? How many times (approximately) have you watched it?

My favorite movie is definitely not the one I've seen the most. Depending on my mood, I'd probably say my favorite movie is either Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail or Pulp Fiction. (4 times and 3 times, respectively.) But, by far, my most watched movie is Toy Story 2. I don't even know how many times I've seen it, but a conservative estimate is 20 times. I cashiered briefly at a WalMart and they had a TV playing it on loop _right in front of me_ so there was really no way for me to not watch it while working. And they played it on loop for THREE WEEKS. I was really, really sick of that movie after that.

Or, if you happen to hate movies or something: What's your opinion of Easy Cheese? Good or disgusting creepy cheese that doesn't need refrigeration?
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Yesterday my mom and I went to Ikea and tired the 'self-checkout', but a store assistant ended up having to take over as the thingmabob never recognized what we scanned in. We've had a similar negative experience with the self-checkout at Safeway as well. However, in the Netherlands, their self-checkout system works easily and we never really had a problem with it. Do you have any good/bad stories about the self-check out machines? 

DK/DC//Think self-checkout is rubbish, What's on TV right now? Imma watchin' 'Unnatural'. 

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inspired by this post

When you go to a restaurant, how much do you tip? (if any)
Do you have a system for deciding how much you will tip?
When you go to a coffee shop, like starbucks or a local one or whathaveyou, do you tip there too? ETA what about a bar?

If you do not tip at all, why not?

dk/dc today i worked for nine hours, what did you do?
Collapse )
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For those of you who have a significant other, don't live with him/her, and are not in a long distance relationship...

About how many times a week do you see your SO? About how many times do you have sex?

money for laptops

Is back to school time the best time to buy a laptop? It seems like there are a lot of deals. If no, when is the best time to buy a new laptop? (talking the 400-600ish dollar range.. and if you have any recommendations, please say so!)

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Is there a certain song that sends shivers up and down your spine every time you listen to it? (Either in a good way or a bad way)

I've been listening to "Miami 2017" by Billy Joel on repeat for the past half hour, and it's creeping me out so much. But in a brilliant way.

Do you like Billy Joel? I remember reading through a bunch of Billy Joel hate on Youtube the other day, and I never realized that so many people felt so strongly against him, lol.

What's your favorite song from a genre you normally dislike?

I absolutely love "Highwayman" by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson, even though I normally like to stay at least 100 feet from anything country.

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Who would you rather have lunch with? Biatrice from Louisiana, Icky from Puerto Rico, Gina from Virginia, Rotum from South Carolina or N.G. (short for Neil Galvan) from Washington?


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What is/are your favorite thing/things to put balsamic vinegar in?

What do you put in your egg salad? What about chicken salad?

I've been trying variations because it's a really cheap meal. Tonight I combined eggs, mayo, brown mustard, sweet relish, and pimento olives.
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What was the last good, thoughtful, mature, non-ragey debate you participated in about?

I just finished one about leadership's role as a visual presence... and band shirts.
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Tonight, my boyfriend and I ordered wings. We ordered three flavors, five wings per flavor. One of the flavors was wrong. We called, told them, and they sent over a guy with the right flavor, and a box to put the old flavor in. We had eaten three of the five wrong-flavored wings (my boyfriend insisted they would let us keep the wings because it was their mistake).

We put the two wings of the old flavor in it, rubbed a different flavored with in the wrong-flavor sauce and put that one in too, and gave it to the delivery guy.

Is it weird that they asked us to return the wrong-flavored wings? Has this happened to anyone else? What are they going to do with those wings? Will they give them to someone else? Will they blacklist me for giving them three, not five, wings and one of them being an imposter?