July 31st, 2010

rip nathan and barry

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tomorrow is my anniversary and i can see whatever movie i want..should i see toy story 3 (i haven't seen it yet and it's the last week in theaters) or something else?

what is your favorite pixar film?
monsters inc
beautiful hagrid
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what is the difference between an integrated graphics card and a non... integrated one.

basically, i'm shopping for a new computer that can run starcraft 2, and the minimum video card requirements are:

128 MB PCIe NVIDIA® GeForce® 6600 GT or ATI Radeon® 9800 PRO video card or better

the computer i'm looking at says:

Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9200 Graphics

does that fit the requirement?
im french

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How would you get from Syracuse to Westchester, NY (anywhere in or around) by public transit?

I'm looking at Amtrak but it's expensive and sold out

Where do I look for buses?

(yes, I lack life skills)

Web comics

I am looking at reading some new webcomics,
I already read Oglaf and CAD

I am not really interested in questional content, Xkcd or cyanide and happiness...
Can you please reccomend me some?

Bonus points if they are geeky.

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Gun shaped egg fryer

1. Does this make you more inclined to eat breakfast or less inclined?
2. If you eat these eggs, does it make you automatically a supporter of the NRA?
3. Should all breakfast items reflect Constitutional Amendments?
4. How can I represent the XIIIth Amendment, the ban on slavery, in my eggs? What shape should they be?
Cute mad kitty

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Can you post stories about ghostly encounters being in your house or somebody elses house?
I'm most certainly positive that there's a ghost in my house and it's completely freaking me out!!

How scared were you at that time? Are you still feeling uncomfortable knowing that it could still be around?

DK/DC: When did you last travel? Where did you go?
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If you could go to any university/college/institution of higher learning in the world, where would you go and why? (Just pretend money isn't an issue.)

Have you (or someone you know) ever enrolled in a for-profit university? (DeVry, University of Phoenix, ITT Tech, etc.) What was the experience like? 

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Im so stressed. Currently studying for a french exam due in 4 hours, and also, after that I have to get the party Im hosting  in line. Which means Im going to be awake till Sunday night. I have had so much of work to do, I am so exhausted and I cant find time for myself. My room is so awful and rotting away and I havent had time to actually sleep in it or do much.. clean it even. I havent even sent in my laundry for weeks. And Im slacking in uni.. I might actually get barred for one subject because I didnt attend 3 classes. I havent even had time to regroup and now I juat wanna run away and cry. doesnt help that i am dealing with clinical depression and still recovering for my eating disorder.

What do you think I should do?

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what are your favorite dog breeds? pictures are a plus!
if you don't like dogs then post a pic of your favorite kind of pet or sumthing
mine in comments

eta: least favorites?

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I finally figured out what i'm gonna do with my life after 4 years of college with a degree i hate! I'm gonna be a nurse! Just another 4 years of my life lol...what are you going to do with your life?

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when you say hello/good morning to someone and they don't answer back, do you find this rude? assume this other person is a random stranger.

alternatively, do you always respond to strangers who greet you on the street? or do you feel like these people should mind their own business and leave you alone? does it depend on your mood or do you have a set response?

dk/dc: do you think paprika would be disgusting in a chocolate cupcake? i've cooked with paprika before but can't actually think of what it tastes like beyond "smoky" which is kind of what i'm going for. what if said chocolate cupcake also had fruit inside? what other smoky-tasking spices could i substitute that wouldn't make you gag, or is this just a bad idea in general? ETA: these are dark chocolate!

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Have you heard about Target and Best Buy donating large sums of money to the MN gubernatorial campaign helping an anti-gay candidate? I got an email about it from the Human Rights Campaign. I posted something about it on my facebook...and my dad is telling me I need to turn up my 'bullshit detector'. Now, yes, my father is hard core Republican, believes in kicking out illegal immigrants, and a gun in every home... but he has a lot of gay friends...so I'm not so sure why he thinks this is bullshit. I haven't answered him, and I'm thinking I won't? It's all over fox news.


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I recently got new glasses. I can see really clearly with them, but when I look down, the floor/ground looks as though it's slightly folding upwards towards me, as though it's slightly inclined. Does this mean that the prescription is too strong for me??

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I'm throwing a dinner party tonight for a group of my friends. This event has been planned weeks in advance, so I already invited everybody. A few days ago I found out one of my guests has a pretty bad bedbug infestation in his apartment and isn't really doing anything about it. I already know that I don't want him in my apartment, but how do I un-invite him without seeming like a big bitch?
Ultimately, I'd rather be a bitch than have a bedbug infestation, but it would be nice if there was a tactful way to do this...
Kill Bill - Elle
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For those of you who have had appendicitis, could you please describe to me your symptoms in detail?
I was at work when I got this sudden, severe pain in my lower abdomen and it was so intense it hurt to walk, sit, stand, move. It has since lessened but it feels like my lower right abdomen is burning; also feels like I (tmi) have to crap and I'm having trouble locating the pain. Right now I'm going to eat something to see if it helps the nausea.

Dk/dc: what are some of your favorite alcohlic beverages? What do you think provides for a fun evening with a side of shitshow?

How's your Saturday?

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Hi people who use eBay!

I just bought for the first time in eBay, and I'm paranoid that it might be a scam. I bought a refurbished 8GB iPod Touch for $140, and the seller has positive feedback, but they all say almost the same thing! Things like "Excellent seller, A+" "Fast shipping." Great seller, will buy from them again! A+++"  but none of them say that their electronics are working properly or anything, which is something that should be very important to mention with a seller of refurbished products.

Do you think this seller might have hacked or created new accounts just to give positive feedback to himself?

Have you ever bought refurbished products on eBay?

What have been your experiences buying electronics from eBay?
Peggy Blink

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I'm going to an (outdoor) concert at 5:00 where I will run in to my musical heroes, several friends from out of town, various people I know from online forums, a friend of mine who always flirts with me and makes me feel funny, and, most frighteningly, an ex fling/friend.
What can I do to pep myself up/make myself feel pretty because my social anxiety is totally killing me right now?
What do you do to pep yourself up for awkward situations?
Any of you got tips for keeping makeup on in the heat? I want to do it, but I don't want it to melt, either.

DK/DC: When was the last time you moved? How far did you move?

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 I am in a sort of melancholic mood right now. Mostly due to the propagation of the notion that eating disorders are a phase girls go through, instead of a legitimate mental illness! 

Where do most of your insecurities come from? Did they stem from instances early in childhood/pre-teenhood? Do you believe in the phrase "cruel as school children"? 

Lastly, have you ever changed your body and realized that the internal weaknesses still remain?


PIE BAKERS:  When you bake pies, how do you do the top crust when you're making a 2-crust pie?  Do you just roll it on top and the cut some slits, or do you make it fancy and criss-cross it?  If you have pictures of pies you've made, would you share them?  

NON-PIE BAKERS:  What's your favorite kind of pie?

PIE HATERS:  gtfo.

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If you were granted a wish to wish anything out of existence (whether it be an idea, a being, a location, whatever), what would you want gone? It would be like it had never even been conceived of.

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Sorry TQC, would not bother you with this type of question if I haven't spent the past hour doing it.

Ages ago (probably 2/3 years?), I downloaded a free program that transfers music from an iPod to a clean PC. But alas, I can't find it and I can't seem to find other that does it. I might just be stupid here but I've type variations of 'free transfer music ipod computer' and still haven't been given anything.

Any help?

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Did you keep friendships with an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend's friends after breaking up? Do you think it's a good idea? How is it in your situation?
ETA: Just to clarify, have you stayed friends with an ex's friend group?

dk/dc: discover any awesome music lately? i need some good stuff :)

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For those of you who have tattoos:

How long do you wait to get one after having the idea for it? In other words, how long does it take for you to know for sure you'll like it and not regret it afterwards?

(I want to get a tattoo for my birthday which is September 3rd and I have an idea for a design but it's not designed yet.)
im french

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So I've started exercising, because I have like TONS of clothes that are nice and good but are just a litttttle too small. And yanno I wanna be super hot.

However I have encountered 3 exercise problems:

1. I don't sweat gracefully. My face gets all red and hot and remains that way for-fucking-ever. But like just my face. how do I stop this?

2. I get really snotty. The harder I run, the more my nose just like, runs. Why? I don't get it

3. My boobs are getting smaller. help?

Will you tell me about your fitness woes?
Julia Murney

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CAKE BAKERS: When you bake cakes, how do you do the icing? Do you just spread it on, or do you like to decorate? If you have pictures of your cakes you've made, would you share them?

NON-CAKE BAKERS: What's your favorite kind of cake?



When is the last time you unexpectedly came into some money?
When is the last time you inadvertently overlooked something important?

My answer goes with both questions: I get EOB's from my insurance and I usually don't pay attention to them because I figure "this just tells me what my insurance paid for, blah blah". Well it turns out they have reimbursement checks on them!!! DUH TRACI. And since they are good for 180 days I have time to cash them still, so I am now $68.62 richer! (Barring the discovery of any more, of course.)



I just accepted a promotion at the school I've worked at for the 2 years. Instead of being a part-time afterschool care...person, I'll be a full-time school assistant/yard manager/"float". My boss said that I'll be making between $28,000 - $30,000 a year. I'm 21 years old, still working on my degree and have little money managing skills. I've never been paid anything above an hourly rate, so this is new to me. Most of the adults present in my life are (and have been) financially unstable and I do not want to be this way.

I don't have rent to pay.
I don't have a car (I bike to work).
My cell-phone bill is usually $104 a month. That, plus food, are basically my only expenses.

What do I do to make sure I don't end up with nothing at the end of the year? How do you save money?

Do you believe that one MUST splurge on at least one item to avoid super-spending later? I've read this on numerous money-managing blogs...

What are your monthly expenses?

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Is there a drug that makes you feel like youre
dead and revived?
I think Ive read somewhere that theres a kinda drug that
makes you feel like youre dead and reborned or something
like that, i just cant remember what it is. anyone know
vash - "deralte"

We have a post like this once a week, but IDGAF

What's the last inconvenient thing that happened to you that pissed you off?
I got my period today! I just had it two weeks ago. WTF TQC. What. The. Fuck.

We're getting a new dog today, a black and white 10week old shitzu poodle mix. Suggest a name!

What's your favorite perfume/body spray/eau de toillete scent?
I love Bath and Body Works' warm vanilla sugar body spray

What is the age difference between you and your sibling(s)?
My brother was 7 years older than me.

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I'm going to the Guadalupe River in two weeks to camp and float on the river. I've been two times before, and I got reallyyy sunburned both times, despite wearing plenty of sunscreen and reapplying every hour or so. I'm really pale and burn easily. What is the best way to get as little burned as possible? Is it possible at all to get a bit of a tan without burning?

I've been using SPF 70 and still burning a bit. I've read that anything over 40(?) SPF doesn't matter, like it's all the same or something. Is this true? Because I was considering getting the 100 SPF kind that just came out, but I don't want to waste money if that is the case.

Do you burn easily?

Looking after

I am going out tonight at a club with a scene that I have been a part of for quite a while. Thyere are all ages ranged, I am going with a friend, only issue is she is 19, has the social experience of a bucket and is a fair lighweight.

I have heaps of other friends that I will want to dance with, see and I will want to drink and get drunk tonight,

However I feel I can't becuase of the that I will need to look after her. I feel she is my responsibility

You might thinking "well she is adult she should now how to look after herself"

Except she doesnt...at all! last time I went out with her we had to leave early because she was falling over drunk. I dont have an issue with taking a friend home once she gets drunk but we were only there for an hour because she doesnt know how to pace herself or even how much to drink.
She ahs no social skils and is really new to the scene and only knows me...where I know about half the scene will want to hang out with for a bit during the night.

I lvoe this girl to death but I am not her babysitter but I also don't want her to get hurt

Also none of her other friends are really into the place we are going tonight and/or have the same social experience

Have you guys been in similar situations?
what did you or what would you do.

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i'm watching a repeat of the Manchester United game against Arsenal from January 31st. after this i'm going make my dad watch episodes of The IT Crowd until i need to go back home.

why do i still live in America?!

do you ever feel like you're perpetually stuck in an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? what with all the mishaps, the crudeness, the backstabbing, cursing, yelling and excessive drinking...

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What do you imagine would happen if one day everyone woke up and they were still themselves personality-wise but they were a completely different race in not only skin color but speech and mannerisms?
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If someone who's obviously interested in you suddenly stops contacting you, how do you react? (Imagine that you are not sure of your interest in them at this point.)

Do you love The Black Keys or what?

I just realized that my cat will probably live his entire life without every having an orgasm. Should I find him a girlfriend?

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What do you do when you're totally alone on a weekend night? Do you ever go anywhere?

Should I go to the bookstore? ...blah


Are there any websites similar to ModCloth or Fredflare that you can recommend? I googled but I'm not happy with what I'm finding

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I know you hate these sorts of questions, but whatever. My hair is ugly, TQC. Can you help me? 

I loved my hair when it was long earlier this year, but then like a fool I went and cut it all off. I'm waiting for it to grow back, but my hair grows sooo slowly. So now it's in sort of an awkward half-grown out phase and I have no clue what to do with it.

I've been getting into fashion stuff a lot recently, and so I've been slowly trying to make myself over for the past few months. I started with buying a ton of new clothes, and now I'm ready to start on the hair.

What should I do with it? Straighten? Curl? I'm new to all of this. Help me look pretty!

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DK/DC? Have you ever had an internship? Where was it and what did you do?

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Something went wrong with my MacBook.

Here's the thing. I was using it a couple of minutes ago when I decided to plug my earphones, when I did it the Macbook shut down. It took me a couple of minutes to turn it on again, and when it finally worked it wouldn't show nor the battery or the actual date.
I restarted and now the date is fine, but I still can't see the battery status. It says it can't detect one, but right now I'm using it, so I'm not entirely sure what just happened.

Any ideas?
Peggy Blink

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When was the last time you were so happy you could cry?
My ex best friend showed up to a concert of one of our favorite bands, as expected. I was nervous about it, but we were making jokes and singing and dancing together. When we parted ways, he gave me a big hug and said it was time we buried the hatchet and that we should hang out again. This was after almost a year of not speaking to each other and me crying every time I saw him in the same place as me. I could have skipped all the way home, I was so happy.

What are you stressed about?
MOVING TONIGHT! And the fact that I haven't seen my landlord or their son in over a week, so I doubt I'm getting my deposit back tonight which means I will have to leave a note saying I would come back to drop off the keys and get my deposit, but it has to be tomorrow, since I'm "going to Florida". Although I doubt that will happen. I DID tell them I was moving out at the end of the month at the beginning of the month, so I'm not sure why I haven't seen any of them. Blahhhh.

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why did a 30 minute bike ride, mostly uphill, make me NOT hungry?

should i add the supervisor i have a crush on on facebook? lots of people are friends with the supervisors at our work, it's a really lax place so it's not weird. but i liiiike him and it makes me nerrrvous. and he added my BFF when she made them all little puppet versions of themselves and i'm all, "well if he added her he should add me or we aren't going to be facebook friends!"

why are Arsenal so lulzy?
ad // lucille

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TQC, my friends keep telling me I need to have more self-confidence. How do you go about developing more self-confidence?

DK/DC: Favorite movie that everyone you know seems to hate?

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I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a week long cruise with my family. I'm almost all packed, but I need your help, TQC.
What did I forget? (And will find it before leaving)
What will I forget? (And won't realize I need it until 2 days on the water)


WTH kind of spider is this? And should I be concerned for my life and the lives of my family?!?! It was on my porch the other day and is about the size of a child's hand. I live in central Texas if that helps.
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How would you respond if someone said the following to you?

I came in craving a Chicken Pomorodi panini and we quickly locked eyes for a moment of romance that felt like a lifetime to me. You brought out my food and gave me a sheepish smile which I was only happy to return. And then on the way out, our eyes connected once more and I knew that there was something brewing between us...much like you brewed up your delectable roast coffee.

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Is your second toe longer or shorter than your big toe?

Mine is shorter, my boyfriend's is longer and we've had many fights over who's feet are the weird ones. His toes freak me out. When our daughter was born and they handed her to me, the first thing I said was, "Oh God, she has your freak toes."

Oh I missed that

Inspired by the Forrest Gump question:
What books/movies have you read/seen a second time and had a different view?

When I saw Forrest Gump I thought Jenny died of cancer (until I saw that post!). But I was only 8 when I saw it and I don't remember it super well.

The first time I watched "The Talented Mr. Ripley" I was 13 and didn't understand why the one guy randomly killed the other. Then I saw part of it a couple years ago and picked up on the hmosexuality aspect.

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Have you ever had wings from Buffalo Wild Wings? Were they the slowest fuckers on the planet? What kind of wings did you get?

If this means nothing to you:
What's something that you're really excited about and want to start a conversation about? I'm bored and curious!

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TQC, I forgot to take my Nexium this morning, then I drank a large Coke an had a bunch of junk food at the movies. Bad idea. I started having indigestion feelings about four hours ago, but it's gotten worse and worse. I had to go outside at my friends' house earlier to get some fresh air, then I got dizzy and started dry heaving into a bush. Now I'm really, really pale and clammy and shaky. Is this just a really bad manifestation of acid reflux? Has anyone else gotten it this bad before?  

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Do I only have to buy a bluetooth to connect to the internet or do I need extra software?

Do phones come with CDAM technologies or bring a CD with the software or you have to buy the software apart from the phone?