July 30th, 2010

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1.)  How do you feel about coupons?  Do you use them?

2.)  If a guy/girl used a coupon for dinner on your first date, what would you think about that?

2.)  If you knew of a person who looked down on people who used coupons, how would you change their mind?  (Or would you bother?)
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would you rather be blind or deaf?


would you rather be insanely overly sensitive to pain (like a getting minor scrape would feel like getting a gashing wound) or feel absolutely no pain at all whatsoever, even when feeling pain might be handy (your hand is over a lit burner)?

too much pain
no pain ever

would you rather be completely blind or blindsighted? (there is a video that describes blind sight to those who are not familiar with it)

total blindness
blind sight

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I'm visiting my grandmother in hospital today, she's just had a leg amputated. I've never been close with my grandmother and prior visits have generally been quite awkward with nothing much being said. I'm taking a gift but I really don't want to sit there in uncomfortable silence for a quarter hour then slink off.

Any suggestions on general light subjects I could talk about while I'm there? None of my usual 'strike up a conversation' tactics would apply here. :(

Paint help?

So I'm trying to adjust the pixel level of my photos so that I can post them on Etsy, and I'm in Gimp. I go and adjust the pixels, and I only see a corner of the photo! Is the entire image still "there" and I'm just not seeing it? Or is the image reduced to just that little corner?

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So tonight im driving to florida w/ my family. What can I do to keep myself  entertained for the 18-20 hr drive?  I cant read in the car bc I get carsick :( Im bringing a season of southpark to watch, but what else can I do?

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I know I just posted, but:

How good are you about sucking it up and playing nice with someone you don't care for, especially friends of friends? Do you try to play nice typically, or do you just let it be known that you dislike them?

I am going on a trip this weekend, and I just found out that a guy Q, who I have overheard saying mean things about me on multiple occasions, is going. My excitement is shot. :/

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Would you date someone that doesn't own a cell? (has never had one, isn't planning)

just asking cause I got this comment. "I give up no phone no waay of getting to know u oh well"

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What is something that really annoyed or pissed you off this week? On a scale of 1-10 (1 being only mildly annoying, 10 being super annoying)

- I just called to cancel my health insurance (it costs me too much and doesn't cover everything) and I get a recording telling me to stay on the line for the next available operator.  I was on hold for like 15 minutes and still didn't get to speak to a person. Instead, they played some classical music which almost put me to sleep, and then my cell phone ended up dropping the call.  Annoyance rating: 10

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When you were ten years old...

What music did you listen to? Vanessa Carlton, A*Teens, and Backstreet Boys. 

How did you dress? Lots of sparkles and things that said "Princess" and "Angel" and stuff. I tucked all my shirts in. 

What did you watch on TV? Fairly Odd Parents, All That, and anything having to do with ghosts. 

What was your favorite thing to do for fun? I drew a lot and did craft stuff. I also sewed. I can't do any of that stuff anymore
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Did you get the birds and the bees talk? Who gave it to you?

If not, how did you learn about sex and reproductive organs?

I learned about female stuff in 5th grade from a video at school and they wouldn't answer questions about sex, and I never got a sex talk from my parents. I learned everything I know from the internet.

ETA: Do you ever just post a question so you can get comment emails? :( I haven't gotten an email since the last time I posted a question.
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Hey TQC, I'm going grocery shopping after work today to pick up food stuffs for a barbecue tomorrow out by a river. I'd like to reach out beyond just the typical favorites like hamburgers, potato salad and watermelon, so will you recommend some easy-to-make dishes or personal favorites that'd go well at a barbecue?


Also, my coworkers totally surprised me today with a birthday cake and gift certificates! I'm so psyched and totally flattered they'd do this for me, and it's totally made my day. What pleasant surprise has happened to you recently? 

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So, I'm recently single.. Because my previous relationship started when I was 16, and I'm now 21, I don't know where regular people meet potential dates. I live in the inner city suburbs, go to university and work (sometimes).

What are some good places for me to meet guys?
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Do you consider yourself a creative person? What are outlets for your creativity?

Are you going to watch the new season of Project Runway?

ETA: Why hasn't Rachel Maddow been on her show for the past 3 days? In her place is some dude with a grating voice.
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What should I make for lunch?  It is too hot to cook anything and I am trying to lose weight so I would appreciate it if you guys suggested something that is at least somewhat healthy (not salad please. not a big fan of it).  I also do not have any lunch meat or wheat bread right now since I forgot to pick them up when I went shopping, so I can't make a sandwich.

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Do you watch your animals go to the bathroom? I stare at my cats in the litter box because they gets pissed off at me but they always wanna watch me in the bathroom.

Why oh why does the cat shit stink so horribly one day but not that bad the next when they always get the exact same food everyday?

What is your least favourite household chore? Mine is tied between dishes and cleaning the litter boxes.
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I'm trying to drive from Philly to Brooklyn tomorrow for a concert. My sister told me I should take the bus because the tolls will add up to around $50, but I think that sounds ridiculous. I'm looking on Google and can't find much...if you've driven from Philly to NY, how much were tolls? If you've never made the trip, does $50 sound realistic to you? I don't think tolls cost $50 ANYWHERE, but she insists that that's how much they cost.

[ETA] Alsooo, anyone know how much of a pain in the ass/piggy bank breaker it is to park in Brooklyn? The show is at Prospect Park.

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I'm starting school again after having been done with my undergrad for the last year and a half. My brain feels like mush and I forgot how to be a student.

What are your best techniques for studying?
What advice do you have for being a student generally?

dk/dc: What are you (or did you) study in your ungrad? What about even higher education?
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Does anyone know if there is a way to add scanned pages to an Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) document?

If that doesn't make sense... I am applying for a job and I'm trying to send the application over e-mail. I printed it out, filled it out, and I want to send it as a single .pdf file. When I scan it only let's me feed one page through at a time and it makes individual documents out of each scanned page. Help?

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what is that song the one where its all gansta and shit and hes singing about doing what he wants to do and not remembering shit but hes gonna do it for the rest of the life and do him? i like it a lot but i dont know what its called or who sings it!

whatcho eat today? watcho gonna eat latter?
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TQC, a couple is interested in leasing my father's property for their sheep. They also come with several border collies, a llama, and excellent references. I've checked their website and the critters are adorable. How can I convince him to lease the property to these people?
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1. OMG TQC (ladies)!! How can I prevent my peep toe shoes from slipping off my feet???

2. What's something that people your age can do or love to do, that you can't?

3. what are your plans for this weekend?
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My cherry vodka is done sitting. What should I make with it? I was thinking spritzers: a shot or two of cherry vodka with a squirt of lime and then topped with club soda, but what else could I do besides drink it straight?

What is your favourite type of alcohol? It can be a mixed drink or something straight from a bottle.

ETA: I know vodka won't freeze, but if I put the cherry vodka in the freezer with the cherries still in it, will the cherries freeze?
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You just ate a delicious granola bar, and now there is a piece of rolled oat stuck between 2 of your molars and neither your fingernails nor your tongue will budge it. What is within your reach RIGHT NOW that you can appropriate for the task of getting this piece of rolled oat out of your teeth, since you don't feel like getting up to get your floss?

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I need to clean my shower before I move, but I forgot to get shower cleaner at the store and I am just plain not going out again. There's a little mildew and your average soap buildup and stuff.

Should I spray it down with diluted ammonia?

I also have rubbing alcohol, baking soda, glass cleaner, peroxide, and dish soap.

What are your favorite cleaning product alternatives?

(posted for my SO)

TQC, tomorrow is my birthday and my SO got me two presents. She says I can open one now. Should I open one now or both tomorrow?

Open one now
Open both tomorrow (on my birthday)

ETA: I opened it! It was Pride and Prejudice on DVD. :)
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fire and brimstone!!

Okay so what's your honest opinion about "hell?" I frankly don't believe in it. I am pretty sure I believe in some sort of god/energy/mother earth spirit, but I'm still trying to figure that all out. However, at times, due to my christian upbringing and other people's warnings, I worry that I'll burn in hell or whatever because I don't quite "love and fear the Lord", I turned away from accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I mean, to me, there are just way too many other religions and people out there who don't deserve to burn eternally because they either don't believe in Christianity or haven't even been exposed to it...

thoughts? opinions? witty musings?

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Have you ever rented a carpet cleaner (a steamer? shampooer? know what I mean?)?

Are they worth it?

Are they a lot of work to use?

ETA: OHOH and about how much did it cost you?
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What are some songs about calling people or telephones other than "Call Me" by Blondie, "Telephone" by Gaga, and "Banana Phone"?
My cousin is being a flake about calling me back (seriously, I've called her a couple times a week for the past four weeks and NADA, but likes to occasionally comment on my Facebook things), so I want to leave her a fuckload of wall posts with youtube embeds of songs about calling people so she will get the hint.
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Is anyone else overwhelmed by the "The Kids are Alright" ad on the livejournal homepage?? I feel like my brain is going to explode every time I see it....its just way too busy.

If not, what are some websites that overload your brain? Do you still visit them even if they drive you nuts? Layout wise anyway...
Personally, I really hate Perez Hilton's site design...its always just one big ad...and I rarely read it anymore because of that. Besides, ONTD has more up to date info.
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tech question

Is it bad to defragment a computer when there isn't enough space on it?

I want to defragment my computer. However, it's really low on space- there's only 6% free. The program says it needs at least 15% free space to operate properly, but it still gives me the option to defragment anyway. Should i bug the other people who use this computer to delete unnecessary files first, or just go ahead and do it? Will it cause any problems if there isn't enough free space, or will it just not be as effective? There are three other people who use this computer/have files saved on it and it'll probably be some time before they get around to deleting unnecessary files.

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What do you think this is?

(I know what this is. I'm just asking what you think.)

DK/DC: what's the most unprofessionally designed website for a business you can think of? Link?
stock // pretty perfect

itp: morbidity

what do you think happens after you die? okay yes to your physical body but I'm talking afterlife here, whether you believe in one or not. (both are perfectly acceptable answers, of course.) gosh you guys, taking me so literally.

if you had to die in an unusual fashion (that is, NOT of old age/sickness/in your sleep or something), what would it be?

srs and nonsrs accepted. nonsrs preferred. bonus points for clowns.

Genuine Question

Say you know a girl. She's pretty cool, you really like her and she's always been lovely to you. You know her dating history and she's slept with four serious boyfriends and doesn't do casual sex. She likes a night out every now and again, but doesn't take it too far and doesn't get horrendously drunk or do drugs. She works really hard at her full-time career which she loves, dresses normally, is a bit geeky/shy and loves conversation.

Then you find out she has six tattoos, all of which are very easily hidden.

Does this make her automatically more slutty/vulgar in your eyes? Given everything you know about her. Would you feel this way about her if you didn't know about her tattoos?

ets: Yeah, this is pretty much me. I just read a comment on a thread about tattoos further down where someone said that tattoos on women was slutty and I just cannot get my head round it. It kinda touched a nerve. I don't want to be looked at as slutty or vulgar just because I have body art.
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What are you allergic to - both medicine and food-wise - and what reactions do you have to these products?

Brought to you by my boyfriend, who is allergic to onions, chocolate, and cinnamon, which means he can't eat so many more things than I initially realized.
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I have a migraine.

My neighbors across the street have their car parked in their yard in such a way that the sun reflects off of it right into my window. Even with the blinds down.

What should I do about it?

Non-serious only - I need some levity until the pain pills kick in.

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Do you spend most of your time thinking about the past, present, or future?

(I think I spend most of it thinking about the future and what is going to happen next. I wish I could live more in the present.)

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How many tabs can you open before your computer/internet connect slows down like frozen custard trying to go through your aorta?

It seems 3 is my limit. I must have the bandwidth of a hypodermic needle


In thanks for borrowing my cell phone charger for the 3rd time this week, my apartment neighbor said she would bake me cookies in thanks. Then added "You like cookies, right?"

Not everyone likes every type of cookies, but do you know anyone that doesn't like any kind of cookie at all?

What is your favorite type of cookie? (Oreos don't count - I'm talking cookies you could bake in your oven instead of buying in a box)
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Today I reminded my boss at Job #1 that I needed Wednesday off or to come in late because I had to work Job #2 in the morning. Well I just found out that I don't have to go. I was originally planning on staying with my boyfriend from Monday-Wednesday because Job #2 is closer to wear he lives.

Should I work Job #1 on Wednesday or should I take it off and spend it with my boyfriend and/or getting stuff done? As it is I only usually get to spend time with him late monday night (after midnight) to late tuesday night because we work 130 hours a week between us and have opposite schedules.

What is your work schedule like?

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 Hi everyone! This is my first post here and I like this  community so far!

Direct me to good art blogs? Not really digital art or photoshop but mixed media work, paintings, drawings etc. 
The best blog I have found for this is marthamillerart.blogspot.com/ . This blog is a bit of a personal blog as well for this artist (pictures of her family etc) but her work is so beautiful. It really touches me. You'll have to scroll a bit (or go to the next page!) to see her work.  So anything like this? 

I hope you guys can help me! 

oh caaaaanadaaa.

I live in the US and I am taking a weekend in Toronto in a couple of weeks. I've never been out of the country ever, and I am just wondering if I will be able to use my M&T visa check card in Canada? I have looked all over Google and they said a lot about credit cards, but not bank check cards. Any idea?


Have you ever wrote up a petition to get reinstated into your university/program after being dismissed due to bad grades?

If so, how did you pull off the formatting for the petition? I want to make it look super impressive and professional in a way for a petition. I have to answer questions on this petition questions so I was just wondering how to turn these answers into sort of a petition without looking disorganized-format-wise. Does that make sense? Sorry- I tried to explain the best I could.

Also, any helpful tips as well? I am so ready to go back to school to finish up last two years of my academic career.
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Do you wear glasses? Will you post a picture of you wearing your glasses?

If you have perfect vision and want to participate, will you post a picture of you in sunglasses?

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The bookkeeper at work left today. The boss came up to me and said that he's going to need me to help more now that the bookkeeper is gone, I told him that he's going to need to pay me more.

The problem is...I wasn't hired to be a bookkeeper and I don't WANT to be a bookkeeper...but I know that this responsibility is falling on me no matter what.

So what do I do?
I'm in the process of looking for another job, but I'm not finding anything.

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A friend of a friend has a wee boy who has just turned 4. She used peroxide on his hair to lighten it considerably. Not my kid, not my problem but personally I wouldn't have done it if I had kids. What are your thoughts on the matter?

I'm almost 28 and I've never had any desire to have children. At this  moment I definitely don't plan on having any. If you don't have any, would you like to have them one day? Why/why not?

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I was hungry, so I took a tortilla and covered it with whatever I could find, including tahini, asiago cheese, garlic powder, and some dipping seasonings. Then I nuked it and ate it.

...So what's the worst idea you've had recently?

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I've realised recently that I've become emotionally dependent on other people.

How can I change the way I am?

Edit: I rely entirely on other people's opinion on what I look like, I tell whoever is available at the time my problems, I can't seem to deal with anything by myself and when it comes to a new relationship, I scare the other person away because I'm so paranoid and insecure.
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i wish he was my boyfriend

1.What qualities do you look / hope for in a lover?

--- and if you're not feeling sexy tonight ---

2. How do you feel about cheeseburger flavored nachos? (They just came out in Canada, sorry if it's old news elsewhere)

(no subject)

Does anyone else find Steve Carrel unfunny?

Don't get me wrong, I think he's a likable fellow, but I think comedy requires more than just babbling nonsensibly with an awkward look on your face, regardless of situation. It's for the same reason I don't like Robin Williams and in some cases, Jim Carey
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Should I take Trigonometry as an online or lecture course?
I'm leaning toward online because math lectures don't do much for me.. I learn more by just practicing it once I see how it's done.

If any, what was the hardest online course you've taken?

dk;dc/don't go to school: Do you usually sleep with your bedroom door open or closed?

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can somebody recommend a temp agency in new york city?
if you have temped before, can you tell me about your experiences?

dk/dc how would you describe your sense of style in five words or less?

dk/dc #2 what is your go-to drink at a bar?
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Are you better at something than most other people?

I'm an awful person for thinking that asking for a honey buttercream frosting recipe is dumb, because if you take a plain vanilla buttercream recipe, remove some sugar and replace it with honey, you have a honey buttercream, right? I just don't understand why someone couldn't just think of that on their own.
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Car Questions

Okay I have a car and it has been overheating recently. I was taught that you are supposed to stop and wait awhile while the car cools off before driving it again. However, one of my friends thinks if you drive it while it IS hot, that the air will go through it and cool it down.

So what do yall think? If a car is hot, is it better to wait for it to cool down or drive it?
What are the risks of driving it WHILE it is hot?

I was going to write an alternative question, but I can't think of a good one.

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