July 29th, 2010


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i'm leaving for the dominican republic in 5 days and while i'm there i'd like to do some of the activities offered! i'm trying to figure out how much money i should bring, but i have NO idea what any of these things will cost and the resorts website isn't much help. i guess i COULD call the travel agent, but that would be too easy!

sooooo, can anyone who has been to the dominican tell me roughly how much excursions like parasailing/whale watching/boating will cost? also, how much money do you usually bring while on vacation?

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Can I ask about medical insurance?

I (for the personal reasons of being really fat for my whole life) want to have a sleeve gastrectomy. But I was turned down. I checked, and the insurance says we are covered for bariatric treatment 85%. The same week, one of my husband's coworkers who has the same insurance and the same plan, but who is in a different group, got approved for 100% coverage of the same procedure. So my husband and he talked about it on a break, and compared, and he has much better coverage with lower co-pays and more allowable procedures. How is this possible? Do you know how I could go about changing us over to the better group? What is the best way to approach this?

ETA The coworker has the same plan. He pays the same amount. As in he has same ANTHEM PPO with a paycheck amount of the same X amount that we pay. The only difference is that he signed up a couple years after we did so he is in a different group.

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Wtf can I do to make my hair grow? It never friggin' grows ever, so if I get it cut, it just stays that length. It's probably cos it's uberly thin, but can I do anything to help? Take vitamin tablets? Olive oil hair massages? Coconut oil? Anything?
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Will you give me friendship advice?
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DK/DC: How long do you think it would take to pack one bedroom in boxes? I don't have a lot of stuff, but I have some things that just need to meet the trash can.

What band/artist would you recommend to anyone?

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What sorts of things, besides past jobs, should you put on a resume?

I do volunteer work at a museum, but I've never actually held a paying job. I'm sort of worried that this could be a problem. I'm applying for an academic internship, in case you're wondering, and I'm super excited about it.

Are you frustrated about anything?

Photoshop just up and quit on me after 2 hours of unsaved work. What a bitch. I guess it could be worse, but that's still 2 hours I can't get back... I usually save my stuff every 15 minutes or so, but go figure the one time I don't is when Photoshop decides to revolt against me.
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So, you're minding your own business when someone IMs you. It's a screen name you don't know, so you google it. You find out who it belongs to, but while you kind of know the person through a LiveJournal community, you don't really KNOW them, and you're curious as to how they found your AIM screen name, but when you respond with this, they don't talk back.

DK/DC: What's your favorite kind of meat?
If you don't eat meat, what's your favorite kind of faux meat?

Brrrrinng brrrring!

How long have you had your current mobile phone number?
I have had mine for ~7.5 years, and it annoys me when people change theirs all the ding-dong time!

When did you first get a mobile phone? How big was it?

Do you have a home phone?
If so, is it only because someone else set it up and if it was just you you wouldn't bother?

Anyone wanna name-drop?

Do you have any "I Knew Them When..." stories?

- I played high school football with Cortland Finnegan (now plays for the Titans)
- When working at a youth camp years ago, I played in an impromptu acoustic jam session with Chris Tomlin (major name in the Christian music world)

Anyone else?
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Help me pick out food please, TQC

Do you like Indian food?

What should I get from The Bollywood Cafe for my lunch/dinner with my SO? I'm taking it down to his house and I think we might have a picnic. He asked for Chicken Vindaloo, and I originally thought we should just share an entree, but he lives super far from any Indian places and doesn't get to have it often so I figured I'd get my own and that way he can have leftovers.

What is better - naan, paratha, roti, or poori? I'm googling images and the first three all look really similar, and I usually just get naan, but I feel like maybe I should branch out. The poori looks delicious, but like it probably wouldn't travel well, and I've got to take it for a pretty decent distance.

My SO lives pretty much in the middle of nowhere - definitely farm country; I don't even get cell service out there. We usually just wind up watching movies and going for a drive up to his farm to visit the kittens, but I'm trying to think of other things we could do. I was thinking of maybe bringing some board games and a deck of cards, and maybe we could turn Monopoly into a drinking game or something. Idk. Any suggestions? I was also thinking of something cheesetastic like watching the sunset.

For couples who are not married, but dating - do you celebrate anniversaries? If so, do you use the date you first went out on a date, first met, first "made it official", or some other way of designating an anniversary?

My resume is awful.

TQC, I've been a barista for 5 years. I've worked at 4 different places making coffee, and unsurprisingly, my job responsibilities were very similar in every single one.

My resume currently is me trying to make every job sound at least a LITTLE different, to not get repeatative, but it's almost impossible. To describe my job I am describing every job. Is there a way to not make my resume look terrible? Especially since I want to get out of coffee, I realize I need to emphasize on customer service/fast paced environment, but I can only say that so many times right?

If you ever tried to make a "career" change, how did it go?

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do any retail stores still take rolled change as payment?

is there a reason why a person would be unable to take a ton of rolled change to a bank with which they don't have an account and have it changed into paper bills?

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I've been seeing a guy for the past few months, but we've been friends for about 5 years before starting to date. He's in Europe for the next 3 weeks, and we've been emailing each other frequently.

This morning, out of the blue, I get a dozen roses delivered. In the note, he drops the L word for the first time.

He's obviously going to expect an email from me to thank him. In the email, do you think he's also expecting the L word? Was this his way of testing the waters? If I don't reciprocate, will he be disappointed?

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Failed madlibs... but...
To be, or not to run, -- that is the arm;
Whether 'tis nobler in the boob to suffer
The slings and testicles of lumpy fortune,
Or to take dances against a sea of whips,
And by chanting end them. To die, -- to stretch, --
No more; and by a stretch to say we end
The keyboard and the 1.000.000 natural shocks
That flesh is Florist to,-- 'tis a Leg
secretly to be wish'd. To die, --- to stretch,--
To stretch! perchance to help! ay, there's the Montana;
For in that stretch of death what mountains may come
When we have worked off this ecstatic coil,
Must give us pearl....

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Friends of my family are expecting a child in November. They were really hoping for a boy, but she is pregnant with a girl. When I told my mom that the woman was hoping for a boy, my mom went apeshit and started saying how selfish it is that they were disappointed.

Do you think it's selfish to be a bit disappointed? 
If you have children or are currently pregnant or you SO is currently pregnant, were you hoping for a certain gender?
Do you know people who were hoping for a certain gender and had the opposite? 

My mom thinks that this is a sign they're going to keep having kids until they have a son, or that they're going to always be disappointed by the gender of their child. :|

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1) What's for lunch, TQC?
I'm probably going to have salt and pepper scrambled eggs with cream cheese in and maybe some bacon.

2) I'm due to start a new job at the end of August. My dad and I planned a birthday trip for me to go to Key West with him for a week, in the middle of September. We planned this trip months ago. Would it be awful of me to ask for two days off so that I could still go for part of the time? I really want to go, and I'm fine with only going for part of the time, but I'm worried that the shop will be getting on its feet and it'll be a bad time for me to leave. What would you do?

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Despite being advised to not "sweat the small stuff," I still get pretty anal and freak out about some things, usually things I can't control. What small stuff do you sweat, even though you probably shouldn't worry about it?

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When you're running late, what do you skip in your morning routine?
(This morning I ate breakfast and took my vitamins, but I skipped putting on makeup as it's what I do last.)

Are you the kind of person who gets there early or late? ('there' being everywhere: appointments, meetings with friends, catching the train, work, etc.)
(I usually get places 5-10 minutes early because I'm so worried about being late.)

How many times do you press the button to get the walk signal at a crosswalk?
(I press it around 5 times for good measure).

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Just to clarify, what exactly constitutes a 'stupid' name? What kind of name would a person have to give their kid to make you roll your eyes or sneer with disgust?

Crazy spellings (ex. Wendeigh) and names like Pilot Inspektor are pretty much given, but are there other kinds of stupidity?

ETA: What do you think of bestowing old or somewhat out-dated names on babies? Like Henrietta or Henry?

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Have you ever dropped the l-word in a relationship only to have it not said back? Tell me about it. Was it a one time deal - as in you only said it that once until your SO said it back - or did it become a regular thing? How did your relationship end up turning out? (edited)
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Thursdays and Sundays usually end up sucking for me for whatever reason.
Does this happen to you? Is there a day of the week that usually just does not go well for you? Or maybe a certain month of the year?
Deathly Hallows Poster

Desktop Sharing!

So, TQC, I haven't seen a show me your desktop post in a while so...show me your desktop!

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Also, where did you get said image if you remember?

I got mine from ONTD. But Wallbase.net is really great. If a bit NSFW sometimes...
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There are suddenly a lot of really big flies in here. Enormous. Over 1/2" long. What kind of flies are they and where did they come from? (I'm moving out today so idc about them being in here, but they're so huge and creepy!)
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Which do you prefer: White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, other? Do you dislike chocolate to begin with?

White chocolate is, by and far, my personal favorite. It makes me sad that it's not more readily available in stores around here.

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It's not one of mine it is one of boyfrans roommates, but the guy is dating one of MY roommates, so I cannot get away from him. He was supposed to stop mooching off of them two months ago when he left for basic for the Marines, but instead his date keeps getting pushed back.. so all he does is smoke pot, spend all the money his mom gives him on cigarettes and beer, and be a dick. And roommategirlfriend lost her virginity to him and I'm pretty sure this is her first serious relationship so he can do NO WRONG in her eyes. ;slihjs;otgisehh. Blargh.

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dont you just hate it when you have a baby and you dont know who the daddy is?

what are you having for dinner?
what do you WANT for dinner?
ETA my grandma just asked if she could change the channel bc her "shows" are on...and she changed it to Jersey Shore. What's the last thing that made you surprised?

answer: 1. omgz. all day every day.
2. probably lunch leftovers which i dont want to eat... my mom keeps cooking weird shit that i dont eat.
3. sushi or a giant hamburger.
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Where can I find good, free royalty-free stock images online (without watermarks)? I'm using them for a community resource website, and work for a non-profit, so we cannot afford to pay money for them, but still need to obtain images legally.

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TQC, I'm freaking out.

There is a FUCKING WASP in my living room. It keeps chillin on these high up windows and to reach them, I have to stand up on the couch, but even then, I don't get much leverage. Plus, I'm scared it'll fly towards me and I'll fall off the couch and hurt myself.

I'm TERRIFIEDDDD of wasps, bees, hornets, etc. Like, I've already cried a little.


I have to leave in 45 to meet my mom for a movie. I want to get rid of it before then.




ME: 1
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What can I do with this sweet tea vodka besides dump it down the sink or drink it straight? My mum bought it for my sister but she forgot to take it with her to school which is a 3-4 hour drive away.

I need to find a good OB/GYN. I would just go to the local one but I'm getting married in 5 months and I'll be moving an hour and a half away. Should I take the trouble to find one there right now or should I start at the doctor here and then move to the other city when the time comes?

ETA What's a good place to buy nice plus-sized sleepwear/lingerie/loungewear etc that doesn't cost a fortune? I like Nordstroms but omg so expensive. D:
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 I walked 25 minutes to, and 25 minutes from, the library today to get a book the website said they had. When I got there, there was a person doing a reading, and all the information desk workers looked like they were getting yelled at in the conference room, and there were two people working the chekout desk that had a constant stream of people in line. 
I couldn't find the book and I'm tired and sweaty and want those 50 minutes back.

What were you really excited about, but ended up not turning out right? 

What do you want back? 


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This might be a silly question, TQC, but it's legitimate.

How do I tell when my beef is done thawing? It's been sitting on the counter since about 1:15, was in the freezer for about a week before that. I've just never thawed beef myself before, so I don't know!
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tqc, will you pretty please post your favorite cookies (pictures and/or recipes)? - links would be good too, of course.
if it's a picture, will you give us the name of the cookie in cases where it may not be self-evident? ;p
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Are you boycotting Arizona?

How, exactly, does one boycott a state besides not going there?

Are you aware that Arizona Iced Tea is not made in Arizona? And that's it's the most refreshing beverage you can get for $.99?

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Do sun conures speak? (my parents want a bird that can speak/talk, so im getting them a conure and i want to know if it does because if it doesnt my parents are going to be disappointed and i'll waste 200 dollars)
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what should I have for dinner?
I want it to be grilled, include vegetables and some kind of meat or fish

if you fart audibly in front of people, do you say excuse me? or just pretend it never happened?
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I'm going to get pizza. What do you want? Everyone can have their own, but you've gotta make it specific or you might be disappointed. Crust type? Toppings? Extra cheese? Go.
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So I just had an unfortunate workplace incident involving a big bottle of liquid soap splashing directly into my eyes...immense amounts of water later, my eyes are still red and spasming. Will this go away with more water, or is this something a doctor needs to see?

ETA: The bottle doesn't say anything about this!

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Okay so this is my fourth date with the optician tomorrow night, probably gonna spend the night at his because he aint got no work on Saturday and I kind of need sex, anyway...

Saturday daytime my friend is having a picnic in the park involving drink and SWIMMING, how can I invite my optician to this without sounding desperate?

Should I ask him now, or ask him tomorrow on my date, or even ask him on Saturday morning, when should I ask him?

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I really don't want to sit through 100 minutes of Angeline Jolie, so can someone just tell me who Salt is? Russian spy, USA spy or other? Spoilers dear god please.

Can you think of any movies you have no interest in seeing, but you just want to know how it ends?

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Can someone ever look good with greasy hair?

I think various people with the correct 'grunge aesthetic' can...

(BONUS- do you understand the tweets on this Twitter- Nuhdeen Wurlwiyd. A copy of a standard tweet-

Ay doin't ceyur waht they RSCPA say, aym viewung ehnuhmuls un cages & lurvung ut. Ut's wur they shurd bey, thur soi unpruhductable. )

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ew, tqc, so i went to pick up a friend at the library, since i'm staying in long island for a while, and as we got closer, this poo like stench just filled the air. my friend told me it was a dead river to solely put waste in it. it smelled so bad...
is there a formal name for this kind of waste bank?
is there one of these near you? how bad is it?

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What are some ridiculous things you believed as a child?

After finding out that boys pee'd standing up I thought I could do it as well. My mum found me standing in front of the toilet trying to squeeze pee out my belly button

I've no children of my own and as an only child, no nieces or nephews. My friend of 20 odd years has two wee boys and tomorrow I'm taking them both to the zoo.  Would it be really wrong of me to corrupt their tiny minds? One boy is 3 and the other is 6. I'm not thinking anything that is likely to scare them witless but something harmless that they'll laugh about 10years from now. Any suggestions? 
cow milkin'
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I have my back door open because my AC is messed up. My daughter just went out to the backyard and screamed at my foster dog for doing something. What did the dog do?

non srs please.

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Family members and platonic friends excluded, do you think that the fact that you really miss someone (say that they're away on a trip) is a sign that you're falling in love with (or already are) him or her?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I volunteer at an aquarium. It's the best job in the world. I love it so much. I love it so much. I love the work and my coworkers and the animals and everything about it.

I just saw on the website that they're hiring a full time biologist at this aquarium.

I need to get this job, TQC. This is the job of my dreams.

I know the two people who are going to be part of the application reviewing process. I want to go into their office, express my interest in the job, and ask them questions about it.

That seems good, right? Does that seem desperate?

I was also thinking of saying, "If there is any extra training that I need, I'd be more than happy to learn those skills while I'm still a volunteer." You know, basically saying that I'd be more than willing to be trained without getting paid. Does THAT seem desperate?

Ooooh my god, I'm all antsy now. I keep trying to work on my resume and my cover letter, but I keep getting overwhelmed. What should I do to calm down?

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On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like crackers?

Usually I'm about a 4 but right now I'M A 10.

How about pie?

I think about a 7, I'm eating a leek pie rn and it's great. What's your favourite type of pie?

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my friends and i were going to go to a psychic just for fun but then ended up not as it seemed pricier than we thought.

have you ever been to one?
how long was the session?..and what exactly do they do?
what they told you, was it vague? or specific, if so did it come true?
do you feel that you wasted your money or did you feel that it worthwhile?

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as a child what did you want to be when 'you grow up'?

what is your profession now? or which way does it seem to be going?
what made you change your mind/got in the way if you are now working for something totally different?

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I just made cupcakes to bring to work and they're really good but they're super fucking sweet. I love really sweet but they're almost too sweet for me.

Should I bring them anyway? I'm afraid people are going to drop if I bring them in.
If I do, should I mention that they're really sweet? :(
Quinn Twin


Anyone here use Mint.com? Want to tell me about it - what you love/hate/etc? Any personal stories about how it's helped you budget better or accomplish financial goals and such? Horror stories?

Thanks guys!

Essential (to you) TV?

What TV shows, present or past (or future??) do you guys (and gals, oops :P) think everyone should try watching at least once? Additionally, if you feel like it, why? Who are your favorite characters? Favorite couple? Favorite episodes? Tell me ANYTHING about essential TV.

I literally know almost nothing about any shows except True Blood and Gossip Girl. (Thanks for the DVD boxsets, friend!)

Inspired by me getting TV/fast enough internet to watch anything for the first time in my almost-22 years of living. sakjdkj so EXCITED.
Madam Mim

holler at the bakers out there!

My Wilton's candy melts WONT MELT!
and i need to dip cake pops into something. suggestions? any secret recipe of yours to save me from impending doom??
i have to get them done by tonight, else, i will be VERY screwed.

haaaalp guiseeee!

edit: i tried the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds and i only get a play-doh consistency mess, then tried in the stove but same clay consistency....

thanks for the suggestions kiddos, ill go try to save my ass and balls, cake balls that is.
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Do you watch Entourage? Is it really as good as everyone says it is?

About 90498 people have recommended I watch it and raved about how awesome it is. I just watched the pilot online...it was mildly entertaining, but I wasn't that impressed. Is it worth it to keep watching?

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People say that I have an accent and I believe them because I started to speak English late. The problem is that when hear myself speak I don't hear the accent. I have heard my voice both on tape and video and I have notice that my voice sounds different that what I hear in my head. I'ts sounds like a person of low self esteem and is depresesed which completely applies to me. But I still hear no accent.

Do you think the fact that I can't hear my accent or that my voice sounds different to me in tape or video than in real life is psychological?

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If a girl uses smiley faces in her text messages to a male fiend, and male friend's girlfriend goes through his inbox, does it mean they're "more than just friends?"

Should male friend have to stop talking to female friend because of this? What if she said she missed him? (they live on opposite sides of the country)

Does being pregnant give you the right to go through your SO's phone and make huge assumptions?

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I just moved into my new place and am starting from scratch with redecorating the place. My last place was kind of drab and a bit colorless and I want a new, brighter start. Sooo...can anyone give me any blogs or websites with interesting, weird, and quirky interior designs? I need some motivation and possibly ideas!

There's one in particular that I am thinking of that I lost the link to, but I have no clue what it's called. It was like a website for interior design specifically made for hipsters. :P It had funny little illustrations of the home owners and their likes or whatever. If anyone has any fuckin' clue what I am talking about, please do share. If not, share anything!

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My sister is crying and wants me to "do some research" (her exact words) or she will do it for me so I can know god is real. wtf am I supposed to do? How do I respond to her? I don't believe in god one way or the other. and when people ask me well what do you think makes us keep living or where did we come from I don't know what to say. What do you say?
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What tv-shows do you watch, even though you don't really like it?
What tv-shows do you watch just because your friends/co-workers watch and you want to be part of the conversation?
What's your favourite fat/ugly husband-skinny/pretty wife comedy?

Which sit-com character is the most annoying ever? (I vote for Seven(?) from Married with Children)
Which one is the best?

Language issues

For those TQCers who are bilingual or competent in a second language - have you ever had a case where you overheard something you weren't expected or "supposed" to because the speaker had no idea you spoke the language? If it was something offensive or directed at you, did you confront them?

Inspired by an ESL teacher I knew who said that one of the first things he taught people was how to recognize profanity/insults.
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 Why is it that because my dad is in the house I can't lounge around in my bra and underwear, but if I were wearing a bathing suit that covered less than my undergarments, that would be acceptable? wah wah.

What are you favourite double standards? 

Edit: It's not that I omg want to be almost naked in front of my dad, but Collapse )
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Hey again,

So I got really excited about this party I'm going to tomorrow night and bought a fancy dress with frills and lace explosions etc. Now I just looked at the photos of the last party at this ladies house and some of the girls are just in like t-shirts and jeans and shit! I still wanna wear it because it was pricey and looks nice on. So how can I dress down the dress so I don't look crazy and overdressed?

Also what are you doing? How was your day today? Got any problems etc? I'm bored.

ETA: Whoops, there's like an anything post two posts down hurr durr