July 28th, 2010


I can't sleep....

Poll #1598255 So clearly a sexuality poll is in order

I find the following sexy/would happily date the following:

trans men
trans women
genderqueer people
genderqueer fish
bisexual women (or pan, or what the fuck ever)
bisexual men (or pan, or what the fuck ever)
drama-laden crazy people
Madonna from the Like a Prayer Video
Madonna from that prayer you learned in church
Also, I am working 8 to 8 tomorrow. I am clearly an idiot for signing up for this shift. Any tips to keep myself awake at work?

I should drink a cocktail to get myself to sleep y/y?
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How did my suitcase get so GROSS just sitting there? It's weird and sticky and the zippers were completely stuck and it smells weird. We have kitties but it def doesn't smell like cat pee. What's going on with my suitcase??? I packed it anyway cause the inside is clean and fine. But any recommendations for cleaning the outside? Would just old fashioned soap and water do it? Is there something more intense needed for the two reaming STUCK zippers? *sigh* I just should just get a new one...

What kind of snacks would you bring on a 3-4 hour car ride if you could have a cooler? We have a little one. Fill it with sodas? Idk I usually eat crisps when I drive and they don't need to be cold.
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(no subject)

my boyfriend think I cheated on him. I didn't. Where can I take a cheap lie detector test (obviously I have already contacted the Maury show)?

Will you cheer me up?

Will you give me advice on how to get to sleep?

I had a lot of rum and coke this afternoon and now I am hungover at 2 in the morning. What are your die-hard hangover cures.

(no subject)

Dearest TQC;

What is the last album you bought (not downloaded; IRL or on iTunes or Amazon, etc.)? You can post a YouTube link/embed with a song from that album if you wish.

Should I retire my nipple piercings? They're not infected or causing problems (they're fully healed, in fact), but I'm getting kind of bored of them. I have other piercings to keep my "badassitude" cred anyway.

If you've spent time during the evening working out/getting all sweaty or dirty, do you take a shower before going to bed or do you just wait until the morning?

(no subject)

In your opinion, where is the most annoying (not necessarily most painful) place to have a pimple?
Brought to you by the one on my under-eye area. I can feel it everytime I blink and I'm going nuts but I'm trying so hard not to touch it because that makes it worse.

(no subject)

did you know that radio active waste doesn't really glow? i mean if i walked into a toxic waste dump, not like id want to but if i did i would at least like to see some green glowy stuff before i got cancer or something.

WTH do surveyors do on streets in town

OK, so I live in a town where there are some newer roads (post-1950) and some very new ones (post-2000) but most of them have been there at least 100 years, and some longer than that. Every once in a while I see surveyors out surveying the very oldest streets. They are not laying out building plat lines or anything that I can see. They're just like OK, surveying on this block, OK, surveying on that block, etc. This happened recently on the street where my office is, which has to have been there at least 100 years. I'm guessing that someone surveyed it when it was laid out in the first place, and maybe again when they added sidewalks, and any time new buildings went up, so it can't have lacked for being surveyed up to this point.

What are they surveying? Why?

(no subject)

My roommate just started seeing someone new. They've talked/texted on the phone for about 5 hours and have gone on one date (yesterday evening). Afterwards, he decides to stay the night, but "not be intimate".

What do you think? 1 is "WTF? Are you stupid?!? They could be an axe murderer!" and 10 is "Yeah, that's a wonderful idea."

Mean: 5.42 Median: 5 Std. Dev 2.39
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(no subject)

My whole neighborhood lost power for about 6 hours last night. Has this happened to you? What did you do to pass the time? We spent time talking to neighbors we never talk to, and playing lots of Hide and Seek in the Dark. :)
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(no subject)

Are there any meals that can be prepared/eaten without dishes or utensils? (Packing up that stuff today, leaving tomorrow. I'm only seeing takeout, apples, and trailmix as food options for tomorrow, but maybe you guys have more creative ideas!) Edit: The microwave is going today too, but the teapot can stay to provide hot water until tomorrow.

(no subject)

I'm going to Starbucks, what do you want?

I'm also stopping by the bookstore, what Chuck Palalalalahnuic novel should I buy?

Lullaby (I read this and really liked it but lost my copy to my brother)
Diary (Only ever got to read half of this one)
Haunted (Lost to my brother before reading it)

Lightning round

Has anyone here ever played an Alternate Reality Game (ARG)?

Have you ever played an ARG over a network through a text console? (i.e. telnet)

Have you ever heard of the Star Wars Text animation over telnet?
If not, open up the Command Prompt/Terminal and type "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl" without quotes. Press enter, and pop some popcorn

There's a plant on my desk. It's only description is "Ivy", "Keep soil moderately moist." How moist is moderately so? It's in a small (approx 3in tall by 3 in wide) pot. Is watering it everyday too much?

What is a cool thing you've built lately? Any pictures?

Do you wanna date my avatar?
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(no subject)

Have YOU ever used a bonger?

It's basically a hard, fist-sized rubber ball attached to a thin, flat, springy metal stick with a wooden handle that you're supposed to "bong" over tense muscles in a sadistic kind of massage. I found one when I was housesitting. This is what it says on the handle:


Personally I think it's more likely to "give your partner's body paroxysms of OUCH OUCH STOP HURTING ME" than unbridled ecstasy.

From the amazon.com description: "FOR FUN: BONG your friends and lovers; BONG yourself. After work or a workout, BONG the bottoms of your feet, your pectorals, your leg muscles, wherever it's sore. It's fun to close your eyes, put on some music and BONG your head watch the picture's flow!"

DK/DC: what are you excited about? I am excited my fiance got a job! Today is his first day!

(no subject)

How caught up and informed are you about current events and news?

Are you happy with the amount of knowledge you have about current events and news?

Do you watch the news or read newspapers? How often? Where else do you get your information from?

I'm going skydiving Sunday, I think (don't worry I am not taking a dog). TQC, can you take pictures mid-jump or will the only pictures I come back with be pre and post jump?

Because I'm now in baby mode

If you had twins, or children 1 year apart (for you youngin's who insist "ZOMG I'll never have kids evar!", just use your imagination) would you dress then in onesies or T-shirts that had in old PC font "Ctrl-A / Ctrl-C" and "Ctrl-A / Ctrl-V"? If not, do you have some other nerd-tastic recommendations?

Brought to you by a sleep-depraved dad who's trying to find new ways to nerd out his new spawn.
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(no subject)

Where can I find credible information about online porn? Obviously, I'm googling and trying to sift through all the would-be experts, but do you guys know of any sites/books/articles that you can recommend?

Which is more expensive?

Say you moved into a house with ugly old carpet. Who knows whats underneath!

Which is more expensive? Sanding and finishing hardwood floors that may lay underneath? or...finding out there's not and having to go out and buy hardwood and lay it down?

thanks :)
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If there's washing in the machine that is unattended (for all of about 10 minutes after the wash has finished), my stepbrother will dump it on the floor so it stays wet and gets smelly. Asking him not to do it doesn't help. I'm considering passive aggressive notes.
What should I write? (srs/non-srs)
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(no subject)

For those of you who live in Oregon, can you give me some pros and cons of living there?
How about those of you who live in Washington?
I'm hoping to escape Louisiana and its nasty weather in the next few years.

DK/DC: Favorite book?
tardis - by animotus

(no subject)

Does your state require you to have license plate lights on the rear of your car?

My state does... but my lights do not work and it would cost more than the car is worth to get them fixed. I've never been pulled over for it, but my brother has while driving the same car. So... I'm just going to hope I never get pulled over for it!

(no subject)

Vegetarians/Vegans of TQC~

What are your favourite dishes? Preferably, no types of salads.

I'm creating a menu for the next two weeks and want to incorporate more veggies and less meat. My husband is a picky eater and demands meat, but eating meat everyday makes me sick. :(

(no subject)

Is there an easy way to give a cat a bath? Or a way that will ensure that I get the least beat up?

Edit: I had my boyfriend help me, but luckily kitty was VERY calm. He laid down in the water and quite enjoyed it. :D Thanks for the suggestions!

(no subject)

I work for a community health clinic...and I was just wondering how many people have actually heard of it and what your thoughts are? I imagine countries other than the U.S. they function much differently... I guess my question is what do you think about community health clinics? :)

(no subject)

I feel like everyone in my family hates me. It's very hard to live with people and have fights with them a lot cause I can't stand to think they might be mad and/or angry at me or with me. How do you handle it when you have a fight with someone you live with?

(no subject)

 So I have a cat. It is my first cat and I haven't had her a long time. 

I know she's never lived as an only cat and I've been considering getting another cat so they can be cat friends.
What things should I be aware of when getting another cat? How should I introduce them?

I plan on adopting from a shelter. 

(no subject)

How long does it take you to cut your yard?
How often do you cut your yard?
If you don't cut your own yard, who does?
If you don't have a yard, do you wish you did?

Bonus points:
How many square yards are in your yard?

(no subject)

If someone you live with read something private that was in a shared living space, would you be upset?

My roommate read my prescription that I left in the living room. I didn't think to put it up because I always leave my important stuff (ie, keys wallet homework etc) on this end-table but she told me she read it while I was in class. I kind of feel like my privacy was invaded, but then again I left it there so idk. I know I'll just let it go and remember to put private stuff in my room next time but WWTQCD?

ETA: I realized I made a stupid, my bad y'all. Alternate question: What's your favorite flavor of Arizona drink?? Fruit Punch 4 lyyyyf.

(no subject)

Can you recommend some good suspense/thriller/horror books for me? Nothing with too much gore, but I can handle a little. For some reason these are the only books that will help me fall asleep at night.

(no subject)

What system of measurement do you use?

Is anyone else being forced to watch 'Big Brother' against your will?

What kind of computer are you LJing on right now?

Do you reckon there's any question that's never been asked on here in all of TQCs history?

(no subject)

What are the top 3 companies you hate and why? I'll start:

1) Comcast because their customer service sucks.
2) Acer because they are the crappiest computers out there.
3) Burger King because their burgers are always burned.

(no subject)

Is there an occupation you wish you had instead of the one now? Perhaps maybe you lacked the opportunity or the ability? Even if you love your job, if you had, say, a parallel life, what occupation would you want?

I'm studying psychology in college now (ideally to work with children) but if I was better at science I would LOVE to be an oncologist.
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(no subject)

Am I going to die if I take some Contac that expired two years ago?

If I don't die, will it make me grow a penis? Will that penis automatically come out circumcised?

(no subject)

What color squirrels do you have where you live?

Here they are mostly gray, but I have (rarely) seen black ones, maybe 5 in my whole life. I have never seen a brown one in real life.

(no subject)

Have you ever used a sales receipt to test a new nail polish color?

Did you know that painting a sales receipt with nail polish causes the paper to turn plum-colored around the area you painted, and the paper UNDER the paint to turn teal/olive grey-green, and if you happen to have it folded in half it will also cause the receipt paper BEHIND the painted bit to turn grey like it had been burned even though the back of the painted part remains white?

Space Cadet
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What Will It Be?

I found an SD photo card on the ground in a parking lot. What do you think I will see when I look at the photos on it?

DKDC -- When you make fried eggs, what kind of shortening do you use?
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(no subject)

what movie should i download next - Revolutionary Road or No Country For Old Men?

i went with No Country for Old Men cause majourity rules.

what's the last movie that you downloaded?
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(no subject)

Have you ever lived on one meal a day, TQC? How did you do it?

I need tips; the program I'm in just essentially took away my time for lunch and doesn't provide breakfast other than some toast, so from here on out it's dinner-only 5 days a week.

DK;DC: What's your favorite food?
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(no subject)

if a campground has a beach, you'd assume there would be swimming, right?
and it says beach (accessible) that means it probably isn't right near the campgrounds?

have you ever planned a camping trip with a large number of people?

3 unrelated questions

if an older child (9yrs old) got your child (5yrs old) to go "trick-or-treating in july" (read: going door to door for food) how would you feel? how angry would you be at your child? at the other child? would you ever let your child play with them again?

what do you do to prevent a cold when you feel one coming on?

what would you do with a whole whack of fresh parsley?

(no subject)

My mp3 player is broken. I need to buy a new one that is not an iPod (for reasons that I will not go into). I found this one on Wal-Mart.com, and it seems like a really good buy.

It has a lot more positive reviews than negative, that's a helluva lot of features for $40 and I'm not expecting anything superfancy.

But I don't know the brand and I'm an easy mark.

Would you buy it?

(no subject)

I quit caffeine in November due to it fucking with my anxiety. I've been clean since then. I kind of want to try it again, though, just to see if I can handle it in moderation instead of everyday.

Anyone else have experiences with quitting caffeine and exposing yourself to it again? I realize I can just not try it again if it goes badly, or whatever, but I'm just curious.

dk/dc: How do you like your coffee?

(no subject)

For anyone who makes it, can you freeze cooked jam or do you have to use the freezer jam method to put it in the freezer?

For those not knowledgeable in such things, if you put a $20 bill in your back pocket and it sorta worked it's way up so unbeknownst to you it was kinda precariously hanging out and then you went to the restroom, pulled down your pants and did your business, and then pulled up your pants and then turned to flush only to see your twenty floating in the toilet with your excrement, what might you do in that situation?

(no subject)

What's your preferred way to listen to music?

I only listen in the car, or via last.FM. In both cases with no headphones. I have a lot of music, but I never actually open itunes to listen to it.. I rarely even use my ipod anymore, because my car adapter broke. I hate listening over headphones because I feel cut off from the world.

(no subject)

I had to do valet parking at the ferry terminal today. When I got back to my car, it was not in the actual parking lot, the windows were down and my keys were in plain sight. When I asked the guy if I could get in, he said yes without checking my ticket.

Would this bother you? Aren't they supposed to keep your keys at the desk? All of the people were getting off the boat and walking past my car that has my stuff in it.

What's something you would really like to do within the next month?
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Wedding Dresses

TQC'ers, best websites for finding wedding dresses?? Not just designer ones for sale, but also ones that people have already done or something. I'm being all girly and wanting to try to find my dream wedding dress... :(

DK/DC: What was your last text message sent?
Mine was: Whatever you do, don't do meth (sent to my brother who is moving to LA from Maine...eep)
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(no subject)

You get a babysitting job that will require you to take care of three boys ages 10, 5, and 1. You'll be watching all three for about two weeks and after that, just the baby. You'll be watching them for a few hours a day.

How much do you charge?

(no subject)

Have you heard about some parts of that wacky Arizona immigration law being blocked, TQC?

I posted the link to my Facebook, and one of my "friends" replied with:

"Why do you care about American Politics?"


Apparently Canadians aren't supposed to bother with non-Canadian political issues? Why should I care about American politics, or the politics of any other country? Herp derp durp.

ETA What's the weirdest thing someone's commented on your Facebook lately? Share will the class!

(no subject)

I really want a cute blazer or jacket. Does anyone know where I would find such a thing that is not modcloth, forever 21, or charlotte russe? Bonus if you have one and can tell me where you got it.

(no subject)

what do you like to drink, and what do you really dislike?

i love earl grey tea, water (mineral, not tap), juice (very rarely and has to be diluted until it's like flavour water), cider, some beer, WHITE WINE and starbucks coffee.
i dislike any fizzy drink with a passion, nasty tasting tap water (makes me gag :/), straight liquor though i'll drink it haha, bad coffee, most juice, hot chocolate, milkshakes, milk (GAGGGG!)

Sue Dummy
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(no subject)

What are some weird things that you do that no one else does (At least that you know of)?

I haven't worn matching socks in 10 years.  And I have a whole sock system when it comes to wearing them.

I've only ever watched the series finale for Will & Grace.  I can't bring myself to watch the series finale of all my other favorite shows.  I don't like knowing their done.

(no subject)

My bank sent me a large check that has gone missing because they sent it to the wrong address (one that doesn't actually exist). I'm really worried that someone is going to open the envelope and try to cash it. Do you think there is any way they'd be able to do that? I mean, it's addressed to me, personally, but I'm still freaking out over it.

They can't put a stop payment on the check for two weeks :\

Macbook Air? or not?

My old Powerbook is dying. Finder won't Find anything, it just chugs and chugs and chugs and shows me nothing. At startup, I get crazy flashes of psychedelic weirdness before the script finally runs. And it barely plays video and is acting weird about the internets in general. I need to replace it.

I have access to a big iMac (my son's) but I don't want to be on it all the time, I like to move around. I think I could get by with a netbook for most of what I do, because it's mostly online. I was planning to buy a Windows netbook and hackintosh it, but after wrestling all summer with my stupid Windows box at work I'm feeling different.

Does anyone here have a Macbook Air and can you comment on if it is wonderful/worth the $ or not, and why? Bonus points if you bought a refurb and can tell me how well it's behaving.

(no subject)

So I posted about a girl running a stop sign and me hitting her car and how her dad was saying that it was my fault. Her mom just called and offered to write a check to cover the damages.

I'm still afraid they're going to sue me.
Can they? WILL THEY?!


What was the last good book you read?
I'm reading *The Depression Cure* and it's totally rockin' my depressed ass.
oh mr. tea

Validate my complaint, PLZ

OK, so the MAT study guide gives me the following example:

FROST : POETRY :: MILLER : (a. grain, b. drama, c. literature, d. bard)

Then they go on to say Frost relates to poetry in the same way Arthur Miller relates to drama. But here's what I don't understand: how am I supossed to know they mean Arthur Miller and not, say, Henry Miller the novelist? My first guess was literature because my mind went to Henry Miller. The question doesn't say Arthur Miller : (options), it just says Miller! They only mention Arthur when they explain to me why it's that one that's correct. I mean.....Frost is obvious. Miller?

Does this seem unfair and vague to you for them to give me a common last name like that where it really could have been either?

I'm going to fail, aren't I?
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(no subject)

Hey guys!

So a while ago I bought a pair of shoes with a big jewel bit on the front, but the first time I wore them out out one jewel fell off one and I lost it. I bought them while I was on holiday, so I couldn't take them back. Anyway, it left a dried glue stain on the bit where it came off. I really want to wear these shoes with a dress in a couple of days. Any ideas as to how I could get the glue stain off, or fix it somehow? The shoe is like fake suede-ish material (they were pretty cheap haha), and I've pulled off the other jewel because I could never find one the same, it's left a similar stain. Help!

I do.

My partner and I are now engaged,
We are just going to sign a piece of paper instead of having a big ceremony. However in my state you can't just sign a piece of paper, you need to have a mini ceremony which entails the whole "I do" crap that goes with it.

However have an issue. I have no issue with commitment or marrying him, hell it was my idea but I am not romantic/traditional girl. I don't mind every now and then but my idea of a rotantic gesture is sitting on the computer playing Aion with the boy and him getting me my favourite type of cheese when he goes shopping and I have no sense of tradition at all. That is as much romance and sop as I can handle without cringing, however now that we have to do the whole "I do" crap I am really not comfortable with the ceremony. All I want to do is sign and piece of paper, get two friends to be witnesses and then go out drinking with said friends. The idea of marriage is fine and am actually looking forward to it but I dont want to the soppy lovey dovey shit.
I just feel like I will burst into giggles and cringe the whole time which is something I know I won't enjoy.

Was anybody else like this? How did you deal with it?

(no subject)

What sorts of things can I do to decorate my apartment this year at school? (More specifically the living room, since that's where everyone will be most of the time)

My roommates and I are all turning 21 this year, so its going to most definitely be a party apartment. Its on campus, so we can't go crazy and paint or anything =[

I wanna have a fun, yet mature chic looking apartment, that has a fun atmosphere for parties. (idk if that makes ANY sense at all, im bad at descriptions)

Last year I used a bunch of xmas lights and a few posters and an old bed comforter as a window curtain thing and tons of pictures.

any ideas? what have you used. I love creative diy projects =]
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(no subject)

For the writers out there: do you do anything before sitting down to write a story, like making an outline, developing character or backstory, etc? Or do you just sit down and start writing?

(no subject)

i never wear makeup but would like to start experimenting. for those of you who wear makeup, what brands would you recommend to me? i've heard good things about smashbox and tarte but idk. my skin type is dry

is this a cute cardigan?
Natalie - demure

(no subject)

How do you butter your corn on the cob?

Did anyone else take that question in a less-than innocent way?

What's the worst book you've ever read?

What "scent" is your deodorant?

Who/what is pissing you off right now?
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(no subject)

TQC, I'm anxious about applying to fashion school for next year. I love fashion, I'm good at what I do (at least, I think), and I like to think that I'm 'different' enough to be worth giving a place in a course, even the fancy-schmancy one that I'm applying for. But I'm terrified. Whenever I log on to that website and look at the application process and what they want from me, I'm filled with dread. It makes me want to chuck it all in and become an accountant.

Has anyone else here felt the same way about school/a job/grown-up life in general? How did you overcome it?

DK/DC: Will you tell me about something that you overcame, even though it intimidated you? Your stories will ~inspire~ me.

(no subject)

Have you found anything that gets those friggin blackheads gone PERMANENTLY from the sides of your nose?!

Second, I've found that guys either like the leggings as pants trend, or don't. I haven't really met anyone who is indifferent. Guys - why do or don't you like girls in leggings?

(no subject)

What's more noxious than a dog fart?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome is David Hasselhoff?

Why isn't anyone on my flist online right now?

I'm a little inebriated and will have to walk dogs. Does alcohol enhance or reduce the dogwalking experience?

(no subject)

A few months ago I saw a video (on YouTube I think), about a fake movie trailer that pointed out the cliche's in movies. It showed labels like, "Emotional Crying Death Scene" or something like that. There was a mentally handicapped character, too.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? 

(I did try to Google it, to no avail)
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(no subject)

I'm getting my hair cut/coloured tomorrow, and I'm wondering whether or not to wash it tonight. My sister and mum said not to because it helps the dye bond or cling to the hair better.

What do you guys think?

What are you hating at the moment?