July 27th, 2010

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Would you eat chicken noodle soup if you had bad allergies?

Should it help just as much as if I had a cold?

My allergies are kicking my ass and drowsy benadryl sucks. I'm thinking the soup might help a bit, but I'm not too sure.

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Where is my birth control hiding? I got a new prescription from the doctor a couple of weeks ago, it was in the car and now it's not.

Do you ever put things away somewhere 'safe' then forget where that safe place is?
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Would any of you photoshop-savvy dears be able to 'shop a milk mustache onto a picture of David Duchovny for me?

At what age did birthdays stop being a big deal to you personally?

Can you give me the recipe for your favorite mixed drink?
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 I'm not sleepy because I accidentally fell asleep on the couch earlier, and I'm just sitting here nervous about my interview tomorrow.

Are you sick of hearing about my interviews? 

mini golf or mini putt?
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what kind of cell phone do you have? which service?
i have the original samsung alias. this is the 4th phone i have gotten in 2 months, now this one wont charge. i'm so sick of having to get a new phone every week. i have verizon. recommend me good phones?

also, what is your sleep schedule like? mine gets all messed up in the summer because i stay up really late and wake up really late...
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I'm pretty tired but also hungry and I was thinking about making chocolate covered strawberries about two hours ago for dessert.

Should I still make them or just go to bed and have them tomorrow?

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I got a sweet blender from my mom as a wedding present and I want to make smoothies. I was thinking of making them in bulk instead of just one but how would I store that? Would freezing them and thawing them later be a bad idea? I think they might end up being too slushy or they'll separate or something. Any good smoothie recipes for me to try? I don't like anything weird but I love fruit. The best one I've made is lemon sorbet, orange juice and frozen blueberries and raspberries. Frozen berries or fresh for best results?

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i am potentially about to make myself look like an idiot but that's ok

ok so there's this guy i've been seeing for a while and we've been out 3 or 4 times and i spent the night at his house a couple times and we talk a lot but we are both still officially single. i am kind of new to the dating thing (i have had one srs boyfriend and we started dating in high school and we just immediately went to being ~bf and gf~) so at what point am i supposed to be like "o hay r u my boyfriend??"

mouth cut?

I bit the inside of my mouth (behind my lip) by accident 3 days ago... still has not healed and extremely painful, any folk remedies or ideas on how long it should take for a decent-sized mouth cut to heal up?

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I know it's a long shot, but thought I'd try here too...

I'm trying to find out some details for a story I'm writing - already tried little_details, but since it's a bit obscure I thought I'd better widen the search.

So: my character (in modern-day USA) is trying to sell some jewelery in a hurry, but since she found it unexpectedly among things her mom left her, she has no idea if it's genuine or a (really well-made) insurance copy.

Since she doesn't look like someone who'd know much about selling jewelery, and since she's having a run of seriously bad luck, the first two places she goes to try to swindle her, but she knows enough to realize it. Then the third place tries to swindle her and succeeds.

So, I need a few ways for the place doing the appraisal to try and cheat her (tell her it's fake, most likely, or just that it isn't worth much). And I need a few 'counter measures' for the character to be thinking about, though those still don't cover whatever the last place does.

She's only passing through the city for a few days, so whatever happens needs to be pretty short/simple (for example, no creating a fake copy and giving it back to her in place of the one she had - I know of at least one case of this really happening to someone...)

The jewelery she's selling is a beautiful necklace-and-earrings set, with diamonds (different sizes - probably ranging from about 1/8th to 3/4 carats) and sapphires set in gold. (Sadly I can't find the picture I got the image from, that'd probably help...)

Anyone have any ideas? Thank you!
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In the past twelve hours, I have made two dozen cookies and a funfetti cake. I currently have absolutely no one to share these delicious treats with. So, TQC...

Would you like some?
What do you do when you're stressed?
How much fatter am I going to get, living on my own?
Should I go door to door and offer my neighbors cookies, or is that something that only happens in the movies?

Last ditch effort to rediscover a Youtube video!

 TQC, will you please help me re-find this video?

It involves a folksy sort of czechy-russiany-type band (I think) playing on what looks like a variety show. I think one of them is sitting on a suitcase. A guy behind the guy on the suitcase is doing a silly hands-wiggling dance and they have funny beards. Two or three times during the song, another man walks on stage with a pane of glass and makes a blowfish face against it for the camera.

Where is it?! Don't tell me I dreamt this.

*edit* I remembered what it was as soon as I posted this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SClHBjz7Bvw

I remembered it a little bit wrong, but hey!

not my day...

I am ready to blow my freakin' head off. First a mouth cut that won't go away, making eating and drinking extremely painful.

And just minutes ago the exterminator came to my apartment and confirmed I have a bed bug infestation. I pay an outgoddamnrageous amount of money to live in a 'luxury' building and I get bed bugs.

I've thought over the past few weeks that I have been having allergies... have been taking Claritin like a Claritin meth addict, turns out it was bed bugs, not an allergy.

So grossed out and angry. Now I have to throw out my bed/mattress/couch and have to pay for a hotel tonight in the city. Not going to be cheap.

Any strategies for not completely losing my mind today? I'm thinking a stiff single malt whiskey.

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Will you share with the class the things are you really into right now? You may babble on forever about how awesome your stuff is if you would like.

I'm into painting, ocarinas, cats, letterboxing, coffee and evolution.

Take 2

You're eating a sandwich. It's a really good sandwich and you're really hungry. You bump into a table and you drop the sandwich. On which of these surfaces would you call the 5-second rule?

Linoleum floor
Carpeted floor
Fat sunbathing guy on beach. It lands on his back
Box of kitty litter (clean)
Lawn/grassy area
Sleeping cat (surprisingly, falling sammich doesn't wake cat)
Car floor
Floor of supermarket (it's been mopped recently)
Floor of local nightclub
Floor of Dennys
Public restroom floor
Movie theater floor
I'd never eat food off the floor no matter how little time it spent there

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What about you surprises the most out of people?

The fact I'm only fourteen. People at stores have asked me where a certain section is. I've also had people ask me if they can place me near the bar when at restaurants. It's weird and awkward when people hit on me too when I'm waaaaay younger than them...

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Would someone explain to me how it works when you want to swap out a cell phone but you aren't up for renewal yet? My 9 key does not work at all on my cell phone, so I need a new one. Can I get one off ebay or something? If I do, what guidelines to follow? Does it have to be another US Cellular one? Help! I'd like to be able to dial 911 if I needed to and not have to pay hundreds of dollars to do so.

What kind of cell phone do you have? 
Do you like it? 
Would you have paid the full price (not setting up a contract price) for it? 

Oh, also...what is good phone that doesn't require me to get the data/internet package? I just need a basic-ish one. I talk and text on it only.
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 So in April, I'm graduating with two degrees, a BS in Psychology (minor in criminology) and a BA in Religion (minor in 20th century studies).

What should I do with my life? I have no real career aspiration, and clearly based on my majors, no real focus.

Alternatively, if you could do ANYTHING as a career, what would you do?


Could you recommend me any community sites, with the objective to make friends on line all over the world and know about different cultures and uses. I want a serious site, no sex, no rudeness, only a place to share a good time.

evidently it's hair day

how do you feel about crew cuts on girls?

i'm going to get my hair cut on sunday and i want to ask the guy to cut it reallllly short on the sides and back. whenever i've done this previously, whoever's cutting my hair wusses out and doesn't really basically shave it off like i want. do you think i'll have any luck this time?

if i'm successful, will gay chicks start hitting on me?

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tqc, say you have plans with someone today. they say they will call "early" in the morning, around 8ish. you wake up, and the person never calls. you call them at 11, and they don't answer, so you assume they're sleeping.
would you blow off plans with this person if they didn't call within an hour or so? this person has a history with being flaky and blowing people off all the time, and i got offered other plans.
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At what temperature does the weather start to get too hot for you?

I grew up and live in an area with a temperate climate. Hitting 70° F is hot around here, and anything above is just unbearable. My friends from inland and from the east coast take endless amusement making fun of me for it.
Isaac - MySpace Angled

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I'm pretty sure my treadmill broke today. Which is real sad because if I run outside it's ~110 degrees every day for a few more months and that's too hot to be runnin around in.
What should I do?

Also, I'm all sweaty and still in my workout clothes but my stomach also hurts and I don't feel like showering. Should I suck it up and shower or continue to be filthy?

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Hi guys!

Do you have any opinions on what happened at the love parade?
Did you ever want to go there? Ever went there?

My housemate went there almost every year. She thinks there were people who just didnt want it to exist anymore (you know, it was ages in Berlin 'til it got sent to Westfalia, where it jumped from town to town until it jumped to Duisburg this time, where it died). Not that the people who didnt want it to exist thought "yay, let's have people die" but that the organizers involved simply didnt really care anymore. Also, WTH? The capacities where of 1/4 mill. people but they let 1.4 mill in? WTH were they thinking?

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I got a nasty sun burn yesterday due to the use of cheap shitty suntan lotion that washed off  right away despite being "water resistant".  I feel kind of crummy now.   Do you think I have mild sun poisoning even though I only started feeling yucky today instead of last night?   
Does the aloe gel make it heal faster or just feel better?   

Edited for clarification:
Yes, I used the lotion as directed and it was a new bottle.   I've never had such a bad burn in the past with other brands so somethings wrong with it.

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Would you recommend a book to me, TQC? I tend to like coming of age stories, "road trip" stories and books about food/cooking/music/books. I also want to give urban fantasy stories a shot. What's been your favorite summer read so far?

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Would you rather go to the beach or the mountains?

I'm trying to plan a vacation, but I can't decide. It's between cooler weather/more to do/mosquitos/scenery, or the ocean/parasailing/100+ degree weather/shrimp I've been craving for months. WWTQCD? 
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I just heard that my favorite band EVER is going to be doing a US Tour in the fall and they're playing in a town half an hour away from where I live.

If I join their little fan club thing online, I can buy tickets two days before they go on sale to the general public.

It costs about $47 to join the club. Tickets will probably be $100 (but I honestly don't really know, I'm going by their European tour ticket prices).

This band isn't...REALLY popular in the United States, but they're relatively mainstream, I think. The last time they played here in America, tickets sold out in less than a day, but they were only doing three concerts in New York City, and that's it.

Should I join the club? I think I'll also get a poster or a t-shirt or something if I do. I just really, really want to see them play live and I think this might be my only chance and I want to be as close to front row center as humanly possible!

Edit: It's the Gorillaz.

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How do you think aging baby boomers will affect the economy?

I'm no economist, but it sounds like even the experts aren't sure if it will be a boom or a bust, or something more spread out or neutral.

On one end, they'll be retiring. This is supposed to improve the job market vastly, on top of the fact there will be more openings in the medical and technological fields as we care for them.

But taxes will likely go up to help care for them, and the housing market will probably be a dud as more of them sell their houses and the market is saturated.

Older people are less likely to invest in riskier stocks, so that might be discouraging news, but parts of that might even out overall with their "safer" options and the other stuff at play. I imagine it will at least be the time to invest in golf courses and Depends!

Or it might be spanned out enough the effect is more subtle. The "generation" spans a number of years and people retire and fail at different rates. Although I've heard speculation that part of the reason for this recession is their smaller second-wave boom (i.e. their kids) all graduated from school at once and are all fighting for jobs.
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I got two job offers!

I've already chosen which I'm taking, but I'm curious about what the rest of you would say. Which would you choose?

Both are convenience stores and both pay minimum wage. Both are just a few minutes from my house, but A is a bit farther.  A is only open until 11. B is 24 hours.

A has two days a week that they definitely want me plus shifts when they need me.

B is completely on call, no set hours, so one week I may work 40 hours, the next 0. The shifts will also be totally random.

A is large with a laundromat, deli, and tanning inside. It's very clean inside and the people working the deli and tanning are very friendly.

B is just a small no frills convenience store. It's messy and the girl working barely even looked at me.

A is casual dress. B has uniforms (just a shirt).

DK/DC,  when was the last time you were excited and what for?

ETA: lol Okay, I get it. Stupid question because A is obvious answer. I did choose A. I was hemming and hawing back and forth because I'd already promised B I'd work but A called me this morning and wanted me. A wanted me so bad they told me to call back when I quit B in a month. Then they called me back to see if I could work for them and B, but I called B and said I'd found something more stable.

Plus, I get free fountain drinks at A, and (although this doesn't matter to me at all) free tanning when I'm not on shift.
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have you ever had heat rash?
what did you do to get rid of it?

i've had it for about a week and i'm ready to scratch my skin off.

dk/dc: what have you procrastinated about today?
i need to do laundry but i'm stuck playing bejeweled.
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A guy meets a girl at an audition and is talking about a musical performance he likes. The girl agrees that she likes it, too and suggest that they go sometime. The guy suggests 'how about Friday?" and she says she'd like to go...is this a date or just hanging out?

I say it's just a hangout...but my friend thinks it could be considered a date.

When do you know a date is a date?
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Why am I suddenly breaking out around the outer edges of my face?! I rarely break out there. Usually it's just in the nose/mouth/chin area. I started using a new prescription topical gel a few weeks ago and it's been working pretty well, but why would I suddenly start breaking out where I normally never break out? I would guess it has something to do with switching shampoo but it's not just on my hairline -- it's on my jawline, too.

DK/DC: how many books do you have and how do you store them? I've been looking at bookshelves because my fiance and I have hundreds of books together. I have a floor-to-ceiling set of shelves about 8 feet wide that are jam-packed with books, some of them stacked double, and since my parents just got divorced my dad has basically entrusted me all his philosophy and theology books and there are probably 20 or 30 boxes of them. And my fiance has several giant boxes of novels in his room and his parents' basement. I'm beginning to think that cinderblocks and boards is the only answer.

Vent-About-Work-Type Question

Why the 'eff would a vendor ship me four identical items simultaneously, and then send me four separate invoices, in four separate envelopes, each for one individual item? Aren't the "Save the Trees" type ninja-hippies going to come wreck this company's shit for pulling such shenanigans?

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Would you miss three classes in order to see a band you've been wanting to see for a very long time?

I'm leaning towards "yes" but I want to know if I'm being an idiot. Stupid weekday concerts...on a Tuesday no less! >:[

ETA: Alright, I'm doing it. I never do stuff like this so I'm going to throw caution to the wind!

New question - What was the last thing that disappointed you?

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Have you ever negotiated a salary? How did it work out?

I took the offer I was given, but since there was no formal contract, I believe I can still negotiate a bit. I just emailed the office manager to find out if the practice would pay my licensure fees, and they said yes! Should I ask if they offer any loan repayment options, or just be happy with what I have?

My husband just got a job offer as well, and wants to ask for a bit more money. Any ways to put this so you sound grateful for the job, yet stand up for yourself in what the job market should be paying?

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Have you ever experienced that due to a breakup the structure of your daily life breaks (completely or partly)?

I broke up 3 months ago and I am still trying to put structure into my daily life. I do wake up and go to work, uni, meet friends and stuff. But there are moments when I sit there and feel like I have no center around which my daily life rotates. It sounds lame, I know, but it's what it looks like and it's extremely annoying because I'm otherwise very happy with my life. and it's not because we did so much together. We didnt. Just not having him in my life is super weird and the last effect it's had on me is that my daily routine is ruined.

Any tips to help me with this? Or is it one of those things that take time?

Cultural Question

My Elder has recently received my Spirit Name from the grandmas and grandpas and is setting up a Naming Ceremony for me in a few days. At this ceremony I will need to give berries and a homemade gift to my Elder but I have no idea what to make. 

I'm good at making things but nothing is coming to mind. What should I make for him? It can be small and it doesn't have to be expensive or culturally related, just a gift to seal a bond. I know it shouldn't be causing me this much anxiety but it is! Help?! 

Do you like being the focus of events? If not how do you deal with it? 
I know I'm going to be all red and sweaty and anxious....ugh. :( 

What would your Spirit Name be if you had to give one to yourself?! 
Mine would be Thunderbird Princess! lol. 

ETA: After looking through every craft journal I can think of I think I've decided to make a woven throw or rug recycled from pretty bedsheets! 

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I recently got some colored hair extensions and I want the to stay in my head as long as possible, so I was wondering. What kind of cares should I have with this things?

The extensions are shoulder length, purple and made of actual hair.

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tqc a mixed bag today.

OKAY FIRST. will you help me find a haircut? i look like THISSSSSSSS and i have no idea what i want and i have to find something in the next like 3 hours so halp plz.
so link me to a celeb with cool hair or items please.

er second is a thinly veiled TL;DR so

will you also use this post to share good or bad news you've had recently?

(but help me with hair first fanx.)
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Today I was sexually harassed by a mentally challenged person. What would be an appropriate response in that situation?

ETA: His caretaker was not around at the time. He was not being violent/threatening but did grab my ass.
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Is this outfit inappropriate for a Forever 21 interview? The top is really low-cut and I could pull it up to make it less cleavage-ish, but I also don't want to show up looking like a floozy either. My sister thinks sleeveless tops are a no-go for interviews and it's also going to be 90 degrees.

If it's inappropriate, I will just shop for something at the store before the interview...cause I have nothing else to wear.

DGAF: What was the last favor you did for someone?
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macbook pro newbie

ok so my macbook pro has a built in isight camera and i have no idea what to do with it or how to use it. can i take a picture of myself with it? if so, how?

these are really stupid questions i'm sure, but i usually just use a digital camera and would like to put my isight to use if i can

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Yesterday I was driving to work and a young girl ran the stop sign and I hit her car (I tried REALLY damn hard not to)
Her father is saying that his insurance agent thinks it was my fault. I didn't have a stop sign.

How would this be possible?
What's annoying you right now?

question about credit cards

My question is whether or not I should get a credit card while I'm still in college. I hadn't planned on bothering but now I've been told that now is the time I should get a card and start developing a credit history. Apparently having no credit history is worse than having a bad one, and once I'm no longer a student it will be more difficult to get a credit card. Is there any truth to this?

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I took two chicken breasts out of the freezer like an hour ago. I want to cook them for dinner, but they're not thawed. What's the best way to thaw chicken quickly?

I know I could defrost them in the microwave somehow, but tbh, I've never done that before and I'm not sure how.

How do you like your chicken prepared?

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can i transfer money to my paypal account from my credit card and then xfer the money to my bank account to avoid cash advance fees or is that just too easy?

jk i figured it out... my dad owns a company so i'll just pay him with my CC and have him give me the money

1 being strictly friend territory and 5 strictly dating

Poll #1598136 Is it more of a 'friend' thing or a 'dating' thing?

Talking/texting very regularly (daily or close)

Mean: 2.83 Median: 3 Std. Dev 0.79

More specifically, calling/texting to say good morning every week day

Mean: 4.19 Median: 4 Std. Dev 0.86

Being invited places as a unit (eg. "We should invite Tim and Chelsea!")

Mean: 3.95 Median: 4 Std. Dev 0.94

Sharing a luxury expense (cell plan, gym membership, etc)

Mean: 4.33 Median: 4 Std. Dev 0.70

Attending the funeral of someone who is a stranger to you, as moral support.

Mean: 3.18 Median: 3 Std. Dev 0.78

Sharing a non-luxury expense (rent/electricity) when not roommates.

Mean: 4.14 Median: 4 Std. Dev 0.89
Or, if you're feeling lazy, how much of a whiner is Ms.I'm-so-Petite?

*EDIT: In case it's not clear in the article, Miss. Teeny was on standby whereas Fatso had a guaranteed seat. So, even if they'd made his parents pay</i> for the second seat, she would have been bumped anyway.

The difference being whether he pays for seat #2 or not.

Either way, standby passengers are bumped.

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where your boyfriend at?
are you working that updo?
do you like mike n ikes?

dk/dc: what does your favorite outfit look like?
edit: what show makes you upset but you keep watching? (for me, youre cut off pisses me off but i keep watching it.)
Manga Me

Do I have to choose a side?

So my two best friends who happen to be a couple broke up a few months ago. The one who did the breaking up is finally moving out to his own place and I feel like eventually I will have to choose a side when that happens. I really don't want to have to choose to just stay friends with one of them, I love them both so much :(...

Have you ever been in a situation like this? If yes, how did it turn out in the long run?
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Kind of going off of symmetry's question, but how hard is it to get a bank account being older? I'm turning 21 and have never had one, only a CD under my parents.
Do student loans continue to increase if you do not pay them off? Backstory under the cut since it seems kind of convoluted to me:
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I put Advantage flea stuff on my kitty today, for probably the third time. It's been more than a month since the last time, as I was busy moving and it completely slipped my mind, so I don't remember how she acted the last time. This time she is acting very nervous and isn't her usual playful self. She is just chilling and not thrilled with anyone going near her. She's eating and stuff, but I'm not used to her not being all over me.

Anyone else have any experiences with flea stuff and how pet's behavior changes? Do you think she's okay? I'm not against taking her to the vet tomorrow if she is still acting odd, but I'm not going to be super alarmist if she's still eating/drinking/being alert.

dk/dc/alternate question: When you order/eat pizza, where is it from?
If I order I get Dominos, if I'm out somewhere I get a local pizza, Fellini's.

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TQC picture post time? Show me the most recent photo of yourself, your favourite photo, a childhood photo, OR the most MySpace-y/Internet Disease photo of you around. I wanna gaze at all you hotties for a while.

What can I make with spaghetti, 1/2 a stick of butter (unsalted), some frozen peas, a very small amount of skim milk, flour, and various spices?
Peggy Blink

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My boyfriend and I are going to get a puppy! One of us wants a keeshond, the other wants a pomeranian. Which should we get?

What is your favorite type of puppy?

If you don't like puppies, what the hell is wrong with you?

ETA: we went through petfinder.com and found breed-specific rescues. Both breeds are more than available. GOSH YOU GUYS, stop bleeding heart blood all over me. lol
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(no subject)

what's that new tv show about an outbreak that's premiering tonight? it starts with a C. someone was telling me about it today and how you can hook up with a game via facebook and i forget the name! thanks!

(no subject)

Any other TCQ-ers go to Renissance Fair(e)s/Festivals? Which ones?
I go to the Michigan Ren Fest every year.

If you do, will you post pictures of your favorite costumes? I need inspiration for what to make this year.
you think you&#39;re heart would learn.

swallow pills

so i have this weird thing where i can't swallow pills. recently i have been breaking my acne antibiotic pills into two before swallowing them separately. these are timed release pills so i'm concerned about hazardous health effects.

does anyone else have this problem? what do you suggest?

(no subject)

 My boyfriend and I are on a break right now. We were just getting good and back together when I figured out that he asked this one loose broad ho woman to have sex with him and it really hurt. He called me crying and was telling me that he was just trying to fill the gap that I left. Am I overdoing it by taking a step back and be cautious all over again? I didn't do anything with anyone during this break. What do I do!?

Okay, I apologize for the drama question and the rude comment about the other girl. I came to my senses. Thanks for the criticism, I needed to be somewhat slapped around :)

DKDC: What's your favorite Disney movie? 

I love me some Lion King. 

Back to the future!

I am currently waiting for my other computer to hurry up and install service pack 1 for vista, Why so backwards you?, that story is too long to tell but its taking a while when I dont even want it on my system.

When was the last time you had t go back on something, software, cooking, life to acheive the greater end and go forward in yur life/computer specs.


Marry, shag, cliff?
Marty McFly, Biff Tannen, Emmet Brown?
garden state flower

(no subject)

Will you post your favorite pick-up lines? Silly or not.

Have you ever used a pick-up line irl? How did it turn out?

Will you help me look for my lost cat? I think she wandered into that cheap motel across the street...


Can you guess the answer to these Old English riddles?

Collapse )

If anyone guesses everything correctly your present will be more Old English poetry.


A delightful Middle English lyric:

I have a gentil cock

I have a gentil cock,
Croweth me day
He doth me risen erly
My matins for to say.

I have a gentil cock,
comen he is of gret:
His comb is of red coral,
His tail is of jet.

I have a gentil cock,
Comen he is of kinde:
His comb is of red coral,
his tail is of inde.

His legges ben of asor,
So gentle and so smale;
his spores arn of silver whit
Into the wortewale.

His eynen arn of cristal,
Loken all in aumber:
And every night he percheth him
In mine ladye's chaumber.
burning words

tumblr question

is there an app or something you can use to make it easier to post to multiple Tumblr accounts?

i love the "tumblr share" button on my toolbar but if it had a multiple account option, where i could just click which tumblr i'd want to post to, it would be amazing.