July 26th, 2010

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So having sex regularly is supposed to be healthy, help keep you young, etc, but is masturbation as good as sex in that regard? Or do you actually have to be having sex with a partner?
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This is a health/habits/ew poll. Be honest kids - who said what is hidden so nobody can judge you.

Which of these is true?

I take a vitamin every day
I intend to take a vitamin every day, but this rarely happens
I only brush my teeth once a day
I brush my teeth three or more times a day
I don't floss
I have a bottle of mouthwash but I never use it
I religiously use mouthwash
I brush my teeth twice a day like my dentist always told me
I floss all the damn time
I had braces as a kid


I had braces and I never wore my retainer
I had braces and my teeth are kind of fucked now, later in life
I need glasses
I wear contact lenses
I own a scale
I know exactly how much I weigh
I don't know how much I weigh and I don't care
My boobs are a size D or bigger
Me/my SO has man-boobs
I don't shave my pits every day


I pee in the shower almost every time
I've peed in front of my SO/a past SO
I rarely wash my hands after I pee
I read books or Internet while I poop
I closely examine my toilet paper before flushing it
I masturbate on a fairly regular basis
I put toilet paper/a toilet seat paper cover down whenever I pee in public
I refuse to poop in someone else's house/public
I shave all of my pubic hair off
I'm a nail-biter
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Say that you were hosting an event (in this case a baby shower) at some sort of restaurant, but you cannot afford to purchase food for everyone so they have to buy it themselves.

EDIT: This is not my party, I'm just asking for a friend. Her sister is adamant about holding it at this restaurant.

What is a tactful way to word this on an invitation?
Or is it just implied that you'd have to pay for yourself?

Have you even been to such an event?
Did you expect to pay for yourself or did you expect your host to take care of it?

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Tomorrow I'm going to start taking Accutane (or one of the other brands, whatever) for my acne. I'm kind of scared because I've heard really bad things about the side effects it causes, but at the same time, I know that the really serious side effects are pretty rare and most of the hype is just fear-mongering and stuff.

Getting pregnant isn't an issue for me (I'm a virgin and I plan to stay that way for quite some time), so the notion of taking monthly pregnancy tests annoy the everliving fuck out of me. I understand why they have to do it, but still...

Anyway, my question is: have you ever taken Accutane? Did you have any side effects? Do you know anyone who did? Should I abort this mission before it's too late? Am I worrying too much? Is it worth it?
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So my mom wants to decorate my new apartment. She's getting all new furniture, rugs, stuff, whatever. She only needs to know from me what color scheme I want for each room. All I could come up with is PURPLE FOR EVERYTHING.

Guys, can you help me out with picking color schemes for this place??

here are the pics (current guy's stuff, not mine!)

What do you think?

[Edit: The bathroom will be brown/sea-foam green. The bedroom must be white and purple. I want the living room to also be purple (the couch I want is purple) but other than the couch I don't know how to work other colors in. I don't care about the colors for the kitchen and dining room.

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How do I go about popping a stubborn zit that is behind my tragus?

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I need to go for a walk tomorrow and my earbuds press right against it and it HURTS.

What's the worst place to get a zit?

Do you get satisfaction out of popping them?

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My friend is going into her sophomore year of college and her dad just lost his job. She's working two jobs and has a scholarship and she still doesn't have enough to pay the remaining tuition, so she doesn't know if she can come back to school. There's only a month left before school starts, so it's too late for most scholarships.

I really want to help but I can't think of anything. What can she do? Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? Any advice I can give her, or any resources she can use? If it makes any difference, she lives in New York and our university is in PA (in case anyone knows of state aid that can kick in in less than a month). Google isn't helping much.

[ETA:] She's already up to her head in loans so she's trying to avoid adding more to the pile. I know that makes it extra difficult, since loans seem to be the only option here ):
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 Hokay, so tomorrow I'm flying by myself to Poland, and I'm stopping in Germany. I don't know Polish or German, and I'm in the US so I have to go through customs. I'm scared. Is there any advice you want to give me about switching planes with luggage and going through customs? Any websites you know of that explain the procedure and may help me?
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So, I just took two benadryl for my allergies and I just looked.... they expired in 2008!

Am I gonna fucking die now???

Have you ever taken anything that expired? What happened to you?
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I just heard what sounded like a bunch of boxes falling over in the entry way but when I went to look there was nothing. Apparently I was committing a sin by going to look.

*what was it?
*would you go look?

DK/DC: have you ever had an icon war?

html fail

My mom's lawyer friend just told me that if you take the bar exam in New York, you can practice law anywhere in the country. What is the accuracy of that statement?

Sources so far indicate no, but I'm still clinging to hope. Just cause I like the idea.

What's your favorite style of architecture?

Definitely art deco.

What's a surprising/funny fact about your parents?

My 62-year-old, incredibly austere mother loves Green Day, and will occasionally beg me to put on "21st Century Breakdown." I think it's hilarious.



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 I'm having a real problem with spider invasion at the moment D:

There's a huge.. colony of them on the outiside of my bedroom window. There's more and more of them each day, i think theres a nest just about my window. I'm pretty scared of spiders, so every time i open my blinds it's horrible, and i just want them gone. I can't even open my window for fresh air because they all come in the gap and i've just had to kill 3 with a dvd case. 

TQC, what can i do to get rid of them? My rooms on the first floor, making outdoor access to them a  bit tricky. 

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What was the last thing that freaked you out? Interpret as you wish.
Inspired by the fact that a spider just climbed up my shoulder. :(

Also, how could I best discourage spiders from setting up camp in my room?
Another tried to join me on my beanbag earlier! GO AWAY SPIDERS.

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OMG, TQC, I get the house to myself for a WHOLE WEEK, so I am going to throw an AWESOME WEEK-LONG TQC PARTY* AND EVERYONE IS INVITED. It is going to be a potluck, and it would be cool if you brought some booze to share too. SO WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING??? I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE 80S & 90S MUSIC BECAUSE THAT WHAT I WILL PLAY ON THE STEREO. Do you think anyone will hook up? OMG. Who do you hope will come? It's gonna be the best part evar, you guys. LET'S TALK ABOUT MY TQC PARTY AND HOW AWESOME IT WILL BE

*not really :(

Inspired by "Enemy at the Gates"

I was watching "Enemy at the Gates" this weekend, and a question occurred to me:

[If you haven't seen the movie, a Russian woman's son is helping the Russians by being a "double agent"; making the Germans think he's giving them intel, when he's really gleaning it to pass on to the Russians. When the Germans find out, they kill him. Rather than tell his mother that he's been found out and killed, the Russian political officer tells her that he's turned traitor and gone over to the Germans for good. The mother is joyful/relieved to hear it, saying "At least he's still alive."]

So, the question:
In such a situation, a time of war when your own country/city is under attack, would you, as a parent, rather know that your child was killed defending his homeland, or be told that he's alive, but as a traitor?

Personally, I'd prefer the former.

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what is a really good abdomen work out? something beyond crunches, i want to work on my 6 pack i seem to be able to get everything else all muscle-y except for there and its lame.

what kind of work outs do you do? how often?
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Private grants?

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Where/how should I be looking to find private donors or organizations that give international education grants to individuals?

What do YOU think are necessary topics or concepts to cover in elementary school science (they have never learned any science before, and I'm not sure some of them will learn any after this either)?

Do you have any tips for teaching science to kids with very limited materials and language barriers (the kids are taught by a lot of volunteers that don't speak Quechua, their native language...)

(Also, don't worry - I am doing a lot of actual research and talking to actual teachers too, not just the internet)
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just quoting the doc office here

TQC, why can't I eat if I "want" a blood test? Why do I "want" a blood test to begin with? I may need a blood test (how should I know, you're the damn doctor), but why would I "want" a blood test?

ETA: When I made the appt, they asked if I wanted a blood test. I said "I dunno, do I need one?" and the nurse said "well I'll schedule you one anyway" and now they're calling telling me that if I "want" a blood test, I can't eat today. How should I know if I need one??
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How should I go about putting in my two-weeks notice? Our pay period works on a two-week basis, Sunday-Saturday, so I would want my last day to be the 7th. I don't have a car and don't work until Thursday at the one I'm talking about, and the chances of my boss being there is unlikely. Should I e-mail her instead? She is good about reading them but it seems impersonal. I'm moving, by the way; I love this job

How stressful has your Monday been? Anything to bitch about?
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Have you ever been sued by a creditor before? Have you ever had your wages garnished due to failure to pay the creditor? Can you tell me your experience dealing with debt and lawsuits and creditors?
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So, I tried to adjust the brightness of my laptop and it was ok until the next time I booted it up. Now the screen pulses and it goes from really dark to blindingly bright about every 5 seconds.
Please tell me TQC, what did I do to screw up my laptop?
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A few random questions

1. How often do you paint your nails?

2. If you've seen Shutter Island and Inception, which one did you like better?

3. You enter a 1 person bathroom at work. There is 1 toilet and 1 sink. However, there is also a divider with a door like the ones you see in public bathrooms. Do you close the door to the divider as well or do you leave it open?

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If you're faxing your resume and cover letter, do you also need to include a fax cover sheet? What exactly should be on a fax cover sheet if not the info already on  your cover letter?

Why do people still use fax machines? Email is more environmentally friendly. And cash friendly; I have to go to the library and spend 2$ a fax!

ETA: What if I don't have a contact name, just a business name?
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I have my working interview Tuesday at noon, but I'm supposed to register for my courses at one. 
Edit: I can register after 1, 3 at the earliest, and I will, I'm just scared I'm not going to get the classes I need. 

Are you losing your shit over anything?

Wtf do I do?
Will you register for me while I go to the interview? thnx bb. 
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I'll pay in beer and pizza for anyone who wants to come over this week and help me replace the head gasket on my truck. Any takers?

I'll add ice cream to the bribe for anyone who actually knows what the heck they're doing (this is my first experience doing it).

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Will you post a picture of what your dining room looks like?
Or else describe what it looks like?

dk/dc - What's your favorite room in your house and why?
What do you wish you could change about your house?

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What are your favorite cleaning products?

I need to clean this place from top to bottom to make sure I get my security deposit back.
It's not particularly dirty, just has a years worth of living in.

Any tips on packing to move?
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Schlong-related hypothetical

Poll #1597539 Question for the straight ladies and gay fellers

You're dating a new guy. He's really handsome, charming and funny. He's so your type and you two hit it off immediately and within a week are almost finishing each other's sentences and talking for hours on the phone. You just connect like crazy, unlike any previous boyfriend. However, you haven't slept together yet. He says that he just got out of a bad relationship and wants to take this one slow, so you're waiting. After a month, when you guys are inseparable, he says that he thinks he's ready to have sex. It's getting hot and heavy and you two hop into his bed, when you make a discovery: he has a really small penis. It's like smaller than your pinky. He confesses this was the real reason why he took it slow, to make sure that you wouldn't bolt out the door upon sight of his lil lumber. But now that you've seen his tiny Vienna sausage of a wiener, what happens now?

We continue on as best we can. He'd better be good at foreplay. If not, this puts a serious damper on the future of this relationship
I don't care. Sex isn't as important as the emotional connection we have
"Um...I just remembered I have to go to an early meeting tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, it's one of those Saturday meetings. Um...I'll call you. Seeya!"
I'll keep seeing him, but definitely going to start seeing other people on the side. People with normal sized genitalia
I start laughing. Nonstop. Even when he's in tears and getting dressed and walking away. I can't help it. It's too damn funny
Burst into tears and cry out "How could you do this to me on our big night? You bastard, you weren't even thinking of my feelings when you brought THAT to bed. How can I trust you now?
It doesn't really matter. With his small dick, I can play out my lesbian fantasies and just pretend it's a large clit
"Ok...um...where's the rest of it? You can bring it out now. Seriously, what did you do with it? Did you tuck it under? STOP HIDING YOUR PENIS FROM ME!"
Immediately start talking about how you'd like to try a threesome with another guy, like, how about right now?

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Could you share your engagement ring photos?

Also, if you can, could you include your ring size and the carat size of how many carats the diamond/other gemstone on your ring (if there is one)?

edit: if you don't have an engagement ring, could you please post a photo your dream one?
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anyone know sanskrit? i want to learn it. i studied a lot of languages and always thought this was one i wouldn't touch now i absolutely want to eat it up. please tell me everything, thanks :D

alternately / additionally: what are some things you thought you would never need or want and then you did?

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I'm watching 28 Days Later on VHS and it made me wonder something.

If you've seen the movie, why the hell is Jim naked in a hospital bed in the opening of the movie?
Don't hospital patients usually wear something?
Did the Infected steal his gown or something?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, what was the last movie you watched on VHS?

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Kind of a stupid question, but it just got me wondering:

I've been trying to get into the Army for the last 8 years, but keep getting denied because of some really old medical history. This weekend we went to my brother-in-law's birthday party (he's an Army helo pilot). Him and all his flight school buddies were sitting around talking about how much they hate the new uniforms, and I was just sitting there thinking to myself, "I'd give anything to have one, ugly or not."

So, the question I pose to you, TQC:

Have you ever had someone take for granted/not appreciate/not take care of something that you would give anything just to have? What was it?
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Anyone care to share a few lines from the last song they listened to/song they are currently listening to?

If not, favorite lines?

Listening to this right now:

My old friends, I can remember when
You cut your hair, I never saw you again
Now the cities we live in could be distant stars
And I searched for you in every passing car

-Arcade Fire, Suburban Wars.
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My google-fu has failed me! I'm looking for a blog that I stumbled upon a couple nights ago written by two lesbians. The format was that readers submitted anonymous questions and both of them wrote their responses. the questions typically had to do with lesbian relationships, sexual confusion, etc. One of the women that writes it, whose name I believe was Danielle, but I could be wrong since I would assume it would have come up on google already, is currently in the running to be an MTV VJ. I remember the title was something simple like "The Gay Blog", but I can't remember now. I had to reformat my computer last night, so I can't find it in my history. The blog seemed very popular, and I was directed there via an ad on another website that I can't even remember anymore. I know they're NYC based because their story of how they started the blog includes that they went to the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck to celebrate. It was SUCH a good blog!
Anyone know what it could be?


Have you ever had to regularly cook for two people trying to eat healthier foods? What do you usually cook?
My SO and I are trying to eat out less and stay in more, but the only things I can think of cooking are spaghetti and things involving rice.

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Should I be concerned that my roommate, who went through the public school system and now is in college thinks that Transylvania is in Africa?

Also, should I be excited that I won a Macintosh Classic II off the ebays? Any good software titles should I look to get for it?

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Do you watch Next Food Network Star?  If so, who are you rooting for? What would you like to see more of on FN? What do you wish they'd do away with?

I have been watching it since season 3. I missed the first two seasons because NFNS didn't really catch my attention at the time, but then I tuned in to the season 3 premiere and I couldn't stop watching.

I am rooting for Brad because he has a great smile and except for some problems early on, he cooks pretty well for such a young guy.  His food seems so elegant but at the same time, it looks easy to prepare. He needs a little polishing when it comes to interacting in front of the cameras and if he continues to improve on that, he's won me over. Aarti is a close 2nd.

FN could use more chefs of different ethnic backgrounds (especially Asian and Indian).  There are too many Italian, American, and Latin/Mexican chefs on there and way too many BBQ/Grilling shows.  I have nothing against those groups of foods.  I just want to see more variety. I would love to see someone who could make healthy food taste great, as well as someone who can show me how to cook for diabetics or people with other health issues.

Also, I wish for less loud, over the top personalities like Paula Deen, The Neelys, and Rachael Ray. I want to learn to cook and be entertained.  Annoying catch words like "EVOO" or "Y'all!" in almost every sentence and Paula and the Neelys' sexual innuendos make me want to gag.  When their shows come on, I change the channel.

DK/DC:  What are your favorite foods? If you ordered out, what would you get?

I love baked macaroni and cheese and meatloaf (I made a really good one the other day w/ turkey instead of ground beef and I didn't notice any difference in the taste), spaghetti and meatballs w/ some butter and lots of Parmesan cheese mixed in, cheesecake, and chocolate chip cookies.  I am trying to cut back on take-out, but if I do order it, I like sushi, curry shrimp, or pepperoni pizza w/ extra cheese.

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My mom got something in the mail for me from the DMV (I guess I forgot to change my address). She is at work right now so she can't open it and tell me.

I just paid my car registration and haven't been in any accidents. What could it be?

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What is the scarest movie you've ever seen?

My brother and I were talking about this the other day and he mentioned a Dutch film that was ranked the scariest movie ever on some site or something. We were with my two high-school aged nephews and he wouldn't even tell us what it was about!(more for them than for me, because he didn't want them to look it up) He said he didn't even want to talk about it. Now I'm curious, does anyone know the film he's talking about? He wouldn't say the name of it or anything in front of my nephews and I forgot to ask him about it later.
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On a scale of 1-10, 1 being don't even use soap, and 10 being regular pedicures etc (go as extravagant as you like), how much care do you take of your feet?
If it's above 1, what is your footcare regime?

Another one of these terrible polls

Poll #1597574 Surname nonsense

Ladies, if your last name was Mutter, and your fiance's last name was Focker, what would your married name be?


If your last name was Wang, and your fiance's last name was Chung, what would your married name be?


If your last name was Butte, and your fiance's last name was Love, what would your married name be?


If your last name was Dill, and your fiance's last name was Doe, what would your married name be?


If your last name was Obie, and your fiance's last name was Juan, what would your married name be?


If your last name was Rheet, and your fiance's last name was Aard, what would your married name be?


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HAY TQC, I am totally going to watch Predator here in a few minutes, so I would like to talk about ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. CAN WE HAVE AN ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER POST? Will you share with me ridic pictures/videos/.gifs/whatever, of/relating to ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER? Or, if you are totally not feelin' ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER right now, please to be sharing ridiculous things involving other wacky celebrities.

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My Facebook friends tell me I should join a dating site. Maybe so I'll be part of a sad, pathetic couple rather than being a sad, pathetic individual. I have never used a dating site, but I've had a couple friends who have done it and their results weren't exactly inspiring.

So, I've come to ask you, TQC

1. Have you ever joined a dating site/service?
2. What was your experience of it?
3. Were there some decent prospects on these sites, or are most of them desperate, physically ugh or possibly insane?
4. Did any of your dates lead to anything worthwhile?
5. Should fourcorners date, or should he be kept segregated from the fairer sex?
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Peaches Christ Superstar is coming to NY! Should I go see it? Would you go see it? My dad offered to get tickets for my birthday, but then I'd have to go with him and I think it might be too awkward, do you think it would be?

Apparently it's nothing like a standard Peaches show up until "the final act when Peaches was raised on to a wet-looking twenty foot tall crucifix with a penis at the top and a clitoris at the bottom. She sings the finale dangling above the stage as a chorus of queer dancers shimmy around her and the hermaphroditic religious object waving their hands in the air in praise of Peaches"

TQC, I agree that this sounds shitty, I don't even know why I want to see it.
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I just got a text from Verizon saying "You're eligible to upgrade early to any new phone with new 2 year agreement." Is this a trick? My contract doesn't end until next July.

(no subject)

But if you do like tuna and appreciate a good tuna melt, how do you like to make it?
Do you put anything on it that makes it special?
What do you eat it with, if anything?

If you don't like tuna: what's your favorite kind of sandwich?
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What would you cook for dinner if you had no electricity?

I can use the stove top since it's gas, but as there is no A/C and my apartment is boiling, I don't want to stand there over fire for too long. Hopefully I can find a grocery store that has a generator and didn't lose all their food overnight. :/ Going out isn't really an option either, no local (within 20 miles) restaurants seem to have power, and driving is a pain with all the stop lights out.

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Does anyone here have a job that is not tattoo friendly? How do you prefer to hide otherwise visible tattoos?

Also, female orange tabby cats are rare and often cantankerous (usually orange tabbies are males.... or aliens). Does anyone here have a female orange tabby cat? I do. She can be bitchy, but most of the time I love the shit out of her anyways.

TQC: the animal whisperers

Why does my cat hiss when she's playing? Virtually every other cat I've had or worked with (I volunteer at a rescue) hisses when they want you to back off; I thought that's what she was trying to tell me, but if I try to leave her alone, she'll come after me and keep trying to play. It's like hissing is something she does when she's happy, not angry. Has anyone else ever had their cat do that (or do something equally weird)?

DK/DC: What are your goals for this week, if any?
I <3 TLV

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One of my nails cracked below in the middle. Is there any way I could like, glue it back together? It's at a place where I can't cut it off, because the half that's attached is too low. So it's just sort of half there, and I want to paint my nails =/ Any solutions?

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[Edit: I put on a few coats of my strongest super glue but it wont stay together!]

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Is there a way to disable the annoying "split to -" arrows that pop up when using Firefox? If so, how?

ETA: I've only started using FF about 2-3 weeks ago (although I've had it installed for at least six months), and I know I've never changed any settings, so I don't think it's something I did. And it's the latest version before the version that's currently out now (I never upgraded)

ETA: AHA! it's an add-on that I never downloaded, and it's somehow installed and active. I disabled it, and the split screen function and option on the toolbar disappeared. I have no idea how it got there in the first place, though

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I'm trying to come up with some meal ideas for the upcoming school year.
What are some things that taste delicious cold other than sandwiches?
What are some sandwiches that hold up well to being pre-made?
Have you had any luck with using a thermos to keep hot foods hot for a few hours? What have you kept hot?
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How did you decide on what tattoos to get, if you have any?

Will you share a picture of your tattoo/explanation of why you got it?

What kind of piercings do you think are best on males?

And a non body-mod related question:
Played any office pranks lately?
I connected to an unused computer and used it's text to speech to say things at people as they walked by. It would have worked out if I weren't cracking up in the corner to give myself away
love me do.

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Hey people, so I'm going camping next week and we're trying to take our smaller packs because we really aren't going for that long or for that long of hikes. Therefore we're trying not to bring a stove and we don't want to rely on ourselves to make a fire. We can both do it, just don't want to depend on it (weather, etc).
SO, how should we handle the food situation?
Trail mix and fruit are good for the trails, and granola bars for breakfast, but what can we bring along that doesn't need to be chilled or heated for lunch and dinner?
(sandwiches are obvious, but they get squished and soggy super easy so I'd like to try something new)

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If people find out I enjoy the new Black Eyed Peas album, will people stop trusting anything I say?
Will I lose my man card?
What about my street cred?
What will the other geeks say?
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oh gurl

Have you ever been friends with someone for months and had a total moment where you saw them in a completely different way? Like you had no idea how they really were before it; the kind of moment where you know that you just can't continue in your friendship and have it be the same way?

(I'm asking because I've been friends with this girl for a little bit under a year. I went on a roadtrip with her and other friends about a week ago, but she was incredibly annoying, selfish, and wouldn't stop when we asked her to stop her annoying things. She pouted when we were doing things that she didn't want to do. She just soured the whole trip for everyone, and the other friend that I went on the trip with feels the exact same way: like we just can't imagine ourselves being friends with her after this!)

So what would you/what have you done in similar situations? Especially when you don't want to hurt anyone, you just want to split ways as amicably as possible. :( THANKS TQC, LOVE YOU.

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I've got a phone interview for a job coming up on Wednesday. I'm excited and terrified. I really like the organization, and have been wanting to work for them forever, but I'm not sure this is the right position for me. My misgivings include the fact that a) it's a more advanced position in my current field, while I've been hoping to change fields; and b) I haven't interviewed for a new job in almost two years, and am afraid I'll just say something stupid. So my questions are:

1. How likely will I be to be doomed to do what I do now forever if I take another promotion in my field?
2. Do you know anyone who's moved into a completely new career track/category of work within a single company or organization? What did they do before/after? How did they make the switch?
3. How do you psych yourself up for interviews?

new post

OK, I guess they're gonna repaint my walls, so that's cool. New question.

What's the worst damage you've ever had living in an apartment? Mine was the time my toilet flooded in my previous apartment. Ughhhh.


TQC, due to some a/c leakage, my wall currently looks like this:

Collapse )

Is this going to stain? How do I make it not stain?

Also, yes I do have renter's insurance.

Maintenance people are currently looking into the situation. I have a neighbor above me so it's probably an issue with their a/c since I haven't even used mine in a few weeks because the breakers were broken. (That sounds weird, lol.) I noticed the leaking on... Saturday night I think? And put a request in on Sunday to fix both problems. Their idea of fixing the leak was to stick latex gloves or someshit in the hole in my closet, and we see how well that worked...
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What's the most white-trash name you've ever heard?

I just found out a girl I knew in high school named her daughter "Chaynae Bentley." Because giving your kid a car for a middle name really classes up "Chaynae," I guess.
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Etiquette question.

My friend and I are going to NYC. We work together. One of our coworkers whom we both liked and got along with moved there sometime last summer-- we're debating asking if we can crash at her place. We're not particularly close (we are facebook friends!). Is this really rude? If not, how would you approach it?
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What sounds better, TQC?

"I swear that bastard was out for blood and he wasn't going to stop scraping until he got it."


"I swear that bastard was out for blood and he wasn't going to stop scraping until he got some."

Thanks, party people.

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I was recently talking about the best decision I've ever made, and was curious as to what others would say.

What's the best decision you've ever made? Was it also your hardest?

My best and hardest decision was choosing to live with my dad in my parents' custody court case when I was ten years old.

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I'm going to a friends birthday tonight, and there will be people there who I stopped bothering to contact since I went to uni last September.
How awkward is this going to be?

Do you ever/how often do you come across people who you decided weren't valuable in your life?

Serious question time

So I need some advice, TQC. My dad just flat-out said he needs therapy in order to learn how to cope and deal with my grandmother, who has fairly advanced Alzheimers. Except that our insurance sucks and we have a $1500 deductible, so paying for it is tough. We already shop the circulars in the Sunday paper for grocery deals and I'm trying to find a job so that I can be more independent and he doesn't have to pay for my stuff. We go out to eat fairly often, so I'm definitely going to cut back on that, and I'm going to make him take his lunches from home so that he doesn't spend the ~$40 every week eating his lunch out. What other corners can we cut financially so that he can afford to see someone? He used the word "breakdown" as in "I think I might be in danger of having one" and I am freaked. TIA!
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What TV series should I purchase on DVD to watch with friends? I prefer comedies, and I already own Arrested Development, The Big Bang Theory, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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if you have sex with someone and it turned out they were blackout drunk, should you tell them what happened?

does the guy being the one who doesn't remember change anything?

basically, should i tell my friend we banged Saturday night? i thought we just weren't talking about it but now i'm 99% sure he just doesn't remember. which i'm fine with, so i'd like some insight into whether that's maybe illegal(like, is that rape?), or maybe a little immoral.
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Stranger douches.

Has a stranger ever insulted you in public for no reason at all? What did you do about it?

Last Friday I went to see 'Salt' and on my way back to my car some douche driving by yelled out "Fat faggot!" at me. I wish he would have said it to my face, I would have shown him what kind of faggot I am. >:(
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What stickers and/or magnets do you have on your vehicle?

I have:
Loose Change sticker
College sticker, with the mascot (lion) on it
"If you're going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair"
a yellow daisy magnet
a "support mother earth" ribbon magnet
ETA: "Nice truck, sorry about your small penis" magnet but I had to take it off because I live in the boondocks and was worried about my safety.

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If you have children, what were your tip-offs that you were pregnant?
(Other than missing your period)

What do you think of the name Caiden Christopher? (Pronounced Kay-Den)

Here's a better question as (if its a boy..) as my son will more than likely have his fathers last name, it will be Cunningham.

What would be a good first name to go with the middle name of Shane?

What made you laugh really hard today?
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Several days ago I ate a serving of cottage cheese. It tasted kind of bitter and I was like "uh oh..." so I checked the date and YEAH IT WAS REALLY, REALLY OLD. The expiration date? December 20, 2009.

I didn't get sick though and I obviously didn't die. I FELT sick at the very thought of it, but my stomach was fine. I didn't end up puking or anything.

So, tqc, why didn't I get sick or die? Am I superhuman?

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Any tips for keeping a Persian cat from getting matted?

I have a 5 month old Himalayan and her coat is in pretty good shape but I had to give her a bath and she didn't want to let me brush out and dry her belly or back legs. She has one mat that I'm probably going to end up cutting out but I want to prevent more from showing up.

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if you have sex with someone and it turned out they were blackout drunk, should you tell them what happened?

does the girl being the one who doesn't remember change anything?

basically, should i tell my friend we banged Saturday night? i thought we just weren't talking about it but now i'm 99% sure she just doesn't remember. which i'm fine with, so i'd like some insight into whether that's maybe illegal(like, is that rape?), or maybe a little immoral.

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If you do so, what do you wash your face with? Bonus points if it helps with acne.
I'm using Neutrogena pink grapefruit cleanser right now and it works well enough that my face is clean, but I'm always looking for something new to try.

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What's the longest amount of time you've went without sleep, and why?

I am going on 50+ (I lost count) hours without sleep now because the antibiotics I was on a few weeks ago gave me insomnia and fucked up my sleep schedule. I stupidly walked 5 miles uphill today and now I'm so tired that I might be slurring my words when I talk, lolol




I need a vacation. I want to go somewhere about 2-4 hrs away by car (I leave near Toledo, Ohio) and I'd like to do something nerdy - I'm big into seeing battlefields or historical houses. Any ideas on fun places to go? I will be going alone so I can probably do a few things....

what's your favorite nerdy vacation destination?

white trash

i've heard the term white trash being thrown out a lot and am not entirely sure i completely get what its supposed to refer to.

so what exactly makes a white person(?) a member of the "white trash" ?