July 25th, 2010

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So I decided that I should make a budget to make all my ~dreams come true~.

The problem is, I really have never done that before.

Should I just do an excel document and go from there? What will I forget about that I should budget in? How do you budget your expenses?
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Are basements common where you live?

I grew up where no one had basements. There was only one house in my area that had one and it was in the middle of nowhere and I couldn't even be down there alone because it was just too weird being underneath the house. So now whenever I watch scary movies where they go in the basement I flip out a little because it's just so weird

Is there anything like this for you? Something that just seems odd or movie-like simply because it's just not common in your life?

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After ejaculating into another man's ass, the ejaculator inserts a straw into his partner's ass and stirs creating the famous homoshake. This mixture of semen and feces is then sucked out of the anus. If any rectal bleeding is present, it is then known as a strawberry homoshake

what's your favourite tv show?
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What is the best Mel Brooks movie?

The Producers
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein
Silent Movie
History of the World: Part 1
Space Balls
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Dracula: Dead and Loving It
I hate Mel Brooks and also fun
I have never seen any of these movies therefore I fail at life

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How motherfucking hot is it in the room you're in right now? Also, bitch about it.
JFC, I am actually sweating with the fan on and I just want to go fall asleep in the deep freeze in the basement. :[

What do you think is your best quality? Best physical attribute?

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My Motorola Backflip has been going straight to voicemail when people call, the home buttons don't work, and now it is stuck at the start-up screen and won't go any further. What is going on and how can I fix it? I've tried taking the battery out and putting it back in, and I don't think it'll hard/soft reset.

Do you think AT&T will replace my phone, or do something at least? I am not sure if I have insurance or not but I haven't even dropped this phone or anything. It's just been acting up completely on its own. D:
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...you guys, I just woke up from a dream where I asked a poorly worded question on TQC and was getting reamed for it. I think it had something to do with rabbits. I could barely keep up with the torrent of "omg idiot" replies in order to edit the original question, you big bullies.

This dream means I need to curb my time on TQC, right? 

What was the last weird dream you remember having? Ever had a dream about TQC? 

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Do any of you play Sims 3 on a laptop? If so, what kind of laptop is it? What about Sims 2?

I'm going to get a laptop for my birthday this year. I have a list of things I want the laptop to have. On that list, while it's not SUPER necessary, I want to be able to play games on there. The idea is that I won't have to use my boyfriend's computer to play anymore. For the most part.

Could you maybe give me some details on well the graphics work out? I know it's based on graphic card/memory, but I've already looked at a few laptops within my price range that have the right specs - but I'd like my games not to run on low looking graphics, you know? (if you don't know, ask, I might be able to word it better. might.)

DK/DC: What are some good last names that work as first names? Like "Johnson" but without the sexual innuendo...

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Does anyone know how to clean a felt hat without completely destroying it? More specifically, rabbit fur felt?

I had my husband's slouch hat out this morning - it was due for a brush and polish, he's not here to do it himself and if I'm going to be up with the baby anyway I can multitask! - and Six Week Old Spawn took the opportunity to puke on it. Projectile.

It's normal for them to be a bit battered, and it's actually sort of something to be proud of when they are, but somehow I don't think military uniform bits are made to cope with the world's freshest yogurt!

I have three options:

- Take it to a professional hatter to be fixed. God only knows how much that would cost, probably a couple of hundred, and in the whole city there's apparently only two who can do it. He's worn it eight years now - five years of that every single day - in rain, hail, mud, everything, and this is the first time it will have needed the professional touch.

- Buy a new one. A head as big as my husband's got, that'll cost $150 easily. I'd also have to wait until he gets back so he can bash the crown into the shape he likes, stretch it out and otherwise make it right for him.

- Find some way of de-puking it that doesn't shrink the leather band on the inside or crack the felt.


(I've never been so glad he's not a tankie. Getting baby mess out of emu feathers would be BAD)

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Have you ever volunteered in another country? How did you get into it? Do you know of any legit websites that set these things up?

Have you ever gone to college in a different country? How did you learn about everything that you needed? Will you tell me all about it, please?

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This summer me and my mother are going on holiday for a week but we're torn between Czech Republic and Morocco. If it were you choosing which one would you choose? Feel free to back up your answer and/or suggest other places.

dk/dc? My pa's birthday is on Wednesday, what shall I get him? He likes music, cycling, reading, China and food. My budgets like £15 and I refuse to buy him alcohol.


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I really want to volunteer abroad, but the thing is I can't handle humid, tropical climates. Can anyone think of somewhere I could go where the weather isn't so hot and awful?

ETA: Yes, I can think of cold places, but most of the abroad programs I am finding are for hotter places

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I have long hair. It sheds everywhere. Sometimes when my clothes come out of the dryer they have hairballs stuck to/in them. This has resulted in occasional embarrassments for me when I get through half my day not realizing a clump of hair has been stuck to the back of my shirt...

Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

Or, how do you pronounce route?

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Has anyone actually had success with Drivetime?
I know its a last resort thing but they report to credit bureaus and I really need to start establishing some good credit.

Anyone know how much their typical down payment is? I've heard its pretty high.

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1.  Have you ever been to/do you live in Lexington, Kentucky?  If so, what fun things could I do if I stopped there for one night?  I'll be on my own.

2.  Have you ever been to/do you live in New Zealand?  If so, what's it like?

3.  What is your favorite thing to do in the great outdoors?

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My friend and I will be driving cross country from NY to LA. We're not sure what to do from NY to Chicago. What are some spots that are more or less on the way from NYC to Chicago that might be worth a stop? We're willing to take a few small detours if a spot is really worth it.

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So I have a relatively new laptop that's having issues. Whenever it is just running on battery power, it works fine and does everything it is supposed to do. But, if it is plugged into the AC Adapter and put in sleep or hibernate, it just shuts down, and needs to have all power sources removed and reinserted to turn back on.

The company is sending me a replacement, but, what could be wrong with the laptop?
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In two weeks I'm finishing up my first masters. What degree should I get next so that I can keep putting off being a real person and not have to give up my naptime?

Sam outside

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 Will you tell me about the shirt you're wearing right now? Where you got it, what it looks like, how long you've had it, how much you like it, etc. You can show me a picture if you'd like. 

Wisdom Teeth

I got just my two wisdom teeth on my left side removed on friday under local anesthetic. Things were fine at first but I now look deformed and can't chew or eat any real meals :'(. Can anyone tell me their wisdom teeth experience/advice?

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so my cat is getting a little chubby, nothing to bad but i dont want it to continue. i feed him wet food twice a day (the small can) and some dry food that he can munch on. what should i do to cut back his food? i was thinking maybe skipping a few morning meals but he will get all upset if i do.
how often do you feed your cat?

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let's say you wash a load of clothes in the washing machine, and get distracted and forget to put them in the dryer. so they sit there being clean and wet for a while, maybe days.

will you wash them again before drying them? how long do they sit there before you think they need to be re-washed?
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Alright, TQC. I've just moved to an unfamiliar community about three hours from the only place I've ever lived. I know exactly one person in this town, and she is my boss. My family just headed back home, so here I am alone in a town I barely know.

What should my first move be? Where do I go on a Sunday afternoon in a sleepy little town, and how do I go about introducing myself to people without seeming like an absolute creep? Or do I abandon this little community entirely and take this opportunity to head out to my state's capitol (30 minutes away), or the nearby tourist trap of a town (15 minutes away)?
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If one of your friends moved overseas for a year, would you go visit them, assuming you had the money and could get time off work? Or would it just be an "eh, you'll be back soon enough, I'll see you then" situation?

inspired by sf_d

Let's rehash the age old debate.

Do you sit or stand up when you wipe? Why?
Could you ever see yourself trying the alternative?

After I finish peeing I...

Stand up and wipe
Wipe while still seated
I'm nasty and don't wipe
i say, old bean

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is anyone here into rollerblading? or used to be?
how about skateboarding?

eta - how about biking? hockey?
do you own a bike, skateboard or rollerblades and if so, will you plz post pics?

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Does anyone have any experience spending a summer abroad? Not through their school, through an independent program or just upping and leaving and getting a temporary job. Tell me about it!

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my sister made brownies (by made i mean she put them in the oven and expects someone else to magically finish them for her) but i'm pretty sure she ruined them and put wayyyyyy too much oil or something. they've been in there for a while (idk how long though) but they're still mushy and there's like a layer of oil bubbling on top. is there any way to salvage these?

eta: we don't have eggs so she put extra oil to compensate. yeah these brownies are done for lmao.

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 My SO spilled milk in the keyboard.

How angry would you be if this happened?

Because I am pretty pissed. Did I mention this is a new keyboard?

Yes, I cleaned it and yes the milk smell is still in it. 

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1)From 1 to 10, how happy would you be if you had to marry the first person you had sex with?


2)Is there a cupcake bubble?

Yes- I think demand for cupcakes has peaked, and a new treat will become popular.

3)What's a first world problem you have?

I am so behind on Mad Men, I can't enjoy the premier of the new season
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I will be starting college classes next month as a non-traditional freshman (I'm 27, a wife and a mom.) Do I want to buy a netbook or a laptop? I will be making my purchase using financial aid and will need to buy books and other supplies in addition to the computer.

If I get a netbook instead of a fullsize laptop, what will I be giving up in terms of functionality? Do you have a netbook? What peeves you about it?

Does anyone have specific recommendations regarding brands or models of netbooks or laptops? Are there any brands I should avoid?

ETA: I do have a desktop computer at home.
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Have you ever ripped an article of clothing in the dressing room? What did you do? If not, what would you do?

My friend ripped the entire crotch out of a pair of pants while we were shopping today and just gave them back like nothing had happened. I thought that was pretty ruuude.

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What are some things you've never experienced before that it seems like everyone else has? The type of things(such as riding an airplane) that will cause people to look at you like an alien when you admit that you've never done it before.

Me: Just like the example, I have never been on an airplane before.
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I'm thinking of rescuing a chinchilla. Because I want another pet that is not a dog, cat, bird or rat/hamster (for varying reasons) but I want a pet. A cuddly pet

Do you have a chinchilla or knwo someone who does? What are they like

Alternatley, what are some other cool pets? I'm also thinking sugar glider.
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Vindicate me!!

Poll #1597182 Garage Sales!

You're going garage selling. The first place you're going to says they don't start until 8am. Do you....

Show up at 8am
Show up an hour early and expect to be let in
I'm having a stupid argument with someone who says that if you post a time, you're really posting for an hour earlier so you have to let people in and that it's 'garage sale etiquette' just because someone wrote it in a 'how-to have a garage sale' on the internet.

A garage sale is like any other business, yes? The open time is when you're going to open, no exceptions. Yes, people are going to show up early, and yes, some people will let them in a few minutes early, but banging on the door demanding to be let in is just ridiculous.

ETA: Do you feel any different if I told you that it wasn't at my house, but at a banquet hall indoors? No? I thought so. Still fucking rude.

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I just went to the grocery store in sweats and a tank top, and some guy was pushing his cart but was rubbernecking just to stare at my chest for a good few seconds. Before I could tell him to f**k off, he had stopped and I was shaken up.

So, a question for TQC ladies,
Do you ever get upset or offended when you're just out minding your own business and some creep just stares at your boobs or ass for an uncomfortable and disrespectful amount of time? Do you find it flattering?
Why or why not?

Because I'm feeling super grossed out right now.
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If you're in high school, what are things you want to do before you graduate?

If you're no longer in high school, do you remember any thing in particular you really wanted to do before graduation?
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Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?
Does your iDevice have the Words With Friends app on it?
If you answered yes to both of these questions, would you like to play a game against me? My username on there is bpdd

If you don't have a listed iDevice and/or you don't want me to school you in fake Scrabble: what do you think of root beer? Cream soda? Orange soda? Grape soda?
I love all the less common sodas. Whenever I go to the store and grab the Manzanita Sol or Sunkist 12 packs, people give me grossed out looks while they grab their Coca-Cola and Mt. Dew. :/

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Sorry to ask boring dumb computer questions, but this has been annoying me for a while:

Does it matter how close your IP address is to your house? (I'm not using a proxy)

Every time I look up the location of my ip address, it is located in the same place, in another state, 1000 kms away. Is this just because my crappy little provider has its thingamajigs there? Or could it be slowing down my connection?

The reason I ask is a long chain of ignorant reasoning, such as those fake pop ups which always say for me "work available in Bundaberg, QLD!" (a small town 1000 kms away), which kinda makes me think that IPs should be located close to you...? Otherwise those adds wouldn't work...? And the fact that google maps thinks that I live in a suburb with the same name as mine in QLD, when I actually live in the NSW suburb...

Thanks for any answers!! This is confusing my head!
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My boyfriend's band played a gig at a biker rally last night. He admitted there was a titty contest going on, and there were topless women up on stage hanging all over the band while dancing. If this were your boyfriend, would this annoy you, or would you be cool with it?

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Besides Forever 21's line, "Faith 21", and Torrid's overpriced catalog of clothing...What are other plus size options are there for early 20 somethings(i.e not old lady clothes lol )?

I'm not "Technically" plus-sized. I'm on the outer-range of regular misses/womens so I can fit comfortably into both. I just can't seem to find cute clothes now-a-days. I live in Orlando, Florida so I can't take advantage of awesome stores overseas =[

I want cute stuff for college =[

Any suggestions?

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I just graduated college and I don't really see myself getting a job in my field this year. I can pretty much do whatever the hell I want.

So what should I do? (Start a new back up career, travel, take a part time job?)
Is anyone else in this situation? What are your plans?

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What's up you sexy bitches? Will you reply to this post using your newest icon?

Which do you find more beautiful/inspiring/etc.: sunrises or sunsets?

Where do you get your ~relationship advice~ from, other than TQC?
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Typically, how many of the recipes in a recipe book do you actually make?

Do you only make the ones with pictures next to them?

How many recipe books do you own? How many of them get used with any regularity?

BONUS COMPLETELY UNRELATED QUESTION: If you were to get married and you magically didn't have to invite anyone out of obligation, how many people would you have there, and what relationship would they have to you?

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Is it just me, or is that cartoon "Adventure Time" extremely weird, not really in a good way, but you still watch it anyway?

Chowder, yay or nay?

Dragonball Z Kai, (good) nostalgia or should it go the hell away now? Also, have some of the voices changed or has it really just been that long? 

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I vaguely remember a quote from Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar" where she mentions depression as a feeling that may go away temporarily, even for long periods of time but will ultimately stay in the back of your mind waiting to creep up on you again. Kind of like... once you have it you always will in some form.

I was curious, would you agree or disagree?


One of my good friends was just sent to jail (assault). I guess you could say he has the typical bad boy image - likes to rap, tattoos, drank a lot, smoked pot, tries to act hard, etc. Im not hatin'.. I just know him better than that and hes a good guy. He also likes shows like Gangland on the History Channel, lol.

Anyway, he thinks he will be in jail for a year and a half or so, and he wants to try to turn his life around. Does anyone have any good book suggestions? (I can send him books directly from Amazon). He wasnt a big reader so nothing outrageously complicated. Preferably something similar to his situation.. a "bad boy" trouble maker who ended up doing great things.. or even a true story about someone famous? IDK help me please? :(
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Inspired by an earlier post or two...

The earlier posts made me curious about how many people on TQC had done some of these things.

Poll #1597226 Life moments...

Which of these things have you done?

ridden a subway/light rail type thing
Been to a foreign country
purchased a car
purchased a new car
purchased a house
rented an apartment
been in the hospital other than birth
seen someone die
seen someone be born
been married
been divorced
had a kid
had an abortion
watched way too much Law and Order
The option to view responses is disabled, in case anyone is nervous. 

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 Are your parents open about their sex life? 

Mine are - my mom tells me everything. I'm glad my parents are happy and still in love a couple decades later, but GROSS. 

Who are you open to about your sex life?

I only tell my best friend about what happens in the bedroom. 

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Why is everyone so confused about Inception?

I loved it, and I def need to watch it a few more times to catch everything, but I honestly don't think it was confusing.  =/ Just totally awesome! =]

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In talking to young 20-something undergrads about their future, why do so many of them say "oh I would LOOOVE to travel"?

Nothing against travelling, but why is this everyone's answer? How come no one wants to start up a business or write a movie or build a house or something? I understand this is kind of a stupid question, "why do people want what they want" but I am a young 20-something with an uncertain future and I have no interest in travelling very far. And people keep telling me I should! Like, what's the big freakin' deal?

I'm not judging (even though it sounds like I am....maybe I am I dunno) I'm just genuinely curious.
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Photography degree at community college vs a degree at a college like the Art Institute

I was accepted into the program at my community college to earn my associates of applied science degree for photography. Sure, I'm excited but I don't know if I want to go through with it because I worry that going to a more legit school might really make a difference.

Do you think there is a huge difference? I get no help for paying school which I why I worry so much about going to a school where I can get my degree in 2 years, spend about 8 grand, or the Art Institute where I'll end up having so much out in loans, but maybe a more rounded education? I don't know. I just need advice.
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job absense: what puts me in a good light?

After college, I was w/o a real job (or part time job) for a few months from May '09 to March '10... it was mostly bc I was lazy and didn't apply to many places. However I'm getting my act together and got a part time retail job now, and I am applying to a big company and expecting a call back this week. I know they are going to ask the question: Why were you without a job for that long?

I know I was in the wrong and I'm now trying to fix it. What's a good answer to give them, that kinda puts me in a good light? Thanks.

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i live with 4 other people, none of whom are home at the moment(that i can tell, 3 of the bedrooms are closed but i can see the lights are off under the door, and no one is this house has ever gone to bed this early). when i got upstairs, the sink and the shower in the first bathroom were running and the light in the bathroom was off.

like i said, i don't think anyone is home. why was all this water running if no one is home, or at least in the bathroom, with the light off?

all i've come up with so far is poltergeist.

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Do you have something odd that creeps you out or bothers you?

For me, it's empty chairs and shoes, when they're just sitting there. I have no idea why, but it actually spooks me O_O I have to have all my shoes in my closet, and if I'm alone in a room with an empty chair, I get freaked out and leave quickly, if I can. I have no idea why or how it started either.

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What should I be for Halloween?

Hello Kitty
Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
a pirate
a hobbit
Something incredibly clever that I will mention in great detail in the comments. Oh you will love this one, Randi.

Are you thinking about your Halloween costume?

Yes, I already have it planned, and will mention it in the comments.
Yes, but I don't have one picked
No, but I should if I'm going to get it together before everything is expensive and difficult
JFC Randi, it is FUCKING JULY.
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TQC, do you think some people are just not meant to drive a car with a manual transmission? Why am I so bad at it?

I know how, and have since I was 12 or 13 but I'm really awful. I've been practicing a lot recently but I never seem to get any better. I'm not very smooth, especially shifting into first.

Can you please provide me with some tips? Should I just give up?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

have any of you read this book? if so, what did you think? i'm reading it right now and it sort of bothers me that the author is hot

if not, what is the best nonfiction book you've ever read?

do you think shows like hoarders and obsessed are interesting or exploitative?

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Would you buy a fragrance that made you smell like the sea / the beach? Like strongly like salt water.

"Oh someone smells delightfully beachy in here, oh it's you! And with that lovely sun-kissed tan and wavy hair you ARE a treat, please let me get you a drink!"
I <3 TLV


Has anyone every ordered furniture from Home Reserve? I need a couch and they look nice, and I am very attracted to the pet-mess-resistant fabric, but I'm not sure how I feel about putting together my own couch. If you've gotten one, or another couch that you had to put together yourself, what do you think of it? Is it easy to do, comfortable, durable? Buying an already made couch offline is also an option but I want that pet fabric!

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Usually you don't need a light on when watching TV or using a computer, but when you eat food doing this things, something that is not in a wrapper or in a bag but in a plate do you turn on the lights? Do you like to see the food that you're eating even though you know what you're eating?
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Think back. Maybe 10 years or so. Did you imagine what you would be like when you were older? How close are you now to what you thought you would be?

DK/DC: Got any good sci-fi book recommendations? I'm looking more in the vein of futuristic, tech sci-fi (Dick, Asimov, Card) rather than high fantasy (Tolkien, etc).

Do you listen to online radio (i.e. ShoutCast through Winamp). What do you listen to? Are there DJs that talk, or is it all music?

I need a purse!

I need a new purse, but I haven't ever really bought one in my life. I've had the same one since forever, so now it's all ratty and has big holes in it. I want something kind of casual, with enough room to keep a book in. Preferably cloth and not too expensive, and something that would go with all kinds of casual clothes.

Alternately, what kind of purse do you have? Do you have a lot of purses? What's your favorite like?
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My boyfriend and I are heading up to Washington, DC this weekend for my 21st birthday. We'll be there Saturday through Monday, and my birthday is Sunday. We are going to do some touristy stuff as well as actually celebrate the fact that I can legally drink now. Sooo...

Will you please recommend some must-see/do places in DC? Some restaurants that would be good to go to (nothing too fancy...we're poor college students)? Some good bars we could check out?

DK/DC, will you please recommend some good drinks to try? I like fruity stuff, especially things with lemon and lime, and I don't like pineapple, peach, or grapefruit.

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i have a bright yellow cardigan, a black v neck under it, dark denim jeans, and a matching bright yellow headband

what should i pair with this, or should i change it up?

edit: the cardigan has tiny red floral details on it, if that changes anything