July 24th, 2010


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I just got off of work and I'm super fucking bored and don't want to bed because my kitten fell asleep in my lap and d'awwww it's making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

SO: Will you post a picture of something that has made you feel warm and fuzzy inside today. Inanimate objects are also acceptable.

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for those of you that work in retail: if a customer knowingly leaves a paid-for item at the service desk or a register saying they'll return for it (maybe they need a bigger vehicle to get it home or they're doing an exchange or something), and then they never return for the item, wtf do you do?

what would you do if the customer said they'd return with a bigger vehicle for the item, but still had not shown up a month later and had not left ANY contact info?

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DYED MY HAIR!! no.. not turquoise.. read the TCQ update.. http://community.livejournal.com/tqc_updates/282609.html#cutid1

but still blue.. waiting for a couple months and TURQUOISE BABEH!!

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do you crave for attention/power? I find the more power i have or attention, the more crazier i get and people just love me more and more. One girl told me she thinks of me as an elite because of my guts.. hah!
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so i'm drunk and my friend is putting the moves on me, how do i tell him to stop?

also, he's making me steak, how do i want it? mediumjavascript:void(0); rare right?

what's the best drunk foods?
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What TQC spinoff communities do you belong to?
Which ones are your favorites?
Which ones do you think more people should join, and which ones should be brought back to use?

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tqc, if i ask a person five times in the course of a month when we can hang out to watch the third movie of a trilogy whose first two movies we have already watched together, and they always make vague plans but never follow through, i should just say fuck it and get drunk, right? and then stop asking them to hang out?

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is there a good reason that sales tax isn't included on the price of items in stores in the US? is it to entice people to buy more? it seems like it would be vastly easier and cause fewer headaches if it were just included on the shelf price like it is in other countries.

eta: if you live in the us, how does your area treat canadian change, and in what area of the country do you live?
if you live in canada, how does your area treat american change, and in what area of your country do you live?

i live in western new york and we treat canadian change the same as american change, even banks take it at face value, afaik.
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If you've had the misfortune of living with a sick relative who constantly said things about how they would rather be dead, are going to die anyway, will never get better, won't feel better until they are dead, etc, how did you handle it?

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I am about to ride in a car for 3 hours with someone I have only ever met briefly once before.
What kinds of things should be talk about to ease the awkwardness?

Edit: Did I mention there's approximately a 15 year age gap?

Breaking up is a bitch.

My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. I'm watching The Office (American version) in an attempt to distract myself.

Question 1: What is your favorite episode of The Office? (if you can't think of just one, then give your top 3 or 5)

Question 2: What has helped you get through a break-up?
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1. What do you when you're waiting for something/waiting to do something and have nothing else to do in the meantime?

2. What irrationally annoys you? Like, the end of the KFC commercials with the "so s-o-g-double-o-d good" annoys me. Not anywhere near the point where i wanna kill the people who came up with it, but wth. It's a commercial jingle, it shouldn't annoy me at all.


I've been every direction except West (well I went as far as PA). So I'm going to Arizona! I think I will go the first week in September. I definately want a place with lakes-that-have-"beaches". I don't think I can rent a car (would have to be 25 I think?)
So where should I go?

ETA: I also want to see caves and rock formations. And do outdoor things.

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What is a good/funny/interesting documentary that I should watch? "Mockumentaries" also welcome.

What's the worst movie you've ever seen? Can be the "worst" in a so bad it's good way or in the straight up horrible way.

food food food

Will you tell me about your favourite sandwich? How did you come across it?

Mine is wonderbread with camembert, mayo, salad, red onion, tomato and freshly ground black pepper. I made the first one inspired by a hamburger.

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I'm probably going to find out if I was accepted to the school I want to go to on Monday, I'm really, REALLY nervous. I can't even type correctly, idk what's going on.

Are you nervous about something? What is it?
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This guy that I know is having a party but he lives about 75 miles away. I'd probably have to stay overnight. Do I say no way because of the drive?
Or do I say hell yes because I'll get drunk and get to makeout with him despite the drive?

ring tones

Anyone had any luck with make your own ring tone sites? I tried Phonezoo, but I have no idea how to edit a track to make it 20 sec or so long. Any other options or ideas?
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TQC figure my life out for me

As it is, I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2:30 pm- 11 pm, and Monday 11 am- 6 pm. So I'm basically totally free Monday evening, all of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

I usually fill up my free days hanging out with my friends or visiting my boyfriend (who works sporadically but mostly like 10am-5pm)

I'm thinking about getting like, a part-time job. I hate the hours on my regular job, but the pay is awesome, benefits, 10 minutes from home, etc.

Basically will you tell me about your experiences working 2 jobs? Like, how did they effect each other, was the money worth it, how did it effect your relationships, etc?

Also where should I get a second job if I do? I'd want to do something fun and not minimum wage.
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do you ever use tinychat? would you like to come to the one i made? (ps, there's a bunch of us here and some on cam for fun)

how is the weather like where you live?

what is the most dramatastic thing to happen to you in the last year?

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Do you have pets? Will you talk about/post picture of them?
If you have cats and dogs, do they get along? Did they at first? Any tips for helping them be BFFs?
Also, any advice for helping an outdoor cat cope with being inside?

I'm getting a kitten and I am really excited. :3

new job drama

Ok TQC help me out here please :)

Here is my situation:
I recently quit my job a couple months back because of super-shitty management/not enough hours/fucked-up-fucking-bullshit. I left that coffee shop for another one right down the street, lol. Now I am currently working at a donut/coffee shop. However my job title is "server" instead of what it should be, "barista". Let me tell you why that is fucked up. A servers pay is basically 4 dollars an hour, plus whatever tips you get. whereas a barista's pay would be right around 8 dollars an hour, plus tips. I am providing the customer with counter service only. I stand behind the counter just like they do at Dunkin Donuts, or Krispy-Kreme. I serve you exactly the same as they do. BUT the customer just throws the change thats left over after you break a dollar into our tip cup (which we have to split with 2 other servers by the way!!!), and thats about it. Because they don't realize that we are only making 4 bucks an hour and desperately rely on them tipping 20% on their coffee and donuts (which never, ever happens!) needless to say, I am making very little money for all of my bills here! I am a college student btw so I have rent and car payments and all that bs to pay for just like everyone else!! The environment is great, and the people are pretty cool. I even like my bosses, its just that the money is absolute shit! Plus, he promised me 30 hours a week when I was hired, and I am only getting 24 hours a week. To make it even worse, he just told me today he was going to CUT MY HOURS! wtf?! I left a pretty decent paying job to work there because I was told I would be averaging 10 bucks an hour when i was hired... Any who, on with my point... I was just offered a job by an old boss from a few years ago. I was interviewed and hired for 40 hours a week as a shift leader/supervisor, with promotion potential!! (to the assistant manager position) :) Pay is 9 dollars an hour plus tips, I am so excited! It is a super-cute-adorable-incredibly-busy coffee shop, located on campus of my college. Here lies my problem... the campus is going to be closed for 2 weeks during Christmas, so thats 2 weeks with no pay. Worst of all, I may not have a job during the summer, because the campus is so slow. I will have to find a summer job or something... I will be at the college Mondays through Fridays, (the shop is closed on the weekends because there are no classes in session) starting when the fall semester starts in August. As of now, I am only training at the college on my days off from the donut shop. fyi I will also be taking two classes when fall semester starts, so I will be busy with that on top of 40 hours at the college, and I also do the books for my parents's business once a week for a couple hours. I haven't given my 2 weeks notice to the donut shop because I don't know what I should do yet... I feel really guilty/bad because he is a nice guy to work for and it is a fun job. I just dont make enough money there and I feel like its unfair how he pays us, ya know? I have no clue what I am going to do for work during the summer either... HELP!!

TQC, do I:
a.) give my two weeks notice at the donut shop to take the job at the college full time, and worry about finding work for summer later?
b.) try to keep the job at the donut shop VERY part time? Like, should I tell a white lie to my boss at the donut shop and say that I am going back to school full time mon-fri(while I work at the college) and I can only work on Saturdays for him until summer time? just to see if he goes for it?
(However, I highly doubt he would want to have a seasonal worker, ya know? idk!)
c.) other (please explain any ideas)?
what should I do?!

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What is going on with my computer?

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CS2xxx and on the front light (the one right below the touchpad) keeps randomly blinking green off and on, sometimes sporadically flickering. Also, for the last couple days my computer has been having trouble shutting down. I click "shut down," and it doesn't, so I press the power button, and it looks like it goes off, but then the green light keeps blinking.

It's running normally, at least as far as I can tell.

First of all, what does the green light even mean? Usually it flashes orange.

WTF is going on? Do I have a zombie computer?

Also, don't get a Sony Vaio. I've been having so many problems with this thing ever since I got it. Don't even waste your time.


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 What do you do when you're sick with a fever?

I called in to work this morning, and instead of working I'm internetting which would TOTALLY make me feel better. Right?

DC: Care Bears- Awesome or Lame? WHY???
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Should I go to an Adam Lambert concert with my mom?  I was planning on going with a friend but she had to cancel.  None of my other friends like his music and I have no problem with going alone, but my mom -- who is mild but likes to try new things and who has no idea who Adam Lambert is -- overheard the conversation and offered to go with me.  I don't want to be a jerk and just say "no" because I think she genuinely wants to go and spend time with me...I'm just a little worried she might have a horrible time/freak out.
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Do you have a friend who you like in person, but who is really annoying online? Or have you made friends with someone online and they turned out to be annoying in person? How did you deal with it? Are you still friends with them?

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Help me decide what to do with my night, TQC. Should I:

- Pay $13 cover for a show (5 bands, all metal/thrash), not drink unless someone buys me a beer, and bring my cameras to get some gig shots? OR;

- Be a shut-in, watch Red Dwarf/12 Monkeys/Bad Lieutenant on my computer, not drink at all, and eat Kraft Dinner by myself?

Do you like moths?

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Whats the least amount of money you would have in your house before you bought a safe? (Pretend for a second that banks do not exist and keeping your savings in your house is the only option)

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I just watched the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car and since I am all by my lonesome in a new town, I want to watch more.

What are some of your favorite documentaries?

dk/dc: What was for dinner?
Grammar love!

my cat's an asshole :(

Why does my cat hate one of my friends?

Seriously, if he comes over, he hides under the bed and if we come close to him, he starts growling and hissing at us. It's really creepy. And he doesn't do this with anybody else, he warms up to new people pretty quickly.

After my friend leaves, he comes out of hiding and acts like everything's fine. WTF.

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My doctor told me to stop having dairy (that's going to be hard), but I'm avoiding soy because of issues with my thyroid.

What could I use to replace these in my diet?
Is there some way you know to take in the soy without affecting my thyroid?

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Can anyone tell me what these chips were? It was about 13 or 14 years ago when I had them last, in elementary school. My mom gave them to me for snack time. They were triangular, tasted like pizza, were kind of thick like doritoes but I don't think they were doritoes. What were they?

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What are your favorite work out dvds, or ones you would reccommend?

(I'm thinking aerobics, or just something that will make me lose weight. Plus points if they're those exotice dance style ones :D)


What the dumbest thing someone's ever got pissed at you over?

I remember once, when I was a little kid, my family had just got our first computer. I was typing something, using only my two index fingers, and my mom or dad (for some reason I can't recall which) got really mad at me for it and they were all, with utter contempt, "Use all your damn fingers! What are you doing?" It was wierd.

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Should I use the last of my milk to

A: Make Toy Story themed mac and cheese


B: Have a bowl of cereal


This is important, as my sandwich was not filling enough

EDIT: Water is now boiling on the stove for mac and cheese. DANKE!

Does anyone else think that shaped mac and cheese (spirals, cartoon themed, etc) tastes better than the regular old Kraft Dinner? IDK

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I have a problem.. See, I have this friend, K, and I was talking on facebook to her friend M, and we were hitting it of and he told me he likes me and wants to get to know me better and I liked him too. Hes from australia. Im from Malaysia. Anyways, I had to go out, and I checked my facebook outside, and he blocked me on fb! so I used my check whos blocked me profile, and send him a message saying how uncool it was. and he blocked me there too.

Why do you think he blocked me ?

I am kinda sad.. I havent liked a guy like that in years... Seriously why cant I get a boyfriend :(?

oven mishaps

Inspired by this post, what have you accidentally melted or burned in the oven?

Mine: my mom always kept our potato chips in the oven, because we had a gas stove with a pilot light and that would keep the chips nice and crunchy. Occasionally someone would forget we had chips in there and start the oven heating without checking. Fritos were the worst because the bag was plastic and it made such a stinky, gooey mess all over. But once on New Year's Eve way back when I was in college, my boyfriend was at our place hanging out and my little sister and I were getting crazy, and we decided to make a pizza and turned on the oven...a few minutes later one of us fanned the black smoke out of the house, one of us held the door open and the third person carried the flaming, toxic chip bag out into the snow (on a cookie sheet). I don't remember for sure but that last person was probably me since I always get elected to directly handle the emergencies.
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What do you find to snack on if you're feeling a bit hungry, but don't really have nothing in your house and you're broke?

Because I want something to snack on and I'm not finding shit in this place!
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What is the longest amount of time you have gone without brushing your teeth? (It seems like I worded this question weird, but my brain isn't working too well right now).

Guess that is it for now.