July 23rd, 2010

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Why is WD40 as good a contact bug spray as Raid? Haven't found an insect it doesn't work quickly on, and it even dissolves the legs off of various species before killing them.


I am getting some elective cosmetic work done tomorrow and as much as I won't feel any pain aside from the needles for anasthetic, I am feeling fairly apprehensive. What's worse is that I wont have anybody there with me to comfort and stop me from freaking out...

I am looking forward to this but at the same time I am just getting nervous

When was the last time you were nervous about something like this?
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Working woes.

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tl;dr Applied for a job, didn't hear back until now, a month after I applied, found another job via a friend in the meantime. First job will further my career, I'm just upset that ditching the second job will look poorly on my friend..

I'm allowed to be upset , right? Validate me plz. 

Is there anything that's frustrating you? 
Anything you want to get off your chest? 
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Do you know of any books or movies that involve three-way relationships?  Will you tell me about them?

I don't mean love triangles, but three people who are willingly in a threesome.   Or, because I suppose I can't be too picky, two people who are knowingly "sharing" a third is fine too.  

I don't care if it's all female, all male, or a mixture of the three.   I'm just looking for something and coming up empty-handed.
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If you could take any movie that had already been made and redo it in 3D, which one would you pick?


Why are spiders so hard to kill compared to other bugs?

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 What kind of hair do you have (straight, colored etc.)?

Mine is light brown and curly and I want to find a new style for it and get some highlights. What hair products would you recommend for curly hair? How about highlight colors? I'm content with wild colors like blue and pink too.

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I got home and my dog was gone. I'm freaking out. I don't know if someone took her or she got loose. I can't sleep and am worried about her. Has you pet every run away and then came back? I need some happy stories to keep my mind from thinking something horrible happened. :(

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How many messages do you have gathering dust in your Facebook inbox, TQC? I was at 180+, now I'm down to 100 5.

Will you share with us the dumbest/most drama-tastic/funniest message in your inbox? As censored as you want it to be, of course.

DK/DC - what is your absolute favourite item of clothing?
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What are you craving?

I'd just about kill for an iced chai latte.

Edit: I went out to lunch on Tuesday and paid with my debit card. I just checked my balance and that charge has been reversed and the money's back on my card. How long do you think it'll be before the restaurant realizes the mistake and takes the money back?

2nd edit: Well, the money is gone again.
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A genie has agreed to grant you a wish, but he's a very young genie and has only learned how to grant three very specific wishes. Which one would you choose?

1) You will never truly embarrass yourself again. You'll still make mistakes and fail at your goals sometimes, but you'll never again put your foot in your mouth, look ridiculous, or otherwise humiliate yourself. The only exception is making risky predictions, where you are on your own.

2) You will be completely immune to the common cold. Oh, and leprosy. All other diseases are still fair game.

3) When you begin collecting social security, a bureaucratic error will cause you to receive twice as much money as you are otherwise entitled to. This error will never be discovered, and will continue until you die.

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I didn't sleep last night. How do I stay awake all day without coffee (or really any caffeine at all)? I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back to relatively normal.

How do you feel right now?

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I'm starting to have a bad hair day today and I think it has to do with it being really humid weather.

Does anybody else have bad hair days when it super humid outside?   What do you do to tame it? 

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Since I am SO-less, and have been for a year, and completely terrified of not finding anyone, I want to know where and how did you meet your SO?

How old were you both?

Do you believe you shouldn't go looking for love?
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Do you know of any cheap way to get international flights (from the U.S.)? Let's assume you are completely flexible on time/date and don't really care where you go, provided it's somewhere awesome. I only know about skyscanner, but it doesn't seem to be all that helpful with flights from the U.S.

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Poll #1596113 My first poll

Good morning, TQC. I am retching so bad it is bringing tears to my eyes. What is my body trying to eject?

Poison food
Alien life-form
My own digestive system

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When buying a pair of shoes online, would you go up or down a half size if they didn't come in your exact size (they're flats and your shoe size is 7 1/2 if that matters)?
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I am getting my first tattoo soon - probably for my 29th birthday. I have wanted one for a decade but could never figure out something important enough to make permanent on my beautiful skin! So I've finally decided on a poem that I adore and as much as I want something super original, this poem is what means that much to me, so yeah. I'm excited but scared! So now I have to decide on where and font.

Do you have any text tattoos? (Pics if you have them..)
How did you chose your font?
Do you like it?

DK/ DC (I can't believe I just cashed in on that fad) - What kind of tattoos make you roll your eyes?

Puppy Diva/Brat

I have an appt. to take my puppy to get washed and his nails trimmed.  (that's him in my userpic)
He is hiding under my bed and tried every trick to get him out. I swear he KNOWS that I'm taking himsomewhere. Any tips on getting him to come out?  .
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I swore to myself I'd never come here with a Facebook question, but no one seems to be able to help me. How the hell do I add an organization (my college, to be exact) to my networks?

ETA: Thanks, I got it now. So...

Say you get to create your own planet. You're God or something. What kind of planet do you make? What are its physical features? What kind of lifeforms thrive there?
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I'm meeting Pat Benatar tomorrow.
I bought her book a few weeks ago with the intention of reading it before meeting her. I've been putting it off, however, because I read 50 pages or so and was fairly unimpressed with the writing.
Anyway, there are about 200 pages left to be read today. How long do you think it'll take me to finish?
Idk what my reading speed is exactly, but if it's a book I'm really into I can get through 500 pages/night. My reading is obv slower with books like this where the writing rubs me the wrong way. :/

Alternatively, do you know your reading speed? When reading at your fastest, how is your comprehension?

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Serious question this time.

I have two hamsters, a male and a female.

The female used to be quite aggressive, but now that she has a bigger cage she is quite calm. The male is a love, he won't harm anyone.

I want them to live in the same cage, since one is pretty big and the other one is small, and I believe they could keep each other company, but the girl won't have any of it. The one time we tried to get each other to meet them we cleaned the big cage to get rid of any female smell and place the two hamsters there, five minutes latter the female was trying to kill the male one.

Since that day we've kept them in separate cages, but I was wondering, is there a good way to try to make them friends again or we should just let them where they are?


Okay, thanks for the answers.
I thought hamsters liked to be together (This is the first time I have hamsters) but now I see they don't. I'll keep them in separate cages.



I'll close the comments now people, thanks for the answers.

I realize I asked something pretty stupid. I'm glad I asked though, because thanks to all the answers I know what I shouldn't do. If I hadn't asked then something horrible would have happened. So yes, it's better to look stupid in front of you people than ending up with a dead hamster.

I'm sorry if I made someone mad or something, it won't happen again.

The uncomfortable poll

Which would you rather do?

Eat 2 live spiders. Non-poisonous, each one has a 3" legspan. You can't drown them in condiments
Make pig poop angels, face-down. You must make 10 of them

Which would you rather do?

Send nude photos of yourself to everyone on your cell phone. Everyone
Snort a rail of dandruff

Which would you rather do?

Wear thong underwear made entirely out of sandpaper for an entire day.
Catch 3 feral cats using only your bare hands and a cage. They're really scratchy!

Which would you rather do?

Shave your head and forego any wigs or hats until it grows back
Get a Marge Simpson beehive (yes, in blue). You have to keep it a month

Which would you rather do?

Spongebathe 20 homeless men...except without a sponge. You have to use wet naps
Clean out a single stall at a stable using only a spoon

Which would you rather do?

Parachute naked into your own high school reunion
Tattoo Miley Cyrus' face on your right forearm...and Hannah Montana's face on your left

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I got a call at 8am this morning that I ignored. When I woke up, I googled the number. It was the collections line from my electric company. My housemate was responsible for the last 2 payments since I was on vacation. He looked up his bank account, and no payments had been taken out for the electric company. I just called and paid the $200 overdue bill with my debit card over the phone.

Is there still going to be a penalty because this went to collections? Did it hurt my credit? (the electric is under my name.) Am I done with collections now that I paid it through the main company, or did they send some other hidden fee to them?

How should I murder my housemate? He failed to pay rent as well.


what is your favorite kind of bagel?

if your parents eat unhealthy, do you eat unhealthy? what are some tips to not having the same eating habits as your parents? it's expensive to buy my own food :/

Good idea or bad idea?

Last night I started boiling eggs but had to leave suddenly so they only got partly done. I was hoping they might be hard boiled but they werent. Would it be bad to boil them again for another couple minutes and eat them or are they hopeless?

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1. If you had to kiss a celebrity, who would you kiss?

2. If you had to have sex with a celebrity, who would you sleep with?

3. If you had to be best friends with a celebrity and hang out with him/her every weekend, who would you pick?

4. If you had to be taken to the cleaners by a celebrity in a crooked pyramid scheme where you lost everything, which celebrity would you prefer to have taken advantage of you?

5. If you had to be pummelled once by a celebrity with a pimp cane, who would you pick to 'teach you a lesson'?

6. If you had to have a celebrity catch you in a 'Dutch oven' (farting under the covers and not letting you come up for air), who would you pick to trap you in their evil gas dungeon?
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The fish of many names.

TQC, what would you name this Collapse )

I got him a couple of days ago. So far he is a fish of several names: Fish Face, Mustakrakish (or "Krakish"... it's from Metalocalypse), and Bubs, short for Bubbles. So why not add some more names into the mix? What would you call him?

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What's something that made you feel good about yourself recently?

I've dropped a dress size since I started working out, so I was able to fit into the dress I wanted for my sister's wedding!

How do you react when you encounter a phobia of yours?

I'm terrified of bees, so when one is around me, I'll run away and flail like an idiot.

Im not sure if this is allowed


So this is sort of a homework question and I know they are not allowed but I thought since I am not asking for help with my homework that some nice people might have a suggestion.  So this is my problem; I am in school taking on line classes from north Carolina but i live in Colorado.  I need help with a paper and need to visit a writing lab but all the Colleges around me only allow students to utilize theirs.  Since I cant go back to North Carolina to get editing help I was wondering does anyone know of any on line editing/paper reviewing sort of thing? I would prefer it to be free but I would pay for a credible and honest site. Or does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?.  So if this is too homeworky please don't yell at me just ask me to erase and I will.  I am really not trying to break the rules but I feel like this isn't me asking other people to do my homework for me.  I am just in a really tight spot and don't know what to do.  Thank you

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Does anyone know what kind of cars these are? Sorry for the small/semi-blurry pics, they're caps from a video... :/
I tried reverse image searches just in case I'd get lucky but they didn't come up with anything.

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Alternatively, do you know somewhere I could ask where someone would know?

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I've been off school since Wednesday for summer and I'm already super bored. I've been running and just had lunch and now have nothing to do. My boss has no work for me and my friends are all busy. I live in Liverpool and don't drink. I can't drive, but we have many buses and trains. What shall I do TQC?

DK/DC: What flavour cake do you like? Why?
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1. What has helped you be more confident? Tips, habits, products.. ANYTHING.

2. Will you share with me your top feminine tips? They can relate to how you act in social situations, hair, makeup, clothing, etc. I only had a brother and not a lot of female friends, and want to to girly it up a bit.

3. What do you do to make yourself feel good?

4. Share with me your good or bad roommate stories, please!

5. Would you think it was weird if your college dorm roommate brought an urn with their brother inside with them?

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 How do you piss off a whiny, momma's boy, bitch of an ex who complains to everyone when he doesn't get his way? 

He ruined my Friday. 
edit: I was invited to go to a BBQ party with a bunch of my close friends. He too, is going and when he found out that I was going, he complained and complained to the host of the party and the host told me to just not come to avoid drama. It was stupid.

Serious/non serious answers are welcome.  :)

DKDC: What are your plans for the weekend? 

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I just found 1000 Pesos in my underwear drawer. I have never been to a Spanish country. What should I do with them? 

Have you ever found something weird and random in your house that didn't belong to you? 

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My go to quick meals are tacos, chicken parm, spaghetti and meatballs and grilled chicken salad. What are yours? I'm looking for some quick easy ideas. I'm going grocery shopping in about an hour.

What now?

OK, I apparently did not die this morning.  And I am going to take TQC's word for it and assume that it was demons what seized my innards.

Now that their activity has abated somewhat, I am feeling OK but somewhat drained from the ordeal.  So what do I do with the rest of my afternoon?

homeless, PAINTprogramPIC


Okay. I was just wondering why are so many abreviations used? Why don't people just write words out? It makes things less complicated. I barely know what any abreviations mean and then I have to ask and feel like a moron....

Anyway, that is all for now, I guess.

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TQC, I got myself into a pickle. My parents are divorced, and so I usually go back and forth between them during summers and weekends. I'm home for the summer, and both my parents made plans and bought tickets for the same day. My mom bought hers first, told me a general time for the event, like end of July, beginning of August. It's for a baseball game with her work, one of the biggest corporate events at the ballpark, and her work is where I'm volunteering - so I think it would be a great networking opportunity for me, in addition to being a lot of fun. And then my dad bought tickets after for a specific date, giving me options, and then I told them to just pick a date. It's for the musical Young Frankenstein, which I'm not very excited for, (I'm not a fan of Mel Brooks), and the tickets are pretty expensive.

My dad initially said it seemed fair to go with whomever got the tickets first, which would be my mom. But I feel bad, considering his tickets are expensive and he gave me options for dates and tried to make sure I would go. Of course I should have looked at the dates ahead of time, consulted my mom, but this has never happened to me before!

What should I do?
kim possible


am i your favorite troll ever? who is your favorite troll?

im in rehab right now using their internet but i have to do this quick.
i only have 30 minutes left until therapy session and im doing well so far. but im still crazy.
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warning: sad post

What's the most shocking crime that has happened where you live? A lady killed her two kids here and then confessed everything in her 911 call which has been played on the radio/TV for the past 3 days. It's one of the most depressing things I've ever heard.

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do you think it's ridiculous if somebody's dancing while listening to music through headphones in public transport, or maybe on metro escalator?

(_8(|) is Homer Simpson
do you use any unordinary smileys while texting? what smileys? ;)

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Validate meee?

I'm a little angry at my boyfriend right now. I've had dinner cooking literally all day (since noon this afternoon, it's beef bourguignon) and he just texted me with "I'll be there at 7:30" when he was meant to be here at 6:30, and had known about it for days. He also uninvited one of our friends from dinner by mistake and had to re-invite him. Do I have a right to be a little angry at him?

Does other people's lateness irritate you?
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About a month ago, I purchased a Mac with CS5 and the most recent Final Cut Pro program there is.

A friend who didn't have a Mac and won't have one anytime soon gave me the unopened Final Cut Pro 4 she won for a door prize so that I could put some money towards a plane ticket to visit her.

How much should I sell it (Final Cut Pro 4) for and where?

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When was the last time you witnessed something a little bit batshit? What happened?

Brought to you by the guy that wasn't all there hijacking (blocking the door, not allowing anyone to validate their tickets, etc) the bus I needed to catch and having the driver close the doors and drive off to take him to the police station. Oh Friday night drama!

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when you move far away, lets say to a different state or something. what do you do about all your friends? do you keep in contact with them? come visit them often? or do you just start over and make new friends and forget the old ones?

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Hey TQC. I need a hair straightener and for all the posts we have about them, I cannot recall the brands you all say are awesome. Aside from Chi.. but I only have shoulder length hair, and it's insanely straight as it is, just with odd flips.. Do I need to spend that much money?

So TQC, what brand straightener do you use? how often do you use it? what kind of hair do you have? How much was it?!

dkdc: should I drive an hour into my hometown to see my family this weekend, or watch the rest of Arrested Development season 2 and drink while my roommates are all gone?
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A job application I'm filling out for waiting staff has asked the question, "what was your most embarassing moment?"
What is the kind of thing that is sensible to write for this kind of question?

dk: What are your general tips when filling out applications?

EDIT: I just wrote something about presenting a large event and my stage fright, but included that I adjusted fine after the first five minutes, lol.

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Fuck, NYC'S getting a tornado warning.
Although nothing will probably happen, what should i do to prepare?
I already bought 10 packs of blu-ice and some batteries for my flashlight, and those superbright candles....

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My sister and I are very confused about this...

My dad was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes today.
But his doctor told him he doesn't need to be concerned, watch his glucose level or take anything for it.

Is this true?
Should we get him a meter anyway?


Do you like Arizona Green Tea?

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Is there any way that one of these things could cause damage to a paved driveway?

This tent is not a permanent fixture, and it's only 6'x6'x6'.
It's just held down by four cinderblocks.

I'm going to ask our potential future landlord if we can use one in our part of the driveway so that my SO can store his bike, but I want to be absolutely sure that it won't cause damage.
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My best friend is on her way to visit me to spend the weekend. Her mom is driving (our moms are best friends also) and just told her what song she wants played at her funeral.

What was the last strange thing your parent(s) told you?


For my 18th Birthday my parents are flying me to Melbourne for a weekend in early October. Since i've never been there I don't know the city at all. Where should I stay? If you've stayed in melbourne before what hotel did you stay in and how was it? Will you tell me some fun things to do in Melbourne?

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I upgraded to a refurbished iPhone 3G and I have AT&T. It says something like "Waiting for activation -- May take some time".
I'm not getting any service, but I have Wi-Fi to use the internet and everything else is working fine except for the fact I can't text, call, or email.

Does this mean I have to wait or do I go into the nearest AT&T store and have them actually activate for me?

Also, could you recommend me some free apps for the iPhone?
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I'm hungry all the time lately.

What are some healthy, filling meals and snacks that I can make?

I don't have any allergies, and I'm not vegetarian, so pretty much anything goes.

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Are any of you into geocaching? (They are essentially GPS treasure hunts.) I just found out about it and I think it would be really fun to do!!! I think I would like to add geocaching to my list of hobbies!

Whether or not you are into geocaching, do you have a GPS receiver? Do you have any suggestions/recommendations/things I should keep in mind while shopping around for a GPS receiver?

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what would u do if a livejournal user called jaycyount messaged you with the following:

u and i get together and let me give ya my thick as hell 10 1/2 inchert and id bet u would be a feeling it all the way tell your gushing with an orgasim id kiss but id never tell :)--?


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Do you ever just wanna get rid of all the crap you've accumulated over the years and just start "fresh"? Just keep things that mean the most to you and just dump the rest and start over fresh with a new beginning?

Have you ever done this? What was the outcome?

'crap' can stand for anything physically or symbolically you would like to get rid of that you feel is holding you back.


(no subject)

Are you optimistic or pessimistic or...somewhere in the middle?

Why do you think you are the way you are?

If you're optimistic, how do you feel about pessimistic people?

If you're pessimistic, how do you feel about optimistic people? Do you that they are stupid and/or naive?

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double major

I'm going to double major at college. One of the majors will be History. What should the second major be: Political Science, Geography, Creative Writing (English with a concentration in writing), or something else? Why?

Serious answers please.
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 Would it hurt my big sister to be nice to me for once?
She constantly makes fun of me and my music/movie taste, it's really annoying. I wish she'd stop.

Have you had problems with your siblings? What about?

(no subject)

Who are your fashion icons?

What era of clothing do you think looks/would look best on you?

Favorite kind of donut? (And if you don't like donuts you can just take your donut-hating self and go be lame elsewhere.)
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I have a friend who's had the same dog since the day he (the dog) was born. This dog is REALLY cool. Relaxed, dumb beyond belief, but really sweet. He just so happens to also be a Pit who's a little extra protective. A couple weeks ago, he nipped at a kid who was harassing my friend's son. The kid wasn't hurt at all, but the kid's mom called the cops. Besides having to go to court for it, they were just told they either have to get rid of the dog or move. My friend thinks of this dog as one of her kids, but she can't really afford to move. TQC, what would you do in this situation? Do you have any words of advise I can pass on to her?