July 22nd, 2010


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So I was going to go to this restaurant I like a lot but then I found out they were closed so I called my friend and asked for a recommendation, but then she said that she didn't know and there was like no way so I asked this other guy I know and he also didn't know what to do so I figured maybe I'd just stay at home and have some leftover gumbo and rice but that seemed like, sad, and I didn't want to be inside anymore. After looking online for a long time for something good to eat and maybe a delicious sandwich or something I got distracted by tvtropes because who can't get distracted by tvtropes they are great and huge and you can read it forever but anyway I was reading tvtropes and got distracted but i finally got to yelp to look for some good food and I found out the place i wanted ot eat at originally was open and not closed like my friend had said so I called her and asked if she wanted to eat but her phone was off and I didn't know what to do so I called the restaurant and asked if she was there but she wasn't and I had no idea why, isn't that weird? I thought it was weird so I went outside to my truck and thought I'll just drive around until I find a place I want to eat in. First i went to this bbq place but all they have is meat and you know I like vegetables too so that wasn't good and then the sushi place had sushi but that's to be expected but they did not have any vegetables that weren't fried and like that's just as bad as not having them at all so I finally walk to this weird caribbean place (because my truck broke down in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET) and when I go in my friend isn't there either, but my waitress had the same name as my friend's dog and the the name of the restaurant is the same as my friend's brother and the name of the chef was the name of my friend's dog so I pretty much had dinner with my friend anyway. Is that weird? Also when I got home I had to call someone about getting my truck fixed and I had two missed calls from my friend. WTF?

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what bit me dr. tcq?
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relevant info: I live in Chicago, was wearing pants, socks, and shoes that cover my ankle where this is, was only outside for 10 minutes while waiting for the bus, rest of time when this happened was spent inside work (b-way theater) or on the bus. It's maybe 1cm in diameter.

I don't think it's a mosquito bite. It's flat and I've never had one that looked like this before.

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my best friend has just been put in a behavioral hospital for attempted suicide. 2 questions about this:

1- he asked me to take him some clothes. i want to take him a little care package also. what would i be allowed to give him? snacks? paper? a card? anything?

2- he's 21 and they put him in the adolescent unit. he has a curfew and all this dumb shit. my friend told me we can sue them for that because they had no reason for it. is this true?

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Where do apple trees grow in the wild? What about carrots? Cantaloupe?

Which parts of the world have fireflies, and during which month/s of the year?

California does not have fireflies as far as I know, but *supposedly* there’s a firefly relative here called a glow worm (no, not the toy). I’ve never seen one, and I’ve lived in SoCal for ::cough:: 40 years.
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Does anyone know what's up with Journal Fen?

If I try to purchase a paid account (mainly so I can partake in one of their comms) I get a "Sorry, there was a problem" message

I've contacted Journal Fen on TWO seperate occasions and have gotten emails back telling me the problem has been resolved.

The fact that I've just tried to purchase an account for the third time says otherwise.
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Have you ever used any sort of at home teeth-whitening product?

What kind, and did it work?

I used a generic brand of those whitening strips and didn't notice a difference, but my roommate swears the Crest brand worked for her.

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So I just found out about some Electro band called First Black Pope.
Should I find their mailing address and send a letter that just says, "*Fourth Black Pope"?
Should bands do more research before they pick names?

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i work in a store that sells shoes, and often we end up with a single shoe, with no match in the entire store. does anyone have thoughts on how this happens?

i honestly think people steal single shoes just to fuck with us. that is the only logical explanation i've come up with.

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 I've been having some sleeping issues TQC. I've been staying up all night and sleeping all day. I've been up since like 7pm so for like 10 hours. I need to get my schedule fixed since my weekend consists of hanging out with my brother and his new wife. I have a haircut at 12:30 today. 

What can I do to stay awake for the next 7 hours without falling asleep?
Does anyone else have a screwed up sleep schedule?

DK/DC: Any fun weekend plans?

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It's my friend's birthday weekend and a few couples are going to a cabin tomorrow. I made potato salad with red potatoes, sauteed red onions and celery, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, seasoning and hard boiled eggs and paprika. Did I forget anything?
I also need to make a dessert. Should I make raspberry cheesecake bars, caramel turtle brownies, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and confetti sprinkles, or devil's food cupcakes with the same frosting?
Is that good or should I make something else too? Keep in mind that I have to fold laundry, vacuum, mop, and clean the bathroom by 5 and we leave tomorrow morning.
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Does your body have that internal alarm clock thing going on?

What time is it set for, if you do?

Does it piss you off on your days off from work?

I apparently cannot sleep past 7-8am anymore. All I want to do is make it to 9am on my days off. But no, without fail I am waking up at least an hour earlier.
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If my charger for my macbook is screwed up, will the mac store replace it? I've only had it about a month, and it's already going funky on me. I'm just worried the warranty only covers the computer itself.

DK/DC: what time did you get up this morning?
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My lease ends August 14. I haven't sent notice yet, but I'd like to move out August 25, when another apartment I want opens up. In my mind this works out because they can then schedule a cleaning (if they even need to - but I figure it's standard procedure) and rent it out to someone on September 1.

I'm renting from a big property management company. What are the chances they'll let me move out 9 days after my lease ends instead of saying "Fuck you, you get out the 14th or you stay for another month" or "Fuck you, you're in for an additional 17 days (through the end of the month) or not at all"?

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AAAAHHHHHH TQC, I AM FRUSTRATED! What was the last thing you were frustrated about?

Will you share with me some of your favorite LJ wanks? Reading about daft fools and the frustration they cause for other people will help me feel better about my own frustration.
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Is everyone in here asleep?

What do you hate most about Thursdays?

What do you do when you finish an iced coffee, and let the ice melt into coffee-water? Throw it out? Drink it? Fornicate small, loud-mouthed, and vulgar birds with it to give them a taste of their own medicine? Edit: Specifically, this bird (Potentially NSFW, a number of things on tqc is anyway).

Who here is at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con)?

Are you excited for this?
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The obligatory part: For those of you who go to the bar.

Whatchu drinkin?

Are you the dancin type?

What's your favorite bar song?

Do you bring poetry with you and share it with the people you meet? Why/ not?

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So I'll have been on the site for almost 11 years (under various usernames)... are there still lj "celebrities"?

I remember several journals a couple years ago that were insanely popular for whatever reason (and are also all deleted now for whatever reason).

the food.

Tqc, do you like nuts?

What are your favourite kinds of nuts?

I was not a fan of nuts until recently, now for the last three days I've been eating tonnes of almonds! They're so good, I should probably stop eating so many though.

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Do you have any irrational fears tqc? will you tell me about them?

i have this irrational fear of bathroom windows. When i was little i was always horrified someone was going to jump in through the window while i was in the bath or w/e.
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What's your snobbery, TQC?
What thing out there are you so particular about that you roll your eyes at inferior versions of aforementioned thing and the people who love it?

Beer snob?

DK/DC  Who gives a rats' ass how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop... when everybody just sucks the hell out of one, anyway?

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Dear TQC, I wake up crying almost everyday. What can I do to avoid this? I'm not depressed (at least not at night or in the morning) and my dreams aren't that bad.

Do you every wake up crying?

How are you today? What are your plans?

What is an interesting fact that you know?

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Apparently the ingredients in average cosmetics, lotions, aftershaves, etc., increase chances of getting cancer and/or increase levels of toxicity in the body.

If you go to Cosmetics Database, you can search all the products you use and see how much that company doesn't give a damn about your health.


1 - Are you willing to drop any product that is rated really high?

2 - Are you willing to spend more on any product that is rated really low?
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I'm trying to identify a novel. I'm fairly sure it's one those books (like The Pigman or Bridge to Terabithia) which has been a standard in high school English bookrooms for decades.

It opens with (or maybe just contains somewhere in it) a story written by a poor kid in England. His class has been instructed to write a tall story, and his not-so-greatly-written tale is about how last night his parents bought him new shoes, the family had fish and chips for dinner (and a few other things that would be aspirational luxuries for poor kids).

Anyone know what it's called?

Stupid questions

Who are you more likely to seek out in your life?

A ghost whisperer
A goat whisperer

Which are you more likely to meet?

A horse whisperer
A hoarse whisperer

Which are you more likely to wear?

Thongs, underwear
Thongs, footwear

More uncomfortable?

Menstrual cramps (that time of the month)
Minstrel cramps (being stuck in an elevator with an enthusiastic lute player from a nearby renaissance faire)

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So I've googled "Download T-Mobile sounds" and found no promising links. I got a new phone yesterday, and I hate the text messaging sound, and I would like to find a place where I can download the T-Mobile text message sound so I can send it to my phone and use it as my text messaging ringer. Any ideas?
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What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you proud?

The following questions are inspired by those lyrics from Pink.

Are you proud of yourself in general?
When is the last time you felt proud of yourself? Why?
Who (or who ELSE) are you proud of? Why?


Are things unusually slow on here for this time a day? Or is it usually this slow on here at this time of day?


That's all for now.

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How important is the way someone smells, in terms of how attractive you find them?

What are some scents/colognes/perfumes you find attractive?

How awesome is it when your pillow/sheets/clothes smell like your SO or partner after they leave?

What colour is your hair right now?

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I have a short layover (40 - 50 minutes?) between Germany and the US. Is this a bad thing? Will we be caught up in super hardcore security checks and waiting for luggage and stuff and miss our flight? Tell me about your experiences!

What are your favorite things to do when you have a lot of free time?

Structuring a Workout for Max Weight Loss/Toning

You guys gave me some GREAT advice yesterday when I asked about my current routine! (See here for ref: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/84054314.html#comments) So, I did some more research and I am wanting to revamp things for maximum bangin body by September (and beyond! /Buzz Lightyear). I am having a hard time finding good outlines for how to best do things and wanted to ask you guys about structure...

The only thing I really found was an article saying 20-30 mins of interval cardio, then 15 mins of weights, then 5 mins of core, then finish with 15 more mins of low impact cardio. So I was thinking I would do my Wii Fit hulahooping in intervals to start, then the 30 Day Shred for my weights/core (it is also interval), then finish with more hulahooping for now, changing the finish to Nordic Trak after my body starts to get used to it again, so I don't plateau.

Does this sound like a solid plan or is there a better outline I am not Googling correctly? I'm not so much as looking for different exercises, per se, just the order to do the ones I know I will stick with for the biggest pay off. Thanks so much again - you guys are super awesome! :D

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a couple nights ago i went out drinking and the guy i was with (he was driving) got pulled over for having a broken tail light. nothin happened but the cop asked for my id even though i was the passenger. why would he need my id?

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I have a local drag queen on my Facebook that has a link to Paypal to help fund her boob job. What's your opinion on that? She even had a $20 cover to the bar she performs at one night to fund it. Tacky? Thoughts?

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What is the last WTF thing you read/saw/heard?

My ex-bff posted this as her status just now:
"Is it a common occurrence for black guys to have a thing for redheads?"

Is there a show you're obsessed with watching right now?

I've been watching Nip/Tuck on Netflix Instant for the last week.

Males, I need your input

Okay, I had an interesting discussion about that guy in Utah being executed by firing squad. I hadn't heard all of the details so I wondered why he couldn't just re-choose lethal injection. My friend said that actually, in his own opinion, he'd rather be taken out by firing squad than lethal injection. I had never heard someone say this before so I was totally in disbelief. He told me it was a guy thing- considering it a more manly way to go out.

So, guys, if you had to be executed and your only choices were lethal injection or firing squad (unless you can think of something manlier), which would you choose? Thanks.

DK/DC/Not a guy: Does having your neck adjusted by a chiropractor scare you?

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this is me.

I want a new hair colour, something different and i dont really know what colour i should dye it. Im going to the saloon tomorrow.

i have really short hair with a mohawk in the middle.


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i was thinking of red, blonde at first but i dont look good blonde.. nope.. something along the red family maybe?

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Let's say that you're moving to a new apartment in a few weeks, but between moving out of your old place and moving into your new place you'll be homeless for a week. Two friends have been so gracious as to invite you to stay with them during that week.

What would you do/give them as a token of your gratitude and appreciation? Srs/non-srs (but mostly srs)

DK/DC: what are you craving right now?
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When you have a problem with someone, do you address them directly or talk behind their backs?
Would you prefer to be addressed directly if someone had a problem with you? Or would you rather not know?

This is a long shot but,

I've been on google/ebay/amazon for awhile now and I'm having no luck. Can you help me find a lisa frank blinder/trapper keeper and/or some lisa frank notebooks?

I'm feeling nostalgic and want to have a lisa frank school year next year!

eta:I've been looking at lisafrank.com, they don't supply pictures for anything. Should I just buy some a kit and hope for the best?

More air travel fun...

I posted a couple of days ago about how much money a biz-class upgrade on a lengthy trip would be worth. For anyone who wants to hear me whine about nothing, it's here.

The money thing is no longer an issue. We've burned through a pile of miles to score something pretty good and -- much more important -- super-cheap. Hooray!

However, it requires an awkward itinerary--two stops each way, including a 24-hour+ layover in Zurich, of all places, on the way home. I've never been there, but my wife has, many times, for work. She finds it, and the rest of Switzerland, pretty boring. So my questions are:

1. Ever been to Zurich? What would you do with 24 hours there, if so? This will be in mid-October, for weather-planning purposes.
2. What's the worst air flight itinerary you've ever had to deal with?
3. What's the most interesting layover you've ever had? Where were you? What did you do?

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The bookkeeper and I got hot wings for lunch. The office manager and customer service rep sat at the table, watched us eat, and then went over the entire menu while saying how much sodium and calories were in the food. They did this for about thirty minutes until finally I asked them to stop. (They were totally offended and shocked that I would say something)

Was it out of line?
Do people talk about what you eat? How do you respond?

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If you have to put your last employer on a job application but your last job went out of business or was bought out by a different company and no one you worked with is left, what do you write on the application?

Dk/Dc: how old were you when you had your first job


Thanks to some bullshit my so called friends are pulling tonight and I am turning back into the martyr I was a couple of years ago.

When have you felt the need to do the same?

(I realise I am being a bit of an idiot)
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What do you usually do with your friends if you're not drinking?

I've stopped drinking for a bit due to ~mental health~ reasons and I want to think of some other fun things for my friends and I to do, seeing as we usually go out to bars together.
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Will you post your favorite last words from a book?

(Not necessarily your favorite book, just a final sentence you really like.)

ETA: On second thought, beginnings are fine, too.
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I have a bacon bone and am going to make yellow split pea soup with it this weekend. How would you do it? Would you boil the bone first or just lob it in and cook everything at once?

My mum used to do it with carrots and onions and potatoes, but I'm thinking I might use leeks and add some garlic. What would you add in? It'll end up a lovely smushy thick smush soup. Would using chicken stock on top of the bacon bone be too much you think?

What's the best thing you ate this week?
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What's the longest you have ever driven straight (with you as the driver?)

Until now it's only been about 2 hours, but tomorrow I am driving 4 hours straight. I hate driving and it gives me anxiety.

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My birthdays coming up(11th Aug) and Im turning 21. All of us spent a lot on my friends 21st party a month ago, so no ones got money to celebrate mine.. even me. What do you think I should do for my bday. Its kinda special coz i never thought i would reach 21. Im already getting my hair dyed blue, Im getting my second nose piercing(this time left side) in a couple weeks and i thought maybe I could get a bottle of JD and celebrate it in our favourite spot.. what is your best bday ever?


 Lots of questions:

Do you own a smartphone? Which one? What carrier are you on? Do you like it? Why?

Would you buy an iphone 3g with a cracked screen for 55$?

Those of you restrained to tmobile: should I get a touch pro2 and put android on it, or a mytouch 3g slide? Or another smartphone and unlock it? 


I'm throwing a birthday party on Saturday.

I'm making this lasagna.
I'm making this chocolate cake.

What side (other than salad) goes well with lasagna? I'm thinking garlic bread, but I'm not sure that'll be enough food. :P

Is there a party appetizer you've had that you REALLY, REALLY like/detest? What is it and why?
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Has anybody here quit smoking? Care to share how you did it without losing your fool mind?

I ask on behalf of my co-worker, who quit cold turkey today (and doesn't have an ElJay to ask on his own behalf). I'm going to get him an economy pack of gum tomorrow...

DK/DC/Quitting is for quitters: whatcha doing tomorrow?
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going to chicago this weekend and have done NO RESEARCH on what to do, what should i do???

eta: my friend and i who are going are really into architecture and design, so any sweet buildings or rad interiors would be cool to visit!

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Yesterday my area had some pretty crazy weather, including a tornado and other craziness.

While I was walking my dog earlier, I went down a side street and I noticed there were some powerlines that were very very low, maybe 8'-10' off the ground. This is on a small residential street, and they do have power.

Should I report this to someone? Or are chances that they already know? A taller person could no doubt reach up and touch them easily.

ETA: And if I should report it, who would I report to? Police? Fire? Cable company*?
*haha, ELECTRIC company.


I'm trying to decide what to choose for the new computer i plan to buy. It will be a home desktop geared towards gaming. Looking online has not helped me too much. I think I've decided on either an intel i5-750 or i7-870 processor. But I can't seem to find good comparison/rankings in regards to a graphics card, RAM, or mother board.
Do you have any suggestions for the last three? Or a good site that ranks them?(There are lots of sites that do, but for some reason they're all at least a year old in their information).

yeah, i like Iker Casillas, too.

if you've been in a position of power at your job, have you ever liked someone below you?

if you've always been the underling or never been in that position, have you ever dated someone above you?

'cause i totes like my supervisor and i sometimes think he might like me, too, 'cause he gets kinda fidgety and nervous around me and is always talking to me and click and joke and tease all the time, like every day, and just dorky things like that, ok. ok. but at the same time i feel like he never could because he's ~~above me.

BONUS QUESTION: how should i punish fancy_sheets if she doesn't track down Iker Casillas while he's in San Fransisco?

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I'm going to San Francisco with my family in a week or so, and we are going to stay there for nine days.

My parents are 46 and 44. I'm 19 and my sister is 13.

Does anyone knows about some good things to do around there? Stuff tourists may not know about? Special events during our stay? Any good place to eat?

I'm open to all kind of suggestions.
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Acceptable time to wait?

At the suggestion of the executive recruiter at the medium-sized company I work for, I sent an e-mail to the VP of Human Resources letting them know that I enjoy working for them and my long-term goal was to get into HR. I mentioned I have been taking HR classes and am totally dedicated, etc. I also mentioned that I knew he was busy and that to get back with me when he had a chance to give me any suggestions.

That was 3 weeks ago and I have not received a reply back.

How much longer do you think I should wait before following up? I would try and meet with him in person, but the only way to really get in contact with him is through email. :/
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Can you name the movie this icon is from?

I know what it is. I want to see if you do.

ETA: Since that question's been answered, if you could pop in and out of the TV shows on one TV network, which one would you choose? (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Food Network, TLC, Discovery, etc..)

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Have you ever broken up with a longterm SO because you realized the relationship wasn't going anywhere / the feelings weren't the same for you anymore? Did you feel bad for doing it, seeing as they didn't do anything to hurt or offend you?

Have you ever moved back into your parents house after moving away? Was it for financial reasons, homesickness, or something else?

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Can anyone recommend/give me some tasty and filling recipes that aren't hugely fattening too?

I've gained way too much weight since having darling daughter, but if I'm hungry diets fail no matter how much I try. And I know tqc is filled with people who know food.