July 21st, 2010


The sweet smell of revenge

What's the best way to exact revenge against someone without them knowing it was you? I want this person to assume it was me but know they can't prove it.

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What should I do that will really piss her off but won't damage her property? I thought about turning on the oven and leaving the windows open (electricity was included in the rental and she's a freaking cheapskate) but i like the environment and think that's unfair to the earth, not just her. So, ideas?

What's the most amazing revenge you've ever gotten on someone?
James Franco joint

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 Can you think of any other cartoon/tv/movie characters besides Waldo and Carmen Sandiego who are "missing"?

Otherwise, what's the best halloween costume you've ever had? Pics?
Mine was probably beanie babies. Woo 1996.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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A gadget fairy just descended from the heavens and has offered you one modern gadget, free of charge or additional fees! (if you get an iPhone you'll never have to pay for the data plan, eReader with unlimited free books, etc). What do you ask of him, TQC?

Fake Book Names

As a result of this entry one of the things I'm going to make in 1:12 scale is some weird/funny self help books, non fiction books, novels and children's books. However I can't break copyright with book covers so I need to come up with my own titles/designs.
What would be some great fake book names?

I think I'd like some sort of play on Twilight and Harry Potter and Eragon...

"Seances on the Cheap"
"100 Ways to...[something]"
Attic Hydroponics

are some I have thought of already.


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TQC, my boyfriend is always the one that does the surprising, and I'd like to repay the favor. We are planning to hang out around noon tomorrow, give or take a few hours, so I thought I could make us some lunch and bring it with me when I pick him up, and have a picnic. Do you think he'd like that? I mean, I know you don't know him personally lol, but would guys in general be appreciative of that?

What should I make?
The Office - Feral Cat?

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If a person is on house arrest (with an ankle sensor thing) how car can they generally go before they're out of bounds?

What happens when you do that?

Today I was working at Ikea and a guy went through the self checkouts and showed us his sensor. He made some joke about how Lincoln freed him once, and maybe he could free him again. WTF? Is your Expedit bookshelf and the toilet brush you bought important enough that you'd risk that for jail?

dk/dc: What would be important enough to you that you'd leave your house on house arrest? Srs or non-srs.
Peggy Blink

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For those of you in school, what supplies do you usually buy outside of the normal paper, pens, and folders?
How do you organize yourself for classes?
I was thinking of having a binder for each day of the week and switching it out every morning, but my psychology class is probably going to be an hour a day Monday through Wednesday, and that sounds silly. I also made a list of supplies to start stocking up on, but I feel like I'm missing vital things.

If you don't feel like answering that, will you please tell me the thing you hate the most about the last person you had a falling out with?
He acts like a 15 year old boy when his birth certificate says he was born in 1976.
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(no subject)

Who is your favourite Australian?

Also, would you consider Israel part of Europe or Asia?

Please answer the questions and don't make up any subregions or whatever please
Sue Dummy
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Does anyone know where I can find monologues from children's plays online?

dn/dk: Does the idea of living somewhere semi-isolated and surrounded by trees appeal to you?

My friends perfect place to live is in a small town, surrounded by trees.  I just spent some time in northern Canada, and I could say that would be my worst nightmare.  Especially at night.

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it's 7:46 am and i have yet to even go to bed for the night. should i try to go to sleep now (not that tired) or just stay up until i can't keep my eyes open?

what song are you addicted to at the moment?

how do you feel about aspargus? how about avocados?


Okay TQC, maybe you can help settle a friendly argument. What's the difference between strawberry jelly, strawberry jam, and strawberry preserves? My wife says that preserves is just another name for jam, but I think that preserves is more like jelly but with squishy fruit pulp. What say you?
Your sarcasm AMUSES me!

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How long are baseball games?

I have an appointment near Wrigley Field at 5, but there's a Cubs game at 1:20 and traffic is always a mess around game time. They should be mostly over after three hours, right?
Quinn Twin

Losing Weight - More Cardio or More Strength Training?

So, I've been losing weight and I am proud and happy for the amount already gone! However, I have an event in September and want things to continue or, preferably, accelerate. I feel like for the amount of working out and my food amounts and choices, I should be losing more steadily. (I am not looking to lose more than 2 lbs a week, as I know more than that isn't safe, but I'm sometimes not even getting a full pound.)

I asked my doc and he suggested more weight training vs more cardio, which is the opposite of what I've always heard. I tried Googling, but everything says something different. :/ Would you look over my habits and maybe offer some insight?

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So yeah, thanks if you made it and have some help to offer! :D
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How often do you clean your ears (honestly)?

What is something you've learned about love that you didn't expect?

Wintergreen or Peppermint?

Do you like your eye color? Do you wish it were something else?

How was the pizza?

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I was planning on driving home for my friend's bridal shower in a few weeks. It is a 6 hour drive and I would be arriving Saturday afternoon and leaving Sunday evening, meaning I'd get back home around 12-1am. My friend just emailed me and said her mom didn't want me to have to drive 12 hours just for 1 day and she didn't feel comfortable with me driving that distance alone at night, so she offered to pay for a plane ticket to fly me down for her shower.

Would you accept this? I feel pretty guilty about her shelling out $150 to fly down but I am completely broke.
by andos

probably the best place for this question.

So, every morning I text my friend to call someone to be his sponser (he's in SAA).

Usually I say things like "BITCH CALL SOMEBODY" or "CALL SOMEONE HOOKER" or other humorous things like that (he knows I dont actually think he's a bitch or a hooker, names are added for dramatics).

But, those are getting old, so, what other 'names' can I use?
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fridge thieves

Hey, TQC!

Pretend you have a 20 year old brother. He has never had a job in his life and he isn't in school and never plans to be. He freeloads, basically. He frequently eats your groceries even though you write your name on the items, put "DO NOT EAT" signs on them, and even directly tell him that the foods on this shelf are YOURS NOT HIS.
What do you do now?

I didn't sign up to feed a child so I would rather not waste the little money I do have on him.

alternately, what is the best carpet cleaner to pick up pet messes?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

1- When you're out on the road for more than 3+ hours, and you're getting bored/about to fall asleep...what would wake you up or keep you awake?

2- What are you in the mood for?
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I'd like to start a pattern of giving my dad gifts of food I've canned for him.

For the most recent present I gave him I learned how to make Indian pickles (which are pickled vegetables of many varieties). I made him a mango pickle, an onion pickle, and a lemon pickle.

What other things could I make in jars? There's jelly and jam. And I also found a recipe to make little pies in jars that can be frozen and then cooked later.

What other things can be made to be put in jars? Can you link me to any recipes?

dk/dc - What's the best present you've ever received?
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When you have an online friend whose picture you've never seen, or whose voice you've never heard, do you come up with an idea of how they might look/sound in your head? What do you use to make that image up (icons, writing, etc.)?

DK/DC: How many social networking sites are you an active member on, besides LJ? Which ones are they?

ETA: Also, what image do you think people would have of you based on your journal, if they didn't already know what you looked like?
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I have a work-study and sometimes I answer the phone for international student services. I have a hard time understanding their names for taking messages and transferring them because many of them have accents and English is a second language to them. I can handle taking messages because they spell out their names, but I screw up when giving their names when I transfer calls. Any suggestions?


If you could eat anything right now what would it be?

What is something you hate with a passion that everyone around you likes?

(no subject)

Do you think a woman should be allowed to openly breastfeed at the table at a restaurant while others around her are eating?

Do you think there should be an age limit for the child who is breastfeeding in public?

If you're currently lactating, can I suckle you in public? I won't bite too hard!

Job Search Angst--may be teal deer.

I've been trying (not that hard, but trying) to score a new job for a long time. I have a dream organization that I want to work for, and for which I believe I'm a great match. Over the past six years or so, I've probably applied for five distinct jobs there, and more recently, networking with folks who work there. They've finally started noticing me, but have yet to offer me a job.

I'm also looking to transition to a new type of work. My skills are readily transferable, but most of the jobs I've applied for look a little different from what I've been doing for the last few years. However, my latest application was for a job that is basically a more advanced version of what I've been doing for the last five years. I am, on paper at the very least, a great fit for it.

However, since I applied for that gig a couple of weeks ago, another position has opened. This one is less similar on the surface to what I do now, but is probably a better job. So my questions are:

1) Should I apply again, meaning that I'll have two applications in at the same time?
2) Do you think it'll hurt my chances if I'm in the pool simultaneously for two distinct gigs, submitting resumes with distinct areas of emphasis? The crucial facts are all basically the same, but the things I've chosen to highlight are different.
Julia Murney

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Will you tell me about your grilled cheese?

Do you like to dip it in something? What?
Dill pickle or radish? 
Light brown or golden brown?
Real cheese or american cheese?
Cut into halves or quarters?
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Will you post your favorite pair of/most often worn shoes?

I need a good pair for school (we wear uniforms) and I have these but the laces ripped and I don't know if I want to get them replaced or just get some different shoes. I just need a good, long lasting pair.

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This was a discussion on the radio a while back that I just remembered:

This guy has an old bed. His parents upgrade from a queen size bed to a king size bed. He takes his parents' old queen size bed.

Basically, people were calling in saying how disgusting that was and how insane that guy is and they would never ever ever take their parents' old bed.

Wtaf??? Do you think this is gross?

ETA: Forgot to add, I also have my parents' old bed, and couldn't believe that not one person called in saying this was absolutely normal.


How much do you pay per month for electricity? How big is your home?
Do you run the a/c a lot?

I just got the electricity bill for my 2bd2bth apartment (4 people) and it was fucking 300 dollars.
Its been fucking hot as hell lately so I insist I get to run the air conditioner sometimes, but we all still spend 40% of our time uncomfortable and hot. What the fuck is going on?

I just read a second ago that turn appliances on and off wastes WAY more energy than running the appliance on a low setting all the time.

Is there any truth to this?

If there is I can blame this all on my roommate! She constantly turns the air off, claiming we are wasting too much money, and then throws open the windows and doors (so any cold air we collected from the air condition just flies out the window) and then 30 minutes later turns it back on. Repeat.
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(no subject)

I drink my own urine for religious and medicinal purposes. Is it okay to drink my own urine in a restaurant? I prefer fresh urine, so should I be allowed to urinate at the table into a bottle as long as I drink it there?
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I heard that before!

Have you ever played a video game and heard music that was suspiciously similar to a pop tune or some other tune you heard somewhere else?
Other than classical music? (That's a little too obvious)
What was the song, and what game was it?
legs motherfucker

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Did/do your parents openly let you have sex in their house?
How about have a boyfriend/girlfriend stay the night?
At what age did they give you the "okay" for it?

If you have/plan to have kids will you let them have sex in your house? How about have a boyfriend/girlfriend stay the night?

(no subject)

I've been doing acrylic painting as a hobby, and while I have no intentional of being a professional artist, I'd still like to improve as well as see what other people do with acrylic paint. Are there any Livejournal communities for this medium? I tried the search, but nothing came up?

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Okok I'm watching Sex and the City and they're having a big WTFOMG because a guy that Charlotte hooked up with is uncircumcised. I think they are weird for caring. But, obviously not being an international urologist I don't have a wide enough dick sample to know if it's genuinely unusual - how common is circumcision in your country/experience? What's your personal preference?

(no subject)

Which animal would you most like to see dissected? Not in, like, an "Omg, that animal sux so it deserves to be tortured haaay," way, or anything, but just out of PURE INTEREST. Omg, I don't want to offend anyone who is against hacking up animals in the pursuit of knowledge or anything, but omg, ok, srs guyz, what animal are you most curious about the insides of? BUT NOT IN A PERVERSE WAY!

Oh my god, I can't word this appropriately. :[ Anything post?

(no subject)

What are some small, quaint and little-known churches/chapels located in Montreal or in the surrounding area that are available for weddings?

If you have no idea: At what location would you have your dream wedding, regardless of the cost?

(no subject)

Have you ever played a Pokémon game, if so, what's your favorite one?

Do you still play Pokémon games?

If you were offered to play a Pokémon game today, would you?

Who is your favorite Pokémon?

If you were never into Pokémon, was it because you preferred something else (Digimon?) or just never liked it?
homeless, PAINTprogramPIC

What to do?

Okay lets see if I can explain this right without giving details away.
Lets say someone did something and you wanted to know WHY they did what they did.
How do you go about asking them without being rude about it and without seeming like you are mad at them?

Charlotte NC Airport

So I have to change planes in Charlotte NC -  I can either have a 1 hour lay over or a 3 hour - Obviously I'd rather have a 1 hour but do you think I would be able to get from Terminal E to Terminal C (possibly B) inside that time, allowing for the wait getting off the first plane? Both flights are US Airways and seem to be reasonably on time and I'd only have carry on luggage with me.

I'm buying cheapo tickets so if I missed the 1 hour layover connection I'd be screwed $$ wise.
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(no subject)

 Did you ever play the Sims 1 back when it first came out? What terroristic things did you do to your Sims? Do you still play? What do you enjoy most about these games, building houses or furnishing them or actually playing? Let's talk Sims.

(no subject)

I am in the cold waiting for a bus that never came, so now I am stick waiting for another bus to get here in ten minutes. When this bus picks me up I will have waited for almost half an hour.

When was the last time you were left high and dry?

EDIT: caught the bus finally...
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(no subject)

Have you have any bad days that stand out in your memory?

The one that stands out most in my mind is from 2006. I split up with a guy then had to go to work, sobbed on and off my whole shift, and then got stranded in a burger king parking lot because the road I worked on flooded easily and that was the only place I could get to.
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(no subject)

What is the most annoying thing your parents/family members do?

Inspired by my grandma coming over and my mom immediately beginning their conversation by talking about what a horrible person I am. It's like she's a little girl telling on her older sister or something -- she enjoys it so fucking much when she whines to my grandma about me and my grandma bitches at me for what I've already been bitched at by my mom two weeks earlier. /RANT
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(no subject)

Do you own some sort of sex toy?

I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that I'm a prude
I did, but not anymore
I do, but it as given to me as a gag gift and I've never used it

What kind?

Anal beads
Cock Ring
Blow up doll/Real dolls
Combination dildo/vibrator
Butt plug
Something else I will put in comments
This question is heinous and I cannot believe you are asking it in a public forum!

Do you view pornography?

Yes, video only
Yes, text only
Yes, all kinds
No, I am not interested
No, it goes against my moral/religious values
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(no subject)

What are some interesting wedding ideas you've heard about or would like to do yourself?

My boyfriend and I have been throwing around getting married but neither of us have any interest in a large ceremony (or ceremony at all) and we definitely have no interest in rings. Tattoo's were an interesting idea... but I kind of feel like that's often done.

What about you?

srs & non-srs welcome :)

Strange Mail-Related Question

I've been living in an apartment by myself for 3 1/2 years. Nobody has ever lived here with me.

My parents have been divorced since the early 90s which was the last time my father and I shared the same address. My father hasn't lived in the same county as me for about 10 years and hasn't lived in the same state for about 5 years. We haven't spoken in almost that long. We have two completely different first names. He has never lived at my apartment nor had anything sent to my apartment's address that I have received then he picked it up from me.

In the last month or two I have received a couple advertisements in the mail addressed to my apartment's address but with my father's name. One of them was for AARP which would have clearly been intended for him not me since he's 59 vs my 29. I have no idea why I'm getting mail addressed to him at my apartment, though so far it has all been advertisements i.e. junk mail.

Is this likely just an example of really shoddy records by a company that sells mailing lists for advertising? Or should I be concerned my father learned of my apartment address (I've never given it to him) and is using it for some reason which is potentially fraudulent and/or damaging to my credit? (This would not be out of character for him)
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(no subject)

TQC, do you ever have those days/weeks where you're irritated with everything for no apparent reason? Like you're so oddly irritated you don't even want to do the things you normally like?

I get those days/weeks right before my period, I hate it. Actually, it's happening right now.

(no subject)

Have you ever had a blood clot?

Where was it? How did you discover it? What did you doooo to fix it?
Please tell me about it, I am hypochondriacing all over the place!

DK/DC: Scariest medical incident that has happened to you?

(no subject)

What do you think is a good food to eat before bed?

I have quite bad insomnia at the moment and my doctor suggested eating before bed might help (it could be worth mentioning that I'm recovering from an eating disorder and although things are going well my food intake still isn't that great)

Are there any foods in particular that you find conducive to a good nights sleep? I'm totally clueless, so I'm definitely open to all suggestions.

(no subject)

tqc, let's play a game, shall we?
I'll say a word, and you must post a picture that begins with the last letter of the word I said. Another user must post a picture starting with the last letter of what the previous picture was. We continue this forever.
Pictures must be obvious, and accidental double posts are understandable.
edit: If a picture branches off into more than one picture, pick a stem and keep going. Plurals: Should be conjugated into singular.

(no subject)

I'm going to my doctor soon and would like to ask her if she could recommend a therapist for my friend.
Is this weird to do? Should/would a doctor have a problem with this?

Parking was full at the ferry terminal today, so they sent me somewhere else where it was valet. I already had to pay $8 to park. The guy walked five feet and got my car but I could tell he probably wanted a tip but I didn't have one ready

Would you have tipped him? Should I tip next time?

I felt guilty, but I also feel like I just paid $8 to park for two hours when that's also the price for 24 hours worth of parking :/

(no subject)

just found out that verizon never charged me for my upgrade last year so I still have an upgrade credit. I'm thinking of the droid x. Did anyone get it? What do you think? Will I be pissed off at it? I have a blackberry now so I prefer smart phones.

(no subject)

Do you like thunderstorms? What's your favorite part about them? What's your favroite type of weater?

If just started thundering by me, I love it, I've been waiting all day for the storm! 

(no subject)

Anybody bored and want to chat?

I have logged into Ye Ol' AIM and have 'thequestionclub' room all set up if anyone cares to partake. Yay friendship.

DK/DK: Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, crankypants?

(no subject)

Do you find yourself judging people for something you shouldn't be judging people for?
Today my husband found out that a girl in our community is pregnant. She can't be more then 17, lives in the very very very low income housing with her parents, her boyfriend is in his mid twenties and lives with his parents and does not have a real job, he sells pot instead. I am judging her because the fact that she is excited to have a child baffles me. But on the other hand I got pregnant at 18, but I feel my situation of being with a man that I was engaged to with both of us having full time, well paying jobs, and him with his BA degree, as well as having our own house made it different. I know not to throw stones when you live in a glass house but COME ON, she is setting herself up for a really hard life, right?

What was the last thing to make you feel emotional?
For me it was this and the fact that our three year old has been breaking out in hives and she hates it, and I just want her to stop itching her face raw :( I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow.