July 20th, 2010

lead me

3 questions

1. who's vegetarian here? anybody considering it?

2. has anybody ever anonymously gifted you a paid account? (it happened to me once.)

3. what are your plans for the remainder of the evening?

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 I have been listening to "I Can't Decide" by the Scissor Sisters and really enjoying it, in no small part due to its creepiness coupled with a very happy-sounding tune. What other songs are really upbeat and simultaneously super creepy?

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I've been trying to quit caffeine by slowly dwindling it down over the last couple weeks, but apparently this weekend I hit withdrawal wall. I've had a headache that comes and goes for 4 freaking days now. Finally broke down and went to the doctor but STUPID ME didn't mention the fact I was withdrawing from caffeine, and just accepted my prescription for migraine medicine and went on my merry way. Medicine worked, but doctor apparently sent a referral for a CT scan, assuming my headache was just migraines (which I've suffered from in the past). I don't have insurance at the moment, and I'm fairly certain my headache was entirely caffeine withdrawal related, so should I call and cancel the CT scan? I can't exactly afford it out of pocket.
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medication question

So, I know quite a few of you are on various meds and I was wondering if anyone here has dropped their effexor?
After 5 years on the stuff I've just dropped from 150mg to 75mg with the aim of switching to lexapro next week, but I am really struggling with the withdrawals :( My moods are all over the place, I am suffering terrible vertigo and generally feeling slightly crazier than a shithouse rat right now.
So, for those of you who have switched &/or come off the effexor how long did it take for the symptoms to subside? Was there anything you did that helped to alleviate the withdrawals?
If you switched, did the lexapro kick in quickly?


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I am that witch walks between both worlds but only knows one, i have my own world were i somtimes go and you can somtimes find me there wondering around.

any other goffixs in this comm?

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do you think it is okay for someone to say they hate jewish women's children if like their 4 time great gradfather was a rabbi?

thanks it's for a school project.

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Matchmaker TQC, who will I marry?

dk/dc: If you had a million kagillion dollars and you could afford to have a 24-hour staff of one person with one specialty, which would you chose: a massage therapist, chef, maid, whipping boy, or fashion consultant?

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My kitten is a bloodthirsty creature bred to kill. I have discovered, however, that the only times she is calm are 1) when I leave the bathroom door ajar, she will come in a curl up in a ball at my feet and purr till I have finished my business, stare at me as I redress myself, then watch the water swirl around the bowl when I flush and 2) as I am exiting the shower before get to my towel she will lovingly swoosh around my legs, purr and want to cuddle. No, cat, what are you doing I am naked and this is awkward STOP LOOKING AT ME AHHHHHHH.

Are your pets pervs?

What kind of socially unacceptable things do your pets do?

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I used to be able to sleep until noon without issue but now I can't do it anymore. I hate waking up 5-6 times before I actually want to wake up. The sun always wakes me up now. As soon as the light hits my eyes, BAM I wake up. TQC, how can I sleep through the morning?

-Getting blinds or curtains is NOT AN OPTION.
-I have an eye mask, but it tends to slide off because I move around in my sleep a lot.
-Putting the blankets over my head prevents me from breathing fresh air and doesn't help me get back to sleep.
-Sleeping with my arm over my eyes is annoying and prevents me from falling asleep.
-Taking sleeping pills doesn't help, the light will still wake me up.
-I have 4 windows in my room, it sucks.

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You magically have the ability to get a hold of contact information for one member of TQC. Whose information do you get? What do you do with this information? Text message them? Order 17 pizzas to be delivered to them? Put a post on craigslist offering free blowjobs with post-orgasm milkshake with their contact info? Sell their address to mass marketers? Get mine and bitch slap me for making posts like this?

And yes, interpret that "free milkshake" offer however you want, you dirty perverts.

For those who want nothing to do with stolen contact information, an alternate question: Which is cuter, brown bunny rabbits or white bunny rabbits?

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i can't sleep. i have a headache. the only painkillers i have have caffeine in them. do i take them and stay awake or suffer the headache and continue my attempt to sleep?

oh yeah i have to wake up in 5 hours
possible she wants you too.


how long do you think you will be an active member of the internet by way of regularly posting on a blog/lj/forums etc?

would you ever want to quit your "online life"?

what made you retreat from the real world  such that you had to make an online one of sorts?

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This guy I know has issues getting it up because of his medication and has been kind of a dick to everyone lately.

Have you ever seen someone you know go through something similar? Did they become controlling and spiteful, or just withdraw completely, or whatever? What other kinds of afflictions have you seen bring on what kinds of mood swings?

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Have you ever listened to a band just because you liked their band name?
What bands are you into at the moment?
What bands should drop off the face of the earth?

What's on tap for today?
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So I go to bed when I get home last night, like 1am, because I've been up all day long, and I just woke up and freaked out because the sun was up. I was like, wtf how freaking long did I sleep? And then I realised that it was 7:30 and the sun usually comes up this early.

What hilariously dumb thing have you thought recently?

ETA: Do you get annoyed when you post something (LJ, FB, etc) and you don't get a comment in the first 5 minutes? IDO. In this society of instant gratification, my inherent impatience is multiplied.

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I kinda need some opinions here.

I dont feel like going toclasses anymore, I dont feel like studying. I feel like sleeping all the time. I dont see my friends anymore. I mean, i used to do this like to the max before.. and by before means 2 days ago.. why the sudden change? I have no idea? ideas?
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lightning round?

What are the cheapest pair of glasses that you've gotten? Where did you get them?

Do you/have you ever used a dating site? Did it work (I'll let you define "work")?
-Yes and yes, until recently.

If you drink coffee regularly, when did you start drinking it?
-A week or so ago, but only iced coffee, I don't like hot beverages except hot chocolate and occasionally tea

What is your favorite flavor of anything?

Look 90 degrees to your left, what do you see?
-Car keys, eyeglass repair kit, empty bottle of Starbuck mocha frappuccino, a toy penguin, and a can of compressed air

i know i sound like an old lady, but...

How do you feel about kids and their use of technology today?

When you have kids (or if you already have them), how much technology will you allow them to use?

I'm only 22, but things have changed so much since I was a child. I used to play outside with neighbors until the sun set. Now 9-year-olds are texting their friends all day.
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Annoying personal research!

My family is hosting a big multi-family indoor garage sale this weekend and I wanna set up the tables so that they catch the eye the best. We have the tables laid out in a perimeter around the room and we're going to have big stuff, like an arcade machine and clothes racks in the middle of the main area.

Poll #1594528 Garage sale

What usually grabs your eye first at a garage sale?


What do you tend to avoid?


Aside from selling a bunch of our crap, we're doing this to show off our banquet hall to get more events scheduled with us. Since we have a big projection screen, I was thinking about making a slide show of some info about the building and have pictures of previous events so people could see what it looks like decorated different ways.

My mom says she's just going to put up Fox News. Validate me plz?

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Okay, I didn't know the best time to post this, so I will post now...in case I have something else to post later.

What is the best insult/series of insults you can think of at the moment?

I can't come up with any good ones and that is what is on my mind right now. I don't plan on insulting anyone at the moment. I just wanted to read some insults.
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Do you have two jobs?
What are they?

Have you ever had a really close friend cut you out of their life completely on short notice without explanation? Close as in, hi we know each other's habits to a T and I gave you a house key and we talk every day. How did you deal?

Macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly?
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what is the best thing you have eaten today?

i just had a waffle that had maple essence (never even heard of this until now) put in the batter. it was delicious. omnomnomn.


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Anytime previous to now I have been able to change my music files in iTunes from .m4a to .m4r with out any problems. I just convert the 40 second section to ACC and then change the file name on the desktop and I can use it for a ringtone. For some reason it is no longer working, but this is also the first time I have ever tried it on my computer that has Windows 7. How can I make this work? Is this because it's Windows 7? It worked fine when I used Vista.

What was the title of last nights Real Housewives of New Jersey?

What are your plans for the day?

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What are some weird dreams/sleep walking occurrences either you or your friends/family have had lately?

At 6:30 AM my mom sleep walked into the bathroom and cleaned the toilet. Last night my dad had a dream I was kidnapped.
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1.  Does anyone here drink Aloe Vera juice on a regular basis? Will you tell me about why you started drinking it, if it's helped you, how you drink, etc?

2.  So I ran into an old friend at the store and she looked like she lost a lot of weight, she looked great. But it kind of took me by surprise and so I didn't say anything at the time. Would it be weird or inappropriate to text or fb message her telling her I thought she looked great? 

3.  Will you tell me about the last person you sat next to?
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Concerned a bit

Umm did any of you know anew?
There account is suspended or whatever you call it.
I went to read their journal and the username was marked out.
I was just wondering if any of you knew what happened.

Okay, if yall don't care or don't know about that...
Would you believe someone if they told you that they escaped from a mental health hospital?
I don't know if I could believe it, because it doesn't seem like there would be a way they could get out...
jake and rainycorn

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Have you ever gotten pre-packaged food that was contaminated, infested, moldy, or otherwise gross and inedible?

Had you eaten any before you found out?

I had worms in a Payday once. I had already taken a bite but I'm pretty sure I didn't eat any worms...
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Dear TQC,

I picked up a dead goat at work, and after washing my hands and changing my clothes I still smell like dead goat.

How do I get dead goat smell off of my flesh?

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So, I lent my mom my car yesterday, its a convertible. She took it for a ride to macy's, but when she parked the car in the garage, she forgot to put the hood up. When I drove to work today, I found 3 spider webs, Huge ones I tell you :(. Not like the scrawny one stringed ones, but the full octagonal webs! I nearly flipped out when I got out of the car...
My car renewal isn't until 2 weeks from now. If I take it for a tune up then, I'll get a free interior and exterior wash, but if I go now, it would cost 50 dollars, inside only
Should I suck it up and wait till my tuneup or get it now?

Skin issues

Does your skin react differently in different places?
I have naturally oily skin, but it seems that at my work my skin becomes SO oily, SO fast.
Does this happen to anyone else?
Does anyone know why this might happen?
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what has been the highlight of your day?

laura_kathleen just gifted me a paid account. SO SWEET OMG.

also, what nice thing(s) have you done for someone lately? give me some ideas plz so i can spread the love.

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Ok, let's try this again. Sorry for the previous post deletion. If it sucks this time, oh well. Sorry in advance.

Do you think I need braces? My dentist thinks I should get them for cosmetic purposes but he says my teeth are ok as is. My jaw is not aligned as well.

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I went to Quiznos and asked for a salad and a sandwich, with no tomatoes on my sandwich. So instead, they put tomatoes on my caesar salad. Wtf I have never heard of anyone putting tomatoes on a caesar salad.

When was the last time someone screwed up your order?

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I'm in a coffee shop and I want to go to sleep now. I need to stay awake for 3 more hours and then I can sleep. Give me songs to listen to that will keep me awake, or any other advice on not passing out in this chair.

I've already had two double espressos and out of respect for those around me I cannot in good conscience drink any more.
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About Communities

What is your favorite community? What makes it special?

If I made a community would anyone join it on here?

Alright and off topic:

But I have been thinking about doing something that goes against what I believe. I don't know if it would be worth it. I want to be memorable and talked about. Apparently I want to be an attention whore. But I have been thinking about being more blunt instead of like sugar coating things. Should I do this? And yes I am kind of seeking valadation here. And yes, you can insult me if you want to. I have a friend that does that on a reguarly basis anyway.

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What's the last song that you had stuck in your head?

Thanks to one of the lyric posts earlier I have Ring of Fire in an endless loop!

What do you do to get yourself in a better mood when you're having a particularly depressed day?

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In a post earlier today, I said every Tuesday between 3 and 5pmEST should be CUPCAKE TUESDAY, where every question somehow involves cupcakes. Since I can't enforce that rule, I will instead post cupcake questions!

Where do you normally get cupcakes? Prepackaged from a store, a bakery, make them? Do you find store cupcakes taste like crap after eating cupcakes from a good bakery? I do.

Yay for slightly boring cupcake questions!
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do any of you have any friends (or just know any people) who constantly lie about ridiculous things or make up unbelieveable stories? anything of that variety... will you tell me the things they claim?

for example i have one friend who is always "GOING BACKPACKING ACROSS EUROPE NEXT MONTH" or "STARTING OVER IN CALIFORNIA IN SEPTEMBER" or "MOVING TO JAPAN NEXT YEAR" or "JOINING THE MILITARY IN 4 WEEKS" but never does any of that, he continues to work at the grocery store down the street.

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How often do you get your 'cleaning mood'. What sets it on/off?

Having seen two earwigs in my room today I went into cleaning rampage throwing everything out.

Otherwise I get the mood to full flegde clean like twice a year, and tidying only when i have some work to do, I just can't work until it is clean. Then when I find something interesting I end up getting distracted and thus mess stays for another day.
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What are the drinks seen at most (or all) of the parties you go to?

I am going to a beach house for a weekend long party and need some ideas of tasty alcoholic beverages that are usually liked by most and can easily be made in large quantities. Any suggestions?

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Need New Questions

If you had the ability to get rid of one person on the planet, who would that person be?
Everything else on the planet would stay the same. Life wouldn't be interrupted. Nobody would miss the person.

Who would that person be if we could only pick people that are apart of this community?

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I am responsible for cooking dinner for my parents as long as I live in the house. I have three days left.

Tomorrow night I'm going to cook BBQ Pork Chops. What do you think would be a good side dish to serve with this meal?

DK/DC: Who cooks in your house?
How do you decide what's for dinner?

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Have you ever been to Scotland? What did you think of it? Any places you've been while you were here or would like to go? (I've lived here all my life and I've decided I'd like to see more of this tiny place. So any suggestions are welcome!)

After reading this story it made me wonder. Just how difficult would it be to rip off a testicle?! I would assume it would take quite a bit of strength that I have none of. (Not wondering for any other reason than curiosity!)

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im in love with this kid that i was dating. we are not allowed to talk ordered by the courts for the past 3 months. he broke up with me im not really sure why, i was never able to get an explanation because of the situation. i think because we arnt able to talk or it could be other reasons im not really sure. anyways the trial is ending soon so i can talk to him if i want. but i was thinking of waiting till he talked to me first. i tried to get over him but its not working. should i talk to him when i can?

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Does anyone here bring a lunch made with canned tuna to work or is that just plain rude?

I just started eating it and I enjoy it, and I made like a tuna casserole dish last night and thought "Oh great! Leftovers for work!" and then I was like "oh".

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I've got this mad itch to uproot myself and move to a new place, TQC. This happens to me every 4-6 months for some reason.

I've found roommate wanted ads for August/September all over Kijiji; a couple of them are right in the Broadway/University area of the city (I live about 5 minutes from there right now), which is where my bars and my friends and hobbies/activities are located. I'd be looking at a rent increase of about $100-150/month, which I can afford on my current wages. There's the possibility of having a larger, non-basement room and/or a balcony/yard.

Would it be a dick thing if I moved out of my current place after only living there for 3 months? I get along okay with my roommate, he's chill; I'm just...bored? And I'd give him a month's notice/help him find my replacement, if the new roommate let me move in after September long weekend.

It couldn't hurt to at least e-mail and ask to look at the places, right?

DK/DC: how many mosquito bites have you gotten this summer? I was at an outdoor festival all weekend, and my feet and ankles are completely covered >:C
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(no subject)

So, I was all set to have a job at my best friend's mother's hair salon. I was pretty excited, and got some blue in my hair. Then her mother told me she'd changed her mind. Soooo now I need to find a part time job where I can have blue hair. I live in Milwaukee, if that helps.

I've got Starbucks, Hot Topic (I'd hate to work there, though D:), Starship (a local tattoo/piercing place), and other hair salons. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

searching for a movie title?

i watched this movie once. it looked like it could have been made in the 1980s...

from what i remember, a man crashes into a lake (i think?) and dies. then he's sent to heaven, where he meet a 'woman' who is in spirit and never been on earth. they fall in love in heaven and then one day she's gone, and he asks his adviser (?) where she'd gone, and he said she'd been chosen to be born on earth.

the man begs for her to come back but the only way he can reach her is if he's sent to earth too as a baby. hes told his life may or may not be good, it all depends on the choices he makes and he wont remember why he was sent to earth. so he's sent to earth and lives his life and becomes a rebel and has 30 years to find her, or else they both... yeah i can't remember. but in the end they walk past each other on their 30th birthdays and then both are sent back to heaven.

does this sound familiar to anyone? i know it had some familiar celebrities in it, and possibly had the word "heaven" in the title.

thanks in advance!!

ETA: found it!! "Made in Heaven" thanks so much guys you rock! =)
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Sea legs

Hove you ever had them?
How did you get them?
How long did they last?

Will you share with your personal stories?

Inspired by the fact that even though I got off the ship last thurs...I still cannot stand up straight without the world rocking.
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(no subject)

How do you heat your home in winter?

At home we've got a fire, combustion stove and random gas and electric heaters, and in my uni dorm room there's an old water heater...or gas... or whatever it's powered by lurking beneath the window

(no subject)

You are building a wardrobe guideline for a 20yo girl who has a tight budget but need clothes. What kinds of things would you tell her to buy, and where, to put together a wardrobe big enough for atleast a week between doing laundry?
What kind of and how many shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, etc. Does that even make sense? I need new clothes, help me :(

EDIT FOR MORE DETAIL- I don't have a job where I need to be dressed up or anything, I just want to be more put together when I go back to school because right now I'm lacking in clothes and the things I do have don't fit me very well. I'm planning to lose a little bit of weight before I head back (I'm looking at you, ab buddy who probably isn't online rn!) and I'd like to look as good as I hope to feel then. So basically, casual but still put together. I'm tired or wearing the same two or three tshirts all the time.

Credit check

Does anyone know how much someone with no/bad credit would have to pay up front to sign up with Verizon and get a Droid/other smartphone?

I'm sick of AT&T/my blackberry and everyone keeps recommending Verizon.


Do you watch Mad Men?

(no subject)

this is a weird question. is there anyone in ON between niagara falls and sarnia that can tell me which shoppers drug marts are nicer/bigger and have a good selection of nail polish? i'll be travelling through there in a few weeks (from NY to MI), and i want to stop at one and buy nail polish, but i don't want to spend too much time trying to find a decent store.

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Hey TQC, my a/c decided to stop working at some point this morning while I was still asleep! It'll cut on but not blow out cold air.

How do I keep cool? I already have all the fans on. I can't open any windows because they don't have screens, so I don't want to let the cats out or mosquitoes in. Not to mention, it's 95F outside with no breeze so it probably wouldn't help anyway.
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 1) So this girl asked me to go out for drinks with her on Thursday. I can't figure out if it's a DATE DATE or just us hanging out, like an interview for dating. How do you guys decide when it's a date? 

2) We're going right after work, so I won't be able to go home and get ~pretty~. What are some tips to take my look from day to night in a workplace bathroom? I have a desk to keep shit it. 

3) What are some good things to talk about on a date? I should convince her to go late night mini golf, y/y?
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(no subject)

I was at the store and I found this stuff for headaches. Does anyone know if it works? It looks like just organic Vicks vapor rub.

I've had a headache for 3 days now (it goes away and then keeps coming back) and NOTHING has helped. I'm so fucking miserable. I'm desperate here!
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(no subject)

How long is hair dye supposed to be good for? I just found my stash of Clairol Strawberry Blonde that I bought on sale. There aren't any dates on any of the boxes, or any of the containers on the inside.

What's your favourite hair colour, either on yourself or on someone else?

(no subject)

would you find a story pretentious and annoying if all dialogue was italicized rather than in quotation marks?

what are your opinions on zooey deschanel? i'm not getting the love tbh
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(no subject)

I need a new mp3 player. I had an ipod and so  all of my music has been uploaded onto my computer through itunes. Will this music I have already put on my computer through itunes be compatible with another brand of mp3 player or would it be easiest to just get another ipod?
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(no subject)

Are there any general scholarships or grants that can assist with off-campus housing?

Do any of you guys work from home? If so, what do you do?

Other than _kgb or ChaCha, are their any companies that I can work for from home?

(no subject)

What is your opinion on parents who severely restrict their children's diets?

Tonight, I saw an episode of Wife Swap and this one mom totally restricted everything she, her husband and their 3 kids ate.  They all had to drink protein shakes which looked really nasty and eat protein bars, salads, etc...  Their carbohydrate intake was very minimal (Aren't carbs supposed to be like half of our daily food intake?) and absolutely no sweets.

I believe this is beyond wrong! I am all for eating healthier, but it's about moderation, not deprivation.  By depriving kids of a certain kind of food, the parents are setting them up for getting an eating disorder later on and it could have a negative effect on their growth & development, and are kids even supposed to be drinking protein shakes?

DK/DC:  What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? Do you usually wear your hair up or down?

It varies for me, but I prefer Pantene.  I use the medium-thick formula w/ frizz control.  My hair is usually kept in a ponytail, sometimes braided.  It is too wild to leave down.

(no subject)

will u post a picture of a male celebrity?

will others then guess what they think that celebrity's erect penis is like?

dk/dc then stay in the post and eat foodstuffs that do not come from the human male anatomy

(no subject)

to those of you who are watch the new teen mom:

does anyone else think farrahs mom should have done more than bunch that selfish little bitch in the mouth? like are you fucking kidding me? she'll all "what do you do for me?!"

uh. shes provided a roof & clothes & food & LIFE for you and your fucking illegitimate bastard child! and youve never been anything but a little bitch to your mother & father.

to those of you who dont:

whats your guilty tv pleasure?
Holy Noel

(no subject)

Do you know someone who really annoys you in real life?
What does the person you know in real life do that annoys you?
How do you deal with them?

Who's the most annoying person you don't know in real life?
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Mitty box

(no subject)

My roommate is reading a novel that has to do with time travel (Outlander, fyi) and would like to know:

How many generations removed must a couple be for it to not be incest?

"I assume that there are two different answers depending on genetics and taboos"
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let's say you and your friend are going on a vacation. your friend offers to take care of booking everything. your friend screws up somehow, and accidentally books something twice (like a tour or hotel room or something), and cannot get a refund. so you basically owe twice as much money, and there's no way to get out of paying all of it.

what do you do? do you pay for your half even though your friend screwed up? do you make your friend pay for all of it?

(this hasn't happened to me, but it could, and i was just wondering what people would do in the situation.)
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(no subject)

If you have one, are you satisfied with your current mobile phone?