July 19th, 2010


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Since we just had a meds question --

For those of you who have to take many pills a day, many pills at the same time each day, how do you combat nausea?

I've been on a meds regime for the past several months where I have to take seven pills every night right before bed. Eating helps combat the nausea afterwards, but the pills are so large, so disgusting to taste, that I get nauseous hours before I take them. Just thinking about pills will make me nauseous for hours. If it weren't happening to me, I'd think it was an interesting example of classical conditioning.

However. My Doc has been totally useless. What do I do to make myself less nauseous?
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I mailed a short letter to my favorite childhood author thanking him for writing his books and telling him that they helped me through some rough times growing up. I did not expect a response. A few weeks later I received in the mail a large envelope of stuff from his fan club mostly inviting me to join. TQC, do you think he actually read my letter?

Do you have a junk drawer?

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for recent graduates who are currently employed: if you got your job through something other than job boards/job listings, how did you find it? how long did it take before you found a job?

dk/dc do you like crossword puzzles? are you good at them?
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Can somebody tell me when cartoons started to suck? In the 90s we had awesome shows that didn't talk down to kids like X-Men and Batman and Animaniacs, smart shows with good writing. Now, with a few exceptions (Chowder, Adventure Time), everything aimed at kids on TV blows goats. Why did this happen?

What cartoons from your childhood do you still enjoy/would enjoy watching today? Meaning stuff that was intended for kids, not Adult Swim type cartoons. I basically listed mine up there.

I need ideas!

My friend is in the hospital and will be there for quite some time (she is on strict bed rest). I'm visiting her tomorrow and want to bring something to help cheer her up or possibly keep her distracted/busy for some time while there (oh, and she says the hospital's food is nasty, so snack ideas would be good too!). Suggestions? If you were in my shoes, what would you bring your friend?

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College students:

Have you ever bought International editions of text books before? Have you ever had any issues with them? Are they really the same?

I'm contemplating going that route because it is a little bit cheaper than renting....

ETA: Students...do you rent or buy your textbooks?

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What types of icky foods did your parents (or whoever) make for you to eat when you were a kid?

My mom used to always make lima beans, UUUUUGGGGHHHHH WHHYYYYYY!!!!! I STILL HATE THEM!!!! D: D: D:
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I love starting controversial topics like this one:

A baby costs $785 a month which is $170,000 over 18 years. Just saw that from a commercial. Scary.

What kind of controversial topics do you like starting?

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TQC, I am planning on going to the bookstore later (Boarders is all that's available to me).

What should I get?
I've been reading a lot of Chuck Palalalanuik and Orson Scott Card lately. Something that's part of a short series would be nice, but is not required.

Today is supposed to be 83* with scattered thunder storms. Should I take the dog to the dog park and have her get out some of the excess energy that she's been misbehaving with?

What is the least fun thing you have to do today?
The most fun?
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Do you have a chronic health condition? If so, do you tell others about it soon after meeting them, or do you wait and tell only people who "need to know"? What health condition do you have (if you don't mind sharing)?

Is your workplace accepting of body modifications (tattoos, non-standard ear piercings, body piercings, scarification, etc.)? What type of setting do you work in?
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serious question

I want to upgrade my account  - doing it for the first time since I'm a member - but I have some difficulties.

Can someone give me the address where I can upgrade my account to a paid one. I tried it with the link at the bottom of the page and everything, but when I was about to pay (using paypal) I was offered a registration for the card. The problem is I already have a card, I don't need to create a new one...

Is there another way to pay for the upgrade? :/

... excuse me my stupidity, doing this for the first time, I need some help. Thanks in advance!
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What time is your mail delivered?

When you're waiting for something totally awesome to come in the mail, how do you behave? Do you go about your day and check the mail whenever you have time, or do you make multiple trips around the delivery time to see if it's in the box?

Alternatively, have you ever watched a pot of water boil?

sorry for tl;dr

I was hired as a temp at my current job, but my boss told me they are considering hiring me on permanently.

The job is okay but the long commute is burning me out. I never seem to get enough sleep and it's hard for me to get things done in the few hours I have at night. It's also an extra $200 a month just to get to work.

If they do offer me a job, would it be out of line to request that I work from home a few days a week? Everything I do at my job is done online. Also, 2 other employees work from home.

If they made me an offer, should I:

a) Say no and find another job closer to my house
b) Take the job and deal with the commute
c) Bring up the possibility of working from home

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Would you go out of town with your SO (and four other people, two of which you haven't met before) to an all-weekend event?  What if you had no interest in what the event was celebrating but it would make your SO happy?

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In your opinion, in a relationship, when is it okay to say "I love you" (like a time frame)?

How about getting engaged? How long should a couple be together before that comes up?
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Does anyone actually wear perfume anymore? Not like body spray or lotion, but straight up bought-at-the-counter at the store perfume?

This question brought to you by the woman who was just in our office for an interview and nearly gassed everyone out because of how nauseatingly strong her perfume was.
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How frequently do you do laundry?

How frequently do you wash your bedsheets/blankets?

Is there anything you wash/dry in your washer or drier that is out of the ordinary?
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What should I send my 14 year old brother at summer camp? I have a shoe-box I want to fill and the only ideas I have so far are candy and silly bands.

Hookers and blow are already en-route.

Travel, money, etc.

My wife and I are planning a trip for this fall for which tickets are going to be very expensive--the very cheapest I can find will set us back over $1400 each, and most cost between $1500-$1800.

However, my wife travels extensively for her job, so she has a huge pile of frequent-flier miles saved up. If we buy full-priced tickets on the right airlines, we'll use her miles to get free upgrades to business class. This is going to be a slightly grueling series of flights--we're looking at over 24 hours in total transit time, with 6, 7, and 9 hour legs. But to be eligible for the upgrades, we'll have to pay more for the tickets in the first place (probably $2000 each). So my questions are:

1. Is the business class upgrade, in your opinion, worth an extra $1000+ in total expenses?

2. Does that change when you hear that even with the higher price tag, it still allows us to get business class tickets for about 1/4 what they would normally cost?

3. How much would it be worth to you?

4. Would you prefer an itinerary with only one stop, but an overnight layover (arriving at midnight and leaving the next morning), or two changes of plane but shorter connection times (an hour and a half for one, two hours for the other)?

Basically, I'm torn between feeling like we could get a really good deal on business class tickets (because, again, this would be really cheap for business class), and preferring to save on the total cost. My wife is more horrified than I am about spending ~24 hrs in coach, and thinks the comfort will be worth it.
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Are there any samples of the W3 HTML Certificate test online? I want to take a practice one and I can't find anything but the quiz. Does anyone know if any exist?

What is the funniest real first name you have ever heard of?

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How did you learn to drive?

When my sibs and I were young my dad would move the seat back and let us sit on his lap. He would do the pedals and we would steer. And this was all on winding country roads with nothing around but trees.

Competitive people...

Which is worse: losing by a very close margin, losing by a lot, or knowing you performed horribly and didn't deserve to win but then losing by just a tiny amount anyway?

DK/DC:  Besides bills and necessary expenses, where do you spend most of your money?  I feel an online shopping spree coming on.

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So, last night, I was talking with a friend of a friend who really loves owls. He mentioned owls eat small rodents and regurgitate stripped bones. This reminded me of something that happened last summer. I found a pile of skunk fur (it stank like skunk... really, really bad.) and a bunch of stripped bones mixed in with it. I'm assuming they're skunk bones. No blood or anything else, just fur and bones. The friend of a friend said skunks are too big for owls so an owl couldn't have done that. The bones were way too big to be a mouse or other small rodent. I really wish I took a picture of that before I cleaned it up. (The skunk smell got even worse once I disturbed the pile. ugh.)

So, TQC, what could possibly have done this? Any ideas? I can't think of any animal that'd leave stripped bones behind like that. Not one that lives in South Eastern Pennsylvania, anyway.

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What the longest MP3 in your library?

My longest is "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's stone" audio book at 6 hours and 37 minutes the longest song is a 17 minute version of Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida


So all through school I was one of those pudgey kids who hated PE and never had any interest in being physically active at all. I am now about to turn 22, in college, working, and really want to start playing sports recreationally or maybe even on a team, as long as it was with other newbs who don't care really care about winning. Unfortunately since I always ditched PE class I don't really know HOW to play them, and I don't know WHO to play with. Most of my friends are smokers and not up for physical stuff. 

How old is too old to start playing sports? Where can an adult go to learn? Who do you play with when you're this age? I would sign up for a PE class at school but my schedule won't allow me to add any more units. 

And if anyone knows anywhere that would help me specifically in the Sacramento area, please let me know! =)

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Do you remember the first time you drove a car? What happened?

If you didn't get dental insurance from your parents/significant other/job and you REALLY NEEDED IT, where would you get it from?

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What is a fresh coconut supposed to taste like? Is slightly sour normal?

I just cracked a coconut and when I tasted the juice, it wasn't as sweet as I expected it to be. I haven't had one since I was little though, so I'm not sure if I remember right. I'm afraid it might've gone bad. I have no idea how old it is, it was a gift from my mother-in-law who had bought it and then realized she would never get around to eating it.

What do you do with unwanted gifts?

I usually regift or give them to thrift stores to avoid clutter. But yesterday, while pondering what to do with a particularly impractical wallet, my mom suggested leaving it on my window ledge. It got 'stolen' within fifteen minutes, by a very nice looking couple with a small infant in a stroller, after the dad peeked into my window to make sure nobody was watching.

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TQC, will you recommend to me a movie with some really hunky dudes? I am open to any genre whatsoever, but I am in the mood for viewing some hunky dudes. Pls halp me find a suitable hunky dude movie. Preferably one with like, a part where they have no shirts or are wearing leather pants or something. Hay hunky dudes.
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I broke up with my ex two months ago. We agreed to stay friends, but haven't spoken to each other since we broke up.

Well, sort of. A few weeks after the break up, he sent me an e-mail with nothing but a link to a YouTube video in it. It was of that octopus that steals a camera from some diver. But...it was just the link, nothing else.

A few weeks after that, he did the same thing, this time, it was a video of a really cute puppy from Korea.

A few days ago, I got another video, but this one was an animated short about a prostitute who becomes a superhero. It was...kind of gross and weird and violent and I didn't enjoy it too much.

And in every e-mail, all there is the link. No, "Hey, how's it going? Saw this, thought of you," or "Something to make you smile" or "I hope you burn in hell, bitch," or ANYTHING, just the link.

Why is my ex-boyfriend sending these weird e-mails? What is he trying to tell me?

What should I say in reply to the latest e-mail he sent me?

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So I just went down to my vehicle to go do all my errands for the day and the battery is dead X[

Until boyfriend comes to jump it, I'm stuck here- should I clean the apartment or be lazy and watch TV?

I already walked the dog and played fetch with her in the parking lot.

How do you organize your bookshelves?

I will not eat them with a foxlets/I will not eat them in a boxlet

In Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham, the narrator is hounded across the planet by Sam I Am, a persistant breakfast salesman. Why is the narrator so opposed to trying green eggs and ham?

Well...they're green. That means spoiled
He is a strict Muslim and eating swine is against his beliefs
He's a vegetarian
Because he doesn't know where they've been. Why would you a cooked dish in a puzzling color offered by a complete stranger who seems to be stalking you?
The Narrator is an antisocial jerk
After his triple bypass, the Narrator was told to stick to a strict vegetable diet and avoid fats
He had his heart set on blue chicken strips and bacon and you know how it is when you have a craving: nothing else seems good enough
The book is a metaphor for sexual awakening, which ends with the protagonist eatinga short man's meat
He gave up eating green foods for Lent
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Are any of you on unemployment? Because I called in Sunday before last and certified but still haven't received my payment. Also, it didn't count a week off of my limit. (Last week it said 18 weeks remaining and yesterday it said the same thing.) In short, how long did it take you to get your first payment?

TL;DR : When was the last time you vacuumed?

nails and their polish

Where do you store your nail polish?

Do you use it until it's almost gone? Or do you always have like half/three quarters of a bottle of gluey-gloppy polish to throw away? How much does this piss you off?

When is the last time you changed/painted your fingernails?

Do you start with the left hand first or the right hand first? Are you a righty or lefty?

What do you think of the matte polishes?

Have you ever had a design airbrushed onto your nails?

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Will you share a kitchen disaster with us?
Really just to make me feel better.

I'm making banana bread and crying inside as I watch it spill over the top of the loaf pan and all over the bottom of the stove. :(
And I'm opening the windows.

-SUCCESS!- The bread came out fine. The stove is now clean. Whew.
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I want a new mood theme.  So I am going to make one.

Poll #1594264 Customize My El Jay

Which mood theme should I make?

Beverly Hills: 90210! Because Luke Perry is so delicious!
Saved by the Bell! Because I'm SO EXCITED! I'm SO EXCITED! I'm SO....SCARED!

Should the mood them be animated or still?

Animated! I like it when they move!
Still! gifs give me a headache.

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If you own a car, what kind of car is it?  How old is it?  What color is it? (post pictures is you've got em!)

If you don't own a car, what is you favorite way to pass time in a waiting room?
Agents are Go!

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1) How many people here are engineering majors (electrical, mechanical, the whole bit)
2) Computer Science?
2a) A related major that I didn't mention?

3) If you belong to one of the two groups above, and have graduated, are you working in your field?

4) For everyone else who doesn't fit the criteria above (i.e. DK/DC): My glasses broke this weekend, and even though I tried to fix them with duct tape, they keep falling off my face. The screw has broken off and part of it is in the hinge. Is it worth it to buy a repair kit and try to force the bit o' screw out and put a new one in? Do I need to get a specific screw size, or do all "eyeglass screws" fit all eyeglasses. Or should I just do a better job ducttaping my glasses? Do you want to see pictures of the damage to help inform your answer?

5) Does anyone think of Poker Face when they hear Kids by MGMT?
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What is the name for those southwestern spirits that sometimes run across the mountains and/or plateaus? I remember somebody here posting a comment about seeing one while driving. I was thinking of kachinas.

DK/DC: What summer shows are you watching?

ETA: What do you do when you're feeling stuck?
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1) What's the shortest period of time you've waited to sleep with someone you were dating?

2) What's the longest period of time you've waited to sleep with someone you were dating?

3) How long did each relationship last?
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1. If you already had tickets to a beach resort in Louisiana that are non-refundable, would you go down there and swim in the Gulf if the hotel said it was ok ? I might.

2. What are you eating now in your garden ? (if you don't have one, what do you wish you had ripe in your fantasy garden ?) We have red raspberries.

3. What do you collect or used to collect ? (My list/examples: trading cards, comics, legos, coins, stamps, etc...)


Have you ever accidentally hurt somebody? Physically please, don't need no heartbreakers in my tqc.

I just opened the door on someone and hurt the shit out of her foot, I saw it in her face. I felt REALLY bad.
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i'm going to an amusement park in a few days, and i haven't been to one in a long time. i used to be able to ride everything without getting sick, but i don't think i'm as resilient.

any tips to combat motion sickness while still enjoying crazy thrill rides? i will probably stay off the super spinning ones, but i want to go on as many other ones as possible. will dramamine be enough? i've also heard ginger could be effective, but what's the best way to take it?

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Have you ever used the Space Bag or any type of space saver vacuum/air tight bags for storage? What was your experience?

I need something to keep all my shit together, I have really limited space, and I keep reading mixed reviews of these products everywhere. =/
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Ladies of TQC:

Have any of you gone on BC solely or primarily to get really bad periods under control? Has it worked for you? I actually had to leave work today because the pain was so intense I couldn't do my job, and this really needs to stop. Do you have any tips on specific things I should talk to my doctor about, when I go? Certain brands that work better for this than others? Were the side effects, if you experienced any, worth it?

I've never gone on BC before because I was afraid of potential side effects, but at this point as long as the side effects don't include nearly passing out at work, I'm down.

dk/dc Can you make me feel better about having to leave two hours into my only full shift this week?

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Hey, me again with another glasses question.

I just fixed my glasses (the broke at the hinge) with hot glue and duct tape (to keep it while it sets and to hide the ugly globs). Is this safe? How long will it last? Any other info?

When was the last time you rode a horse? (Summer 2008, a friend taught me how to ride :) I have promptly forgotten :()
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1. Can someone explain "bros icing bros" to me?
I get the concept and I've seen the website, but idg why it's funny. One of my friends tried mansplaining how it's super hilarious but by the end it was even less amusing.

2. Who's your favorite "Jr" celeb (e.g. Robert Downey, Harry Connick, Cuba Gooding, etc)?
Thirds, fourths, and non-celebs are welcome too, I GUESS.

3. Do you hate opening buscuit tins (or croissant, cinnamon roll, whatever)?
When they burst open all loud and violent it gets me EVERY TIME. I end up grabbing the peeling corner by the very tip and basically throwing it across the room hoping the impact of landing will break it open and it won't be in my hands when that happens...

4. Will you post a sentence that will determine what my note about you will be?

Rent.com $100 reward card

I'll be moving to a new apartment in a little under a month. My bf and I found the new place on Rent.com, which advertises a $100 reward card after you sign your lease, and we told the new leasing office that that's how we found the complex. HOWEVER, when we moved into our current place 2 years ago (also found via rent.com), we were denied the reward card on the basis of our "application for it not being valid."

Have any of you *successfully* redeemed this card? I know it's only a hundred bucks, but I'm sure you all know how quickly small moving expenses add up... it'd just be nice to have. And it would just kind of suck if they're advertising it all over their website and never deliver. >:T

Not completely unrelated, will you tell me about the worst roommate you ever had? Why were they so awful?

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 Do you go to the gym regularly? 

If so, does it bug you if you see people that go out of their way to "get pretty" to go to the gym?* 

I was working out next to a girl who had put ON makeup and did her hair just to workout. 
Made me and my sweaty self feel quite hideous. 

Okay, okay. I'll admit. I'm a little insecure when she is next to me and it bugs me. 

DKDC: How was your Monday? I want to know all about it.

*edit to reword question 
cred: mellow_lights

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last night i had real intense stomach pains, and today i got sent home sick from work because i was feeling gross and queasy. dont even know whats going on in my tum right now, but im getting kinda hungry.

what should i eat that wont make me wanna vom?

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If you went on one date with someone, then met someone else you thought you could really see yourself with, but then you have already arranged another date with the first person, once you've arranged your next date with the second person, would you go on or cancel your date with the first one?


EDIT: Okay a bit more info might be required. I've gone on dates with the first person but haven't had sex with them yet. However the date later this week is me going round his for dinner, which is far away for a weeknight and would probably entail me staying the night. I've had sex with the second guy (slut I know) and I know it's all good, plus we've arranged a movie marathon for Friday night whereby we go and see Inception and then sneak in to the next screening of Toy Story 3. Oh and he's my optician.


Suppose you live in an apartment complex that was until now safe and vandalism free. In the last two weeks both your car and moped were vandalized (as well as other tenants' cars). The manager of the apartment complex shrugged it off and suggested that you play security if you don't like it. Would you move?

ETA: What if it involved breaking a lease? What if you didn't have the money to move (and would have to borrow it from family)?
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New Book


I need a new book to read. Looking for something suspenseful with a good twist/shock ending. Nothing too gory or fantasy-based (vampires, etc.). Think Shutter Island, by Dennis Lehane.

Have anything to recommend?

Oral Sex: Great gift
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When making tomato soup condensed from a can, do you use milk or water?

What should I eat with my tomato soup? I don't have bread so I can't make any grilled cheese sammiches.
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I've got an eye round roast, probably pound and a half, maybe two pounds, and I thought I'd marinate it then crock-pot slow-cook it. Any ideas for a marinade? I don't want to be overly sweet or overly acid.


(no subject)

Have you ever built a terrarium, TQC? How big was it? What kind of plants did you put in it? Did it have snails/ants/bugs/etc.?

I miss gardening and taking care of house plants (boo, apartments), and think it might be a good way to recycle liquor bottles, and a good excuse to buy some antique bell jars.

DK/DC: Coke or Pepsi?
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TQC, I need money. I can sell my TI-84 calculator for about $100, the only problem is that my name is written on the back in the "name" slot in black sharpie on the cream-colored calculator. What gets Sharpie off plastic that won't obliterate the calculator's functionality?

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Dear TQC, I have a somewhat complicated question about the good old 'L' word.

I was getting out of the car tonight, saying bye to this guy who I have been seeing for the past month, and he says, "love ya babe". and he realizes that he said it, and then says that he didn't mean to say it because he doesn't think we're there yet with that term.

So I'm wondering if I'm slightly hurt by that because A) its a pride issue of some sort, and i want him to love me or B) because I really am falling for him and now I know he doesn't quite feel that way?

Is this a big deal or am I over thinking it?? (Any input would be helpful).

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im pretty sure one of my good friends is going to kill himself. hes locked up and his gf is cheating on him with his best friend and his mom just killed herself a couple weeks ago. he makes a lot of bad decisions but hes a really good kid at heart. idk what to do cause i cant help him i tried to tell him that life is worth living and it WILL get better but he can not see the light at the end of the tunnel. what should i do in a situation like this?
{wow} sin'dorei pride

Geico, etc.

Has anyone ever worked for Geico, or a job where you had to work in a big corporate call center? Can you tell me about it? And how hard/easy it is to get a job there?
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What is your favourite fast food restaurant? And what do you usually order from there? Link me to their menu if you so desire, I have a weird obsession with fast-food menus from other places.

When I go to Lord of the Fries, I order a medium 'beef' burger and a small fries with Vietnamese (sweet chilli mayonnaise) sauce. Mm-mmm.

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Tea queue sea, what film should I download/watch online?

I am currently watching Paranormal Activity and then I need to watch the rest of The Human Centipede but I need distractions tonight because I may have failed my degree and I want to ignore that thought for as long as possible. I do not like icky soppy romantic thingz, ta.

2: With Memoirs of a Geisha is it better to read the book or splash out the £3 for the DVD, even though I think DVDs are a waste of £££?

i don't want to be friends

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So this guy and I were hanging out, but it's been about 2 weeks since I last heard from him. We did text last Monday, but I initiated and it was very brief. I'm using the "He's Just Not Into You" guideline and I'm not waiting anymore.

So...what now? I know texting him and being "So I guess this is over" is kinda petty, but I hate not having finality.
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I need to make my first resume.
I know there are bulider thingies, but is there anything I could use to play up volunteer work? I dont have much in the way of job experience, and the job I did have was sent to India and I have no idea what information I would put down to use that. the number address and everything are gone. So it seems pretty pointless. I dont even remember my supers name.

But I have TONS of volunteer work from libraries to hospitals to the local Secret Santa. That would look good right?
Is there a template out there somewhere that would help me?
by andos

my sleep meds make me more dumb than usual, please forgive me!

I'm getting my sister's memorial tattoo in a couple of months, and still have yet to have a concrete idea on what I want. Aside from her name (and possibly her birth and passing date), I know I wanted the lyrics "I'll live without you, love, but what good is one glove without the other?" and "Returning the smile you had from the start". I am not willing to part with the first line, but the second line I can axe if it won't have room (its on the back of my neck/shoulder-line-back area) but I reaaaally want it.


1. What is the proper punctuation for the "I'll live without you" line?
2. What would be the correct way (both punc. and just if it sounds ok in general) to combine the two ("Returning the smile you had from the start, I'll live without you love but what good is one glove without the other?")
3. Does the "I'll live without you" line (without knowing the song probably and all) seem like it might look prettier in a more cursive font or a more laid back 'hand written' font?

dk/dc/none of that made sense: How do you feel about memorial tatts?
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How's life going for you right now?

Does everything eventually work out in the end?

How do you, personally, work through the hard times if you don't see a light at the end of the tunnel?

Sorry. I'm in a boo-hoo mood tonight, I've had a rough week.
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What are some movies you would rate very highly but you don't watch very often or have only seen once because they are so depressing/heavy/bloody/long/boring/ass-clenchingly soul destroying/don't have enough boobs?
bowie - growing up

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What would be a good name for a kitty who is smoky grey, short-haired, skinny, and kind of pushy? She has lovely yellow eyes and a tail that is broken at the very tip. She's also super talky!

Her previous owners called her Neko, which I think is cute but my mum doesn't like. Kitty is lucky she isn't a boy with blue eyes, else I'd be tempted to call her Linus.

I haven't had a cat in the house for years. It's so nice to have one around again, being nosy and cute.