July 18th, 2010

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My friend sent me about 100 texts in ten minutes. When I started spamming him back, he turned off his phone.

TQC, what should I spam him with to wake up to in the morning? We both have unlimited texting, so no problem there.

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What's the worse way you've heard of someone breaking up with their SO?

An ex-GF of mine messaged me on AIM a while ago and told me what her now ex-BF did to her: He completely ignored her for a week (didn't respond to texts, ignored calls, etc) and then sent her a text saying the following (leaving errors intact): "Ive been ignoring u so u know what its liek 2 not date me. sorry, we're broken up now." (Just for the record, he's 33.)

And a minute later sends her another text saying he found the "perfect" way to end a relationship so it doesn't hurt. Seriously, he's apparently that stupid.

So, what horrible ways of breaking up with someone have you heard of?

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In your professional opinions: when emailing resumes: word document or pdf?

Cover letters as a separate attachment or in the body of the email?

My sister who hires people for a corporate office says one thing, my friends who are getting job interviews say otherwise.
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Can anyone hack into a facebook account for me? It's one I made for my stuffed teddy bear, I don't have any clue what the email/password combo would be, and I just want the pictures.

Yes I am being serious. Yes you can make fun of me.

ETA: Got into it. I made his religious views "Teddy Roosevelt".
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And a question for people with tattoos on normally clothing-covered areas: How long should I keep bandaging my new ink so my clothes don't rub against it?

And before anyone asks, I don't have a photo of the ink ON ME, but this is the design:

And my wife got this today with me, same size and both tats in the same place, just under the left clavicle.

Are we total saps for picking these designs as our matching tats? XD

Have you ever gotten a matching tattoo with anyone or a tat OF anyone (their name/face/band logo/quote/other easily identifiable symbols)?

EDIT: Also, is my poll completely FAILING? It keeps telling me I'm not allowed to view it. :|
EDIT2: Okay, trying to fix the poll...
EDIT3: I think I fixed it. If poll still fails, just... comment the numbers. :P
EDIT4: My poll skillz are failing tonight. Fucking LJ, how does it work???
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 I have to get up in five hours and work a 9 hour shift at a job that makes me want to strangle myself and those around me.

What do you do to wake yourself up and make life bearable when you are tired at work?

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Do you guys remember ASCII art?

                         __       //
                         -\= \=\ //
                     -_==/  \/ //\/--   
                      ==/   /O   O\==-- 
         _ _ _ _     /_/    \  ]  /--    
        /\ ( (- \    /       ] ] ]==-  
       (\ _\_\_\-\__/     \  (,_,)-- 
      (\_/                 \     \-   
      \/      /       (   ( \  ] /) 
      /      (         \   \_ \./ )  
      (       \         \      )  \     
      (       /\_ _ _ _ /---/ /\_  \    
       \     / \     / ____/ /   \  \  
        (   /   )   / /  /__ )   (  ) 
        (  )   / __/ '---`       / /
        \  /   \ \             _/ /  
        ] ]     )_\_         /__\/       
        /_\     ]___\                     

Please post some if you wish.

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Tomorrow I'm going to a town called New Hope.

I'm thinking I should go around adding a "Star Wars: A " to all the signs that say New Hope. Is this incredibly lame or sort of cool?

Also, if any of you are familiar with the band Ween, they're from New Hope. (Though New Hope consists of a whole 4 streets and 90% of the buildings are either shops or restaurants. It seems like it'd actually be hard to be from New Hope, unless your family lived in a store they ran or something.) Do you think I'd be tarred and feathered if I played Ween songs really loudly the whole time I was there?

Or do you think I should just go the hell to bed since I have to get up in 6 hours and stop asking entirely random questions that amuse no one but me?
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 I went to the science museum and bought this thing a few years ago. It's a knick knack type toy, and it's silver on the outside and it has water inside and when you turn it upside down these pink blobs fall from one end to the other on this slide. Then you can turn it over and the blobs fall again! 

I don't know what these are called, or I'd just google it, but mine is old and broken and I was trying to find a new one. Help please? Tell me if you need more details, I'm not exactly sure how to describe the thing.


Surely I will overspend money to buy a bunch of these and will probably be starting and liquid timer collection xD

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Does Netflix allow people to watch shows over the internet even if they have not been release on DVD?

I want to watch a show that hasn't been release on DVD. I want to watch it on the "Watch Instantly" option but I don't know if they allow people to see it or are they obligated to wait until it comes out on DVD for people to be able to rented.

I also wanted to know if they will let you pick DVD's or a show show that are release at the same time of the free trial or you have to wait until you become a full member to rent.
Doctor what?

new e-dentity?

A dangerous family member has promised to cyber-stalk you. You are apart of many online sites, communities and social sites. You need to change your email, everything, but you want to keep your friends in the know on how to find you. This is a huge job on how to create a whole new identity as before now you've had no reason to watch your privacy settings or anything.

Where do you start? What is the most important thing to remember? Any short cuts? Any websites that make it easier/ or impossible? Anyone done this before? Insights into cyber stalkers or stalkers in general?
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This is a pretty lame question but recently I've been reading the forums on IMDB. On the layout I see, I can only read one post at a time and have to click on a link to see another post. I feel like I'm missing some big thing so I can just read everything at once.

DK/DC: What are your favorite movies for their cinematography? I find that I only enjoy the more "artsy" movies...favs: Where The Wild Things Are, Amelie, The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, A Single Man...
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How early is too early to mow your lawn?

ETA: There was a big block party here last night that didn't clear out until 3am and everyone seems to be still sleeping, can I mow my lawn now at 10am?

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stolen from another comm shhhh

what do you prefer your class schedule to look like? mornings, afternoons, spread out over the week, crammed in to a couple of days?

question #2: the conditioner that comes with hair dye. is that actually good for your hair or is it just a lot of silicone? what's a good deep conditioner? how do i make my hair/scalp happy when it's itchy, dry, and shitty looking because i started washing it 1-2 times a day?

(i work outside, i have to wash my hair, ew ew ew)

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I never really had much thought about gay marriage (even being gay myself) until my current boyfriend who I totally want to marry. And now I realize how much it sucks that we can't in Ohio. How do you feel about gay marriage? Honestly.
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Does Wal-Mart/Sam's Club produce decent digital prints from their 1-hour photo? Where do you go to get your photos printed if not there (that's a national chain or can be found in the Baltimore area)?

I'm looking for 8"x10" and/or 11"x14" sizes specifically. Need to get about 15 photos printed before Tuesday night.
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I've been getting my hair cut by the same girl for about two years now. I met her through a friend of a friend, and she was a student needing people to practice on. I've always loved what she does to my hair and the bonus is that my hair cuts only cost $15!

She's graduated now, and is in a real salon. Now hair cuts cost $60. I can't afford that. How do I nicely say that? I don't feel like there is a way. She is totally worth it, but I have short hair and it really does need to be cut every 6-8 weeks.
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 what is something that is bothering you?
i got too fat for my jeans (or they shrunk, but i'm going with too fat) and i'm pretty upset about it

what is something that you are happy about?
i'm getting new jeans (these ones are probably three yrs old) and i'm finally getting a haircut!

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what should I do today?
My options:
A.) hang out at my parents house and do nothing.
B.) follow through on the plans I made with my lady friend and text her to see when we are hanging out.
C.) wait for her to get off her fat ass and text me.
D.) metal show later tonight.
E.) go back to my place a smoke from my new bong.

dc/dk: do you still live with your parents?

eta: B+D isn't happening. She lives too far from where the show is.

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K so I have pretty much no friends that are girls. All my friends are guys--and don't get me wrong, I don't generally mind. I just get along with guys better and share the same likes/humor as they do. On the rare occasion that I do hang out with a girl, I'd say something nerdy/geeky and she'd roll her eyes and call me a nerd, then it would be awkward.

I met a girl on Monday who just happens to now be the best friend of a girl I graduated high school with (small HS, so I knew her, just never hung out). They want to hang out sometime this week! How do I not scare these friends away? It'd be so nice to have some friends to go shopping with and have girls nights with and stuff. 

Have you made new friends lately?

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I was staring at my legs just now and I just realized I probably have a million razor bumps. :/ What do you do to avoid this?

What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?

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I told my dad something in confidence and now he's going around making jokes about it in front of other family members.

He thinks it isn't a big deal. I got pissed and told him to stop, which in turn pissed him off. He gets mad if someone's mad at him. So because I'm pissed off at him, he's pissed off at me by default and started yelling at me that I don't know how to take a joke.

What should I say to him to make him understand that really isn't acceptable?
I'm 23 by the way and am moving out (again) in a week, so I don't have to deal with this too much longer.

What annoys you most about your parents?
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I'm very anxious for Saturday the 24th because that is when I get my Macbook Pro. I feel like it is Christmas and I wish it weren't 6 days away. So what do you do when you are very anxious and excited for something? How do you make the time go faster?

dc/dk: Did you/Would you pay full price for Photoshop (excluding Elements)?
Jesus: ASL

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Dear TQC,

My friend asked me the other day about whether I wanted to do something today at 4:00pm. I said yes. It is now 2:50 and I have yet to get a hold of my friend since to confirm we are indeed going out, and the details of where exactly we are going (since I do not know).

How long should I wait before giving up and just doing something else? What else should I do?

lol ETA: In typical friend fashion she called me and we are STILL ON BB. See ya, TQC!

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My friend and I plan on seeing Inception tonight. A guy friend of mine that I don't really talk to texted me seeing what I was doing tonight and when I told him, he invited himself to the movie. He's also my friends ex, and he knows that she is going. They are still really awkward around each other. 

What do I do? Do I tell him it's at another theater? Different time? I'm not a fan of people who invite themselves to things such as this.

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Are there any good new Verizon phones that don't require a data plan? Right now, my mom pays for my line, and she is pretty against paying an extra $30 a month just to have the internet and whatnot. (I don't really blame her, that's quite a bit of money.) I could front the extra cost every month, but I'd rather be able to eat.

Dogs and neigbours

Walking home today, I was bit on the back of my knee by a neighbours dog. It did not break my jeans, but did break my skin. No, this is not the first time the dog has attacked someone. Yes, it is the first time it attacked me.

Town council has a report form for dog attacks, which I have filled out.

Should I go next door and tell the owners of the dog that I am filing such a report?

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If a party is scheduled to start at 7pm, what time would you arrive?

(Assuming it's a house party, not a sit-down dinner or anything that absolutely requires you to be punctual.)

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say you have an enemy and you two both know you have a mutual hatred/dislike for each other.

Do you still acknowledge them when you pass each other or, say, see them at the grocery store and greet them?

what I'm trying to ask is, how do you handle seeing your enemies (as a completely mature adult with no faults or failings who is NOT prone to get into verbal escalting arguments)?

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Can you beautiful people overload me with movies? They can be from any decade, color and/or black and white, any language, any genre, whatever. Just please, give me your favorites and "must watch" movies.

Thanks, TQC.

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According to Cosmo magazine (ha, yes), every woman has, or is meant to have an lbd* for bringing out on special occasions because blck is sophisticated and never ages and yada yada. So I ask you, ladies of TQC, do you have an lbd in your wardrobe somewhere?

*Little black dress

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Long story short, I recently adopted a kitten and I have been reminded how much better life is when there are pets involved. I am not currently in a situation where I can afford, time and money, to care for more than my kitten at the moment but after I finish up with college I am considering becoming involved in fostering cats and kittens. I just have a few hesitations...

Will you tell me about your experiences with being a foster mama/papa for cats and dogs?

I feel like the biggest obstacle for me will be getting so attached to them and then having to give them up.
Is this ever an issue for you? How did you deal with it at first?

What has happened, personally, to you when the full litter doesn't get adopted? Have you had to hesitantly keep them even if you have a "full" family already?

I know each agency is different and one person's experience isn't going to be my exact experience, I just would like to hear personal anecdotes.

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This is a longshot, but if anyone here is familiar with Live At The Apollo -

I was just watching an episode with a really funny Australian comedian, but I didn't catch his name. Alan Carr, Katheen Madigan and Bruce Bruce were in the same episode. The Aussie guy's act started out with him saying he had to talk really slowly because people can't understand his accent, and he used an example of saying gidday at the airport. His main routine was talking about the fact that language is abstract. Noises are noises and noises aren't words, but word is the noise for word. He then went through a variety of words saying they could just as well have been random noises, then he had a 'conversation' using all the noises he'd been using.

Anyone know who I'm talking about?
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TQC, I think I lost my friend's iPod last night. He put it in my bag for safekeeping and when I looked in my bag this morning, it was gone. I tried calling/texting him to see if he took it out of my bag, but he hasn't responded and I'm worried it's because he doesn't want to be friends anymore because I lost it :\

Can you help me feel less bad by telling me about the last thing you did that you feel bad about?

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I'm an icon maker on a hiatus, I saw these icon themes and they are all similar (the rainbow theme, emotions, etc).
I want to make icons again and I was wondering, is there a master list of these themes?
(I'm lazy to come up with my own)
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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So I recently applied to a job through the public library system here in my hometown. It pays $16.70/hr and all I will basically be doing is shelving books.

I just got an e-mail from them saying that I passed the first round of the application process! Aw, yeah! And now, on to round two: I have to take an exam. But it doesn't specify what the exam is going to be about.

TQC, what is going to be on that test? I just brushed up on the Dewey Decimal System, but...what else are they going to ask me?

My mom thinks it's probably some sort of general test that all potential city employees have to take. Does anyone here work for their local government who has taken an exam like this?

I'm nervous because I WANT THIS FUCKING JOB SO BAD and I really want to be prepared!

srs answers only plz

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Have you ever been skydiving?

If so, before the parachute opens, does it literally feel as though you're freefalling? Or does it feel like a slower fall due to wind pressure? (I don't know what I'm really asking since I've never done it before)

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TQC, what internet service provider do you use? Do you like it? How expensive is it? Do you just have a wireless router? My modem kicked the bucket today and I'd love to get off of AT&T's U-Verse, which only gives internet access to one computer in the house, which as everyone knows is lame.

I'm currently sitting in my backyard being eaten alive by bugs in order to get the interwebz. What are some crazy ways you've gotten on the internet?

Show me your teeth notes!

 1) For those of you with the notes feature, will you show me some of your notes*? You don't have to say who they belong to, I don't plan to. Do you think the notes feature causes you to hold a grudge longer than necessary? 

2) For those of you without it, should I go see Inception, Despicable Me, or The Kids Are Alright on Thursday? 

3) For those of you without it who don't care about what I do in my spare time, when is your next vacation? 

* the easy way to see them all is to go to your friends tab and then manage notes. 

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Will you tell me all about your love for cheese? What is your favorite way to eat it?

Is there an easier way to delete really old journal entries other than selecting them all individually and editing them/deleting them?


I'm thinking about buying a Motorola Droid X. Is it worth the money?
If you have one or know someone who owns one what are the pros and cons?

DK/DC What is your favorite cell phone you've owned?
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there is this place called pet world and my sister saw a cat there that she used to visit all the time and fell in love with him. i told her i would go adopt him for her. the last time she went there was a couple months ago though. do you think hes still there?





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How do I make camping with my boyfriend, brothers and bff go smoothly? This is the first time they'll all meet.
I can't stop saying balls, what's your favorite word?
Dk/dc still, what was the last thing you ate?

these are both really stupid questions ngl

what does it mean when a guy just stares at you? he wasn't full on gawking, but this guy kept looking at me the entire night - every time i looked up, he would be looking at me and would then sometimes avert his eyes. keep in mind that this guy is in an established relationship

also, i have this black and white tie dyed tank top that is really comfortable but looks stupid on its own. do you have any ideas in regards to what i could pair or dress it up with? i'm sorry that i don't have a picture
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I actually posted here about this once before but I am a fool and lost the link.

Does anyone remember that Flash game that involved manipulating things in a landscape in order to get to the next level? One of the levels was a big cube with lots of windows in it, and when you opened the windows an eye or a tongue or something would pop out. Eventually, a little cube came out and you used that to open the door to get to the next level. Can anyone send me a link if they have one? That game always cheered me up when I had a case of the sads.