July 17th, 2010

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Have you done anything stupid lately?
(It can either be silly or serious)

I asked a guy that I really liked for his number but I ended up losing it before I could call him. I won't ever be seeing him ever again, as well. Which is really sad because he was awesome and we met at band camp.

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Have you ever taken Flexeril?

Have you ever taken Ativan?

Experiences with either? I was prescribed the former for 30 days (once/day) for a muscle spasm, and prescribed Ativan for severe airplane flight anxiety (new job = more business travel), to be taken only before flights.

I've made the mistake of reading the side effect blogs for both and now I'm terrified D:

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So, I'm sitting in my room where I call people all the time from. My cell phone is saying that there is no service anywhere in my house. I've shut it off, taken the battery out, everything. This has happened with my OLD phone before, but never my new phone.

Does this ever happen to you? I mean, I call for HOURS people here in this exact position and always have amazing reception.

It came back! After about 25 minutes it came back. My boyfriend out in Michigan had the same problem. Maybe it was a server problem or something.
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does anyone find that it really sucks to have someone tell you they aren't looking for a relationship and they don't want to lead you on, even when you feel the same way?

i'm really not looking for a serious, real boyfriend but for some reason it still really sucks to hear that. maybe 'cause i didn't get to say it first, i dunno. or maybe i do and just don't realize it. but the idea of being in a relationship does not sit well with me, so i am.. ~~confused. insight, plz.

Lake Superior

Has anyone here ever visited The Pictured Rocks National Coastline on the shore Lake Superior? I'm planning a visit there in a few days, and would like to know what places to check out. There's something like 42 miles of coastline in the park, and I'm limited with time for how long I can visit. Any suggestions?

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Do you find it tedious that people will write these involved, elaborate TQC posts and then follow them with an unrelated DK/DC question that took no thought whatsoever?

DK/DC? Do you like plaid?

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Ive had a headache for the past two days. My eyes also hurt if I roll them around, look up, etc. I kind of think it might be eyestrain, but I'm not sure. I'm wearing my contacts (so I'm not squinting to see or anything) but I've been playing a lot of video games the past few days for long periods of time. Does that sound like eye strain?

Is there anything I can do about it besides sleeping/getting off the computer/other obvious things? Will a pain reliever help the eye pain, or is that something that will just have to go away on its own?

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if you were a supervisor, would you be annoyed if someone you supervised couldn't really remember how to complete a bunch of tasks that this person was taught to do five weeks ago, and has only done twice since then (including the time they were taught)?

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If you were a celebrity, do you think all those obsessive fans- the ones who join your fan club, gush over how amazing you are, subscribe to your newsletter- would creep you out or flatter you?

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is there a famous person that you kinda look like that you try too look more like? or copy their style?

for me its simon le bon. i love his new romantic style. i find myself buying clothes like his without thinking about it.
Los Bocanegra

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what's something you really want but just can't have right now?

i want a dog more than anything but i don't have the time for one and i'm not home enough. also, if it got sick or badly injured i wouldn't have the money to take care of it :(( but i want one soooo bad.

fucking pillows man.

What do you think of this couch?


Fantastic and amazing?
Or, looks like it would get annoying?

How many pillows do you have on your bed?
How many pillows do you have on your couch?
Do you have floor pillows?

Why do a lot of bed-in-a-bag sets in the US now come with Euro sized shams? Do you have 26 x 26 inch pillows on your bed?

Have you ever heard of anyone referring to boobs as pillows? Turn off or turn on?

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What does it mean when a church does a slow series of bell rings of the same 'note'?

I counted 25 of them before I came back inside. I always thought it ment someone had died/funeral was being held there.

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(I thought this question was worth repeating since at 2:30 am EST not many of you were awake and paying attention to me.)

Do you find it tedious that people will write these involved, elaborate TQC posts and then follow them with an unrelated DK/DC question that took no thought whatsoever?

DK/DC? Do you like plaid?
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Do you take showers or baths? I just had my first bath in like 10 years earlier today because I feel like poop. It wasn't bad, but the tub just isn't big enough to be comfy for a fattie.

Will you share something that made you feel good today? I'm going to regret saying this because it'll jinx it, but I seem to be having a pretty good day so far regarding friends, family, and meds. Little nauseous and my brother is a doofer, but all in all, not too bad today.

Will you post a picture of your favourite vintage hat?

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i know i still have a post on this page but i has an issue o__o

so like 2 months ago my dad took $700 dollars out of my account when i was in jail and spent it. now ive had a ridiculous overdraft fee sitting there for months. last night i took his bank card and took $200 from him but now hes looking for the money so he can pay rent and i feel really bad but he owes me the money and he wont give it too me. i feel like if i tell him he will kill me. should i tell him and give it back?

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Why do people on LJ tend to hate stores like Forever21, American Eagle, etc?

I've always found them affordable, cute, good quality clothes. I've only ever had one or two of their shirts "fall apart" and they were just little holes anyway.

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I've begun eating my allergy pills. They make me drowsy. What's fun to do when you're drowsy other than falling asleep? I don't want to sleep right now.

Have you ever thrown a dinner party or attended one? What was it like? Are they always fancy and do you have to use table manners? Do only rich people have them or something? I have never been to one and I've only ever seen them in movies/sitcoms.

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So after the other day when I posted about feeling pathetic for staying home all day without my boyfriend, the next day I decided I'd go to the mall.

I fainted while waiting for the bus. Well, technically I went inside a restaurant for some water because I felt faint and THEN I fainted. I got to ride in an ambulance and stay in the hospital for like 5 hours. And then I had a couple of emotional breakdowns and missed the beginning of Inception because we were late, and so we left. Good thing I bought those tickets in advance. Oh, and I called off work today with a doctor's note and they gave me shit about it. Cute!

When was the last time you were dumbfounded by the things that happen to you?

Alternate question: The hospital said I don't have a concussion, and it seems like most of the trauma is to my opposite shoulder than the side of my head, but should I still be worried about brain bleed or whatever? I keep obsessively googling head injuries and finding all kinds of terrible things. After they decided I didn't have a concussion, the doctors seemed to be more focus on why I fainted, though I didn't really care about that. I just want to know my head is not going to bleed on the inside. I have a sort of headache but it's not as bad as yesterday.
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I'm about to make blueberry chicken (from blueberries left over from my sorbet and chicken breasts).

I'm craving both at the same time so my guess is it'll be REAL GOOD or super gross.

Which do you think it'll be?

(Just to clarify, it'll be chicken with a blueberry/mustard/wine sauce)
baby deer

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Has anyone here ever gotten a tattoo on their hands (or fingers, more specifically)? I heard hands/feet are the most painful places to get tattooed, since the skin is so thin, and also that tattoos there tend to fade more quickly and need to get touched up. Is this true?

Also, I have never gotten any tattoos at all, so if anyone who has one (anywhere at all) can describe how it hurt/how much of pain healing was/wasn't, that would be helpful. It probably wouldn't dissuade me, but I would like to not to be surprised by it.

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would it really be that terrible to spend this beautiful Saturday catching up on sleep?

that's what i want to do but when i nap like this i wake up with intense anxiety and guilt.

but there's nothing i really need to do, everyone is busy, nothing i really WANT to do, and i really don't need to go out perusing shops to "just look" and end up spending money i can't be spending. the only thing i can think of is going for a bike ride but it's 85 degrees and i'm going to bike to my dad's later, anyway.

i'm just a bit lost. for the last month my Saturdays were filled with football, glorious football! and now?

BONUS QUESTION: what's a good way to go about finding volunteer opportunities in the animal field? i want to help with doggies and the like but i don't really know where to start except the humane society, and there's really no point to go there since it's 10 or 15 minutes out of town and i don't have a car.

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What are your thoughts on Satellite TV (i.e. Dish Network and Direct TV)? If you have it, what do you like about it? I've been looking into it and it seems like the price is similar to digital cable with less channels. What's the allure?

And because I love a good DK/DC (and so does noodledays), what's the unhealthiest fruit (in its natural form)? Is there such a thing?

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Should I see Weezer tomorrow? I'd have to spend four hours volunteering (standing around in the hot midday sun), wake up too early for a Sunday, sit around for six hours before they actually play, walk the forty five minutes there, I've already seen them play and they'll probably just perform their stupid new stuff and like two songs off blue and pinkerton...
Since I think I answered my question, have you seen anyone good this summer so far? I saw the arcade fire and the flaming lips. yeah dude.

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TQC, what was the last really horrible thing you did without meaning to?

....last night I was showing a couple of friends (we'll call them C and S) and a girl I just met (we'll call her E) the campus where E wants to transfer to finish her senior year of undergrad. We were passing the parking garage and I tell S, "remember when our friend B killed himself a couple years ago? Yeah he jumped off that." and E FREAKS OUT and jumps out of the car and is essentially a sobbing/upset mess for the next hour or two. Apparently she knew the guy in high school. Oops. :(

Cable Question

TQC, comcast is a bunch of idiots, and apparently I am an idiot too for I cannot figure out what I am supposed to do.

We pay for basic cable through comcast. Until now, everything has been fine and whatever, but recently we have lost all of our channels in the digital switch. I just called comcast and was like "Do I need a digital converter box to view the channels I am paying for?" and I got switched to 4 different people, and then to the original idiot!

Tqc, do I need a fucking digital converter box to view the channels I am paying for?

Do I need to buy a new fucking tv? I would rather not buy a new fucking tv.

Where the fuck do I get a digital converter box, and how much is this going to fuck me over in terms of bills?

EDIT: Okay I guess I might just need a cable box. Thank you everyone for helping me out!

DK/DC? when was the last time you were SUPER FUCKING PISSED?

When did you receive the WORST SERVICE in your entire life?
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This is such an unbelievable nerdy question, but I don't care!

What does the LotR Elvish word for "friend" ('mellon' so fruity amirite) look like in the Elvish lettering?

I'm making t-shirts for my bridesmaids and since we're all nerds, I wanted to throw that in there for fun.

I already tried Google and either I'm an idiot or the answer isn't there.
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I’m an at-home mom of two special-needs kids. My husband’s income isn’t paying the bills, I’m frustrated as hell, and I need a career I can train for at home that won’t kill me with boredom. Medical transcription and medical billing = boring. Give me some ideas what else is out there?
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 I just got a call from a number claiming to be Visa making sure transactions on my card aren't fraudulent. I'm suppose to call them back and enter my credit card number, last four of my social security and my zip code. This is a scam y/n?

I googled the number and one of the things came up saying it was a legitimate number but that was just a comment on a site where you look up numbers not my credit union site or anything. My credit union is closed so I couldn't verify directly with them but I also don't want my card to be cancelled or something. Will they cancel if I don't respond and it's a legitimate call? 

I'm very paranoid in both directions lol
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why can't no one love me? why do i always need to be hated? why take your anger out on me? why do you want me to go to therapy or rehab? am i crazy?

All i want is to be loved and appreciated and adored. I want to be like Mariah Carey. I ONLY WANT TO BE LOVED. I ONLY WANT TO BE LIKE MARIAH CAREY

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Hay TQC, I'm trying to put together a list of GREAT movies that my friends should watch. But some are slipping my mind. What are the top 5 movies that you think everyone should see at least once?
Kill Bill - Elle

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What the hell do you a buy a young couple for a going-away/moving gift? Besides the requisite hookers and blow, of course

Do you have a smoker's cough?

What's for dinner?

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My best friend has kicked me out of her life, for no apparent reason. This is the final straw; I have now fully lost my faith in humanity. People are shit.

Anyone got anything to show me/tell me/say to attempt to restore my faith?

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 If you had the opportunity to sleep the whole day away, would you? (You don't have anything to do that day, everyone is busy, and you have no responsibilities to take care of) 

I just did and I feel so relaxed.  and really hungry.

What's your favorite restaurant? 

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1. Do you pay for your own health insurance? My student health insurance policy expires July 31st and I need some insurance to cover me until October when I start working. Any suggestions of companies that offer good basic coverage at a cheap premium?

2. Have you ever been to the 9:30 Club in DC for a concert? Where should my husband and I stay? Do we drive to the venue or just cab it?

Thanks all :)
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In late August, where would you rather visit?

Utah (Arches, Canyonlands, Moab, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Zion)


South Dakota (Badlands, Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Deadwood)

and why?

Edited to add: this is only for my "return trip" roadtrip. I will be at Glacier National Park and need to head to DFW, Texas. I can go west and go through Utah/Arizona/New Mexico, or do east and go to South Dakota and then hightail it down to Texas through Nebraska/Kansas/Oklahoma (unless anyone knows anything interesting in there). So the main question is, what is interesting between Montana and Texas, and that it's great to visit in the last week of August.

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Can anyone name some actors (besides Michael J. Fox) who use an initial in their name?

I played freaking Fast Money on Facebook DAYS ago and lost because I couldn't think of anyone else. And now it's two days later and I still can't! Who else is there??
zombie baby cede! :D

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What do you think my boss wants me to do when I am scheduled to work from 6-3:30 on the same day they scheduled me to take an accreditation class from 12-7?

(It's at the same location, so I will literally be going from one floor to another- traveling is not a concern.)

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Do you enjoy any type of reality television? Which ones? Why?

I'm getting great joy from "World's Dumbest Daredevils". I really enjoy the reality tv that is all about people doing extremely stupid things. Mostly it's been supplanted by youtube these days.

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What's the cheapest place to stay around Irving Plaza?

Should I just sleep on the streets for a night or two? If yes, will you tell me what kind of things you predict will happen to me?

srs/non-srs welcome
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I hate people who don't signal when driving or cut me off in the passing lane and then drive slow and are not passing anyone.  I hate parents who spoil their kids and give them everything they want.  I have been PMSing so bad today as you can tell.  What do you recommend I do to cure my PMS?  I've tried ice cream, sex, vodka, exercise, and punching my pillows.  Srs and non-srs answers please.
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MUSIC VIDEO question!

Hi question club! I'm looking for a music video I saw once. It's a long shot, but y'all in this community know everything!

This song is an 80s Spanish song I'm pretty sure is from Spain, it kind of has a Movida Madrileña feel. Also, it has a rockibilly feel but it's a punk song.

The music video is set in a big city and I'm pretty sure there's a band playing on top of a building? It has a very bright-during-the-day-party feel.

Uh.. that's it. I know. A long shot. But maybe someone will know!

Like I said, it is a music video. 80s Spanish punk.

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I am drinking 100% proof southern comfort and watching "firefly". Just had pancakes and might be going to a sweets restaurant...

What's making life sweet for you?

For me it's the good quality southern comfort that we bought duty free in vanutu last week...

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i got dumped again, and i'm pretty sure i'm going to be alone forever. besides get a career and watch soccer, what should i do with my time? i'm gonna have a lot of it...

who else uses humor as a defense/coping mechanism? do people give yous shit for it?

i have a couple freinds who are always on my ass about cracking jokes about getting dumped, having shingles, asking me why i tell everyone i have lupus, telling me i just want attention, etc. but that's not it. i don't get how people can keep that kind of shit to themselves and not laugh at it. shit gets too big that way.
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Will you please state something non-PC that you don't actually believe in so we can have a wank-fest? You have to pretend you believe in it the whole time. ditchplains said it best: respond with rational responses to others in order to induce more wank.
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Where's the person that asked about "Where the Heart is"?
That movie just came on my tv. Where they telling my future?! WHAT MESSAGE WERE THEY TRYING TO SEND ME?!

DK/DC: Have you ever given birth in a Wal*Mart? Don't lie...

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i'm watching Where the Heart Is and i've never seen it. the guy friend of Natalie Portman's character commented that her daughter was exactly 5 months old that day, and she totally flipped, sped home and found the baby was kidnapped.

how did she know?! they aren't explaining it!
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i have some new leather-ish boots. could i put baking soda in them so they're easier to take off? or would that not work?

what symptoms do you get when you pms?

i am currently crabby as hell

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Does anyone else in here like old school R&B?
Will you post your favourite old school R&B songs in here? Or will post whatever you're currently listening to?
If you're not listening to music, what is something that makes you nostalgic?
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