July 16th, 2010


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when i was younger, my brother and i had these toys that consisted of three stick/wand things, where you hold two of them and fling the third one around between them. what were these called?

did you like skip-its or hula hoops better?
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I'm babysitting my uncles dog for the first time ever. She's a beagle and about 2 years old. All she's been doing is whining and every once in a while she'll bark since I turned the lights off. How can I stop her from doing this?

Yes, I know how to take care of a pet, but it's non-stop.

Opinions please? I'm going insane over here!!

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I have a friend that just moved to DC from Texas.  She complains all the time that Texas is so much better than here.  It might be better, but I can't afford to go to see for myself.  So tell me, TQC, is Texas really the bestest state in the world?

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How old were you when your first child was born?

17 or under
40 or over

How old were your parents when their first child was born? (Ticky boxes to check for each parent if they are a different age)

17 or under
40 or over

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for those of you who smoke, how much are cigarettes where you live, and where do you live?

here in new york they're like $10-12 and i just heard a rumor that they've started selling for $15 in manhattan. i was THRILLED when i found a place by my apartment that sells them for $8. where my mom lives in maryland they're like $7.

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what kind of cigarettes do you smoke?
how much do you pay for them? where are you buying them?
how many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

if you dont smoke, good for you not having lung cancer. i dont have a question for you though.

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i remember seeing a cake recipe that used ice cream in the batter and it looked really tasty but i can't find it because googling is only turning up ice cream cake recipes. any of y'all know what i'm talking about and where i can find it?

eta: just kiddin' i found it. http://www.omnomicon.com/ice-cream-cake if anyone else is interested. wtf are you guys doing awake at this hour anyway?
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i get a lot of insults, that's a given due to a lot of my behavior on forums.
however the last one kind of stuck a chord..
a person basically said,
"it's a shame you waste so much time antagonizing people on the internet, you're a really smart person,
you should be putting your mental faculties to good use finding a cure for cancer or something"

i maintain my life is mine to waste how i see fit.

and what if putting my faculties to good use meant i had to hole up in some lab for 30-some-odd years to find that cure.. should a person be more concerned with the benefit of society as a whole over their often meaningless enjoyment of their own lives?

what does tqc think?
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CampusBuddy. Does anyone have one? I just googled my name (we've all done it, right?) and saw that I am on campus buddy...but I don't even really know what it is and I have never signed up for it. I click on my name and see and old picture of mine. The info for my profile sounds like it could be me if you distantly know me, but it's not at all. And I obviously did not write it.

rip nathan and barry

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There is a flying cockroach in my bathroom and I'm too scared to kill it JUST IN CASE I MISS. If it flies by my head I might just pee on the floor instead of the toilet. What should I do? Where should I pee instead?

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So. I live in Washington DC. Born and raised here. This... is not an area prone to natural disasters other than occasional minor flooding and politics.

Ummm there was just an earthquake here. It wasn't huge but my whole house shook and there was this roaring noise for like 15 seconds. Having grown up here, shit like that noes not usually even register with me. It was initially like a big truck driving by. Then it got louder and shakier and I went from my subconscious registering "big truck" to consciously going "Hang on... no truck has ever done anything like THIS and besides they reinforced the street about 10 years ago so trucks and buses don't do this AT ALL anymore pretty much... oh fuck, am I about to die sitting on the john? Because that would suck." And then I laughed, because I think of myself as being the last person in the world who is likely to die on a toilet.

TQC, will you please post some random cute/funny shit to help me get over my initial "oh fuck they've finally nuked us" reaction, and ensuing "WHAT THE FUCK, EARTHQUAKES ARE ACTUALLY SCARY" reaction? o.o

Have you ever been in an earthquake? Or some other natural disaster? Will you tell the class about it?

EDIT: News finally coming in, says it was a 3.5 or 3.7 magnitude... if that means anything to anyone...

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What are some scary dreams you have had that were like out of a horror movie or something? I had one last night that about a hundred tiny mice were running all over my kitchen and one got in my hair and I was crying and screaming and trying to find gloves to pull it out of my hair and basically just freaking out and I woke up trying to slap mice off my body.

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I've been dating someone for over a year now. He cheated on me emotionally and physically. I haven't loved him the same since. This was months ago, and we've been doing better than ever now. Will the love ever return?

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WTF is Jerry Springer still doing on air?
Are there any TV shows that are still running that surprises you?

ETA: Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter? What kind of jelly/jam do you like?
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Do you find other peoples kids extremely annoying? 
I do  fine with family and cousins ranging from newborn to 13 years of age, and would probably be fine with a set of my own in the very far future. 

But I am watching three kids this summer and I'm about ready to set myself on fire to get away from them. I feel horrible for saying it, but it's true. 

edited to fix grammar.

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Have you ever been in a LDR?


For how long?

less than a year
1-2 years
2-5 years
more than 5 years

How did your LDR end?

we never moved closer and broke up
we moved closer so it was no longer a LDR and are still together
we moved closer so it was no longer a LDR but we ended up breaking up
alien abduction

Should I have put AN LDR instead of A LDR?

also, sorry for the people who are currently in an LDR and have not moved closer or broken up. I forgot the option for y'all.
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Who do you think is the worst crier from a TV show or a movie?

Brought to you by Deborah from Dexter having a serious panic attack and thinking about Sookie crying on True Blood last week.

TMI. fucking damnit

ladies, would you go - or have you gone - to the beach on your period?

gentlemen, can you tell when she's got it? if she hasn't told you, of course.

I have a friend who keeps one of those period calendar apps on his iphone and records all the lady friends he knows, and avoids them when it tells him they're on it.
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Okay, I could have sworn there's a firefox app that lets you block/not see certain users' comments. Like, I even thought I bookmarked it to install later, but now I can't find it.

Does such an app exist, and if so, where can I find it? I have some blocking to do.

Somewhat serious question time!

Okay TQC, I need some advice. But first I have to drag you through some background to give the question context. Sorry about that.

Background: My BFF is the only stylist at her salon (weird, I know) and works six days a week for most of the day. Plus her family life is messed up so she usually has obligations there. Because of this we rarely see each other and don't get to do fun things with each other often. This week however, she is blessed with a vacation for several days and she is using it to the full to do a bunch of things she has wanted to do.

One of these things is going to a city nearby and spending the day window shopping and actual shopping. And by the day I mean the WHOLE day. She plans to be there before 9am (freaking early bird) and not come back home until probably after 12am.

Here's the conflict. I have chronic fatigue syndrome with fibromyalgia symptoms. I will try to keep up with her but I know for a fact that I will not make it the whole day. And sitting at a cafe (as she suggested) is not going to cut it. At some point, I'll need to lay down for an hour or two or I will pass out and have to spend half the next week in bed. But this is her (very deserved) vacation and I don't want to ruin it for her and she really wants me there. /background

Should I go and risk it for her or should I beg off and stay home?

Take 2

I just spent half an hour looking up and down my street for my bunny. I though she had escaped, but no. I just found her trying to climb a gum tree in the back yard.

Have you ever lost a pet and then been joyfully reunited? Tell me your happy stories!

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No sooner did I sit down to eat lunch at Hoss' Steak & Sea than an older, silver-bearded gentleman with glasses, probably in his late 60s, comes up to me to comment that I look familiar and that perhaps he'd seen me through some local political affiliation or at the farmers market.

He was serious and his question to have been taken at face value
He wanted me badly
Silly girl, old people don't have sex let alone want any
He's delirious and couldn't tell the difference between a man and a stalk of celery
Thats what you get for eating at Hoss'


Go for it


How do you continue a conversation when it moves into an unfamiliar area?

1. For example, when talking about books you ask what the other person is currently reading. He/she responds with a book you've never heard of, but is raving all about it, and has already given you a quick summary and review. They don't reciprocate the question. What next?

2. This isn't a how-to question, this is a what-would-YOU-say question.

3. This spans over any topic. Politics, entertainment, religion, whatever. They start talking about something you don't know or care about. What next?

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What do you do on your days off? Do you lay around the house and do nothing or make a point to go out and do stuff?

How did you dress as a little kid? Did your parents insist you dress a certain way or were you free to dress as you pleased?

Thnk u fr ur time.
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There are kids that live in the house behind mine. They are annoying as fuck. They try to shoot my dog with a bb gun, they set off fireworks all the fucking time, and they throw things at our windows which sets off the alarm (and then the police show up responding to the alarm and then charge us $50-$100 for showing up on a false alarm). 
We've talked to the parents and even called the cops on them but all we ever hear is that we have no proof that the kids are the ones that cracked our window or that they're shooting bbs or anything so there's nothing we can do. 

Technically fireworks are illegal here so I try to call the non-emergency police every time they're setting them off but by the time the cops actually show up, the kids have stopped. 

How should I handle them? Srs, non-srs, all answers welcome. 

tl;dr - stupid kids that live behind me try to hurt my dog, disturb the peace, and damage my property. The cops are useless. How should I dispose of their bodies handle the situation?
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I'm supposed to make two pies for a fundraiser by tomorrow morning. They should preferably be fruit-based and not need to be refrigerated since the fundraiser is outdoors.

DKDC What is your favorite dessert?

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Ebay and Ipecac's store have failed me, do you have any idea where I can find the Mike Patton/Tomahawk tour shirt with an indian on it?

dc/dk, what makes your SO the best? If you don't have one, what made your ex the worst?

What's your favorite thing to order from your favorite restaurant?
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ack. So I'm going to a concert tonight. Pit seats, yes! The only problem is I'm not a big fan of the opener.

Should I go early to make sure I can jostle my way to a good place and put up with the opener, or go in between the opener and the band I want to see, hoping half the crowd is taking a piss/having a beer/showing up late like me?

I overthink the stupidest shit, I know.
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My brother was in a car accident in the last half hour or so. He just called to tell me. He is 20, and has now totaled a second car. This one was his though (the first was my mom's); he saved up for this one and bought it in October.

The thing is, he drives like a fucking lunatic. He texts, plays around with his iPod, and speeds all the time. I don't drive with him if I can help it. His car was really nice though, and I don't know how he is going to get to school (he is going full time for air traffic control and has classes/flight lessons every day of the week, and works weekends mostly at the same place I do).

He says it was someone else's fault for pulling out in front of him. I can't help but be super skeptical about this.

He is on his way home now; my mother is picking him up. I really don't know how to act about this. On one hand, I'm grateful he is ok and not injured, but fuck, I've told him repeatedly not to drive stupidly. And I can't help but think that if he had been paying attention, instead of likely texting or fooling around, he would have seen the person pull out in front of him. I can't count the number of times I've had someone pull out in front of me and none have resulted in an accident. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, because it obviously does, but with his driving record....ugh. I mean, I'm hoping the insurance company holds her liable, but he won't be able to get a car as nice as the one he has now with whatever money he does get, and it won't solve the transportation issues in the next couple of weeks.

If this was your brother, what would you say/do when he gets home? Would you let him borrow your car? I'm pretty sure he is going to ask me and honestly, my gut reaction is that there is no way in hell I'd let him drive my car. Ever. Am I being an insensitive big sister about this? I totaled a car when I was 19, but I wasn't speeding and just hit a very wet patch on the road and spun out. The fact that he has done this now twice in two years bothers me a lot.

tl;dr: brother just wrecked another car, should I let him borrow mine if he asks? Am I a bad big sister for not wanting to let him borrow it?

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I'm going on a week-long vacation. I will be flying on an airplane. My baggage options are:
a hard-backed suitcase that is too big for how much stuff i need
a floppy duffel bag that is also too big for how much stuff i need

additional twists and turns: i need to get to laguardia airport in new york and am too cheap to take a cab so while the duffel bag is easier to get TO the airport (carry on shoulders or hug it while coping with bus and subway stairs), the suitcase seems easier to deal with once I get to the airport. Both will be equally convenient for the actual vacation part.

Which one should I take?
oh, and springing for a cab is not an option i will accept.
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The one question where the college grad had her room taken over and books ruined made me think of this, even though this would actually be a different situation. This is all 100% hypothetical.

Let's say a parent gifts a kid a bass guitar (we'll say about $120), but rarely plays it. Several times over the years, the parents mention wanting to sell it, but the kid still wants to keep the guitar. Say, about 6 years after getting the guitar, the now-teenager leaves the country for a few years but, due to space (taking the bass guitar on an airplane, i mean), the kid doesn't take the bass with them. Since the guitar is doomed to just sitting around collecting dust in the teenager/young adult's room for about 4 years until the kid gets back, the parents sell it and keep the money even though the teenager/young adult never gave any indication of wanting to sell the guitar, but actually the opposite. Now the question:

Were the parents within their right to do this because they paid for the guitar? Or were they not because, even though they paid for it, they gave it to their kid as a gift, and so technically it belonged to the kid to do with as they please?

Personally, i'm not really sure. I kinda think it's up to the parents, but at the same time no way would i say that something i give to a friend still belongs to me since i paid for it, regardless of how much they use whatever i give them, so for that reason i'm kind of on the kid's side.
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have you ever slept with someone who's in a relationship? how did it make you feel afterward? how did the situation turn out?

ETA: how do you resist advances from someone you really want to bang?

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so, tqc, i've been crushing on this girl(left) since high school days. problem was, is that she's always had a boyfriend. now, on facebook, it's listing her as being single. i thiiiiiiiiink she might have liked me back in high school, but i have no idea. granted, this is 6 years later, should i say anything? what should i say? i'm SO nervous when it comes to things like this. -siiiigh HELP!
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Hi guys!

So.... I met a cute guy. It seems he likes me back. I am excited but... I have a question.

One of the reasons why I jumped into my last relationship was that I was too excited. This time I want to be more careful, take things slowly, be playful but not too daring. I am normally too daring. I am one to not be afraid to ask people out and tell them I like them. This might be cool sometimes but it can also backfire.

Do you have any tips for taking things slowly and being careful at the very 1st stages of getting to know someone without losing all the fun?

BTW, Photo of the cute guy (he's the third from the left):

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Anyone know how to make Firefox show image placeholders, while images are loading or if they fail to load?

I'm using FF 3.6.6 and I've set "browser.display.show_image_placeholders" in about:config to "true" - but it's still not showing placeholders! :|


I'm babysitting! For dinner we want mini corndogs, french fries, and tator tots. YUM

The corndogs bake at 375 for 12-14 minutes.
The french fries bake at 425 for 14-24 minutes.
The tator tots bake at 450 for 18-22 minutes.

How would you do this? I'm going for 425 minutes for 12 minutes, then taking the corn dogs out but really I don't know...

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Will you post a picture of your room/[insert preferred gender]-cave/the place you do most of your hangin' out? I am always really curious to see where people live... (If you don't have a photo, will you describe it instead?)

Do you think your room/[insert preferred gender]-cave/the place you do most of your hangin' out reflects your personality, or is it more like just a place, y'know, with some stuff in, whatever, it's convenient?

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Jury Duty

Have you ever served Jury Duty? Tell us about it.

I did a stint today. I reported at 1:00 pm, watched a video all about jury duty, waited around, and was dismissed at 4:00 pm without being called to a courtroom. I collected a $15.00 check for "expenses" and won't have to worry about more Jury Duty for at least 3 years.

They had wifi in the jury lounge and I brought a laptop, but -quelles horreurs!- livejournal was blocked.

françoise laugh

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Have any of you used Ticketmaster to buy presale tickets? I can buy presale tickets to a Belle & Sebastian concert, and it's $10 cheaper/ticket compared to the advertised price (is presale always cheaper?) BUT the seats aren't like totally awesome. Should I try to get some right when they go on sale tomorrow? Will better seats be available? Do they make different stuff available to presale people?

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My SO and I are taking a small road trip this weekend. He's very into black metal music and I listen to a lot of folk and hip hop. Some artists we both agree on are David Bazan and The Decemberists.
Will you suggest music for me to download for us to listen to on the road?

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So I got this little ottoman storage cube at Target today. It's cute. It's 15x15x15", and the inside space is.. well, a little smaller than that.
What should I put inside it? o:
Clem & Joely

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I'm interested in getting scuba certified. If you have certification, can you tell me what all it took? Approx. how much money, how many lessons, how long of lessons?

I work on a fishing vessel in Alaska during the summer and the company closed fishing for a week. Now I actually have time to do something in town, and I really want to get certified, but I only have until Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday. Now I'm wondering if I'd be able to get certified within this time. I've already emailed a scuba diving business about it to see, but I'm too curious to wait and want to hear what it's normally like for others.
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Okay, I acknowlege that I am annoying to alot of people that I know...or at least the people that matter to me and it is probably becasue I am clingy and very emotional...

Anyway, one of my family members annoyed me ALOT today and I am not entirely sure why.

But do you deal with someone who annoys you on a regular basis?
Do you love someone that annoys you and/or other people?
How do you deal with them?
And in case those questions were stupid or whatever...

Have you ever had a friend that claims YOU forced them to be friends with you?
(Yes, one of my friends has told me that on more than one occassion).

Thanks, yall.
I hope yall had a great day.

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I'm about to take some saucy maternity photos for my husband. What music should I listen to while taking the pictures to get me all sexy feeling?

What kind of sexy pictures should I take?

What is your favorite kind of cheese? right now I'm really craving some brie.
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So, I'm running around doing my risky business dance and making lemon-blueberry sorbet, but now storm clouds are rolling in.
Summer storms around here are nasty and they freak me the fuck out. And I'm stuck here alone!

What should I do to chase away the scaredness?
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Okay, what about "Inception"? Have any of you seen it yet? I know it just came out today but there are some huge movie buffs here. I forgot it had come out, but I believe we might go see it tonight.
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Will you tell me your roommate horror stories so I feel better about my situation?

There is blood all over the bathroom and vinegar all over the fridge. WTF did my roommate do last night and why the frick couldn't he clean it up?
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Have any of you heard of David Foster Wallace? Because apparently I write like him but I've never heard of him before today. (Yes, I took that Who Do You Write Like meme)

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

ETA: For those who have, here's the text I fed it if you want to do a living comparison:
(Mods, if this is too cheesy or wheel-shaped I'll take it out. Not trying to pimp shit, just curious how accurate people think it is.)

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I've noticed that in the last few years that I'm finding it harder to tell the difference between Aussie & Kiwi accents. Hell, I was watching a Kiwi soap today & didn't realise that it was until one of the characters mentioned that they were in New Zealand.
I asked my friend about it earlier & he said he didn't notice much of difference either.

So fellow Aussie & Kiwi Question Clubbers, is this the same for you?
If so, why do you think it is?
Are our accents slowly blending or are we just more exposed to each other more through TV shows, sports, etc?


TQC, I was out for a walk tonight, talking to my friend on the phone, and several times during the conversation I heard this noise in my ear kind of like screwy AM radio but also a lot like creepy space weapons from bad movies. What was it? Is some vast network spying on my cell phone conversations?

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Do you think it's worth it to spend $147 more on a plane ticket if:

1. The ticket becomes fully refundable.
2. You get through security faster.
3. You get to board the plane first.
4. You get a free alcoholic beverage.

custard baby

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Are you very different as an adult from when you were a child?

Do you think there is something in you/people in general that stays constant throughout their lives? Some sort of core?

Is it possible for a person to go through years of a pretty severe mental disorder and come out a completely different person than they were before they fell ill - like they died and were reborn as someone else? Do you know anyone like this?

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So let's say you have this coworker that you kinda like. You get up the courage to invite them for a beer over the weekend. After dinner and some beers back at your place, you end up hooking up that night.

Now, 5 days later, after stating they'd want to hang out again sometime, they come over again tonight. They confess that they have a significant other.

How do you react?

What do you say in response?

Now let's get crazy and say you actually like this person and want to win them over and somehow make them want you more than their current s/o. What do you do/say?
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do you have good taste in music(as told by others)?
how do you react if people tell you your taste in music is bad?

personally, I find it odd how some people can say that another person's taste in music is bad.

From A to B

In an update to this post, there was nothing wrong with the car and I pick it up on Sunday! They're taking my current car too and I'm going to be sad to see it go, but I'm so excited for my Peugeot 308! Since I am in full on obsessive car mode, I have questions about your vehicles:

- What was your first car? How long did you have it? Did you name it? Picatures?
- How many cars/vehicles have you had? What colours were they? How old are you?
- What is your dream car?
- Do you drive manual?

I always wanted a 206, which I bought as soon as I passed my test and for ages I've been wanting a 308, which is what I'm getting now! They're both blue, so I've decided I'll be driving blue cars all my life =]

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do you have the new xbox slim?

dont you think it is fucking amazing?

have you played red dead redemption?
tell me what you think of it?
i love it

any other games i should get? i havnt been up to date on xbox in like 4 months since my other one got stolen.

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I have to get up at 4am to go to the lake with my family and our friends. The earliest I've gotten up in years is about 6-7am. How the hell am I going to drag myself out of bed this early?
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Muh Life.
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Do brands really matter?

I'm buying a battery grip for my DSLR camera to help balance out the weight of a couple lenses I rented.

Should I buy the Canon brand ($117), possibly plastic aftermarket Adorama Flashpoint brand ($60) or the supposedly metal & "molded-from-the-original" aftermarket High-Performance PRO brand ($60)??

I can't find any seemingly legit reviews on the High-Pro brand, but I have to have this thing in my hands, at reasonable cost, next Friday morning before I leave for Maine. Thoughts?
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is tonight the night?

what are some weird things you like to eat?
i like jalapeno juice in my chicken noodle soup and i love raspberry jam, jalapenos and cream cheese sandwiches. 

i've never been to actual baseball game, only spring training and i'm going to one next week. do they usually sell jerseys of the away team?