July 15th, 2010


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So I found out today that a close friend of mine's boyfriend has mono. The chances of me getting it are pretty high considering I've hung out with her everyday pretty much, assuming the fact that she'll get it from her boyfriend. So Im starting to worry. a lot. Around now would be a really really bad time for me to take a month out of my life. We definetly shared the same drink yesterday. but considering I'm on an antibiotic since I just got over some flulike thing I feel like my immune system might be working pretty hard to fight off whatever I had. I feel like Im on a train headed towards a wreck and I can't do anything to stop it. TQC, I know you are obviously not doctors, but what are the chances of me not getting mono?

Alternatively and if u didnt feel like reading that:
Have you ever had mono? How much did it suck?
Whats the sickest you've ever been?
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Who's generally a nicer person, you or your SO?

Who's generally a tidier person, you or your SO?

Who's generally a more forgiving person, you or your SO?

Who's generally a more responsible person, you or your SO?
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Evening folks. My BFF has a question for Doctor TQC. It may sound a little like an algebra problem. Sorry about that.

"If I am prescribed antibiotics to take twice a day for 14 days, and I forget to take them with me on a trip about a week and a couple days into the prescription and subsequently missed doses for the next four days, should I go back on the antibiotics afterward and finish out the prescription, or just leave it at that and forgo the remaining eight or so?"

This is assuming of course that she is no longer showing/feeling any signs of infection.

Thanks, peeps. Told her the consensus was to suck it up and finish them.

New question: Favorite Disney villain?
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Have you ever had a cream cheese and jelly sandwich? What did you think of it? I have an English muffin that I'm deciding how to eat for breakfast tomorrow, and I'm considering turning it into one (with strawberry jam) as I've never tried this before. Will it be like strawberry cheesecake in sandwich form? Or just gross?

What's your favorite weird sandwich combination?

Netflix Issues

Will you please help me figure out how to watch Netflix Instant Watch peacefully?

I'm trying to watch Lost on Netflix instant watch. On the rare occasion, I can watch an episode all the way through. More often than not, it just stops buffering and gives me the "Your internet connection has slowed, we're trying blah blah blah" message. When that comes up, the progress bar will sometimes move but it will always just get stuck. So, I'll refresh the page, go through the "checking your video settings" bar and the "buffering" bar, and it will pick up where it left off. Over the weekend, it did this probably 3-4 times per episode. The last two days, it will barely play 60 seconds before it stops again.

Problem is happening on my laptop, using wireless and google chrome. It is also happening on bfs desktop, using a hard connection and firefox. No other programs are running. If I mouse over my signal bar on my toolbar, I don't appear to be losing signal. Network connection status says my internet speed is 54 Mbps. Both of our computers are really good and play plenty of video games without issue. No one else is using this netflix account at the same time, or even at all. I can't call Netflix cause it isn't my account; it is bfs mother's account.

Is this a netflix issue? A computer issue? An internet connection issue?

Pls to help me watch Lost.

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The garbage dumpster is about 15 feet from my bedroom window and every Wednesday morning around 4am the garbage truck empties it. If you have a communal dumpster when is it emptied?

If you don't a shit will someone please tell me how 37 flies have found their way into my apartment? I can't find their entrance or the maggots they evolve from. Though I haven't seen the neighbors in a while. They might be dead and be the cause of this situation.

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So apparently the new equipment that BP put on the well a few days ago is leaking.

My question is how many times are they gonna fuck up before the government actually grows balls and does something?

Is it me or does anyone else think that it's strange that all these things keep failing?
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So I applied at this hotel at the end of May and got an interview. They hired someone else but today just posted an ad in the paper for the same position and schedule. I sent them another email saying I was still interested. If they give me another interview, how can I ramp it up and get the position?

Last time I told them I'm looking for a career and not a stop-gap to something else; that I don't have kids; I have reliable transportation; and I am very interested in any overtime if someone misses a shift.

I really really need this job since I'll probably loose  lose my car at the end of the month if I don't find something.
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What sides should I serve with Tequila Lime Chicken?

I have an interview tomorrow. I haven't had an interview in freaking ages, and I'm super stressing about it. It's just a position in a restaurant, but I really want it.

Would a dress similar to this, in a brighter color be appropriate? Or some sort of similar shirtdress?

What kind of questions do you think they'll ask? (Please give me nonseriouses, too - it'll calm my nerves)

Is "Things have slowed down rather than picked up in the traditionally busy summer season, and the owners have indicated that they're realistically thinking of shutting down" a terrible (and gossipy - this is a small town, especially in certain industries) reason for why I'm interested in leaving my current job?

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If an alien from another planet arrived at your house and wanted you to introduce them to your culture/way of life, what sort of things would you do with them?

I remember hearing on the radio (I think it was This American Life) once about all these immigrants to the US who had some kind of cultural training before they came to the US and they thought some of the things they heard were total myths and didn't actually happen, but they turned out to be true. For instance, one woman was shocked to find that couples in the US actually kissed each other and held hands in public. One person was shocked to find out people really did kiss their pet dogs/cats. Have you ever experienced a culture shock like that?
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I'm thinking about looking into apartments, but I've never had experience with this before. Is it normal for three people to share a 2 BR apartment, or are 2 BR apartments only supposed to be occupied by two people? We're three friends, and two people would share a bedroom.

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Do you keep secret stashes of food in your bedroom or some other non-traditional place so other people don't eat it?    What do you hide? 

dk/dc  Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?  Did anybody know about it?

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For those of you who have long nails -

What do you do when one of them breaks off? I have two really short nails on my left hand and 3 pretty long ones. Should I cut them all down?

I have having short nails, so I'll be sad.

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tqc, these 8th grade girls at the library are looking for books in the romance section, solely looking for the ones with hot guys on them. One of the girls finds a book with an ugly looking guy on the cover, and immediately shouts, "This book sucks!"
Have you ever read books from the appalling romance section?
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Ugh. As if my week didn't suck enough already, my cat just drug his dingle-berried ass across my fresh-out-of-the-dryer blankets and two pillows. I had to get some toilet paper and pretty much pull out this long anal-y hairball out of his butt.

What was the last thing you had to do that was really freaking disgusting? He's all pissed off at me now, too, since I had to get all up close and personal with his butt.
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 French speakers! I have a question for you.
And please don't use google Translator to answer my question... I had already used it and didn't get the answer I wanted. :(

I would like to know how to say "Love! Live!" in french.

Saying those words as a command, not like "to love" or "to live".
Say it as if you were telling someone to live! And to love! 

some stupid questions

i've bought laundry detergent the last 4 times my roommate and i needed it. now that her bf is with us for the summer they went through the last one really fast. roommate, being awesome, says she'll buy the next bottle but she hasn't done so yet. i leave to go home on tuesday. do i buy detergent and wash my clothes or take some dirty clothes to wash at home? i have plenty of clothes to get me to tuesday.

do i replace my in-ear earbuds right now or do i keep on using my crappy backups?

do you have a hard time making decisions? what if they're not pressing matters, just small things?
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This article was posted on another forum/message board, and i'd like to read your opinions:

Do you see any reason in a sex-ed curriculum for elementary students (approximately ages 6-11) such as this? The four points of the curriculum the blurb brings up are (in this order):

-it would teach young kids about gay sex
-kindergarteners would be taught proper anatomical terms
-first-graders would learn that sexual relations can happen between two men and two women (which i'm assuming ties into the first)
-fifth graders would learn the various ways people can have intercourse.

Do you agree with it? Do you oppose it? Do you agree with a part of it, but not the rest? Is there an agenda behind it?

(I'm not saying there is an agenda, it's just the OP on the message board asked what the possible agenda could be and i'm not sure what she meant, so i'd like to see what you all think)

To The Techies

Dear TQC Techies,

My dad just recently bought a blu-ray player with a new stereo system but no blu-ray movies as of yet. He has it hooked up to one of our HDtvs, however he thinks he needs a new special blu-ray tv to hook it up to.

I told him that he doesn't need to do this but he thinks he does. Who's right?

Does he need to buy a new tv to play blu-rays on or will the blu-ray do it's job on and HDtv?
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Dear TQC,

Yesterday (as some of you know) I was told I can't do anything physical due to a hip injury. My doctor gave me Relafen, which is basically a strong NSAID for arthritis that I have to take twice daily. It was recommended to me by some of the girls on my team to start taking joint supplements(Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM), as well as calcium supplements.

Do you know if it would be okay if I take the joint and calcium supplements as well as the Relafen?

I have a call into my doctor, but she hasn't called me back and it's been 4 hours. I'm just a little impatient. =}

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If any of you are from Vermont, do you know of any homeless shelters in that state? My best friend has to leave the place she is living in now and she has nowhere else to got, at the moment. I really don't want her to be living on the streets, so if you could help, I would be very glad for it.
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Two questions:

One, is there a way to major/focus on the history of the Nazi German era? I feel like I'm overthinking this. I'm thinking what schools or classes would I try?

Two, I have an ear infection in both ears. I'm on day four of the z-pack with no improvement. I can't hear shit, and it's got me feeling weird vertigo. Since logically it's a virus, what do I do to feel better?

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When I was tinier, I used to think the brand name, "Entenmanns" read "Entertainman's".
What are the things you've encountered in the past that aren't as they portray today?

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I saw a link going around the other day on facebook of like a montage with all these car crashes. Did any of you guys see this? Here if you feel like watching something depressing.

Some of these look like footage from real accidents and some just look like movies or TV shows, like they were acted out with different camera angles. Do you think the ones that are like showing people in cars as they drive or pedestrians as they get hit are reenactments of real accidents or just like some stuff someone thought should be thrown in for shock value or what?

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So, TQC. My new work-company sent me 87 pages worth of a PDF file. Rather than printing it out (87 PAGES), is there a way that I can write directly on the file in Adobe (it's a bunch of forms)?

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cats or dogs?

for me, cats because they're cuter in my opinion and they're more independent! that being said, i like dogs but not little ones. i've always wanted a husky or a black lab that my cat could be friends with.

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What was the last thing that reminded you just how unfair life is?

My dad travels for work but mainly stays in the US. However, he's going to Cairo, Egypt for three weeks in August. On MY birthday. He's never had any desire to travel the world, but it's my dream. He can't afford to bring me along.
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Help, TQC. :(

I have not used my 20 inch tv (its a digital one, but nothing HD or fancy) in at least a year since I moved home from Baltimore. I had DirecTV there and at home, we only have cable in three rooms - none of them being mine.

I am having a potential SO over tomorrow to watch movies and hang out, so watching them in my room would be preferable. However, I have plugged in both the TV and DVD player today and all I'm getting in static. I can't seem to put the TV on the input channel (yes, the cords are plugged in correctly in the back). I put brand new batteries in the remote that came with my TV (which I haven't used in....years, probably, since I always used the satellite remote with it) and it won't allow me to change anything. No lights come on.

If I go purchase a universal remote of some sort, will this be possible to fix? How expensive/high tech of a universal remote would I need? I don't have a ton of cash right now, hence the at home date.

DK/DC: Favorite date movies? I think we're watching Little Miss Sunshine (which he hasn't seen) and Chasing Amy (which I haven't seen) tomorrow...that is, if I can get this working.

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Alright so I got two Yahama acoustic guitars I wanna sell. But I don't know where to sell them...

I'm afraid of Ebay. I would use Amazon or another online source, BUT....how would I ship a fucking guitar? lol. I really have no idea.

Should I just go to a pawn shop? Think I would get cheated outta money?

What should I do? Halp. I need money..
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Should I set my phone voicemail to the (male) version of the OldSpice guy voicemail (I am not, TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, male)?

I'm on a horse.

dk/dc/OldSpiceGuy is a sucky meme: Are you the kind of person who likes to put on one song/album/mix of a few bands but only a few into your music player of choice at home/in the car and listen to that and NOTHING ELSE for weeks or months at a time?

If so, what is currently on your repeatplayer?

Brent Spiner's Dreamland album. Because I am a massive nerd.
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Hello, TQC, I have a question or two for you.

Sallie Mae has been homing in on me and sending me mail. For those who do not know, Sallie Mae offers out student loans. What I'm wondering is if they're trustworthy. A handful of friends have used their services and been bitten back hard; however, these are also friends who aren't too intelligent moneywise, and I'm wondering if they made a mistake.

TQC, is Sallie Mae a worthwhile venture for college loans for a poor freshmen, or am I going to be duped? If so, can anyone offer out a helpful loan program for someone living in NW Oregon?

DK/DC: Will you tell me about your college experiences? I enjoy the stories and it lets me know what I should keep an eye out for on and off campus.
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Poll #1592821 My Nails: They Are Super Important

How should I paint my nails?

A gradient effect of neon rainbow colors (i.e. from neon orange to neon purple on each hand)
A gradient effect of only one color (i.e. from light shade to dark shade on each hand)

If you chose the "one color" option, which color?


DK/DC: Do you know the difference between "sex" and "gender"?  What is it (in your own words)?
I get irrationally annoyed when people say "gender" and mean "sex" and vice versa.

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How pathetic are you?

I feel very pathetic. My boyfriend is gone for the day, and we are ALWAYS together. At first it's fine, then hey it's 6pm and I've just now showered/gotten dressed/checked the mail. Now I am depressed. Where did my day go? What did I do? What am I going to do now? Wtf.

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One of my favorite local bands (http://www.hepcatrevival.com) is playing tomorrow...but no one can go with me (or wants to). Do I go on my own? There are other things to do where they are playing so I don't think it would be too weird.
Also, I ordered a new cell phone...with a touch screen. Does your phone have one? Do you like it?

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i've been thinking about getting this tattoo for a while now. it would be a Champions League ball with the Adidas slogan "Impossible is nothing" around half of it, then that same slogan en espanyol around the other half. i'm also enlisting my friend to help incorporate the US soccer emblem(is that what they're called?) in the ball as well and just basically help my design live on paper, because i can't even draw stick people.

then recently i thought, i'd like to put the Nike slogan "write the future" underneath that. i know it's cheesy but i find all this shit really inspiring. but my worry is:

am i going to be a walking advertisement for sports manufacturers?

i think in the end i wouldn't care because those slogans mean more to me than dolla billz. but, you know, tattoos are ~~forever, and i'd want it to be a forever thing, sooo..

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I'm leaving for a date in half an hour. It's an OK Cupid situation, so we've never 'met' before, but from a little bit of facebook stalking, I get the feeling he's a bit too hot/cool/popular for me.

How do I impress him with my ~~awesomeness~~?

Srs/non srs pls :D
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Is it possible to have involuntary bulimia?

There are no other symptoms but vomiting after meals--especially unhealthy or greasy ones.  There is no binging involved, and she claims that she is not purposely trying to make herself sick.  (In truth, the fact that she's only keeping about two out of every five meals down now is seriously starting to upset her.)  

Her doctors have found nothing wrong and are claiming it's bulimia, but she swears she's not making herself sick.  

What do you think?  Have you ever heard of anything similar?  I've read up on bulimia and Googled different forms of "involuntary bulimia", but my Google-Fu is failing me today.

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Do you have a flake friend? If so, did you confront said friend about his/her flakiness? How did it turn out?

DK/DC: What are you looking forward to?

Being graced with Leonardo Dicaprio's screen presence tonight at midnight.

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I'm thinking about getting a graphic tablet. To draw with, but I'm not a serious artist or anything, and money is an issue, so I don't need the best model ever. But I WOULD like one with a decently sized screen. I mostly think it would be fun, and much easier than having to scan drawings in, and I have vague fantasies of making a webcomic or something.

Do you have a graphic tablet? Which one?
What do you use it for? How often do you use it?
Are you satisfied with it?
Which graphic tablet should I get?
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Chicago vittles?

My boy-thing the fellow I am currently seeing on a casual basis who is neither a boyfriend nor, really, a friend, some of our friends, and I are going down to Chicago on 8/8 for the last day of Lollapalooza. We've never been (well, I haven't been since I was a wee little thing, and I remember nothing), and we're going to be there Saturday night and all of Sunday, so:

1. Any good restaurant/food recommendations? We're especially interested in any good sushi joints or greasy spoons. We're wanderers, so part of the city doesn't really matter.
2. DK/DC: Going to any good shows/concerts this summer? Which ones are you most looking forward to?
2a. If not, what're you looking forward to this summer?

As for #2, I'm going to ~17 over the next two months. Most looking forward to Lollapalooza and two Slash shows in September.

(Also, yep, I did ask about Chicago restaurants a few months ago. My friend and I never ended up going, and I can't find that post anymore.)
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My dad got a speeding ticket today, he says the speed limit was blocked by a tree and the next sign was half a mile down the road. How much of a chance does he have of winning this if he takes it to court?

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What's that online game where you just run forever? there's no levels, no lives or anything. I'm asking here because i originally found it here. you just have to run and jump over the holes in the floor, and you can run up onto the wall, and then that becomes the floor. it looks like it's in space, if that helps. i'm really bad at explaining things

ANYWAY, for the majority of you who dk/dc, what do you eat for breakfast?
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Whoops, serious question.

A friend on Facebook (went to high school with her) had her baby boy early. He's having heart problems and needs blood transfusions. I match his type.

To have it transferred (across the state) directly to him, it would be $75.

Worth it? Or should I just donate a pint to replenish a transfusion he gets from the reserves?

DK/DC/OMG SAD: What do you listen to while perusing the internet? Especially TQC?

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Have you had any instances where a text/email was sent to someone elsee accidentally? What happened?


My bf is suffering from quite severe depression just now (He is getting help for it) and I find it horrible to witness knowing there's not much I can actually do. Any ideas on something I could do that would maybe make him feel a bit better? (I know I can't get rid of his depression but I'd like to be able to do something.)

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If you had the opportunity to move to somewhere you LOVE, would you do it?

What if it was the summer before your senior year of high school, would you still do it?
Or would you wait until after you graduate?

Not your kind of question? What is your current mood?
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I'm making cupcakes and I need ground flaxseeds. I was only able to find whole ones (I'm living in Israel, we don't have access to everything we do in America). Now I need to grind them. I do not own a coffee grinder, pestle & mortar, food processor, or blender. What else can I do? PUtting them in abag and going over them with a rolling pin isn't working.

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I have another WTF is that noise question.

It's after dark and there is something up in the tree across from my porch that just keeps making the loudest noise, they stop for a few seconds and go back to making the noise.

What the hell is this! some kind of bug?

Googled it and it's possible it could be a Katydid. Who knows.

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I heard screaming coming from upstairs from my three year old. She got way to hot in her bed and as soon as I lifted her out of the bed she peed all over the carpet in screaming tears. I feel so bad right now because it was just a horrible 5 minutes of heat and panic and pee. Long story short, how do I get the smell of pee out of carpet? On the bright side she was extremely hydrated so it's not super smelly but it's pee and I would like to get it out ASAP.

This weekend I am going to run into everyone I didn't like from high school plus their cousin as it is our towns yearly huge street fair/festival. How can I hide my fat ass from these people?

What's the cutest thing that your kids/pets have ever done?

How can I make my peaches and nectarines ripen faster?

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I took a tutoring job. I spend $25 to take a ferry (35 minutes) and park my car, tutor for about one hour and make $80, then take the ferry back home.

Would you take the job?

(I know what I'm doing- just curious what you would do)
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If you joined a gym that was open 24 hours, but only staffed part of that time, would you go alone late at night after the staff left?

How about with a buddy?
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Has anyone here learned to ride a bike as an adult? Or perhaps taught an adult how to ride a bike? I'm 20 and I have terrible balance, but I would like to learn how to ride and I don't really know where to start.
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Okay, thanks to living in a basement and the fact that it's been 94% humidity just about every day the past week, I'm feeling sweaty/oily at all times. Any tips on fixing this without having a shower every half an hour?

What's the weather like where you are?
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1. I have a new wooden privacy fence. The longest part of my fence faces a busy road and there is a bus stop along the length of it. I live in a nice neighbourhood, but immediately adjacent to a pretty sketch neighbourhood.

How long until my fence gets vandalized?

2. Would you be willing to go to a play or movie that was titled something offensive? (a racial slur or something similar) Keep in mind that when you are referring to it in public others might be offended, you'll have to think about what to say carefully every time you're talking about it it. You will also have to walk up to the box office and ask for it by name. Inspired by this.