July 13th, 2010

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Do you ever get tongue tied when you're trying to be sociable? Not like you're shy or anything, just that you have nothing at all you can think of to say to people? These are people you kinda like, too. wtf is with that?

ancient artifacts

What's a super interesting ancient artifact that has a decent amount of information available on it?

I'm doing a presentation for my myth class next week and I'm still unsure of what to pick. It can pretty much be anything, as long as it's an artifact that is ancient. :]

[Also, bonus points for one that has some sorta myth to go along with it.]
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Here's an odd question;

Tilda Swinton's version of an androgynous Archangel Gabriel in Constantine was brilliant, as was Richard Speight, Jr.'s version of a trickster Gabriel in Supernatural and Christopher Walken's version of a bitter Gabriel was awesome in Prophecy, so, I ask you, has there ever been a bad version of Gabriel in pop culture? I mean, bad as in meh, terrible, boring, lousy, I can't watch another minute of this.

I can't think of any. Can you?

Who do you think would make an awesome Gabriel?

Here's a less slightly odd question;

What was the last thing someone said about your homeland that pissed you off? Why did it make you angry?
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So I just watched The Day after Tomorrow and 2012, and now I think we're all doomed. Are we?

Why does nature always conveniently get rid of the hero's romantic rivals?

What are your favourite disaster movies?

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What is your song? Whether that be a song you consider your personal anthem, a song that people in your life associate you with, etc.

ETA: Bonus points for those who provide links to their song. And why is this your song?

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What's the last dumb thing you've done after dark?

Tonight my brother and I took flashlights into the woods and investigated the creepy hill with a door in it that I'd seen the other day while walking my dog. Turned out to be an old WWII-era bunker with oil cans in it and graffiti on the walls, but it was super spooky and there was a raccoon in it, too. I didn't go in in the daytime because my dog was freaking out; I gotta say, I felt a bit like a chick in a horror movie doing it.

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Ok, TQC here's my story, then my question.

I really want a kitten. I grew up with cats and since I moved out of my parents' house, I've missed having cats. We lived with my IL's for a year before we were married and knew that I couldn't have a kitten there, but now we're in a pet-friendly apartment. I really want a fucking kitten. My husband is... hesitant, to put it lightly. He's never had a cat, he's not a huge fan of cats but he knows that I am a crazy cat lady who is going insane without one. He said that if he gets a full time teaching job, he will get me a kitten but I'm getting impatient. He's worried that a kitten won't fit into our budget, but I don't think it's THAT big of a budget killer. I lived with his mother's 3, then 4 obnoxious ass dogs for a year and put up with them and I'm trying to convince him that a kitten is not nearly as obnoxious as 2 dogs that refuse to go to the bathroom unless it's somewhere in the house, a giant dog that's too big for the house and a puppy that's pretty much failing at any sort of training. When my parents got married, my stepdad HATED cats but we had 3 and at one time, 4 for a month, and he wound up being the one who cried the hardest when they got old and had to be put to sleep (we're down to one and she's only 6).

Will my husband come around and love the kitty?
He plays with his grandma's cat when we're over her house and his only bitch about cats is their claws and shedding.

For a normal, healthy kitten (more than likely from a shelter where adoption fees range from 50-80), what would be a reasonable kitten budget?
I'm thinking food, litter, vet, a few toys, with food and litter being more of a monthly budget and vet and toys being an extra expense when needed. Cat toys aren't even that much anyways.

Should I wait for him to give me the ok to get the kitten or just kinda bring it home and be like SURPRISE! KITTEN! and just kinda get him used to the idea that way?

Keep in mind, he said I could have a kitten but he keeps pushing it back more and more. We both have jobs now, fwiw.

dk/dc: I'm gong to a wedding on Saturday and wearing a black dress with some leopard print on it. What color should I do my nails?
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It's almost 2 in the morning and I am wide the fuck awake. I don't want to stay up and then sleep all day tomorrow because it just makes me feel lazy, but theoretically I could if it came down to that. How can I make myself sleepy? Or alternatively, what should I do while everyone else in my house is trying to sleep?
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You're with your boyfriend and it starts getting a little heavy. You're both virgins and you two want to lose it to each other, but you are not on birth control, and you don't want to have vaginal sex yet. So, your boyfriend suggests trying anal sex first. You reluctantly agree, and he gets the head of his penis in. It hurts, and then you realize you're not okay with it, so you tell him to stop. Then you later tell your friend about the incident and she insists that you are no longer a virgin because you have been penetrated. You thought you were still a virgin, because if you're a virgin you haven't had sex, and what happened couldn't possibly be considered sex, but with this new perspective

Poll #1591596 Well...

Would you ultimately consider yourself...

A virgin?
A nonvirgin?

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ive been listening to this song a lot on the radio but i dont know its name. I think its a club hit or something but in the chorus something like "lets get this party started" or something along the line keeps repeating. Anyone know what the song's title is? (no its not BEP)

*I cant realy remember the lyrics, but i remember it was a guy singing, and the word party kept repeating in the chorus.. lets get the party started or something like that... i really wanna hear this song.. haiz...*

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Today I bought a necklace and a little hand mirror, not soon after I misplaced my shopping bag, and now I'm very upset about it.

When's the last time you lost something and what was it?


How would you react in the following scenario?

Assume you have a significant other and like/enjoy jewelry. S/he buys you a necklace/bracelet/ring/whatever for a gift. You wear it to work, and your coworker asks you about it. You chalk it up to her being curious and don't think much of it. The next time you two work together, she says that she went to the jewelry store from which your gift was purchased and asked to see it/look at its price. She then proceeds to share the price with you.

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TQC, I am hanging some of my paintings up today, but one of my paintings is really big. It is a 30x40" (76x101cm) canvas on stretcher bars, and it weighs about 5lbs. Can I just hang it anywhere on the wall I want, or do I have to find a stud to nail into to hang it? (Sorry, that was worded weirdly) Do you think it is too heavy to just hang anywhere on the wall, I mean? I don't want it to fall or mess up the wall or anything. I am so clueless, TQC, please halp, I feel dumb.

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TCQ what should I tell my brother to do when he catches people rudely staring at him? (hes an 18 year old cancer patient) I don't know why they do it, if its because of the cane or the lack of hair or just because hes young. But when ever we go out man...I don't think people realize they even do it half the time.

Do you ever find yourself looking at people who have problems that are easily seen?

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This morning while trying to sneak out of bed to pee I fell out of the bed and onto the floor and bashed my shoulder, doing exactly what I didn't want to do, which was wake up both my husband and three year old. What was time you tried to prevent something from happening but it ended up happening anyway?

What is your favorite street fair food? I love gyros.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? It can't be like dinner or breakfast, it has to be one thing, like chicken or steak or sushi.
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Have you or someone you know ever said the wrong word or gesture at the wrong time resulting in a funny story?

What is the most you would pay to see your favorite band? Would you even when money is tight?

What do you do to make extra moola besides what you do for your day job?

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If you're never "young and beautiful," is getting older and wrinklier any less of an emotional pain?

I'm in Toronto with my mom. What should I do?

Speaking of which, how can I convince my mom that drinking socially and being an alcoholic are completely different? She honestly doesn't seem to understand the distinction.

How many "futuristic" things (i.e. flying cars, metallic clothes, etc) are only being developed because we've got it so ingrained in our heads that we should have them by now? Kind of like, "it's 2010 and people think we should have flying cars, so by God, we'll make a flying car." 
Frustrated Charlie

Eye Appointment

I have an eye appointment tomorrow to pick up some glasses and get fitted for contacts. The doctor said he would need to dilate my eyes. My boyfriend is going to drive me to work right after the appointment, but will I be able to see? I work mostly with computers at my office all day long and I'm concerned I won't be functional!

I googled, but you know, the sites were very general so I wanted to hear some first-hand stories of your dilation experiences.

Do any of you wear soft contact lenses for astigmatism? The eye doc said I have one and he mentioned something about weighted lenses, but are those only hard contacts or can those be soft? They can be both!


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 My fiance gave me $1300 this morning to do ANYTHING I wanted to with it. I used it to pay down my debt but I'm sad because of all the things I could have bought! I almost feel regret. Almost. 

When's the last time you did something right but it sucked so bad?

What's the last big purchase you made? 
I bought a bra yesterday that cost me $100.80...which to me seems a lot. It was my first time ever getting fitted for a bra and boy was I wearing the wrong size before. 

What are your plans for today/tonight? 
What's for lunch?! I'm hungry!

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Can you reccomend any songs about rain?
(I've got 'Perfect day' by Miriam Stockley on repeat at the moment.

Even though it's (allegedly) summer in the UK, i'm sat under a skylight watching the rain come down and feeling cosy and wintery.

What's your favourite season?
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hypothetically speaking... what would you do if your eyes looked like this?
Collapse )
and no, you haven't been taking any drugs.

ETA: you have, however, been taking a prescribed medication.
ETA #2: the medication you're on is to stop dizzyness/vertigo (if that means ANYTHING)
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What's the last thing that really disappointed or annoyed you?

There were thunderstorms this morning which delayed my flight and caused me to miss my connection. I'm supposed to be in a bus driving to the redwoods in CA right now, instead I'm stuck at the Phoenix airport for a little while longer. Ugh.

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TQC, my boyfriend is tryin'a get a job and he's only ever worked at a maggie moo's for a month two years ago. He's having trouble coming up with references.

When you were just starting out in the jobforce, how did you cobble together a list of references? Who did you list for those first couple of "ahh I have no previous jobs or coworkers!" applications?
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How should I decorate my coworker's cubicle for her birthday?

She likes the colors pink and green and anything princess-related. Last year I used pink and green post-it's and placed them on the windows of her cubicle in a basketweave pattern along with balloons and streamers. Her desk looked like a gigantic, tacky picnic basket but she loved it.

I'm out of ideas right now. Helllllp.
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Cat foster parents?

Due to financial problems, I have to move back in to my mom's house. Her cat doesn't like other cats, so I can't take mine with me.

After a long time resisting, I've decided this is what I have to do. I love my cat, and ideally someone would take care of him (I'd pay for food, litter, etc) until I could afford to move elsewhere and I could take him back. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends or family right now who are in a position to take care of him right now.

Have any of you dealt with a problem like this before? Any ideas of what I should do/where I could find someone trustworthy? I love my cat a lot, and he has health issues (he has to be fed special food or will develop crystals and die).


eta #2: to clarify - my mom will not allow another cat in the house. We've had quite a few ...discussions about it , and she's not budging. If there was a way I could take my cat with me, I would .

Two Questions:

1.what website do you use to watch tv shows and movies for free? the site i used to use doesn't work anymore :/
*edit: and not hulu because they don't really have that many episodes of the show i want to watch.

2.how do you prevent yourself from eating fattening food that is in your house? D: i have no willpower.
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Who's your favorite famous siblings? (e.g. Lawrence, Cusack, Hanson, Olsen, Jonas, Bronte, Wright, Marx, Travolta, Quaid, Baldwin, Jackson, Nelson, Kennedy, Cassidy, Roberts, Duff, Wilson, Wahlberg, etc)

If you don't care for any real life siblings, what about fictional? (e.g. Organa/Skywalker, Simpson, Brady, Brown, van Pelt, Yar, Dursley/Potter, Weasley, Griffin, Fisher, Soprano, Pevensie, Matthews, Huxtable, etc)
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I feel as if I remember hearing once that if someone has suffered severe blood loss, you shouldn't give them anything to drink right away. Something along those lines. Is that true? Am I thinking of something else?

Also, trying to look up the answer to that question led me to blood donation guidelines, and after years of thinking I could not give blood, I've discovered that I may fit eligibility requirements after all. This makes me pretty happy, as I have a rare blood type and have always wanted to donate blood.

What good news have you gotten today, TQC?

Is it raining where you are right now?
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Shoes for Travel

I'm going to Europe for 3 weeks in August. I'll be in Paris, London, Amsterdam, and a few places in Iceland. I will be walking a lot, mostly just in urban areas, but possibly hiking around a bit in Iceland. I doubt I'll be going anywhere particularly fancy. I only want to take 2 pairs of shoes at the most. What should I take?

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TQC, how do you go about decorating community spaces where you live?
Our living room is totally boring.

We're warming our house this weekend! Any good party suggestions to make it optimally fun?

Will you tell me about the best party you've ever been to, and what you did there?

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My aunt sent me a message from Germany to say happy birthday from the whole family. I wanna say thank you very much. Is it viel Dank or vielen Dank?

ETA: What's the best birthday present you ever got?
I'm alone for my birthday, I'm not celebrating it.... Should I have a one-person party?

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If you don't know someone very well and they have food stuck in their teeth, fly undone, something hanging out of their nose, etc...would you tell them?

eta: Say you're talking in a group of people. Would you pull them aside or try to discreetly motion at them? Or something else?

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When flying out of the country, what other expenses are there aside from the plane ticket itself?

In this case, it's from USA to the Dominican Republic.

I've never flown at all before, and my aunt told me there's going to be huge piles of expenses and it's really really complicated etc. But she's exaggerated on things like this before and I think she just wants to keep me at home. I think if it was as complicated as she makes it seem, no one would fly anywhere at all. :(
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Would you allow your friends to set you on fire for losing a drinking game bet?
If your friend was naked and on fire, would you take him halfway to the hospital but then dump him on the side of the highway?

What's the best kind of drinking game?  Worst bet you've ever lost?
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I'm usually a very hard worker and always busy at work, but today is abnormally slow so I am reading tqc from my phone.

What are your favorite things to do when you slack off at work?
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So I have two dead butterfly chrysalises in my laundry room. Should I try burying them in the pot my tomato plant is in? They were Black Swallowtails and ate parsley.

I'm so sad :( I wanted to walk into my laundry room to more butterflies :(

Collapse )

dk/dc what's your favorite butterfly?
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Boyfriend and I will be in Newark (at the Wyndham-Garden Hotel near the Newark airport) for an interview on Thursday. Is there anything especially fantastic to see or do within like half an hour's drive?

DKDC: What are you excited about?

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Your daughter gets plastic surgery to the point she no longer looks anything like you. Do you get upset? Are you more upset if she didn't tell you anything about getting it done until it was already over?

I actually got laughed at for having my step daughter in apparently the "wrong" clothes for the clay camp that she was attending. If someone tells you to dress a child in clothes that can get messy what do you put them in? I had her in an old hand-me-down pair of overalls, boots, and an old tshirt. Apparently the clothes were too good for the camp. THE FREAKING OVERALLS WERE MISSING A BUTTON OR TWO! This one mom said out loud "I guess she has never taken someone to clay camp before" and laughed, and another mom started laughing. I basically just want to cry.

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I'm about to stick a random mish-mash of images from the last year and a half into a photo album. Should I try and put them in date order (I may well order prints retrospectively leaving new ones with nowhere to go) or categories or just randomly?

Do you put your photos into albums?

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 Would you stick your hand down a toilet to retrieve a 400 dollar ring?

How much would something have to cost for you to do so?

How much would it have to mean to you?

What about a porta potty?
look really good.
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what name should I give my new computer?

Balls McLongcock
French Montana
Dick Face
other [in comments]
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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It's past midnight. You're driving around alone, coming back from a friend's house or something. You suddenly notice that there's someone tailgating you. OK, that's annoying, but whatever. You keep driving for a while, and you notice they're still behind you. You start to get nervous, so you take a left, even though you didn't need to take one. The person goes left, too. You take a right. The person turns right. You do a U-turn. The person does a U-turn. You start taking random left and right turns, and the person is right behind you every step of the way. You're starting to get so freaked out that you blow through a few stop signs, but they're still tailgating you. Whoever this is, they're following you!!

What would you do?

This happened to a friend of mine, but luckily, she was with her friend (who is also an EMT, so he knows how to handle high pressure situations), who managed to direct her to a nearby police station. As soon as they pulled up, he jumped out to distract the the creep in the car and she sprinted towards a bunch of cops hanging out by their parked cruisers, shouting for help.

EDIT: Oh, fuck, sorry, didn't sleep well last night, I thought I finished the story.

I don't know what my friend's friend did to distract the creep, but he wasn't getting out of his car. All the police cops came running over to my friend, who pointed to the creep and exclaimed, "He's been following us around for twenty minutes!" They all run over and surround the car, and one of the cops says, "You guys can get out of here, we'll take care of this."

My friend and her friend were so eager to get away from the guy, they just jumped back into her car and drove off. They never really found out what happened or who that person was or why he was following them. :/

Amityville House Fly Situation

So, the exterminator came yesterday to spray underneath the crawl space because of ants. Today, I notice tons of teeny weeny dead fruit flies on the windowsills and LOTS of regular flies near the window.

Can anyone explain why there are so many flies so suddenly?
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homeless, PAINTprogramPIC


I'm kind of bored, so...

Does anyone need any advice about anything?

Part of me is wondering if I am going to regret asking this due to the fact that I might not have good advice for your situation. But I like helping people, so it doesn't really matter.


Care to describe yourself?

That is all I can think of right now.

Hopefully I will think of better questions in the future.

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My boyfriend keeps making fun of the way I dress.
He told me he's glad it makes me happy but I do look silly.
He basically nags me about it but isn't mean to me in public/hasn't disowned me.

How can I tell him to fuck off, but nicely?
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I finally got a kind of new phone. It is an LG Remarq; I do not currently have internet on it. I made some ringtones on my computer and put them on a micro SD card, and I can play them on my phone fine but I can't make them into ringtones. Anyone know how?

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I just watched the Princess and the Frog and I am bawling and it made me miss my husband. Did anyone else have this reaction?

What was the last movie that make you happy cry?

Do you like casserole?
bowie - growing up

hey hey hey tqc

What would be an appropriate style of bridesmaid dress for a winter morning wedding? I had my eye on a very nice sleeveless cocktail-length dress before we decided to get married in January instead of June. I think it could still work (throw in nylons and maybe a bolero jacket or wrap) but some people (i.e. my mother) disagree. So... sleeveless/non, long/short? I was going for a look my girls could wear again.

DK/DC: Do you use the words nylons, stockings, and tights interchangeably, or are they different things?

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What are some few-steps-required meals/snacks to make that have vegetables/significant nutrition in them?
My body seems to object to living on potato products with tomato sauce.

What is the worst diet (ie. eating pattern, not necessarily weight loss "diet") you have maintained for some time, and why?

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Dear TQC,

(Prior info that may or may not be important: I'll be 18 next month; my boyfriend is a year younger than I am. We've been together ~5 months)

Last night, while discussing getting a new tattoo, my boyfriend said he'd be disappointed if I did because he doesn't really care for them. I took his opinion into consideration, but I really wanted to get the piece done, so I went anyway. Unfortunately, now he won't talk to me. He texted me while I was getting it done (around 3:00) and I told him I was at the tattoo studio, and that we'd talk when I was done. I sent him a message at 3:30 and he didn't reply for an hour or so, and since then, he's only sent me a text saying he was busy. 

Do you think he has a reason to be mad? I asked him last night if he would be, and all he said was that he'd be disappointed, but he NEVER goes an entire day without talking to me.

What should I do? ): I sort of feel bad because I know he didn't want me to get it done, but I really wanted it, and... well, we're young. We haven't been together all that long, etc.

edit: this is my new tattoo

It's in honor of my grandmother. My first is a 2" treble clef on my right foot.

edit # 2: In Michigan, it's legal to tattoo or pierce a minor with the consent/presence of their parent or legal guardian. I didn't go by myself, lol. My mom was there. It was all legal and legit.

edit # 3: Thanks guys for the advice, validation, compliments, etc. He sent me a text ("I'm home.") so I called him and he's still being douchey but he won't admit to being douchey. I think I'm just gunna ride this out. Ignoring me is immature but I guess it's better than an argument. If it keeps up, we'll have to have A GR8 BIG TALK and see what's actually goin' on.

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My brother got into a pissing match with my mother tonight, and got "kicked out" of her house. He's coming into the city to crash on my couch tonight.

What crappy thing has happened to you that you just did NOT want to deal with at all recently?

Have you ever gotten a payday loan from a cheque cashing/short term loan place? How did that go over? How much did they screw you for in fees and interest?
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you have four roommates and one of them gets a SO and gives them a key.

1. would it bother you if they didn't discuss/at least mention it first?
2. how would you feel if they'd only been dating a month or so?

i don't really have a problem with it but it was weird as hell to be come home one day and have some near stranger unlocking my door. it's also kind of uncomfortable when he hangs out here without her, like 2 hours before she gets off work. IDK. i'm pretty whatever about it because we're all going our separate ways in a month and it's really the only thing anyone has done that's caused any real friction or weirdness.

also, the small amount of time they were together before she gave him a key to our home, basically, kinda weirds me out. but that could also be because i was born on The Judgmental Express.
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Do you collect things? They don't have to be necessarily the same thing over and over but have some sort of connection.

When I was little I used to collect horseshoes, and I've got a little assortment of random teapots on a shelf. One stands about 40-50cm high, it's pretty trippy.
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Anyone know a 24hr nurse hotline number?
I had a post today about one eye pupil being HUGE and the other being normal... well the doctor told me to take off the anti-vertigo patch, but that was at 2pm, its now about 10:30pm, and while its not as bad, they're still uneven ):

I just want to know when they'd usually go back to normal so I'd know when to worry or not.

Also. Will you tell me happy things?
the decemberists

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1.) Are there any weight loss experts in the house?

I think I have a pretty unusual dilemma in that, while my stomach and torso are relatively thin (not like, stick thin but not fat by any standards) my arms and legs are disproportionately HUGE. Apparently it's genetic, because most of my female relatives also struggle with losing weight in these areas. It really sucks, too, because it's easy to cover up stomach fat, but really hard to cover up extremities (especially in summer!) I love fashion and try to wear stuff that makes me look as good as possible (3/4 length sleeves, dark colors, black tights, blazers, etc.) but still...I could have so many more options if I had skinny arms and legs.

I'm definitely ready for a change, but I don't know where to start. (I know, I know, diet and exercise...but what kind?) Any recommendations for my specific situation?

2.) Could you describe your personal style in three words or less?

Coffee cups

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Boyfriend and I are looking for a fun, preferably two-person board (or similar) game to play. We have Sorry, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit (1985 version), and a big box of dominoes.
Do you have any suggestions for us?

DKDC: Favorite board game?

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Is a paid account worth it?

Say you're on public transportation and someone with horrible body odor sits down next to you. You're going to be sitting there for an hour. Do you get up and move or deal with it?

eta: Where can I find where my LJ gift certificate codes are located? I just saw them the other day and I can't access them for the life of me.
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for long-haired people who answered no to the sloppy bun question, what DO you do with your hair when it's too hot to leave it down?

i hate july with a burning passion
sassy superman

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will you help me place the show or movie this quote was used in?

i keep remembering a quote, something to the effect of this: "Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend."

i'm hearing it in a precocious child's voice, similar to that of bobby hill, but i don't think the quote came from King of the Hill. it was used in some kind of comedy show or movie.

do you like watching cartoons? what are your favorites?

(no subject)

How do you feel about bad/severe weather? 

I usually love it. I think thunderstorms are fun. But we just had a very severe storm where the wind (70mph) and thunder were shaking the house and stuff, and I'm feeling a little skittish. 

Awesome name

Ok, so I am changing my name anyway, my appointment is in two weeks, and although I have gone conservative on the surname I have chosen, fuck it, why not have a super awesome fucking middle name?!

So guys, give me an awesome middle name! It does not have to be a name, it may be "Superfantasticawesomepants"

I will tell you if you are the winner and I have your chosen name, and show you my ID later.

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When is the last time you fell prey to ridiculous marketing or advertisement?

I just bought Kotex's U Tampons and Pads, just because the wrappers come in bright colors, and I completely acknowledge how ridiculous it is. And I went out of my way to try a Filet-o-fish because of that damn commercial song.

Also, what's your favorite Lean Cuisine, if you eat them?

Mine is Parmesan crusted fish. Or the new Mushroom Tortellini steamer.

Lastly, may I see a picture of you from at least more than five years ago?

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What deadly sins have you indulged in today?

wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony for those who don't want to do the look up.
I suppose I should answer my question: lust, envy, and gluttony today

Did you enjoy the movie Titanic? How about Forrest Gump?
no, and eh, sort of
homeless, PAINTprogramPIC

Bad Mood/ Social Status Change

Ok have you ever had a social status change? How did you deal with it?

I used to be well known. So many people used to talk to me. Now it is like practically everyone turned against me and started ignoring me and stuff like that.
I basically went from being accepted to being an outcast and I don't know what went wrong.

Let me come up with a fun question to kind of lighten the mood...

When you are atttracted to someone's phyical appearance, do they usually have short or long hair? Or is it a mix or whatever?

Oh also, should I go to bed? I have to get up early, but I don't feel tired or anything...

Alright, that is all for now.