July 12th, 2010


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Sorry about my completely stupid post here that was meant to be for customer_suck

What was the last thing you did that was publicly embarrassing?

I'm really good at accidentally running into door frames in stores or standing in the way of someone and day dreaming and forgetting I should probably move. Then again they could just say "excuse me" instead of bumping into me to make a point.
I <3 TLV

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How much does it bother you when you're forced to change your plans? (For any reason, but especially neutral ones that don't really effect your day that much, it's just not what you planned to do.)

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Will you tell me some of your names/nicknames for things (pets, possessions, people), so I can gauge how creative and crazy you are?

I call my car Baby Bluey (she's blue..), call my bf Sausage Monster and have a hamster called Sir Humphrey Wigglebottom the First.

Dgaf: When do you last cuddle something? What was it?
my wife

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i often hear the word "alcoholic" in casual conversation. on a serious note, though, what would you consider an alcoholic? someone who once they start drinking can't stop, someone who binge drinks most night of the week, someone who seriously ruined their life because of booze, someone on their way to ruining their life, all the above...??
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what's the last thing someone said to you, where their intentions were good, but it just made you feel worse?

me? oh just my doctor saying "its probabbbly not a brain tumor lol".
now i'm paranoid, thanks doctor.

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Do to an infection, my tonsils are so swollen that they're touching my uvula, keeping me from talking and causing me to choke/gag randomly. EDIT: I just took my temperature and I have a low fever.

Should I go to work today?

It's the last week of my internship and I've already missed three days. Two for something unrelated and one for this infection.

ETA: I just discussed the situation with a stuff member of my internship program, and she said I should stay home. She said that she'll give my employer a call and explain the situation.

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TQC, what Dolly Parton song should I learn next on ocarina? I just learned Jolene this morning and I can't decide what I should learn next. Or is there a song by someone else that you think would be awesome to learn on ocarina? TQC PLS HALP ME EXPAND MY MUSIC LEARNINGZ.

What new things are you learning?
she blinded me with science!

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Anyone know of an online bookseller based in Europe that would deliver to Bulgaria? I'm thinking it might be cheaper (and more ecologically responsible) to send my friend a book that's already over there...


My husband and I always joke around that one day we're going to win the lottery. Problem is, we never PLAY the lottery. :P

Leaving work on Friday, I found a little green plastic envelope beside my car; someone must have dropped it in the garage. It said "VA Lotto" on the side, so I picked it up. I forgot about it and looked at it this morning; it's Powerball picks (three sets of them) that someone must have set up to go make and never did.

Are you superstitious enough that you'd go to the store and get these powerball numbers?

Or would you throw it in the trash, dismayed that they weren't already-paid-for powerball tickets?


DK/DC - if one of your parents won the lottery (a big one - lots of millions) would they cash you in enough that you'd never have to work? What if it was an aunt/uncle? Sibling? BFF?

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Bugger me. Maybe I should have expected this - God knows the army is really, really bad at making up its collective tiny mind - but we get to Mick's first day back on the job and find that the orders have changed. We're not going to Auckland. We were, and now we're not.

We're going to the UK. Same deadline, so we'll still need to be on the ball if we have any hope of moving all our crap by Christmas, but a completely different corner of the world.

Does anyone know anything useful about Herefordshire? Stuff to do? What's the housing like, if it's military? How much does stuff cost - basics like milk? Random things to know about the road rules that might be different to Australia?

I could figure something out if I were going to be a tourist, but I know diddly squat about actually living in the UK and I've only got six months to organise everything around the move. On that note, any random factoids that might help us make the transition from Australia to there would be appreciated.

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I'm watching Degrassi and this one kid is being overly aggressive because he doesn't want to confront that he is a homosexual. Have you ever known someone who is overly aggressive because they don't want to confront something in their lives?

Why do people refer to pamphlets and brochures as literature? For some reason I don't consider that kind of stuff literature... When I was in 6th grade I had to make a brochure to teach someone about something and I chose rabbits but I would hardly consider that literature.

I have found that some men don't think that someone is sick or needs to see a doctor unless they are green in the face, bleeding profusely, or obviously injured. Have any of you also come across this?

X Posted to AMA

At work, I have a LOT of spare time on my hands, and I think I should make use of it.
What sort of topics do you think I should educate myself on?
Is there anything other than games you suggest I do on the internet?

DK/DC: How is your Monday morning treating you?


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I'm tired of eating frozen dinners for lunch at work every day. There is a grocery store a block away - other than peanut butter and bread, what should I stock up on? The kitchen has a microwave, fridge and toaster oven.

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TQC - I need your help.

My boyfriend needs shirts done for his pulling truck. The only place in town that does them has a minimum order of 80; we only need about 15. We don't want to spend that kind of money (or waste that many shirts), so I want to try to do something on-line.

Any good (cheap-ish) sites for this? 
Any free sites that have different fonts I can fiddle around with? He wants it to have "Twisted" on it and have the word look like it is twisted (like as if you were to wring a towel out if that makes sense- with the middle thinner). Is there anything like that? 
Best "graphic" sites?

You're my last hope before his mother makes him a shirt that looks like it came out of the dollar store.

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Does anyone know any websites similar to Ninja Video?

I mean in the way how NV posted what they'd uploaded daily, or maybe a site with recommendations because omg without Ninja Video I can't decide what to watch!

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What motivates you? Coffee really gives me that get up and go feeling. Sometimes it's just a get up and go to the bathroom feeling but often times it's also a get up and go get things done feeling.

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Does anyone else get nervous when you have to leave a voicemail?

As soon as I hear the beep I start to think that there's message-leaving etiquette or something and I freak out and inevitably wind up stuttering or doing something else stupid.


Inspired by the answering machine question...

Are you phobic of using the telephone? Like, do you HATE having to make calls?
Hell to the yes. I will put off making a call to a stranger or delivery service until the last possible minute.

Oppositely, are you OBSESSED with answering the goddamn thing every goddamn time it rings?
I ignore the fucker pretty much always. It drives me batshit when people interrupt real-life in-person conversations with me to answer the stupid phone. That's what answering machines are for.

dk/dc/bonus round: Do you watch Pawn Stars or American Pickers? If so, do you ever see stuff they buy/sell that you REALLY REALLY WANT?
Cuz I really really want that spoon made by Paul Revere. If I had $18000 to burn on a silver tablespoon.
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What should I do today?

Watch Holmes on Homes on HGTV.com
Watch Design Star on HGTV.com
Finally finish Final Fantasy 13
Do some laundry
Fold some clothes
Watch something on Netflix Instant Watch
Play Puzzle Quest 2 and listen to an audiobook
Sleep some more
Try and make homemade bagels
Read a book (Game of Thrones)

Bagels, biscuits, or English muffins?

English muffins
I do not like any of these

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What kind of journals do you despise reading? (Or find it/them annoying to read)

Personal Life
Or if you have any other suggestions, comment.
dia de los muertos


Do you curse a lot?

I do.

Can you curse at work?  If you are at work/school/church/situation where you can't curse, what words do you use instead?

I curse at work and usually it's fine, but if I have to tone it down I often say "BALLS!" or if I tone it down further I'll maybe say "SCHNIKEYS" or "FUDGE."  One of my coworkers says "APPLESAUCE" and "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!" 

dk/dc is anyone else excited that the world cup is FUCKING OVER?  thank god.

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Dear TQC please to be fixing my internet?

For some reason I can't use the up and down arrows on my keyboard to scroll anymore, and wherever I click the evil blinky "why aren't you typing?" symbol from Word. I've tried turning the laptop off and on again, but what would TQC do?

"American" food

I have a co-worker who will be taking the citizenship test. We are going to celebrate (because this is a big deal for her) with a pot-luck, and we thought it would be cool to have all American food. We can't seem to think beyond apple pie and hot dogs. Can you help us out with ideas? We're thinking of ideas for an inside potluck, we won't have a grill or anything.
Bite me, bitch...

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I'm at school because I showed up for an advisement appointment a week early. I have class in four hours, so I'm gonna hang out and b/s the essay due tonight. =/

What was the last duuuur thing you did? Someone else is fine too.

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Have you ever sent an email/text/etc to someone while under the influence of something, be it drugs or emotions? How embarrassing was it? How did you face them later? 

The other night I was really depressed and anxious and PMS-ing and drugged up, and I sent a Facebook message to this guy I acted like a jerk to, like, two months ago, asking if we could be friends again. I have no idea why I did that. >.< I'm so embarrassed. 


What ideas do you have for room-themed recipes for a housewarming party?

So far I've got pigs in a blanket for the bedroom, water-works punch (it's blue) for the bathroom, baby sandwiches for the FUTURE nursery, couch potato skins for the living room, and 'garden fresh veggie tray' for where the garden will be.
Edit: myownimprov  suggested coffee for the office which is great, especially when you brew it dark and call it "Midnight Oil."

We have left: office, kitchen, dining room.

DC: What is your favorite NES game/the first video game you beat?
I <3 The Legend of Zelda and the first game I ever beat was The Little Mermaid. Cuz my mom's a Disney dork.
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TQC, one of my eyes looks smaller than the other. Like the lid just won't open as much as the other eye. It gets more noticeable when I'm tired, and right now, I'm exhausted.

How do I make this less noticeable? Note: I don't wear make-up, except for some foundation occasionally when I need to look professional.
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How do you feel about the Grand Theft Auto games? Ever played one? Did you enjoy it? Do you think they harm small children and should be obliterated in order to protect our special snowflakes? Let's talk.

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Why do cats puke all over the place instead of one spot?

Why does it seem they do it just after you've eaten, just before you eat or just after you've gotten comfortable in bed?

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Dear TQC,
I am stuck in a rut with my hair... I've been trying to grow it out, so I am looking for a cut where I can still keep length, but have it be cute and stylish. Suggestions?!
Normally it is kind of wavy with sidebangs, and black.

(Also, hi, Im new)

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In August, I will be spending a week at my friends cottage. The place has board games, boats and floating devices for in-lake tanning, but what other fun things (not necessary things like sunscreen, that stuff I know) should I bring?
legs motherfucker

its not homework, you're helping me build a career :D

Let's just suppose I'm writing an essay to get into t Vet Tech program... one thing I have to write about is my least favorite subject in high school. I figure I need to make it up one way or another because I only enjoyed art... what's a good high school subject to say I don't like?

Also (since I would answer that if I saw it), when anyone on any interview asks you this, what do YOU say? I always get stuck on these questions.

What interview questions do you hate the most?


How do you make an address "confirmed" on paypal? I have my address up there but it says "unconfirmed" but that is definitely my address and I have definitely been purchasing with that as the address and have been receiving my stuff, An ebay seller I am currently working with wont send my package until my address is "confirmed" so how do I confirm it?!

Why the hell would I spend money on something just to have it sent to not me?!

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My aunt went to the dentist, only to realize that half way through the procedure they had pulled my mother's chart and were performing a procedure on her that was meant to be done on my mom.

What's the appropriate action to take in this situation? Who can you file a complaint with?

Have you ever been involved in a medical mix-up?
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Hi guys

I applied for and was accepted to a master's program for this fall (it starts in a month, to be exact)

Now I've been going through some personal shit and I've just kind of been ignorant about the process as well, anyway long story short I didn't do anything in regards to financial aid. I got my acceptance like a week ago and so just now am I trying to evaluate whether this is feasible. Is it even possible to still apply for loans? I will be calling the financial aid office of the university, but I'd like to at least sound a little less stupid when I do so :/

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hi tqc,
do you believe people will leave the Earth to live on other planets, before the Sun, as part of its evolution, will become a red giant and burn all life on our home planet?
if no, do you think aliens would be able to recovery human artefacts such as lj servers, and read our entries, after landing on humanless Earth?

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You are going to another country where you have to rent a car. The rental place will give you a stick shift for a decent price but the automatic costs aprox $300-400 more to rent.

Problem: You have never driven a stick before in your life. You leave for this vacation a week from Friday.

You know various people with manual cars but you panic because you don't think there is enough time to learn and feel comfortable driving in another country with stick.

Would you practice as much as possible and hope for the best or fork over the extra money to get an automatic and feel more at ease?

eta: After discussing with my husband I decided to spend the extra money so I can feel relaxed about driving in Italy on our honeymoon. He made the call to the rental place and the change will be made.
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I went out to a restaurant and had delicious soup, but when I got home I had to run into the bathroom because it upset my tummy.

What was the last thing you ate that upset your digestive tract?
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Are you good at making playlists?

I'm so bad at it. My playlists usually end up separated by decade or I'll have a random playlist full of songs that I was in the mood for at the time I made it but don't care to listen to the whole playlist on a regular basis.

Soooooo, dear TQC, will you help me make an unbiased playlist by choosing a number between 1 and 3894?

It will correspond to a song currently on my iPod and the order of comments will be the order of the songs on the playlist.

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I'm having a bad day.

1) My water bottle leaked all over my bag and now my ipod won't turn on. I put it in a bag of rice. Will it be okay? Please feel free to use your psychic powers on this one.

2) Yesterday I bought a pint of Cherry Garcia in case of bad days. I ate about a quarter of it. It tasted kind of grainy, but I didn't think much of it until I turned it over for some reason and saw it expired in freaking March. Will I get sick from this? And should I bring it back to the store? I don't want to be one of those people who buy food and complain after already eating it...


DK/DC: Will you post things to make me feel better?

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Is it possible to mail 4x4 (square shaped) postcards without an envelope like a normal 4x6 postcard?

I designed square "save-the-date" cards, and I was wondering if it's okay to mail them without an envelope, but with just the recipient's address and a stamp on the back? Or will the post office not like that?


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 Has anyone had a cyst removed? I have one on my face near my ear that I'm pretty sure is sebaceous. It hurts to touch and is getting noticeable so I'm planning on getting it removed but I want to know what the pain/procedure is like.

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If you use a digital camera for all/most of your pictures, how often do you get prints?
Do you get prints of all/most of the images, or just a select few?

I have so many pictures and want to get them printed, but have no idea which ones to choose or what is the cheapest/easiest way to go about it. Any tips?
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If you were/are single and had a really hard time finding a suitable significant other, which dating site would you turn to first?

Which of you would refuse to use a dating site even if you couldn't find a SO?

Have you ever used a dating site? Which one? Did you like it?

School Board

Where I live, the School Board members are elected by the public. But I'm childfree and not a teacher. Should I refrain from voting for school board positions?

(When I vote for them, I make an educated decision; I don't just vote randomly or to screw up the system or anything like that. I take voting for them seriously just like I do any other elected official.)
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Feel free to make fun of me but I feel that this is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

To make a long story short this guy I met gave me his roomate's phone number because his own phone had been stolen. I also gave him my number on a piece of paper. We met on Friday and I still haven't heard from him. Would it be super weird to call his roomate to speak with him? This is so anxiety inducing.
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If you had to (or even if you just want to), which TQC member would you hook up with?

If you are not interested in answering, what is your recipe for a good nights sleep?
What size is your mattress?
Is it any special brand/style?
How much did it cost?

Verizon Phones

I'm going to buy a Verizon Wireless cell phone and I want some opinions.

I want one of the cheap ones (no keyboard, doesn't need a camera) but I don't want one that's going to fall apart either.

Any recommendations? Any I should avoid?

DC/DK: What is the weirdest street name you've ever encountered?

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How long does it take you to wear out a pair of shoes?

I seem to need a new pair of shoes every six months. I think it's because I tend to drag my heels somewhat when I walk, so the heels always wear out really fast.

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what's the most reckless thing you did as a teenager? (lying to your parents, drugs, sneaking out, drinking, stealing, etc etc)

do you babysit?

what's your current occupation? are you happy with it?
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I have found that regular exercise never gives me more energy or makes me feel less depressed, no matter how much people insist it will.

I have also found that snapping a rubber band against your skin when you feel like cutting is entirely useless (actually hurts more, but provides none of the emotional satisfaction, so I don't get the point).

What are some commonly stated/suggested things which just don't work for you, which you get annoyed about when people keep fucking suggesting?

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dont you love how when your watching stand up when they do a joke about a certain group of people, the camera shoots someone that is the but of that joke? as if to say "no, its okay im making fun of (insert race/gender/sexualpreference here) because look, theres one of them laughing."

are rhetorical questions okay in tqc?

if not. whats a fun fact thats a conversation starter
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What is some music that you knew a bit about but never really experienced and you didn't think you would ever like/love and then you ended up liking/loving it?

What was the last piece of music that moved you to or near to tears? Why?

What is the next album you're going to buy/download/pirate?

What is your current favourite song? Why?

DK/DC: What type of mp3 player do you have? Brand, storage capacity, and year?

Um, some rap/hip-hop. Examples: Insane Clown Posse, Eminem, Jay-Z.

Not Afraid - Eminem. It makes me feel like I can do anything I set my goals on.

I plan to buy the new Eminem album. I just need to google the name and I'm good. :)

Not Afraid - Eminem. Previous answer + it sounds and gives such a hopeful feeling. It's a beautiful thing, and it sounds real and not postured.

I own an iPod, it can hold 30 gigs of stuff, and it's ancient. it's from 2005. :/
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1. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being you never initiate sex with a sexual partner, and 10 being you always initiate, where do you fall?

2. What things do you do when you want to feel sexy?

3. From 1 to 10, 10 being super attractive, where do you think you fall?

4. How about your current/most recent SO?
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What is your least favorite food?

What trait do you find least desirable/most annoying in someone else?

What is your favorite activity?

Did you know i turn 18 in roughly one hour? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D 

What should i do for my birthday tomorrow? I'm already going out for breakfast and hanging out with a friend. Preferably nonsrs answers.
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srs answers plz

i'm in the market for a car. the other day on the way to work i saw a great condition 2006 chevy cobalt for sale with a phone number on it. i called and inquired about it and the man selling it wanted $4900 for it. HOWEVER, he said it is a salvaged vehicle and there were really no problems with it. everyone told me to just forget about it and keep looking. well today while passing it, i saw that he lowered the price to $4300. previously, i had applied for an auto loan and i got approved for $4500. now i'm thinking if i could get this car for $3800 - $4000 then that would be a great deal.

what do you think? should i just not even get my hopes up because it's a salvaged car? what would you do?

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Will taking a cold shower/bath before bed help me fall asleep in this hot weather?

Edit: How do you fall asleep in really hot weather? My window is wide open and I have a fan running at top speed.
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Did you ever have that one friend who tried to make you feel bad when things were going great for you? How do you deal with that person?

(Disclaimer: She is a really GOOD friend, and I don't want to break things off, but I'm just tired of her saying she feels left out when I go do something fun with someone else...)

DK/DC: Who's your favorite late night show host? Stewart and Colbert count, obviously.
Jonathan Tear

I am a little blue, TQC

Should I:

get drunk
take a bath
watch my Jonathan Richman concert video
go to bed
watch a disney movie
something else which I will suggest helpfully in the comments
shut up and die
Do you ever get sad and miss ~the way things used to be~ even if you life is better now? 

How do you shake the blues?
SPN: Dean: Dear diary

Did I buy the wrong thing?

Will my Xbox 360 play DVD-RW disks?
I just got back from Wal-Mart and was going to burn a movie to disk so I could watch it on my big tv and iTunes tells me if I want to play what I'm burning on something not a computer, I should use a DVD-R disk. Do I throw things in a fit of rage or happily burn my disks and go watch movies?

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Have you ever known a person who will disagree with pretty much everything that anybody says? How do deal with it? (Or how would you deal with it if you've never known anybody like that)

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TQC! I'm going to a wedding in a week.
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What accessories should I wear? and what colour should I paint my nails? I'm drawing a blank haha. I usually do my nails bright pink or red, but I don't think that will work, or would it be fine?

Also, would it be appropriate for me to wear these shoes
http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca-eng/women/sandals/fashion-flats/77966516-madison/80 for the reception part? I have some nude pumps I'll probably wear to the ceremony but I want to be comfy for dancing and I don't have flats that aren't black. Should I buy some?
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If you won the lottery and never had to work again, would you go to your job one last time and let everyone know how you really feel?

Or if you work in customer service, tell them?