July 11th, 2010


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Does anyone have a Motorola Backflip? 

I've only had this phone for like two months and it's gotten to where it restarts several times a day. 99% of the time, it's when I'm trying to reply to a text message. Just now, all I did was pick it up and it restarted. What is going on?

If I take it to AT&T, do you think they will replace it, or give me the time of day to even look at it?

Have you ever...

Seen a Llama eating pajamas?

Seriously though, have you ever had just a perfect night with somebody you care about and then just utterly blown it? Like standing out by the car talking in the dark with just a street lamp up the way for "I'm going to tell you how I feel and then snog the daylights out of you" mood lighting... only to start talking about why they're unhappy and blah blah blah blah mood ruined. Yes, I am an idiot.
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what makes a good suicide note?

short and simple, long and rambling, the use of literary devices and allusions, pen vs. pencil, including drawings, etc.

how would you write yours? hypothetically.

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whats that (or rather <b>a</b> bc im sure there's more than one)website where you can take two pictures and make them into one moving icon?

i thought i had it bookmarked but my computer ate it.

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is anyone here a nail tech? would you recommend this profession? i'm considering applying to a local beauty school to be a nail tech, but i'm kind of unsure of it all, lol. i LOVE doing nails and i love interacting with people, but i'm still unsure if i should go through with it or not.

Inspired by a couple posts...

Will you go to Urban Dictionary, hit random until you get something ridiculous, and share it with the class?

I found: "Sink the Titanic"
To piss the bed, making reference to the ill-fated ship.
You look like shit, what happened to you?
Every time I drink Tequilla, I come home and Sink the Titanic.
Dude, two words: rubber sheets.

What is this I don't even...
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I want to get a tattoo in a place that could be easily hidden while at work but that I could choose to show by wearing more causal clothing. Where should I get it? Please, tell me where to perminately mark myself.

For those of you who have tattoos and also a job that makes you cover them up, how easy or difficult do you find it to do?

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You're coming home from going out to dinner with a friend and you're at the train station on your own. There is a woman on a bench in the station who is being violently sick with her head between her knees and when you walk past you can smell the alcohol. Do you:
a) Stop and offer her tissues/a bottle of water/to call a cab so she can get home
b) Ignore her and walk past - it isn't your problem that she doesn't know her limits
c) something else you'll put in the comments?
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Do you prefer planned or spontaneous hanging out? A friend of mine is wanting to hang out today since i'm off from work, but i don't have the slightest clue as to when. Do i just wait on them to call or something? They didn't really give a specified time, just basically said "whenever."

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Do you hate calling people on the phone?
Is it worse when you have to call their house phone?

Why are so many people afraid of this?

It just took me way more than it should have to call my friend on her house phone.
Mind you, I answer phones and make calls for a living so I'm totally at a loss.
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Dr TQC! I needs your help. I've been really fatigued lately even though I'm sleeping pretty good and for the past two days I've had a hard time breathing. My chest feels like it's tight. I'm pretty dizzy and my head is hurting. I get plenty of iron. Am I dying? What might be wrong with me?

If it gets worse, I'll go to the doctor, but you guys always come up with funny stuff. And sometimes accurate stuff.
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Bouncing off topf's post, pretend you are engaged. Your fiance/e comes to you and says "honey, I've been thinking. I think we should get a prenup." Assume at this point, you and your SO are about equal financially & in terms of property.

What would you say back?

ETA: and why do you say/think that?

food blogging, cooking

I was thinking about making a food blog.

Do you read food blogs? What are your favorites?

Do you use recipes when you cook?

Like most people, I love The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Mostly for the awesome pictures. If I make a food blog it will be heavily picture based.

I sometimes use recipes. If I don't have a specific recipe that I really like, I browse a lot of recipes for whatever thing I want to cook and then just take all the ideas that sound tastiest!
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There are three songs on the radio right now that all sound almost exactly the same for the first 5-15 seconds. Two of them are Katy Perry's "California Gurls" and Ke$ha's "Tik Tok." The third is by a male artist, but I can't remember what it was. Googling has failed me. Any ideas?

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if i get a monroe piercing will i look like a douche?

do you have one? complications? can i get a really small sparkly stud like a tiny nose stud and not that huge metal ball? when i take it out in 10 years is it going to look like a zit scar?

my workplace is pretty liberal, most of us have exposed tattoos and some have nose piercings... i don't think a monroe would push the envelope very much.

also... makeup tattoos! i want to get my eyeliner done. thoughts? my aunt has severe ms and had her eye makeup done. she lived, and she didn't go blind.
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In the novel The Bell Jar, the main character Esther writes that she 'went in to the kitchen, dropped a raw egg in to a cup of raw hamburger, mixed it up, and ate it'. I'm paraphrasing because I don't have my copy of the book on hand, but - what? I had to read through that passage a couple of times to make sure I was reading it correctly.

Why the hell would she do that? Wouldn't that give you food poisoning? Or would the egg somehow negate the bad effects of the raw meat? Is this some weird 60s thing, like dripping (fat) on bread? Or have I missed something?

Can anyone shed some light on this strange meal?

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Don't you hate it when you come up with a good comeback or response way too late to even say/send it? Oh well

What's your most prized possession? I'm looking at my Flight of The Chonchords flight bag and I think that is it.

Are you happy that the main LJ page is back to the way it was?
A. No I need to read things on ONTD everywhere
B. Heck yeah that was super annoying
C. I dream of simpler days

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Do you ever just want to scream at people?
I stood waiting for the post office self mailer for TWENTY MINUTES while some woman dicked around....she finally turned around to a whole line of people, and said "oh, I didn't know anyone else was here!" oh yes you did! I have no patience. :(

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Which of the following do you think is "weirder" (either to you or to society in general)?

-Deciding you never want to get married, no matter what


-Deciding you never want to have kids, no matter what

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what do you think of this video?

that was cute
that was hilarious
that was weird
that was gross
that was catchy!
that was a pretty obvious rip off of that benny benassi video with the power tool models
damn those girls on the washing machine had some great shoes

what is your favorite music video? mine is probably smack my bitch up

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have a post-it? want to participate in a random art project? see details under the cut.

have you seen "work of art?" don't you think that german host guy is creepy in an entertaining way? what challenge would you want them to have?

Collapse )

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Some 8-11 year old girls of a suburban neighborhood are talking about boys, specifically about how they are curious about boy parts, and would like to see them up close. An older boy from the neighborhood, let's say 13 or 14, realizes that these girls are willing to spend their hard-earned allowances for the privilege of viewing real, live boy parts. This entrepreneurial boy sets up a arrangement with the girls that they can have an individual, up close look at his penis, as long as they pay him. He lets them into an empty garage, one at a time, and just pulls down his shorts for 10 seconds while not wearing underwear. Then the girl goes out, and the next girl goes in for her turn.

Somehow neighborhood parents find out about this arrangement.

How do you react if you are the parent of the boy? What do you do?

How do you react if you are the parent of one of the girls? What do you do?

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What are good turtle names? It's a female water turtle.

I'm desperate. I've come up with millions but my SO won't agree to any of them so maybe you guys will have better luck.
sa da tay, pootie tang


The wife and I are planning a trip to Sydney (Australia) this fall and are looking for hotels (preferably on the cheaper end of the spectrum). Any suggestions?
We can possibly get a deal on a couple Marriotts, in which case, which would be a better place to stay, North Ryde or Parramatta?
Thanks for the help!
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What are some of your favorite discontinued makeup products?

I miss Tony & Tina's aromatherapy lip gloss. (and I normally hate the scent it had)
I also miss Too Faced's Gossip Gloss line. The tops always broke off, but I miss the Rumor color.
And I'll throw in Essie's Strawberry Shortcake nail polish. (I think you can still buy it at random online sites, though)

Food missing.

I had 6 spicy italian sausages from a specialty deli in the freezer a few weeks ago(at the time had only been in the freezer for less than a week). They mysteriously disappeared. I had 3 13" alaskan cod filets in the freezer as well. I have just now noticed they are gone. I confronted my roommates about the sausages when I figured it out but the filets had been in the freezer a little longer. I was going to prepare them today (I like to buy meat in bulk, I am broke!) and have now discovered they are gone. My roommates are stealing my fancy food y/y?

I keep thinking they must be stealing it but that doesn't make sense because we share a kitchen and my boyfriend or I are almost always home. They are 2 skinny girls with 0 cooking skills, it would be very difficult for them to consume 6 sausages in one sitting without us noticing.

TQC, what the fuck is happening to my food?! Fresh fish is expensive here! Thats like 20 dollars worth of fish!

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so i'm living on campus for the first time next year, and i have to choose which meal plan i want. i have no idea which to get. help?

we have a dining hall with a certain number of visits allotted each week. it's all-you-can-eat, i assume with different kinds of food... salad bar, hot meals, pizza, etc. it's also really close to my dorm. then we also get a certain amount of flex bucks, which can go towards a number of on-campus restaurants (subway, chic fil a, mcalister's, etc.), the coffee shops, or little convenience store-ish places where you can buy snacks OR sandwich stuff/frozen meals, etc.

if you were me, which meal plan would you choose? they're all mandatory and cost the same amount of money.

Poll #1590982 college~

which meal plan should i get?

5 visits / $375 flex bucks
7 visits / $250 flex bucks
10 visits / $150 flex bucks
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*1. What are some makeshift tampon ideas? I have office supplies and things like that, just no tampons.

2. Should I reschedule my romantic weekend? Only cons are that I was looking forward to it
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I have a crappy Dell laptop currently. I am buying a new laptop in two weeks. My budget is 1300 dollars. I am considering a Macbook Pro. My main concerns are the speed (it doesn't have to be too fast though because I'm not really into gaming), a quality webcam, aesthetic appeal, and overall value and customer support. Recommend a computer to me please? 

What kind of computer do you have? Is it a desktop or a laptop?  How did you get it? Why? If you had the financial means, what computer do you wish you had? 

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I really know nothing about TV's, so which would you buy?

A) $404.00 Sony Bravia 32" Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV, KDL-32BX300
B) $299.00 Emerson 32" Class LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV, LC320EM1
C) $348.00 SANYO 32" Class LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV, DP32640
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Have you ever taken a medication that made your vision blurry? I have perfect vision, I swear I do, but as of this morning... I'm definitely far-sighted. Its blurry and I actually had to up the font size on my blackberry so I could actually read things.
But back to my question:
-have you ever taken a medication to make your vision blurry?
-did it go back completely normal after the fact?
(I don't want to be blind D:!)

Also, anyone know the number to a nurses hotline? Lol. This just seems very abnormal to me, so I'm slightly freaking out a little bit.

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Well, TQC, I'm in a conundrum.


I'm planning on cosplaying a specific character to Otakon. As of today, said character is suddenly the opposite gender from what it was the past 50 chapters. Now, the costume is essentially identical (if not easier, because I'm now the same sex as the character), but I'm rather attached to the older version, so...


Should I go as the original version of the character or the new one? I like both very much, I just can't decide which one.

Do you cosplay? If so, what has your favorite costume been?


My boyfriend and I are going to Chicago next month for my birthday. We'll be there from Saturday morning until Tuesday afternoon. We have a few things planned (see below), but we want more to add to the list.

What should we definitely not miss while on vacation in Chicago?

What restaurants and bars MUST we visit? (I'm a huge foodie and we like to party, so this is crucial)

So far, we have:

Cubs Game
Theater Performance

Hot Dogs
Gibsons Steakhouse
Coast Sushi

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TQC Teachers (I know there are a bunch of you here!):

Have you considered teaching at a correctional facility?

I think I'd like to, but I also think that my preservice naivete is romanticizing the concept a bit.

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When you are on a diet you are going to slip up from time to time. Do you think it's better to have little slips every so often (3-4 times a week) or BIG slip only once in a while (once a month)?

and I want opinions not facts!

DN/DC find a different question!
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I have a choice of getting a pass to either Dreamworld/Whitewater World OR Movieworld/Sea World/Wet 'n' Wild Water World on the Gold Coast. If you've been to any of them, which do you think is better? Which would you choose? I like thrillseeking rides, and I'm absolutely not going to go swimming or wear bathers/a swimsuit.

Basically, is Dreamworld cool enough to forego Movieworld and Sea World?

Which do you think I should choose?

Is there anything I should know about them? I've never been up there before.

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TQC, tell me some of you or your friend's good gambling stories. Where have you been? How big do you throw down? What's the most you've won/lost in one sitting at a casino? How awesome are penny slots for pussy-pusses like me? (Answer: Very.)

Some friends and I all recently turned 21 and headed up to Atlantic City this weekend and I made friends with the Tropicana. Oh god, what a shitshow. It was a great time.

DK/DC: Sand is like the herpes of the ocean. y/y?
tardis - by animotus

Srs question

I have a collection of Spice Girls dolls... most are opened but a couple are unopened. Should I:

A) Save all of them and hope they will be worth $ in the future
B) Save just the unopened ones and hope they will be worth $$$$$ in the future
C) Toss them all out because no one will care about the Spice girls in 50 years?

dk/dc: how often do you clip your toenails?
Braeakups are the new relationships


How long have you been with your SO? Do you live with your SO? If you do live together, how long? If you don't live together, why don't you?

4 years in September. No. We are both college students (now that we attend two different schools) who can't afford to move in together.

If a couple lives together, are they more legit as a couple then a couple who don't live together, even if said couple don't live together are a couple longer longer?

I don't know, tell me what to think TQC!

DC/Unattached/another question: do you collect anything? What do you collect? Is it ongoing or have a set goal?

I collect Babysitter's Club books (points to icons). I have one book left before my collection is complete.
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What's some good nonperishable food items I could take to school with me, besides ramen and canned soup? I'm looking for stuff I could fix in a hot pot or the microwave, and that won't take up a ton of freezer room. Stuff that keeps for a while in the fridge is good too.

This semester will be my first time on my own, supporting myself, and though it's only going to be four months (I'm getting married in January), I'm still pretty nervous. I'm not going to have much money and I want to take enough enough stuff with me that I won't have to stress out while waiting for my first paycheck.

pierced ear

I have one piercing in each earlob, and while I was in college I got a second hole in the right ear, but my friend did it when we were kind of inebriated and it wasn't like I wanted it so eventually I let it close up. A couple of years ago I had it done again on a whim when I was at the mall. (I don't need to know why I shouldn't have a piercing done at the mall, I have already read that, but thanks!) It healed up nicely and fast. When I took out the original earring and started wearing other stuff in it (i.e. stainless or gold), it got irritated. Not hugely but it feels itchy if I wear an earring and the next day it will be a bit weepy, and I'll let it calm down for a few days before I do it again. (My other ear piercings are never like that.) I might want to get a really tiny diamond post earring and just wear it all the time, but I'd like to be able to change it for something else occasionally.

What plain/inconspicuous yet non-irritating earring can I put in there now so it can get used to having an earring? Do I need to get something like Simply Whispers?
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If you could organize a reunion for a group you've been involved in in the past, which one would it be? It doesn't have to be a group that actually did anything, it could be 'the people I hung out with over the summer two years ago'

homeless, PAINTprogramPIC

A Few Questions

Ok here are a few questions I have been wanting to post on here. I was going to post them little by little, but I don't really have the patience. So here you are. Enjoy.

"Would you rather marry someone that was rich or good looking? Assuming they both have a great personality and you connect well with both of them."

My answer: Probably rich.

"Would you marry someone for a year if they gave you I million dollars?"

My answer: Depends on who it is.

"If you could know everything about 1 Topic, what topic would you choose to learn about?"

My answer: I really have no idea.

"Would you remain friends with someone who was abusive in any way? Does it depend on which way they are abusive?"

My answer: Yes, I have done this before. It doesn't really matter. Phyiscal abuse is easier for me to deal with, but whatever. I don't really care.

"Would you rather deal with angry people or arrogant people?"

My answer: Arrogant people tend to tick me off. I know how to deal with anger better. But I suppose it depends on HOW arrogant and HOW angry.
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I can't stand people who will hang out at the end cap of the register isle in Walmart and think they are in line.  Today, I encountered this and because I was in a bad mood already asked rudely if he was in line.  He said yeah and then I replied with a "Well, then do so..."  I think Dane Cook had a stand up about this.

What are one of your pet peeves about shopping experiences?

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We are eating at a Peruvian restaurant tomorrow for my grandmother's birthday, and she loves red wine. What type of red wine do you think is best paired with savory foods of the South American variety? Or Peruvian food, if you've had it.

If you are not very familiar with wine, what's the best thing that has happened to you in the last 24 hours?
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What body modifications would you be ok with for yourself?

Ex: piercing, branding, tattoos, permanent makeup, ear stretching, splitting your tongue

If you've already gotten some, feel free to describe them.

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I've just purchased  "Rockin Body Luminous Perfecting BodyCream' from Victoria's Secret.  I love the scent! The label ingredients don't give me a clue what is in it. Anyone have this cream or know if ViS makes a perfume similiar to this scent?
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What was the last thing you bought or were given that made you insanely happy?

My friend bought me a pair of red fuzzy handcuffs. I have absolutely no use for them, but still . . . they just make me happy. :)
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For the ones who have a SO: What would you do if you didn't get to see that person for 2 weeks and they just kept giving you lame excuses when you asked to see them?

Would you be angry, sad, irritated... etc? What exactly would you say when you can finally see that person?

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I really want this car, it's 3 models up from my current baby. However, it SHOULDN'T be that cheap for what it is, so I am guessing there is something wrong with the bodywork, so I am going to drive an hour to see it tomorrow.

From the photos, can anyone ~see anything wrong with it? I'm looking but I think they've photographed it well, the clever sods. If you can't see anything, can you guess what's wrong with it? Srs/non srs is all good.


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What do you think of Chacos? My 14-year-old friend just got some and is really excited. She had a Facebook album dedicated to them. I just don't see the appeal. 

What kind of shoe do you own the most of? Sneakers and flip flops

About how many pairs do you own in all? 15, maybe.
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1. What is your favorite bad movie? Why do you like it?

2. Non-Australians, if you had to live in Australia, which city would you live in? Why?

3. Australians, what is your favorite city in your country? Why?